Dude, Where's My Car?
Roleplaying Log: Dude, Where's My Car?
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Where's your car, Daisy?

Other Characters Referenced: Phil Coulson, Atli, Tony Stark
IC Date: October 27, 2019
IC Location: Sweetleaf Cafe, NYC
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Communication goes through but it isn't like the last few times. The super secret link which Quake had once insisted on using might no longer be needed as this time when she reaches out to Ulysses it's with a plain old text message from one normally secure SHIELD device to another.

< Free to meet sometime? Let's hit up the Sweetleaf in Queens. >

With scheduling taken care of Daisy will be there early with a quieter table picked out, already settling in with a hot drink and a laptop. She's looking a lot more like that awkward geeky girl from the first couple of weeks of being with the Division, plain and contemporary with a brown coat resting on the back of her chair and fingers peeking out of the long sleeves of a green sweater. Any of those dark cosmetic touches or heavier jewelry from before would appear to be absent.

She's also really focused on whatever is on the screen so that much hasn't changed.


At least it isn't some questionable alleyway in an equally questionable neighborhood. Given the…interesting week he's had, Ulysses is more than happy to meet somewhere outside of work at somewhere normal. He'd heard passing details about Daisy's situation but overall was glad that she wasn't at risk where she'd be potentially on her own. Then again he supposes that given some of the missions one might find themselves on just working in S.H.I.E.L.D., that risk kind of came with the job.

With work always a possibility, Ulysses arrives at the cafe prepared, a backpack slung over his shoulders with his own laptop and accessories. He can do casual, which for him is t-shirt, jeans and a hoodie, and a pair of canvas kicks. He could pass for a college student. He's just a coffee cup away from looking like a hipster.

It's the first thing he takes care of once he's stepped inside, placing an order for coffee before casting a glance around for his fellow agent as he waits for it. How long has it been since he'd last actually seen her in person? …did the time they ran into each other at the Trisket ruins count?

There's that typical disconnect, the sort brought on by a mismatch of things you subconsciously paired together with how you remembered people, like seeing famous actors in person or in this case a coworker outside of the office. It takes him a moment to actually peg Daisy as Daisy within the different setting, but when he does he scoops up his coffee and heads on over to the table.

"This seat taken?"


Maybe it had been a long time since their last proper face to face. The sound of Ulysses' voice isn't immediately recognized until Daisy looks up to see the familiar sight paired with it. Just like when she had first connected with him through that fuzzy alley camera her expression immediately brightens with a smile. "Uly!" -Something- possesses her into jumping away from the chair to hug the fellow techie if he doesn't combat-roll out of the way! "-Ohmygod- it feels like it's been forever!"

The moment quickly passes and when it does she backs off and looks perhaps a -little- embarrassed, hooking some hair behind an ear then folding both arms together like nothing unusual had transpired. Nope! Everything's just fine and dandy over here!

"Ah—yah, no, it's all yours," she looks down to the open seat and motions toward it with a hand for good measure.

"Sorry, it's just been like a -super- weird time lately and it's nice to get back to things that are known." Whatever that's supposed to mean.

Dropping back into her own seat with a subtle clearing of the throat she laces fingers together on the table and leans forward, almost if she's about to conduct a job interview.

"If you have questions you can ask. I'm kinda learning more as I go, too. But I wanted to meet up because I need your help. I'm trying to track down a missing vehicle. ..My..missing vehicle. We, ah..might have to get a little creative. And right -now- I'm running on limited access do to ..stuff," she awkwardly summizes with a glance off to one side and both palms lightly hitting the table.


At least she doesn't hug like an Asgardian, but all the same, her gesture elicits a small hiss of pain. "Owww, ahaha…easy there, still…kinda tender," Ulysses winces, still doing his best to offer a smile, because he's still pretty glad to see her.

He slips his backpack off before carefully easing into the extra seat, setting his coffee on the table. "Tell me about it. I mean. I guess working where we do, super-weird is kind of the norm but yeah, I think I can relate. Either way, great to see you again. In person. And not being flung into the air."

Automatically he's unpacking his laptop and pulling out his phone, setting one beside the other. He pauses for a sip of coffee as he hears Daisy out.

"Okay, tracking down a missing vehicle's definitely way easier than trying to figure out how to email dwarves in space or train an alien monster goose."


'Tender?' Did something recently happen to Ulysses? Gosh, Daisy is so incredibly out of the loop. She couldn't tell how long it had been. -Too- long. The smile which results is a bit sheepish. "Sorry."

When he mentions being flung into the air she peers over the top edge of the screen in front of her, both curious and ..amused? "Been having a good time without me?" she teases.

'Email dwarves in space or train…'

Her expression flatlines, left as nothing more than a vacant stare when he sprouts those little gems of ideas. "Wait what?" Blink. "Yah—nevermind. Don't think I need to know." Not right now. But maybe later!

"So. Problem one, I don't know what the license plate is. Problem two, I don't know what city it might be parked in, and I'm just assuming the 'city' part. What I -do- know is that it's an older model GMC." Here she holds up her keyring and singles out a much dated car key with the 'GMC' logo on it. Seems legitimate enough. "Far as I can tell they stopped using this key style in '88."

"It's light blue in color, probably like this here." An upward flick of a finger across her laptop screen sends a copy of an image to Uly's device.

"And knowing me it's going to be a real pain to locate. I figure there aren't too many vans like this on the roads anymore, especially with the winters we tend to have up here. I'm thinking we could run a search for that make and model through the traffic cams? At least try to narrow the search a little."


A scowl crosses his face, his glasses moving up slightly with the wrinkling of his nose. "I don't know if you'd call being hurled into a wall by an Egyptian god as a good time…" He's kind of glad that she decides to abort questions regarding space dwarves and alien geese. She'd find out about the latter sooner than later if she happens to go to the garage/hangar of their replacement headquarters, but Ulysses wouldn't wish that horror upon anyone.

"Right. So…" his fingers hover over his keyboard in preparation to start rattling out the info she spills, except that there's a lot less right off the back than he'd anticipated. "Okay. That's a place to start at least." Older model vehicles had more defining features than new stuff of late. He pulls up a list of '88 model GMCs. "Okay, you've mentioned make, year and color. How about model? We looking for a truck, a van? A…did they have SUVs back then?"

As she continues he nods. Van. His eyebrows arch as some images come up from a quick search of the things. Those were some bulky things! "It's like…a news van or something. You remember where you last parked it at least?"


Hurled by an -Egyptian god.- Once again Daisy is giving Ulysses that blank wide-eyed stare. "It's like I'm waking up on another planet," she mutters with a tiny sigh. Looking back down to the screen with an errant flick of a hand she thinks aloud "I should have just stuck with you guys instead of going off and doing ..whatever it was I was doing. Wouldn't have lost nearly as much. Might actually remember what happened, too."

As Uly starts to work she pushes her belongings across the table to take a seat beside him, should make it easier when they can look at each other's screen. "Pre-88. That's when they changed to a new style. At least according to Wikipedia," she smiles a little.

As far as SUV's go she looks blank and offers a shrug to match. "Definitely a van. Knowing me, which..I kinda do passingly well..I would have used it for utility and with the expectation that I'd be spending a lot of time in it. It's likely to be what they call a conversion van. Little fancier, little more room for equipment. The roof tends to be a bit higher than base models so that might help."

When asked about where she last parked it her expression goes vacant for a third time in a such short span. Her mouth opens, hangs open for a moment of its own, then she finds something worthwhile to say.

"I don't remember much of anything. I..completely lost the last several months of my life. There's only small fragments scattered about like leaves. AC confirmed that I had a van, then I found that key in another coat pocket. It's out there. It -probably- has my workstation because none of it is in my apartment. And I'd very much like to get all of it back."


Ulysses has that tight-lipped look as he just waits to see how much he has to explain. He's glad that no more questions on the matter are forthcoming. It would be a pain explaining why Phil Coulson dressed as the Grim Reaper had tried killing him.

"Well, it wasn't like what you were doing wasn't helpful. More dangerous, definitely, not to mention crazy. …but all in all, I'm glad you got out of it in one piece."

Although the amnesia's concerning. Ulysses isn't sure how he'd handle missing several months' worth of memories. A frown flickers back on his face as he briefly considers that, but with Daisy settling next to him to peruse whatever he pulls up on-screen, he lets the thought pass, shifting his focus.

"Like this thing?" he asks as he opens up a larger version of a picture that comes up. Not really his taste in vehicles but he supposes it would suffice for work and being on the move. "Did you check with our records? …assuming they survived what we managed to save of the old system…" His expression goes flat again and he resumes tapping at keys.

"So let's see… Assuming you didn't park it somewhere private where someone wouldn't care how long you left it there… Let's try impound records first and see if it got towed."


The assurance being offered prompts another look to the fellow techie. "You were aware of what I was up to?" She really has no idea… "Well..mostly one piece." The 'mostly' she doesn't elaborate on.

With the image being pulled up on Uly's machine the life quickly returns to her expression. "Yah, that looks close. I haven't had an opportunity to yet. Coulson insisted that I go on vacation and I ..kinda..still don't know where the new headquarters is. I'm on limited access. Which happens to be where -you- come in," she declares with a broad smile.

The thought of it being impounded causes Daisy to wrinkle her nose. Would she have been so careless? Or maybe it had been left somewhere a little -too- long. The idea to search those records isn't bad per se, just nothing that she'd want to think about having to deal with.

"Okay, so whenever I got this van it had to have been after the end of March, when … Y'know."

When the Helicarrier fell and the Trisket was destroyed.

"That's like the last thing I can remember before it all goes spotty and vague. There isn't anything obvious at my apartment aside from half a year's worth of dust on everything. Uh…" she sort of flounders about trying to think of anything at all which might help them narrow down the search.

"OH! Hey! If it's a pre-88 then it should have collector plates! -God- why didn't I think about this before. I'm gonna look into it."

While she may have limited SHIELD access it's still a trivial matter to hack into the BMV's database.


"Kind of? I mean, for a good while I only pieced together bits and pieces before Coulson figured it was better to let me in on things before the stuff I did interrupted yours, or vice versa." Brow furrowing, he realizes that Daisy's lack of remembering things from the past months also means that she wouldn't remember their looking into Amon Bell. That fishing line was still in the water. Or…however fishing references went.

"Ah, I seeeee…." Ulysses says, sighing overdramatically. "So that's all you think of me as." He however continues to type. "Wish Coulson would insist I take a vacation," he mutters.

"I'll look into the records when I go back. Honestly you're not missing much. It's an old place that used to be a hospital or something way back, the kinda place you'd expect to be haunted? And naturally, no internet. Guess who had to set up a whole new system?" Okay, he might be exaggerating but only a little. He practically had to reinstall a whole new network just to set up a new lab and make sure its security was solid, and when one gets the order from the Director, one doesn't complain. Aloud, at least.

"So…you didn't have the van before joining? Because if that's the case I doubt we'd have records." He tries not to let his thoughts follow that trail as Daisy alludes to the Triskelion's fall. It comes up enough on its own. Pausing from his typing, he swallows down some coffee.

"Random note? If an Asgardian hands you a drink, it's probably better to decline. Or at least remember that you poured some in your mug."

Without further explanation on that, he continues going through files as he manages to pull up impoundment records. "Sweet, if you can grab some plate numbers that will make this loads easier…"


"Oh don't be so melodramatic," Daisy teases with another smile. "I don't hug my desktop rig like that."

Then she pauses with a slight frown. "You know… I'm actually looking forward to getting back in on the action. I don't want to be left waiting around until someone gives me the green light. We're sitting in a cafe looking for some rusty old -van- and I feel more alive than I can remember feeling in some time."

Here she turns sidelong to look at Ulysses again, her smile renewed. "It might sound stupid but I've missed this."

"-No- internet, seriously? -Wow- I dodged that bullet." Chances are she would have been tapped on the shoulder to help wire up the new (old) place right alongside Ulysses! "If you set it up then I'm sure it's up to speed. Can't wait to see this haunted new base."

Daisy shakes her head about owning the van before joining. "I would have remembered. I mean, I did own one for a while but it got totaled years ago. That's what happens when someone gets paid minimum wage and is thrown behind the wheel of an end loader without proper training."

If an Asgardian hands you a drink—

Daisy's attention snaps back to Ulysses, barely able to contain herself in one sudden burst of "-You met an Asgardian?!-" Because THAT is still a missing entry on her Powers Card, and..Asgardians! For real! "-You.- Met an Asgardian. Met -and drank with!- Uly I am -super- jealous."

Sigh. She isn't in the wrong line of work, she just happened to volunteer for the wrong mission.

Moments later while poised over the keyboard her hands suddenly come away and slap together. "Nailed it. Registered in New York City. Blue 1983 GMC. Plate number 154 E965."

It's also registered to a 'Cory Sutter' if Ulysses happens to look at the screen.

"That was somehow a little too easy. ..Huh. Okay, let the hunt..begin…"


"D'aw. So I'm a step above your computer."

He's not entirely sure what all Daisy had done with her time in the Brotherhood, but it couldn't have been stress-free, having to watch your back and look over your shoulder all the time to make sure you weren't caught being anything you weren't supposed to be. Like a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent being a voluntary spy. At least that's how he imagines it. "I guess it makes sense. Actually being able to do something beats sitting on the sidelines, even if you're still sitting."

Ulysses doesn't like actual field missions that require him to be anything more than support, and usually he's not brought along with any expectations more than that. But he knows that just because you're in charge of doing one thing doesn't mean that other things won't present themselves and situations won't change. He hasn't many missions under his belt and he's already learned that from experience.

"Did Coulson say he'd get you cleared for things? I mean, it's really not hard getting to the place but you need to go through the Trike security." Or have a flying rainbow goat, he supposes.

Daisy's outburst on Asgardians makes him jump. He fixes his glasses and meets her excited look with one incredibly dry. "Met, yes. Drank with- no. She was kinda drunk already and offered me some but I didn't think it was a good idea but to be polite I poured some into my coffee mug. Then I forgot about it and almost died." He exaggerates but at the time it was like he had no idea what hit him. "Anyway, her name's Atli, daughter of Woden or something." He sips at his coffee as though half expecting it had somehow become spiked with Asgardian mead before he returns his hands to the keyboard.

Ulysses never volunteers for missions. He just ends up in the wrong places at the right time. Or…swap that. Eh, same difference.

"Awesome…Cory Sutter," he says as he glances over, fingers already tapping away the new information. For starters he runs a check on the impound records to see if there's a plate match there.


"Yah, he's taking care of things on the other end," Daisy confirms. "Tests, surveillance, evaluation..all that fun stuff. Pretty sure I technically 'passed' the first battery, so..I've got that going. Between you and me I think he feels really bad about what happened. Probably trying to figure out if there's anything more that he can do while I'm out of the way."

Uly's recounting of the meet with Atli easily earns the hackerette's complete attention, going so far as to create a bridge out of her hands to rest her chin on while watching the guy. "That was probably the right call—you almost -died?- For someone who likes the office work you sure get into some crazy shenanigans."

Hmmh. 'Atli.' That'll be worth a net search or two later on. Who knows, maybe she'll get something out of it!

When the other name is mentioned out loud Daisy's head dips forward, heistating before admitting "One of my aliases. I'd appreciate if you kept it to yourself." Of course, SHIELD already knows about it in their massive file on her but she also happens to be renting an apartment under that name. Keeping the two identities separate seems like a smart move now more than ever with being connected to the Division.

The plate isn't linked to any of the nearby impound lots. This is perhaps good news for its owner but bad news in that more searching will be required.

It does happen to give her another idea, however. Eyes squint in thought when she glances over, inquiring "You were 'in' on what I had been doing. I'm missing my workstation. We're hunting a comfy van with a lot of storage space. Did..I ever reach out and contact you directly during the last few months? Because there's only one reason I can think of why I would have needed to take -everything- on the road."


"It was really strong stuff! I took a gulp because I totally forgot it wasn't coffee and I'm pretty sure I saw stars. I might have blacked out." Both recently familiar sensations, unfortunately. "Seriously, I don't know why crazy seems to like happening in my vicinity."

Ulysses makes a gesture of zipping his mouth shut as Daisy explains the alias situation, nodding. "Got it." He frowns as there are no pings, mostly for that fact. It doesn't make him that upset- one less area to check so they can move on to another. Street cams and vehicle recognition? Photos were only taken at intersections and it didn't seem a likely place for a vehicle to be parked. Security cameras? The hacker agent taps his fingers lightly over his keyboard in thought.

"Hm? Oh yeah. Like…two months ago. I had to go to some creepy little area with a gross ancient phone booth for you."


"I'm pretty sure that's par for the course these days," Daisy suggests to the crazy happening around Ulysses. "Or as they'd call it 'standard operating procedure' or some nonsense," said with a rolling of eyes. "Point made, don't drink beers with Asgardians."

Slowly the pieces are coming together. It's particularly challenging because there aren't many actual memories to fall back to. She has to make the connections while blind.

"A phone booth..?" is repeated in a low voice, struggling to make any sense of why she might have sent Uly somewhere like that. "Okayyy… That's a wired connection, harder to crack. Stationary. Secure. Less likely to be caught on camera. I must have been deliberately trying to get through to you with something important."

What would she do with all of that computing power on a set of wheels?

She'd dig in somewhere deep and establish the most secure connection possible. Memory partly wiped or not, if those were the tools she had then that's exactly what she would do.

"You're probably not gonna like this. Let's narrow our search to three weeks ago. Cover all of the major cities in the area. It might have been picked up on a traffic cam but I will bet you lunch that it's going to be parked in some dingy alley where no camera is going to have eyes on it. Our best chance is to catch it the last time it was in motion then follow the path until it disappears. From there we'll have to check every camera in a two block radius. If it comes up again we can assume I was being cagey and we'll have to follow it some more. If it -doesn't- show up then we know where to look."


Inwardly he's hoping this doesn't call for a trip back to said area with creepy phone booth, but he listens and waits as Daisy thinks aloud, nodding. It had been some pretty important stuff. As she finally starts going over the angles to check he does so without much complaint. Looking for one van in one state is considerably easier than some things he's been tasked with. It's just a lot of material to go through, but better having a lot to work off of than nothing at all.

"Good thing I kept this," he grins, adjusting the signal booster he'd gotten from Coulson. He'd meant to return it. Except that he got kinda knocked out when his possessed superior threw him into a wall. Well, never know when it'll come in handy anyway. Like now!

Taking some precautions to make sure no one gets suspicious about data fluctuations, he opens up a few windows to start up some searches, giving his laptop a fond pat. "Bet Tony Stark could do this with like, an eyeblink or something." He misses playing with the holographic keyboards.


The gears are still turning in Daisy's head. Flickers of dissected memories, several thousand dollars' worth of bleeding edge (by consumer standards) computer tech. A vehicle which at the very least has her equipment in it and maybe possibly can shed some light into what she had been up to since April. Somehow it all comes down to dragging Ulysses into a sad sorry alley to use one of the last remaining pieces of obsolete public technology.

They're with SHIELD. Was a payphone really the best that she could do?

"Huh?" she blinks out of her momentary daze. She points at the signal booster. "What's that?"

Tony Stark. That gets a somewhat wistful sigh from Daisy. "A girl could do some seeeerious damage with top-grade StarkTech…"

'Tech.' -Stark- Tech? No… A different name. Bleeding-edge. The gauntlets?



Fingertips immediately leap back to the keyboard.

"I think I know where we need to be looking. Can you reach the Metropolis City traffic network?"


"Oh, it's like a hotspot on steroids. The Met had really bad service."

Ulysses keeps at it, sighing wistfully along with Daisy in agreement about delicious Stark-tech. "Have you been to his place in Metropolis? It's magical…" he murmurs in an almost dreamy tone that would mimic the way television school girls spoke of crushes.

His own fingers pause abruptly right after Daisy's set her's moving at her own keyboard. "Huh? So we're not checking out New York?" He makes a bit of a face, half thoughtful, half dubious, but he's been given a challenge and he doesn't back down from these sorts. "Let…me…seeee…." he says as he closes off searches and windows to pull up some fresh ones to work some tech magic.


"Huh. Cool. I'll have to put in a request for one of those."

At any other moment Daisy could have been sharing in Uly's tech fantasy. Even he drops the magic word of the night, 'Metropolis.' She hasn't been to Stark's new place. She hasn't even heard of it before now. But it's enough. It helps set the gears into motion.

"I don't think so. I've done stuff like this before, right before moving somewhere else."

What Coulson had told her about this crazy mission, about how New York City had its Registration and Gotham has been getting dicey about mutants. What's the one major urban center which happens to accept metahumans? Possibly even embrace them?

It all points back to the same city.

While Ulysses works Daisy works different angles right beside him. She's hunting down public parking garages, tunnels, bridges, even ferries. Anywhere which happens to keep records of traffic.

"Rrrgh—if I had full access this would have been over in like a -minute.- Even with what we have it's like a needle in a haystack."

"We can probably avoid the city center. Not enough discreet places to park. Look for ..somewhere.. a little grungier." Pause. Squint. "Does Metropolis even -have- a grungier side?"


"Hmm." Having no idea where Daisy even spent her Brotherhood days, Ulysses really has no reason to say otherwise. His thinking might go along the same lines though, what with New York and even Gotham now being difficult places for metahumans to be.

"Grungy and Metropolis, those words don't mesh. I mean, I don't think it's like…spotless but you never think of grungy when you think Metropolis," he rambles, his fingers continuing to tap away as though they have a mind of their own. "I didn't spend a whole lot of time out there myself. Just like, a day? Most of a day? That was all indoors." Maybe one day he'll actually go somewhere out of state to sight-see.

"Not that I'm complaining. It was a great indo- oh, oh? What's this, I think…" Ulysses leans closer towards his screen as he homes in on one of the windows, divided into boxes of individual camera feeds, a few outlined in blinking blue. He pulls one up, frowns, then pulls up another before sitting back and giving the screen a tap. "Think I've got it. Look familiar?" he says as he brings up the other to play alongside it. Different views of a street and its two intersecting, one in each recording to show cars going in one end and out the other. The pattern follows as one would expect, even if some vehicles don't immediately exit, at least until a large van turns in and doesn't follow the flow. The time stamp continues to run and no other pings of plate or vehicles follow any of the other camera feeds of surrounding areas.


"I'd like to say something like 'it's a great city, you should totally check it out,' but I can't even remember," Daisy says in what is meant to be humorous but doesn't quite reach that mark.

She's just taking another drink of coffee when Ulysses leans in closer. The mug is put down so fast that it nearly catches the corner of her computer and spills. "Ah—dangit" is hissed before she grabs the back of his chair and leans over to try and get a look at what he's now focusing on.

It's like seeing a ghost, or a grainy photograph of something which had only been witnessed within a dream. It's more than a rusty old van, more than her lost equipment. It's proof. Validation. She isn't going crazy. What happened -actually happened.- It's all real.

"I could just kiss you," she offers in a surprisingly restrained voice. "What intersection is that?" Not that it matters, she already read the feed.

Additional windows are pulled up. Recordings are put on fast forward. She may not have the best SHIELD programs at her disposal but she still has eyes and not many people drive vans anymore.

"This is it. I've got a good feeling. Uly, you—" she turns away from the screen to stare at the other tech expert then suddenly loses her train of thought.

"-You rock. Just… Seriously. It's like getting a piece of myself back. I don't suppose you want to join me on a bus ride out of town to go pick it up?"


Ulysses stares at the video replays as though merely doing so would bring the vehicle there. He's glad he's facing the screen then as he feels his cheeks flush a bit. Coughing, he makes a show of trying to get the street names. They've definitely got something, and without having to waste too much time scouring an entirely wrong city at that!

Breathing out a sigh of relief, he sits back, reaching over to grab and finish his coffee. He grins at Daisy, blinking when she seems to hit a mental speedbump. Maybe there's still a lot of ironing out to do, whatever happened in her head. But he still feels pretty good about being able to help her with this much.

"Sure, I'll tag along. Maybe I'll get to see a little more of Metropolis while I'm at it." Also, he does not want to be around if anyone starts asking questions about giant tusked space geese.

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