Great News And Mixed News
Roleplaying Log: Great News And Mixed News
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Moonstar delivers some good news to Carolus, who has mixed news to offer in return.

Other Characters Referenced: Warren Worthington, Alison Blaire, Gwen Stacy, Illyana Rasputina,
IC Date: October 28, 2019
IC Location: Xavier's Institute
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* OOC Time: Mon Oct 28 20:40:50 2019 *

* * *

An officially unoccupied dorm room has been taken over. Bereft of personal furniture, the room is dominated by a cocoon that hangs from a thick strand of silk that is simply stuck to the ceiling. A red button-down and a black vest with a giant hole in the stomach are crumpled in a corner, with a briefcase (distinctly not Carolus's) and Carolus's usual satchel leaned up against the wall.

A 'window', or perhaps more of a door, cut into the face of the cocoon that is turned towards the door is enough to get a glimpse of Carolus within. He's literally improvised a shirt out of his own silk, although the band around his stomach (though difficult to see) is quite clearly /adhered/ rather than simply lying against his skin.

The gleam of a cell phone screen from 'above' him betrays recent activity, as does a pile of what looks like a good dozen soda bottles neatly lined up below a windowsill, but at this exact moment he seems to be dozing.

The door is closed but not locked, but he /has/ let Moonstar know where he actually is so she can find him if she needs to.

* * *

It seems many people have had adventures in the last day or so.

Crazy ones even.

Still, when Carolus' message about the Purifiers is seen and more importantly that he and Gwen were injured from the attack, the de facto leader of the X-Men drops everything and goes off in search of the pair.

Thankfully, Carolus also left instructions on just where the two are at. That's what leads the Cheyenne woman up the stairs and into this particular door-lined hallway. Her measured pace brings the woman to the door that leads into the room that he and Gwen have taken over. She raises her knuckles and raps lightly upon the closed door, "Carolus? Spider?" She says loud enough to probably be heard through the door, "It's Dani."

* * *

"Come in, Danielle. It's just me, and I'm decent besides." Carolus replies, groggily. There's nobody else here, and no sign that there /has/ been anybody else here, except for the presence of the extra briefcase. It has a loop of silk around it suggesting that Carolus decided it shouldn't explode open at some point.

* * *

Once permission is given to enter the room Moonstar deftly turns the knob and steps inside.

Upon seeing the cocoon the woman immediately frowns, then her gaze sweeps the rest of the room in an automatic gesture. She takes note of the briefcase, but for the first few moments her concern is obviously for Carolus and Gwen.

Even if Gwen isn't here.

"Are you okay? Is Spider?" Are her first two questions, "What happened?"

Not that she doesn't know he was attacked, but there's obviously more to the story than just a Purifier's attack.

"Is there anything I can get you too?"

And here she pauses, aware that she's just asked so many questions.

* * *

"Chitauri morphic armor. We both took hits from energy projection weapons." Carolus leans forward against the lip of the opening he made in his cocoon, looking down towards Moonstar. He doesn't look like he's in terribly bad shape, but it's a hard measure to take with him. At the very least though, there is no looming threat of death that Danielle can detect, which is probably enough to assuage her concerns.

"I bandaged her up, and my silk has beneficial properties in that regard. I think that she will be fine. I do not know the extent of her recuperative abilities but she did not seem worried, discomfort aside."

"Not that that says much in /our/ community." He mumbles, irritably. Carolus has some /feelings/ about people dying to Chitauri weapons. It's probably not hard to extrapolate that he might've been obnoxiously fussy about the whole thing.

"For me? No. But if you happen to have some heavy-duty burn ointment I can share, I'd take it."

He reclines and says, "Doctor Stuart /was/ involved. These smiley-faced Purifiers showed up and I assumed they were after me— he shouted, 'Get him' when they showed up. But they were there for the Doctor. A loose end."

"We rescued him, and squirreled him away to one of our boltholes. I doubt he'll go anywhere, now that his accomplices are trying to murder him with lasers."

Carolus gestures off to one side, to indicate the briefcase, "That's his. Haven't cracked it open yet."

* * *

Chitauri morphic armor, that lone brings a grim cast to Moonstar's features.

They clearly do not need mutant-hate-groups wearing that sort of armor, nor weilding that sort of weaponry.

"Great. Just what we needed." Mutters the woman darkly for a moment, but there is a lightening to her features as she spies no messenger of death above Carolus.

Her expression eases a bit more when Carolus mentions Gwen is likewise not at Death's door.

After all it was Dani who put them on this path.

"I'm glad you're both relatively okay."

The question of burn ointment brings a nod from the woman, "Whatever we have in the infirmary we can give to Spider. She's also welcome to crash here if she needs to."

And while more could be said, Carolus reveals just how deep Dr. Stuart was or is in it.

She looks to the briefcase again, though that doesn't stop her next question, "Does he know who's behind it all?" She asks, "Why they did this?"

The description of the Purifiers being smile-faced brings a frowning thoughtful look to her features, but she doesn't voice aloud the oddity of that descriptor.

* * *

"They're really into it, too. Threatened to take my wings as a trophy and everything." Carolus elaborates lightly, though he doesn't really expect he /needs/ to, as helpful as it might be to know such a thing.

He runs a hand through his hair in a distinctly uncomfortable gesture for him, "Yeah… but it was a closer call than I want it to be. I knew I might face trouble somewhere along the way, but enemies using Chitauri weaponry wasn't on the mind. Not for this case, anyway. I wish I'd been a bit faster on the uptake. She didn't need to take those injuries."

This sentiment should hardly come as a surprise. Carolus didn't handle the invasion well for reasons of similar what-if extrapolations that wound him up.

"Thank you." He says, on the subject of ointment.

Regarding Doctor Stuart, he shakes his head, "I think he's deep enough to be an accomplice to murder, or else why bother going out there to erase the loose end? But I didn't dig the particulars out of him. He was just too at ease with the situation, and when I pressed him on it he tried to disengage."

"If he hadn't pointed the Purifiers at me, I would've thought he was just a scared and behind-the-times old man."

"But." Carolus drums his fingers against the edge of the cocoon, "If goons like /that/ are trying to erase people with information on Warren and Alison's murders, and Hodge still looks like our prime suspect, we need to entertain the possibility that Hodge himself is a Purifier and that's where all of this is coming from."

"It would make a lot of the pieces as we know them fit a lot better. In the case of Doctor Stuart…" He rises over the edge of the cocoon and drops down into the room below with a light wince on landing, "… I don't know. Could just be that he was a person in a position to be pressured. Could be he's legitimately supportive of the movement. Hard to say, since they just tried to kill him."

* * *

Threatened to take his wings? That's enough to cause Moonstar's expression to go from concerned and grim to thunderous.

"How dare they." She begins, but she stops herself before she says anything further, because those words weren't going to be good.

Or nice.

And Moonstar doesn't want to upset Carolus further.

Instead, the Cheyenne takes a deep breath and listens to the rest of what the winged young man has to say. The idea of Hodge tied in with the Purifiers brings a thoughtful look to Dani's features now, "Possibly … but I've dug some into the Purifiers. I didn't catch any sort of connection between them and Hodge, but then I wasn't looking for one per se." Mentally she adds that to her to-do list, which just keeps on growing.

When Carolus drops down from his cocoon, Moonstar watches him with some concern, especially at that wince. Still, she's not one to normally hover over a person in any sense of the word, and so she adds, "I agree that they're trying to tie up loose ends, but Dr. Stuart isn't the end all or be all at this point. Neither are any of our other suspects."

And here Dani's expression lightens to something that holds hope, "Ali and Warren aren't dead.", relief as well, and the aura of cold that surrounded her since their death is no longer there.

* * *

"Yes," Carolus agrees, "it was exceptionally tasteless, but it's about what I expect out of what are basically nazis and charitably are just the KKK take two. No use getting upset about it, really."

"They're not used to the armor yet, so this hasn't been going on for too long." He adds, as an afterthought.

In response to her Moonstar's look of visible concern, he uses his primary left hand to draw back the bandage at his stomach— there's skin there now, although new and raw-looking. He lets it breathe for a moment and then replaces it, "It's not 'fine', but it's nowhere close to critical. As long as I can sleep in a cocoon, my recuperative abilities can handle it."

A glance towards the bottles under the windowsill, "And calories."

What she has to say next elicits a moment's surprise. Carolus raises a finger to his chin and begins to pace, "Not dead. Not dead, but the enemy seems to /think/ they are… and is trying to get rid of the people who can talk about it."

"You're absolutely sure? Not a 'we can't find the bodies' sort of not-dead, but actually not-dead?" He stops and asks, only halfway skeptically.

* * *

They're not used to the armor. That's something to definitely ponder upon, it means they may have some time to strike back, to still have an advantage against them.

But soon that edge will be lost.

But first, the sight of that wound brings a grimace from Dani. "Sleep and eat as much as you need to let that heal." Moonstar adds and then, "With Dr. Stuart in our care and hidden away we likely have a little bit of breathing room."

And with Alison and Warren still actually alive, but she doesn't say those outloud, not when Carolus works through his surprise.

His last question brings the faintest of smiles to Dani's lips; a question she expects apparently.

"Absolutely sure, yes. Their souls weren't in the afterlife."

"But -" Because there always is one, "I can't tell you where exactly they are. Just not here. We're going to need help in actually locating them and once located we can bring them home."

* * *

"That is the idea, yes." Carolus says, simply. He comes to a halt beneath his cocoon, obviously resisting the urge to cross his auxiliary arms across his stomach and just sort of moving them in an ambiguous fidgeting motion instead. Too tender, apparently.

"I did not expect any news we would receive would be that favorable. Thank you for telling me. I think… it is probably best if that remains relatively unknown, however. I have a suspicion about the entire affair."

"Kooky purifiers turning up right after the leader of the X-Men dies," He muses aloud, "they might've been planning to decapitate us and then hit before we could recover. In fact… I would assume that's what's going to happen even now."

"I think I'm going to relocate my place of residence, and we might want to…" He gestures loosely with both auxiliary arms, "be a little more generous with winter break than anybody expects us to be, perhaps."

Carolus smiles, gently, "Sorry to muddy your excellent news with conspiratorial speculation. I /am/ happy, but…" He brings both sets of hands together, "I'm hurt, Ghost Spider is hurt, there's a new enemy clearly on the horizon. Need to be cautious."

"I sent Magik to speak with you about that, incidentally." He says, "She said that she should be able to track their… remains, or I suppose simply /them/, but that it might look… er… rather disrespectful at a glance. Infernal sorcery of some kind, I suppose."

* * *

"Yes." Agrees Dani, "Let's keep the news they're alive under wraps. I would prefer only us know -" And to clarify just who 'us' is, Moonstar adds, "You, Spider, Daredevil, Jess, certainly." She considers who else to tell, "Illyana, Domino, Logan and Jean as well."

"The rest of the school can stay in the dark until we know what's really going on."

And speaking of Illyana, Moonstar nods, "I'll be chatting with her shortly and whether it's disrespectful or not it doesn't matter. We use what advantages we have, whether it's from dark magics or worse."

His apology at muddying her news with his theories prompts a quick wave from Dani. The sort of wave that clearly translates to 'don't apologize'.

"Don't apologize. I happen to agree completely that caution is definitely needed here. We can likewise extend winter break if we have to, and if worse comes to worse, we can move everyone off-site." After all, they already ferret the younger students to the other campus.

"Once we pin-point their local we'll go after them."

She looks to that briefcase again, "So, business as usual. We continue to look for their 'murderer' and then ready ourselves for whatever else comes our way."

* * *

Carolus nods affirmation to the need-to-know list. Regarding Illyana's methods, he replies, "I said more or less the same thing. I do not think there is anything about 'disrespect' that can meaningfully make the situation — as it was, or as it is — worse. But I suppose we shall see."

He hums thoughtfully to himself, beginning to pace again, "I wish we didn't need to jump at shadows like this. It doesn't send a good message, but sending a message isn't worth exposing students to danger."

Catching her glimpse at the briefcase, he strides to it and picks it up, carrying it to Moonstar and offering it to her, "I think that it is probably better if you inspect the contents. I didn't open it, but I think between the two of us there's more… legitimacy to it, if you do it. Registration aside, that is."

"/I'm/ not a part of the intelligence community."

Unbeknownst to him, there is in fact nothing of use in there. Just notes a doctor should actually have.

He gestures towards his own stomach, "This should be healed up by tomorrow, or the next day at latest. I can't speak to Ghost Spider, but the parameters of her physique is not dis-similar to mine. I wouldn't be surprised if she heals fast, too. She acts like it, but I think she might just be stubborn."

"Has anyone else encountered violent resistance? Do you know?" He asks, worriedly.

* * *

"It would be worse if we weren't cautious and something happened that hurt students. I'd rather jump at all the shadows than not and damn the messages it sends."

She supposes she could say a thing or two about Illyana, and Illyana's own hang-ups concerning her powers, but she doesn't. That's something that Dani can address with Yana privately, especially knowhing how sensitive her friend is to certain aspects of herself and her powers.

When the briefcase is offered to her, Moonstar gravely accepts, "As soon as I know what's inside I'll let you know either way. Hopefully it's something good."

She flicks a quick look at his stomach even as his words prompt a nod from her and a sincere, "Tell Spider thank you from me."

Her next words are even more formal, "I appreciate you both for everything you've done to help. Thank you."

His worried question prompts a shake of her head, "Not that I've heard, but when this is all said and done all of us will have to compare notes. I feel like we're missing a piece of the puzzle and hopefully we can find it before it's too late."

Melodramatic words, for certain, and it causes a moment of silence from the Cheyenne, up until she pulls herself away from whatever thoughts flicker through her head.

"I'll let you get back to your healing. We're likely going to need you and Ghost Spider for whatever comes next."

* * *

"My dreams of having my cake and eating it too are, regrettably, not realistic." Carolus cedes, with a rather grim smile. His wings flutter and buzz lightly as he begins to collect the empty bottles in the corner.

"I will convey your gratitude, but I think that we are both of a certain mind when it comes to things like this." He deposits the bottles in a plain plastic bin by the door with a light rattle.

Snorting at a passing thought, he says, "She is a fish out of water in this place. Every extra detail she tells me about her universe suggests that she simply comes from a kinder world than ours. I hired her to be my back-up on some cases I expected to be a real problem, but to tell the truth it was just my way of helping somebody stranded and alone who happened to catch my attention on their way in the door."

Carolus strides back past Danielle to settle beneath his cocoon, folding his primary arms across his chest, "I told her a few days back that she hadn't signed up for something quite this serious, and that she could back out if she wanted to. But she said that she was already wrapped up in it all, and just carried on. /Much/ higher chance I'd be dead if I had to take those smiley face guys solo."

His antennae twitch up and down, "Don't know why I'm telling you this. I suppose something about it just bugs me, and I need to verbalize it. Thank you for telling me about Warren and Alison, Danielle. I've been imagining that revolting scene since the news broke, and I cannot express how much of a relief it is to know that wasn't /really/ how their stories concluded."

* * *

His grim smile is returned, because Dani knows all about how realistic it is to have cake and eat it too.

Not very.

Still, her expression smooths out some when Carolus begins to speak about Ghost Spider in more detail. There's a fleeting look of slight surprise with that mention that her world is nicer than their own.

Though honestly Dani shouldn't be surprised.

"I'm glad you helped her." Moonstar says, "We should always help those in need, or those that need a friend, but also I'm glad she was there to help you with the Purifiers that attacked you the other day."

"Perhaps when this is all said and done we can make sure that she has a bit more resources to pull upon in this world and maybe Illyana could potentially help her get back to her own life."

Though obviously that would mean she leaves her friends here, but Moonstar doesn't state that out loud.

His apology about talking prompts the woman to once more raise her hand, "None of that. We're a team, family, we're here for each other and we're here to listen to one another. If you need to verbalize something to get the emotions out, then I'll listen. It's what family does."

The rest of what he says, about Alison and Warren, bring a faint dip of her head. "Me too." She says quietly, "Now we just have to find them."

Which they will.

"Come find me when you're healed and we'll plan out next steps. For right now, however, I've a briefcase to go through."

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