Laserwing Revengers Assemble
Roleplaying Log: Laserwing Revengers Assemble
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Atli gathers an unusual mix of heroes to discuss plans to avenge her lost friends, only to find out that she should possibly be planning a rescue instead.

Other Characters Referenced: Warren Worthington, Dazzler, Jessica Jones, Phil Coulson, Doctor Strange
IC Date: October 30, 2019
IC Location: House of Waffles, NYC
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Posted On: 01 Nov 2019 04:56
Rating & Warnings: A for Atli
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Let no one be fooled by the clatter of plates and the numerous sideglances that the gathered heroes will garner as they crowd into one side of the House of Waffles: This is a very serious planning session. Atli stands at the counter, where a small whiteboard is propped up, and she has crudely drawn a little stick-figure Dazzler, along with many little starry lights around her, and next to her the unmistakable winged stick figure form of Warren Glorywing, who, despite being a stick figure has wonderful biceps.

The others will have to crowd into the booths across the way in the corner of the restaurant, and as Atli circles her stick figure friends and then draws a line from them to an empty space, she turns to face the assembled team. Is it a team? Of course it is! Right above the stick figures are two names: A) The Laserwing Revengers

B)The Glorysong Avengers

Whirling about, Atli looks at them all, while her faithful goat snores at her feet, an empty plate rattling slightly from his breath. "Now, we all know why we're here. Our great friends, champions of Midgard and the greatest personification of love I have yet seen - and I have seen Firebirds melt demons with their mind - have been slain." Her voice shakes a little with emotion, and she takes a breath. "And what they say simply cannot be true. Glorywing would never do such a thing. And so, we must find the fiends who did this terrible deed, have them admit what they have done to clear the name of dear Glorywing, and then slaughter the fools to show all the realms our justice."

One at a time, she looks at each of those gathered.

"But first, we must vote on our name, since our quest will likely go down in the annuls of time and it may very well be the last chapter written in the legend of our departed friends. So! We must not mess it up. Now all for option A, please raise your hand."

* * *

Ulysses sits wedged within the closed end of a booth, sipping coffee from a mug in one hand, dolling out syrup over what's left of a few waffles with the other. What? They're at a waffle house, one may as well partake, right?

It's still all very surreal for him to be here. He'd been almost certain he'd dreamt about the talking raven he'd found that had delivered Atli's invitation. He hadn't gotten to respond because his husky had chased it off. Working a short shift at S.H.I.E.L.D. (what, those exist? Shhhhh), he'd decided to drop by the supposedly mentioned waffle house anyway. Just in case. And if he'd dreamed the whole thing, well, he'd at least have waffles and coffee.

Turns out he hadn't been dreaming. Oh well. And with Atli working so hard at he presentation, he finds it difficult to get a word in as she goes over her heartfelt spiel. So he waits, looking thoughtfully at her whiteboard drawings. He chews on a mouthful of waffles oozing with syrup. And then finally he speaks up once a chance is finally given.

"Um. Not to rain on anyone's revenge parade? But…after some investigation, I've heard that they aren't um. Not exactly slain. Dead. It's a set up. But someone's gone and kidnapped them."

Glancing around awkwardly, he ducks his head and gulps coffee.

* * *

While Ulysses speaks up, someone is surreptitiously stealing bites of his waffles. Once upon a time, Tabitha Smith made a living as a thief until a certain undercover assignment had instilled upon her the importance of going straight. But sometimes, while you can take the girl out of the street, you can't take the street out of the girl. Sorry, Uly.

Popping the syruped wedge in her mouth, the blonde lifts up her hand. "I vote for Laserwing Revengers." Because of course she would answer that question first.

Still, after a gulp of her coffee, there's a glance towards Uly when he reveals that the two subjects of the meeting might not actually be dead; her expression shifts - while she hardly knows Warren, Alison is a friend, and one of a disposition that she had her doubts about the story being so cut and dry as that to begin with. Still, hearing some confirmation of her hopes fills her with relief, unwinding tension she isn't even conscious of carrying.

She says nothing yet, though.

* * *

It isn't everyday that Dani receive an invitation via a Raven to join people for dinner at the Waffle House.

Nor can she say exactly if it's the weirdest thing she's ever had happen.

As such, here Moonstar is.

She's settled in one of the booths with a cup of coffee in hand. The whiteboard that Atli presents to the group is given her full attention, as is the Asgardian's speech. It's only after said speech and this-isn't-really-a-game-of-Pictonary whiteboard that Uly and Boom-Boom speaks up, and when the two are finished speaking, Moonstar speaks as well.

"I can confirm they're not dead."

Sadly, Moonie doesn't necessarily say which name she likes best, but if truth be told it's B.

* * *

"Of course they aren't dead," Tony Stark has never been shy about voicing any opinions. "I mean come on. Look at the facts. First they are X-people. And X-people 'die' like every third Sunday of the month and then come back. Second off they just aren't. No need to confirm or anything. They are kidnapped or lost or took a wild honeymoon into space or something."

A pause.

"Sorry Moonie. But its totally true about the whole 'dying' thing."

Leaning against the booth, also occasionally swiping some of poor Ulysses' waffles because its what he does, the inventor doesn't look /that/ worried. Or bothered about being in a Waffle House instead of some kind of super secret lair.

"Also anything with lasers is good." There. More opinions from Stark of course.

"Also if he was dead I'd just have to punch a hole in whatever underworld they happened to be in and drag them both out so I can tell them how dumb they are to their faces." A pause. "I mean did Ali even bring her new bees?! I made them and she better have brought them whever she went."

* * *

"I will count Cakewoman's vote six times because she has the best warrior garb of those present - no offense Lord Stark but hers has these little spinny bits - and it is my greatest hope she shall don it again when we go on our quest t-" It's about then that what Ulysses and Dani are saying begins to sink in for Atli. Time has little meaning to an Asgardian. She is just as likely to be frantic about a few hours as forget all of this and spend forty or fifty years chasing a butterfly. Thankfully, that has not happened yet, and while her dear friends have only been dead - kidnapped? - for a very short time, it has felt like a crushing eternity.

And now, it may not have to be an eternity. Her mouth hangs open, a hand reaching back to find a counter-side stool to sit upon and plant herself with the most dumbfounded of looks. "Some ruse, then? Some great trick?! Is it my Aunt Loki?! If it is my Aunt Loki I will smite her into oblivion! Tell me, Ulysses, who speaks for the Oracle Google, and Moonstar, the Last Great Valkyrie, how do you know this?! Is Lord Stark correct? Do all the X-People have the power to simply rise from the dead?! Is this the work of the rejuvination powers of the Great Washing Pond of the X-People?! Tell me, all of you, where are our friends?!"

Her voice escalates enough that those on the other side of the restaurant take notice, eyeing the group warily. Even Toothbender lifts his head, if only to try to calm his dear friend with a nudge to her leg.

Atli should be happy - in fact, she is, but she is also stricken by how easily she fell for this ruse, and how if she had not had these, the heroes of Midgard here to know the things she could not know, all might be lost.

* * *

His waffles are being stolen right in front of him and he can't really say anything about it. He can frown though. He's frowning oh-so-much. Almost petulantly Ulysses just sits back and curls his fingers around his coffee mug as he sips it as though expecting they'd try snatching that too if he set it down. No one touches the coffee. No one.

Looking over at Moonstar, the agent and hacker nods. "Heard from our mutual friend," he says to her. Jess hadn't explained in detail, save that Dani had done something magicky.

Turning his head to look at the other waffle thief, Ulysses squints a little at Tony. "I wish that were the case, sir. …bees?" He looks confused, which to be fair isn't that different from his usual expression, just a slightly more furrowed brow away from uncertainty.

At Atli's nickname of the female waffle thief, he has to look over at Tabitha, brow arching. Cakewoman? Is someone going to explain? …on second thought an explanation might not clear things up at all, especially if it's from Atli. Instead, he turns his attention towards the Asgardian, shaking his head once she shifts gears upon their revelations.

"That's the real question. We have no idea where they are. At a suggestion I looked into the coroner's angle, but the records and footage I scrounged up all match up and bodies were picked up from the scene of the incident. Made it to the Chief Medical Examiner's office without a hitch. That's where things go weird. Security feeds go out with a questionable power surge, and in that time, they just went missing."

* * *

They die every third Sunday? Those words from Tony Stark grab Moonstar's attention and the Cheyenne woman brings her gaze over to the man.

Sure there might be some truth to his words, especially if you have red hair, but Dani neither confirms or denies that particular theory.

The mention of Bees brings a rise of eyebrows from Dani, "What bees?", comes her curious inquiry, before she turns her attention back to Atli when the Asgardian begins to voice all her questions.

Uly's nickname prompts a quick side-eye from Dani to the young man and maybe a slight grin, but then it's back to the questions at hand.

At Uly's mention of a mutual friend Dani nods and then it's back to the group at large.

"While I can't say we rise from the dead all that regularly, in this case I'm certain they're not dead. Their souls are *not* in any afterlife. I checked."

"I can't say where they are just yet, but we're searching for them."

And no, Moonstar is definitely not touching any of those statements about whether it's Atli's Aunt Loki's fault or not.

Nor does she remark upon the healing powers of the X-Mansion's swimming pool.

* * *

"Well, that's not suspicious at all," Tabitha drawls at Ulysses' report. Tony gets a wiggle of her fingers and a blithe little smile. There's a turn of her eyes towards Dani, however, brows lifting upwards in a curious fashion. "So everyone else in the group sounds like they are at least marginally sure that they're both alive." She's clearly waiting for explanations from Moonstar and Tony; her face gets a curious expression when the other woman says she checked the afterlife, but honestly? She works in a law firm that made it is mission to defend metahumans from potential abuses of the registration laws, this isn't the weirdest thing she's heard this week.

"What about you, Tony? Or is this just you being genre savvy?" she wonders.

* * *

It is here that Atli begins to pace, chin-rubbing and listening to these heroes who know the Laserwings so well speak of the hope that they are alive. She is also kicking herself that she did not immediately think to ask Dani about finding them in the afterlife, or simply go to the underworld herself and take a look. At the very least she could have asked the Son of Coul, who's prowess among the Valkyries of Vahalla alone should earn him such information. But now the mission has changed.

She picks up her sharpie - yes, she's writing on a white board with a sharpie, the eldritch differences between erasable and not lost on her, and begins to number out some options.

"Then we must find them. Do any among you have the ability to translocate your mind into the great ether of the universe and find the brightest souls ever to have existed? Anyone? Perhaps one of them had some sort of beeping anklet we could follow. I saw that in a historical record once. Or perhaps you, Lord Stark, could invent a device to search for the mindwaves belonging to those who were once part of the League of Ivy. One of Glorywing's old friends, Brett, said that the things they did 'changed their minds forever'. I am not sure what he means but he seemed most earnest."

Atli's gaze goes distant for a long moment, fixed on some distant point. Her voice is maybe at half volume, but everyone here is close. They will hear what she says next.

"Or I suppose we could go to Chronux."

Chronux, where Atli once led an ill-fated expedition through the portal there to another time and place.

* * *

"This is me knowing that Warren wouldn't be dumb enough to die without at least calling me first to let me know." Stark replies with a wave of a hand. "So ergo, he's not dead." A pause. "And I gave Ali robo-bees."

No more explanation than that, but this is Stark we are talking about here.

"I'm glad they aren't in some afterlife though, making a portal to go there would be a pain in the ass. But…" A glance at Ulysses. "…so they just disappeared from the morgue? Disappeared like 'everyone who was involved was dead' levels of disappeared or like 'oh god where did they go when the lights went out' levels? I need to know what kind of thing we're dealing with here."

A glance then towards Atli and a smirk. "And no I can't search mindwaves, that's Emma's thing and she's still mad at me." A pause. "I held off an army to help her out but whose counting. Totally not me."

He is totally counting.

"But pretty sure they aren't in the city or someone would have found them. I've had drones out looking for awhile now and they are keyed into their specific biometrics so they would find something." A beatpause. "…and lets put Chronux on the 'last resort' kind of thing right now? We don't even know if they are in a different dimension."

A pause.

"Of course now that I said they. They totally are going to be."

* * *

"Yep," Tabitha seconds, her expression flat and glancing at Tony sideways. "You jinxed us."

* * *

Is he the only one here that's weirded out about the whole rising from the dead thing? Everyone else seems pretty at ease with this subject. And with Dani being more of an expert with both the X-Men and souls, he just decides not to question it. Ulysses sighs as his coffee is no longer existent, setting the mug down finally.

There's just the slightest wrinkling of his nose as he watches Atli commit a minor atrocity writing with a Sharpie on a whiteboard. Not completely undoable, but it's still… He forces himself to consider what she's saying, which seems to be more of a mistake than trying to overlook her ignorance of how office supplies work. "Uh…what's Chronux? Is it like a donut shop..?" They're meeting at a waffle house after all, so the idea isn't that farfetched, is it? Helplessly, Ulysses looks over at Tony as he speaks up again, hoping that the billionaire inventor will be able to shed some light on Asgardianese.

"Disappeared as in Worthington and Blaire vanished- from the office at the time of a suspicious brown out." He nods to Tabitha at that before continuing. "So of course there's no security footage to look through, but for how long it lasted, it doesn't seem possible for someone to get in and out with the bodies as quickly as it occurred." He pauses, hesitating. "…I call alien abduction but I'd rather hope I'm wrong."

* * *


Again, Moonstar looks curious but she doesn't voice any of her questions aloud. Not when other people are asking and answering all the questions that are being tossed back and forth.

The mention of alien abduction brings a grimace to Dani's features, but she doesn't say outright that thought is wrong. It has merit, after all.

"They're not here." Moonstar says again, one hand flicking outward to give the general impression of an all encompassing wave, "But elsewhere. If I had to make a guess, I'd have to say a different dimension, but we'll need help in determining where they're really at."

She looks to Tony now, "Perhaps a technological means, or maybe magical, or -" And here Moonstar grimaces, "A combination of both."

She only grimaces because techonology and magic always seems to go wrong. Very very wrong. And often times meshing the two together causes very bad things to happen.

* * *

It weighs on Atli so heavily, that in this, she is not able to contribute in all the ways that they might. Without saying much she takes her coffee from the counter, untouched, and walks it over to Ulysses. She doesn't even look at him when she does so, but she does not at his point at how quickly they disappeared, deep in thought. As deep as she can go, anyway. "Yes. Some sort of..teleportation." She makes wiggly fingers, sneering at the idea of magic spiriting her friends away. Which is somewhat hilarious, given that she is quite magical herself.

But it does give her an idea.

"Well then. We might seek out my Aunt Loki then. She is a mistress of magic and knows all sorts of things about other dimensions and teleporting.. or perhaps we could seek out Jane Foster. She is the Sorceress Supreme of this realm."

She does seem to recall some other sort of 'Master of the Mystic Arts' or some such but she can't seem to picture his face.

Especially while she's staring at Tony and rubbing her chin in an ominous fashion.


A beat later, and she looks to Dani, and then to the blond thief who has been stealing so many waffle pieces. "Verily, Cakewoman. Tell us about your powers of Cake translocation. Is it unique to yourself or can you transport others via cake, as long as the cake is big enough? Can it cross dimensional boundaries?"

Yes, Atli is completely serious.

"There is also that old fool, Decimux. He used to be some sort of Master of Alternate realities but he's mostly just a broken down old Machine God now. Always crying about 'being left behind'." Atli plops down on her stool and slowly setting it to a spin. But Dani does have a promising idea.

Combining magic and technology is ALWAYS a good idea! "Yes, that's it! Lord Stark, perhaps you could use the goat's hindparts to power a portal capable of transporting us to another dimension! But we must find the correct one. There are quite a lot. At least more than ten, or perhaps eleven."

* * *

She, too, has no idea what Chronux is, but it sounds exciting. Tabitha even looks eager to go, nevermind the fact that it's probably ridiculously dangerous, but when has that ever stopped her from venturing forth? What she's doing now is dangerous, and she can't even remember the last time she blew anything up.

But when Tony vetoes the idea, she bites back a quiet grumble.

Until Atli asks her about Cake translocation. "What? Oh, no, that one's completely mundane - someone gets paid to bake a hollow cake, the cake is delivered to the place where the surprise needs to be, and said surprise just climbs in. Sorry, there's nothing magical or supernatural about it. But if people are trying to look for bright souls and if magic needs to be involved, did anyone try the dude who lives on Bleecker? Doesn't he know magic? I think he has…I don't know. A doctorate on strange, or something."

* * *

"I have a dedicated AI designed to do nothing but count how many planes there are in the multiverse. I made it two years ago. Its still going. So yes. Defiantly more than eleven." Stark drawls before he sighs and nods. "Well when it seems like a magic disappearance I'm going to go with yes, that is what it was." A beatpause. "That or something from Gotham because Gotham is weird." A shrug from than before he smirks slightly. "And as much as I'd love to see Taby jump out of a cake again…do you charge by the cake, asking for a friend…I'm going to go with magic and tech to fix…"

There is a groan though as he realizes what he has to do.

"Yeah…he's a strange doctor alright. And in this case he's possibly our best bet. I mean I can create or modify a portal thing, but I don't know what I'll be going…"

* * *

Ooh, coffee refill. Ulysses mumbles a thanks as he takes hold of the mug Atli passes him, hesitating as he remembers his bad experience with an accidental sip of Asgardian mead. Sniffing experimentally, he takes a cautious sip.

And then nearly spittakes when the origins of Tabitha's nickname is revealed. Oh. That kind of cake.

When the discussion shifts towards the more mystical, he just glances around blankly. He's both curious and a little wary of where this is all going, but that's normal.

* * *

Dani was there when the cake was being jumped out *of* and as such, she stays rather quiet when Boom-Boom and Tony speaks of that incident.

The referene to an AI searching out other dimensions causes the black-haired woman to look surprised, but what can you say? Not too much. It really shouldn't be surprisng what with all the technology Tony has created over the years.

Of course, with both Boom-Boom and Tony's oblique references to Doctor Strange, Dani can't help but nod in agreement, "I agree." She says simply enough, "We should likely speak with Dr. Strange to see if he can aid us."

Because no one really wants to step through a portal that's powered by a goat's hindparts, right? Even if it does often shoot out rainbows!

* * *

As Boom-Boom begins to speak of the cake being mundane her expression shifts to pure incredulity. I mean, she remembers how that cake tasted. The cake that gave her a woman. A woman that THE DAZZLER signed! Mundane? MUNDANE?! Atli blinks. She almost looks offended, and then she understands! "Ha, yes, of course!! I had forgotten your devilish sense of humor Cakewoman, you are a laugh riot." Indeed, she does laugh, and the goat looks at Atli with great worry.

"Verily, I needed such levity in such a trying time. And even making up such a ludicris thing as Bleecker street where magic man lives." Really, she misses everything about everyone else supporting Tabitha's suggestion that it be true. Everything except Tony talking about how he can probably make something. Made worse is that Atli has ACTUALLY BEEN TO SANCTUM ON BLEECKER AND SPOKEN TO DOCTOR STRANGE THERE. Of course she was drunk and thought it was Tony at the time.

"Yes, wonderful. It is settled then. We have our party name, and it is always good to have a healer, so this Strange Doctor fellow is welcome to tag along. Clerics are in such short supply for some reason on so dangerous a mission. All of you who can help with the portal, do so. We shall meet again once it is complete. Ulysses, we must go forth and gather the Child of Wehrsweir, and then arm ourselves. Do not worry, I have the perfect sword and shield for you, and then we can ge to training the Titano-goose."

Yes. Titano-goose.

Atli is certainly used to spitting out plans, even if she knows that, probably, they won't win the day. But this time is different. She can see it in each of their eyes, and she too is inspired by their dedication to these, their missing friends.

"Laserwing Revengers, it is time. Time for glory. Time for vengeance. Time to rescue our friends. And most importantly."

Her gaze steels over. The goat rolls it's eyes.

"it is time to Fix Everything."

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