Sunday, Bloody Sunday
Roleplaying Log: Sunday, Bloody Sunday
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Illyana and Dani try to locate Warren via magic spells and his wings

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IC Date: November 03, 2019
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Illyana Rasputin walks briskly through the halls of the Xavier Institute, a book tucked under one arm. Well, more of a tome. It’s large, bound in old, cracked leather, or what it would be comforting to imagine is leather, and edged with baroque, discoloured brass. It’s also a bit dusty, but Illyana seems oblivious to the effect it’s having on her habitually black outfit.

She has other things on her mind.

After getting her marching orders from Atlas, Illyana predictably disappeared. Now she’s back, after ransacking her sorcerous library in Limbo, and she’s hunting down Dani Moonstar. Not that Dani’s all that difficult to find, since she actually has an office these days.

Must be why she’s command material.

Illyana doesn’t knock when she arrives at Dani’s office door, just twists the handle and sticks her head around the door, blonde hair falling past her shoulder as she leans in. She’s about to come all the way in when she hesitates, a sudden gleam in her eyes despite the grim nature of her errand.

“Do I have to salute you now?”

Being the de facto leader of the X-Men comes with power and privileges. What it doesn’t come with is any more respect from the team’s resident demon sorceress.

Dani's office is definitely … Dani.

Fairly understated and everything in it's place.

About the only thing that's out of place currently is Dani herself. She stands at the window nursing a mug of coffee and her gaze is unfocused, lost in thought, up until Illyana makes her presence known.

That causes the Cheyenne woman to pause mid-sip and re-focus her gaze from the inward to the outward, then she pivots upon heel and turns to look at Illyana.

Upon seeing her friend the woman smiles, a smile that hasn't been seen for some days now (weeks really).

"You should salute." Moonstar muses as she steps away from the window and back over to her desk, "Maybe then you'd follow the rules." Which they both know wouldn't happen and while there's a flicker of amusement in Moonstar's eyes, that amusement shifts to seriousness as she sets her mug of coffee aside.

"It's good that you found me. I have news and I need your help."

Illyana’s eyes give the office the once over. It’s very Dani all right – Dani the registered mutant, Dani the SHIELD agent, and now Dani the leader of the X-Men – compartmentalised and giving nothing away.

Illyana kind of hates it. You’d think she’d be more understanding, given the secrets she habitually keeps from those around her.

The smile that she gets from Dani draws a faintly curious look from Illyana before the answering smile settles on her lips. And it’s a genuine smile, rather than the smirk that often resides there. That’s the closest Illyana is probably going to get to showing her relief that Dani’s back to something approaching normal.

She doesn’t salute, though.

Illyana steps fully inside the office and closes the door behind her, before crossing over to Dani’s desk and perching herself on the edge. “There are rules?” She asks, deadpan, as if she’s never heard of such a concept, but she doesn’t keep the banter going when Dani’s expression sobers.

“That works, because I have a job and you have something I need. But you can go first.”

"There are always rules." Dani deadpans back to the Demoness, even as she offers another of those faint smiles of hers, but yes, it seems that Moonstar is back on the straight and narrow.

At the very least, her coffee surely doesn't smell like its been doctored.

Curiously her gaze flicks to the large book that Yana carries with her and then it's back to the blonde's face when Yana speaks again.

The mention of a job brings Moonstar's eyebrows upward, "Then we may be on the same path.", she begins, before she sits down in the chair behind the desk. "I've been able to determine that Ali and Warren aren't dead." Her gaze lifts briefly to Yana's blue-eyed one as she continues, "And that whatever bits and pieces the Bear left inside me likes to attract stuff on the less physical and more mystical realms. At some point, when life has settled, I'd like to figure out what's all been left to me. I'll need your help with that, I think."

But that's definitely for later.

"Right now, I need your help in figuring out where they're at. It's not here -" At the word 'here' Moonstar makes a gesture as if encompassing this particular world around them, "- but somewhere else. I need you to figure out where that somewhere else is."

Illyana still has that big, dusty old book tucked under her arm, but when she catches Dani’s curious glance she slides it onto the desk between them. Not that getting a better look at it will probably help too much, for although the tome has a title that looks like it’s been burned into the hide cover, it’s written in a dead, demonic language that probably means nothing to anyone at the Institute.

Then again, Dani’s seen some things and they’ve left a mark. Maybe she’ll find the script familiar.

When Dani moves to take her seat, Illyana slips down from the edge of her desk and finds herself a chair. She could have stayed where she was, but maybe she just wants to see Dani behind the big desk. The news that Warren and Alison aren’t dead makes her pause for about a second as she gets comfortable, looking up sharply to lock eyes with Dani.

“You’re sure.” It’s not a question, Illyana’s taken the measure of the look in Dani’s eyes – and the lack of alcohol in her coffee – and knows this isn’t wishful thinking. “Good.” Illyana adds after another second’s pause.

Maybe something more effusive might be expected, but it’s Illyana. And she’s more concerned with how Dani knows. She leans forward in her chair. “Life never settles, Dani. When this is done – however it ends – you find me. Or I’ll find you.” No salute, no respect for the rules, but Illyana sounds utterly serious all of a sudden.

Illyana leans back in her chair and nods. “That’s why I’m here. Carolus said you had what’s left of Warren’s wings. This is going to be… interesting.” Illyana’s eyes stray to the tome on the desk, then flick back up to Dani. “I thought I was looking for a corpse. The connection should be stronger, but I wasn’t expecting to have to look outside this dimension.” She looks thoughtful, then shrugs.

The words burned into the cover of the book are considered, but it's clear Dani doesn't understand what it says.

Which is probably a good thing.

"I'm sure." She echoes, even though Dani knows Yana understands, but still Moonstar says the words.

When Yana reveals that life never settles, Moonstar can't help but offer the faintest smile of agreement, "Isn't that the truth.", comes her initial agreement, and then she nods. Somewhere one or the other will find each other, that much she's certain of.

But now it comes time to discuss what both of them have come to discuss and at the mention of Carolus, Moonstar once more nods. "He's correct. Originally we thought we were looking for their missing dead bodies, but clearly that was a hoax of some sort to throw us off the scent." Or so Dani believes, "Because their *souls* are definitely not in the afterlife."

As for those wings, Moonstar cants her head slightly to the side, "They're down in medical. I'm sure it won't take long for us to grab them. Where do you want to do this thing?"

She's assuming Limbo, but best not to assume. Look where it got her with the whole dead bodies and souls not where they ought to be.

A hoax. It makes sense. Finding the living takes precedence over finding the dead, because there’s at least a chance of saving the living. Saving the dead is harder. Illyana would know.

The sorceress’ left hand has snaked out to the book as Dani’s been speaking, fingers tapping lightly on the cover, but they still when Dani explains just how she knows Warren and Alison haven’t passed on. “Dani.” Illyana says, soberly. “There are other things that can be done with a soul that don’t involve the afterlife.” Once again, Illyana would know.

But she said she would try, and she’s not about to back out now.

“Wherever Warren’s been taken, this is where he was taken from.” She’s not talking about the Institute, she’s talking about this dimension. “So we’ll start here.” She slides her book off Dani’s desk and gets to her feet, before glancing back at her friend with a smirk. “I’ll need a room you don’t mind getting messy and if the students complain about nightmares afterwards, don’t send them to me.”

"I know there are other things that can be done with a soul." She comments dryly before her voice shifts to something less wry, "But I know what I felt. Their souls aren't free of their bodies."

Though that doesn't exactly mean anything either, because in the end lots of things can be done with bodies too.

The Cheyenne woman waves a hand, "I trust my gut and it's telling me the two are alive. So, they're alive.", and with those words Moonstar's gaze turns tight. That is the only answer she will accept at this time, in this moment. She will not go back to believing Alison and Warren are dead.

She will not.

When Illyana rises so too does Dani, "The med bay then, all the surfaces are easy to clean. Let's go."

And whether they go by foot or by portal when the two arrive they'll find those wings wrapped in what looks like spider's silk. A portion of that silk has been ripped open and what's inside can charitably be called wings.

There's bones and feathers, ligaments and sinew, but they're a pale comparison to what Warren's once beautiful wings were.

Illyana’s not going to argue with Dani’s conviction. She might be right. It’s better if she’s right.

And if she’s wrong… Illyana knows where the booze is kept.

Perhaps surprisingly, Illyana doesn’t summon a portal to take them straight to the med bay but makes a point of walking through the hallways of the Xavier Institute and actually looking at the place as if she’s reminding herself of its layout. She hasn’t been around the Institute much lately, but this looks deliberate. Someone might have suggested she’s been spending too much time in Limbo, and she might actually have listened.

Once she reaches the med bay, those brutalised wings take up most of her attention.

“You’d better lock the door.” Illyana tells Dani, with barely a glance in her direction. “If you’re staying?” She adds, as an afterthought. She’s already making her preparations. A wheeled bed is shoved against one wall and other mobile equipment shifted around to clear a decent sized area of floor. The book Illyana’s been holding on to is thumped down and pages of disturbing diagrams are leafed through until Illyana finds the one she wants.

And then the portals start opening. A bottle of reddish-brown liquid arrives, together with a brush, and Illyana commences sketching out a double circle on the floor, the space between the concentric rings rapidly filling with sigils. At one point she checks the alignment against the diagram in her book, and then she’s back to work again.

When she’s done she doesn’t pause to admire her handiwork, but instead shifts a lighting rig into position above the circle – but she’s not after extra illumination. Another portal, and black iron chains appear, studded with spikes. Illyana loops them over the lighting rig and then crosses to the semi-cocooned wings. It’s only then that she pauses.

“If you want me to do this thing, this is how I have to do it.” She tells Dani, and strings the ravaged wings up above the circle, adjusting them until they hang as they would have in life, then steps carefully back out of the circle, making sure she hasn’t smudged any of the markings.


"I'm staying." States the black-haired woman instantly and with those words Moonstar steps briefly away and back over to the door to lock it. Then with one last check of the lock, Moonstar makes her way back to the area Illyana is preparing.

"What can I do to help?" She automatically asks, as she eyes the book and its distubring diagrams.

Even though she's not precisely magical in the same way Illyana is, she can feel the darkness from that tomb.

Those words of hers hang in the air as Illyana works, and whether she's needed or not, Moonstar waits and watches. The reddish brown liquid and the sigils and the circles are all considered, but whatever she may think of them are hidden behind her typical professional-masked face.

It's only when the wings are hefted up as if still attached to Warren that Dani's expression changes slightly.

Guilt. Sadness. More guilt.

Illyana's last question brings her gaze back to the Demoness, and the Cheyenne woman nods. "Ready."

Illyana doesn't answer Dani's question at first, busy with her preparations, and she goes so long without speaking that it might seem she didn't hear, or is just ignoring the question.

"Don't let anything out of the circle."

She doesn't look around as she says it, or when she adds, "And don't let me go inside it, either."

Not looking round also has the advantage that Illyana doesn't get to see the play of emotion across Dani's face as she positions the wings.

It's only when Dani confirms she's ready that Illyana finally looks over at her.

"Let's see what there is to find."

Illyana faces the circle and begins to speak, her words rhythmic but full of hard edges. Reddish black flame springs up from the circles and the sigils…

…and immediately, something goes wrong.

Illyana takes a step back as if she's been shoved, the fires gutter and spit, and a drop of blood, shining pure white, drips from the suspended wings and sizzles as it hits the floor.

Illyana says something that is very clearly a curse and takes a step forward, her expression grim.

Don't let anything get out of the circle.

Sure, she can do that.

But also don't let Illyana into the circle.

Alright. She can do that, as well.

"Let's see." Moonstar murmurs when Illyana faces the circle and begins to speak.

While Illyana's words aren't understood, something of them is understood. Black magic. Black spells. Familiar, what with Illyana being a demoness, but something that still causes Moonstar's skin to prickle. Those harsh syllables push against the duality that she is -

A handmaiden of Death.

And now a mutant that carries a portion of the Demon Bear with them.

It's that side of the Demon Bear that unfurls slightly at the words and flame, and it turns its 'awareness' over to Illyana.

And while it looks at the Mistress of Limbo through Dani's eyes, it can't quite leap out of the Cheyenne woman. It can only watch, and watch it does, as the spell goes wrong.

As soon as Illyana stumbles, Moonstar is right next to her, a steadying hand ready to catch the blonde sorceress. "Well." Begins the black-haired woman as Yana curses, "I see this is going to go as smoothly as everything else has recently."

"You okay?"

“You think?”

The words are spoken in a sour tone, and when Dani’s hands steady Illyana she’ll feel the tension in the sorceress’ body. There’s a moment where Illyana instinctively begins to pull away, but then she takes a breath and accepts Dani’s intervention.

“I’m fine.” Naturally. But because it’s Dani, she does get a little bit of an explanation. “Just… surprised. Warren’s been holding out on you, Dani. Turns out he doesn’t just LOOK like an angel.”

Naturally, Illyana doesn’t elaborate any further. A couple more shining blood drops drip from the wings, the dark flames seeming almost to flinch away from them as they fall, but there’s no repeat of the first, violent reaction. Either Illyana’s better prepared now, or whatever power the blood still possessed is waning fast.

Illyana gives the wings a long, level look, then deliberately steps away from Dani’s supporting hands. Stretching out her arms, the flames burn higher, and Illyana gazes into them. “You were right.” She says, although it sounds like much of her concentration is elsewhere. “He’s still alive. But he’s not on this plane any more.”

Illyana rolls her head back and to the side, to look at Dani over her shoulder. “Let’s see where he’s got to.” She flashes a quick grin, then returns her attention to the circle, opening a stepping disc within its circumference. Her arms still spread wide, Illyana closes her eyes, searching with other senses than sight.

Within the circle, blood is dripping from the wings again, but this isn’t the shining blood from before. This is sluggish, dark red, and congealed. It pools below the wings, the drips increasingly frequent, becoming a steady flow.

There can’t possibly be that much blood left in Warren’s wings

The acceptance of her help earns the slightest of side-eyes of surprise from Dani, though only for a split-second. Honestly she was expecting her hand to be slapped away, or pushed aside.

The automatic I'm fine prompts a brief smile from Dani until Illyana reveals just where that spell went wrong. Or rather, what caused that spell to misfire - as it were.

"His blood heals and is holy on top of it?" She asks, to make sure she understands Illyana correctly.

And while she waits for the confirmation or the denial, Moonstar straightens when Illyana does too. As the flames burn higher and brighter, Moonstar switches her gaze from the Demoness to the circle and the wings. At Illyana's words, that the two are alive - or at least Warren is - Dani nods and a keen eye might seen the various lines of tension ease from around her eyes, around her mouth.

She had faith, yes, but even with that faith doubts still persisted.

Where others might ask Illyana 'where they're at' or 'can you tell where', Moonstar doesn't. She knows her friend will look, now she just waits for that 'looking' to occur.

She waits for Yana to tell her where Warren and Ali are.

The blood dripping from the wings isn't frowned at at first. Afterall, the wings have dripped various fluids since they retreived them. No, it's only as the blood becomes a steady flow that Dani frowns.

It's only as it pools upon the ground that the Cheyenne woman breaks her silence, "Yana, I think we have a problem."

Illyana affects not to notice Dani’s side-eye, but of course she does.

And while it’s too late to slap Dani’s supporting hands away, she does stand that bit straighter, despite her best efforts not to react.

“Let’s just say, if I’m ever hurt? Don’t sign me up for a transfusion. Unless you want to see me catch fire.”

Is that a yes? It sounds like a yes.

As Illyana continues her search, the surface of her stepping disc flickers and shifts, the usually smooth silver surface rippling and shot through with lines of what could almost be interference. Her eyes are still closed but they’re moving beneath the lids, and she’s frowning.

Whatever she’s doing is harder than she thought it would be. And that rain of blood continues to fall.

“We do.” Illyana’s voice is tense, but even. “I had to open a door. Something wants the wings.”

The blood pooling on the floor, impossibly, is reaching back upwards, forming feet, then ankles, then legs, a skin of dark blood steadily rebuilding an angelic human form that looks just like Warren.

It isn’t Warren.

“I’m losing the thread.” The words are ground out, Illyana doesn’t like to lose. “I don’t know if I can find him.”

The angelic blood golem is almost complete.

“Dani, you should get out of here.”

No transfusions for Illyana and what if the Demoness needs healing? What would they do?

That's a thought to be contemplated later, for now the focus is definitely on the ritiual at hand.

"What wants the wings?" Moonstar is quick to ask her expression tight and her stance shifting to something far more battle ready.

Of course, the Valkyrie can't help but watch that blood rebuild itself into something. Into a form. A form that looks like Warren, but obviousy is not.

However, it's those last words of Illyana's, for her to leave, to get out, that strikes a chord in the Cheyenne. It's enough that she cuts a quick look over to the Demoness, "I don't think so, Yana. I'm done losing people on my watch."

"We either take it down together or we go down together. That's how this is going to play out."

And with those very serious words said a hint of winter stirs around Moonstar, and with a grim expression she manifests her typical weaponry.

A psychic bow and arrow.

It likely won't work against demons, they often have some kind of psychic defenses, or their minds are so different they simply aren't affected, but still Moonstar tries. The magenta bow and arrow raises up and with a quick sight Moonstar fires that first arrow at the Angelic Golem.

Straight for its heart.

First things first. They need to find Warren before they can put his blood to use.

And that's not going very well.

"Nothing that we want to have them."

The surface of Illyana's stepping disc looks more like a stormy sea and the flickering is becoming more and more rapid, the shining sliver disc beginning to darken toward the edges. Illyana's trying to force things. She knows they're almost out of time.

"I should have kicked you out before I started, Dani. You're too stubborn."

Illyana's teeth are gritted, and for a second those irritated words hang between them, before the demoness adds, in a quieter tone, "Thanks."

Blood's no longer dripping from the wings. The blood golem is tall enough to attach itself to them, the blood now flowing directly into its body. Shoulders, neck, head… all rendered in dark blood.

The arrow flies true to its target, not that the blood golem truly has a heart - and the result? The demonic construct opens its eyes. It looks toward Illyana, its gaze lingering on her for a second or two, then swings toward Dani.

Blood shifts and flows, the impression of lips pulling back from teeth in a smile as the golem takes a step forward. The wings pull at the chains and the thing cocks its head to one side, but it's close to the edge of the circle.

An arm comes up and reaches for Dani.

"Same can be said to you." Quips the Cheyenne lightly, when Yana calls out her stubbornness, but her thanks earns something different than words. It prompts a very-brief-because-shit-is-hitting-the-fan smile from Dani.

When her arrow flies from the psychic bow, Dani doesn't stay idle. Instead she manifests another arrow, ready to fire it should the first not succeed.

And she knows it's not going to succeed. Nothing is ever easy for them, it seems. It's their lot in life.

"Well, shit. This is going to suck."

The arm reaches out for her and Moonstar does what any person would in this instance - she jumps backwards.

"You are not touching me."

And with those bold words said, Moonstar once again reaches for a weapon. Though unlike before, this particular weapon is not psychic in nature at all.

Instead she calls forth winter.

A sword appears in her hands and glitters with hoarfrost and with a quick glance at Yana, Moonstar steps forward and swings that icy sword in an arc towards that outstretched hand.

"So, tell me what I need to do to get rid of this thing. I don't want to break your wards."

"Hey, I always do what I'm told."

Things are going terribly wrong, but Illyana still has time to lie through her teeth while even managing to sound offended. It's an odd friendship the two of them have, but somehow it works.

Illyana's stepping disc isn't even a disc any more, the outer edge misshapen, the surface boiling.

"Don't let it…"

Illyana begins, but she's cut off by Dani's vehement words. She's got the idea.

The arm made of blood reaches past the circle, and the flames ringing it flare. Black steam rises from the arm as blood is vapourised from its surface, but it doesn't stop it, its substance replaced as quickly as it's burnt away.

Dani's sword is a different matter. It slices through the arm at the wrist and the hand loses all semblance of cohesion, falling to splatter across the floor in a mess of corrupted blood. The golem pulls back the stump, showing no sign of pain, but looks at its shortened limb curiously. Blood bubbles up from the wrist to replace the hand in seconds, and this time the hand isn't human, but tipped with claws. The eyes of blood find Dani again, and once more there's a smile. But this time it's not filled with even, human teeth, but with fangs. There's a rattle of chain as the thing takes a powerful step forward…

"It's just going to keep coming unless…" Illyana curses, and the room seems to go suddenly dim as her stepping disc winks out.

The golem shudders, reaching, but its form is shivering, trying to hold its shape.

It freezes.

And then it detonates, blood exploding outward.

The sword slices through the wrist and Moonstar feels a small spot of relief.

They can fight this thing.

Only that relief soon turns into something less so, as the blood golemn reforms its hand and into something worse.


Mutters the Cheyenne, swearing for the third or possibly fourth time this day. "It's like the damn Energizer Bunny."

And while Moonstar readies her sword into a high guard position, something happens. Illyana's stepping disc dims and goes out and then the Golem freezes.

Moonstar flicks her attention between the frozen Golem and Illyana, and there's just enough time for Moonstar to ask, "What -?"

Then the world turns red. Literally.

Blood covers everything. The floors, the ceiling, the cabinets and Moonstar. The Cheyenne stands there in silence for a second, shocked, but soon enough that shock turns to disgust.

"Wow, Yana. I always have the best times with you."

Wry amusement might be heard in that tone of hers, as she says those last words.

There's blood everywhere. There are only two places which, impossibly, not even a single drop of blood seem to have landed: Illyana's book, still open at the page showing the ritual the sorceress just performed, is spotless. And Warren's wings, despite having been at the epicentre of the nova of gore, are unstained by it. Still ravaged, but untouched by the residue of whatever just tried to take possession of them, they swing gently, the chains suspending them clinking quietly.

That's the only noise - aside from the occasional, very quiet plop of sluggish blood dripping - until Dani breaks the silence.

"At least you're never bored."

Illyana is as much of a mess as Dani, being slightly further from the golem when it went to pieces having done little to save her from the gory results. She reaches up a hand and swipes corrupted blood out of her eye, a disgusted flick of her wrist sending it to splatter against the nearest wall.

It might be a little late to answer Dani's question, but it puts off what Illyana needs to tell her for a little while longer. "It hadn't fully manifested. Desecrating the wings would have taken time, and until it was done it needed a constant flow of power. I cut it off when I closed the portal."

Illyana's expression becomes one of distaste when she continues - and not because her long blonde hair is matted to her scalp and clothes by congealing blood. This is much worse.

"I couldn't find him, Dani. He's alive, but he's not even in this universe. My sense of him jumped dimensions and I lost him. I kept looking, even after that thing saw us. I went as far as I could, between as many dimensions as I could."

This is unacceptable. She's making excuses. Dani's one of the few people she cares enough about letting down to feel she needs to, and she doesn't like it.

"You need someone better at this than me."

Much like Illyana, Dani wipes the blood from her face. Mostly from her eyes and away from her mouth, because ew.

Just ew.

"No, never bored with you." Echoes the woman, the white of her teeth flashing against the backdrop of her blood-splattered and now smeared face, "It's why we love you so."

As Illyana continues to speak, Dani dismisses the icy blood-splattered sword off to wherever it needs to go, before she turns her attention to the Demoness. To say Moonstar's expression falls when Illy reveals she couldn't locate them is an understatement.

She was hoping Yana would be able to locate Warren and thereby locate Alison. Still, while it wasn't the outcome Moonstar hoped for, it's one she considered in the off chance Yana's spells might not work.

"I'm glad you verified he's alive." She begins and with her words she steps over to the not-quite-so-blonde sorceress, "And you did your best, that's all anyone can do - thanks, Yana. Not like I had any luck either."

As for that better than her, the woman waves that aside, "You're good and you know it, but even we need help sometimes. I think it's time to call on Doctor Strange."

Her eyes stray to those chained wings, "And if he won't come here, then we'll come to him, wings and all."

Despite the blood, despite the failure, Illyana's eyes are still drawn to that sword in Dani's grasp, until she banishes it. There are certain obvious, unavoidable similarities there. Illyana knows the price she paid for her Soulsword.

She doesn't know what price Dani paid for her own blade, but she intends to find out.

When the sword's gone, however, its to Warren's suspended wings that Illyana's eyes go next. Much better to look at them and not the disappointment on Dani's face. She doesn't turn to face Dani when she senses her coming closer, not at first. Finally, though, she lets out a breath that has a hint of growl attached to it and glances over at Dani.

"I confirmed something you already knew and got you covered in blood into the bargain. I'll understand if you call someone else next time."

There's a smirk on her lips, of course. Because just like that, her armour is back in place. She turns and walks over to where she left her book, the squelching feeling as she does so making her wrinkle her nose - and that in turn making her feel the drying blood on her face crack. She reaches for the book, hesitates, and then it drops through a small portal instead. Illyana turns back around.

"If you're going to Strange next I'll write down what I tried and what I found. Maybe he'll find it useful."

The sorceress follows Dani's gaze to the wings again, then glances across at her friend, reaching up to take a blood-covered lock of hair between her fingers. "Your call, but I think we'd better hit the showers first. I wouldn't answer the door to us right now."

Sometimes, irreverence is the only defence when the universe knocks you back.

She'll understand if she calls someone else next time. That brings Moonstar's dark-eyed gaze back to her friend and with a shake of her head, Moonstar says, "No beating yourself up over it. Even if we are good at that."

She could go on about how sometimes things are just the way they are, but she knows that Illyana understands that lesson all too well.

All too well.

"If you could write down what you tried I'm sure that would help." Agrees Moonstar, "And anything else you might have felt while you were searching for them."

And while she could just stride off and go visit Strange, the mention of a shower draws Dani's attention more inward, or rather to her body, as she flexes her arms and hands and fingers, and feels the semi-stickiness of blood.

"Yes, definitely a shower first." And then a critical eye goes to the medbay, "And a clean-up here as well. I'll send a message to everyone who's been invovled with this so far, to let them know where our next stop is."

Now it's back to Yana, "And seriously, Yana, thank you for helping."

Illyana grimaces as Dani reads her far too accurately for the sorceress' comfort.

"You all used to be more worried about what I might do." Dani less than most, Illyana would have to silently admit. "Now you're worried about how I am." She sounds disgusted. "I think I prefer the way it used to be."

It's… not exactly the truth. Particularly when it's Dani doing the worrying. But it's new and uncomfortable and Illyana isn't used to it, and isn't sure she likes it. Much better to stick to practicalities.

"I'll teleport us straight there. No awkward questions. And the door can stay locked until we get back. I'm guessing you don't want the students to see… this." A wave of a hand at the horror show they've turned the med bay into ends with a flourish as a portal is opened.

Illyana takes a step towards it, but hesitates before stepping through. She doesn't turn around.

"You only have to ask."

The words are spoken quickly, quietly, and before an answer can come she's through the portal, leaving it for Dani to follow.

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