Coffee Surprise
Roleplaying Log: Coffee Surprise
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Kitty tracks down Ulysses when she realizes they are searching for some of the same answers

Other Characters Referenced: Alison Blaire, Warren Worthington, Atli
IC Date: November 03, 2019
IC Location: A Coffee Shop in NYC
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Posted On: 04 Nov 2019 04:48
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Kitty has had a rough couple of weeks. Months? Let's say weeks. It's taken her awhile to get herself able to stay solid. Every now and again her control slips, but if there's one thing she's used to, it is hard work.

And then Warren and Ali's deaths happened. Not believing for one moment that Warren would kill Ali and then himself, no matter what, she started to look into things. The further she dug, the more she found. Inconsistencies, missing bodies, intrigue, magic?, bank records and…other fingerprints. While Kitty may have been out of the hacking game for a little bit, she starts to find some minuscule signs that someone else may looking for the same information as she is. Hm. It's not until she's looking into phone records that she's noticed some pings of someone else possibly being in the same folders.

It takes her a little while to put things together and when she does, the information she gets makes her even more curious. Taking a break from her deep dive into murder, she starts to track this other party. Who are they? Why are they also looking into Ali and Warren's murders? Is it a journalist? Eventually, things narrow and she heads out to confront.

* * *

Ulysses has had better weeks. The end of October had been exhausting, although he supposes he can partially blame himself for not taking advantage of a sick leave when he had the chance. Does he regret it? A little, and the thought comes up every now and then. But he's always liked to keep himself busy, and if he can be of some assistance to someone, then he'll take on an extra workload.

…even if it involves Asgardians and massive tusked geese from somewhere in space. …okay, so he's still not quite convinced on that part, but he's already gotten into things this far, so it seems there's no easy way out now.

Usually he's better at covering his tracks, at checking things to make sure he leaves no trace of his sneaking about. He'd be a little chagrined if he knew that he was being sloppy. After all, if one person can find out what you're up to, so can others.

Kitty would be able to pin down the source to a coffee shop, to several cafes, really, but from there she could narrow it down to one, now that she knew what she was looking for. Naturally the place has its handful of people on laptops and tablets, doing what they will as they sit and sip or snack, and a small line by the counter as people wait to place orders.

Ulysses is parked at a corner table, just out of sight upon immediate entry, but where it allows him to be able to see people who come in…when he's paying attention at least. He wears a navy blue hoodie and jeans, nudging his glasses up with one hand and reaching for his coffee with the other before the former returns to tapping at the keys of the laptop in front of him.

* * *

Kitty wouldn't consider Ulysses sloppy. Her own need to be careful made her all the more anxious to see if anyone else might be looking into the murders. She went in looking for anything unusual and to his credit, it took fine tooth combs for her to pick up on any sort of pattern.

Narrowing Ulysses down took awhile, but she's managed to do it. The coffee shop isn't exactly crowded, but there are people milling about getting their caffeine and grabbing tables. As he's watching the people, he'll see Kitty come in. She's got a winter jacket on, scarf around her neck. Over her shoulder is a laptop bag. First, she goes for the counter and orders a coffee to stay. Once she's gotten that, she drops her messenger bag down on the chair opposite of Ulysses. Kitty then also puts a large mug of coffee down.

"Hi! Oh, sorry, I hope you don't mind me sitting here." She eyes him and everything arrayed on the table. Still standing, she's put herself in a position that makes it hard for him to leave his seat to escape.

* * *

He doesn't give Kitty much more than a glance as she enters, gaze returning to his screen as he continues to type and then scroll through things, feeling half-foolish for even bothering to try searching 'how to train geese', but it made slightly more sense than searching for how to train alien ones.

Movement closer to his table doesn't quite draw his attention, at least not until that movement resumes right across from him. Ulysses blinks and stares a moment as if processing what's just happened. He's too surprised to be outright annoyed that someone's invited themselves to his table, and after a precursory glance around the rest of the cafe, he plasters on a polite smile that still looks a little reluctant at the edges, even as he begins to scoot his laptop and things closer to his side to allow the young woman some space.

"Oh uh. Yeah, no, not at all," he says, gesturing. He rearranges his coffee and a plate with a half-nibbled donut, awkwardly settling a napkin over the attachment on the side of his laptop. As though he expects that to be the most of his interaction with her, Ulysses resumes staring at his screen then.

* * *

"Thanks!" Kitty settles herself down with a smile and then seemingly ignores Ulysses. It's the typical coffee shop stranger interaction.

Kitty pulls out her tablet and sets it on the table and arranges herself very neatly. There's a napkin under coffee, she takes a sip and adds milk and sugar. Taking a sip, she sets her bag on the floor underneath the table. Her jacket doesn't come off, though, she does unzip it. That's a little odd - it is sort of warm in here - but people do weird things all the time.

Then, Ulysses will feel a tingly feeling in his foot. It's almost like pins and needles for only a second. If he looks down, he'll see that the woman's foot across the table from him looks like it's overlapping his foot. Not on top of it or next to it, as if her shoe is inside of his.

"So. You're looking into Alison Blaire and Warren Worthington's murders? May I ask why?" Kitty is focusing on him, though she's holding onto her coffee mug. A pause. "Also, don't try to run or make a scene. It will go poorly. You won't get very far."

* * *

Save for watching as she settles in, Ulysses otherwise doesn't pay Kitty too much mind. He's the best S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, clearly. Nor is he one to question fashion decisions or temperature preferences. But then he's too busy squinting at the first things to come up on his outlandish search. Telling geese 'stop' repeatedly will actually work? He's not holding this thing, it's like the size of a truck!

His brow furrows at the odd sensation, and he leans back in his seat just enough to take a glance under the table. He hadn't been sitting in one position for that long, had he? Seeing his tablemate's foot by his he assumes she'd accidentally kicked him or something, but his brain is already reasoning things out, and that just doesn't seem to make much sense. Blue eyes slowly widen as he realizes just where the woman's foot is, a horrified expression that he slowly directs at the foot's owner across the table.

For a fleeting second he does consider running. It's not a very strong impulse. He'd have to leave a lot of stuff to do it efficiently, and well, he doesn't want to leave his stuff. Finally remembering to breathe, Ulysses does so after Kitty finishes speaking, his own movement being minimal as though he's afraid that one false twitch would make him explode.

"…I was asked by someone," he says once he finds his voice again, even though he has to clear his throat at first. "…who are you?"

* * *

As realization settles on Ulysses' face, Kitty just waits. She takes a sip of coffee, keeping her foot phased in his. This is something of an interrogation, but she's not exactly the most intimidating woman in the world. So, she has to go through other means to show that she means business.

Seeing that her tactic has borne results, she sets the coffee mug back down on its saucer. "I'm an interested party and I'm the one that's asking the questions right now. Once I'm satisfied with them I may answer yours and you'll be free to leave unharmed. Who are you? You're working with some high tech equipment to hide your tracks like that." Pushing up the glasses she's worn as something of a disguise, she settles her hands on the table.

"So you were paid or was this some sort of pet project? Who is asking you to do that?"

* * *

At the lack of getting an answer to his question- a proper answer to his question, the hacker frowns. He's hardly intimidating either, especially when his expression might be more akin to a child having been denied a chocolate chip cookie.

Sighing, he seems for a split second to forget about his foot being connected with her's, as can be told by the way he abruptly jerks himself to sit straight immediately after. "I… Look, it was a request from someone acquainted with them and believes in true love on the same level as Disney stories. I'm not being paid for any of this, although maybe I should reconsider…" Dealing with alien geese, magic and now being threatened by someone's foot in his shoe? …the last sounds really weird and he's not all that sure what the woman might have planned if he decided not to cooperate. "-y-you're not going to fuse my foot to yours are you because that'd be super awkward."

* * *

"So, what, you're a white hat hacker with a heart of gold?" Kitty head tilts. "Who do you work for? Or you some sort of hacktivist or something."

Hm. A request from someone acquainted with them. Frown. That wasn't what she was thinking from the start of this. As he sits up she presses her foot down. It makes both their feet push slightly through the floor and then she lets them raise again. "No, I would push your foot into the floor slightly and then let go, which would hurt a lot because it would suddenly become solid again and be crushed by the wood. I'd make sure it was only a few toes or something, though, I'm not a monster."

Frowning, she looks down at her tablet and then up at him again. "I just want some information and then I'll be gone. If you were a journalist or something, I don't want you to write something bad about them. But, you've got way too much equipment for that. You're professional. You don't work for DPS do you?"

* * *

Oh wait no what's happening

Again Ulysses looks down to stare in horror as his foot and her's do the impossible, sinking into the floor and then lifting back up and clear. He almost looks like he'd cry, but instead he frowns back at her with a face that clearly reads 'whyyyy are you doing this??'

"Wha- no, I'm…" Again he sighs, frustrated. "I work with SHIELD," he mutters. "-but this is an outside request, nothing official's been ordered. Look, if a drunk Asgardian asked you to send an electronic letter to the internet to find out who murdered her friends, and looking near tears, would you have the heart to say no?"

* * *

Kitty watches Ulysses face as her intimidation tactic goes just a touch toward 'too far' and it seems like she has made him almost cry. This…this was not what she was expecting at all! For a moment, Kitty looks sympathetic and then very confused.

"A drunk Asgardian? Her friends?" All of the sudden, the foot is pulled back from Ulysses'. Again, it's a bit like pins and needles. Atli. It had to be Atli. With a sigh and a shake of her head, she adjusts her glasses again. "No, I wouldn't. Look, I'm sorry, this was a terrible mistake. I didn't mean to scare you."

Then, though, it sinks in that he works with SHIELD. "SHIELD doesn't know you've looked into this, do they?"

* * *

The moment he sees her move back, Ulysses jerks his own foot under his seat, still watching Kitty as though expecting it to be a ruse. What if she attacks?! Throw his laptop? -n-no, never the laptop. Not his precious laptop. Coffee? Maybe? But if she can go through feet then that'd be kind of pointless…

Instead she's apologizing, and while this takes a moment to sink in, he leans back in his seat, breathing out a cautious sigh in relief. "It's fi— Okay no, no that wasn't fine at all because you were threatening to stick my foot through the floor." He glances around, wondering if they've drawn any attention. Mention of S.H.I.E.L.D. makes him wince. It's a good thing he's not hired to be a spy. "Er… no, no they don't," he admits. Yet, he thinks, as he doubts anyone can miss the huge broken cage and the giant feathers in the hangar.

* * *

As he glances around, there aren't many people paying them much mind. It's a coffee shop in New York, people are trained to not really pay attention to anyone else. Kitty doesn't seem keen to lunge forward at him any time soon nor does she seem like she will ruin his laptop.

"I thought you were going to be different," she tells him sincerely. She wasn't sure what she was expecting. The people who have been looking into her friends' murders have all been far more used to violence and this sort of interrogation. She should have approached this differently.

Though at the affirmation that SHIELD doesn't know about this, she nods. Yet, she thinks to herself, as it's SHIELD. They can't be trusted. "Anyone who does a favor for Atli is good people in my books. So, again, I apologize."

* * *

Ulysses Arngrim doesn't exactly exude S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. He seems to be eternally cursed to look the part of an office worker, not that it isn't what he's usually stuck doing.

It's not Kitty's apology so much as the name she drops that finally makes him relax, his shoulders sagging with another sigh. "Oh good you know the crazy lady." It makes it so much easier to explain things. Or not explain things, in the case of Atli.

* * *

At that, she gives a soft laugh and Kitty nods her head. "Yes, I know the crazy lady." Reaching down, she picks up her messenger bag and puts her tablet back into it. Taking a long swig of coffee, she picks it up by the saucer. "Things are starting to make sense. We're on a crew together." Standing, she gives Ulysses another look of apology. "And as you can tell, we tend to do things a certain way. I'll leave you to your…" her head tilts slightly. "Goose search?" She has a feeling that is going to come back to bite her later. Maybe literally.

* * *

"Remind me never to cross your…crew then," Ulysses replies, looking at her with an arched brow. He grimaces as she points out his net search. "I hope that you never have to know."

He picks up his coffee and takes a sip, gesturing towards Kitty with the cup. "So are you going to tell me who you are?" he prompts, now that they have a chance to start off on the right foot. Ahem.

* * *

Kitty studied Ulysses for a moment. He knew Atli, but he was also a SHIELD agent. Or, well, a SHIELD hacker? It was basically the same thing. She can't help a bit of a shrug. "You can call me Cat. And what do I call you?"

* * *

"Okay, Cat."

He shrugs back. It's something. To be fair he can't really blame anyone for being apprehensive about how much information they give to someone who says they're from S.H.I.E.L.D., especially if they're a metahuman. He extends his hand towards her, hesitant at first, but then het stunt with his foot is still fresh in his mind.

"Ulysses. So, I'm assuming you know it's not really a murder case?"

* * *

Kitty can't really blame Ulysses for being shy about offering his hand toward her for a shake. Much like he cannot blame her for being apprehensive of giving him information about herself after showing herself to have abilities of some kind. After a moment, she reaches out and takes it in a firm handshake.

"I knew that Warren would never murder Ali before I ever looked into anything. Or do you mean other than that?"

* * *

Oh good, solid. Shaking Kitty's hand, Ulysses even allows himself a brief smile before settling back in his chair. He nods, pausing before nodding again.

"Other," he clairifies. "As in they might not even really be dead. But they most definitely have gone missing."

* * *

After giving Ulysses such a fright before, Kitty wouldn't be quite so mean to play a prank on him to turn ghost again so quickly. That's at least three or four more meetings away, should that ever happen.

"I knew their bodies were missing." She was looking into that. Slipping back into her seat, she frowns, eyebrow raised to wait for Ulysses to tell her more.

* * *

Again Ulysses has to hesitate, wondering just how much he should be saying. Then again, she was clearly looking into the same avenues as him, and on top of that she knew Atli.

"Yeah, they vanished from the examiner's office during a convenient power surge, and for the time it took it couldn't have been by mundane methods." Unless someone had done some fancy camera footage swapping but that had been one of the first things he'd looked into.

"Unfortunately as to that means, I have no clue. Had to clear up Atli on her quest for vengeance so now she's planning a rescue mission."

* * *

"That I knew, but I assumed that meant someone didn't want anyone to examine the bodies more closely because they would find inconsistencies." However, this is a new angle. Kitty really has been far more pessimistic than she usually for this to not even occurred to her. The fact that Warren didn't kill Ali was a given, the fact that they may actually be alive? She didn't even dare to think it.

Now, though, that hope blossoms in her chest like a quick shot of whiskey on a freezing cold day. The facts remain the same, but Ulysses has introduced a new angle. "I've got an idea, or at least someone who'll have an idea of what that idea could be."

Kitty's whole demeanor has changed since entering the coffee shop intent on shaking Ulysses down for information. The most important bit that she received was given completely freely. "Yes, rescue. I've got to go. Thank you, Ulysses. I'll keep you in mind if I need some help on a super hacking mission!" She stands, leaving her coat unzipped as starts to make her way toward the doorway.

* * *

The way Ulysses sees it, there's no reason to withhold information like that to someone who's concerned about what's happened to their friends, and given the connections of the two in question, Ulysses had no doubts that Warren Worthington and Alison Blaire had many concerned friends.

He blinks at Kitty as she gets ready to leave. "Oh. Sure. You're welcome?" He caps it off with an awkward thumbs-up before offering a half-wave as she turns to make her way out.

"…it's cold out..!" he calls after her.

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