Transcriptions and Truths
Roleplaying Log: Transcriptions and Truths
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Kitty, Domino, Dani and Carolus come together with more information to discuss

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IC Date: November 04, 2019
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The Xavier Mansion has been both a flurry of activity and a somber place since the news of Ali and Warren's deaths. It is safe to say that the X-Men do not believe the press of the supposed murder-suicide and many have been looking into the matter via their own specialities.

Kitty? Kitty's hacked into a few things and come up with quite a lot of interesting facts that she's not sure the others know about yet. The message she leaves for Dani sounds like she's on the streets in the cold as it happens. She's almost breathless, sounding strangely triumphant?

The message goes as follows: "Dani? Dani! I have news! I ne—-*whoosh tzzzt*" There's the sound of wind for a moment and then the phone goes dead.

Right after, there is another message. This time, Kitty sounds almost far away, like she's calling from Atlantis. "Dani? Dammit, I dropped my phone and tried to catch it, but then almost ran into a phone pole so I phased and now I don't know if my phone works! Dani! I've got some information on Ali and Warren! Shit, I was going to *tzzzt* but I don't think my tzzt." Her words start to cut out more and more. "Ge— Car- W- Au—-" Then, suddenly, very loudly, though it doesn't sound like Kitty is actually shouting: "XAVIER'S AT 8PM TONIGHT OKAY?"

And so, Kitty finds herself in one of the old Xavier classrooms at 8PM on a Monday. She's currently at the desks trying to fix the bungle she's made out of her phone, but she has sort of resigned herself to the fact that she probably has to get herself another phone. She tried to text other X-Men, but she's not sure if those messages actually got out or if they had the right information. She's pretty sure one of them just said, "Xavier's met totty 8 potty mouth."

It's been one of those rare days where hanging out at the Institute seemed like the way to go. There's plenty of coffee. Plenty of harder stuff if one knows where to look. Though perhaps more importantly it seemed like a good idea to simply have a physical presence around the place for a change. It's not something which Neena does often. She's been trying to get her own life in order. Progress on that front has been notably awkward.

She pops into the classroom in a black top and futuristic black, blue and grey camo patterned pants. A bottle of water's in hand and a folder is tucked beneath an arm.

"Do I have the right room? Your message was a little …" she wavers a hand slightly before deciding the word she's looking for is "Fubar." One glance at the phone Kitty's working on brings a ghost of a smirk to the albino's mouth, quietly adding "Aaand location confirmed."

With that moment safely out of her system she scouts out somewhere to settle. That the majority of places to sit are school desks might not be so ideal but she manages to keep it to herself. This is one of very few official meetings she's had with a group of X-Men, some of whom may not have a very positive opinion of her. For once she's making the attempt to play nice.

Dani has been ankle deep - quite literally - in blood since Sunday afternoon.

The cleaning efforts to scrub the medbay have been long and tiring, but thank all the various spirits out there, it's now complete.

So, when her cellphone rings Moonstar is actually in the shower, possibly for the eighth time. Maybe the ninth, but whatever it may really be, by the time the Cheyenne woman steps back into her room dressed and finally feeling clean, she finds several messages on her phone.

She listens to that first message and hearing the abrupt cut-off causes Moonstar to grip her phone tighter, her knuckles whitening in momentary tension. For those seconds before the second message plays there's a few terrible thoughts that drift through her head. Thoughts of just what might have caused Kitty's phone to cut off so abruptly. Thankfully, all those thoughts prove not as that next message finally plays.

The grip upon her phone loosens and Dani can't stop the slight somewhat amused headshake at recorded words of Kitty's.

Then all that's left to do is wait.

Right on the hour Moonstar promptly steps into the unused classroom that Kitty's taken over for this meeting.

Immediately Moonstar looks to the other woman and offers a greeting, "Evening, Kitty." Then with a touch more amusement she continues with, "How's the phone?"

Of course as she steps further into the room Moonstar realizes Domino is also here. "Domino."

In light of the current situation, Carolus has been lingering around the mansion lately anyway. He's on the very cusp of getting out of his current place, establishing a few dummy LLCs, and putting a few new properties in their name to secure himself a slightly less easily-located residence.

Or three.

So when he (or rather, the X-Men collectively) gets the garbled message from Kitty Pryde, he spends a while staring at it. It doesn't take that long to figure out what she /meant/, but he's left with a sneaking (and incorrect) suspicion that Kitty was multitasking more than she should have been.

He's only completely certain of the plans established therein when the gathering already starts. Carolus rises from his place in the library and meanders on down to the classrooms, following the familiar scent of Domino and… the /very strange/ scent of Danielle to guide his way.

Stepping through the doorway last, he raises both right arms in a dull wave of greeting to the room, "Ms. Pryde. Neena. Danielle."

His antennae twitch, his head tilting in Moonstar's direction, "Pardon me for my rudeness, but… Danielle, did something happen to you in particular?"

Kitty taps her mini-screwdriver on the desk a few times as she thinks, anxiously awaiting people to arrive. Did her message get out? Did Dani get it? Is she waiting here for nothing?

And then people start to filter in. There's a soft sigh of relief as she stands to abandon what is almost certainly a lost project that her messages did get out. Tilting her head slightly as Dom, then Dani and Carolus enter, she moves around the desk toward her messenger bag where she keeps her laptop and other various equipments. "Yes, here!"

With a wave at Dani's question, she shrugs her shoulder and returns the smile, "Oh, a lost cause. I'm just trying to see what I can do. This is really a chance to trade up toward one of the new phones." When Carolus enters, she gives him a smile and a nod. "Call me Kitty, please. If you'll just give me a moment, I've got some interesting stuff I'd like you all to hear. I can give everyone about two or three minutes to gather. There may be more people coming. I'm not sure exactly who all got my message? I, uh, phased while holding my phone and technology and my mutation do not really go well together."

Carolus' question is met with a raised eyebrow and a pause to let Dani answer. Did something happen?

Kitty is given a nod, both in belated greeting and acknowledgement of her confirmation. Had they ever really met before..? Wasn't Kitty the mysterious third person who had been tasked with digging into Neena's history? Not that it bothers her any more.

"You're not alone in having something of interest to share," she offers while lightly drumming fingertips once across the folder now resting upon her desk.

This isn't how Neena had wanted to start out with Moonstar. She had been looking for an opportunity to catch up to the Cheyenne for a one on one, a chance to try and smooth things over a little before getting down to business. Unfortunately it hadn't been in the cards. All the luck in the world doesn't guarantee that she always gets everything that she wants.

"Hey, Dani."

Atlas is as unmistakable a sight as ever when he comes in through the door, prompting a thin smile and a casual salute from the albino.

When Carolus levels his question at Danielle her smile remains but the emotion behind it disappears. She had heard a little something about what happened a short while earlier from Illyana. It's curious that Carolus is able to pick up on it so quickly. On a normal day she might have given Moonstar some sass over the event. Today she stays quiet and lets Dani explain if she wants to.

And here comes Carolus as well!

That causes Moonstar to pause mid-step and turn to face the young man. She even gets so far as to raise her hand in return and say, "Carolus -", but whatever else she might have said to him in greeting is lost, as he asks that last question of his.

While his question isn't necessarily taken rudely it does cause a vauge grimace to flick briefly across Moonstar's features, "Dammit, I took an extra shower. Is it that bad?"

And let's face it with his question Dani totally starts to lift her hand up to sniff at, even if she herself can't detect the lingering traces of that corrupted blood.

The only thing that stops her from actually smelling her own skin is Kitty's raised eyebrow.

With a nearly silent sigh Moonstar drops her hand back to her side, "Let's just say Illyana and I ran into trouble while we were trying to locate Warren.", and with those words, Dani's gaze turns back to Kitty, and then to Domino as well, "I know Carolus and I have been trying to get the word out, but just to make sure everyone is aware, Warren and Alison are alive."

Carolus makes an acknowledging noise towards Kitty, and replies, "Carolus Sinclair, codename Atlas. Carolus is fine." Not one single person he's addressed by their surname in the past month has failed to deflect him directly to their given name. He doesn't mind at all, but he at /least/ expected Tony Stark to be a little more accepting of slightly higher social barriers.

He was wrong.

Regarding things to share with the room, he says, "It may be that this time I don't have much to convey. I did contact Mr. Stark and get him onboard. His new building was very interesting, and he was quite offended that anybody let Purifiers get ahold of powersuits."

He clears his throat, "And I'd like to say I'm glad to see everyone here in good health. Dangerous times."

To Danielle's consternation with her (apparent) smell, he raises all four hands palm outwards, "No, no. I don't smell anything bad, you just smell like you've been decontaminating very thoroughly. I wouldn't say anything ordinarily because it weirds people out…"

He rubs at the back of his head with his primary right hand, "But given what's been going on lately, I thought it might indicate an incident of note. Oh, er… before I forget, I need a copy of that material analysis to send to Tony, if it's not a problem."

Kitty watches Dom for a few moments and nods her head, then goes back to putting her laptop back onto the teacher's desk and opening it. Putting in a flashdrive, she turns her back to the group and types in what looks to be a complicated password before turning around again. As Kitty also does not know Domino very well, she waits for a few moments to see that everyone is okay with the inclusion and then also to make sure that no one else is coming before she continues. "I'm glad I'm not the only one who will be presenting today, then!"

Then, of course, she pauses again when Dani gives her explanation. "Trouble?" She looks between Carolus and Dani at the explanation. "What were you and Illyana attempting? And what happened?" There's something of a frown there, an inkling of worry. It fades briefly as she gives Dani a truly relieved smile when she confirms her hopes. "Really?" Unable to help herself she just moves forward to wrap her arms around her teammate in a tight hug, no matter what she smells like. "I was just…I was so convinced they couldn't be. And then yesterday, I was told they could be and I…I hoped." The fact that it's confirmed? Through Dani? That's fact, as far as she's concerned. "How do you know?"

After a firm hug, she pulls back, not embarrassed, but realizing there is work to be done. Taking a breath, she wipes a hand over her eyes and then continues. With a throat clear, she gives Carolus a grin. "A pleasure, Carolus. I love your codename."

Stepping back toward the computer, she takes a moment. "I've been a bit insubstantial lately, so I'm a little behind, but when I started to look into things, I found this. I thought you all should know, because it gives a very clear window into motive. There are two audio files. This is the first. It's between Warren's aunt Cecilia and Cameron Hodge."

The audio reveals a brief conversation between Cecilia and Cameron. In it, Cameron tells Cecilia that Warren is dying and that she should come to Manhattan immediately.
">Cameron: Cecilia, your nephew is dying. He's in surgery. You should make an appearance, at the least.

Cameron: …I have power of attorney.
Cecilia: Do you? I suppose we'll have to be there soon, then."

After the audio plays out, Kitty starts to load another audio clip, but she adds, "I looked into when that audio took place and it happens a few hours before we know that Warren was attacked and dismembered."

As far as bombshell statements go it doesn't get much bigger than what Dani has to share. Domino might have been shocked as hell to hear it if she hadn't already been clued in just that short while earlier. Such a subject is a tough act to follow, frankly the task which she had been sent to do days ago seems like peanuts in comparison.

"Alive and not anywhere within this realm, as I've heard. I was assured that the demon bear didn't have any connection to their disappearances or current whereabouts. Dani, can you confirm?"

Please confirm… She doesn't want to face those living nightmares -Ever.- -Again.-

Carolus has some points to share which she hasn't yet heard about, however. Purifiers? In -powersuits?- "Sounds like you've had all four of your hands full."

Good health? Well… Um. Okay. No one's ever said anything like that to her before. She isn't sure how to respond! Somehow a "Yeah" doesn't seem to suffice but it's all that comes to mind.

The exchange between Kitty and Danielle is as impossible to miss as Atlas's wings. Their moment of affection and of honest emotion brings a subtle tightening of the albino's own features. The cap is twisted off of her water and silently set aside, drinking as a means of distracting herself.

When the first recording plays the bottle is set back down, the albino breathing out a gentle sigh. "Well, there's the meat of my offering. I've got the subtitles right here," she offers while lifting up the corner of the folder and letting it flick back down.

Looking to Kitty, she asks "Do you also have the one of Hunter and Andrew Young regarding M-Tec?"


"The alias appreciation is mutual. 'Shadowcat' is certainly a classic." Carolus replies, accompanied by a deliberately theatrical little bow. He returns to a subdued body language to listen to Kitty's questions, but chooses not to answer them himself. Danielle is the one who discovered that Warren was /definitely/ not dead. The phantom weight that was lifted with that news lingers overhead, clear enough to be remembered but not quite felt.

His eyebrows and antennae both lift together at Kitty's explanation of /when/ this conversation took place.

"This… preceded the incident with the bear? Or the amputation?"He asks, just to verify his understanding.

He nods towards Domino, "I had strong back-up. I doubt I'd have managed without any. At least, not without leaving Doctor Stuart to die." Not that he wasn't tempted to do that anyway.

"Decontaminating thoroughly is definitely one way to put it." Mutters Moonstar, mostly to herself, then, "But I'll explain more fully once we've all given our updates."

Which rolls into Carolus giving his own update and at the mention of Tony Stark, Moonstar says, "Good, I'm glad he's on board. I'm certain we're going to need him fairly soon."

As to Carolus' last question, Dani finishes with, "I'll send over a copy of the information to you once we're through. I'm sure Tony can tease more information out on it that we can."

Of course, by then Moonstar turns back to the room at large and turns just in time to meet Kitty's hug. It takes her by surprise for a heartbeat, but then the Cheyenne takes a moment to return the hug. Kitty's question of just how she knows prompts a quick answer, "I looked for their souls. They weren't where I expected them to be."

The rest can be saved for later, especially as information still needs to be disseminated.

Domino's questions bring Moonstar's gaze over to her, and the Cheyenne shakes her head, "I can confirm it is not the Demon Bear."

And then it's a quick look that encompasses the rest of the room, "But Domino is correct, the two are no longer within our dimension."

Now Dani listens to the recordings and the expression on the woman's face is arctic. When Domino speaks, Dani automatically looks to her, and at the mention of Hunter - Cecilia's son - Moonstar's expression tightens.

Carolus' question also prompts one from Dani and in an icy voice she asks, "Yes, to be clear, when did they discuss power of attorney?"

"And what did her son discuss with an employee at M-Tec?"

If anyone would know if someone is alive, Dani would know. And Kitty's hope, that blossomed before continues to grow. That's a discussion for later. For now, she turns back to business. The mention of Tony Stark and his involvement is met with a bit of a sour look now that she has the time to process it. "Tony Stark? Really?" She still doesn't trust him, but that is another conversation for another day.

She looks to Carolus at his question and adds, "This was after the Demon Bear, but before Warren's wings were cut off in surgery. It was Cameron who made the medical decision to amputate Warren's wings and this call to Warren's aunt? It was before Warren was in surgery." To Kitty, this speaks for itself.

As for M-Tec, she gives a nod, but gives a gesture for Domino to continue. If she has information, she should share it right now.

There's Dani's confirmation. Domino holds two thumbs up with a softly voiced "-Awesome.-" That's one less crisis to have to worry about.

With the Cheyenne bouncing a question back and Kitty offering a chance to share, Dom gives a nod in return.

"Months back Hunter had made a call to Young. Young was in Worthington Industries'..PR department…" she trails off with a frown while flicking the folder open and finding the right entry, "..who was fired for leaking information about the 'hostile takeover' of M-Tec to the press. Possibly unintentionally. Good old Hunter mentioned having connections at JP Morgan and offered to get Young a job."

Neena laces her fingers together and looks back to the others. "I'm no expert but I -thiiink- he might have had some ulterior motives there," she suggests with no shortage of sarcasm.

A vague hint of cold air surrounds Moonstar as the information begins to come together more and more.

She spares a look over to Carolus at the revelations, and then Moonstar switches her attention back to Kitty and Domino.

"The phone call was before he was in surgery." Begins the Cheyenne woman her tone flat, "So was this a pre-planned coded message between the two?"

"Clearly the two are working together. The question remains who's the real ring leader, however."

As for the explanation of Hunter and what he did months earlier, Moonstar says in that same emotionless voice, "Agreed." She says in regards to ulterior motives, "Were you able to - " But Carolus is asking similar questions and the Cheyenne nods along with him.

"If we haven't talked with Young we need to do this as soon as possible. There's likely more information he has that we weren't able to pull from the calls."

"And if his hands are dirty, much like Dr. Stuart's, I agree with Carolus that he'll have a big target painted on his back."

Kitty nods as Domino speaks of Hunter and Andrew Young. To Carolus, she adds this added bit of information she has gleaned: "I also delved into 'Aunt Cecilia's' financial records a bit. She's made quite a few offshore accounts hailing from the British Virgin Islands. The money funnels through shell corporations that hold bank accounts for people who don't exist, as far as I can tell. So, it seems as if there's certainly money laundering involved. Her take of the Worthington Trust is far less than Warren's, so it's entirely likely she wanted more of it at the detriment of her nephew."

As for Young, she nods vigorously. "Yes, that was actually the second bit of audio I had here, it was of Huner calling Young." Seeing now that she doesn't need to play that bit of audio, she shuts her computer lid. "My goal was to organize a group of people to find out more of this Worthington intrigue. I wanted to look into both Cecilia's bank records and also Hunter's meeting with JP Morgan. There's something here and a reason why Cameron called Cecilia before anyone else."

Is Young worth pursuing? Dani's got the answer. Domino nods once more to the combination of Kitty and the Cheyenne's call. "If you want me on the team that brings him in, say the word."

"Also, if any of you would fancy hearing all about how Cecilia is running Worthington Industries now that she's sitting in the fancy chair I've got some intel on that front. Being listed as a contractor gave me a couple of ways into their new corporate overlord's dealings. It might take some time to get through those notes, probably best to save it for another meeting. That she's been busy funneling money elsewhere doesn't surprise me in the slightest. They're locking it down tight over there."

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