Failure is Not an Option
Roleplaying Log: Failure is Not an Option
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Moonstar and Jean discuss next steps

Other Characters Referenced: Warren and Ali
IC Date: November 06, 2019
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There are only so many places Dani can typically be found within at the Xavier Institute.

Sometimes it's her office, other times her room, sometimes the X-Base, and then often outside upon the grounds.

And that's where she currently is now.

She can be located near the stables that sit upon the grounds. She stands near the fence enclosed paddock that Brightwind often calls 'home' when he isn't on missions, or elsewhere.

She leans casually against one of the fence posts, idly watching the winged-horse trot within the fenced off area.

While her gaze is primarily fixed on Brightwind, the Cheyenne woman's mind is actually a million miles away. Figuratively, at least. She's lost in a myriad of thoughts, as her mind drifts from one point, to another, with all of them centered upon Alison and Warren.

Jean waits until she's perched on a fence post,

"Do you have a way to get to Cameron, yet?"

before breaking the quiet. Dressed in a thickly ribbed black turtleneck, blue jeans, and short brown boots, her eyes are on Brightwind too, even afterwards. Especially afterwards.

Dani, after all, was there when Warren lost his wings to a disaster that telekinesis could've easily prevented.

Dani was here, while Jean was anywhere but; it's not so hard to find mutants in need of intervention and relocation, especially when one needs to keep moving, at all costs.

Dani's been everywhere; Jean's just a few days removed from a scintillating high thread count cocoon.

"I've been thinking about it," she quietly continues. "I'm going to talk to Doctor Stuart in the next day or so — do you want to come with me?" She waits for just a tick, but the question wasn't really the point, so:

"I'm going to do that, but Cameron's the one we need the most, and Cameron's also the one most likely to be shadowed by a power armor goon squad, the one most likely to be heavily fortified, if he's at his home, or lair, or— — so. Take him in public, and risk exposure — bad press? Or take him in private, and risk…"

That, she doesn't let linger long at all.

"I have a couple of ideas," she says a little louder, "but I need to know where we are, first."

"How have you been?" eventually comes with a sidelong look, and then she lets Dani answer.

As soon as Jean makes her presence known Brightwind looks up. He looks first at Jean and then at Dani, before he tosses his head and continues to trot.

Much like Brightwind, Dani's attention re-focuses and then swivels over to the red-head. There's some surprise to Moonstar's expression, but not a ton. Too many people have searched her out in the last few days for her to be terribly surprised by the odd pop-up of someone new.

Now, all of those questions that Jean has posed causes the woman to stay quiet for a few heartbeats, as she parses them all and debates which one to answer first.

"I'm fine." She states first, "You?"

And while there's a brief pause for Jean to respond to the return of that question, Dani also adds in a few more responses.

"I do want to come with you to question Dr. Stuart." She straightens up from her more relaxed slouch against the wooden fence as the discussion turns more serious, "I'd like to see what else he's possibly hiding from us."

As to the naming of Cameron, Moonstar's expression turns tight. "Do you think Cameron is behind the armored people that attacked Dr. Stuart and Carolus and Spider? It could possibly be his Aunt, as well. Though it's likely both of them working in concert."

Which just makes that frown of Moonstar's deepen further, "Not that it matters. When we take them down, we'll take both down. Privately." A look slides back over to Jean, "But first we find Alison and Warren." And then a thought occurs to Dani and that frown of hers dissipates for a moment, "You have heard, yes? That Alison and Warren are not dead. That they're alive, just not here. In this dimension."

"It's a theory," Jean says. "He's apparently the — a — primary suspect, so we need to rule him out, ASAP." She pauses, briefly, before murmuring, "His aunt…"

The rest, she hears with eyes closed in pensive thought, only to snap a bemused look towards Dani right at the end. After a second, she slowly lowers her gaze to the ground, murmuring, "Okay, I— … I can hold off on trying to get Cerebro's range boosted, but…" and shaking her head with increasing speed.

"How are we even— ?" she begins to wonder during a brief lull, only to shake this off too. "— no— no, Dani, look— " The redhead twists towards Dani, pulling her legs into a light fold along the way. "— I want to find Warren and Alison as soon as we can, but think about all the things we don't— why were they worried about his wings? What did they do to them? How long will it take us to find Warren and Alison, and what'll happen while we're doing it…? We don't know nearly enough right now to just let them go."

The last word's sharp and burning, and—

Jean doesn't glare, exactly, but—

— that awkward silence before Dani started answering might just be even more conspicuous, now.

"Do you know where, yet?" she asks while looking down at the grass.

Opposites. There are so many opposites in the world and right this moment Moonstar and Jean Grey could likely be described similarly.

Jean's tone is burning, sharp, her words full of emotions, of passion, whereas Moonstar's are steady, focused, and tightly controlled.

The Cheyenne's expression mirrors that of her tone as well, as it simply reflects a stoicism in the face of everything said by the red-head.

"There are many things we don't know." Agrees Moonstar in that reasonable tone of hers, but with her next words her tone sharpens.

"I don't know why they were so worried about his wings. I don't know why they did this, why they would hurt him and Alison, but right now I just don't care. The priority is to find our friends, our family, first and bring them home."

"Then comes justice for the guilty party."

Brightwind pauses once more in his trot and turns a look to his rider. There's a soft whuffle of agreement and Moonstar shifts her attention over to the winged horse and offers a faint smile, then it's back to Jean and that final question of hers.

"Not yet, but I hope to know soon. Illyana couldn't get a local, but Dr. Strange should be able to. I go to see him next."

"I'd like to go with you," Jean immediately states. "I want to make sure I understand what we're going to be getting into — there are so many things that could, just, happen…"

Once her lungs are empty, she adds, "I'm not going to let them continue whatever sick— you know that she's pushing for an inquiry into what happened to his body, right?" She shakes her head a few times then, "I'm going to help you find him, but I can't just wait until it's time to— … so. I'm gonna dig as far as I can," comes in a deliberate murmur. Her eyes lift until they're just on Dani, while her legs unfold and her knees bend towards her chest.

"And whatever time you can spare, I'd welcome it — but I'm not gonna hold you to anything."

There are many things that can happen. That agreement is there in Moonstar's thoughts, but she doesn't say that outloud.

Because no matter what, no matter what they really do find, she is going to find Alison and Warren. Even if she has to pay the ultimate sacrifice.

"If you want to stay and keep on investigating I think that's fine. We can have two teams -"

"The first goes with me to bring back Ali and Warren."

"The second continues to investigate everything here. They make sure none of the guilty parties suddenly find themselves slipping away in the middle of the night."

"Then once we're all back here -" She means in this particular dimension, "- we can bring down the hammer." That word - hammer - is said in a ringing sort of tone.

The kind that holds a promise within it.

"And I'll definitely spare as much time as I can before we go see Dr. Strange."

Here now, Moonstar pauses with all those strident words of hers and exhales a breath. Her expression turns shadowed for a moment with exhaustion and something more, before she meets Jean's eyes and says in a gentler tone, "We're not going to fail them again."

"I don't want to stay," Jean reiterates.

"And I don't want to stop.

"If I just don't sleep for a few days, weeks— it'll work itself out," she determines with a hand-wave and forced levity.

The less time alone with her thoughts, the better.

"If anyone does want to stay, though, then we'll make sure they've got plenty to work with. I'm gonna— I've been going over logs from the invasion, trying to get a handle on what we might be dealing with. I'd like for us to get our hands on a functioning Chitauri stealth system, so we can — maybe — do something about them just popping in on us, out of the blue, but also…"

Jean takes a deep breath, and as she lets it out, she straightens upon — balanced, precariously, upon — her perch. Her knees are still tucked against her chest, but one of her hands is still waving, and the energy's building. "… I have an idea for getting close to one of power armor bigots, and — maybe, if we're lucky — slipping some kind of trap into their systems," she continues, smiling ever so briefly. "We salvaged some weapons systems from the invasion, right? So Kitty, or — someone, but probably Kitty, because let's be honest, Hank is, just, he has a million things to do — can sabotage them a little, and then we set up an auction," she breathes out. Her hair briskly flutters in time with her exhale.

"A fake one," she adds with a quickly circling gesture, "as a trap."

That forced levity about not sleeping earns a look from the Cheyenne woman.

A long silent look.

Then she considers all the red-head just said and she nods a few times at various points.

"Perhaps we can use Chitari tech against Chitari tech." The mention of a system trap is considered, especially with the addition of Kitty and Hank's names. "Go with Kitty. She's already working on some things concerning Warren and Alison. If anyone can do it, she surely can."

The mention of an auction brings Moonstar's eyebrows together as she considers that now. "I think that has possibilities of bringing them out. If it doesn't we could potentially put some feelers out on the black market. Set ourselves up as sellers of scavenged alien tech and see what buyers we bring it. Then, like you said, close the trap on them."

"There's multiple prongs to all of this." Mutters the Cheyenne, "But we'll tackle each thing one by one."

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