Courage of Heart
Roleplaying Log: Courage of Heart
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Clark Kent finally tells Lois how he feels about her and asks her out on a date.

Other Characters Referenced: Martha Kent
IC Date: November 07, 2019
IC Location: Daily Planet Offices
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* * *

It's not snowing. Not yet. It's doing the much less pleasant thing of sullen rain and chilly, biting winds. People walk the streets with their coats buttoned and their lapels flipped up against the weather, hustling to public transit stops. Grates waft steam through the streets, and pedestrians walk across them for that brief moment of warmth before they're plunged into the chill again.

It's warm indoors, at least, though the lobby of the Daily Planet is a bit chilly and damp with every wedge of air that comes in through the revolving doors. Most of the staff have left by this point, those who aren't working remotely, but Lois Lane is still standing in front of the doors and glancing from her phone to the windows. She shifts her weight from one foot to the other, clearly impatient.

* * *

Clark had just finished writing his piece on meeting with some of the more elite of Metropolis and their views on registration. Looks like its pretty firmly down the middle, which won't help deliberations any, but it does prove that its an extremely serious issue. He fixes his glasses and puts on his suit jacket when he sees Lois standing there in front of the doors and Clark gulps.

He turns his back for a moment so she can't hear him talking. "Okay Clark…you can do this. You've fought giant robots before. You're Superman. You can tell the girl of your dreams how you feel and ask her out to dinner." He takes a breath and walks towards Lois….then immediately turns on his heel.

"Nope nope, can't do it." he pauses then, takes a shakier breath and moves back towards the doors. "Hey…uh…Hey Lois?"

* * *


Lois tosses her head, swipes something on her phone, and shoves it into the side pocket of her bag. She's at least dressed for the weather: her ears are covered with a crocheted headband/earmuff, and her khaki trench looks at least as good at repelling rain as being fashionable. Her hand is clenching as if it already wants its phone back when she turns around, only just now registering a familiar voice behind you.

"Clark! Not you." She waves at her bag. "Trying to get a rideshare but they keep canceling. I guess nobody wants to be out in this muck. You want to share a taxi? I… don't even know where you live, but if we're in the same direction, might as well."

* * *

Oh, she's upset. Clark is ready to duck a swing from angry Lois but then it would appear that she's about to be on her way home and responds to him all warm like. "Its okay, really. I…uhm, well, I was wondering if-" then she asks to share a cab with him on the way home.

"Y-Yeah, sure. I just live over in er…you know, uh…" he suddenly turns bright red. "Over by Bakerline." He is internally -screaming- right now.

"I actually I was…uhm, wondering if you could- I mean WOULD…like to, maybe..uhm.." he's having such a hard time.

* * *

"Fantastic. I'm not far from there. Do you have an umbrella? Cab stand's at the end of the block; with luck, we won't get too drenched." The woman has energy, that's for sure. She's already pulling out her own umbrella, which appears to be pink with cherries.

As she watches him fumble with his words, Lois gives Clark a quizzical look. "If you wanted to go together before, you could have just said. Honestly, Clark, we've known each other long enough. They grow 'em big and shy in Smallville, huh?" She pauses, reaching out to give his arm a squeeze. Her smile is warm, even friendly, and her eyes are bright.

There's a buzz from her phone. She jumps, reaching down to pull it out. "Oh, tell me you're not…" she mutters.

* * *

Clark looks at Lois as she totally asks about the umbrella. "Oh, uh…I do have an umbrella. But I was wondering, if…you know, if you wanted to go maybe…have dinner with me, I think that'd be really…um..swell." his cheeks are -red- as he talks to Lois. Would she say yes? She would realize taht if she felt his arm, he has one HELLUVA muscular arm.

Like he pumps iron every single day. Hard as rock. He smiles to her wonderfully when she tells him he should speak up more often.

But her cell phone rings and he waits. Is this demanding Lois to go get a story?

* * *

Lois hasn't heard, apparently. She's staring at her phone, taken out of the moment, and for just a moment her expression shifts to one of disappointment. Sadness. Even hurt.

"Yeah," she murmurs vaguely. "I can't believe he canceled again. He is NOT cute enough to get away with —"

Blink. Blink again. Her mind's visibly processing what she just heard, rewinding to Clark's words and playing them back at her. Her eyebrows raise. Her eyes widen. She looks up at Clark in astonishment, and that silence might go on uncomfortably long.

"Yes. What?" She says it softly, but it sounds a little like a car starting after refusing to move. "You're blushing," she adds, almost to herself. "How on Earth does a journalist blush after more than a day on the job? But — "

She interrupts herself, raising both hands, trying to get her train of thought back on the tracks. "I'm just making sure. You'd like to go out to dinner? Together? Tonight? With me, dinner?"

* * *

Looks like the phone no longer matters!

Clark audibly gulps when Lois asks for clarification and he rubs the back of his neck. "Yes. Yeah. I…uh…really, well, you see.." He looks like he's internally screaming. When she lays it out in front of him for the final clarification, making sure Clark meant what he said.

"Yeah. I'd really like to go to dinner with you tonight. Can be at my apartment or at a restaurant or…even fast food. It can be a date, maybe?" he asks her with hope touching his tone.

* * *

It still takes her a few seconds. But at the end of those seconds she's nodding, absently stuffing her phone back in her bag. She smiles, though she still looks a little bewildered, and nods: "No. Yes! I mean. Yes. It can be a date, but maybe not fast food. You… cook? Of course you cook — let's…"

Lois puts her hands together, clasps them, then lets them go. It's like she's just reset herself. "I'd love to. Feel like anything in particular? If you want to cook, we could — but we could also go out out."

* * *

Clark looks at Lois and suddenly he looks overjoyed. "Really? Oh, fantastic, fantastic." She said yes! Oh shit, she said yes. Crap, Martha Kent, don't fail him now! "I do cook. I make a really good lasagna, you know." He laughs nervously before he looks at her.

"Well, you know…you're the one who made me feel really lucky by saying yes. Do you have a preference?" He asks her. "I…figure I can drive you home either way." of course, she could always stay the night but he's not going to -say- that if they go the route of Lois coming over for food.

* * *

It's just possible she's looking at him with new eyes. Certainly recategorizing Clark from 'colleague' and 'friend' and all his other titles in her head to 'man I'm about to go on a date with' is proving tricky.

"I was going to suggest an Italian place, but if you're convinced you can wow me with lasagna, then sure. Did you drive to work? If so, that… does make things easier. But I'd like to go home and freshen up first, if you don't mind. It's not easy to get into a dating mood if I'm in the clothes I've been wearing for ten hours."

* * *

Its quite possible indeed, but Clark has been looking at Lois in the same light all this time. She's his crush, one might say the love of his life. Its only now that the alien who never thought he'd truly be accepted finally revealed to her how he felt.

"Anyday of the week I can outcook the Italian restaurant. Well, except maybe Wednesdays. Stories and all that." He teases her playfully, but totally understands that she needs a changeo f clothes. Technically, Clark does to. "I did drive to work today. So…we can freshen up. I mean, I probably don't even smell the best right now.." he laughs nervously.

It would probably hlep if he relaxed.

* * *

A brief laugh in return: "I know how you feel. I keep smelling something, and I don't think it's you, and I've been afraid it's me all day." Evidently she's getting comfortable with the idea, or at least she's getting on her proverbial feet.

"Okay then — " She stops herself from calling him any of a dozen nicknames. Smallville. Kansas. Farm Boy. "Clark," she says, finishing the thought with hardly a pause. "If you could drop me off at my place, I'll meet you at yours at… let's say seven-thirty?" There's still that look in her eyes. The one that suggests she doesn't quite know her next step, but shes' going to be taking it no matter what.

* * *

"Glad its not just me." Clark laughs, though when she addresses him by his actual name instead of Smallville or Kansas or Kent, she called him 'Clark'. Called him by name. Its like she actually sees him as someone perhaps possibly worthy of affection.

"Seven Thirty? Got it. Before I forget…" He finds a piece of piper and writes his address on it. "I can text it to you too, but…I figure I can drive you now, unless you have anything left to do?" He offers Lois his arm though like a gentleman.

* * *

"Clark…" Lois looks over the paper, pressing her lips together. Could she about to change her mind? Call it off?

"I just want you to know. I'm kind of a mess as a human. I kind of figured your type was… Suzy Homemaker, maybe. The kind of girl who brings you your slippers and feeds you apple pie, and I'm not that kind of girl. I just want you to know that, okay? I'm a pain in the rear. I like you too much to not just… warn you that I can be a handful."

She puts her hand on his arm as she finishes. It'll only take a small movement to push her aside or to take the arm she's giving.

* * *

Clark almost looks scared. Like she's about to start laughing and tell him it was all just one giant joke. But instead, she tells him that she's not the kind of girl that would give him slippers or clean the kitchen or feed him apple pie when he comes home from work.

He even chuckles for just a little bit, apparently finding it amusing. "Why do you think I like you, Lois? Your different. Your not like everyone else. To me, that just makes you all the more special. All the more..beautiful." He pauses for a brief moment, but walks with her all the sime. He takes her arm with his, and he smiles to her. "As long as you undertsand that I'm not quite like everyone else. I'm nerdy and I have my quirks."

* * *

"You? Nerdy and quirky? Never crossed my mind." Lois's eyes crinkle in a genuine smile. And though she may be teasing, she's still arm-in-arm with him. Miraculously, her own cheeks are a little pink. Not that someone calling her beautiful usually has that effect, but evidently sometimes it's less of an expected line than others.

"That's what I like about you, though. One thing, at least. Not just that you're unusual, but that you're so… honest. Straightforward. Heart on your sleeve kind of guy and incredibly genuine. That's amazingly rare these days; believe me, I know."

* * *

Clark actually laughs for a moment as he walks with her. "Thanks, Lois. Really." He gets told that all the time actually, but he feels like from someone who can be determined, rude and cold-hearted when it comes time, but sweet and warm when also necessary…its like asking the most human person what they thought of him and she chose those words. "It means a lot. I was just raised on somewhat old-fashioned values…I just wish they were values that kept with the times."

He shrugs lightly as he takes her to the elevator.

He was just happy he had a chance with her. Somehow, he had a chance. There was no way in hell he was going to mess it up or at the very least, he absolutely was but was going to try his best not to.

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