Good Plan
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Or at least, everyone would like to THINK it is a good plan.

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IC Date: November 12, 2019
IC Location: A Terrible Alternate Universe
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True to Magneto's words about his daughter's last gift, the modified Blackbird seems impervious to all forms of detection. This means that it's able to stay in close to where the 'action' is, around the remnants of New York City, and it means that the dimensionally-displaced team aboard it has been able to get a good look at their surroundings in the intervening time.

The most imposing structure anyone would see, upon taking their first glance out any viewing window, is the vast alien ship that hovers over the destroyed city. Whoever commands the ship plainly does not care about cloaking or stealth… only about overawing all those below with overwhelming force.

One might have cause to question such a decision even then — it's not like the human race doesn't have significant firepower to bring to bear — but the occasional shimmer around the vessel's sprawling form indicate shields which are likely powerful enough to stop short anything a human military can safely bring to bear. At some point, there's an attempted aerial scouting run, but a familiar winged shape cuts the aircraft to pieces before they can even transition to any thought of dogfight or skirmish.

It is a bleak sort of visual… and from the barren earth that stretches in all directions as far as the eye can see, even beyond the bounds of the city, another reason that human response has not been sufficient to stop this crisis as of yet becomes evident. Hard to muster opposition when your country's very infrastructure is failing, its supply chains withering in pestilence and in famine.

All this has been observable within hours of the team being left to their devices. Scott has been busy coordinating his own teams — too busy to perform a direct briefing until now — but he did leave the dimensional party in the Blackbird's mission room to await him, with something that could catch them all up on the state of things.

He left them with what looks suspiciously, on opening the holographic displays, like an advanced PowerPoint presentation. And it tells them all this:

The humans really thought they won. They wouldn't say it aloud, of course, because it was wrong to consider genocide a victory… but though the public condemnation of the X-gene virus had been swift and loud and fierce, few powers in the world truly shed a tear when the mutant censuses returned numbers in the mere thousands, instead of the millions.

It was wrong, objectively. Of course. But with mutants under control, humans could get back to their lives without fear of the uncontrolled growth of awesome powers in their next-door neighbors.

That is — until He woke up.

He had no compunctions about using what little was left of mutantkind to its full potential. And once he went to war, leading the mutants who agreed to follow his flag, humankind tasted the full breadth and potential of unrestrained mutant force.

The first attack was simple, a swift decapitating strike that wiped the Bay Area from the map. All it required was a single mutant, whipped up into a martyring zeal by persuasive words. A single mutant, whose sole power was to erupt once in a fatal explosion. On his own, he would perhaps have taken out a five mile radius.

Supercharged by his new mutant god, his suicide explosion decimated everything for a hundred miles.

The human world rallied immediately against the threat, as it rolled eastwards across America in a ship of unfathomable alien design… but they had precious little intel, and time was not on their side. Always, there was the direct threat of him to face, compounded with the indirect threat of his deleterious effects on the world beneath him. In his wake, people and animals sickened; in his wake, crops withered and fields rotted. In his wake, people turned on one another in paranoia, making war on their neighbors.

In his wake, people died.

The humans started to call him the Apocalypse. But he is an optimist, and among his mutant brethren he prefers the name Genesis.

Debriefings. There's a familiarity with that. Afterall, they have those at home, even if this particular world is definitely not their home.

It's however that powerpoint-like presentation that brings something of a smile from the Cheyenne woman. Not for the terrible information it holds, but for the understanding that this particular Scott Summers holds some of the same personality quirks their particular Scott Summers does.

But upon reading all that available information at their fingertips any real feeling of amusement vanishes. Soon it just turns to something dark. It's what has Dani standing up, versus sitting down, and the woman stands with her arms crossed.

Her expression is distant, though eventually she refocuses back upon her team and looks to each one individually. "How's everyone doing?"

Carolus Sinclair has been checked out whenever he doesn't absolutely need to be attentive. A light cocoon that is more like an enclosed chair than his usual bed-sized structures has been a hallmark of his presence, and that's the case in the mission room too. The cocoon sits in the corner, the young man within it appearing to be napping until the briefing begins. His eyes open, but he has a drooping, weary quality to him that offers the impression that he could stand to sleep for a while.

It's probably not sleep that he's wrestling with, though.

"Eighteen days." He answers Danielle, shutting his eyes again. His antennae rise and fall in a motion that doesn't seem to have the usual connotations of 'something akin to eyebrow movement', and his wings flutter audibly without actually going anywhere in particular.

"This place is a mess. I'm oscillating between disgust and alarm at how big a hill we have to climb, and wondering how the /hell/ Warren managed to get himself hooked into this reality in the first place. I still don't get why Dazzler didn't show up with him, either." He adds.

Ghost Spider crouches on the cieling of the Blackbird, thumb and forefinger casually L'ed in a thoughtful expression just under her masked chin.

"Ok. So everyone's dead because crazy super-war, because we're in the crazy strictly-WORSE dimension. Ok. Ok."

Gwen exhales loudly through her nose with an audible 'hrmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn'.

Her brilliant mind (and single braincell) turns this task over in her head.

Her snap, once she gets it, is overly audible - super strength AND super durability help in THESE MOST TRIVIAL OF TASKS!

"But we're metahumans, right? And Genesis or Jerkota or whatever, they're anti-Human. Soooooooooo…"

"Why's he fighting *us*?"

Carolus replies, "It's probably only because he's attempting to reclaim his lost soul fragment. I got to talk to him a little while before we had to withdraw, but it sounded to me as if whatever got him involved with Apocalypse was simply a better offer than the murder-suicide framejob he experienced in our universe."

He rests both sets of hands against the edge of the cocoon, drumming his fingers against it, "Can't say I can blame somebody for being twisted up after that. This is a much bigger change than I'd expect in the time that's passed, though."

"Encountering Apocalypse is… transformative."

The voice comes in tandem with Scott's entry into the mission room, the tall mutant stepping in quietly as the doors hiss-shut behind him. "Your… 'Warren' is not the first mutant we've seen get heavily transfigured by coming in contact with him. Apocalypse likes roaming with an honor guard. And he makes adjustments to them as he likes, to suit his own thematics. Physically and mentally."

Scott crosses to the holographic display, shutting it off. "You said you came all this way to bring your versions of Angel and Dazzler home. We're prepared to help you do that."

His mouth thins. "It would be a considerable setback for Apocalypse himself." A bitter cast crosses his expression. "Your 'Warren' is leading a large segment of his armies. Intel suggests they're meant to go hit DC shortly. We obviously can't allow that."

There is a pause. "We've yet to see any significant field presence by Dazzler, so I had Caliban check while you were resting. She's aboard that ship. No telling what her status is."

Kitty sits in her seat watching the debriefing powerpoint with furrowed brow. Lockheed sits in her lap, nibbling on the last Ritz cracker from a sleeve that she had hiding in her bag. He drops crumbs on her legs, but she doesn't seem to care or mind. Instead an absently placed hand on his back keeps her steady as she watches genocide, the destruction of New York and subsequent war escalate in slide form.

"Other than the fact that we're in a plane completely controlled by Magneto?" she raises an eyebrow to Scott and then to Dani. "Still not great." This world is not only depressing and heartbreaking, it comes with the added worry of finding their friends and not knowing how exactly to help them just yet.

To Carolus, she shakes her head. "It's more than just the murder/suicide, I think. He was betrayed by his family, his wings were destroyed…he's angry and betrayed."

Carolus' explanation is met with a nod. "And not only that, it's like the Brotherhood back on our Earth. They're for mutant rights, but if other mutants try to stop them, they'll use deadly force."

The added information from Scott meets a curt nod of her head. "Has anyone gotten inside that ship?" And come back to talk about it is implied, though not said outloud.

Eighteen days. That brings Moonstar's gaze over to Carolus and there's a nod from the woman.

Gwen's words brings Moonstar's attention over to the Spider, and rather up to her.

"I don't think he's himself." Begins Moonstar slowly as she sifts through what happened down on the ground.

"Did you see how he reacted when we called him Warren? And when we asked after Dazzler?"

Moonstar frowns, but whatever else she was about to say stalls when Scott enters the room. Automatically the Cheyenne woman shifts her gaze over to the familiar, but not, man.

When he sits she too drifts back to the table and finds a seat.

The mention of Apocalypse making adjustments to mutants causes a grim cast to her features, especially at the mentally.

"Brainwashed then?" She asks and then continues with, "And that would also explain his new wings."

There's the briefest of pauses from Moonstar when she mentions Warren's wings.

Thankfully, Kitty likewise speaks up and Dani nods with what the other woman has to say. "I agree, it's definitely more." And at Kitty's last question, about whether anyone has gotten into the ship, Moonstar looks back to Scott and waits to hear his answer.

"No matter the iteration of the world," interjects a low, papery voice, seamless in its cadence between dimensions, "the Brotherhood is founded, foremost, on the maintenance and elevation of our kind. There is no similarity with the work of Genesis."

The doors part again. Despite his age, Magneto still cuts an imposing figure, nearly filling its threshold, his unsmiling face shadowed by his scorched helm, his hands folded neatly at his back. His pale eyes survey the room, and though their gaze has not lost their sharpness — there is something far more weary, reflecting against their lenses. Far more tired, than he was ever remembered in their realm.

The ex-general, ex-terrorist is not finished with his lecture. "The arrival of Genesis lay a road of familiar promises. He oathed safety for the mutant race, on the cusp of our genocide. He would spare us from extermination. But to be mutant alone is meaningless to him. He culls the weak, humanity in entirety and mutant by merit."

Memory, or something close to it, tightens the line of his mouth in a brief twitch. "His vision is an abomination: where mutant transcendence seeds from the ashes of humanity. Where our remaining few are twisted and mutilated to his image. The wings, for one. He has fused his horrors onto others in countless, grotesque ways. His myopics does not allow for mutants to exist as we are."

"Dazzler being under Apocalypse's protection might be something that Warren arranged, without actually directly involving her in the ongoing battle." Carolus suggests, coolly. He falls back into temporary silence, listening to what Kitty has to say before he opens his eyes to look between her and Cyclops.

Kitty's spiel about the Brotherhood, and Magneto's appearance not long after, is… enough to start giving him a headache. He wants nothing to do with that, that's just not going good places no matter what. Granted, that's this /entire universe/, but hey. This part of it is right here in front of him.

His gaze sweeps back to Cyclops, "Who among your people has our Warren killed?"

"This… isn't the first incident we've observed of people appearing again who should be dead," Scott says. He seems to have a hard time looking at either Dani or Kitty directly for very long. The explanation, at the least, explains why he isn't MORE shocked by their appearance. "But usually they turn up on his side. We've gathered that he has some sort of dimensional technology which he's putting to use."

He glances at the inert holographic projector. "Not surprising why. We don't have much left to work with, here. You saw the data. Down to a few thousand of us, and very few who are usably combat-ready — and who want to be on his side. We assume he recruits extradimensionally, giving them whatever incentive he needs to… and he takes and converts those of us he can, as well. Who fit into his designs, anyway. A few he makes into his personal 'Horsemen,' under his control." There's a wry twist to his mouth. "Four of them. Death, War, Famine, and Pestilence. He's an old mutant. He likes his 'book of Revelation' theme."

And just on time, Magneto makes his appearance, speaking of those designs. Scott does not interrupt his once-nemesis, though his jaw tightens slightly at 'elevation of our kind.'

"There have been a few attempts," is Scott's answer to Kitty, which answers the 'come back to talk about it' part. "The main obstacle is the shields. We've found nothing capable of penetrating them yet. The vessel itself is an alien design more advanced than anything we've seen before. Light years beyond Shi'ar, even. We don't know where he came across such technology, but he uses it all throughout all of his works. It's no doubt what powers his extradimensional capacities."

As for that final question from Carolus? Scott is silent a moment, before he says, "None. But he hasn't been fielded long. Maybe a week. He focuses on human opposition."

Noticing the look(s) she gets for having her Thinky Sesh on the roof, Gwen reaches 'up' to plant her fingers on the roof, pivoting at her wrist to right herself in the air and drop to the floor with a quiet 'thonk' and a bend at the knee.

"So to save Warren, we've got to knock some sense in and or out of him. And maybe re-de-wing-him?"

Glancing at her fingers as they tighten into a slow fist, Ghost Spider shakes her head. "Really don't like the chance of my fingers surviving that operation. And if we save him… We've still got to get Alison, who's in the belly of the final boss' flying fortress."

"I guess the only solution…" Ghost Spider gets sheepish for a moment. "Is… flip… Warren to out side, so he can get us into the ship? We really don't have much of a choice if we're trying to do this and get back to our Mister Wizard to fix Carolus."

Lenses shift apologetically to Scott Summers — and Magneto. "Not to be callous, but I think it's a win-win for you guys too if we can infiltrate that ship and do some damage, so backs are pretty scratched, right?"

The arrival of Magneto brings Moonstar's gaze over to the imposing familiar figure.

It's enough to cause her expression to tighten as she listens to all of what he has to say.

Then it's over to Carolus as he brings up Dazzler and the arrangements that might have been made on her behalf. "I could see Warren doing that." She says evenly, "He'd protect her from all of this."

Now it's back to Scott and those first words of his cause Moonstar to look away for a moment. There's questions there, but for the moment Dani simply listens to all the man has to say.

"How do you -" Begins Dani, but when Gwen speaks up and mentions the re-de-winging of Warren, the Cheyenne looks up and says sharply, "No. We are not taking his wings from him again." Her words might be harsher than she intends due to the emotions behind them, "It would kill him."

Moonstar takes a breath for a moment, obviously to calm herself down, "But Ghost Spider is correct, we definitely need to bring Warren back to our side and I have to agree that Dazzler is the key."

"If we have her here with us I know he'll come for her."

"We just need to get into the ship and make it out alive."

A look slides over to Kitty now, "Would the shields of the ship prevent Kitty from phasing a bunch of us through it and inside?"

"Or do you have teleporters available to get people inside?" She asks to Magneto and Scott.

Kitty squares her shoulders when Magneto makes his appearance. The tenseness that she has clearly exhibited since his appearance on the ground ratchets up quite a bit at his actual presence. Lockheed sits up straight on her knee, too, the pair presenting a united front in their mistrust of the older man. Perhaps she even mentioned the Brotherhood to see if she could make him appear. Her mouth forms a tight line at the mention of the 'elevation of their kind', almost mimicking Scott's own expression.

The mutant looks to Dani and nods her head, agreeing that there has to have been something done to Warren in order for him to kill people like this. Carolus' question about who Warren has killed is met with a worried look toward Scott to await the answer. "But he has killed people?" she asks softly. Maybe she shouldn't be surprised. Warren rushed at Carolus with murderous intent the other day. If they hadn't intervened it is entirely likely he would have killed him.

It's a relief to look upward toward the spider on the ceiling and her plans for the future. "Do we know how to get Warren back? He clearly wants the piece that Carolus has…but is it possible to give it back to him without harming Carolus?" She's not sure about how this all works.

About getting onto the ship, her chin lowers again so that she looks at Scott. It hasn't escaped her notice that he has trouble looking at her and Dani. "I'm sorry to ask you, Scott, but did the Kitty here try to get through them? I generally can phase through any sort of technology, but I haven't tried anything alien."

"A week. High-than-Shi'ar tech levels." Carolus repeats. He takes a deep breath, and says, "That means it takes Apocalypse about two weeks to get somebody up to speed the way Warren currently is from effective death. His murder took place on the twenty first of October…"

"There's something about what you said that I'm concerned about. Apart from everything, that is. You mentioned that Apocalypse tends to re-shape things around his own personal theme, has bizarre technology with a mysterious source, and it's clear that some of it is techno-organic in nature because Warren's wings are…"

"Well, I think it's reasonable to describe them as a work of art, as grotesque a purpose as they're being put to. But I noticed that his skin was blue."

His antennae rise and fall in what might be agitation, "We found an engineered techno-virus that seemed to have been specifically targeted to stop Warren's wings from healing without actually destroying them wholesale directly. The facility that it was to be disposed of in experienced a dramatic electrical surge that corresponded well to the sort of electrical disturbance that happened when Warren and Alison's bodies went missing, and the people — normal humans, I think — operating the disposal facility were turned into horrible, fragile techno-zombies melded with machinery and debris from nearby."

"When I mentioned it to Doctor Stuart, whom we have so far confirmed had /some/thing to do with what happened to Warren, he seemed confused about the particulars."

He concludes, "The material appearance of this substance was dark blue and organic, with a metallic sheen. Does that sound at all familiar to you?"

Whether or not Magneto notices the tension against his presence is irrevelant; it seems, either way, the man simply does not care. He may have appropriated a joined cause with Scott Summers, but the man is too far along within his own winter to remember a taste for camaraderie, for loyalties.

Let such things stay buried.

Such things, such as the way he refuses to look on Scott Summers, weighted under his own ghosts. Magneto's gaze hoods, however, knowing, even understanding.

"We studied the material to the best of our ability," he eventually says, to Carolus' question. "No better name than the functional: techno-organic metal. Before his demise, Dr. McCoy theorized its vast biological properties, whether designed or evolved to be a living substance. He had no time, however, to conduct further tests. My daughter," he continues, and that is the closest humanity creeps into Magneto's steely voice, though less sullen and more strained, "believed it celestial in origin. Even I cannot manipulate it."

His pale eyes stray to the movement of his own hands, the left opened, palm-up. There is a hanging silence beyond Magneto's last words, what is left unsaid: he cannot now, but hopes for that to change.

"He hasn't killed any of us yet," is Scott's laconic clarification. He clearly cannot see the thing flying around out there as the best friend he lost. "But he's killed plenty of humans. What you saw out there in the city… plenty of that was his work. Your friend is Death now. He has one directive: kill the weak."

And though Gwen brings up a natural course of action — recover Warren, use him to get into the ship, and then recover Alison — Moonstar asserts that getting Alison in order to bait Warren might be another plan of attack. For that purpose, Kitty's powers are the natural thing to consider in terms of getting through technological shields that are otherwise inpenetrable. So the inevitable question comes: why has it not been tried here? Where is the Kitty of this world?

What happened to her?

"That was the first thing we thought of," Scott says, his voice controlled. "And it was the first thing Apocalypse thought of. He took her early. Kitty was his first Pestilence. That was how we found out how strong the brainwashing is, once he makes you a Horseman. It takes a strong personal connection to get through. Distance from Apocalypse himself helps."

There is still no emotion in Scott's voice. "We didn't find that out in time either to save Kitty, or Piotr. We had to find it out from their deaths."

There is a moment of silence, which Scott allows Magneto to fill in with an answer to Carolus's question. Kitty was Apocalypse's first Pestilence; Kitty was Scott's first failure in this war. His hands close, taut, at the mention of Hank McCoy on top of it.

He does look back up as the thrust of Carolus's line of inquiry clicks. Cyclops follows the train of thought to its natural conclusion as fast as Carolus can work it out. "Whatever it is, it's integral to all Apocalypse's technology. It's integral to his very being. So that's your missing piece, then." He leans forward. "The reason for your Warren to have nothing left to live for, but to accept another world entirely."

Kitty asks the question that Dani likewise has and it brings Moonstar's gaze right back over to Scott.

She waits for his answer even as Carolus speaks upon the TO virus found in Warren's wings.

"If they were pulled to this dimension from the morgue that would surely explain the electrical surge." Her head cants to the side as she considers her next words, "How does he pick what mutants he brings back? Is it simply by powerset? By knowledge of who and what they are?"

"Better yet, how do we stop him from entering back into our and any other realities."

"If we can cut off his ability to grow his army I'm sure that would help your fight with him as well."

More could be said, but when both Scott and Magneto speak, Moonstar once again listens. The revelation that Kitty, this world's Kitty, was Pestilience causes Moonstar to look sharply at Kitty. The mention of Piotr likewise loosing his life only sharpens the grim lines around Moonstar's mouth. "But we now know that connection works. Which means we must first get Alison back."

"And now you - and we - have the advantage with Kitty here again."

At Magneto's mention of Hank, the Cheyenne can't help but frown, and that frown only worsens at his mention of celestial origins. "How were you thinking of stopping their march on D.C.? I would suggest we go forward with whatever plan you may have as a diversion while we slip in silently through the backdoor."

Carolus climbs up out of his cocoon, both hands fidgeting with one another as he finds his feet and begins to pace the length of the room. He moves past Scott and Magneto once before he actually manages to find his voice. He stops right next to Magneto, turning to shake his head towards Kitty.

"It explains the electrical surge in the morgue, but there was one at the disposal site too. I think this means that Apocalypse's influence has been in this from the start. He looked for an opportunity to engineer a new, willing servant for himself and then facilitated the events that would lead to that outcome. Or else Cameron Hodge and Doctor Stuart just happened to have access to the exact same material that is Apocalypse's bread-and-butter supertech."

"And since he already has access to our reality," He continues, "facilitating human supremacists eventually leads to further situations similar to this one, allowing him to extend his reach sideways through the realities."

He looks up at Magneto, "You think that a lack of understanding of the material is what is inhibiting you from controlling it?"

There's a lot of alarm bells that start to go off in her head of Magneto talking about his hope to manipulate the material of the ship. Kitty looks to him, intent on lecturing, and then Scott starts to speak.

There are a lot of things discussing logistics, of rescuing Alison, of finding how to stop Warren. However, for a long few moments they all sound like static to Kitty Pryde. Pestilence. She was one of the first to turn against others, she was used as a tool kill, to wreck this sort of havoc. No wonder Scott can't look at her. "Did I-she-kill Piotr?" This has no bearing on the discussion, on the tactics, on how to save Warren or Alison, on how to get back home from this horrible dimension. However, she has to know. This woman wasn't her. It isn't her. And yet, the thought of it grips.

Lockheed steps backwards and leans against Kitty, instinctively comforting. The looks of Dani and of Carolus are not matched. Her own eyes are fixed on an ill defined point of the holo projector. She's effectively just staring into space for a few moments.

Then, she blinks her eyes a few times and her eyebrows furrow again. "We airdrop." Kitty says this quietly. "If the Blackbird is stealth, we can fly above that ship and then we all jump and I'll phase us through onto it. I can slow descent if we don't fall from too high. Then, we find Alison and we get Warren back. Then, if we can, we tear it apart."

"Ok. Cool. Sounds good."

Ghost Spider looks up from playing cat's cradle with some webthreads in her hands, having actually created a small spiderweb between her fingers as her mind wandered. "So, we go get Alison by dropping through the super-shield, fight off the interdimensional time-warlord who wants to kill all the humans and covert all the mutants to psychopathic blue killing machines. His name is Apocalypse and his MO seems pretty much 'what you see on the tin'."

"And then we're going to rub Alison on Warren to break the apocowitch's curse on him, and sometime before the next week pile on back through to get Doctor Strange to fix the whole soul thing before Atlas becomes double flying double purple double death."

"Cool, alright, this is a good plan."
Gwen sounds utterly unenthused. "Just sneak through the ship that only crazy evil versions of everyone's friends are in. Also the stuff that turns you evil and edgy but literally."

Her head snaps up to Carolus. "Man, you really did stretch 'keep me from getting killed, but it's not gonna involve any murders'. This is a lot of murders! This is an entire… murder-galaxy!"

"Well, what's the worst that could happen?"

Magneto holds his silence to Scott Summers' explanations, standing there with the timeless patience of melting snow. His half-shadowed features are impassive, but his bearing communicates familarity; in this world, in this permutation, it seems old enemies have found their mutual respect.

He neglects attention on the details, perhaps unused, for all his years, to relaying same, or imparting intelligence. Rhymed into his bearing is the habit of a man who did not educate, but protect; who did not guide, but command. In his far more fiery years, he may have considered this debriefing a fundamental waste of time.

For now, the ex-terrorist tolerates. He even seems to tolerate the reanimating Carolus nearby, though no ounce of his militant bearing mollifies.

He does, however, tic a pale eye to that question. It's not approval in the old man's helmed face, but it is something close — nearly vestigial on a man whose existence has come to this lonely, hollowed terminus. "Perhaps," he answers. "That is my belief. And in the absence of understanding, integration."

Magneto's left hand closes, and reroutes to join its brother, folded politely at the small of his back. "It may be our, and your, only opportunity at survival. A man with the potential to cross worlds will not stop at taking one. Allow our world to fall, and others will follow. Yours, in eventuality."

"We don't know the selection process," is Scott's honest answer to Dani. "But from his usual modus operandi, we assume he picks according to his creed: survivors."

As for the dimensional concern? "Cutting off his ability to scavenge troops cross-dimension is a priority," he agrees. "The dimensional tech has to be aboard the ship somewhere. Death could tell us where if we reclaim him, I'm sure. But to get him, first you have to retrieve Dazzler. A jump with Kitty phasing you down will likely work; he made too much of a priority to cut off Shadowcat as an asset. He must have seen the threat."

Scott's animated now, fully in the throes of throwing together a plan. He paces restlessly as he speaks. He's so absorbed in the plan that he doesn't necessarily notice Carolus getting real cozy with Magneto about him maybe figuring out how to control all the alien supermetal. "Caliban can pinpoint her location well enough that we can position the Blackbird and drop you. Once you secure her, we can bring the Blackbird back around below so you can drop through and back aboard."

It's a great plan. It's a totally X-Men plan. Which is why Gwen's summary totally nonplusses Scott Summers. There's a long moment of silence.

"Yeah, it's pretty much the plan," he says, with a certain air of 'we do this whole 'jump to other dimensions and then sneak through evil ships full of evil versions of our friends' all the time.'

As for Dani's question about stopping the attack on D.C.? "We were going to fight," is Scott's simple answer. "But now that you're all here, we've got a better opportunity. The opportunity to cut off the attack at the pass entirely. You guys take your Warren home, and you'll decapitate the head of that particular charge. They'll need time to regroup, appoint a different Horseman to general it."

Kitty's question, however, brings Scott up short. There's an awkward moment, where his gaze averts. "Pestilence killed him," is his eventual correction, his tone as gentle as Scott Summers ever CAN be. "Kitty woke up right before the end."

"Yes, well." Carolus presses the fingertips of both sets of hands together, facing Gwen, "I really and truly did not expect this to escalate from a murder mystery to interdimensional murder-genocide. Ordinarily I would apologize for this degree of miscalculation but it's so extreme that I don't think anything I can say will do it justice."

"I will endeavor to make your frankly mythological tolerance for this pattern worth your while."

He nods towards Magneto, momentarily seems poised to continue pacing, and then just holds himself still.

"Being able to assert your usual control over his preferred equipment would probably turn the tide whether we were here or not. I don't know if that's something I have the intellect to actually help with. We'll see how it goes, though."

It's not his call anyway.

His attention shifts to Scott and Kitty, "There is one complication. Death will detect me as soon as I exit this vessel. Until we are prepared to take care of /Death/ in particular, it would be unwise for me to join such an operation. I would vastly prefer to be involved, but giving them a pinpoint radar for where we are, is a huge liability."

"You need to make the call as to whether that is an acceptable liability given the parameters, or if I need to be back pocketed until later." He says, with a loose gesture of both right hands.

Gwen's mention of rubbing Alison on Warren to break the spell earns another look from Moonstar.

This time there's a hint of amusement in her eyes at Ghost Spider's description of the situation at hand.

Then it's back to looking at the room as a whole, especially Carolus and Magneto. Frowning at the two (well Magneto more) Moonstar rises from her seat, "It's decided then. We attack the ship and rescue Alison first."

"Once she's back with us we get Warren - " She doesn't call him Death, "- and then if there's a chance to help you take care of Apocalypse we do that as well. At the very least, if we can shut down his dimensional capabilities it might turn the tide."

Then to Carolus, Dani adds, "We'll discuss your part in this, Carolus. I'd rather not have you side-lined if we don't need to. I've a feeling we'll need all of us there to make certain we succeed."

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