Awake in the Cave
Roleplaying Log: Awake in the Cave
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Mystery girl wakes up after bullet wound

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IC Date: November 02, 2019
IC Location: The Batcave
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Posted On: 15 Nov 2019 22:28
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What a weird night. First, Dick and Barb are going on a trip in their favorite Bat-related trip, and they take out some badass gunmen and end up with a runaway. So, Dick does what Batman probably would've: Taken her to the cave. It was the only truly safe bet, considering the kind of skills this woman's got. They don't teach it in a general 3pm to 5pm martial arts class.

So, carrying Cassandra in his arms, Dick carries her to a gurney, where no doubt Alfred was ready to do some cleaning of the wound like he is so used to doing when dealing wit hthe MANY wounds of the Bat family.

"Batgirl, give me a background check on this girl, will you please? Facial recognition, retinal scan, anything: I want to know who this woman is." Because if she's from the League or even the Court of Owls, he does NOT want to take her lightly.

* * *

Batgirl is not entirely convinced that taking the mystery girl to the Batcave was a good idea. But, then again, she's always been slightly awkward when she comes around the 'Cave and also the manor above. It isn't her stomping grounds like it is for Dick and Tim. So, she lets Dick take the lead down here while she follows behind him as they enter the main antechamber of the cave; the ceilings are still mostly empty — it's too early in the night for the resident bats to come home.

"I bet that there won't be anything out there about her, Nightwing… something in my gut tells me that we're going to end up with a blank entry." But, all the same, she crosses to the computer bank and inputs her passcode so she can start to dig up the total lack of information.

* * *

General diagnosis: The mystery girl is malnourished, has accumulated hundreds of minor scrapes recently just from living a semi-vigilante life, and every inch of her body other than her face and hands is like a roadmap of weapon-based injuries that sprouted at a very young age then stopped, allowing them all to grow with her into nightmare fuel if one stops to think about the implications of what was probably a five to ten year old undergoing that level of abuse.

Other than those horrible things, the mystery girl appears to be in peak condition, adhering to some training regimen that keeps her in top form. Not exactly scarred, her hands show she uses them a lot to hit things.

Then her eyes snap open, and she's already trying to sit upright. There's a very brief moment of disorientation and alarm, but it passes when she gets a look at the present company. Calm, but watchful, attentive too. She's scanning her surroundings with a critical eye.

* * *

Dick nods. "Shit, a Jane Doe, huh? I was really…really hoping that she'd have a name, a record..something that ties in. She wasn't at that place by accident, you know?" He tells Barbara. Complete lack of information. Barbara's hunches were usually right and this was definitely one of those moments. Fun times, right? Ah, hell.

His eyes shift then to Alfred as he quickly finishes his operation on the poor girl, since the bullet was a clean penetration in the sense that it both had an entry and exit point. Plus it hit no vital organs. A clean shot. She's very lucky.

Then she wakes up.

Dick still had his mask on, because identities are important, but he looks at Cassandra right in those eyes of hers. "Hey, your okay. Your alright. How man yfingers am I holding up?" Dick shows four fingers, checking for normal cognitive function.

* * *

"You just want to be smooth and call her by her name when she wakes up swooning," Babs teases Dick as she continues to work at the keyboard. "We've not seen or heard of her before, so perhaps this is a newcomer… I can try to expand the search." But then she's turning toward Cassandra just as she wakes up.

Her hand reaches for the batarang at her hip, but she makes no active move to dislodge it from its spot on her belt — unless she has to. "Careful," she warns Nightwing quietly.

Then she's out of her seat, stepping toward Dick and Cassandra cautiously. Her head tilts slightly as she just takes time to observe while Dick does his thing.

* * *

It takes the mystery girl a moment to notice the bandage, something she is completely familiar with but the sight of it on her gets her attention. One hand goes to her back, touching the bandage on that end and learning all she needs to know about her injury. The other hand, meanwhile moves up with blinding speed, intercepting Nightwing's four finger display with a matching one, meeting each finger at the tip in perfect time to when he stops moving his into position. She's just reaching for her top when she notices the further away one reach for the weapon. It's a split second, what Nightwing sees on her face. Utter focus, combat-ready, evaluating and planning on a level he's probably seen a hundred or more times, on the face of his mentor. Then it's gone. The mystery girl is back to reaching for her top. She's not thrilled to be showing as much as she is with just the bra.

Wobbling for a moment, getting her physical bearings, the jane doe stands and slides the ratty mess of a sweatshirt on, glancing at the bullet hole in a moment of stillness. A testing deep breath, noting how much discomfort it causes. She seems to be okay with how much it causes. Her eyes start to wander the cave again, wearing the expression of someone who finds it peculiar but not daunting. Not scary. She pauses on the training area, then glances at the two who tend to make use of it. As the closest such body, Nightwing is chosen.

One fist held forward, toward him. She does not appear to expect a bump.

* * *

Dick looks at Barbara and rolls his eyes just a little bit. "No need. If we can't find her off of a basic scan, chances are she doesn't have a digital footprint. She's a ghost." He ponders for a moment before he chuckles. "and if I wanted to be smooth, I can always just do my best Don Quixote impression. Usually makes people laugh." He winks at Barbara flirtatiously.

But then there's Cassandra once again as she matches his count. "Good, you know whats going on. He steps away though when she has that look in her eyes. She's prepared to fight, and so are the Bats.

"Thank you for not throwing a punch-" He might've spoken too soon. A fist is held towards him and Dick just kinda tilts his head. He looks at the training area, then back to Cassandra. "…you want to train?" He tries to interpret.

Its been a long time since he's had to defer to ASL - or just Cassandra's level of lack of communication in general.

* * *

"She's a ghost," Babs repeats. Though she meets the flirty wink with her own warm smile, and she shakes her head with a light snort. "We all laugh at you, Nightwing, not with you." She then steps closer still, keeping a cautious, considerate distance. She can see the sudden fight in the girl's body, and also the way she moves with a sure gravitation toward the fighting mats.

Slowly, she pivots on the balls of her feet. "I think she wants to train," Babs agrees. "Which is an odd choice after being wounded. I don't know, Dick… I don't think she speaks." At all. "But I'm not sure she understands either." Again, it is based solely on Barbara's intense and keen observation skills.

* * *

An all-too familiar sight for the jane doe, albeit from a perspective that's new. Training mats. Two warriors. Then the differences start to sink in. No underestimation. They are truly evaluating rather than sounding of mocking laughter. So they want to see. With her back to them, she bends down to feel the mat's firmness. As she turns, her expression is utterly calm, and does nothing for several seconds. Then she nods twice. Once for each of Nightwing and Batgirl, her fist meeting her palm as she bows, then adopts a stance that signals she is ready. The perceptive might notice there is more to it.

The stance, it's exaggerated. Movements made that don't need to be to emphasize. As though she were repeating herself but louder.

* * *

Dick chuckles. "You laugh with me a lot." Dick continues to casually flirt with Barbara. They've known each other long enough that its not really a problem between them. Alas, Dick looks at Cassandra as she continues to step towards the training mats. He looks at Barbara as he leans in to whisper to her. "So uh…is this a respect thing I'm missing out on?" He asks her before he looks at Cassandra and steps out into the training mat, his hands lifting after he returns the bow into a combat-ready stance.

"Okay..your move, reindeer games."

* * *

Dick earns an oblique look from Barbara, though there's still a little smile at the corner of her lips. "Do I? How do you know if I'm laughing at you or with you?" Now she turns her focus back on Cassandra, and she steps forward one step, then two. "I think she wants to see what we're all about — if we actually are well-trained. That's my guess, at least." She glances back to Dick. "Mind yourself, Nightwing. Don't go too hard on her."

* * *

When only one steps forward, there is a flash, an inkling of disappointment. It's replaced when she starts moving. She moves fast. And fast is an understatement. Designed to put Nightwing on the defensive and keep him there because each blow is followed by another, and then another, and then another, a relentless cascade of movement that is, while not too fast to react to, almost so.
What might not be noticed by Nightwing, but may be noticed by Batgirl as observer, is the mystery martial artist is not actually trying to hit Nightwing. Every single punch, elbow, kick, it's held back at the last moment, and thus easily avoided, blocked, turned aside.
Then suddenly she's back to where she started, as though nothing had happened. adopting a less exaggerated posture. Not quite a stance. She takes a more natural position and beckons Nightwing toward her.

* * *

Dick stays in the ring with Cassandra, not backing down from her for even an inch. He does turn his head to Barbara. "See, you say that, but she might have the drop on me. Remember Deathstroke?" Yeah….that was a fun situation. He was with the Titans at the time and Slade WOOPED HIS ASS. Several times in a row, in fact.

He keeps his attention on her…then she's coming after him. He telegraphs her attacks, but also notices that her strikes lose momentum at the last second. She's pulling her punches. But he's backstepping, tilting his head out of the way, slapping her wrist to deny her accuracy, causing most of her punches to outright miss. He leans backwards at the kick like he was Neo.

Then? He takes his forward foot and slides it sideways, hoping to sweep Cassandra off of her feet.

* * *

Barbara observes — she's pretty good at that. It might surprise Cassandra if she knew that the redhead was more than capable in tracking the little assassin's movements from the outside looking in. She tilts her head slightly as she spots Dick's missed punch seconds before he realizes it, and then she's smiling slightly as she makes sense of the attacks, and she folds her arms at her chest.

"Bet if you just stood there, she'd just dance around you, Nightwing… I don't think she's trying to hit you… I think she's trying to figure out how you attack." It isn't that dissimilar to how Babs fights either — observe, test, poke, and then go all out once she understands her attacker.

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