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Heroes band together in Metropolis to face an evil threat! NICKELODEON SLIME. …Or something like it, anyway. Except that it eats people when given a chance. SO, uh, nothing like Nickelodeon slime, really.

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IC Date: October 25, 2019
IC Location: Metropolis
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Posted On: 22 Nov 2019 20:34
Rating & Warnings: G
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It started out small. An uptick in missing Fidos and Spots, of Snowballs and Duchesses. Missing dog and cat posters cover a lot of the telephone poles in the area.

And now here we are, where it's nearing the end of the workday on a Friday in shiny Metropolis. And then it happened.

The screaming came from a grate, not far from an open manhole cover where a team had gone down to work on a clogged sewer line. It's still blocked off by a pair of vans and a sea of safety cones, and a crowd has started to gather near and figure out what the heck is going on and how to help.

But the sound of it is so distant, and it bounces off of the underground concrete in such a way, that it makes it hard to tell precisely where the voices are coming from and how to get to them. It's fear down there. And pain.

Missing pets seemed like something one wouldn't really consider in their superheroing gig, but even if Ronnie hadn't noticed them immediately at first, his other mental passenger who was much better at picking up what he didn't, had. But why would a bunch of pets go missing? As Firestorm flits through the air just above the lowest building stories, he can't help but think it's strange, and even Professor Stein has to agree.

As the days went on and the number of missing pets seemed to grow according to the additional postings he saw on his patrols, Firestorm tried to keep an eye out for strays in case one might perhaps be someone's pet gone AWOL. Instead there's a sound, one that sounds more up his alley as he puts on the airbrakes and makes a sharp turn down another city block.

"What the heck's going on?" he asks, landing by the gathering beside the open manhole. He may not be the city's token caped crusader, but Firestorm's a pretty difficult person to mistake for the flaming head, and he's been pretty common a sight these days, especially with New York and even Gotham being less friendly about powered vigilantes.

Tonight had been gearing up to be nice and quiet. With some mandatory vacation time and a lot of unanswered questions and fragmented memories Daisy had been making a couple of runs around Metropolis in search of a missing vehicle. It seemed like a good and practical use of her time.

Instead it turns into her being one of the first responders. Tonight she gets to do something which she has never before gotten to do.

Tonight she gets to be official.

"Agent Johnson, coming through! Everybody keep back!"

(This is so cool.)

Now if she maybe had a flashlight or something this wouldn't be completely and utterly terrifying. "Eugh, god. It had to be the sewer."

Firestorm's arrival is impossible to miss. And, yeah, she might have held up her arms and taken a step back as he comes in for a hot landing. "Hey, I know you! I mean—kinda. You've been all over the internet, and…" Ahem. She points to the open manhole cover. "Could really use some powered backup, someone's in trouble. ..Down there."

In the sewer.

Responding in the way that they should to official folks coming through, the crowd starts to back up from the open hole and the trucks near it. All of them except one, who holds up his own city maintenance badge as Daisy comes near. "It's my team down there," he says quietly, the color drained from his face. "They were just trying to clear a blockage. We hadn't even been working for five minutes and the radios went dead, and then…"

His hand rakes up into his hair, knocking his helmet back and sending it skittering across the pavement. He anxiously moves to pick it up, fumbles it, and picks it up again.

"I got four guys down there. I was gettin' ready to go down." He looks between Firestorm and Daisy and then swallows hard. "Tell me what to do."

Agent..? Stein's voice echoes in his head, and Firestorm glances over. "Oh hey, I think I've seen you before…" He expects the professor to chime in to help him out, but at the moment Stein figures they've got more pressing matters as he indicates the sewer as the agent mentions trouble.

"Huh? Oh yeah, right. That's sure what it sounded like. Um." The young hero looks down into the darkness hesitantly. "Rrrright." He looks towards the maintenance worker with the badge, a frown pulling at his own face.

"We'll look for your guys, sir."

It's an odd thing. Daisy's lost months of her life and more. Nothing seems to make sense anymore except what's happening in this very moment. Now the situation seems…oddly clear.

The distraught worker is given a once over while he speaks but her mind is already racing ahead on what to do next. First she nods to mirror Firestorm's assurance, then holds her hands out to the lone worker. "I need your radio and a flashlight. Call the police and try to keep anyone from getting too close to any openings to the sewers, including the grates."

Until they know what's down there anything could be a hazard.

Back to Firestorm her expression shifts slightly. This guy is seeming ..a little 'green' which complicates matters. She may well have to rely on the powers of others for a while.

"Hey. You good?" (Please be good…) "We've got this."

Then she looks back to that tiny pitch black hole leading beneath the city streets and hesitates. Yah… Really gotta psych up for this trip. Oooh-kay. One nod, hopefully with some extra bits of gear from the other worker, and she'll even be willing to lead the way into the urban abyss.

Here's where 'cool' morphs into 'gross.'

"Sorry I'm late."

Somehow, his voice shows up before he actually does. But The Flash is suddenly here. Next to everyone else. Whether he's been tracking missing pets or just heard a scream or just ran his way up to this particular location due to one of his patrols of doom or if Cisco's crazy alarm system has him out this way… it's all relative. It doesn't really matter too much because now he's here and he's ready to help!

"Insert a joke about traffic here." Flash looks around at the others that have kind of gathered and gives a quick salute. "So uh… who's going first?" Flash is over to the manhole and then back into the mini-heroic half-circle just as quick as it doesn't even look like he moved. "Not it." He makes the universal sign for 'it smells'.

Across the city, a blonde woman steps out of what certainly had to be a shower taken in boiling water. A fine mist covers the whole of her apartment, and in this environment a fat yet small orange tabby issues various and sundry complaints. There is a portion of its food dish that is visible through the pile of food she just gave it. A travesty.

Idly, Karen picks the cat up off of the floor, her hair air-drying by dripping onto her altogether too-fluffy robe. One foot taps the dish. All crimes have officially been solved. The cat licks her face. There is, then, a sharp intake of breath, as Karen sets the tabby onto the counter. Following that, is an overwhelmingly deep sigh. "That was from the -sewers-." she states. There are several citizens of Metropolis that hear the following Choice Word.

If she'd shouted it, Power Girl would have arrived at the manhole cover long before the sound itself did. The windows lining the street shake slightly, and floating down from on high is the impressively tall form of the Kryptonian, arms folded somewhat impassively.

Before the others can respond to Barry's joke, Karen covers her bases. "Not it."

The badge and the flashlight are handed over as soon as Daisy asks for them, and then the team lead winces and clamps his hands over his ears as another scream rattles out of the concrete tunnels. "I'll get them here," he says after the moment passes, running to get to the two-way in one of the nearby trucks.

Firestorm is about to flash Daisy a double thumbs-up, which probably won't boost her confidence about him but he's willing to help out, at least that much is clear. The set of new voices however make him jump, clearly startled. He scowls a bit at the Flash before blinking as he recognizes him. "Hey Prof, we're like, practically color twinsies-" he momentarily derails, weathering the longsuffering sigh that internally echoes from the other mind within him.

"-not…" he begins as what the other two heroes state sinks in, but then he looks at Daisy. Okay, that'd suck to do that, even if she offers. "I'll…go first." He draws in one last big breath of fresh air before he hops down ahead of Daisy. At least he can provide light, and thankfully despite his flaming head, no actual fire will be endangering anyone in the case that there might be flammable substances below. His breath doesn't last long. "EEeeeeeeeyeeew!!"

Yep. Agent Daisy Johnson. Budding agent of SHIELD. Cool under pressure and—


—just about jumping out of her skin when The Flash shows up out of nowhere. At least there's a powered hero with some attitude here to help. Attitude means confidence, right? And just in case that isn't true… Power Girl is also here.

NOW it's starting to feel like a party. One where this agent is feeling woefully inadequate.

At the calls for not being it to go in first she impatiently rolls her eyes and announces "-I'm-" before Firestorm steps in and goes first. She looks from the flaming one back to the other two with a little bounce in her heels. A thumb gets hooked back to the open manhole. "..Going second. Just..try to keep up."

Yeah. She just did a pacing snipe at a speedster and a Kryptonian. Inside she is just SO PROUD of herself right now!

And now she can see where she's going thanks to a -flaming head.- Aren't metahuman powers just so interesting? Though whether being able to see where they're going makes the descent any easier or not is up for debate.

"Let's go, guys. People are in trouble!"

The Flash is down into the sewers faster than he probably should've been. It only takes a moment for him to be in front of the crowd and walking backwards. "It really does smell down here. Anybody have an idea what we're looking for?"

"I can always run ahead." Now he's in the back of the group.

"Make sure we're not ambushed or anything." Back up front again. "Yes? No? Maybe so?"

The Flash may be constantly moving because he doesn't want to slow down long enough to have to smell any of this stuff longer than he has to.

This particular part of the sewers is a hub, but it's very fortunate that people are screaming. Because down here, somehow, it seems to have a more decided direction. It's still going to be hard to tell for certain which tunnel, but directionality seems to be easier. Particularly when there's a Kryptonian with super powered hearing in the mix.

The smell down here is also overwhelmingly bad.

Just in case anyone thought they were getting off easy, here.

If ever there was a situation where Power Girl was going to shut her mouth, they'd finally found one. There was something about having super-senses that just made this whole thing altogether even -worse.- As Firestorm heads in, Power Girl is not at all far behind. Barry and the others make their way down, and before she does, Karen takes this -impressively- deep breath. Mostly so that she can continue speaking.

Being a Kryptonian is unfair. Not needing to breathe makes this -slightly- more comfortable.

Pausing for a moment as she reaches the bottom of the ladder- by floating down, of course, so as not to have to climb over anyone- She closes her eyes and takes a moment to listen for the source of the screams.

"Not a bad idea." Short, and to the point. There's plenty of strength in her lungs, but she is clearly -not- breathing, so her ability to communicate isn't exactly infinite. In the meantime, Karen starts moving in the direction she hears the screams coming from.

Not only does the directionality become easier… But in addition, being able to see through walls ought to make navigating a lot simpler. Probably. Unless the sewers are led lined… Which, considering today, is probably Karen's luck.

Firestorm's fire may be inherently safe amidst flammable gases but Daisy doesn't know that yet. There's some definite wincing when she looks in his direction, having that feeling like a bomb is going to go off at any second down here. He doesn't seem worried about the possibility so she tries to follow suit, but… Y'know. It's one of those things. Fire all.

Oh good! The Flash is starting to get into the spirit. Although it does seem odd that he's apparently lacking direction. Up comes the flashlight though a jacket sleeve covers Daisy's nose and mouth against the olfactory assault. "Yes, go! Try to find where those workers are, get them somewhere safe if you can then point us in the right direction!"

Not only is it dark and smelly but it's also a maze. Someone running recon is exactly the sort of help they need but there's other useful skill sets to be had.

Like with Power Girl! Being a superpower fangirl for so many years does have its upsides.

"Can you tell where the yelling is coming from? Hear anything else that doesn't belong? Are you..holding your breath?" And Karen's moving so she probably picked up on -something- important. Daisy's willing to work with that.

The radio gets turned on and clipped to her belt. With a grimace the arm comes away from her nose to retrieve an ICER from concealment. Power Girl may not like being used as a literal shield in this case but Daisy suspects she'll get over it.

"Back in a…"

And that's it. The Flash is gone. On a journey to speed through t he sewer system and see if he can't do a little recon on what's going down… down here. He's got a few things he's trying to do but it probably won't take him long since he's fast as himself. Gotta' make sure he memorizes the sewer system so they don't get lost, find the missing workers and maybe even get a glimpse or two about what may be lying in wait for them… traps or whatever.

Cue the slow motion special effects for this run!

Firestorm wrinkles his nose as he tries to push his focus past the stench. "…I sure hope I don't set anything off," he murmurs, a definite reassurance to all accompanying. He blinks at the Flash, apparently gone and back before anyone can say otherwise.

Since he's not the one calling the shots for this operation he lets the agent do so, watching as once again the speedster zooms off.

Fortunately for Karen, they aren't ALL lead-lined, but there are definitely pieces that are older pieces that got patched together with more contemporary concrete and plastic and steel.

Still, it allows her to see past much of the maze and through to where three men are presently still screaming and trying to pull themselves up a ladder. One man lies at the bottom of the pipe, moving… but not in a way that would be at all consistent with the way that humans normally move. It's more… watery. Like the sway of an ocean, maybe.

And the Flash, instead, will see it first hand. Down the way, there is an orange slime that covers EVERYTHING. It pulsates and moves on its own, thready veins stretching up the walls of the sewer and blocking the way for several of the main lines.

"… flash." The Flash is back where everyone is for just a moment. "Up ahead. Here." Flash hands a map to Daisy because he doesn't want to give it to the person on fire. The map is of the way to where he's about to go and it is written on a discarded paper plate or something. "Up ahead. Orange slime everywhere. Super gross. Gonna' see what I can do to help the workers. See you in a bit." And he's gone again.

Skidding to a halt back where the workers are kind of doing that thing where they are in trouble. "Uh." And Flash starts with the vibrating. Not sure what this orange stuff is, but its freaking alive, so he's going to try to phase through it so he can get to the workers and try to vibrate them as well. Whatever is going on, this orange stuff can't be good for them. So. PHASE TIME! Maybe. If it'll even work. Orange pulsating stuff is hard to gauge.

Barry doesn't go back alone. Karen has lifted off of the ground and, despite the tight quarters, is in flight alongside him on the way to where the workers are trapped. She couldn't keep pace with him if he were going all-out, but… Chances are that the idea of staying together in this endeavor is probably more appealing than showing off. Probably. Even if he does, she won't be far behind.

Pausing in midair, Power Girl looks over the slime and does the only thing she can think of in this scenario: She lets out -most- of her breath. Angling it away from Barry and more towards the greater mass of orange blocking the sewer line, Karen erupts in a freezing spray of minty fresh surface air that she'd been -actively- hoarding since they'd come down here.

She's not sure if it'll work, but it did in both Blob films, so. Might as well.

Progress! The Flash is back, complete with a map constructed out of materials which Daisy is sooo not about to ask as to the origins of. Now the 'backup' has a chance of getting to the scene while those blessed with powers (sigh) of the speedy persuasion can begin the rescue.

"Good job. Go try todid you say 'orange slime'?aaand he's gone again. Okay!"

A quick look at the map provides the necessary bearings then she's focusing on Firestorm. If there really is a lot of 'super gross orange slime' down here then someone with Firestorm's capabilities is, quite possibly, amazing.

Just in case the trapped workers aren't already aware that assistance is on the way Daisy reaches for the radio for a "Hang in there guys, help is coming!"

Barry's probably there to help and Power Girl is definitely there to help before she can start to transmit but sometimes it's the thought that counts.

Back to Firestorm: "C'mon, this way!"

"Slime?" Firestorm asks…the air, as the Flash has vanished ahead again. He makes a bit of a face as even Power Girl follows suit, glancing at Daisy. "…so um, why're we here again?"

But just because they're left back, doesn't mean they're out of the game. Nodding after her, he flies along after her. He's not too bad for speed himself, but it's better for open spaces of distance than cramped places like this. "Prof, any ideas? Can I even transmute slime?" It's organic, right? Unless it's like the stuff school kids make with glue these days. Hmm. Guess he'll have to see if there's anything he can do once they get there!

The cold doesn't really hurt the slime, so much as it just causes the pulsating and stretching to stop. And it leaves a gap just wide enough for someone to get through if they're brave enough. And on the other side, three men who are being wrapped up and dragged into the deeper folds of the orange monstrosity.

It's not intelligent, this life, but it certainly is persistent in its pursuit of sustenance. And it can certainly be phased through!

Once one of the workers sees Firestorm - because its harder to miss him - they simply scream more loudly. This time for help.

The Flash isn't sure if he's going to be able to do anything about these men. However, when a hole is opened up in the slimeness, The Flash points Power Girl at the workers nearby. "You can Super these two outta' here, right?" And then he's gone to dive through the Hole in the Slime to see if he can't speed-grab the deeper trapped workers one after another and get them up to the surface.

Blur Mode!

Power Girl exhales to the point that not only is she sure that it's not doing much, but also until she has a token amount of air left in her lungs. Taking only a moment of pause to figure out the best way to handle it, Karen surges in to scoop up the workers that can move- it might be uncomfortable, but if they're free, she'll take the moment to get them out of harm's way.

If that goes well, her next target is the man who'd been trapped. Here's hoping that heat-vision works on the slime in the way that her cold breath didn't, at least in that she hopes she can rather precisely cut the fellow free, and get him to some level of safety, back where Daisy and Firestorm are coming from.

It starts with a thin smile. "Everyone needs backup." Then it quickly turns into "Are you talking to yourself?" Daisy inquires with a peculiar sidelong glance to Firestorm. She tries her best to know who's who and what's what in the superpowered community but sometimes the internet can only take a person so far.

It isn't much longer before learning that icy cold minty fresh Kryptonian breath doesn't stop the creepy goo (though it does marginally help combat the stench.) The Flash might be having better luck in getting through it but it's not doing anything to halt the slime's progression or turn it back.

So what might hurt the slime? She has no idea, but she does know without a doubt where their best odds at success lie in defeating it.

"I can run them to safety if you three can fight this stuff!"

Power Girl has already gotten two of the workers out of immediate harm's way, prompting the SHIELDie to step aside and quickly motion for them to follow. From there maybe she can help coordinate efforts topside because she's done all that she can do down here.

"No!" Yes? Kind of? He keeps forgetting he's the only one that can hear the Professor in his head. …not that explaining it that way will make him seem any less insane.

Finally coming in visual range of the strange slime, Firestorm flies ahead of Daisy. With the Flash and Power Girl managing to free the workers he moves in to make sure that it stays that way.

"Gross, is that stuff alive?" A certain movie comes to mind… "Must be one of those super old ones." …..

What's slime made of? Is it really like glue? Is there a molecular formula in there he can take apart? The Professor makes a suggestion- based upon if there might be any synthetic substances to the orange goop, so theoretically if it were possible it might take the gooiness out of the slime. "Worth a shot!" Firestorm says to no one in particular, his hands glowing as he holds them out towards the slime, similar spiraling light enveloping it, at least in attempt to transmute it. The real question is whether it'll work or not.

The Professor, wonderful brain that he is, might be able to recognize its decided similarity to Dictyostelium discoideum: a terran slime mold. It is certainly very much alive, and very hungry. Very, very hungry.

It fact, it has already begun consuming the man trapped beneath the orange surface - as everyone will see when Power Girl's heat vision sears and scares it back - and it's trying to do the same to whatever limb it can wrap around belonging to the workers.

When Karen and Flash snatch them free, they have burn-like marks across their skin, and the goo bubbles angrily where they've been pulled free with a grotesque sucking noise.

Skidding back to a halt now that he's back from getting the workers into the capable guidance of Daisy, The Flash throws his hands on his hips as he looks around to the others. "Anybody have any idea how to fight killer slime?" The Flash doesn't want to do anything that might make things worse or spread the slime of death around any further. The more contained they can keep it, the better chance they have at taking it out. Probably.

To say that Karen is short with Daisy would be correct but also… Not. She can't really afford to speak a whole lot, after all, and shacking the three rescued workers from the ladder up with Daisy for safekeeping. Karen then goes back to the fight, acknowledging that she's one of the only ones that -can- fight this thing… However fighting it is going to be done.

Karen arm bars the Flash as best she can, keeping him from re-engaging. It may not do a whole lot, but Karen draws her head back and then the tunnel is full of red light. She's being careful- as careful as she can be with flooding the tunnel with heat vision, so as to hopefully not harm any victims… But she knows that the slime probably isn't going to be harmed, as much as forced to retreat. She's relying on Firestorm to figure things out, if need be- especially because she can't keep this up forever.

Organic matter doesn't exactly transmute all that well, or perhaps it's just been that assumption that keeps Firestorm from attempting to try. After all, even the human body when broken down is made up of basic compounds and chemicals. But what can't at the moment be transmuted can at least be taken care of by other means.

With the last of the workers freed, Firestorm shifts tactics. "Not really sure, but I think I got an idea!" he shouts back to the Flash as he switches targets. "Prof! Quick, gimme some formulas!"

Maybe it's a longshot, but hey, if it's similar to slime mold then maybe the same stuff one used to take care of that stuff would work on this?? Sodium, hydrogen, carbon and oxygen, Professor Stein easily rattles off the formula for sodium bicarbonate as he understands where Ronnie's going with this, transmuting the surrounding ground and a good dusting from above to boot. "I'm gonna baking soda this sucker!!"

There’s a moment where it seems like nothing will be done about the mass of orange that has taken to pulsating along the walls of the sewer and pushed water out of the way with its enormous mass.

Except that then it gets profoundly hot, thanks to Karen.

Then it also gets profoundly bubbly, thanks to Firestorm's transmutation work.

The reaction is furious, filling the tunnel with a steam so dense that it will be hard to see anything beyond one’s nose. It’s filled with the scent of hot sewage, which makes the whole thing desperately unpleasant.

But between the two, heat and chemistry, the thing stops its forward progression. Stops moving at all. And then it simply crystallizes and cracks. Or it seems to, at any rate.

Further investigation will show a hollowed surface, but nothing underneath.

The heroes will likely need to deal with that another day.

But for today?

They win.

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