A Dangerous Word
Roleplaying Log: A Dangerous Word
IC Details

Starfish helps a villain escape the scene of a crime. (Immediately follows the events of 'Streetfight in NYC!')

Other Characters Referenced: Jessica Jones and Counter (Not by name.)
IC Date: September 13, 2019
IC Location: New York City, NY
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Posted On: 22 Nov 2019 22:13
Rating & Warnings: G
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NPC & GM Credits: Zeph by Emma Frost
Associated Plots

Just two gals fleeing the scene of a crime, both wearing long grey overcoats, fedoras, looking like the world's most conspicuous fugitives. At least until Starfish and Zeph reach a new point of change. Then everything looks pretty much normal when they leave the alley, other than a wig on Zeph. Despite Starfish's general quirky view of how the world works, her attention to detail in staying under the radar is appreciable.

"No idea who you are," Starfish informs her charge. "not doing this for money or anything… just… not sure you'd live through um… concrete to head." Her personal awareness of cameras is remarkable, and she avoids the ones she can see. When they finally stop to rest, it's in a recognizable brand of coffee shop chain. She takes a moment of distracted customer to replace their coffee with strikingly realistic and identical fake coffee. By the time they finish with it they won't even know it wasn't real. The real one, that goes to Zeph as Starfish guides her to a booth.

Zeph doesn't really protest as she's cleared out of the way of concrete, would-be heroes, and far too many police officers. Well, not much anyway. As Starfish brings enough of Zeph's senses to her to realize that she's leaving the other three of her party behind, there's a mild sound of discomfort. But it's a fleeting sound and hesitation; she'll ultimately follow the gal who clearly has a better idea of where she's going.

"I go by Zephyr, but you can just call me Zeph. Everyone does," replies the blonde with her gentle voice as she hunches down tiredly in the booth and takes the cup of coffee that's offered to her. She certainly doesn't sound like the sort who, just a short while before, was robbing a jewelry store. She points at the cup with a thin finger. "Thank you for this."

Starfish may or may not feel it once she settles into the space across from the stranger, but there is an expansive calm that surrounds the young woman. It never left, really. A feeling of peace seems to just surround her like a cloud.

Not many would be aware of a change in their mental state. Few pay as much attention to those changes as Starfish does. The calm comes over her and contrasts with her near-endless anxiety, relegating the jumpy part of her mind to a more stable center. She wallows in the sensation, the calm mind, allowing the real world to come into focus over the fantasy she gives herself.

"Feeling unusually calm," Starfish informs in much more stable tones, her words flowing with ease. "It's helping me with speaking clearly, and with thinking clearly. If you're the source and you're not doing it on purpose, don't try to stop." Her words are measured in volume, quiet, but at the same time, not really coming from her. She's moving her lips to say things subvocally that don't match the lip movements required for the words, and projecting the sounds for Zeph to experience. She settles in her booth seat, thoughtful. "My name is Starfish," she informs then, "You can call me that or some abbreviation you prefer. I've heard enough jokes so you can't bother me by nicknames." She draws out a photo wallet, showing snapshots of what she remembers about the notable people present for the robbery. "What's the story?" she asks, setting the wallet on the table.

"Don't know how to stop anyway," Zeph replies, her eyes fixed on the white lid of a disposable coffee cup. "Been this way since I was thirteen. I don't think it really… you know. Turns off." She looks at the wallet, and then bites her lower lip. "They're my brothers and sister. Older, obviously."

She sips from the coffee cup, and then sighs deeply as she sinks a little closer to the cup. "And I have no idea how I'm going to get them back, but I guess that's the new plan to figure out."

"Not too late to break them out yet," Starfish muses aloud. "They have to be processed legally then transported, right?" She folds her arms, thinking. "So…what happened? If I'm going to assist with that level of illegal I need to understand. People got pretty hurt. That's why the angry lady nearly killed you. Also you might have noticed she's got some major head protection… if not I can show you what happened when I tried to distract her."

"I didn't notice." And it's probably the truth, based on the half-glassy way Zephyr looks at everything. "And I wasn't supposed to come. I don't, usually. But they got paid a lot of money to come and do business over here, and they weren't sure if they'd need me. They usually stick a lot closer to home, to jobs a lot smaller. Things kinda… Well, they kinda got out of hand, I think."

Her eyes come up and look to Starfish, and then she shrugs helplessly. "I don't really know all of the plan. They don't ever really tell me, except for what they need me to do. Baby of the family and all."

"Then I'm going give you advice you're not going to like," Starfish says. "Don't go after them. Stay out of sight. I can help you do that. I have a lot of practice. That wig on you is going to disappear in about an hour. Maybe two. Right now your face is probably on at least one camera from the scene, but I'd be willing to wager ten as a low estimate." She presents Zeph's shoes back in a bag. "Those boots too. Gone soon. You have to choose either to let go or join them because if you go after them it won't work out without a lot of help and it sounds a lot like they knoew what they were getting into, and the consequences."

"But you don't do that to family," Zeph says, even as she takes back her shoes and begins switching them, eyes widening and then batting with a certain naive quality - and it's hard to peg whether it's sincere or not. She blows the steam from her coffee over the table and, for a moment, the tranquility that suffuses the air around them becomes a near-lethargy. Calm to the point that it's hard to want to do much. But it passes in a few moments.

"I… I don't really know what to do without them. They always take care of everything. And…" Another breath winds out of her lungs and into the space around them as she brings herself back to an even state before she's really disrupted too far. "It's alright. I'll figure it out. But thank you for your help. I'd offer you something if I had anything to give."

"They did it to family," Starfish retorts quietly. Actual spoken words. Back to the illusion of speaking. "They won't stay locked up forever. At least not all of them. Murder's hard to negotiate about." She settles back in her seat as she feels the lethargic influence come over her, mentally noting how it feels, experiencing it while it lasts in a hyperattentive manner. Then it's gone again. "You have a chance. I can't be the one to keep you away from doing something that gets you put away too. But I can try to help you get what you need…" She sighs. "You already made up your mind, didn't you?"

"No," comes the honest reply, Zeph looking up from her shoes and then wiggling her toes in them. "It's really okay. You don't have to do anything. I'll figure something out or I won't. You already helped." To emphasize the release from obligation, the willowy Boho gal smiles sweetly. "It'll be fine."

She believes it.


Starfish reaches to take hand. She's seen it in movies. Rarely outside of those. Maybe it will have some effect. The grasping is not important. What she sets into hand? Ruby. Sapphire. Emerald. Red, blue, green. They have the right weight insofar as Starfish can guess. She draws her hands away again, letting Zephyr examine the small stones. "They won't last either," she informs. "But… I can help you and I want to. I'm scared for you. You don't know what to do either. But… if we go day by day, it's easy to figure out. That's how I've been doing it. I met someone with big connections and knows how to keep quiet about stuff. I can go over to where he works any time I want to."

Starfish mentions, "With you nearby, I can think straight. You really don't understand …but I can show you the difference. But um…" She hesitates, "I don't want to. It can be terrifying at times."

“It’s okay,” Zephyr repeats, smiling gently. Warmly, like sunshine. “You don’t have to. I don’t have to understand.”

“But I have to get them back. Do you really think that we can do it before they get locked up somewhere harder? I… I’ve never really tried something like this on my own. I’m usually more… you know. An accessory. Like a purse.”

She chews idly on the inside of her cheek. “I mean, do you think we could do it?”

We. What a dangerous word.


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