The Beginnings of a Hoard
Roleplaying Log: The Beginnings of a Hoard
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Kitty seeks out Tony to find out how he got to this realm and also his take away from the alien ship

Other Characters Referenced: Warren Worthington, Alison Blaire, Stephen Strange, Apocalypse, Moonstar, Magneto
IC Date: November 18, 2019
IC Location: The Blackbird
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Posted On: 23 Nov 2019 05:37
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It hasn't been long, in the grand scheme of things, that the people from the alternate universe has been in this one. What is a week or two when the people here have lived through so much? Kitty Pryde was sent to medical where she was diagnosed with a bruised rib and prescribed some rest after her phasing through the alien ship to bring the team back to the Blackbird safely.

However, Kitty was never one to just lie down when there were things to do. Or when the person who gave the order is someone she's currently suspicious and angry at. There's a lot of this world's people that are similar and others that are tweaked to just slightly be almost alien.

Moving through the Blackbird, she's looking for the people from her dimension. Specifically, Tony Stark. She's got some questions to which only he can provide answers. And also even talking to Tony Stark is better than trying to deal with the whiplash that is talking to this universe's Scott Summers. Or, shudder, Magneto.

* * *

It is not very hard to find one Tony Stark. After all. He's not used to being quiet and that whole stealth mission forced him to go against nature. So now? Now he has to make up for it. Which is why, in a workshop that he has basicly taken over, she would find one Tony Stark.

No armor. Jeans and a t-shirt like usual. Big stompy high top boots because he doesn't know what he'll step in when in other frames of reality. The man is…likely annoying anyone who has quarters around him by playing AC/DC from his suit's speakers. Said suit is hanging out in the corner.

Strewn on a bench is some of the metal that he took from the strange techno-organic ship, in a containment field of course, as he goes over the strange material with a fine-tooth scanner.

While singing AC/DC of course.

It helps him focus.

* * *

"You stole that, didn't you?"

It doesn't take Kitty to follow the AC/DC to where Tony would be working on things. For now, she's wearing a pair of leggings and a shirt that is oversized for with some weird alien writing on it. It almost looks like she's wearing pajamas. Her question is done without much surprise though there is some disappointment in there.

Kitty crosses her arms, then realizes that tweaks her rib just a bit and instead puts her hands on her hips. There we go, proper disapproval. Lockheed follows, not sitting on her shoulders as usual, but right at her feet. He sits, tail flickering this way and that like a cat that has his eyes focused on a mouse to catch. "How did you even get here?" There's a raised eyebrow. She doesn't know about the portal he was building, doesn't know quite a lot of Tony's business. After, it is Tony Stark. What she knows best about him is his bad decisions.

* * *

"Stole what? The containment field? The 'salvage' from that disturbing Gigersque ship, or just the room in general? Come on Kittencat, be more specific. Isn't that what you guys love doing?" Stark replies with a grin as he turns to wink towards her, a wave of his hand dims the music as he leans against the bench.

"Nice dragon." He adds in that amused drawl of his as he looks towards Lockheed.

But then she asks him a question and he grins sloooowly. He /does/ love talking about himself.

"What? No one ever told you that I kept up a full pan-dimensional portal system from a previous attempted invasion of my tower? Helps me get to the pocket world of bug people that think I'm a sun god." He just rattles it off like it isn't even a big thing.

"It wasn't that hard to reconfigure the thing to punch though to here, after I actually got the correct pan-dimensional coordinates."

A quirked eyebrow.

"I bet Strange just shot all of you though one of those shiny rings of his. Or maybe made you drink something entirely unessairy."

* * *

"Let's just go with everything. Can't put it past you to just take the whole lot." Kitty raises an eyebrow. "And don't call me Kittencat." A glance downward is given to Lockheed and he gives a sigh. "Actually, he's a space alien, but sure dragon works. His name is Lockheed."

"Someone let you have something as horribly dangerous a pan-dimensional portal system?" Then, under her breath, "like you needed the boost to your ego," about the bugs who think he's a sun god.

"And how'd you get the correct coordinates?" She's got a lot of questions about how he just showed up here. It was an ordeal for the X-Men (+Ghost-Spider), of course Tony Stark just punches in a few numbers and gets here on his own.

"We did not drink anything. It was a portal." Unasked, she moves closer to the containment field to get a better look at what is contained within it.

* * *

Inside the field is a metal feather and a floating glob of biometal goo. Covering the desk itself is notes and observations on stickynotes. Holographic displays and cross sections of the metal pieces hang in the air around them as well as he slowly pulls the secrets out from the substance.

"One of your X-interns came by to give me the notes that you went dimensiion hopping and after I got over people leaving without me to go get my oldest friend who I was the only one that was sure who wasn't dead in the first place I came to find everyone."

A quirk of an eyebrow. "And good thing I did. I'm pretty sure Ali might have killed you all without that recording."

A smirk again. "So. What is the plan anyway?"

* * *

Kitty stares at the feather and the goo in its containment field for a few minutes, eyebrows furrowed. It's hard to tell what she's thinking about it, or whether she's thinking about the fact that Tony took it. Lockheed rears up on his back legs, claw outstretched to touch the small field before Kitty reaches down to gently boop him on his claw to get him to retract it. It's automatic, she's barely registered she's done it.

"It was X-Men business. You know, that stuff you make fun of all the time." Kitty looks over her shoulder and gives him something of a smirk. "And now I'm just concerned that you record all our conversations."

Though she straightens and turns back to him with a sigh. "Thank you, though. For helping." She doesn't sound pained to say this. For once, around Tony Stark, she's sincere. "Yes, the recording definitely gave Ali enough to doubt the brainwashing."

As for the plan, she shrugs her head. "We'll figure something out. I figure Alison will know much more about how Genesis brainwashes people and therefore will know better about how to get through to Warren without him, you know, killing us all."

* * *

"Since that stuff was what was causing Ali there to go nuts, I'm pretty sure you shouldn't touch it Tiny-Smaug." Stark already has a nickname for Lockheed. That didn't take long. But that never takes long.

And it'll stick. It always sticks.

"Its a good thing I am paranoid enough to record everything right?" Stark adds with a smirk again, looking proud of himself. "And it isn't just X-man business. Warren's been my friend just as long as he's been an X-guy. So…" He shrugs. They both do stupid things for each other.

Its a thing.

Neither have a lot of actual friends.

"Mmmm. Well if his wings are made out of this stuff…the whole 'murder us all' thing is a very probable thing. Espicially if he's as mad as that scream clued us in on. And he's…not nearly as logical as Ali, so listening to proof might not work. Especially if he's mad. And he is going to be so mad."

* * *

Tiny-Smaug. Lockheed does not hate it. In fact he looks a bit smug at the idea of being in the same league as the dragon from Lord of the Rings. Kitty rolls her eyes at him, shaking her head. "You've inflated his ego by a good few bars."

Is it good that he recorded all their conversations to play back at a convenient time? She opens her mouth to retort something about civil liberties and then shuts it. Instead, she tilts her head at Tony and gives him a big smile. "Alright, Male Alexa. I'll just consider every conversation we have together to be on the record."

As for it not just being X-Men business, she shrugs her shoulders. "Our way here was, as was our plans. You're friends, but you're also a bad influence. Does Warren need that in his life? Sure. When he's been brainwashed into being the mutant embodiment of Death? Maybe not so much."

The question about him being worse is met with a shudder and a nod. "When we first got here, we saw Warren - Death as he likes to go by here. He definitely tried to murder us immediately upon entry. He knocked down buildings to try and crush us. That's how we got picked up by the X-Men and Magneto of this world." She refuses to consider Magneto part of the X-Men. "He's…yes, he's very mad. He has every reason to be hurt, betrayed, angry. I'm sure that's what the brainwashing focused on."

She takes a breath, looking back at the feather. "What's the feather made of?"

* * *

"Alexa's voice is totally sexy, I'll take that and own it." Stark replies with a flash of a grin before he looks down at Lockheed a moment. Fishing around in one pocket he pulls out a gold dollar coin to put it down in front the alien reptile.

Because it is completely adorable.

The smile fades though as she keeps talking. This time about Warren and his new persona. "Yeah…this Savior guy really did a job on him it seems. I really need to punch him in the face. Repeatedly for that." A longer pause. "Yeah well…I guess he has a lot to be angry for. Most people weren't really…understanding with either of them."

"As for the feather. Its a techno-organic metal. Not fully either metal or organic. Also I'm pretty sure there is some kind of poison gland and the feathers are sharp enough to possibly cut though my armor if they hit it right. I'll have to kitbash some upgrades."

A pause.

"Magneto can't control this stuff can he."

* * *

Kitty rolls her eyes at Stark. "So you have a thing for robotic voices? That AI of yours better watch out, I guess."

Lockheed takes a look at the coin on the table in front of him. He looks at it, then looks to Tony, then looks to Kitty, then looks back to the coin. Sloooowly, he reaches out a claw and then he quickly pulls it off the surface and hugs it, looking at it this way and that in the light of the Blackbird. Hugging it to himself, he edges backward so that no one can take it back.

"You're going to make him start stealing coins. He already has a bad cookie and Ritz cracker habit. Basically anything circular he wants to either eat or hide somewhere."

As for people not being very understanding, she frowns and nods. "Yeah. I know. I think the problem is no one really knew what to say or to do. Warren and Ali have been the people we looked to for so long. What do you do when that person needs your help?" She shrugs her shoulders, helplessly. "I know a lot of us tried and failed to help properly. I know I wanted to help, but I was sort of incorporeal at the time."

Her attention returns to the feather. "They looked pretty sharp close up, I can tell you that. They did pass right through her, after all. "I mean, they slashed through a building, so I think they wouldn't have a lot of trouble with your armor, no offense."

The question about Magneto gets a bit of a head tilt. "I don't know. But when we were picked up, he focused on the building, not on Warren. That was most pressing at the time, but you'd think if Magneto could control his wings, they'd be a non-issue by now."

* * *

"I have a thing for all sexy voices," Stark replies with a shrug that is one part uncaring, one part 'you know me how does this surprise you'.

There is a grin though as Lockheed takes the coin and again that shrug. Amusement wirt easily on his face. "What do you mean? I'm just helping." Like he always helps. So much helping.

"Mmm. Yeah, its hard. That kind of thing. Contrary to most peoples belief he /does/ have a habit of not asking for help. I mean I have no idea where he would get that from. Its a stupid hang up really."

The pot is SO calling the kettle on this one.

"Mmmm. Yeah, the wings are difficult for him though. I think I have some ideas to fix that but I have to run some more tests." A smirk again. "And telling me my armor is vulnerable is…well…I'm just taking that as a challenge you know."

* * *

Kitty smirks and shakes her head at both the voice part of the conversation as well as him 'helping.' "I'm sure." That statement works for both situations, there.

"That's quite an X-person way of dealing with things, yes." Kitty sighs and looks back to the feather. She doesn't know Tony well enough to realize that this would be the perfect moment to call him out. If only, if only. "And it is! Everyone needs help. No one can do this alone. To ask for help doesn't make you weak, it makes you stronger. But, I'm guilty of wanting to do it all on my own, too. I guess that's what happens when you find you can't trust people easily and worry if hey learn something about you, they will cast you out and call you a monster."

Stepping back from the containment field, she raises an eyebrow. "Did you just expect me to tell you, 'Oh no, Mister Stark, your armor is the best that has ever been built! Nothing could ever pierce it!'" That is certainly not Kitty's style. "I'm sure I'm going to regret that challenge in the future."

* * *

"Yeah lets just say that reaction isn't exclusive to the X-people. I'm pretty sure everyone I know does just that." Stark replies with a shake of his head. "Pretty much everyone in this line of work does that. Possibly that's why most of us are pretty much full on hot mess ninety percent of the time." He adds as he reaches out even as she steps back.

Hands touch the controls of the continment field, rotating it this way and that as the holographic image above it shimmers along with it. "Need some kind of energy field to blunt the force…some kind of…slick energy maybe so the spikes don't find a good purchace to get stuck in…" He mutters to hismelf as he flicks up yet one more screen, strange glowing golden flecks in his eyes reflecting the light as his mind works on a half dozen levels at once.

"And yeah, that would have been nice to hear. Haven't you all heard about positive reinforcement? You should try it some time. I've heard it works. Science fact." A beatpause. "And yeah, since I'm the one that is going to have to be fighting him while you and Ali convince him he should stop being crazy…lets hope no one regrets this challenge, alright?"

* * *

"It takes all types and all that." Kitty looks to find Lockheed still turning the coin about in different points of the light.

"You could use the feathers' opposite magnetic force to give yourself something of a bubble. It won't completely block the blows, as you can't control the organic metal, but it may repel them just enough that they won't pierce as thoroughly as they would before." Kitty is generally a computer person, but she has an extensive science background. Will that actually work? She's not sure, she's spitballing. That's what you do when you try and solve a problem.

Kitty smirks. "You get a lot of positive reinforcement, I think. You need people to tell you the truth." And on that note, "Honestly, I don't see why you shouldn't be the one with Ali convincing him he should stop being crazy. Like you said, he's your oldest friend. That matters. He needs to hear that you care about him, that you're here for him."

Moving back toward Lockheed, she gestures that they should start to move on. "Anyway, I'll let you science in peace."

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