Tony Stark Does Not Do Feels
Roleplaying Log: Tony Stark Does Not Do Feels
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Pepper meets with Bart and Tony. A damaged drone gets repairs, Bart gets good news about lost friends, and Tony gets hugged. Awkward.

Other Characters Referenced: Warren Worthington, Alison Blaire
IC Date: November 22, 2019
IC Location: Stark Tower, Manhattan
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Posted On: 23 Nov 2019 07:33
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It's been increasingly difficult of late to corner Tony, and getting him and Bart together in one place seemed all but impossible. But, lo and behold, a Thanksgiving-ish miracle.

And to help keep them both in the same place, there's a tray of snacks (mostly for Bart) as well as tea (for herself) and coffee (definitely for Tony).

Strangely, perhaps, Turmeric isn't puttering about the room as would be considered normal. Instead, there's a box sitting at one end of the sofa, with what looks like a rumpled pile of blanket inside.

"Thank you both for being here." Even if it was almost a given that Tony would show up late.

* * *

Bart's been unusually focused with work this month, and it's not too difficult to guess why, considering the news that had headlined weeks ago. He needed a distraction, and keeping himself busy seemed the best thing to do. If it wasn't business at Stark Industries, then it was patrolling, an excuse to run, to be anywhere but around the city.

The invitation from Pepper had been a welcome one, and he even arrived early without taking advantage of his ability to speed in at the last possible second. He currently sits without fidgeting too much, nibbling on one of the aforementioned snacks, his mind obviously elsewhere as Pepper's words bring him to attention with a blink.

* * *

Tony Stark is never late. He is always right on time.

Especially when he's not.

Don't ask how this works.

However in this case when Tony 'arrives' it isn't really Tony. It is Ace. Or Dunce. Depending on the day and who is calling the little drone names. He burbles into the office relatively on time and after hovering there awkwardly for a few moments his holographic emitters burst to life to form…

Yup you guessed it. Hologram Tony.

"So! I'm technically here. This is technically here right?" Says the inventor though his image as he obviously peers at something off to one side, adjusting something off screen as he pokes at whatever has his attention. He looks fairly focused, so whatever it is might actually be…you know…actually have his attention.

Who knows.

"I'm actually in the basebasement messing with the portal…because…you know…things."

* * *

Pepper can't help but sigh as Dunce/Ace is the one that shows up on Tony's behalf, getting up and crossing over to that blanket-filled box. "I wanted you here in person, Tony, for more than just the pleasure of your company." Sarcasm, much?

She carries the box over closer to the holo-emitting drone and moves the blanket aside. In the box is Turmeric, scuffed, dented, and powered off. One of the drone's little grasping arms is visible and visibly broken.

"I also wanted to talk with you about that portal. I have concerns about its presence here in this building."

* * *

Needless to say, the drone isn't who Bart was expecting. As much as he likes Tony's robotic creations, his face falls a bit as the holo comes to life, failing at hiding his disappointment that the man isn't here in the flesh.

He does his best to summon up a smile, faint as it is. Tony's still here, and even if not here here, he's within a dashable distance. Bart will just have to go down and see him.

As Pepper is the one voicing her own disappointment, the young speedster looks back to her as she goes to the box. "Oh no, what happened?" he asks, looking genuinely concerned as he scoots forward in his seat with a frown.

* * *

"Well good, cause my company is pretty rough most days." Stark replies with a smirk as he makes one more tweak. Then a glance over his shoulder. "JARVIS, recalibrate the sensor systems. You have the right frequency right?" A nod from Stark. "Good good. I can't believe they all left without me." He mutters again half to himself. "And with /Strange/. Ugh. So judging."

Then a glance up towards the screen. "I mean I can come up, but can't move the portal now. I mean I need it. Like right now. Seriously." A smirk again.

"I have somewhere to go. And so might you too, Bart. Once I get this thing fixed and all scouted out."

A longer pause.

"Wait is that a box? Whats in the box?" Ace comes over to help angle him for a look in the box. "…oh man what happened to the little girl. I can come up and fix em, hold on. But then I'll have to finish the recalibration. I mean I have no idea what kind of mess the X-men are getting into without me."

* * *

Pepper sits down again. "I had an off-site meeting to source a new carbon nano-tubes supplier, I asked if you wanted to be there, remember? Well, you'd have thought I knew by now to not book meetings in Gotham. But I did, and someone took exception to it."

She looks at the poor little bot in the blanket-lined box. "One of them pointed a gun at me, and Turmeric went for their face. She got flung at a wall for it, but it gave Barbara enough time to make the man regret it." She pauses for a moment. "Did you know that Barbara has martial arts skill? How did I /not/ know that?"

* * *

"She's from Gotham, everyone there are ninjas or something. I'll be up in a sec though, leave the window open." Stark is nothing if not mercurial in his focus.

* * *

Every word Tony drops just brings Bart more and more to attention that he nearly falls right off the edge of his seat. He in fact very nearly does so when Tony mentions him directly.

"Wait, what? Where we going? What's going on??" So many questions.

He looks back at Pepper as she talks about…things, he recalls something about the meeting being mentioned in notes and situational updates, but he's looking back at the broken bot, brow furrowing. "Poor Turmeric…" he sighs, wandering over to plop himself by the box. He nods absently at Tony's explanation regarding Barbara.

* * *

Pepper looks at Holo-Tony oddly at his offhand remark about Gothamites, but dismisses it as Tony says he's on his way up. She DID hear what he said about taking Bart with him where ever he plans to gallivant off to, and she's just resigned at this point.

"I did choose a new supplier despite the interruption. A new, small business venture. They seem promising, and the gentleman I spoke with seemed much more down to earth than the usual corporate sales shark."

* * *

Soon enough the window, which had cycled open, is filled by Stark in his newest suit. Nanotech of course, where most people would have slowed down and thought things true when new tech presented itself, Stark had of course done none of those things. The suit itself is sleeker than normal, and when it cycles off him it doesn't so much as open as flow back so he can step out.

"Ah. Valiant little drone wasn't she? Yeah I'll fix her right up, you want any upgrades? Stun launchers, emergency beacons, hard light shields?"

Stark rattles them off as he walks over to the box, sliding it over towards him. Tools appear as if by magic in his hand as he picks up one arm. "Huh, really? Well I'll have to meet him after this mess is fixed up. Was he just a salesguy or did he have any other qualities, but I'm glad you got a new supplier. I can ease off making those and redistribute the resources of Stark Unlimited somewhere else if you have a good source already."

"As for the rest, well…" A glance up towards the pair of them. "Well. This is kinda a secret but…JARVIS…quiet room protocols would ya buddy?"

"Of course, sir."

Which would shut down the recording devices and make sure they /do/ have a quiet room.

"So…" Stark starts working on the arm there. "…seems that we've finally found where Warren and Ali got themselves too." A pause. "They aren't dead of course. I mean not that many people believed me but yeah…not that I told many people since most people that I was more crazy than usual." A pause. "Someone /did/ try to kill them though, but now there is second dimension to deal with so hence…portal. And trip."

* * *

Seeing Tony in the…nanoflesh, as it were, finally coaxes out more of a smile from Bart as he sees the guy make his entrance through the window. He continues to sit there as Tony comes over to inspect the box's contents himself.

There's something about watching him set to work that sets him at ease, that things are still normal and nothing terribly wrong has happened and all is as it should be. He listens as they touch upon business, typical talk, a typical day, and even when Tony requests that JARVIS secures the room, Bart doesn't think too much about it.

There's almost an audible record scratch in his head as the needle running along the paths of his thoughts as the billionaire's words hit bumps of points that in no way can be ignored, and they cycle furiously in his mind as he wonders if he'd somehow heard them wrong.

"…we've finally found where Warren and Ali got themselves to… They aren't dead of course."

"They aren't dead of course."


The kid's gone dead silent, amber eyes wide and staring, looking stunned and on the verge of tears and joy and relief and a million other emotions that he'd thought he'd gotten over but knew he hadn't really. He's on his feet and tackling Tony before even he realizes what he's doing, which may or may not be a smart thing to do when one is working on repairing a robot, and not when they're in armor but at the moment he doesn't care because he's beyond happy just to know that people he cares about aren't actually dead. He may be crying. Just a little, but it's not because he's sad.

* * *

Pepper's eyebrows draw together in a faint frown as she watches Tony start fixing Turmeric and explaining what he's doing with the portal. She's pretty sure she's not met Warren or Ali, she's good at remembering people's names. But it's Bart's reaction that has her very clearly and visibly surprised. It's obvious that he knows the people mentioned, and for that reason beyond simply helping people in need, she can't help but be proud of Tony.

"Be careful when you go, Tony. I get the feeling that I won't be able to go after you to help if something happens."

* * *

You know Tony really should think about things like emotions before just telling people things. He…doesn't do things like that though. Never has, really likely never will. Its just how he does. Which is why things like this usually blindside him.
Literally in this case.

"WOAH!" Is all he has a chance to shout before he's flying off his chair. Parts scatter every which way and tools all the other directions. He sprawls out a look of utter surprise and confusion on his face for a moment as he just looks down at Bart and this…hugging…thing.

There is an awkward moment before he reaches out and pats Bart on the head, still very awkwardly because Tony Stark does not do feels. Usually.

"Er…easy there kiddo, yeah. They aren't dead." A longer pause. "Just in a different dimension, possibly brainwashed, and the dimension they are in is likely terrible. I mean I've never seen a /good/ alternate world where everything was sunshine and rainbows. Places like that wouldn't need me to fix everything. Unless the sunshine and rainbows were causing things to explode." FOCUS TONY. FOCUS.

"Er. I mean. Its prolly not a great place is what I'm saying. Which is why I need to scout it out first."

There is a glance up at Pepper though, a smirk. "Warren Worthington and Alison Blaire. Warren's basically my oldest friend that isn't a robot and Ali is his girlfriend." Again a smirk. "Which kinda makes them Bart's aunt and uncle I guess? Its a thing."

…Tony has many things.

"And yeah, no coming after me if this goes south. I mean really, dimensions are /always/ bad."

* * *

It's a bit of a shame, since Bart is definitely a hugger. It's fine though, he'll settle for a head pat as he tries to hide the fact that smushing himself face-first into armor isn't a good idea. But at least he's a fast healer.

And he's trying very hard to hear out Tony's explanation, which conjures up all sorts of interesting imagery in his head, but that's nothing new. He eventually sits back from Tony, dragging a sleeve across his eyes. He hadn't wanted to believe that Warren and Alison had died, but he'd heard nothing else saying otherwise. Maybe he hadn't tried to look hard enough, but then again it had been hard enough trying to even grasp the news itself that he had absolutely no idea what to do. But here Tony's picked him up and set him in a direction as sure as any. Dangerous dimensional travel or whatnot, it doesn't matter to him. He's going to help his friends in any way he can.

Glancing over at Pepper, Bart smiles, looking more like his usual self than he has the past few weeks. As though Tony had said they were going on a vacation and not to some dimension where there are potentially dire things happening.

* * *

Pepper returns Bart's smile, recognizing how the news has affected the young man. But then she turns back to Tony as seriousness once again claims her expression. "If I can't follow you, Tony, then provisions need to be put in place, both for Stark Unlimited and for SI."

It's her way of saying that she isn't sure she can handle both companies without saying as much in so many words.

* * *

There is an awkward attempt at a hug.

It is awkward.

Let's not mention it to anyone it'll be better that way.

"Yeah yeah, I'll talk to Peggy or someone about it. I don't see why though. I'm coming back. I always come back." Stark says with all the confidence of someone who…well…always has. Even from near death. Several times now in fact.

"But yeah, I'll pop my portal though a remote pat of the bug realm and then though here. It'll be fine." Stark says it again with that same confidence as he sits up and smirks towards Bart and then Pepper.

"Trust me! We'll get them back and be back before you know it!"

* * *

Bart just figures awkward hugs are because power suits aren't made for that kind of flexibility. Clearly Tony will have to get that fixed. Yes. Problem solved.

The thought that Pepper would object to their trip doesn't register with him, and it seems the responsible-side of him that had manifested with his work focus has dissolved as the woman's concerns are mentioned. Right. Just how long do dimensional trips take? Time works weird, not that speedsters pay much attention to it.

Turning back towards Tony, Bart just beams with utter confidence in the man's confidence that everything will be as fine as he proclaims they will be. Trust him? This is the look of someone totally and completely trusting you Tony.


No pressure.

* * *

Pepper is not nearly as confident as either man, but she's willing to give Tony (and thus Bart) the benefit of the doubt. If does not go well, though, she WILL follow Tony to that other dimension, if only to scold him and drag him back by one ear.

She rescues Turmeric from the floor where she fell and offers the damaged bot to Tony again. "How soon do you think the portal will be ready?"

* * *

"Soon!" A pause. "Very soon!" A longer pause. "In fact." Oh god is that hero worship. Is there hero worship in Bart's eyes.

"In fact I should go check on it. Right now. I'll take Turmeric. So! Yup. Gotta go!"

And he scoops up the robot and starts to head for the door.

* * *

Soon isn't soon enough. That much can be told by the way Bart's fingers drum against his knees as he continues to watch Tony with the intensity of a lotto player waiting for the final ball to roll out and complete their winning ticket's number.

The man's abrupt departure doesn't strike him as suspicious, not one bit, but the speedster's mood has jumped up twenty levels- as has his appetite as in the next moment Pepper will find him sitting back down by the snacks to polish off the rest of the bowl he'd only earlier nibbled at. Right then. Back to business.

"So, want any souvenirs from the Tamachoans when we pop through?"

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