The Well Thought Out And Not At All Impulsive Course Of Action To Save The Laserwings
Roleplaying Log: The Well Thought Out And Not At All Impulsive Course Of Action To Save The Laserwings
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Atli is going to Fix Everything again. And she's enlisting in the help of Impulse to do it.

….this is fine.

Other Characters Referenced: Tony Stark, Dazzler, Warren Worthington
IC Date: November 27, 2019
IC Location: Stark Industries, Basement - New York
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Posted On: 28 Nov 2019 05:48
Rating & Warnings: A for Atli
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Time works in strange and often wondrous ways for Asgardians. King Thor once told his three granddaughters of the time he lost someone very precious to him because he spent 40 Earth years fighting a war. That passage of time went by in the blink of an eye, and in truth the war seemed almost short, even if it meant his returning to Midgard to find a burial mound where he had thought to find something else entirely.

For the Girl of Thunder, it was often worse. At least in her home realm, far away from here, at the edge of time itself. Where the universe was old and dying. Where the last space whale tried to beach itself upon the flickering, dying heart of a neutron star, so very lonely that it was, and all but a small handful of beings existed at all. Often, Atli did not notice time moving at all. At least not until coming to the Midgard of Now. And though she meant well in searching for the one being who might be able to find Ali and Warren wherever they might be, she lost track of time.

Having arrived to find almost everyone else had already gone after them, she decided she had to take action, and so with a rainbow flicker and a sudden rush of air, a goat did appear most suddenly beneath Lord Stark's old tower, the one he had gifted to his Son, or, whoever. In her mind, it would forever be the place the Shark People gave their lives to beat back demonic forces, and where she had finally come to terms with the glory of the Man-Spider's abs, something that sat in stark juxtaposition to his dubious spider-morals.

Dismounting the goat, she pulls a satchel from his side and moves towards the console she had most recently used to send an Arc Reactor to the land of Wakananadada, or whatever it was called. The portal, being cold and unpowered as it is, looms as her final barrier.

"Worry not, Toothbender. Soon we shall find them and bring them home."

If there were plans, Bart had either missed the memo or just hadn't been paying enough attention. Either were possible, and what with having learned that friends were in fact not dead, his usual mood had peaked from the unusual bout of seriousness that he'd adapted out of the need to keep himself busy and his mind distracted.

Bart had a rough of idea of the how's, he knew that it included a shortcut through the dimension of the Tamachoans, but other than that, the scientific part of it all was beyond him, his understanding shuffled into the typical realm of video game fantasy that's never really left him. That's fine with him, so long as Point A eventually led to Point B, and the way he sees it, everything is reachable by traveling in a line. No one ever said they had to be straight.

No one should be in the building save for the usual security, and even then they didn't go very far within for all the automated services that the Tower employed throughout. Thus, it's SIRIN that notifies him of the disturbance in her usual burst of cheerfulness, tempered with cynicism. The thought to ask someone else to check on things never crosses his mind, even what with being the head of a company, but then that seems all the more reason to do things himself, right? Besides, who else can get there fast enough, and if someone indeed has gotten into that room, then they are no ordinary intruder!

"Halt! Who goes there!" comes a voice, from within the portal room where there certainly were no others to say such things. Unless Toothbender has suddenly gained the ability to speak.

But no, there behind Atli and her goatly comrade stands the lanky speedster in all his red and white glory. His dramatic pointing poise would make Phoenix Wright envious, up until when he falters as he realizes who the intruders are, once SIRIN turns up the lights. "Uh…?"

The lights come up, and this alone is enough to sour the mood of Atli Wodendottir, who has been in varying states of inebriation or post inebriation, and so she winces at the light and raises a hand as if to bat it away. Toothbender half-heartedly looks in the direction of Bart, and then lazily sits down in a slump against the console Atli was fiddling with. next to her the great satchel… leaks. Welp. That probably isn't good.

"Verily, halt yourself!! Who is this banshee that speaks in light hearted tones?! Where is my best of ghost-friends, Jarvis?! Why won't he tell me how to activate the science-magic circle! Why are… oh!"

There is a squint, and then Atli steps forth, her demeanor shifting quite a bit as recognition and realization takes over.

"Yes, hello. I had forgotten that Lord Stark had given this keep to his son, Lord Speed-Stark. Tell me, man of red and quickness, do you know how to turn on the magic circle? I have grave business in the else-verse. You see, not long ago, I began a quest to find our beloved DAZZLER, and her mate, Warren Glorywing. Thinking them dead, I sought only vengeance, but now, I seek to return them to use whole again."

The gravity of her request slips a bit, and she nudges her soggy satchel. Yes, that is blood. Lots of seeping blood.

"And since Chronux is currently being guarded by all sorts of terrible things that several weeks of battle could not breech, I came here, to the next best thing!"

Atli beams at Bart and gestures to the portal with both hands, as if showing off a prize on a game show.

"Sorry, but Jarvis is in another building!" SIRIN explains brightly, before continuing in a tone that makes it feel like someone has pulled a lever to drop all that sunshine down a trapdoor. "You're stuck with me."

Impulse smiles crookedly, SIRIN's dual personality never ceasing to amuse him, even in the worst of times. He steps over closer now that it's perceived that this intruder isn't really one at all. He'll even offer a pat on the goat's head if allowed. "How to… Oh. I've never actually tried to turn it on myself," he admits, tapping at his chin as he eyes the console. His head lifts a bit as he glances back over at Atli, blinking. "Oh! You're going to help save Dazzler and Warren too?"

His gaze strays towards the soggy bag, brow furrowing as his lips begin to frown slightly. E-eyew. "…uh. What's in the bag?"

That sunken tone at the end of SIRIN's promise (threat?) that Atli is stuck with her brings a narrowed gaze towards the ceiling, and a hand reaches towards the console to retrieve her spear. You know, just in case. "Yes, well, that has been part of my plan. Which, you see, is all coming together. I hope. Normally I would use the portal at Chronux but it is under new management, and so I thought to use this one since Lord Stark always used it to travel to the land of the Bug People."

The goat, of course, leans into Bart's hand. He likes Bart. Who doesn't like Bart? He is the most inoffensive person ever. The goat does NOT like SIRIN however, and it's strange eyes also look to the ceiling.

"Oh, this."

Atli reaches down to pick up the bag, which dripdripdribbles all over the rather cement, warehouse like floor down here. "It's well known that magic portals require the blood of Gods to activate. Now, that is not what Decimux says, old fool that he is. He says we simply need to insert this.." And Atli pulls out a crystal shard, one that is peculiar in shape but does look like it might fit into the portal's center console. "…and power it up. Something about him being able to find The Laserwings in the multiverse and making me a key. In any case, I brought some blood just in case. This is the head of Yubyub, God of Stealing Things That Aren't Bolted Down, patron of a people called the Gawhas! They are nasty, vile creatures who once tried to steal Odin's horse, and then Odin asked his firebird girlfriend to eat their entire solar system. So the Gawhas are gone, poor things. They might have been alright if not for Yubyub teaching them to be so onory. In any case, Yubyub has hust been out there, stealing whole moons and whatnot and generally being a pest."

Atli drops the bag. Splat.

"So I took care of it. And look! God's blood! Perfect for smearing on our portal before we try to use our key. You know, just in case."

That's right. Our Key.

Atli looks at Bart a certain way. Her smile turning up at the corners a bit. "What say you, Lord Speed-Stark? Will you join me on this quest to return Feathers and Light to this world?"

The speedster doesn't seem to register the wariness Atli and the goat have adopted at SIRIN's…unique personality. He absently continues to pat Toothbender on the head while staring at the bag and all its bloodiness, more curious than disgusted as can be expected of him. He even 'ooooh's appropriately when Atli produces the shard. It's shiny, what other reaction is there for such a thing? The blood…well okay, that'll leave a mess, but even so, he's too fascinated for his own good to see what the decapitated head of this so-called god looks like.

"I didn't know it used blood, but then again, the Tamachoans had a lot of blood-related rituals so maybe…?" he muses aloud as he scratches his head, making a slight face at the red that oozes on the floor.

For as quick as he is, at times things do take a little to click, and when he realizes this important detail, he lifts his head, his focus no longer split between blood and shiny things and the Asgardian herself, but all funneling towards the lattermost. Our key. He blinks. And then he smiles right back.

"You didn't even have to ask, Atli. I'd be honored to join you in this noble quest to save our friends!"

"Excellent!! Ahh, it is so refreshing, Son of Stark, to know I can always count on the heroes of this realm." As expected, the Girl of Thunder is most pleased to have someone join her quest. If only because if it goes horribly wrong, at least she won't have to die alone. As Bart peers at the head, it mostly just appears to be a hood, with some glassy eye-things that look like they're bleeding too. Seems the cowl will keep the god's actual features concealed, but who knows. Maybe that's just how it would always look, no matter how hard Bart would try to peel back the layers.

Gods are weird man.

"Yes, so…" And Atli hands over this key to Bart, intent on letting him figure that one out, and she turns, holding the bag in front of her and shaking it in long arcs to spray the portal with god's blood. "Decimux did not say what would power the key, only that it needed to be charged. I assume it would not work off of one of Lord Stark's little battery things, the kind he used to keep in his stomach?" His chest, but, you know. Atli wasn't really paying attention. After a few moments she drops the head and half-kicks it aside to let it go splatting against the wall some fifty or more feet away.

Fists on her hips, splattered in blood spray and for all the world looking like she just made a masterpiece, she stares at the portal, all awash in gore.

"Excellent. Have you figured out the shiny part yet?"

Possessed with the urge to poke and prod at the thing like the six-year old that he should actually be, Bart straightens up as Atli's addressing him again, taking the key automatically, making a face as should well be expected for anyone that's realized that the object in question is red and sticky from sharing a bag with a bloody head.

"I am sooo not cleaning that up," SIRIN notes, just in case anyone had any ideas and forgot she was mostly a disembodied computer voice with no hands. Bad enough the blood's getting all over the floor and her boss, she doesn't want to explain to JARVIS why all the drones and whatnot would need to be sanitized and maybe even torched for a full cleansing.

Ignoring her, Bart steps over to the console, eyeing it and then the crystal shard he holds, back and forth and back again. He juuust manages to remember his fingers are sticky to stop himself before he can apply a thoughtful finger to his chin, instead tracing the suspiciously perfect indentation on the console as he considers.

"Charge..?" he echoes, glancing over at Atli and nearly dropping the crystal as he takes in her handiwork. Grife, but it looks like there'd been a slaughter. "Eeeuuuh…. Oh, right. The shiny- no. Not yet. Um." He tears his eyes away from the bloody everything and back towards the crystal before setting it delicately into the slot.

"Yes, I wasn't sure what he meant either. I tried a number of methods. For instance, the heroes of the League of Ivy often use coke to power themselves, and so I indeed tried pouring large amounts of coke onto it, but nothing happened." As Bart slots it into the console, it does seem to fit. Odd, that this Decimux fellow would make such a perfect key. Or maybe it's just fate, and all that.

Atli, unbothered by the gore, chinrubs as she thinks it over. "It did seem to flicker a bit when I blasted it with a bolt of lightning." She makes the hand motion, and a little bit of electricity arcs out, really just a few sparks, and the key does indeed glow just a little.

"Of course, I used much, much more - great, big blasts of lighting." She looks almost disgruntled, arms crossing. "Of course I don't have a hammer, so they can't be expected to be too big. In any case, I imagine we will need something else. What does this House of Stark have laying about? Perhaps whatever powers that awful witch-voice that keeps complaining with bold impunity, as if the Goddess of Thunder hath never punched a ghost before!"

Atli shakes a fist at SIRIN, and then looks for some sign that the 'ghost' might appear somewhere in the room.

"Is she talking about me? I had no idea I sounded like a witch!" SIRIN gasps, her tone all too positive for the words she speaks. It's followed by an almost audible twitch as her tone shifts. "Ooor she could mean me, and with a word that only rhymes with it," she continues, sarcasm dripping. Fortunately or unfortunately, no such images of ghosts or otherwise appear.

There's no denying his disappointment as something fails to happen when the key is inserted. Bart wonders if it's because the blood's gummed it up. He watches as it lights up at Atli's gesture, a thought of a lightbulb zapping into brightness developing in his own head. He grins.

"Lemmee try something," he says, plucking the shard from the console once again. Without further explanation he seems to vanish, a brief breeze but the only hint of his passing as he races out. And around. The world. If a good old-fashioned charge built up by friction and however the Speed Force works doesn't work, then Bart isn't sure what will!

Atli immediately shakes a fist at the ghost, and the goat doth snort in mild threat, but not so unmild as to get it to rise back up from it's spot where it flopped once more. You know, away from the blood. "Yes, i'm talking about you! And you as a well, fool of a witch-ghost! I—" And then her hair blows, and her cape billows, and Bart has disappeared. Her brow furrows, and slowly she looks up at the ceiling, you know the place where all ghost-witches hide.



Time slows, as time often does. Well, maybe not time, exactly. As strange and powerful as the Speedforce is, it does not break such rules so much as bend them into ouroboros, but the world does indeed stand still for the speedy young man as he races through it. Somewhere, halfway across India, it begins to flicker in his hand. By the time he's passed Stark Tower seven times, it begins to billow in it's arcing deluge of growing energy. A whining pitch that seems to escalate until the crackling power of the Speed Force begins to red-shift before his very eyes.

It is ready.


Atli's sentence will finish about the time Bart returns, assuming he doesn't take a detour, get distracted, or otherwise set upon by an enemy of the Titans or somesuch.

At the first sign of a reaction from the shard, Bart's eyes light up as he grins. It's working. That's enough to keep him focused on his task at hand, and he continues to put one foot in front of the other, holding the crystal out in front of him like a blue hedgehog would a golden ring.

…but really, that doesn't make any sense.

It's an anticlimactic return, at least from Atli and the goat's perspective as Impulse is simply there again, well, save for the radiating glow of energy as he raises the crystal high above his head.

"Got it!" he announces, cutting off any remarks from SIRIN as he promptly jams the shard down into the slot once more with the flourish of a gelfling driving off an evil taint to make something whole.

"Verily! That's what I thought!" Atli cries to the not-witch, not-ghost, thinking her screaming threat has brought Lord Speed-Stark back from wherever the creature had taken him. She is also certain that Bart probably slew her and imprisoned her in the shard, which is why it's so glowy. Light dances across her face, highlighting the grin that burgeons there a moment before Bart slams the shard home.

There is a sudden rush of information on the screens, all in a digital language that Atli would indeed understand if she bothered to read anything ever. instead she is focused on the portal, which begins to light up at it's edges with that same crimson energy.

A slow spinning pulse at first, then faster and faster, the whole of the portal coming to life with a sudden, severe hum. Reality breaks at it's center, shifting until there is a connection to another reality. Does it look all that different? Well, it's hard to tell from here, where they are mostly just seeing the haze of an evening sky.

"YAUS! Verily, Speed-Stark, you are as much a genius as your father. I mean, neither of you are Jane Foster, Sorceress Supreme. I mean really, so few are, but be proud this day, for you have torn a hole in reality with which we might use to complete our quest. Woe, Toothbender! It is time!!"

The goat rises, and Atli leaps atop him, patting the space behind her for Bart.

"Come now, ride with me, dear friend. Ride with me to glorious purpose and assured victory, and listen carefully, for once we get there I have a plan, you see. It is very detailed, and has a great deal of nuance, but I am certain if we work together we can see it come to fruition."

The goat stares into where it believes the camera might be. Somewhere, on the other side of the world, the Guardians get to sleep in because Atli won't be bothering THEM with her particular plan.

A plan to Fix Everything.

Bart's eyes rise from the glowing shard to the screens, and at the speed at which he can perceive things he'd certainly be able to see everything that came up, and just as likely remember it, line for line. Whether it makes sense to him or not or he figures it important at the moment is another thing, and with the portal coming to life behind him, it's not long before the speedster is swiveling about to look for himself.

He's not sure what he's expecting. Tony had said something about an alternate reality, and some round-about means of getting there, at least hypothetically. Bart's not so sure he's a genius and he's pretty sure that tearing holes in reality are a bad thing, but someone apparently thinks that they're on the right track and really, that's enough of a green light for him!

Woe, indeed.

Beaming from ear to ear, he bounds over to hop on behind Atli. Go for a ride on a space goat? Aw yeh. And as Atli asks him to listen, he gives her a nod. She has his ear. And he has absolute faith in her, just as he has faith in Tony Stark. This is fine. Everything is fine. Nothing can possibly go wrong.

Asgardian, Goat, and Speed-Stark launch through the portal on hindparts of rainbow light, dashing across a skyline not meant for such colors on the other side. To bad, alternate reality, you're getting rainbow haunches, and the smiles of two heroes which will certainly make everything better. A few moments later, the portal will wink out behind them, shifting and shimmering until it realigns to another place. To another Elsewhere. For a few brief moments, a transmission breaches that portal, reaching out on a very specific frequency.

Then, the shardkey shorts out, shutting the portal down with a sad sounding bwwwwwwwwwwwwwp sort of sound.

That's right. Nothing can go wrong. All fine. All wonderful. All good in this, the most Prime of realities, an untouchable place that many dangerous, extraversal entities cannot exert influence upon.

Well, not unless someone invites them in, anyway.

All the while, SIRIN has opted to remain silent, perhaps because she'd decided that it probably wasn't worth responding to Atli's inane accusations. She may have started to say something once the odd trio decides to take the plunge, but it's lost in the exposition of their charge onward.

Power fails, and the portal in all its disturbing glory vanishes, leaving the bloody mess for those in the lesser know to draw terrible conclusions. SIRIN's debbie-downer side sums it up best.

"Well that can't be good."

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