Hey, Little Sister
Roleplaying Log: Hey, Little Sister
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Counter was looking for the last of the folks at the robbery, Zeph. She sorta finds him instead.

Other Characters Referenced: Jessica Jones
IC Date: October 16, 2019
IC Location: New York City, NY
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Posted On: 05 Dec 2019 15:00
Rating & Warnings: G
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NPC & GM Credits: Zephyr & Other NPCs by Ursa.
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It's a night in New York, in a place that shouldn't exist.

A small, underground fight club in the Bronx has gathered a crowd tonight, mostly from the neighborhood as they try to win a little extra cash or notoriety. That's the fighters, though. The visitors come from a bit further, finding the old rundown warehouse from word-of-mouth directions from those in the know.

It's been a particularly bloody night, as the 275 lb behemoth in the ring has sent more than person off in search of a clinic for the injuries acquired in the ring.

As a matter of fact, the large man is in the middle of securing his next victory as he repeatedly knocks air out of the other man's lungs by pounding him into the concrete to the roars of an approving audience.

Ryan knows these fights all to well as he took part in quite a few and won many I might add while he was on the run, though this time he is not here to fight he is here for information, for there is more that goes down here at these gathering than just fights. There are deals, gossip, rumors, and—for the right price and an open ear—information.

Ryan is wearing his usual wear, nothing too fancy to make him stand out, jeans with a t-shirt and zipped up hoodie and his scarf. As he wanders among the crowd looking at the fights he is simultaneously listening in to conversations both with his ears and with his mind looking to see if he can pick up some information about the recent escape of Zeph and the mysterious other telepath that helped her.

As the large fighter continues his hits on his poor challenger Ryan thinks to himself, ‘hm, yet another win for the large fighter, his booker sure is making his money off of him tonight.,

As Ryan continues to watch the fights, he is getting disappointed as he had hoped to have picked up something about Zeph by now in hopes to help his new ally Jessica Jones in finding Zeph and bringing her in.

The crowd roars with approval as that heavyweight literally picks up his opponent and throws him out of the small ring that they've been using. THe loser lays there for very long moments before rolling onto his side in order to get the best shot for refilling his lungs with air that is slowly becoming easier to draw in.

It is a dark energy that fills the space, drawing all manner of unsavory individuals who only further paint the environment with their own unpleasant thoughts.

Another fighter enters the ring, and he looks very concerned — Ryan will perhaps sense the bone deep fear — as the much smaller man takes a wider stance and lifts his fist, dreading the start of the next round.

But then, however improbably, there is a nearly imperceptible shift in the general psyche. It fills attendees like water drops slowly falling into a cup.

Ryan picks up on this…. change that seems to affect everyone around him, his survival instincts begin to kick in but keeps a cool head in the process. As his uncle taught him to keep a cool head or you will be dead in situations.

Ryan tries to blend is with the others as best he can with everyone as to not stand out, while simultaneously he is reaching out with his mind to try and find where this change is coming from and what its intent may be.

Drip, drop, drip.

Minutes pass, where the only change to really be felt at all is a gentle lightening of the violent lust of the crowd.

Drip, drop, drip.

The proverbial cup fills some more. Fills enough that the crowd actually starts to thin, as some of the more casual observers actually lose interest in the new match about to begin.

Drip, drop, drip.

A thin, willowy blonde cuts through a section on one side of the ring where everyone seems to decide at once that they're done and start meandering their way outside.

Drip, drop, drip.

Ryan notices the blond women on the other side of the fight ring but can’t make out if he has seen her before and that all the people around her seem to be up and leaving as she enters but gets a sense that it might be best to stay out of her line of sight, so he tries to stay blended in with the crowd and move around a bit to get a better angle just in case something more happens and he needs to take action.

As Ryan tries to stay blended in he can still feel the effects of whatever is causing this and has a hunch that she may be causing this somehow and decides to be a bit more cautious puts a little bit more of his telepathic senses focused on her as to see if she is the cause of this and if she is a threat that he will need to get away from…. or fight if necessary for he has only seen similar like effects like this from Zeph back from the crime scene weeks ago.

The blonde in the area now so much thinner looks around with a glassy, bewildered sort of expression. She looks around at the space, her arms floating dreamily at her sides. She’s wearing a Boho-flavored coat, a faded red hue with a thick collar and cuffs of golden-colored fur and sprawling floral embroidery. Her bootleg jeans are long, and her scuffed black Army surplus boots peek out from underneath the cuffs.

A bouncer comes up to her, seemingly ready to eject her. “Hey! Are you stoned, lady? You shouldn’t be here if you’re messed u—”

“Everything’s just fine,” she tells him upon an airy sigh.

He stares at her for a moment, and then shrugs. “Okay,” he hesitantly agrees, his posture relaxing. “But you just watch out for yourself, yeah?” And then he wanders off.

“I’ll be fine,” she says, pink glossed lips curling up in a lazy smile. And then her eyes continue to take in the space about her.

As Ryan watches what the blond women just did it rings familiar to him, like back at the time of the crime scene at the store, That’s when Ryan reaches out with his mind to see if he picks up the telepathic signature that he got from back then and sure enough it is the same, it is Zeph.

Ryan's surprised to find Zeph here. He had hoped to get some information to her whereabouts, but to find her here herself… This he did not expect. Ryan then puts in his Bluetooth earpiece and gives a call to his partner Detective Jones to let her know that he has found her, but of course, it goes to voicemail so a message will have to do for now. As the voice message recording finishes Ryan leaves his message.

“Detective Jones I don’t know if you believe in luck but I found Zeph, she is literally 30 ft. from me as I speak. When you get this message call me or text me ASAP, I am currently at the underground fight rings at (insert address here) though I may be elsewhere by the time you get this message, I’ll do my best to tail her and get more information that I can but this may be our one shot to catch her. I will do my best to wait for you Detective Jones but if it looks like I am going to lose her and I get an opportunity to capture her I will take it. I’ll continue to send you updates as I can and I really do hope you respond sooner rather than later. Bye."

After the message is sent Ryan continues to do his bend to blend in but is now watching her and seeing what she is up to and waiting for any opportunity to get more information and possibly a chance to capture her.

Unaware, perhaps, that she's being watched or that she's been recognized, the metahuman continues her… Well, it's not a rampage, precisely. But she continues to clear the area all the same as she just begins to heel-scuff her way through the room. It sure looks a lot bigger as it becomes more and more sparsely populated. She breathes into crowds like blowing out birthday candles for wishes. The lust for violence only continues to plummet.

She goes to the ring next, going so far as to climb up onto the ropes and then taking a deep breath. She releases it in another sigh that sees both of the fighters in the ring look at her in confusion.

"It's alright," she tells them. "You don't have to do that now."

As Zeph climbs into the ring and speaks, Ryan notices that the area is getting less and less occupied and comes to a quick realization. Zeph is trying to empty out the area.

Ryan realizing he will not be able to blend in among the crowd soon he begins to scan the area to find a place he can hide out of sight from Zeph but still have sight on her. Ryan has finally found his target and he does not intend to lose her.

"Who the hell are you, lady?" asks one of the ring fighters. It's a valid question, really. But it's also one that doesn't really have a good answer.

Zeph's slender shoulders shrug. "No one you care about."

Except that, for whatever reason, the hulking human being decides that he doesn't really like her answer. He comes charging at her, on a course to connect his elbow with her gut. She doesn't even think to defend herself.

And when it connects, it sends her sprawling across the mat. "You stupid broad!," he roars. "Ain't no one payin' if the place is empty! What did you do?!"

"I didn't—" That's about as far as the gets before the elbow lands and it sends her flying.

As Ryan was looking for a place to hide he witnesses the fighter elbowing Zeph and sends her flying, which in all honesty surprises Ryan as he figured whatever she is doing would affect the fighters just as the other people are being affected but it doesn't for some reason. Ryan also feels a bit sad for Zeph for he knows what it's like to get hit like that and a bit angry at the fighter, for seeing the fighter hit Zeph like that to a young women with what looks like little to no way for her to defend herself physically begins to sparks Ryan's Southern Gentlemen in him despite the fact that Zeph is his target.

Ryan stops looking for a place to hide and to think of what he should do and the pros and cons of wither if he should just stay out of it and see what happens or if he should intervene and…… help Zeph with this fighter.

As she tries to get up, Zephyr takes another hit to the side. This one comes at the end of a boot, however, and the wind gets knocked right out of her. She falls to her side again, trying to get her diaphragm to cooperate and help her draw in breath. She coughs weakly, but Ryan really needn't get involved if he doesn't want to.

Because the bouncer from earlier is getting involved. "Hey! Leave the kid alone!" Whatever calm had seized him before before is fading fast, and he gets in between her and the ring fighter who is easily twice her size.

As the bouncer enters into the ring to help Zeph Ryan thinks to himself, 'Ok, well helps with not having to get involved, well not yet at least. Let's focus on finding out why she is even here in the first place.'

Ryan now focuses his mind on Zeph to see if he can find anything on the surface of her mind on why she is here and what's her goal while still watching what is happening between the bouncer and fighter just in case he does need to get involved, or get an opportunity for capturing Zeph or maybe even helping her to help him get information maybe.

Contact with Zephyr's mind will expose Ryan to an immediately sedative effect. Not the sort to bring a desire for sleep, or lethargy, but instead a contagious contentment that makes it hard to want to do much.

If Ryan wants his chance to capture her, he'll find her easy pickings. It's why she's here at all. Everything on the surface is about that, and about the absolutely searing pain that is consuming a body very much unused to such treatment.

As aid finds her in that one solitary bouncer, she lies still on the mat, curled around her middle.

As Ryan is hit with Zeph's power as he begins to probe her mind, he immediately stops his mental probe as he does not want to get affected like everyone else and keep his wits about him.

As Ryan stops his mental probing of Zeph's mind he does see the opportunity here to capture Zeph but something is bothering him with this whole scenario, it's too easy, it's like she wants to get captured, but why? Why would a criminal want to get captured? Sill Ryan may not get another chance to capture Zeph, it was just a fluke that he even found her in the first place.

Ryan hops up onto the ring and heads to Zeph in the guise of going to help and he is but at the same time getting her out of there and under his custody. As he gets up to Zeph's he looks to the bouncer "She needs medical attention after those hits, I'm going to take her to emergency care and then you all can continue your fights." Ryan then turns back to Zeph and kneels down to her "Hey you need some help after those hits, I'm going to pick you up and get you to some help ok." Ryan then proceeds to pick her up and carry her out of this place.

As he begins to pick her up and take her out of this place Ryan still wonders why she even came here in the first place and figures that there is more going on here than meets the eye, and he intends to find out.

No one really argues with Ryan about it. The bouncer just grunts and nods his head in the younger man's direction to get him on his way. "Just remember to keep this place out of the report." But the threat is the only resistance that Ryan will find.

Zeph—all slender limbs and consequently very light—is still struggling to catch her breath as Ryan picks her up. So when he tells her that he's going to get her help, she just mutely nods and settles in for the ride. Fortunately for Ryan, while that strange serenity that perpetually surrounds Zeph is still there, it's currently much reduced. It makes it much easier to breathe and keep one's wits despite the close proximity.

Ryan nods in response to the bouncer's statement as he picks Zeph. As Ryan picks her up he feels the serenity effect from Zeph is much stronger then it was when he was further away and takes a mental note of that for the future. Thankfully it not too strong since she just got banged up pretty badly, that and the fact he is a telepath with some decent mental defenses.

As Ryan continues to caries Zeph out of the underground fight ring, Ryan uses his telekinesis to pull out his phone but keeps it out of sight from Zeph and sends a text message to Jessica Jones which reads 'I have Zeph in custody! She is injured but should be ok, going to try and treat her injuries. I think there is more going on here than just a simple robbery gone wrong, it was too easy for me to get her, like she wanted to get caught. Contact me ASAP!!!'

As the message is sent and Ryan exits the underground fight ring with Zeph, he starts to head for the nearest place he can take treat her injuries while still staying under the radar and to hopefully find out what's going on and put his suspicious hunch to an end.

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