Winter Blockbuster Pt. 1
Roleplaying Log: Winter Blockbuster Pt. 1
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The villain Blockbuster attempts a terrorist attack. Superman and Agent Carter are on the scene.

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IC Date: December 05, 2019
IC Location: etropolis - Boroughs - St. Martin's Island
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Posted On: 10 Dec 2019 01:28
Rating & Warnings: Mild Violence
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It was about early-afternoon in Metropolis, the City of Tomorrow facing the usual influx of activity as it always does throughout the days that come and go. Though in particular, at St. Martins Island, there appears to be suspicious looking gentlemen hiding weapons in their coats.

Clearly, whatever their intent is, its not very good. With them is a very bulky and large looking individual, with black skin that seems to tear to reveal even more muscle underneath, though that is only by careful observation, for even he is covered in heavy amounts of clothing.


A certain individual was flying overhead. He was attracted by the sound of firearms after he had saved someone from a building that had caught on fire. "I could've sworn I heard something over here." Superman ponders as he flies, pausing to a mere hover. Thankfully, it doesn't appear anyone has noticed him yet, so he still has an element of surprise.

* * *

SHIELD has been slow in showing their hand after the very public take down they experienced at the hands of the Brotherhood. They lost quite a lot of good people when the Triskelion fell. Ever since, the US branch has taken a new imperative: anything can happen. They should look into everything and anything though only engaging when necessary.

As such, Peggy Carter, Agent of SHIELD is looking into Metropolis. There has been talk of a violent metahuman here and she is to track him down, though most likely not intervene. Since she is quite a good spy, she has managed to find the man in question. Dressed against the winter, she has a thick wool coat that hides any number of weapons, she is watching the clearly nefarious individuals. For now, she watches, waiting for what may happen.

Above may be certain other individuals but that is like a plane passing by. For now, she is focused on her targets. Even if she does not engage, she will have information to bring back.

* * *

Well, that violent metahuman in question is Blockbuster. Former Cadmus scientist gone mad with his own science-granted power. He suddenly roared out, and what was ahead you might ask? Mostly LexCorp-owned subsidaries. But theo ther cloaked figures beside him remove their disguises to reveal how armed to the teeth they are.

Machine guns and explosives. Not good at all.

Superman manages to see Blockbuster and fly down towards him, but it will still take him about…twenty seconds or so to get there. In the meantime, the gunmen move towards one of the larger buildings to prepare to open fire! Will Agent Carter have a plan to solve this problem!?

* * *

Does Peggy Carter have a plan? Not always. However, she is adaptable.

Quickly, Peggy pulls out a burner phone and dials the Metropolis version of 911. "There are armed men here!" And then? Then, she does the thing that will cause all attention to narrow on her and not on any other innocent people. Dropping the phone onto the ground with it still being connected to the emergency services, she screams. Standing up, she screams incredibly loudly, in a way to draw attention to herself and what is going on around them. That will bring the emergency services faster.

Then, she is running toward Blockbuster and his crew, attempting to draw fire and ire as she does so. She just did what a spy is not supposed to do under any circumstances - draw attention to oneself - but she saw no other option.

It's a rather haphazard approach, but it is one that will hopefully lead to the least amount of casualties and leave the building they were aiming safe.

* * *

Before the soldiers can even fire their guns, or before Blockbuster can even charge the place to perform their terrorist intentions, there's Agent Carter! Her bravery manages to get EVERYBODY's attention.

Including Superman.

But the gunmen start to pursue, since she was still rather out of range of their weapons, but bullets still wizz by Peggy, none of them with any hope of actually hitting her. Blockbuster on the other hand? He leaps, quite high in fact, at Peggy. She's smart enough to know that if she doesn't move, he's comin' right for her!


A blue streak suddenly flashes throug hthe sky, tackling Blockboster out of the air and straight into the ground. When the smoke clears from the impact?

Its Superman, standing over a currently downed Blockbuster.

* * *

As Peggy pursues Blockbuster and the people he brought with him, she dodges the bullets and uses obstructions about her ensure she will not be hit by bullets. Having gone through multiple years of a world war, she knows how to deal with concentrated fire. Then, he lunges for her. That is exactly what she as aiming for him to do. As he does so, she kicks a chair up toward him and ducks into an alley.

Then, Superman flashes down through the sky and stands over a downed Blockbuster. After a moment of expecting Blockbuster to pursue, Peggy steps out of he alley. Frowning, she approaches. "I take it that you are Superman?"

* * *

Superman seems to check for a moment with his X-Ray vision if Blockbuster is still breathing.

Whew, still kicking, just unconscious. Though that part may be brief, Superman is just happy to have a heavy hitter temporarily out of the fight. Then, the Kryptonian is greeted by Peggy Carter. No shots are being fired, the gunmen are literally in a state between horror and shock that their ringleader as it were just got taken out by Metropolis's very own guaridan.

"I am." He gives her a friendly nod and smile. "Though, I don't know your name, if you'll forgive me for saying so." He offers her his hand for a handshake.

* * *

Peggy keeps her gun focused on the two that may consider running away. Keeping her distance, she watches and does not allow Blockbuster's accomplices to flee. Her focus remains on them as Superman keeps Blockbuster under tight grip.

"Agent Carter of SHIELD," Peggy tells Superman. "Nothing to apologize for, as there's no reason for us to have met before this."

As the hand is offered, she gives him a look. "We should get these people in processing before we exchange more niceties." There's a bit of a look to Superman as he takes his eyes off of Blockbuster and those that he attempted to attack a building.

"Do criminals in Metropolis tend to put themselves into custody?" she raises an eyberow at that.

* * *

Superman looks at Peggy when she doesn't return the handshake, but…well, it looks like he's not offended by her actions. Rather just the opposite! She has a job to do, and something tells Clark that unfortunately, Peggy probably couldn't take a hit from Blockbuster. He's made Superman hurt in the past, just a tad.

He keeps a foot on Blockbuster's chest. It does not look like the big guy's getting up -anytime soon-. So, Superman looks at the criminals. "Well, sometimes. Though, just in case…you may want to get behind me."

Sure enough, two of them lay down their weapons and get down on their knees. While the last one seems to open fire on Superman in a last act of defiance…but of course, the bullets just ping off the Man of Steel with no sign of even slight discomfort from Superman. "Would you like to take this one, Miss Carter, or shall I?"

* * *

There is certainly more to do as the last person that Peggy is watching attempts to shoot Superman. From what Peggy knows of the Man of Steel, bullets bounce off of him, but that doesn't mean the same thing for other people about them. Stepping forward, she kicks a knee out, pushing the shooter down onto the ground. Once he is there, Peggy kicks his weapon from his hands and then restrains him.

From there, she does the same thing for the others, collecting all their firearms.

Standing, she looks at Superman. "Agent," she tells him firmly as he calls her 'miss'.

As the men stay where they are, she quickly disarms their weapons and looks to Supermam with a raised eyebrow. "Do you often let others disarm people when you could take the guns from them without harm?"

* * *

Peggy Carter heads to Union Station.

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