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The X-Team (and sundry) goes over their final plans for taking on the alt-Apocalypse and getting home to their own universe — with some unexpected reinforcements.

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IC Date: December 08, 2019
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Very little time has passed since Warren was retrieved. About a day, which was about as long as it took for him to be thoroughly verified as 'no longer under the influence of Genesis.' For him to 'no longer be under the influence of Death' was a harder thing to say; that Death Seed was in him, and in him it would stay. Its removal was an impossibility now without critically destabilizing his techno-organic strain.

Cyclops and Magneto had spent some time with Warren once he was coherent enough to speak, pulling out intel on the current whereabouts of Genesis, along with his deployments and immediate future plans. As it happened, Warren had been meant to lead more strikes against the surrounding infrastructure of Washington DC before returning to the ship; his rescue had disrupted those plans, and Genesis had temporarily abandoned his intention to recruit a replacement Famine in order to go forth and see what had become of his Death.

Cyclops made clear his intention to go south to engage there as a diversionary tactic. "We are bound south anyway," Cyclops had said. "He wants to take the city to cripple the country. We need to be dug in to oppose him there. Magneto and I will keep him distracted in the field so long as possible. It will be a prime opportunity for you to enter the ship in his absence and find the dimensional gate."

The shape of such a plan, it seems, will be left to the team. Scott and Magneto had left the group in the Blackbird's mission room, with that, in order to make their own preparations.

Warren has said very little throughout the entire exchange, standing towards the back of the room with his wings tightly folded behind him. He had intimated that he knew exactly where the dimensional gate was within the ship, but he has not said too much more beyond that. Perhaps still shell-shocked, or processing through what has become of him over the past few weeks.

Like a Delorean breaking back into the timestream comes a crashing mess of god and goat-flesh, tumbling end over end elsewhere along the length of the Blackbird until there is a resounding THUD at the mission briefing room. The door, sensing someone wishing to enter, opens, leaving Atli to flop halfway into the room, hair all amess and perhaps trailing no small bit of smoke, while the goat heavy-breathes some feet behind her. With a groan she starts to rise, using her spear as a walking stick, her gaze drifting back to her goat with a terrible wince.

"Fool of a goat! You lost Lord Speed, Son of Stark! Verily, he might be anywhere, and also falling to his death!"

The massive space goat simply snorts, apparently having decided on a post-dimension hopping nap, his heavy frame wafting ozone.

Finally, the Girl of Thunder turns her gaze to those in the room, blurry vision slowly coming into sharp focus past anyone or anything else in the room to settle on Warren Worthington. Eyebrows lift, and the pain leaves her face in that moment, hope filling her up through and through. She looks much like she looked the first time Warren met her, absurdly oblivious in all the ways that let you have a good time even when everything is very bad.

"Glorywing? Glorywing!! Verily, it appears you blue yourself! What the Hel has happened here? Where is The Dazzler?!"

Kitty has listened, has attended and is now here. Warren and Alison have been retrieved. What they need to do now is find a way to get through this and get home while still helping the people here. She has been - as she sees it - kind enough to not tell Scott shove it while they remain to help them with Apocalypse.

However, the enormity of the ask is one that overwhelms her. It was near suicide to drop into Apocalypse's ship to retrieve Ali. It was just as insane to try and save Warren. Now they have both of them and it somehow only becomes more dangerous.

Looking about the room, she opens her mouth to say something when there is crash, the clattering of hooves and the familiar voice of Atli. Kitty's mouth snaps shut. Then, she grins, her shoulders relaxing just slightly as Atli, the Girl of Thunder crashes into this universe. "Atli!" She greets immediately, relief immediate in her voice. Lockheed is quick to dive-bomb the goat and hug its face. Rushing forward, she attempts to crush the woman in a hug. "By God, it's good to see you."

There's definitely a shape of a plan, but for Moonstar she needs the definition of that plan to be sharper, more precise.

To have some sense of contigencies as needed and what sorts will be needed.

As such, she takes a page from Scott's book and turns her singular eye to Warren and Dazzler, "When we originally entered the ship we found very little resistance, how much should we expect when we hit the dimensional gateway room?" And with that question comes a follow-up, "And why is it so empty on the ship?"

There are other questions to be asked, for certain, but the sudden commotion shifts her attention over to the door and when her gaze lands upon a familiar (two) form, Moonstar can't help the look of surprise that flits across her features.

"Atli." The one-eyed Cheyenne says with a note of warmth to her voice as she too echoes similar words as Kitty, "It's good to see you."

A day later, Jean's keeping any residual joy to herself. Bringing Warren and Dazzler home was only ever a step on the road to making things right — a momentous step, to be sure, but a step: the lingering matter of their assassins has cast a long shadow across their impending homecoming from the first. There are psychics in need of vengeance, a responsibility that weighs no less heavily upon her now that Warren's back to - possibly? - shoulder it once again; a xenochemical weapon to capture and purge…

And those steps were laid before she learned how precariously the world she was reborn to teeters on the edge of Apocalypse.

Before they were faced with a cracked mirror and weary shades deserving of whatever the X-Men can give in return for the priceless gifts they've received just by coming and doing as they do.

"Where will War and Pestilence be?" she wonders, hands folded upon the table in the spot that's become hers through these Blackbird meetings. "Who is War…? What can they do?" Her eyes aren't — quite — on Warren, but with Scott and Magneto gone, there are only so many others she can ask; the apology's threaded through her tone.

"How many— "


"— Atli?!" she exclaims in time with Kitty. "What're you— — how— — I, thank you," she goes with, "for being here— "

Once her eyebrows settle and the shocked smile fades— once she swallows the surprise, she states:

"There's a lot of smiting to do," a beat later, low and sober.

Carolus Sinclair has been quiet, remaining cloaked in a cocoon since their return from Warren's rescue. Whether a consequence of holding onto Warren's shard for too long or simply because he's failing to meet some biological need that is extraordinary and difficult to deal with in this environment, he's acted extremely worn out. Spread too thin, in spite of the fact that he's gone relatively undamaged physically. Which was a small miracle in and of itself.

He expected his healing factor to be put through its paces eventually.

Which of course is when a space goat just /turns/ up along with a woman he doesn't know, but who identifies her broad origin immediately by talking in a weird dialect and making references to norse mythology.

His antennae twitch lightly at this intrusion, but at first at least Carolus relaxes back into a state of attempted rest.

"We need Pestilence to stay well away." He remarks, his voice dull and distant, "I don't know what War is like, and perhaps I am underestimating that individual based on my understanding of who Pestilence is, but I can't think of anyone more terrifying than Josh Foley on supertech enhancements as a vector for biological maladies."

For her part, Alison Blaire seems to be content with her new role as "lingering shadow," in possibly the farthest throw from her international pop star days. It's a significant stage, going from the stage and singing about spiritual acceptance of self, to here, crossing her arms across her chest and looking patently uncomfortable inside her own skin.

Warren's returned presence among the team has done wonders for her general mood; however, while there's new steel smithed into her blue eyes, the woman's state is palpable: she's a bunch of hanging threads, with just enough strength to hold herself together to finish this.

She passively absorbs Scott's gameplan with downturned eyes, listening without any real argument. It seems solid enough, and about all they have to go on for a plan —

Moonstar's question tics up her attention, though she doesn't glance on the one-eyed woman for long. "It'll be different. Where you found me was no more than a bunch of barracks. Where Gen— where Apocalypse keeps his tech is another story. He also isn't the type to make mistakes twice. In face, he may be counting on us living up to the X-Men name and bringing the strike to him. Which case he'll have his Horsemen nearby, unless the diversion is necessary enough to pull them away —"

Carolus' point makes Alison's lips tighten, quietly agreeing about Pestilence. "Being trapped in a contained space with him is — yeah."

She can offer no certainty. Her head is empty these days, without his programmed whispers.

Jean asks who the Horseman War is — and Alison visibly winces. Perhaps she knows. She hestiates from answering; possibly reticent against being the bearer of bad news —

She never says anything, in the end, because about that time Atli enters, to Alison's demonstrative shock. The granddaughter of Thor, here?! "A- Atli? Our Atli? How did you —?!"

Should she really be surprised? It's an Asgardian.

If Alison is a lingering shadow, Warren is her lingering shadow. He hasn't strayed too far from her side since this meeting began; or, well, since his recovery. Whether it is for her peace of mind, or his, or both, is harder to say.

As the questions come in, Warren starts to speak, but he is cut off by the singular appearance of Atli Wodendottir into this universe. The sudden noise and clamor actually gets his wings to flare in a defensive reflex at first, the razor-sharp organic steel fanning in an array of feather-blades.

Then he registers who it is. Surprise turns to recognition, and then to a certain shame at her shock regarding his appearance. His wings fold back behind him, and his face averts from her earnestness. The old him would have laughed at her entendre; the new him only says, "Hello, Atli." A long pause. "…A lot has happened. But Ali is here. We all are." His eyes finally turn back towards her. "You came at a good time."

His attention turns to the questions. If he hears the apologetic tones people have for asking him so many questions while he is in this state, they don't seem to matter to him. The questions are a means to an end to the one thing he is razor-focused on getting; and that thing is violent, judging by the fact that his talons are out, and flex periodically.

"The ship is never so staffed as you might expect something like that to be," is Warren's blunt answer. "It's a stopping point for his forces, not a home. Most of his strength is out in the field, on the attack. And besides…" He grimaces. "The ship is alive, in some sense. It can call or resonate with him, when it is in distress. And he has a high proportion of mutants with movement abilities to quickly send forces back to it if it's attacked.

He exchanges a glance with Alison. "I think he will expect us to hit the ship. And he will send his best: the other Horsemen. They're far afield right now, but he will recall them. Though — we have reinforcements of our own." A nod to Atli.

His feathers spread slightly, in what looks like restless body language. "Pestilence is strong, but his enhancements are mostly offensive. Apocalypse uses him to destroy supplies and human infrastructure on a wide scale, and his powers are amped up in that regard, but — defensively…"

Archangel's talons twitch. "Put a set of claws through his skull, and he dies the same as everyone else. Rip him into enough pieces, and even if he can come back — he'll take a while."

As for who War is?

There is a marked pause from Alison, who like as not does not want to hurt with the news —

"It's Logan," says Warren, who apparently does not feel inclined to similar mercy right this moment.

The Daughter of Woden takes it all in, setting her spear across a nearby chair before both of her hands come to rest on her hips. She practically beams at them all, because of course they should be glad to see her! She is, of course, the cavalry. She even rode in on something, even if that something is taking a snoring nap on the other side of the door. After soaking in the greetings she beams to Kitty, and then Moonstar, offering both her customary grin. You know the kind. Utterly devoid of any idea of what consequence really is.

"Yes, hello. I am sorry I am late for this battle to come. But don't worry. I have a plan." Atli offers a thumbs up to Kitty and Dani.

Jean mentions smiting, however, and her attention is drawn to Lady Firemind with a light in her often manic gaze. "Yes, of course!"

Atli gives an exagerrated wink, tilting the entirety of her head as she does so. "Smiting. Later, of course. But first we must deal with.. whatever the Hel this all is."

Whatever secret code she thinks she's exchanging with Jean certainly doesn't exist, and her attention is turned to Alison, who the very sight of consigns all pretense of keeping her emotions in check to a vast oblivion of welcome joy.

"YAUS! I knew it! Verily, do you all see? The Dazzler is alive! I never doubted it. Odin did, because he's a fool, and now there's a very large statue of you on Asgard." This she says as she practically rushes Ali to gather her up in a hug. Don't worry, she'll be gentle. "Oh, well, you know. Lord Stark left a magic teleportation circle in his basement, and then Lord Stark's son, Speed-Stark, was able to activate it with his speed powerss. He came with me because he's very brave, but I may have lost him along the way. In any case, yes! It is me! Here to help bring you home!"

And finally, Atli meets the gaze of Warren, the Glorywing, who if she's being honest does have the most glorious of wings now. Her eyes light up at the sight of them, so oblivious to the pain that must have come with them. She reaches out, to touch Warren's shoulder, to offer a little squeeze.

"But not so much that I would not recognize my best of friends. And if you have need of healing, fear not. Brett from the League of Ivy has sent a gift along." Atli pats one of her pouches. Then her brow furrows, but her smile lingers, as if the bottom half of her face is having trouble catching up with the thoughts meandering around in the top half. "Verily, what's a Logan?"

Kitty gives Atli a very fierce hug that she draws back from as others discuss. In this alternate universe, everything is a mess of tangled loyalties, of mistrust, of people who have been betrayed, have been mind controlled, have been maimed. Atli? Atli is none of that. She is a force of nature, one of home, one of the Guardians, a breath of fresh air.

"It is so good to see you," she tells the red haired woman fondly. Lockheed keeps rubbing his face against the goat in his own sense of greeting. Who knows what he and that goat got up to in space. Kitty thought it impolite to ask.

There is a lot of talk of plans, of things they need to watch. They faced War, they faced Death, they even faced Pestilence. What more could they face that could be worse? Carolus' idea of who the worst War could be is met with a nod. Yes, that sounds bad and they can work with it.

However, Warren speaks and as Kitty draws back, warm and revitalized by a member of the Guardians arriving, she looks to Warren as if she had been slapped hard across the face twice when he says who War is.

"Logan?" She narrows her eyes. "No. He'd nev—" But she was Pestilence before. Of course he could be War. She shakes her head, drawing back, eyebrows knit. "No, that's bad. That's very bad." She looks to Atli. "Logan taught me everything I know about fighting, about how to handle being a mutant. He's…my teacher." And how can you defeat your teacher?

"Speed-Stark. I like that." This comes from one Tony Stark. Of course he's still there. Where else would he be. I mean the man kicked down the doors between dimensions to come find Warren, like hell he'll leave before its all said and done.

"I mean it's not really a teleportation circle but close enough." He adds as he comes walking in slowly from the other room.

The man isn't wearing his armor at the moment, but with his gifts and powers its never far from hand.

There is a wince though as he hears the powers of the other horseman, and a more serious wince as War's identity is revealed. "Oh…thats…" A wince again. "…rough. Yeah. Defiantly rough."

A glance then at Kitty. Then he shakes his head. "He's not /your/ Logan, Kitten. Just remember that alright?" A beatpause. "I mean your Logan is likely just…you know…doing 'the hard things that need to be done' and growling at people."

Because. You know. Stark can't leave well enough alone.

Logan. War is Logan. The guy who's been fighting battles since the American Civil War. It's a logical choice, but not one that Carolus was expecting, and in spite of the logical fear that he feels in reaction to this knowledge, it still doesn't match the terror he felt about Elixir. He could put up a fight against Logan, he was sure of that. Elixir… he'd probably have every disease known to man before getting within a yard of being able to grab him, much less actually do anything about him.

He pulls himself free of his cocoon, climbing out of it and standing before it in the corner he's been occupying most of his time here. Brushing himself off, he asides to Atli, "Carolus Sinclair, codename Atlas. Nice to meet you, barring the bizarre circumstances."

His right primary hand is offered. It's gloved.

"Wednesdays are frequently foolish," he says, "being too close to the end and not distant enough from the beginning."

Turning his attention to Kitty, he replies, "It depends on the circumstances. As dubious as we can argue it to be, the choice between 'death' and 'not death' isn't a difficult one from many perspectives and philosophies. Though I must admit, Logan is not a person I would have imagined reaching desperately for just one more day."

"What are his altered parameters? Field agent, or is Genesis actually clever enough to use him as a proper strategist?" He asks.

Agreement flares in Moonstar's one eye when Jean mentions just how much *smiting* will be happening.

Too much has occured for there not to be.

Carolus' mention of Pestilence brings Moonstar's attention over to the Moth, and with a grim expression she says simply, "Agreed."

But before she can say much of anything else Ali speaks up. It causes Moonstar to look over at the shadowed songstress and while the other woman doesn't look at her for long, when she does look over Moonstar offers a ghost of a smile. Though that smile twitches to something much more grim at that slip concerning Apocalypse's name, as well as the mention of the horsemen and the fact that they'll likely be more defenders at the gateway versus the barracks. The question of just who is War isn't yet answered, and with the flare of those metallic wings Moonstar automatically turns her attention to Warren. Her gaze lingers on the man for a few seconds longer than necessarily when he mentions just how easily Pestilence will fall when claws are used. There should be a lot more worry in her gaze than there is, but let's face it, this particular world has helped burn some of that sense of fair play out of Moonstar.

Though not all of it.

Moonstar glances aside to Kitty for a moment, before it's back at the conversation. "We definitely need to take down -" And that's about as far as she gets as Warren reveals the name Alison was hesitant to.


With a flat tone and an equally flat expression, Moonstar says, "He really took the best of us here, didn't he."

While her gaze stays troubled her attention shifts away and over to Atli. That thumbs-up prompts the fainest of smiles from the Cheyenne, but she can't quite return it. It's only at that last question of Atli's that she speaks again, right after Kitty reveals just what a Logan is, "Someone who's extremely good at warfare. Has a healing factor, admanantium claws, pretty indestructable overall."

Tony's arrival causes Moonstar to glance over at him, but it's what he says to Kitty that has Moonstar nodding in agreement. "It'd be nice if we could block Apocalypse's teleporters - even if it's only for a few minutes. Or block the link between himself and his ship, so it can't send out an SOS to him. How are they linked? Is it something we could possibly psionically block?"

"I— "

It's more of a tripletake; Jean's eyebrows arch a higher with each cycle. By the last, incredulous laughter quietly bubbles while her eyes tilt towards the table and stick. "Actually," she corrects, "I meant— … I was thinking, more— …"

Or starts to, anyway, until the manic Girl of Thunder flashes to her next greeting. She's— pretty sure that Atli'll get the gist of 'kick asses; break things', soon enough.

Warren - a ghost tethered to another - just gets the one take with his concise summary of Pestilence. As red brows sink, she begins to say — something — that crumbles away after he rips the band-aid off, leaving her mouth in a silent circle. The bare fluttering of her hair and sash settles over the next beat until the former frames features falling into thought. Atop the table, hands gloved in dull gold clench; eight or so more instinctively, invisibly grip the shoulders, arms, and hands of those gathered. So far, they've managed to save those they came for with a minimum of injuries, but Logan…

There are times when managing Logan's violence is nigh-impossible when he wants to be managed; what words, what emotions could possibly mollify Apocalypse's Weapon?

"… if I can beat one of their teleporter's psi-shields," she eventually exhales after letting important questions and bloody thoughts carry her away, "then, yes— probably? I can break the little piece of their brain that controls their power; I can make them forget how to do it— something. It's a big 'if' — are all of his forces protected the way the Horsemen are…? Because if so…"

Emerald eyes hood while she lets the team follow her trailing as they will. "Psychokinetically, it's— … I… don't really have that kind of control over, just— energy, the kind where I could just screw with their signal, or something, but… if I had time, and we weren't talking about too big of a space…"

Thoughtful eyes turn towards Tony. She doesn't leave it to chance, this time: as the words drop off, wordless and questioning thoughts of Faraday cages and molecular rearrangement begin flickering through the futurist's mind.

It is hard to brood too hard when someone like Atli is around. Her approach for him, her touch on his shoulder — undeterred and unrepulsed by what he is and how he looks now — briefly gentles Warren's blue eyes. It is the only time his eyes have ever gentled out of that single-minded, violent anger, ever since he was brought back from his thrall. It lingers when his gaze finds Tony, sauntering into the room in his Tony way.

But it is ultimately short-lived. Especially as they turn to talk of their approach for their final strike on the dimensional gate — and the opposition that faces them. Once there might have been remorse or gentle-heartedness, for the effect his statement on War's identity has on Kitty in particular. Now — Archangel just remains impassive.

If he notices, either, the prolonged way Dani looks at him when he talks about taking down Pestilence — and specifically talks about taking down Pestilence in the way he does — he makes no particular reaction to it. If anything, he simply treats the matter clinically, as if he were speaking from direct experience.

Death was the station granted to the leader of the Horsemen, after all. And how else would the leader of a group ruled by the creed of 'survival of the fittest' be determined?

Carolus's remarks turn his head. There is a distinct tightening of his expression, a distinct hackling of his lethal wings, when the younger man speaks of Horseman status as something reached by 'desperation to live just one more day.' His feathers sharpen themselves on one another as they fan, though he keeps the details of his reaction to himself — for now. "It's not always a consensual process," he suffices to say, his voice flat. "It was a fake choice for me. A choice that wasn't a choice."

His gaze turns away, and he forces his wings flat to his back. Now, the question: is the Wolverine merely being used as muscle, or tapped for his vast experience in warfare? "The latter," says Warren. "He's used as a field leader on the ground, on the frontlines. He's used to hammer out battle plans. He's War. He is used to make it, in every aspect of its making."

There is musing of interrupting the signal from the ship, of cutting off the teleporters which Apocalypse has. Warren starts to look at Jean, but his gaze can't quite settle right on her. It skates past her and away, ashamed. For his childhood friend to see him like this…

"The ship has enough of a mind for you to come between it and Apocalypse," he says instead, sticking strictly to business. For now. "You could… force it into a torpor. Cut off that avenue of communication between him and what's going on back here. If your powers were focused enough." A pause. "You could use Cerebro. Scott said it would be worth it, even if it is lost when we take it with us. There are no remaining telepaths here strong enough except you."

As far as blocking the teleporters? "It's possible, after you establish that connection with the ship, that its own shielding could be engineered," he adds, "to block direct teleportation in at least temporarily. The technical details are beyond me." But probably not beyond Tony.

Kitty focuses on Tony for a moment, eyes narrowing. "He's Logan." She shakes her head. "The people here? They're people. We may not know them the same way that we knew them before, but that doesn't make them lesser that doesn't make them easier to fight. I may not have the same relationship with Logan here that I did where we came from, but everyone still here is…here." She shakes her head. "The people here are…"

She looks to the door where Scott and Magneto left. "They have gone through more than we have. Maybe that's why they think the can toss us at things and not care if we live or die. But, I care. I care about the Logan here. If the only reason we are here is to rescue Alison and Warren, that is completely and utterly understandable. However, we can do more than that. We can help." It's what Gwen said before, when Kitty was still bereft from her time in Apocolypse's ship: 'they can leave this place better than how they arrived.'

Plans are starting to arise. Jean will take on the ship. It makes sense, but she looks to Jean. Moving forward, she tells her softly, "Don't trust the Scott here." They have their own things they need to work through, but she attempts to give her something that she has found. "He sees us as expendable."

Then, she looks about and settles her shoulders. "If War arrives, I'll face him. I'll be best to do so with my powerset and if the Kitty here was anything like me, he'll want to fight me."

The goat's eye opens, strange and alien as it swivels to fixes on the nuzzling and rubbing Lockheed. The stare may or may not bring that nuzzling to a stop. The sudden swipe of a sloppy tongue meant as a greeting likely will. Toothbender does not yet move from his lounging spot, one of his legs keeping the door to the other compartment open. Kitty's information about Logan brings one of her hands upward, chin-rubbing as she considers.

"Hmm, yes, he sounds formidable. And now that you say his name again and again and again, I do recall my grandfather mentioning him here and there. Hmm, something about him and Thor naked in a field full of Jotenbison. Well, no matter. There's nothing for it, he's going to have to die quite a whole lot. I have a spear that can cut through anything, and I imagine that this Logan fellow counts as anything."

As Atlas makes the introduction, Atli grasps his forearm without hesitation. But soon comes a slow squint, a once-over that had not happened before. "Mmm… Man-Moth. Verily, are you related to the Man-Spider? The great Prophet of the Daily Bugle, J. Jonah Jameson is not fond of the Man-Spider, which has me conflicted you see. On one hand, he has excellent abs. On another, he is a menace. Where on this scale would you say you fall,? You know, just so I know how to regard you, Atlas Man-Moth."

She'll let go of his arm as Tony speaks up, wincing at the mention of Bart. Because of course, she lost him somewhere. No doubt he's speeding back here as we speak though. Annnnnnny moment now.

Like now.

Or… NOW!

Atli's eyes dart about, as if looking for some invisible stalker, and then she crosses her arms in disappointment. Verily, it would have been bitchin' if Speed-Stark had shown just as she'd thought about it. "Yes, well, your son might yet turn up Lord Stark. Don't worry too much."

Jean seems at a loss for words, and of course it draws Atli's attention, but by then she's watching the Firebird with a beaming smile as Jean talks about strategy, and then Atliwaves a hand dismissively. "Nonsense. Just release your inner reserves of cosmic destruction and deliver unto them fiery punishment." Atli makes a single vague fisting motion in the air, still smiling, as if, you know, releasing the full power of the Phoenix force is a good thing to add to the plan.

As for Warren, she basks in that look that softens, and moreso in the simple fact that he and Ali are alive and well. Of course, 'well' is a matter of opinion but most Midgardian opinions are ridiculous and so, she'll form her own. They seem fine! Just fine.

Yes. Fine.

"So, it sounds like we have a bit of a plan. The sooner we slaughter these fools, the sooner we can get home to the warmth and safety of the House of Waffles."

Carolus is, in appearance, not too terribly different physically from Spider-Man. Stood up next to Thor, or even Atli, he probably looks relatively understated. But excepting the extra anatomical features, he's the same sort of middleweight muscular that is common among superheroes with any sort of extraordinary physique.

His antennae twitch lightly as Atli carries on, but he meets the whole spiel with a smile and replies, "If Spider-Man is an eight out of ten menace, I'm a six or a seven. I spend too much time doing civilian things to catch Jameson's attention so far. Ah, but if I ever /do/ get his attention, I'll know that I've truly become famous."

His attention shifts from Atli towards Archangel, whose body language is more than familiar enough to know that he probably made a mis-step, even without words offered.

"I believe you," Carolus replies to Warren, "but if effective resurrection is a boon that can be offered, it immediately becomes a choice that is easier for the vast majority of beings to make. All the same, if you say that it wasn't choice you would make in the fullness of your faculties and emotional well-being, I believe you."

"Full disclosure," he adds, "if I were dead, that's not a choice that I would necessarily immediately decline. Especially in an emotionally compromised state. Being alive offers opportunities to fix things that went wrong."

"Probably a little too cool-headed to wind up a ghost, though."

His expression wavers sharply at the explanation of War's role. Carolus would imagine most to be short-sighted enough to use Logan for one purpose or the other, but not both. He shakes his head, "If I am being altogether honest with you, I find the idea of people /effectively/ trained to operate like Logan a great deal more frightening than Logan singular, even if I think Logan singular could kill me several dozen times over. The man knows small squad tactics like no other. Not… that I need to tell you that, I suppose."

"And," he sighs, "Kitty is correct. But if we're going to try to make things notably easier for them on the way out, we need a coherent goal for doing that. What sort of tidying up are we doing before we stop being guests here? Shall we clean up the kitchen? Vacuum? Give the sentient ship a digital brain tumor?"

'Your son might yet turn up, Lord Stark'

There is a wince there. "Urgh, never gonna live that whole bit down." Shaking his head slightly he just sighs before he looks towards Kitty. There is a 'hey I was only trying to help!' look on his face. It is what he does. He helps.

"Anyway, most orginisms usually have some kind of hybernation routine set in their code somewhere." He wrinkles his nose a moment. "I mean, I hate most biology that doesn't involve some ladies fine set of legs but that's what I remember. So, if you…" A nod towards Jean. "…could convince it that it was hurt enough to hibernate. Then it would shut most of it down, likely not be communicating with anyone for a bit which would at least slow responce down."

He pauses a moment.

"Or slow it down enough to give it some more problems and help out the people here. Even just damanging the ship for long enough would work right? I mean I guess I could show Magnet Man how to control the metal on that ship too…that could be a thing."

A pause again.

"Wait teleporters?" Now his head snaps back to Warren. Seemingly entirely unbothered by MURDERBIRD talking of murder. "I mean I can kitbash something together that might slingshot them to different parts of the planet for a little bit. I'll need you know. Some parts and it won't last long."

Moonstar listens to the various chatter that flows around the room. There are several points that cause her to look at specific people, but for the moment she stays relatively silent.

It's only when Kitty speaks about fighting Logan that Dani speaks once more. "Kitty." But does she nay-say the other woman? Not really, no. Each of them will likely have to take on some sort of role that will be dangerous in some manner, shape or form, but she does say, "We go in together and we protect each other. Yes, Logan might likely strike out at you Kitty, but will he be prepared for you and Atli? Perhaps not." A look shifts over to Atli momentarily and then it's over to Carolus' questions, "My thought is, at the very least, we destroy the dimensional gateway. That will stop Apocalypse from expanding his army whenever needed and level the playing field. If we can possibly manage in destroying the ship out right, I think that would allow those here an even better chance at re-taking their world back and defeating him."

There's a pause, however, when Tony speaks and Moonstar can't help but ask, "Wait - you know how to control the metal?"

"They're definitely going to be expecting this," Jean whispers once it's confirmed that Apocalypse is resourceful enough to use every part of the Wolverine. "He knows how we work… …"

Steel-set emerald eyes widen when a question strikes like lightning:

"… how many telepaths does he have? I'm gonna have to secure the network…"

Before she can give much thought to what that'll mean to trying to fight through psychic shields, Warren suggests another option—

— Kitty advises caution in considering it…

"Scott's going to fight like hell to protect his people," she murmurs to Kitty after her eyes bounce between the pair for a moment, "and I — I do believe that he'll do right by us, as long as he can. But if it does turn out that he's got to choose between protecting his people, and— … I trust us. Wherever we end up today, we're going to be there together; we're going to make Apocalypse regret reaching into our world to meddle with our family, together. I trust Scott to be Scott, but I trust the people in this room with my life." A long breath follows as squared shoulders slightly sink.

"I trust you to do whatever you can to keep Logan busy," she then adds.

Once that's said, she turns her attention towards Warren to seal the plan with a firm nod. "I'm," she says to Carolus and Tony both without quite taking her eyes from her former classmate, "going to see if I can make friends with it. Maybe if— I don't know, if it can think, it can feel, right? Maybe it can understand what it's being used to do; maybe it can have second thoughts…"

She quietly entertains this notion for a couple moments, but she can't avoid acknowledging the Thunder God supportively telling her to wreck cosmic destruction upon her foes forever, can she…?

"… I don't think," comes in a tentative murmur as she glances Atli's way, "that cosmic destruction's gonna be an option here, but I'll make sure I do as much of the regular kind as I can; don't worry."

When Carolus confirms his rating on her Abs or Menace scale, she gives him a narrowed eyed look, resolved to keep an eye on him lest the great J. Jonah Jameson want a piece of his hide too.

"What can Atli say or do in response to the wondrous Firebird, Lady Firemind, but smile her best smile, and look ever skeptical. As if to say, 'Jean, every time I've seen you fight you've unleashed!' Which was one time. Against a fake bear. A sample size large enough for an Asgardian to confirm something as a completely true. The smile turns into that skeptical wince, to which she responds to cosmic destruction not being an option: "Isn't it though?"

Maybe she's just hopeful.

In any case, several parts of the plan are far over her head, but Dani does mention how no one will be expecting her, and she waves a hand towards the goat. "Nor Toothbender, and his magical hindparts. We have the advantage in hindparts, most certainly."

Finally, she looks to Warren, and then to Ali, meeting each of their gazes with excitement and hope only she might bring into this most dire of circumstances. Does she fully understand what even needs to be done? No. But neither did she when she recruited the Shark People of Mars to rid Lord Stark's Tower of demonic hordes.

And that turned out fine.

"Yes. Excellent. It seems we have a bit of a plan. Heroes of Midgard, I am honored to fight beside you to bring justice to this horrible place we must go, but feel confident in this, our plan to Fix Everything."

"It was effective resurrection. But not mine," is Warren's sudden admission, as Carolus professes his understanding for the choice to take resuscitation — especially while in an altered mental state. "I didn't die. Ali did. There was an option to refuse his offer of my wings — of Ali's life. But what kind of option is that? And they were — things that wouldn't have been lost — if not for him."

He laughs. It is the first time he's laughed since they retrieved him, and the sound carries no warmth or particular joy. Only irony. "He created me an impossible situation."

He falls silent afterwards, listening to the ideas flowing around the room.

"Whatever we do," he finally says, for a moment sounding more like the old Warren, "it has to be fast. He will not stay away from the ship forever. He will not stay oblivious to his loss of me forever. Destroying the dimensional gate is an absolute baseline. The ship itself, even better — it's a vast portion of his power."

How many telepaths does he have? Jean asks. "Few," Warren says to his old friend. "Very few telepaths survive in this universe. None on your order of strength."

He looks up at Tony. "I say, give Magneto what you know of how to manipulate the techno-organic metal. Put together something that can reroute teleportation attempts." His gaze travels the others. "Jean talks to the ship, puts it down. We go in as a single unit. Together we've got a decent mix of powers to handle both Pestilence and War — physical and mental. Atli's got a biology Pestilence has never even seen, before, that will slow him — "

He closes his eyes, briefly centering himself.

"If we have to split up," he says, "we'll cross that bridge once we're in. Getting in won't be so hard as before. I can still pass the shield, with passengers — for now."

Tony's rather flippant remark about being able to teach Magneto how to control the organic metal brings a pinched look to the Cheyenne's eyebrows.

It doesn't help that Warren agrees with it.

"I have reservations about giving him that knowledge." Is all she currently says, as there are other things to tackle, "But I agree, I think we have the major points hashed out - psychically stop ship from alerting Apocalypse, destroy dimensional gateway, and if at all possible destroy the ship."

She looks at each of them now, "And when we're all done here return back home."

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