The One With The Motorbike
Roleplaying Log: The One With The Motorbike
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Paige and Sam meet Tyler, and the trio find out they have some things in common.

Other Characters Referenced: Wolfsbane Juggernaut
IC Date: December 10, 2019
IC Location: Salem Center
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Posted On: 12 Dec 2019 12:47
Rating & Warnings: PG-13
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Sometimes, a boy just needs to get out of the city for a while. Just hop on a train, take it to the end of the track and see what's around to be seen. When you're a mutant and that city is New York, getting away once in a while feels more like a matter of survival than just clearing one's head. 'Hopping a train' also tends to take a different form.

It's early evening over in Salem Center. Thanks to the joys of Winter, the Sun's already given way to the light of the Moon and a variety of street and building lights. Early December? That means some folks even have their festive lights on display, and in an affluent community they tend to be grand.

There isn't a ton of traffic on the roads tonight; there was just a station wagon passing by complete with reindeer antlers and a red nose attached to the front a few minutes ago, and now? Well, there's the sound of one of those sporty motorcycles trying to impress the citizens of the sleepy burb like the Harley it wishes it was. That single headlight might even be coming into view, or the blue frame and leather-clad rider might even be in the eyesight of some.

…and then? The noise stops. Rather suddenly. Not with a crash or a gradual death, but just instant. Those close enough to see? Would see the bike and rider alike vanish out of thin air, to be replaced by a /different/ fellow entirely, who's tumbling across the ground far faster than a human should.

About the speed of that bike, really.

"Ow! Ow! Ow, ow, ow, ow." come the grunts from the slowing pedestrian who clearly wasn't the source of the speed by the increasing lack of locomotion that eventually ends up in a stop and a few moments spent laying on the street, staring up at the stars.

At least it wasn't a /crowded/ street this time.

Sam Guthrie is out doing some Christmas shopping. The young man is walking along between stores, and will stop as he sees the man go tumbling. He blinks a moment, and will move towards the other and says "You ok Sir?" He will more to check out the person and if safe help them up.

Out and abound for some holiday shopping, Paige is making her way through the stores with her big brother, carrying a number of bags along her arm. She's out wearing a new flannel with a t-shirt beneath and a pair of skinny jeans. At the sight of tumbling man, she heads over quickly in pursuit, following after Sam. "Woah! Did you get hit by ah' car?" She asks with concern in her voice, putting her bags down to kneel next to him.

"Hah! You called me sir. Never gonna get used to that, I swear." Tyler replies, letting out a soft laugh. "…I've been worse," he adds after a moment, looking up at the older fellow, accepting the help up, even if he's a little slow to do so. Things of notice? Other than some groans of pain, he doesn't seem… /surprised/ by what happened at all, and if he touched Sam when getting up? He must've been swimming in ink earlier, because there's a print left wherever he made contact.

Except his hands? They're pretty clean. Maybe it's non-stick ink, or something.

Looking over to Paige, next, he brightens up a little more. Even flashing a slight grin. "A car? Naw, but I'd say it's safe to say I've been struck alright!" Okay, maybe he's had a drink or two. The bars aren't exactly closed yet, afterall.

Sam Guthrie frowns a bit and resists the urge to push the guy back down after he flirts with his sister. "What happened, you looked like you were going at a pretty good clip there and then just tumbling around?" He will notice the mark and try wipping it off on his jeans.

Grinning back at him, Paige lifts her brows upwards at Tyler. "Ha. Nice one. Ain't heard that one before." She drawls out in her Southern twang in the back of her throat. Pushing herself up to her feet, she recollects her bags once it appears the man is okay. "Hit ah' crack in th' sidewalk or somethin'? I wasn't paying much attention, just saw yah' flying." Glancing over at Sam, she is all grins as she jostles his shoulder with a bump of hers.

"Well, you know. Pretty lady makes a fella get inventive." Tyler replies to Paige first - his own voice lacks the New York or even Northeastern accent, carrying more of a rural Midwestern one, instead. "I mean, I'm just teasin'. Wouldn't want to rile your boyfriend there up too much." Then taking a wobbly step back to better address them both, he reaches a hand up to smooth his hair out a bit. "Let's… ah… just say I caught a ride. That's probably the best way of putting it. Magician never reveals his secrets, and all that." Another laugh, if a bit of a sheepish one this time. "Sorry if I startled you folks, it's kinda a byproduct of bein' me. Name's Tyler, by the way."

As for that mark? Yeah, must be tougher ink than first thought — it isn't going anywhere. At least not yet!

Sam Guthrie smirks a bit to this and says "Not her boyfriend, more protective." He will answer the man. "And no so much worried about your starteing us, more concerned you were ok to be honest. Was a nasty tumble

"He's my brother. Don't worry 'bout him. He's just teasin'." Paige says with an amused noise in her throat as she rolls her blue eyes upwards and to the side. "He's just uncomfortable because he ain't seen anyone outside of a busted up rooster look my way and cluck a few times." She flashes a grin to Tyler. "Ah'm Paige. This here is Sam." They are obviously not from around here. "Nice ta' meetcha Tyler." She gives a glance over at the ink left behind on Sam. "What's at?"

Sam's response brings arched eyebrows from Tyler, who glances down briefly towards the hands of the two blondes. Nope, no ring. Paige then confirms it. Cue another brightening of expressions, and a hand raising up to cover one side of his mouth, as if doing so makes it so only Paige can hear him. "Totally not just teasin', in that case." Wink. Then the hand goes down and attention goes back to both. "Good to meet both of you, too." Pause. "Like I said… I've been through worse. I'm a pretty tough fella, maybe a bit unlucky sometimes, but… ain't nothin' I can't walk off. Appreciate the concern, though." Then to Paige, "What's what?" A little feigned innocence, there. His head's still a little loopy from the switch. Vehicles do a number on him!

Sam Guthrie looks around for a restaurant and then says "Lets get you to a seat, and make sure your ok," He will motion to one of the places with an outside cafe. "We can get you something to eat, and make sure there is no lasting effects"

Looking amused at Tyler, Paige gives a shake of her head as she turns to follow Sam. "Sure, ah' can eat." She drawls out as she glances away from Sam's hands as it appears he isn't concerned. "So, where yah' from? Obviously you aren't a native ta' New York like we are." She says with a straight face with an amused grin.

At Sam's suggestion, Tyler dips his hands into his pockets for a moment, tap of a pen here, tap of a quarter there, and the mark on Sam? Well, it's just not there anymore. Quarter's shoved through a hole in a pocket to tumble to the ground noiselessly. Just in case. Maybe it was just their eyes playing tricks on them? Probably not. Either way, Sam gets a grin. "I'd be a fool if I turned down good food and good company, and y'all are guaranteeing the latter for me. Sure, why not?" That said, he likewise turns to follow Sam. His gait is a little less wobbly already, even if there's still some stiffness that comes with pain. "So /that's/ what a New York accent sounds like, I'd always wondered." Tyler replies to Paige, grinning right back at her. "Bounced around a bit, but mostly grew up back in Iowa. Decided I wanted to explore life beyond the cornfields, so I'm doin' college in the city. You two been here all your lives, or…?" Yeah, he's playing along. More fun that way!

Sam Guthrie will motion towards the table, and says "Be right back." he does head towards the restroom to look at hsi hand and maybe check make sure the mark aint ran up his arm or something. He lets the two talk a bit, as much as he gives Paige grief, he trusts her msotly.

Mostly. Paige props her chin up in the palm of her hand as she tracks Sam's movement for a moment, then glances back to Tyler. "Nah, we moved out here from Kentucky for school. Now I'm a teacher. History and English." She says as she watches Tyler for a few moments with a curious glance. "What 'bout you? You kinda got a middle of th' country accent. Denver or something? Utah?"

Nope! The mark's gone entirely. As if it was never there to begin with. "Sure thing Sammy, don't go falling in!" Tyler calls after the elder Guthrie good-naturedly, before turning his attention more towards the younger. Even moving to pull out a chair for her to sit. He might not have had the most honest of parents, but he still grew up in the part of the country where manners were a thing. "Well, how about that? If any of my professors looked like you, I'd have straight 'A's for sure." A pause and a briefly skeptical look, "You /aren't/ one of my professors just all made up, are you?" The tone can't help but tease. It's his way. "Like I said, little bit of everywhere, but mostly Iowa. My folks moved around a lot when I was a little one." Mostly out of necessity. "Lotta small towns, though. Nothin' like the Apple. It's… a different beast out there. Full of beasties, too." Like Rahne, or the other were-creatures that went wild in the streets that one day…

Sam Guthrie will come back after washing his hands, and looks over to the two "So, did i miss any more drive by tumbelings?" He will ask, as he finds himself a seat and looks to the two to see whats up.

"Sure did! I swear, must've been a parade of folks. Don't know how they could keep rollin' on like that, but they kinda disappeared around the bend there." Tyler replies good-naturedly to Sam upon the other man's return, flashing a cheeky grin. "Paige here was just tellin' me how you fancy city-folk live. Y'all really have a different car for each day of the week?" Nope, he can't really keep a straight face at this point.

"No, ah'm not one of your teachers." Paige says with a laugh. "Ah' teach middle school mostly." She says as she squints her eyes at him in a playful manner. "Ah' drive ah' Kia Soul. Ah' only got one car and ah' got it on th' cheap. My brotha Sammy here has a jeep." She says as she shifts upwards in her seat.

Sam Guthrie nods a bit and says "We would be lucky to have a different car per decade." He will tell the other man. "So, what type of classes you take Tyle?" He will asks him, and as the waitress comes by he will order a cola and let the other two order for themselves.

"How do you know I'm not— oh, right, 'cause I said college. Bit of a shame, wouldn't mind seein' you 'round more often. Tend to be more of a subway guy myself. Lotta what I do is out there," Tyler motions in the general direction of what he /thinks/ is New York City's light pollution. "So drivin' ain't always much faster than hoofin' it." As the waitress arrives, Tyler also orders a cola. It's always a solid choice, afterall! "I'm teasin', though — for real this time. It's nice to meet folk who aren't a part of the rush-rush. Makes me feel a bit less lost in the shuffle. Not that Tyler Gould /ever/ fails to stand out." he adds, with a bit of a proud grin. Then more directly to Sam? "Last semester, it was mostly the medical kind of stuff — I'm a sports therapy major. Might be part of why I take a lickin' and keep on tickin' so well. On break at the moment, though."

"It's nice ta' meetcha too." Paige says with a grin to him. She orders a coke as well for herself, and some nachos. "Sports therapy, huh? Nice. Looks like you'll be giving football players rubdowns." She says in a teasing manner. "So where ya' studying at?" She asks as she watches the new guy curiously. "What part of Iowa ya' from? Boise?"

Sam Guthrie hmms and says "Medicine aint a bad field but you might want to watch the falls, and such, you hurt your hands it could mess up medical things pretty badly.

Tyler can't help but laugh at Paige's teasing, flashing her a grin in response. "I'd say somethin' about bein' good with my hands, but." Snicker. "Besides. Bein' on the /good/ side of the big burly athletes is usually a plus. Folk don't bother you much when you have friends in high places." …and the reverse is true, as he's known! "I'm studyin' over at ESU — and I'm from Cedar Rapids. Well. Outskirts of it, technically, but close enough!"

Then a nod over to Sam, "No kiddin' there. I'm a bit of a klutz," …at least when teleporting… "so I usually wear gloves for just that reason. Left 'em in town today, was kinda in a hurry to get out of the city before anything crazy happened."

"Ha. As if celebrity athletes will ever get their hands dirty, or evah leave th' strip club." Paige says in regards to friends in high places. "But it sounds like yah' got a direction, which is more than what ah' can say for most guys ah've met back home." She says, giving another sip off her coke. "Specially dem Cabots." She says distastefully.

Reclining in her chair, she folds one knee over the other, angling herself casually as she people watches those that loiter about the area. "Cedar Rapids." She drawls out. "Ah ain't ever been there before. Nice place?"

Sam Guthrie looks over to them, and says "So, planning on trying to work with a pro team, or general practitioner type in the field, more for anyone to come check you out. " He will lean back listening to the two talk for now.

"Guess that explains why so many of my tips were in ones," Tyler quips, leaning back into his chair as the waitress swings by with the drinks (and Paige's nachos). "I got into the place on a sports scholarship, so the degree might end up being a backup plan if the pros come callin', but I ain't even listening to their calls until I get it. Go pro without one, and one bad fall can send you from making millions to flippin' burgers in an instant." A nod to Sam there, yes, keeping in good condition /is/ on his mind.

Then his attention goes back to Paige, "Decent place. Didn't go into the city proper too much. My folks, ah… didn't get out much." Pause. "Cabots? Folk you knew from back home, I'm guessin'?"

"Reeeeally? What kinda sports are you into?" Paige asks curiously as she perks up. She gives him a glance over, brows lifting. "Soccer?" When the nachos arrive, she grins and pops a chip into her mouth for a few crunches, giving a lick of her lips to swipe the cheese away.

"Cabots were neighbors a few streets down. Their family hated ours. Buncha assholes. They'd do thing like poison our dogs and beat up our littles." She says with a wrinkle of her nose. "Buncha hicks if yah' ask me."

Sam Guthrie looks to Paige, and says "Thats giving hicks a bad name, their hate for us was more than where they were from, or anything like that." He looks over and says "I thought about going into football when Ah was younger, but life went a bit sideways a bit. Now, Ah live up here, and looking to start tending bar in town.

"Might be better to ask what sports I ain't." Tyler replies, grinning. "Lotta the focus is on baseball right now, 'cause I'm on the school team and that's payin' my way, but back in high school, I'd play anything they'd make a team for." Pause. "'cept hockey. Can't work on ice for the life of me." Then a nod and a grimace to the description of the Cabots. "Lord… sounds like they were Hatfields and decided y'all were McCoys. They why y'all moved out here?"

Then another grimace and nod to Sam, "Ugh, know how it can be when life goes sideways." That's not a topic he enjoys dwelling on much. "Bartending, though, that's cool. Meet a lotta gals that way, if TV can be trusted."

"Yeah, was sorta like that." Paige says in regards to the Cabots. "We always tried ta' pay 'em no mind, but you know how it is. Once yah' got a spur up yah' butt, you gotta dig it out. They got plenty ah' spurs." She squints her eyes at the memories.

"Sam and ah' moved out here for school, and now we got jobs so we're just kinda doing our thing, sending money back home to Ma and our siblings." She gives a look over to Sam, then giggles. "Sam meeting girls at bars? Ah' dunno. Those ladies may be too wild for mah' brother. He's too much of ah' goody two shoes ya'know? Holding doors open and pulling out chairs."

Sam Guthrie smirks a bit and looks over to Paige "Really?" He chuckles a bit but says "More like can do bartending while keeping a day life, and maybe even picking up a few more classes here and there. So, you go to school at EU, why you out here in the boonies?

"That makes sense — and good of you to take care of the family. I still write my folks when I can, but it's a little tough to get out there and visit properly." For multiple reasons. Paige picking on Sam just makes Tyler laugh, and flash a grin over at the girl. "So what about you? You a wildcat in disguise or more girl next door?" he asks, helping to spread the teasing around. "Makes sense, Sam… as for why I'm /here?/ Ain't seen the papers lately? It's daily madness in the city. Monster attacks, super-folk tearing down skyscrapers… guy's gotta get away from all that every once in a while to keep his head on straight. Or on at all."

"Oh yeah. Them superfolk are nothing but trouble, huh? Always knocking cars over and fight clubbing each other in broad daylight." Paige says as she fishes another chip through the sea of cheese on the plate.

The question causes her to blush as her eyes roll upwards. "Mah bark is worse than mah bite. Ah' teach history and English. That should tell you all 'bout mah bedroom habits. Ah'm boring." She assures as she props her chin up in the palm of her hand, then lobs the chip into her mouth for a crunch.

"Whatcha think 'bout mutants?"

Sam Guthrie will do a bit of lalalala when she mentions her bedroom habits. He does get his own food now, and says "If your going to live there you may want to learn to keep your head down a bit more.

"Fun to watch, though. Like somethin' out of a movie, but right in front of your eyes. Without payin' fifteen dollars first, that is." Tyler replies, adding some food of his own to the mix; nothing flashy, just a burger! Hard to beat a classic, afterall. "Aw, you're just sayin' that 'cause your brother's here. Cute when you blush, though." A wink towards Paige. "…and you're probably right about that, Sam. Just ain't used to it happenin' everyday." …more like every few years.

"Mutants? They're folk who get a bad rap from other folk with their heads too far up their… well, you know. Ain't no changing who you /are,/ and people wanna hate 'em for that. It's stupid."

Giving an amused laugh, Paige shrugs her shoulders upwards. "Ah've always been too busy for boys anyways. School an' work. That and th' quality of men haven't been really strong back home aftah' all." She glances over to Sam and grins. "That and aftah Pa passed away, Sammy here had control of th' shotgun on th' porch so no boys would wander over anyways ta' knock on mah' door."

As she listens to him talk about mutants, she bobs her head and grins. "That's a good way ah' looking at life. Ah' feel th' same. Mutants are just like everyone else. Sooooo… what position you play in baseball?" She says as she takes a more active interest in him. "Pitcha?"

Sam Guthrie hmms and will lean back and again watches the two. He does not have much to add to this conversation. For now he is silent
Tyler can't help but laugh as Paige tells her story, giving a sidelong look over to Sam. "…didn't bring that shotgun out East with you, did you?" he asks the other man with a bit of an amused grin. "Yeah, I like to think so — and you got it in one, Paige! Must have an eye for talent. You into sports at all yourself?"

"Ah' ride horses. Played ah' bit of soccer. Cross Country. That type of stuff. Runnin'." Paige says with a grin as she gives a look over to Sam. He can answer questions about shot guns. "I kinda got lucky on the guess." She admits, laughing. "You kinda had a pitcher build and you didn't have a catcher's limp. They got bad knees. Soooo.. you got a cute sister?" She asks, making a head tilting gesture towards her brother.

Sam Guthrie says, "Only a couple." He answers to the question about shotguns. "But to be honest, Ah don't take a shotgun to guys at hurt my sister, more offer them a bit of a head start before she goes after them. The only decent thing for them."

"I figured as much, you don't have the build of the sorta gal who stays indoors all day. I mean. Not that I was staring at you, or anything." Maybe a few appreciative looks. "You ain't kiddin' there. One of my buddies from back home used to catch, but blew out his knees pretty bad. Coach didn't give 'im enough off days" As for a sister? "I'm the only Gould in town, I'm afraid…" A pause, and a grin. "…that your way of askin' me out, though? 'cause, if a double date's what you want, I'm sure I could find someone around campus!"

Then a look back over to Sam. Considering. "What's your type? Blonde? Brunette?" A slight pause and he laughs. "…knew she was under-estimating her wild side."

Sam Guthrie looks over, and says "Ah doubt she is hoping to fix me up, and if need be, Ah can find my own lady to ask out." He looks over to Paige a brow raised seeing if she is asking the stranger out.

"Ha. Jury is still out on that one. I kinda wanna get to know ah' guy first before ah' go out with 'em." Paige laughs as she giggles. "So far I just know you're a baseball player that's clumsy from Cedar Rapids." She says with a grin to Tyler, then glances to Sam, brows raising upwards in return. "You can, huh? You sure about that? Your last girlfriend became an astronaut. Up in outer space." She says as she waves a hand skywards, as if this was an obvious sibling joke. "Sooooo, if you /do/ have any friends.. who are /sane/." She makes a point. "Sammy definitely is into brunettes. He likes a girl you can take home to Ma, but not boring. Smart girl who likes dirt bikes. How 'bout that?"

Tyler grins, "Well, fella seems pretty confident in his own skills. I'll keep my eye out — college has a whole mess of gals out there, only a matter of time 'fore I find one that fits the bill. Maybe Sammy'll find one first, but I'll keep my eyes open. City seems to be full of the wilder ones, but I'm sure there's a balance in there somewhere." A nod to that… and a bit of an odd look at the inside joke, but he figures it's a reference to… something. "Still, if you wanna get to know me better, might help us stay talkin' if you gave me your number. 'less you always come runnin' when fellas go a'tumblin', that is."

Sam Guthrie looks to her, and says "Ah think Ah have done pretty well with the girls Ah have went out with, and don't know if Ah have a prefence in color for the hair color. Ah have dated, blondes, and red heads as well as brunetes

"You say that, Sam, but yet … where's your girlfriend at?" Paige counters her brother with a grin as she makes a scene of looking around left and right. "Nope, not there. Noooot over there either." She drawls. "Sides, he's into sports, which means you'll meet sporty fit girls who will be all about riding 'dem cowboys." She says as her brows lift higher in amusement.

As Tyler sneakily asks for her number, the blonde country girl laughs, thinking for a few moments. "Maaaybe.. I /guess/. You seem .. normal…ish." She says, giving him a blue eyed squint.

The sibling interplay draws another laugh from Tyler. It's amusing to spectate, at least! "She's not wrong. Heck, a lotta gals in general out in this part of the nation have a soft spot for a country boy. I wouldn't surprised if you need a stick to fight them off with." Then, back over to Paige, he offers a teasing grin. "I ain't said nothin' about normal. More like… spectacular but in a good way." This is one of those moments where it's just worth the risk. Pulling the straw from his drink, he holds it up to draw attention… "Abracadabra!"

On cue, the straw in hand and the pen that was in his pocket switch places, pen now in hand, offered to Paige. "Guy's supposed to be full of surprises, right?"

Sam Guthrie 's brow raises a bit, and he looks at the man "Trick or natural ability?" He will ask not seeming to be put off by it more curious. He will add "Ah will check out and if she decided to g out with you, Ah am sure I can find a date.

"Just a trick I picked up along the way. I'd be crazy to show anything else off in /this/part of the country." Tyler replies. It's a lie, but with the registration act going on full effect in the New York area, it's a necessary one. Even in front of friendly faces. "Would be pretty cool if it /was/ natural, though." As for the second part? "Sounds like a good plan. She might be trouble without a chaperone watching over us!"
"Mmhm. Just a trick, huh?" Paige asks as her eyes widen at the sight of objects moving back and forth. She props her chin up in the palm of her hand, watching him for a few moments curiously. "That is a neat trick. Maybe if you're lucky I'll show off mine one day. But that's more of a third or fourth date kinda thing."

Sam Guthrie hmms a bit, and says "Think you could show me how to do the trick, magic is always a fun thing to learn more about.
It's always nice having the power to impress. Even if one has to put together excuses for it. Grinning as his ploy seems to have worked, he winks over towards Paige. "One of many, but that's just an appetizer. Stick with me, and I'll show you a whole bag full of 'em!" …and to her reply? Both brows go up. "Oh, it's /that/ sorta trick? Yep, definitely more wild than the 'boring English teacher' you claim to be." Then over to Sam, he pauses suddenly. Think fast, Ty! "…probably can? I learned it off of a video online, so I reckon I can text you the link." …there has to be a tutorial for what could be a sleight of hand trick. Right? …right?

Propping her chin up, Paige stares at him for a long moment as if curious, then tilts her head to one side. "Ah don't think that's a video online kinda trick you was showing off. Ah' mean, he /did/ say he was cool with mutants." She drawls to Sam with a small smirk tugging upon her lips. "Maybe he's one of those, whatcha think?" She says as she glances to Tyler again in a coy voice. "You a mutant?"

Sam Guthrie shrugs a bit and says "Well, mutants are sorta like other people in some ways. They can be decent folks, or jerks. As long as they are not asshats, I aint got a problem with them." He will finish off his food watching his sister and the new guy.
There's a few moments of silence from Tyler. Debating his words. Sticking a hand in a pocket to feel around for loose change. Well. He's got a fair bit of it… maybe it's worth the risk, even without vehicles in great supply.

"I'm quite sure," he trails off for a moment, tapping a fork on the table. "…that I don't know," Picking up his burger now, lifting it up. "…what you're talking about." And on that note, the two items switch places. In full view of the two Guthries. Motioning with the fork now, he grins, "But it'd be really cool if I did."

Watching the trick happen again, Paige smirks. "I guess it'd be pretty cool if you were a mutant." She says as she gives a long stretch of her body outwards. "You know, having super powers and all, putting on spandex and saving the world .. " She gives a glance to Sam as she pops another chip into her mouth.

Leaning over, she gives a wry grin to Tyler, then takes her left hand and reaches to her right, then peels the skin right off, revealing a shiny, silvery surface beneath. She plops the skin down right in front of him.

Sam Guthrie will just move a bit to try to make sure that the two of their tricks are not seen by normal folks in the place. He does not show his own powers, as they are a bit harder to be subtle with.

"Hah… I don't know if parlor tricks like mine could save the world. Guy I saw a while back who was big as a tank and twice as strong? Maybe, but…" Of course, then Tyler's interrupted by Paige offering a demonstration of her own.

…and that boy's eyes go /wide./ "Whoa. Wait. You're. What. Does." Excuse the boy, he's forgotten how to talk for a couple moments. He mouths a couple other words that don't manage sound before recovering. "You're like… all shiny under there?" Pause. "Or some kinda robot? Or…" There's definitely surprise and some awe in his voice. For a change, he does /not/ mind someone else being the center of attention. A glance towards Sam. "Did you know?"

From there, Paige grabs her hand and yanks it again, this time revealing brick. Obviously she is not a robot. She has an amused look on her face as she drops the now shiny looking skin right in front of him next to the pile of human flesh. Her brows lift upwards even higher at him, then glances to Sam. "So, am I still hot?" She asks as she keeps tugging, this time ripping the brick layered skin away to reveal her normal hand once more. She gathers up the clump of skin, then stuffs it into a trash can near by.

Sam Guthrie looks over to the young man and says "Yea, Ah know, runs in the family." He will tell him. "So you responsible for the black spot, I had on my hand earlier?" He will study the young man's reactions.

As Paige keeps demonstrating, Tyler's definitely going to keep watching. He's seen neat powers before, but that? That's something he would've never expected. To her question? It's less of a grin, more of an honest smile. "Not just hot, stunning." Tyler answers her, still a little boggled at how it all happens. Of course. Then there's /other/ things he can do, but, they're a bit flashier. Looking over at Sam, he nods, "You know, that makes sense. My folks were, too." Famously so. "…and yeah. When I touch something, it shows." he sets the burger back down — it's got a handprint. The fork has a fingerprint. "I don't think it's… anything. I mean, it doesn't clean, or taste like anything, thank goodness, but it's always there."

"I'm sure it has some type of utility. Maybe you just haven't figured it out yet." Paige says as she chuckles. "I can do my entire body. I just rip it all off and have a new form under it. I can do just about anything, even turn myself into fire if ah' wanted. It's definitely a mood killer though at times if ya'know what ah' mean. Dandruff gets interesting." She jokes.

Sam Guthrie looks to the man, and says "We are the first ones in our family, least to our knowledge. He will look to him, and says "So the whole tumbling thing a sign of your powers?

"Well. I can use it for travel, I know." A nod over towards Sam, "Yeah. I can switch the places of things I touch, or /I/ can switch places with those things. I just, ah, don't always know where I'm gonna end up, so sometimes I'll be standin' still, sometimes what you ended up seein'. Messes with my head a little, too. Wait. You said 'we'. You're one, too?" Then Tyler's attention goes back to Paige. "That's pretty amazin' what you can do, Paige — doesn't hurt you or anything, does it?"

"Nope. Doesn't hurt me at all. I don't even need to shower. Just rip it all off and I'm sparkly clean beneath. Just kinda gross when you see full body flesh sacks laying about." Paige grins at him. "So you can teleport objects? Yourself? How does that work?" She says as she is invested in the conversation now. "Ah'm what they call an Omnimorph. I can assume lots of different forms underneath."

Sam Guthrie nods and says "I fly." He will not go into details about it. "So your learning how your abilities work alone? " He will ask, concern showing actually.

"Wow. That's really somethin' else, Paige. I mean, yeah, having a bunch of molten skin like some sorta human-sized lizard might take gettin' used to, but the cool factor /way/ outweighs it, if you ask me… and dang, really? That's useful /and/ cool." As for Tyler's own abilities? "I'm not sure I know the all of it, but, when I touch things that mark stays on 'em for a while. While it does, I can switch places with 'em. If I throw a baseball, I can switch with /it/ and go barrelin' through the air. Or switch it with something else. Or some/one/ else." Then over to Sam, "Whoa, really? I … kinda can too? Landings are super tricky, though." As he proved on appearing. "Yeah, I have been. I mean, my folks ain't exactly in a position to help me out, and seems like most of the world hates folk like us, so…" A shrug. "Y'all are the first I've met out here who're like me." Well. Not exactly. But he thinks Rahne is Something Else.

Sam Guthrie nods his head a bit to this and says "Well landings for me, are not a bit problem, but can be for the things around me, or at used to be." He will scratch his chin a bit in thought and says "Anything odd you have found along the way with it?

"That is really cool, actually. You have a totally useful gift. Can probably get yourself out of situations pretty quickly ah' suppose. Maybe touch the seat of a bus, and then hop back into it if you get jumped outside." Paige says as she clicks her tongue against her teeth in thought. "Do you got supportive parents? We lucked out and Ma loves us to bits."

"Other than everything?" Tyler replies to Sam, laughing softly. "I don't know why I leave that mark on things, 'cause… like I said, it doesn't seem to be anything that's actually there. Don't know why I haven't broken anything in the doin' yet, either." Then a glance back over to Paige, "Yeah, it's probably how I've survived the wild things that have attacked the city recently. Had to make some pretty quick getaways in that one." At the other question? Tyler reaches a hand up to rub sheepishly at the back of his neck. "I'm sure they'd be supportive if they knew. Don't think I can tell 'em exactly, though."

Sam Guthrie looks to the man and says "Probably a little piece of yourself sorta. It sounds like it is a marker system, your mark is what you draw either to you or you to it. Sorta a GPS system I would guess

Nodding her head, Paige says, "That's what ah'm thinking too, Sammy. It's kinda cool. Sorta like Sombra from that video game Jeb is always playin'. Ya'know, the mohawk girl with the teleporter thingy she throws out?" She finishes off her nachos in a few bites, then goes about draining the soda. She taps his number into her phone that he wrote down, then sends him a text.

"Maybe… I mean, it'd make sense. If it /is/ some sorta GPS, sure wish it'd clue me in on where it's off to /before/ I jump. I mean, I knew I wanted out of the city, but I didn't have a clue where I'd end up. Just… not where I was, y'know?" is offered to Sam, before Paige texts him and a hand digs into his pocket to program her number into his contacts. That done, the phone's stuffed back into his pocket. "There we go — all set!"

Sam Guthrie nods, a bit and says "You might be able to figure out how far away the mark is, but exactly where that might be, might be a bit harder. He will ask "You realized any distance limitations or such as of yet.

"Think it just depends on how far whatever I've touched got since I touched it? I was in the city before I got here." A pause. "Though… it doesn't always /work./ Maybe it's a distance thing, but, I haven't been able to figure it out yet if it is." Tyler replies, "I mean, I was in the city before, well, I ended up here."

"I think that's a pretty good range of distance though if you're going from the city to here. What did you touch last time?" Paige asks curiously as she listens to the pair of them. "I think practice though makes perfect. Once you find the trigger that helps your powers do their thing, you can kinda mentally force yourself through those hurdles. I just focus on what form I want and that's how it works for me. I can feel ah' little tingle and it's how I know it works."

Sam Guthrie hmms and says "Can you have more than one spot you can get to at a time?" He hmmms and says "And if you have not tried it, you might want t, might be able to have like saved safe spots to go.

"Last time? Some guy's motorcycle." Which is presumably where he was, along with the rider if the evidence is anything to go by! "You're probably right, though. Practicing has gotten me this far, and I'm sure it'll get me farther if I keep at it. Just a matter of doing so, though… and a lot to figure out, I'm thinkin'." Then over to Sam, "Yeah, usually just a couple though." he replies, motioning to the remnants of the burger that's no longer marked… and stuffed into his mouth. Chew, chew, chew, swallow. "I guess it's a /thing/ limit of two, though I don't know if it's ever been less." Pause. "Or more, for that matter."

Sam Guthrie hmms and says "Well I would suggest seeing if you might be able to make more if you do them close, might be sorta like exercising your abilities the more you use it, the stronger it will be.

"It's certainly worth a shot — I mean, repetition definitely makes your muscles stronger, I've seen and read enough about that to believe it, and I guess that sorta thing could be like… some sorta weird muscle. I mean, makes a ton of sense with your sister's powers, if nothin' else." Tyler replies, tapping his chin in thought. "Can't see any harm in trying and seeing if it works, right?"

"Right." Paige affirms to Tyler with a grin. "The more you practice, the more easier it will be and then you will know if you have any hard limits or not." She picks up the empty basket of nachos and heads to the trash and dumps it. By now, her skin in the trash has started to dissolve. "We should get going though because it's starting to get late. I have classes in the morning."

Sam Guthrie nods and offers his hand to Tyler, and says "Will be seeing you I am sure, and if you hurt my sister, I will drop ya off the empire states building. and we will see how momentum works with your teleporting." He smiles, he is joking right?"

Tyler firmly grips and shakes the offered hand, "…might be up for trying that anyways." the Iowan offers to Sam, before extending a hand to Paige, too. "Definitely don't want to keep y'all. Get some sleep, hope the kids are well-behaved and don't give y'all too much trouble. Was really good to meet you both… for more reasons than one, really, and I'll be in touch!"

Reaching out to take his hand, Paige gives it a firm shake. "Yeah, no problem. It was awesome meeting you. I texted you my number. Feel free to reach out when yah' want." She gives a bit of a yawn, then reaches into her pocket to dig out her car keys. "C'mon Sam. Let's get movin'."

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