Pools, Eyes, Food and More
Roleplaying Log: Pools, Eyes, Food and More
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It's the day after everyone returns and Dani runs into Paige and Tony.

Other Characters Referenced: Atli, Bart, Warren and Alison
IC Date: December 15, 2019
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Xavier's Mansion has been very quiet of late. This is because a chunk of the school went off to save two of their own.

Warren and Alison.

Late last night, or perhaps it's best to say very early this morning, the group returned. They brought with them far more than they took and all those extra people are either housed in empty rooms, guest rooms, or even off in the medical bay if injuries warranted them.

Now the true morning has come, really afternoon, and those who just return begin to stir.

Danielle Moonstar is possibly one of the first. She's always been an early riser and while her sleep was mostly snippets of minutes stolen here and there, that hasn't stopped her from beginning to take stock of the situation they've returned to.

Groceries is definitely there on the list.

Repairs too.

When the team returned they landed haphazardly within the pool that resides upon the Mansion's grounds. And that's where Moonstar can be found at. She stands in the large backyard of the Mansion and stares at the mess that's now currently the pool.

"That's it." Mutters the Cheyenne, "We're filling it with cement this time around." It doesn't matter that she may have to fight Atli to do such a thing, but obviously the pool is just cursed. *Cursed*.

Her face and figure look worn and over one eye sits an eye-patch, which obscures a terrible wound beneath it, but even with the exhaustion that lingers around her there's still the faintest trace of wry humor with those words of hers.

Heading out into the backyard is Paige, who is dressed in a pair of black joggers and a baggy sweater with some cocoa in her hands. Her blonde hair is pulled up behind her and she has a tired look upon her face. She and Sam has been back at the school for awhile now, taking care of things while the team has been out and about on their adventure.

"Ya' do that, and th' next time ya'll fall into it, you'll be breaking more than th' pool." She says as she offers the cocoa out to her with an amused expression upon her face. "Nice ta' have ya'll back. We was thinkin' it'd be a lonely Christmas at this rate."

"You doing okay? Everyone came back alive?"

A voice and it comes straight from her newly acquired blindspot. However, that doesn't stop Moonstar from automatically turning in Paige's direction and when only blackness greets her vision, Moonstar shifts again to bring Paige into the sight of her functional eye.

A frown now twitches her lips downward as she considers just how much she's going to have to re-learn. Especially when it comes to fighting, but for now that thought is set aside.

Paige's words prompt a corner of Moonstar's mouth to curl back upwards as she responds rather dryly with, "I suppose there's some truth to that. I think this is the fifth time the pool has bit the dust."

The offer of that hot chocolate prompts an automatic response from Moonstar, as she accepts that proffered mug. "Thanks."

"And I think we're all glad to be back." She continues with, her voice dropping away from the slightly amused to something more tired, and serious. Especially at Paige's last question.

"I suppose you could call us all back and alive, yes. How're you doing? Was there any trouble while we were away?"

"Little bit ah' trouble. Found ourselves a nice little racist group that is out and about capturing mutants and killing 'em. I broke up a ring of 'em." Paige says as she wrinkles her nose. "Found two new mutants also. One is named Tyler. He can make objects kinda sling shot all about. If he touches something, he can teleport back to it at a later date. Then ah' girl named Karin who can turn herself inta' liquid metal."

"Anyways, found out this girl named Karin was tricking these guys inta' capturing her so she can try and kill 'em." Paige sighs loudly with a roll of her eyes upwards. "Ah' gave her th' speech but it went in one ear and outta th' other. Sam ran into her later too. Thinks she has potential."

The mug of hot chocolate raises upward for Dani to take a sip, but before she can take a taste, Paige speaks about the group she and the others broke up.

That causes the mug to pause mid-way as Moonstar's gaze sharpens and her attention now returns fully to Paige. "What sort of group?" Immediately asks the agent of SHIELD and member of X-Men, "Or rather, what name did they go by?"

As to the mention of the two mutants found, Tyler and Karin, Moonstar frowns thoughtfully. Perhaps going through the various names she knows of mutants outside the Mansion, but neither name rings a bell and so, the Cheyenne asks another question, "Did either of them come to the Mansion? Or did we just exchange modes of contact with the two?"

There are many things Tony Stark is. Inventor. Businessman. Hero to some. Villain to others. Annoyance. Billionaire. However there is one thing Tony Stark is not.


This is why when a second story window is opened and a voice comes shouting down it's pretty easy to figure out just who it belongs too as it cracks against the peaceful grounds of the X-mansion.

"HEY! MOONEY! I GOT A QUESTION! WHAT COLOR DO YOU WANT" A pause. "you know what I'll just come down there I need measurements."

And with that, Stark just sort of leaps out the window. Halfway down just the boots of the Iron Man armor ignite to give him a cushy landing. He's just wearing the boots, at least thats all it looks like. Otherwise the t-shirt over a long sleeve shirt and jeans seem fairly typical of the inventor when dressing down.

The glow of the the ARC Reactor in his chest is still visible though the fabric, but he doesn't seem to mind it. I mean. He is a showoff.

A glance at the pool. Then back at the pair of Xers.

"You know, I'm glad we hit the pool. I think Atli might have taken out the front door if we came in at the spot I was aiming for."


The mug of hot chocolate raises upward for Dani to take a sip, but before she can take a taste, Paige speaks about the group she and the others broke up.

That causes the mug to pause mid-way as Moonstar's gaze sharpens and her attention now returns fully to Paige. "What sort of group?" Immediately asks the agent of SHIELD and member of X-Men, "Or rather, what name did they go by?"

As to the mention of the two mutants found, Tyler and Karin, Moonstar frowns thoughtfully. Perhaps going through the various names she knows of mutants outside the Mansion, but neither name rings a bell and so, the Cheyenne asks another question, "Did either of them come to the Mansion? Or did we just exchange modes of contact with the two?"

"They didn't have a name. Called them the asshole group. I got a tip from ah' friend on the street who led me to this store. Found 'em all in a basement. Got one of them arrested and I maaaay have stole his wallet after he got knocked out so I got his personal information."

Paige looks over at the entrance of Tony, brows raising upwards, eyes widening slightly. "Huh. Morning Mistah' Stark." She drawls out in her Southern tone.

"But no, we didn't tell either of 'em 'bout the school or the X-Men or whatevah."

There are only a few people who call her 'Moonie' and both of those people are never quiet.


As such, when Tony opens the window and starts shouting down at the two women Moonstar can't help but look sharply up.

"Tony it's -" Early? Oh alright, it's not early, even if it really feels like it. Dani's internal clock is definitely out of whack right now.

She holds whatever else she might have said to Tony when he literally jumps out the window. WHen he lands it's easy enough to see the Cheyenne woman shaking her head back and forth, but there's really no heat there. Just tired acceptance of Tony and his brand of antics.

Idly, Moonstar slides a look over to Paige. "Asshole group." She murmurs, "Seems like a fitting name."

Then it's back over to Tony at the mention of the pool. "You do know Atli believes that pool to have rejuvination properties, right? I'm pretty sure she thinks it's a combination of fountain of youth and healing waters."

But you really can't blame her, after all the pool has survived many many attempts of destruction upon it.

"Please call me Tony, its easier. And the last person to call me 'Mistah' Stark tried to blow up my house so it makes me nervous." Stark drawls towards Paige as he ambles up, hands in his pockets before he snaps his fingers.

A little battered egg-shaped drone with a pair of stubby repulsor engine wings zips out of the window he just vacated. It starts to buzz over towards Moonstar with a little scanner deployed. "Is it morning?" He asks, almost ignoring the drone. "I can never keep track. My schedule is the thing of nightmares." He says cheerfully towards the younger of the pair of X-men. "But I don't think I caught the name in the rush to you know…" He gestures at the pool.

Then back to Moonstar. "Yeah, she does. Just let her have it, Moonie. Its easier that way, that's why there is a campsite ontop of Stark Tower." A flash of a grin then. "And whats this about an asshole group? I mean. Come on. That can describe like a dozen originations off the top of my head. Including mine if you want to think about it."

"Ah'm Paige Guthrie. Called Husk." The blonde Southern says as she offers a grin to the billionaire. "Sammy's little sistah. You know him right? He goes by th' code name Rocket Farts." She won't give her older brother an inch when it comes to the teasing department.

"If ya'll want something to eat, ah' can cook something up."

When the little drone buzzes around her Moonstar levels a vague look upon it, but even with that frown of hers Dani doesn't necessarily shoo it away. Or even swat it. Instead she stands there and allows it to scan her as needed.

And while the little drone does whatever it needs to do, Dani can't help but hear Paige's introduction. Especially concerning her brother Sam. Rocket Farts is enough to crack the more severe and serious expression that Dani currently wears as the Cheyenne can't help but chuckle. "Oh she's being nice. He's gone by other names as well."

And then it's back to Tony for a moment, especially at his explanation about Atli. There's a softening of her expression again, as she adds, "I know. It's why we keep rebuilding the pool, I think."

As to that mention of food, Moonie says, "I can't say I'm hungry, but to be honest I don't remember the last time I ate." Which prompts her to take a swift drink of the hot cocoa Paige had brought out.

"Whelp, when I meet your brother I'll totally tell him that the nickname came from you." Stark replies with a smirk towards Paige. "As for food, well Impulse passed out after drinking you out of juice boxes. I mean really Moonie, you should totally know not to offer a speedster 'however much he wants'. But if you have pancakes I'd totally take pancakes."

There is a grin there though, Stark much more relaxed now that everyone is back safe.

The drone burbles after a few moments of scanning and Stark nods, his eyes unfocusing for a moment as something only he can see swims across his vision.

"Oh that's not that bad…so…" And his gaze snaps back. "You want a matching set? Or you want the whole mismatched colors that some people find totally hot and mysterious?" This towards the wizard with the cocoa.

"Well, ah'm starving and was thinking of grilling up some patties that Sam and ah' brought back last night from th' market." Paige gives a bit of a long stretch of her body, tugging her sweater back down as it rises up.

"Ah'm kidding though 'bout Sam. He goes by Cannonball. But Rocket Farts is what th' littles called 'em back home on th' farm. Would drive him crazy."

Heading for the backdoors that lead to the kitchen, she winds her blonde hair up into a band so it can dangle in a ponytail. "I'll start fixing something up. Ah'll make extra in case ya'll are hungry, and ah' totally wanna hear what went down while you were all gone."

The mention of those now drained juice boxes brings another twitch of a grin from Moonstar as she murmurs, "I'll be mindful next time."

Though honestly one has to hope there isn't a next time.

When Paige offers to make burgers Moonstar says, "Thanks.", then she starts to follow the blonde inside. Her steps slow slightly, at Tony's last question. Does she want a matching set or mismatched? There's a moment where she almost says 'mismatched' for the humor of it, but common sense QUICKLY reasserts itself before she can say any of that. This is Tony, afterall. If she said mismatched she would *totally* have mismatched. "Matched set will be fine."

And then, "Thanks, Tony. I wasn't expecting -" To lose her eye, and while she doesn't finish that sentence as it should be, she does end with, "I'm grateful for your help with this."

And then, "And we definitely need to chat later. About those darts."

Then it's back to Paige and her last question. An explanation of all that went down. "It's a long story and we may need to break out the orange juice and vodka." Because champagne just won't caught it in Moonie's opinion.

"You know what, I'll make it variable and you can just pick for yourself." Stark replies with a wave of his hand. "Look at that, I'm super generous. Just like I'm super smart but not super humble." The inventor says as he leans back on one foot for a moment before sending the battered little drone off again, back towards the mansion. "I'll get started on your eye then. And Warren totally said that its up to me how many bells and whistles I put in. How do you feel about lasers?"

Stark is grinning at that, even wider when Paige says something about food. "Burgers, pancakes, whatever. Nanites get hungry after being supercharged so I'm like…one half a normal speedster hungry right now."

Which is a lot.

"And which dart—oh yeah. Those darts. Yeah. Didn't know if it was gonna work, but it all worked out in the end right? Right!" And a pat is laid on Moonie's shoulder.

"And now before the conversation gets more awkward I'm totally going to find the kitchen and steal some cocoa. Because see aforementioned hungry nanites."

And with that, Stark starts backing away from Moonstar in the direction of the house.

"I know way too many telepaths to try that one," Stark tosses back towards Paige before he ambles off himself, to make an eye after whatever odds and ends they have in the house.

Because he's Tony Stark.

You know there's so much to be said to Tony. Especially as he runs away, but Moonstar isn't going to resort to running after him.

Instead she just points at his retreating form, a promise in that motion of hers.

Then she continues to follow after Paige, intent on giving the other woman the run down of everything that's happened. Only, before she can say much of anything Paige pipes up with an objection to recording. It makes Moonstar sigh and mutter, "Please don't give him *anymore* ideas. I'm already worried about accidentally slicing someone in half if I frown or squint too hard at them."

But surely there will be an owner's manual, right? Right?!

"How about just straight vodka?" Is Moonstar's last words as the two women step through the backdoor for food and sharing of stories alike.

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