The Pool
Roleplaying Log: The Pool
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Warren and Dani discuss how to fix the pool and when Sam joins brings the former co-leader of the New Mutants up to date on everything

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Those missing members of the X-Men have finally returned.

The clean-up has begun for them all. Both mentally - because boy was there a lot that happened to everyone - but also physically.

And in some cases structurally.

Let's take the backyard of the X-Mansion as an example of this. There once was a very fine in-ground pool. It was a good pool. Great for a dip in the summers, but now - now that pool is but a shadow of itself.

In fact, it sits there empty of water, likely drained from the cracks that can be seen criss-crossing the cement and tiled surface.

"Well." Comes Dani's voice, as she stands there looking at the damaged swimming pool, "It's still broken.", she continues with as she states the oh-so-obvious. "This was what? The eighth time, at least?" She's just going to continue to raise that number upward everytime she asks that very rhetorical question.

"Perhaps it's time to just upgrade and turn it into a fountain."

And for all her light tone the Cheyenne woman clearly bears some scars from their adventure, as a black-eye patch covers her left eye.

Back from the dead, and fresh from having squared all his affairs that were messed up by 'people thinking he was dead,' a familiar yet not familiar figure stands beside Moonstar, arms folded, wings drooped at his back like a great feathered cloak. He looks much as he once did, for now, having shed the grim cybernetic appearance he wore for the first few days after his return. It seems he's figured out how to push down the lethality of Archangel long enough to try to resume some semblance of life as Angel, but the tense way he holds his wings — and the metallic silvery sheen to them when the light hits them at the right angle — suggests Archangel is never quite far enough for Warren's tastes.

It's an exercise in self-control. And perhaps looking at things so familiar, mundane, and utterly boring as 'pool repairs' is one way to keep self-control.

"I haven't been counting," is Warren's wan response to Dani. "I could have the accountants dredge up the number of checks we have to keep writing, but it seems easier to just keep writing them. …Or just put in a fountain. Atli would be upset, though."

There is a long, morose pause.

"This really isn't one of the things I wanted or expected to have to take care of, right out of 'being dead,'" he observes.

Sam Guthrie has been back not to long, and has been trying to help things with folks being missing. He has started doing a tour of the grounds during the evening, making sure nothing odd is going on, and that is what brings Sam landing down near the two as he sees them on his way back from his patrol. He looks over at the two, and says "Well good to see you guys." He tells them.

The mention of Atli causes Moonstar's expression to turn slightly more sober, "True."

And perhaps sensing some of that tension within Warren, Moonstar tries to interject some light humor here, "Best to keep the healing waters of Xavier's intact. We wouldn't want to disappoint her, after all."

Those last words of his cause Dani to turn her full focus upon the wing-cloaked man. However, whatever she might have said is lost upon Sam's arrival.

Automatically, the now one-eyed woman switches her attention from Warren to Sam. Her greeting is simple enough, but she smiles at her former co-leader, "Sam. It's good to see you too. How're you doing?"

"Atli could probably stand to be disappointed a little more often," is Warren's frank answer. "Given some of the things she wants. Ah, but I disgress. I'll make some calls. It'll be squared by the end of the week." He scrubs a hand over his face, his wings ruffling briefly before he remembers himself, and self-consciously pulls them back in. The sound they make, as the feathers whisper against one another, is faintly metallic.

His sharp blue eyes turn to Dani as she faces him a little more fully. A faint guilt hovers in his gaze as he sees the missing eye. He might have said something, but a hint of movement out of the corner of his eye brings him to turn in unison on Sam's approach.

"Sam," is his brief greeting, a little more reserved than the Warren of days past. Dani asks how Sam is, but Warren asks a more general question. "Everything holding up here okay?"

Sam Guthrie will step forward towards Dani to hug the woman, he will tell her "Ah am ok, Lila, and ah decided to take some time off, as she finishes her tour." He looks over Dani, and Warren, and says "Things are ok met a woman in town who turned down coming to the school a bit before Dani and Ah came here." He will tell them. "But the more important question is are you guys ok?"

A hug!

While Dani isn't always the most expressive with her emotions this is Sam, and as such the hug isn't as awkward as it could be. There's certainly still a level of stiffness from Dani when she returns that hug, but it's not as bad as it could have been.

Once the hug is concluded Moonstar briefly considers what to say to those initial words of Sam's, but when nothing appropriate comes to mind (only more awkwardness), Dani shifts to the rest of what he says. "Are you talking about the woman who was made of metal? I spoke with Paige earlier and she mentioned a woman who wasn't interested in our school either. Paige also mentioned she had a harsher way of dealing with situations too." Not that there's any sort of censure in Moonstar's voice, not after what they saw in that other reality.

That last question prompts a moment of silence from Dani, but only a second, and then she offers something of an expected answer, "Getting there. Just need some time and speaking of time -" Here her gaze cuts briefly over to Warren, "- after the holidays we're likely going to have some missions on our hands."

Warren steps back slightly to allow space for the old friends to greet one another. He has little to remark on their more interpersonal topics: he's of an older class, and was not on active duty for much of the time when Dani and her classmates were finding their sea legs.

His wings twitch slightly, however, at the mention of a woman 'made of metal.' A woman who, apparently, refused an invitation to come to the Institute. "Plenty of people aren't interested in our school," he says slowly, "for one reason or another. Most reasons are benign enough. Some…" He pauses, contemplating 'harsher ways of dealing with situations.' "Did this woman say why she declined?"

Sam's last question, though… while it probably IS the more important question, it's clearly a harder one for Warren. His wings pull in even more tightly at his back. "Just need time," he echoes. "Time to get back in the saddle. At the least, dealing with getting betrayed and murdered and all should have cut all the bad actors out of my life for good. One can hope."

And speaking of that? Warren meets that glance Dani sends him. There is a shadowed look of purpose in his blue eyes when he says, "Yes. We've got some threats we should be tracking down, once everyone's back in the game."

Sam Guthrie looks to the two the concern on his face not hidden, but he will go on with the answer "Her Name is Karin Glucksburg, don't know if she can turn into metal, but can control it, turns it somewhat liquid and then controls and shapes it. She did not say why she did not come, just that she was 14 when they came to her, and she seemed right around our age. " He will nod a bit and says "We will face what ever is needed together as we always do Chief."

"Yes. At least two threats that must be dealt with." Agrees Dani, her expression tightening with those words of agreement.

Hearing that bitterness in Warren's voice causes Moonstar to look to her friend. "We won't let it happen again. That's a promise."

Once that oath is given, Moonstar shifts her good eye over to Sam again. She can't help but notice his look of concern and it's enough to cause her to look momentarily away. "Yes, Karin. That's who Paige mentioned too. She said they encountered a group of mutant haters who were luring mutants away and kidnapping them, then killing them. This Karin purposely allowed herself to be captured so she could handle the group."

A thread of something like sympathy, or empathy, might be heard in Dani's tone, but not for long. Not when Sam offers those last words, says that nickname she hasn't heard in ages. It tips a corner of her mouth upward in something of a smile, "As always, Sam. Together." She looks over to Warren as well. "We're always stronger together."

Then it's back to Sam, "But before we go off in search of the threats I want to toss us in the Danger Room for some practice. So we're prepared for anything and everything we might find during our search. I think we've all had enough surprises for a lifetime or two."

The obvious concern on Sam's features doesn't go unnoticed by Warren. Perhaps feeling guilty about worrying a younger classmate, Warren shakes off his own brooding malaise, pushing down the brief moment of bitterness. He might have learned something about putting on a strong leader face from Scott, after all, though he would die before ever admitting it, and die twice before ever admitting it to Scott.

"It won't happen again," he agrees quietly, with Dani. "That other reality gave us a glimpse of what's possibly coming up. If we find these threats in our own before they can wake up, we can put a stop to it before anything like Apocalypse ever becomes a problem here."

He frowns as more about this 'Karin Glucksberg' is elaborated. There's a natural… instinctive negative association he has with someone controlling metal, but fighting Magneto for ten years of your life will do that to you. "Fourteen. That's a young age to refuse. Maybe other factors were involved. Her parents, maybe. Well — no way to know without a direct conversation. She clearly seems invested in the mutant cause now…"

Dani's talk of the Danger Room draws a nod from Warren. "It's a good idea. A lot of us need to get used to… some changes." Himself, obviously, but Dani's also going to need to get used to that missing eye.

Sam Guthrie says, "I worry it is a bit more along the wrong side of the pro mutant statement, but she wants to talk to someone up here." He will give them a card she gave him, made of metal. "Let me know and will be there." He looks over to the two, and says "Not sure what you saw, but remember just because someone was an evil piece of work in another time or place does not mean they are here. Stopping evil from blooming can be as much with good action before hand , as well as punitive actions for the wrong actions."

Changes. That brings a side-eye from Dani, but eventually she nods. "Yes." She agrees outloud, "To get used to those changes, but also to get used to the level Apocalypse fights at."

When Sam mentions Karin would like to talk to someone up here, Moonstar frowns, "I can give her a call and feel her out with whatever it is she wants. I imagine she still isn't in the mood to join the school, so it'll be interesting to see what she has to say."

Or possibly offer.

And while more could easily be said about Karin, Sam's last words cause Dani to level a flat look upon the country-boy, "If this were a normal person I'd agree, but this creature -" She won't call Apocalypse a man and now her tone becomes almost strident, "- deserves no quarter from us. No matter what. When he's found he must be quickly dealt with. The threat to the world is that great, Sam."

Warren's feathers lift slightly as Sam expresses his worries. It looks like a gesture of apprehension. "Yeah," he says slowly. "If that's the read you got off her, Sam, I think we should talk to her." Not that Warren knows what side of the pro-mutant statement he himself is anymore, after what he went through, but in times of uncertainty, it's very easy to fall straight back on pure Xavier's Dream.

And the one thing he's certain about is being afraid of what his wings might do if he let that anger run unchecked. Dangerous thoughts are best not entertained, for now.

Though to speak of Xavier's Dream… Warren hears an echo of it in Sam's words about outreach, and how evil men in one time or place might not be evil men elsewhere. That reminder of the Professor is probably the only reason Warren does not react as quickly and stridently as Dani, though his voice is taut when he says, "We'll see, Sam. We'll see what we find. But I don't think we will find anything much different. The time for good actions, with him, passed a very long time ago."

He would love to kill Apocalypse flat-out. That much, he doesn't say. Xavier's memory is strong enough for that.

Sam Guthrie says, "Well, Ah hope your wrong but we will see what we can find out, and if anyone has done a report on what you guy faced on the other side of what ever it was, Ah would like to read it to prep on what we might be going into." He will look to them, and help change the subject. "So, ah'll head into town pick look into what's needed to fix the pool, figure if it needs to be completely resurfaced, or if we can just patch the cracks in the surface."

There's silent agreement from Moonstar when Warren states the time for good actions with Apocalypse has passed.

She could say more, but she doesn't. Instead she tucks it behind a more civilized tone of voice and calm mask, that she doesn't necessarily feel.

"I'm sure we can get you the reader's digest version of what we saw there. Especially about Apocalypse and that ship." Just the mere mention of his sentient ship brings an echo of a pained grimace from the woman, the shadow if its death still remembered far too vividly.

And it's creepiness.

"Then we can plan some Danger Room sessions."

Sam's change of subject allows the Cheyenne woman to breathe out some of her anger. Not all of it, but enough that it allows the woman to say in a rather reasonable tone, "That sounds fine. If it's turns out to be too big of a job, I'm pretty sure we can call whoever fixed it up last time. We have them on speed dial somewhere."

She's silent for a moment, before she ends with, "It's good to have you back, Sam. We'll have to grab Berto some night and go out for some beers."

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