Good Timing
Roleplaying Log: Good Timing
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Clark Kent and Diana Prince meet for coffee.

Other Characters Referenced: Batman, Amazons, the Kents
IC Date: December 21, 2019
IC Location: Metropolis - New Troy - City Center
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an, sometimes being Superman was a tough job. Over the course of three hours, he stopped a giant robot that was about to attack Metropolis. He managed to catch someone who was thrown from a rooftop by some -very- unhappy mobsters who thought doing it in Metropolis would keep them off of Batman's radar — they got worse in Superman's. But Finally, he managed to get back to work -on time-!

Now in his human identity as Clark Kent, he submitted his paper on a Vietnam Veteran's thoughts on modern-day politics and current military actions and seems to finally have a moments peace. But while he has a free moment, he seems to think about a particular Amazonian princess who happens to also be just a ray of sunshine when she's not fighting evil sorceresses and masterminds. So, he pulls out his cell phone and sends a text:

'Hey, you free for coffee?'

Why didn't he just use Justice League comms? Because he didn't want Flash or someone on monitering duty to make fun of the pair. either way, Clark is making his way to a coffee shop whether she answers or doesn't — at a normal human pace.

* * *

Diana's been kept busy as well, although not so much in the way of heroing than Kal has been. No, she's been busy at the Embassy, getting things ready for a meeting with one of the government heads of an European country seeking to get in on the good graces of the Amazons. Part of getting ready for that involved trying to figure out just why this person was hoping to meet with her about that. By the time the text gets to her she's already annoyed and in need of a break.

'Thank Hera, Clark. Your timing is, as always, perfect. I will be there shortly."

Takes her a moment but soon Diana's there, greeting Clark with a weary smile. "What is it about mortals…" She stops in midquery and shakes her head, not wanting to ruin the good mood that's supposed to be found this time of year. "How are you?"

* * *

As Clark settles into a booth at this particular coffee shop, he looks at his phone and smiles gently at the message that is received. Clark Joseph Kent with good timing for once? Its a miracle! But then again, Superman was practically famed for saving people in the knick of time. Its one of his many claims to fame. But then he sees the Amazon warrior walk in in all of her beauty and glory.

Clark slides out of the booth to stand greet her standing up, offering Diana a hug in greeting. Thats not weird, right? "Hey Diana. I'm sorry that we non-divines are giving you a bit of a hard time." Though one could argue that Clark must be something divine, since when he's out and about as Superman…its not hard to think of him as a God if you're the average person who can't lift a car over their head and make it look easy.

"I'm doing good. Long day." He chuckles before looking Diana in the eyes. "How are you, all things considered?"

* * *

The hug is of course accepted, Clark being one of Diana's closest friends. It is allowed to last for only as long as Clark's willing to let it go, friendly, familial in nature rather than anything romantic. Smirking at his response to her aborted complaint from mere moments ago, Diana sits down, picking the booth seat across the table from him. "Clark, you are one of the good ones so I don't think you count as one of the people I was… ugh. I am sorry."

Diana leans back a little, allowing herself the opportunity to relax, her eyes half-lidding as she does. She might look like she is about to fall asleep if it weren't for how intently she's paying attention, otherwise. "Oh. I am alright. Am looking forward to the holiday break. I will be staying out of the Embassy for a week. Not sure if I'll go anywhere or not, though. Do you have plans for Christmas, Clark?"

* * *

The hug is going for a good amount of time, but its like two people who haven't seen each other for awhile, not an awkward thing in any circumstance, but Clark releases her all the same, a smile to Diana before he sits across from her on the booth and gives a little smile. "It was mostly a joke, Diana. But thank you." His smile grows a bit warmer after his comments before he just goes silent and listens.

She looks exhausted. No doubt ambassador-work and all of her hobbies is extremely tiring when you do it non-stop.

When asked what he's doing for Christmas, he shrugs. "Nothing, really. Christmas eve I'll go home to smallville to spend time with my parents and well…enjoy those few days with them before coming back to Metropolis. You could come with me, if you want. I'm sure they'd love to meet you."

* * *

An order for an appropiately holiday-themed coffee drink is made once someone comes to take her request. Always nice to not have to move once one has planted their posterior upon a seat. "Oh. I see. A joke." Sometimes humor is not the easiest concept for her to grasp, although the Amazon has gotten a lot better in that department. Huffing something of a chuckle via the sharp exhale out her nose, Diana shakes her head, mostly at herself.

As for her physical state? Diana's not tired in the bodily sense of the word. No, her weariness is more mental, perhaps signaling that she is bordering on burning out. Thankfully Clark makes his suggestion, giving her a chance for a way out of the city for a few days. "I would hate to be a bother over the holidays," she starts off with, always mindful of her manners, "but if your parents wouldn't mind, I could probably tear myself away from Metropolis for a day or two. Thank you."

* * *

Clark orders a regular coffee, but requested a few sugar packets be delivered along with it. Is Clark not festive?! Shame. Its actually that Clark is extremely festive, its more along the lines that Clark is actually extremely picky with his coffee.

Journalism does that to you.

He does smile at her though when she's being so humble and polite. "Please, Diana. I really think it'll help kinda reset you a little bit. You do hard work, it'll be nice to relax for a few days. Take it from me, I promise the world will still be here when you get back." he chuckles a bit.

* * *

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* * *

At first Diana is not sure what to say. Even thouugh she did say she would go to Smallville, assuming the Kents say it is alright, part of her wants to take that back. Things sometimes has a way of falling apart when the heroes are not around, after all. She thinks better of it, however, and eventually manages a smile that doesn't make her look like she's about to fall over due to exhaustion. "I suppose a day or two will be fine," she eventually says in agreement.

Coffee never really takes long to make and soon their drinks are brought to them, each cup placed before the proper person. Next to the simple coffee Clark ordered for himself, Diana's looks entirely too fancy, one of those froo-froo kind of deals that makes her almost embarrassed over having ordered it. "I would like to bring something to your parents," she adds after taking a sip, the scent of peppermint and chocolate wafting upon the steam that rises from the cup. "Is there anything your parents would like? Or need?"

* * *

Clark smiles at Diana for a moment, though he doesn't know that she seems to be, albeit briefly, regretting her decision to go to Smallville with him in worry that the city might be attacked. Either way, when the drinks arrive, Clark applies the proper sugar that he's so picky about before sipping contently.

"Mana from heaven." He comments, looking relaxed now.

But then Diana expresses her desire to gift his parents something. "Are you sure?" the offer surprised him, but he knows more than nyone that Diana has a literal heart of gold for people. "They're simple people. Farmers. You could bring them a tea pot set and they'd be the happiest in the world."

* * *

Watching Clark as he doctors up his coffee, Diana can not help but smile. It isn't very often that she gets to spend time with friends outside of when they are called upon to save the world, and this is a much needed salve for her frazzled nerves. By the time he's done adding the sugar and taking his first sip, she's relaxed. Feeling much better, she takes another drink of hers, not worrying about how the temperature of her coffee is bordering on scalding. Nice thing about not getting hurt as easily is that you can drink something hot without the risk of blistering the roof of your mouth.

"A teapot set? I can do that." Diana is already planning a quick flight to England to get Mrs. Clark that as well as some nice teas to enjoy during the winter. "Just give me a little heads up so I can make sure I have time to pick it up before we leave."

* * *

Clark actually seems to laugh a little bit when she so easily agrees to it. He misses people being so agreeable. He usually deals with people with machine guns though who are dumb enough to shoot Kal with a handgun when he's literally bulletproof. Thankfully, Diana's a breath of fresh air.

"Gladly, Diana. I'll even fly over to help you pick it up if you want." Friends help each other! "I'll probably be home from the twenty-third to the twenty-seventh of this month, so plenty of time hopefully to get everything squared away. My gift for them arrives tomorrow, I think."

* * *

If Kal were to put his opinon of Diana to word she'd undoubtedly have to laugh, entirely too modest for her own good. Thankfully, he doesn't say that, sparing her from having to blush. "I might be able to go tomorrow," she says, accepting his offer in that way. "We can head out for…" Oh, right. One out of the two of them has a secret identity to protect. Good thing she remembered that before saying the wrong thing. Clearing her throat, Diana looks around before dropping her voice to an almost sub-vocal whisper he should pick up on. "We can fly out there, get some lunch and fly back after shopping." Which, for them, will make for a short afternoon jaunt to the UK where some would have to plan for a full on vacation to go shopping in London.

Raising her voice again, she asks as if not having missed a beat, "What did you get your folks?"

* * *

Kal smiles softly to Diana when she speaks. "Alrighty, sounds like a plan to me." She tells him about the flying and he is readily agreeable, giving her a bit of a smile. He does speak pretty softly too, winking at her. Besides, spending time in the UK with Diana Prince is not a bad day -at all-.

But then they are back to speaking at regular volume. "I got my dad a new toolkit. He's always trying to fix things around the house, so I figure he could use some up-to-date equipment. For my mother, I bought her a designer scarf." wow, Clarkie loves his parents.

* * *

"That sounds very nice," Diana murmurs but it's hard to tell just what she's saying that about. Is it the quick trip to the UK she is saying that about or is it Clark's choice in gifts to his parents? Hard to say. Chuckling, she finishes her mocha, allowing for the warm to further relax her.

"I wish I could shop for my mother and the others," she eventually intones. "But I don't know how the tradition of gifts would go over."

* * *

Clark may have excellent eyes, but he cannot see what rests in her heart and mind. No telepathy here! Else that would just be ridiculous. But he does give her a small nod when she seems to relax. It was nice, them together again just sitting at a booth and talking. No saving the world needed, no Batman to brood and tell them to get back to being focused.

They could just be normal for a bit.

But when she speaks about wishing she could go back to Themyscera and give them presents, he extends his hand, attempting to cover hers with his own. A comforting gesture…but at the same time, something else. In his eyes though are easy to discern: I'm here.

* * *

The touch isn't expected and for a moment Diana tenses, her eyes going wide for a few seconds. She eventually recovers and she moves her hand to give his own a quick squeeze before she sets hers on her lap. "It is alright. Some things just… don't translate well. They are still very resistant to adapting traditions from Man's World. I understand why, but sometimes I wish they'd open their eyes, and their hearts, to new things."

Chuckling at herself, Diana pokes at her empty cup, contemplating another mocha. "I am sorry, Clark. I don't mean to be such a downer suddenly. This time of year can be difficult for me."

* * *

Clark chuckled for a little bit. "I sometimes forget that Themyscera, according to you, is still very…rigid about its traditions. I think it wise not to impose on it, after all, they've served you and yours well for a very long time." at least if Diana's words about her home are accurate, which usually are since she has a healthy habit of never lying.

But the squeeze to his hand is noted, before he pulls his hand away too. "You could never be a downer, Diana, but-" he suddenly jerks his head to the side, like he heard something. Gunmen, local bank. No heroes en route. "Sorry, Diana, but I have to go. How about I pick you up tomorrow at 1 o'clock for the UK trip?"

He barely waits for an answer before he's running out the door.

Sometimes, the battle between good and evil is a neverending one.

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