We're All Soldiers Now
Roleplaying Log: We're All Soldiers Now
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Sam and Dani run through a DR session against Apocalypse's forces

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IC Date: December 22, 2019
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It's the holiday season and while that has definitely slowed the foot-traffic around the Mansion, that hasn't stopped it altogether.

Nor has it stopped the training that goes on every day for those that call themselves X-Men.

As such, a message went out to those X-Men that aren't preoccupied with holiday things and invited any and all to a Danger Room session.

And that is where we're currently at.

In the midest of a Danger Room session. The world that stretches for the eye to see is something that can best be described as post-apocalyptic. The land that Danielle Moonstar and Sam Guthrie can see was once a city, but now it's all but collapsed. Broken buildings and skyscrapers mar the skyline and great jagged lines run along streets and sidewalks.

Broken machinery and vehicles are just about everywhere and a battle rages all around.

There seems to be two factions that are at war. Men and women dressed in military fatigues and then beings that look human, but are dressed more fantastically in sets of futuristic armor. Some fly, some walk and some run, but both sides are fighting throughout the city itself.

To say the 'mutants' of this particular world are winning is an understatement. They're just too powerful compared to the tech and gear the more human military side has available to itself.

Moonstar stands atop a broken building to give her a better view of the battle below. It's what's going to allow her to start attacking large swaths of people since her 'line of sight' abilities can now reach much farther thanks to her bird's eye view.

"I'm going to start dropping them, Sam." She says grimly, whether he's nearby or it's over their typical comm line. "Let's be on our toes for retaliation."

Sam Guthrie hits the ground running. He does not take to the air yet. Mutant or human, one side lording it over the other is not the way they were taught. He will head to a pile of rubble heading to climb up. Right now he is hoping to help people and scaring them with their powers, is not what he wants to do at first. "We got an idea, on if they have any kind of command structure?

His question has merit and it only brings a flatter tone from Moonstar as she says, "Look up."

And when he looks up he'll see a massive ship that looms high in the sky and looks far more high tech than anything their own world could have made.

"I wouldn't try to hit it, Sam. I'm not sure even your blast field could protect you from the bees that would boil out of that hive."

"And the inside of that ship -" Well, Moonstar can't help but pull her eye away from that hovering fortress and continue on, "This run we're going to focus on the soldiers attacking the army - next time we'll practice hitting the ship."

With that said, MOonstar turns her eye over to the line that's currently attacking the military. She looks between the front of the line and the back, and goes for the nearest she can. The back. While she doesn't necessarily need any particular hand movements to use her powers, with this many people that needs to be hit, she brings both hands upward. The movements help her to concentrate and with a harsh downward slash of both hands, the Cheyenne drops a half a dozen fighters with her psychic attack.

As Sam likewise rises higher up he's able to see better what's going on. So much fighting and destruction. There aren't too many civilians that can be found. It's relaly only military or Apocalypse's forces, but that doesn't mean there aren't people who need help. The mutants are taking down squads of humans and while a lot die, there's also many who are simply injuried.

One mutant soldier in particular seems to be some sort of telekinetic and is ripping up large chunks of building before brutually dropping them onto the nearest soldiers. In fact, one chunk of concrete, steel beams and glass hurtles downward towards the human soldiers.

Sam Guthrie kicks in his blast, and heads for that chunk of concrete/ He flies to shatter the block and hopefully the telekinetic's concentration. The young man will call out "Hey Bozo, how about picking on someone your own power level." His blast takes him a bit past the guy and he takes a decent u torn coming around to head towards the guy, with a true flying clotheline.

The concrete, glass and steel beam rock shatters upon impact.

The particulates fall downward upon the army but with the battle raging as it is, very few see who saved them. However, they realize they were saved and as the dust figuratively and physically settles, the group of humans sends up a ragged cheer as they still live.

The telekintic definitely staggers a step when the chunk of rock he was holding disappears from his grip. He looks up then at the sky and sneers when he sees Sam, a lone mutant, coming for him.

"As if you are on my level." The young man sneers, his tone haughty, "Feel the might of Apocalypse's chosen army!"

And while Sam definitely clothes lines the mutant telekinetic, it doesn't seem to topple over the young man. Instead Sam only manages to push him a few feet back.

"Now witness my strength!"

And what can only be described as pressure begins to surround Sam, as the telekinetic tries to squeeze past his blast field to crush him into a paste.

Dani continues to reap the line after line of soldier, her attention focused fully upon her task. It's hard for the mutants to pinpoint what exactly is bringing them down, but eventually a mutant flier spots Moonstar. Whether that flier understands she's the one responsible or not is hard to say, but either way the mutant soldier drops towards Moonstar.

Sam Guthrie is slowed down and will end up flying towards the man ending up right in front of him. The young man will look to the other and says "You know the bad thing about flexing your strength?" He will ask the man and then s the field flares, he uses a trick he has used seldom before, taking all the force that is on him, and converts it through his blast field. He blast punches the guy with all the force he was sending his way. Sam pretty sure the guy can take it after the clothesline.

The telekinetic's expression turns enraged at the question about strength. Perhaps a bit confused too, as he doesn't quite understand that Sam is gearing up to show his own strength.

Either way, that question of Sam's gives the soldier of Apocalypse enough time to begin to answer, "Yes, I w -", but that answer doesn't fully form. Not when Sam throws all the power of his blast field at the young man in that modified 'punch'.

The punch hits home and the soldier now goes flying away. It's a safe bet he won't be getting up from that particular attack, and with that attack of Sam's so successful, he finds the telekinetic pressure disappearing quite quickly.

The battle still rages around Sam, but for a moment he has a few seconds of breathing room.

As for Dani, there's a sixth sense in the back of her mind to look up, but it's a hair too late. When she does look up the man is already upon her and all Moonstar has time for is to raise her hands upward defensively, then she's hit and the two figures disappear as they crash through the rooftop of the building she was upon.

Sam Guthrie will shout "Chief." Keeping himself from shouting her real name at least. He will call over the com "You need some help there?" He is heading that way but is looking around the battle field. Sam wants to barrel in and save his friend, but he trusts her, and gives her a moment to let him know if she needs him or not. Cannonball will make sure to look towards the skys for other fliers as well

His worried shout is greeted by silence for a few minutes, up until finally a sound is heard. A roar of some sort of wild-thing and when that roar fades into the mish-mash of battle noises around, Moonstar's voice finally pipes up on the comm.

"I'm ok." Comes her response, "But I sure could use a lift out of this building. We went down six floors."

And when Sam arrives he'll find Dani standing next to the downed flier. The flier has likely seen better days, but he's still alive. Dani herself looks rather dusty and rough around the edges, thanks to her impromptu crash through several floors.

And while this is really only a simulation it doesn't stop Dani from reacting as if it's a live firefight. "I have an idea. If you can get me up high enough so I can see the whole field I'll try to take down the whole mess of them. Shut this battle down fast. Take out ones and twos isn't going to make a difference, we need to cut the head off this beast as quickly as possible."

Sam Guthrie nods, and wraps his arms around her waist and says "Up up, and .. wait thats taken." He does blast up through the roofs. His field protecting them as they go up. He will find a height where he can see things and starts doing a circle to keep them moving in case the ship fires at them. "So, this what you guys encountered on the other side of things?" He asks over the blast field.

Up up and away. That brings the faintest of smiles to Dani's lips for a second or two, and then it's back to all business for her.

As the two rise upward Moonstar immediately turns her good eye to the people found below. She searches out for the seam in the fighting that denotes which side is which, but it's hard. There's so many smaller skirmishes that can be seen below. "There might be some friendly fire." She states, "But it's not like they'll be dead, so … "

So it's ok, possibly is what she means.

And then the two do what they do best, they fly and they fight, and Moonstar reaches out with both hands once again. She closes one fist and then the other and as both fists close the armies fall on either side of the two. With the armies fallen the Danger Room suddenly intones: Session Successfully Completed.

It's only as the images of war around them begin to fade, that Moonstar answers Sam's question. "It was worse, Sam. The ship alone was horrific, but his soldiers, his horsemen."

"Most of them were us. He took us, the X-Men, and made him into his own personal army."

Sam Guthrie will land, but keeps her held for a moment, not trying to be flirty or anything just giving her a hug and comfort for a moment. "We will keep him from happening here. We have stopped other bad futures, this one will be stopped as well." He steps a step away but still keeping her close. "Got a job at Harry's by the way."

The hug is accepted for what it is and while Moonstar may still be a touch awkward with it all, she understands where it's coming from.

When the two part, Moonstar's expression is definitely pensive. "Agreed." She says, "And we have stopped other futures from happening. I suppose I just need to borrow some of your faith, Sam."

"Until I find my own."

She's silent for a moment and might have stayed that way longer if it wasn't for Sam's reveal that he has a job. It brings her attention back to him, "A job? Bartending?" She asks curiously, even as she nods towards the doors. "Or waiter? Wait no …" She says with a grin and a light tease, "Bouncer?"

Not that she doesn't know Sam can take care of himself, but she can't help but offer that light bit of humor.

Sam Guthrie smiles and says "Bartending, but may pick up some bouncing, but honestly Ah don't think there are many bar fights there. Place seems to have a bit of a reputation as a place a few folks hang out that you don't want to mess with. Ah gotta learn to make a few more drinks, so maybe a couple nights around here, there is a party in the teachers lounge." He jokes

"Ha." Moonstar says with that same amusement, "I'm pretty sure most people wouldn't mind if you practiced mixing drinks in the teacher's lounge."

"Just ask Warren to buy the booze. It'll be top shelf, I'm sure."

"I know I said it the other day, Sam, but it's good to have you back. I feel like we nearly have the old team back together and in those days, it sure felt like nothing bad could ever happen when we were all together."

"Come on, let's go get some lunch and you can practice mixing some drinks. I wouldn't mind something stronger than just coffee." Moonstar says rather wryly as she takes a step towards the doors that lead out of the Danger Room. "And not mimosas either."

Sam Guthrie smiles and will walk with her, and says "Well you got two Guthries for your team now, and Jay is actually in New York, but he aint really interested in doing the whole hero thing. He wants to be a music star, and hopefully be able to be help the cause that way.

"Jay's in town?" She says, as she glances aside to Sam, always careful to keep him on her side that she can see from, "Well, I hope you told him he's always welcome to crash here if needed. The musician life isn't exactly the easiest one."

Which causes the Cheyenne woman to frown slightly, but whatever thoughts prompted that aren't said aloud. Instead she just leads the two towards the kitchen area that the X-Base has.

At the mention of hopefully helping the cause, Moonstar's expression once more shifts to something akin to pensive. "I'm sure you've already told him, but I hope he's being careful. Whether famous or not, the mood in the city isn't kind towards mutants. The mob mentality seems to come upon people pretty quickly."

Sam Guthrie nods his head a bit and says "He actually is lucky a bit on that front, He can hide his wings easier than most at least." He will walk along with her, and once they in the kitchen he will make sure not to let Dani get to drunk, but he will make some nice drinks, and talk of old happier times, trying to help his friend's mood.

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