Last Minute Invite
Roleplaying Log: Last Minute Invite
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Barbara springs a last-minute invite on Dinah to the Christmas Ball.

Other Characters Referenced: John Constantine, Jim Gordon, Dick Grayson
IC Date: January 01, 2018
IC Location: The Lance-Gordon House
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Posted On: 18 Dec 2018 23:46
Rating & Warnings: PG
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Barbara stands at the top of the stairs at the fully festive Lance-Gordon house, shouting down to the kitchen or dining room, wherever she left Dinah before she hustled up the stairs to back for her trip to New York City.

"Dinah! Get up here, I have something to show you!"

Barbara had finally settled on a dress for the party, so that must be why she's shouting for her BFF to get her ass upstairs.

* * *

Dinah doesn't make much noise when she walks, particularly barefoot— in gym shorts and an oversized Boston College hoodie, she's clearly not doing anything more involved than bingeing on Netflix. But, dutifully, she skips up the stairs and ends up in Barbara's doorway, resting a shoulder against the lintle and giving the dress an appraising once-over.

"Not bad," she concedes. Fingers twist fabric to test how it drapes and moves in response to motion. "Definitely not bad. You settled on going, then? With John, or…?" Dinah asks, wrinkling her nose. She walks into Babs' room and flops onto the foot of her bed, folding one ankle under her thigh and holding it for balance. "I'm just saying, we could hit up the docks, find a rave or something, y'know."

She starts bobbing her head. "Nsst nsst nsst nsst," she says, mimicking a rave dance beat. Her hands start twisting into intricate spirals, for added effect.

* * *

The dress is a lovely sheath made of black silk with a faint purple sheen to it. It will look great on Babs. The slender straps of the gown are almost nothing at all, and perhaps a bit flimsy at first glance. But, well, this dress is definitely a knock-out style with double slits and a low collar. A bit flashy for Babs who is always so comfortable in jeans and sweaters and Uggs.

"Nice, huh?" Then she tilts her head at Dinah's other questions, and she nods. "Yeah. John is apparently renting a tux, but we'll see how that maps out." She laughs lightly, making an easy disparaging remark about John's fashion sense.

Then she tilts her head, arms crossed as she settles into a little half-cock of her stance. The mention of a rave and Dinah's provocative dancing has her roommate laughing. "Maybe afterwards, if we don't have to actually work the ball."

Then she hesitates, looking at the dress. "I think this is going to look great on you, Di." And there's the first little hint that maybe Barbara has other plans than just going to the party without her partner and roomie.

* * *

Dinah blinks a few times. "Charliewhatnow?"

She pushes off the bed and lands on her feet, moving towards the outfit and giving it a careful, second once over. Also, totally not stalling for time.

"Okay, like, I don't know where to start," she admits, finally, and flips a hand in the air. "I'm caught between 'oh god a society thing' and 'I have the perfect shoes for this," she admits, jamming her hands into her hoody pouch pocket.

"I mean— this is like, Dick and Ollie territory. It's all that stupid shrimp fork and… serving from the left… uh, stuff," she says, wrinkling her nose. "I barely got through dad's retirement dinner without doing something dumb."

* * *

Barbara dimples at Dinah, leaning into her weight her cocked out hip. "You're going to have a blast." She steps forward, admiring the dress with her friend. "Dad scored an extra ticket, and I convinced him that he needs to stay in Gotham and you should go, so you're coming, and that's that. Besides… I might need your back-up, babe."

She flashes Dinah a wider smile. "Come on. You'll be there with me, and Dick is going, too, and it will be great. I promise."

* * *

Dinah blushes and smiles shyly at Barbara. It's a rare and sincere expression, one of honest pleasure, and it develops into a big grin and a hearty, uninhibited laugh. "Gaaaah, I *hate* you," she tells Barbara, with total insincerity. She flings her arms around Babs' neck and hugs her firmly, then pecks her on the cheek. "Mwah! Okay. If Dick is there, I'll have someone to talk to when you and John are making out," she teases. She squeezes Babs' hands to reassure her and steps back a half a step, lazily making their hands swing around. "Wait, so I'm wearing this— where's yours?" she asks, craning her neck to look around.

* * *

"John and I will not be making out. We're there to monitor the whole party and make sure Falcone isn't actually there to cause trouble." She tries to sound all professional and stoic, but her smile breaks again. "… and to also eat good food and enjoy a fun night out on someone else's dime. Plus, I hear this Councilman is shady, so that's a doubly-good reason to enjoy ourselves while we're there."

She smiles at Dinah again, but when her friend asks after her own dress, she pops up and strides to the closet. She opens it, and tugs out a magnificent gold beauty that is just as long as Dinah's with the same slender straps, but hers is all gold glitter to match Dinah's purple-black silk. Hers also only sports one slit instead of Dinah's double. "What you think?"

* * *

Dinah sucks air through her teeth and considers the outfit. The likeness of the cut isn't lost on her, and she takes it from Barbara and holds it up to her friend to see how it'll look.

"I love it," she says, finally, and nods critical approval. "The gold is gonna *pop*. All those society skanks in identical black minidresses," she mutters, savagely.

The dress is carefully set back on the hanger and she rests her weight over her right foot, narrowing her eyes at Barbara thoughtfully. A fingernail taps against Dinah's lips. "Okay. I'm thinking, hair: Do it up, then wear it over your shoulder, right? Heels, definitely, maybe those silver ones you've got, and—" she sniffs. "Go with something teal for an accessory color? It'll really make your eyes pop."

* * *

When Dinah jumps into prep mode, Barbara just laughs warmly. She wraps arms around her friend's shoulders and squeezes her in. "Love you." Then she looks up at the pair of dresses, and comments casually, "And I want us to remember this moment, because once we walk in there and everyone is wearing some crazy designer-made dresses and amazing accessories, we're going to need to remind ourselves that these dresses were bought on clearance."

Then she gives her hair a bit of a tug. "I was thinking down, actually… waves. But definitely the silver shoes… and I got some gold make-up. I figure understated is the way to go. For me at least…"

She gives Dinah a wry smile. "I'm not expected understated from you at all."

* * *

"Gotta do your hair so we frame this mooshy punnim," Dinah says, mushing Babs' cheeks and imitating a Jewish grandmother. "All that red and gold, you're gonna be a bombshell."

She grins at Barbara's commentary. "I'm pleased that you've kept expectations low for me, but honestly— this is like prom all over again," she says. "I gotta figure out what *I'm* doing," she frowns, and looks at her hair in the mirror. It's currently held back with a single, over-burdened scrunchie. "Hmm. Smoke and aubergine?" she murmurs, turning her head left and right. "Yeah. Oooh, yes, I can *totally* make this work," she declares, bobbling on her balls of her feet. "Oh, how're we getting there? Uber? I don't think we wanna try and fit all of us on a bike. Not enough room for you two and a third wheel," she says, probing the inside of her cheek with her tongue.

* * *

Barbara just laughs at that, and she shakes her head at the mushing of her cheeks. "This is like Prom all over again." She rolls her eyes playfully.

Then Dinah is mentioning how they will get there, and she doesn't miss a beat. "I'm borrowing Uncle Harvey's car… then we will take an Uber to the Ball. But I'm meeting John for a drink beforehand…" She laughs suddenly, holding up her hands. "I want to make sure he's actually in a tux before I take him, and also I figure I should make sure I'm not taking a wasted magician to a Christmas party."

* * *

Dinah hesitates, then lifts her palms towards Barbara apologetically. "Okay, like— real talk," she says, her voice growing serious. "John doesn't exactly get on with the law-and-order types. Or politicians. And your dad's definitely gonna hear about it if something goes down and your date tells the deputy mayor to, uh, piss off. Or … whatever Brits say."

"I'm— I'm not gonna tell you what to do. 'cause honestly, *I* don't know what to do," she admits. "But maybe remind him that there's some stakes at play if things go off the rails, and not just for him. Your dad worked hard to make Commissioner, and he had to work doubly hard to do it clean," she says. "This is the sort of function where people *have* to play politics."

* * *

The threat of real talk sobers Barbara. She listens, not interrupting, and then she sighs out a steady exhale. Her shoulders move slightly under her own sweatshirt, and then she nods. "I'll make sure to tell him, Di. I promise. He knows when to take something seriously."

Or at least, she hopes John does. Then she looks back at the pair of dresses, and her smile returns a bit wearily. "One day, let's just go party without having to pack a mini arsenal in our clutch purses?" Then she comes out of her slump. "Come on, I gotta go pick up the car from Harvey in three hours. Plenty of time to get dolled up." She wraps an arm around Di again, and kisses her cheek fondly.

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