Catch the Flag
Roleplaying Log: Catch the Flag
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Paige and Dani run a catch the flag simulation in the DR and Sam watches from the control booth.

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IC Date: December 24, 2019
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There are days when you just need to push yourself, and Paige is having one of those days. Dressed in her black and golds, the second eldest Guthrie sibling is in the middle of a post-apocalyptic warzone with explosions rumbling, flashes of light and fire bombs! The buildings are war-torn and riddled with holes with pieces of concrete laid out across the street.

The young woman is a figure of shining steel with long spikes sticking out from her arms as she battles large terminator shaped robots, dodging about their bright red lasers that are fired from pulse rifles, streaking in and out of the combat as she stabs and slashes with her natural weapons, tearing their robotic guts out with a loud angry buzz.

Bullets bounce off her metal skin, lasers deflect, but she can still feel the impact deep under her metallic shell. Training has taught her to keep moving, to ignore the discomfort, to fight through it and keep focused.

While Brightwind is able to go just about anywhere within the Mansion and even the X-Base, there's one area he doesn't go. Within the Danger Room itself.

That doesn't stop Danielle Moonstar from using a facsimile of him during such training bouts, however.

It's why the woman can be found high in the sky as she looks down upon the war ravaged lands below.

While the programmed Brightwind can't be felt on her empathic senses, that doesn't stop her from talking to 'it' like she normally would with the real thing. It's what causes her to murmur to the winged-horse, "Keep pace with Paige.", and hearing Dani's direction the pegasus does just that.

And from that bird's eye view, Moonstar can't help but see some of those robots turn their pulse-rifles upon the metallic woman below and prepare to fire, but before they can fire Moonstar raises her bow and already nocked-arrow and begins to rain fire down upon them.

Sure, arrows won't kill the robots, but they can knock aside rifles, guns, and pierce through the 'eyes' of the robots if needed.

"What's the goal of this run?" Comes Dani's simple question across the comm, "Beyond stay alive."

"Get from A to B. Don't die." Paige calls through the comms as she tears through a blinded robot with an arrow sticking out of it's head. "Also see how many onion layers I can get through before I throw up." With that, she tears her arms off, reveaing hot acid rushing out of her left, while a flame thrower comes from the right. It takes a lot of concentration from the meta-morph as she turns another robot to slag.

There is a white flag positioned a few blocks away with an X symbol on it, signaling the exit in which they must make their way towards. It's surrounded by turrets that fire off rounds of ammunition in the sky towards the pegasus riding Valk. As she sends a kick into the body of another soldier, she leaps upon it, barreling down with her acid attack into it's face as she hears it scream robotically in a death squeal. EEeeeeEeEe!

"Too bad Sammy is working. He'd get a real kick outta this ah' reckon." She calls up joylously as she rips off another layer to lose the acid to reveal a heavy stone handed fist. "How's yah' eye doing? Forge gonna put a cyber one in yah'?"

From point A to B. Don't die.

That brings an almost grim-look-of-amusement from Moonstar. How many times in the past few weeks has she heard that? Even said that.

Granted the Danger Room session isn't true life or death, but still she treats it as if it were.

"Got it." Moonstar says in understanding and then all other words are lost as Brightwind abruptly veers to the left. The hiss and heat from those slugs can be felt, as those turrets zero in on the duo in the sky.

"The flag is definitely protected." Calls out Dani as Brightwind bleeds off height for safety, "Going to be tricky to get past them via air. We may have to do a two pronged attack. Maybe a distract and sneak in."

The mention of onion layers brings an automatic question from Dani now, "How many are you up to now before you pass out? And what number are you at?"

More arrows fly from Dani's bow, as she aims to help clear the path for Paige.

The mention of Sam brings a faint quirk to a corner of Moonstar's mouth, "Sam would.", and while she was about to say something more about Sam's job, the question about her eye brings a moment of silence from the Cheyenne woman. "It's doing ok. Tony's making the new one and he's almost finished crafting it. I'm sure it'll have perfect vision and some crazy additions to it."

And while she should sound more enthused, Dani can't quite get all the way there. She still mourns the loss of her natural one.

"Jus' make sure he ain't peeping in on yah' through that new eye of yours. Some people shouldn't have access ta' the locker room and showers after a workout!" Paige calls through the comms with an amused noise in her throat as she slams her large rocky fist into a robot, crunching the metal.

"Ah'm up ta' six right now for this session and ah' can feel it in mah gut a bit. But, ah ain't gonna puke! No sir! Not t'day!" As the flame thrower arm dies off to return to normal, she lumbers forward in a mixed state of metal and brick as she moves through the next block, leaving a trail of robots behind her stuck with arrows and half melted.

Squinting at the flag in the distance, then the large turrets, she huffs out in amusement. "Wonder if ah' can turn invisible, or see through. Kinda like glass. That way ah can just maybe walk right past 'em. Ah ain't tried that one yet."

Peeping through her eye? That thought really hadn't occured to Dani and she's quiet for a few seconds as she mulls that over.

"He wouldn't." She finally settles on, "And I'll make sure he doesn't."

If she had a free hand to pinch the bridge of her nose she might do that, as it is she can only nock another arrow and let loose with it again. "At least the Danger Room is self-cleaning." Moonstar says over the comm, as she and Brightwind rise back up into the air. She brings up two arrows and nocks them simultaneously and when her aim seems true she releases the string of her bow. They release with a loud *twang* and shatter into the eye sockets of two nearby robots that were sighting she and Paige.

The mention of turning into something like glass is considered and it's enough for Dani to ask, "Let's see if we can figure out how the turrets are tracking. I'm assuming by movement, but what if it's heat signature? Though if you morph into glass I would assume you're not giving off any body heat?"

"Course he would! He's Tony freaking Stark." Paige calls through the comms with a laugh as she continues to move through the ravaged block of this once beautiful neighborhood in New York City.

"So, ah' got a question for yah'. You gonna take my brotha' out for the holidays?" She drawls out in a joking manner. "Pretty sure he still gotta crush on yah' from when we was youngins'." As she reaches up to her face, she tears the next layer of skin away, this time becoming more wobbly and see through. Like a plastic.

"Well, it's not glass, but ah'm still see through … "

Yes, it is Tony Stark.

But she also knows another side of Tony that others don't often see. The one that cares. Still, that doesn't stop the slight frown that causes the corner of her mouth to dip downward.

"You can trust, Tony." Comes her honest response and answer to Paige's call-out through the comms, "No matter what you might hear about him."

As for Paige's question about the holidays and Sam, Moonstar can't help but automatically say, "What's your -", only she can't quite finish that thought, not when Paige reveals the rest of what she's asking. The Cheyenne woman offers a soft snort of wry amusement, as she says dryly, "It's been a long time since we were young. We're both different people now."

There's a heartbeat of silence from the woman before she adds, "I'll draw the gunfire to give you a chance to sneak past. Let's try to finish this with a perfect score."

Before Dani can even finish her words Brightwind ascends sharply into the sky and makes the two of them a target once more. Once the slugs start flying Moonstar and Brightwind fall into a dizzying array of evasive manuevers, as they fly in crazy patterns to avoid being hit.

Sam Guthrie missed the last bit as he is just now walking into the control room of the danger room. He has a cup of hot chocolate, and was planning on looking over some things finding the room in use, he will lean back watching for a few moments.

"Yeah, mah' brother kinda is different, huh? He put on like fifty pounds of muscle and ain't a string bean anymore." Paige calls out with a grin before she starts sneaking through the street, keeping herself ducked down behind cars, moving slowly.

So far the turrets appear to be focused completely on the flying horse in the sky as they punish the air with round after round of bullets that zip through at neck break speeds.

"That doesn't answer the question though, Moony. Ah' got a date t'night with that Tyler guy. You two should come out with us, sorta like a double thingy. Would be fun. We're getting wings." As she creeps around the turrets, she tears her hand off to reveal a large spear of a right hand, then slams it into the back of the turret, causing it to cripple over with a spark and shut down so that Dani won't be peppered anymore.

Even though the Brightwind Moonstar rides is holographic in nature it's definitely been programmed to move as quick and fast as the real Brightwind does.

The pegasus pulls a wing inward and spirals quickly downward. If Dani wasn't so used to these sorts of maneuvers she might literally go green around the gills, but she is used to it and so Moonstar just keeps her attention split between savor things.

The turrets, the robots that can still be found down upon the ground, and of course Paige. Though Paige is a bit harder to keep track of thanks to her newly see-through-ish form.

Along with her attention on the battle, Moonstar keeps an ear to the comms as well, which allows her to hear all of Paige's chatter.

She could answer those questions of Paige's, but she doesn't. Not until the turret is taken down and the airspace becomes much less cluttered.

When it becomes clear that the turrets are down Moonstar lightly nudges Brightwind downward. As the two descend Moonstar finally speaks again, her tone sounding somewhat weary, "I'm not looking to date, Paige, but that shouldn't stop you and Tyler from having fun."

Sam Guthrie hearing the last bit, he sighs a bit and says "And Ah can ask people out myself, don't need my little sister trying to get me dates, specially with one of my oldest friends." He says as he announces himself to those in the room. Don't let yaself besides, I aint gonna scare tyler to much.

Reaching out to snag the flag, Paige hears the victory music chime through the speakers, and the evil world of the Apocalypse starting to melt away into that of the metal walls of the Danger Room. "See, easy peasy. A to B. We didn't die this time." She says with a tired, woozy tone in her voice as she gives a bit of a wobble. She left behind several layers of skin in her wake of all different metals.

Smirking as she hears Sam's voice in the speakers, she tilts her head upwards to the control booth, then sticks her tongue out at him. "Well, I barely know th' guy, but ah'm at least gonna humor th' kid and go out with him just once. Sides, he has cool powers and he seems like ah decent guy."

"Heard Jay and his super star girlfriend is gonna be out also. Ah'd ask them but they kinda are way too smoochy for mah' tastes. They're like velcro."

Before Brightwind disappears, as the Danger Room resets itself, Moonstar neatly dismounts.

Then upon seeing Paige's wobble Moonstar reaches out with a steadying hand toward the blonde if needed. "A to B." She agrees, "Very 'easy peasy'. It won't be like that in the real world."

"Next time we'll ramp it up a bit and put the team on his ship." Are her ending words upon the subject of whether they won or not.

Then when Sam's voice drifts over the speaker Moonstar looks upward and where others might be embarassed, the Cheyenne woman can't help but shake her head with wry amusement, "Hey Sam. How's it going?"

When Paige mentions Tyler's powers, Moonstar swings her gaze back to the younger Guthrie sibling and asks curiously, "What are his powers?"

Sam Guthrie looks over them and says "Teleporter, but with a targeting system. What is it with us and porters. " He smiles and says "Also Dani if your up for it, your invited to Family dinner at jay's for christmas. " He adds "As a friend and family, but they may have some of the same ideas, as little miss here."

"Yup. So like let's say he touches a telephone pole on one street, then ah' stop sign on another street, he can teleport himself back and forth between th' points. He can also do neat things like launch items mid-air through the portals too. When he helped me take out this anti mutant group, ah' saw him launch a cash register in th' air and then it ported and knocked out a guy who was trying ta' shoot me. Was real neat. Kinda situational though and he has to always know where point A and B is for his powers." Paige says as she steadies a bit, then gives another tug of her skin to clear away the rubbery look to reveal her normal self. No sweat. Refreshed.

"You should totally go. Ah' heard it'll be really fun. It's Jay's first Christmas with th' girl since they moved in ta'gether. He looks so outta place though." She says with a grin, then starts to scoop up her skin and wads it up like pieces of trash.

The mention of teleporters and them prompts a quirk of a smile from Dani as she looks up to Sam, "It does seem like we attract them, doesn't it."

Sam's invitation to Jay's for the friends and family dinner is addressed at first, not when Paige explains a bit more in-depth with what Tyler does. Or how Tyler teleports. "I could see some uses with that sort of teleportating abilities. I wonder if he has a distance limit?"

Paige's likewise affirmation of that invitation to Jay's part brings another faint smile to Dani's expression. "When's he having the party? I can stop in for a bit, sure. We should probably think of doing something here too. For those of us still around. Maybe just a simple dinner."

Sam Guthrie looks down at them, and gives the time "Ma, and all the little ones will be up, so you will get to see them as well. We need to make sure things are good for al the x-men and students here for christmas.

"Ah'm not sure what his limit is, but ah'd like for him to meet ya'll and hang out, see if maybe he'd be a good fit ta' work with us. He got a little bit of a hero heart 'bout him. He had no problem rushing inta' danger to try and save that girl they snatched up. He did see me in costume though." Paige says as she motions to her black and gold uniform. "Made fun of me too. Startin' ta' think we need to upgrade our duds."

Giving a long stretch of her body, she pops a few joints in her back loudly, then stuffs her wadded up skin into the trash can so that it can dissolve safely without someone tripping over it. That, and gross.

"Ah'm down with cookin' up something for th' kids ta' eat that are still gonna be stickin' around. Ah' may not have Ma's gentle touch, but ah' can at least make ah' mean lasagne."

Sam's mention of his mom and the youngest of the Guthrie clan coming up prompts a quick smile from Dani. "It'll be nice to see them all. It's been too long since we've all seen each other."

The mention of what they should do for those here, students and X-Men alike, causes Dani's expression to thoughtful. "Agreed." And when Paige offers to cook, Moonstar flashes a grin, "I'm sure we can all pitch in so it isn't totally on one person's shoulders. Though we just have to make sure those that help with the cooking can actually cook."

Because no one wants burnt food. No one.

As for costumes and Tyler, Moonstar continues with, "You can always change your costume if you want, Paige. I know I typically just wear a black uniform, versus anything more standard. It works better in the field for me. Especially when out on a mission with SHIELD."

"And bring Tyler up here to meet us all. And while I probably don't need to say it, I'll say it just in case, the actual X-Base is off limits to anyone outside of the X-Men."

Sam Guthrie looks down at them and says "You can always make a graduation costume, it worked out so well for us." He grins a bit and says "Ah have thought about going back to a bit more of a mask, have not decided for sure."

"Ah' ain't mentioned th' X-Men ta' him. Ah' just told 'em that ah'm with a group of like minded mutants who are trying ta' just do good things and not cause too much of ah' ruckus. He's interested in meeting up." Paige says as she gives a few sways of her arms. "Ah' don't know how much more ah' can do with mah' costume though. Ah' kinda gotta go with the unstable molecules one that Hank whipped up fo' me. Otherwise ah' just end up naked."

"It's not tha' big of a deal anyways, seeing how ah'm always changing forms when out in th' line of duty. One moment ah'm metal, th' next ah'm wood. Ah' just kinda wish ah' had a cooler one that strikes fear in th' heart of th' bad guys." She says in an obviously joking tone.

The mention of their graduation costumes actually causes Moonstar to groan, " Sam - those were terrible graduation costumes. Absoltuely terrible. We were so young and stupid."

She moves to rub her face but pauses before she does so, mindful of the eyepatch. Still, it doesn't stop Moonstar from giving her head a brief shake, possibly trying to push those graduation costume images from her mind.

They were so terrible.

To Paige, Dani says in more serious tones, "Good. We can definitely meet him and see what he's up to. We just want to be mindful. Not everyone, mutant or meta, always has the best in mind for us."

As to the continued question about costumes, Moonstar adds, "The unstable molecule costumes come in all sorts of colors nowadays. Spruce it up, if you want. Hell, most people have added their own unique touches to their own anymore. Though perhaps going forward we should all invest in actual masks. With Registration here we want to make sure none of us are identified. Especially if we're already registered."

Sam Guthrie hmms and says "I am putting a bit of tint to the goggles, hide my eyes a bit, figure works for a lot of heroes with the little mask, so it should work." He will move to walk into the room, and says "We have had some interesting choices over the years, thats for sure." He walks over to the two "Could Hank make it change with your shedding?"

"Ah' dunno. Maybe he can. Ah'm thinking this one ah'm wearing now works just fine. No point in changing things up too much." Paige heads for the doors of the DR as they swish open to reveal the cool, air conditioned hallways.

"And ah'll give 'em a call and talk to him. Ah' know he's interested in making more friends that are mutants. He just moved out here from the mid-west and is kinda a little fish in a huge ocean. Anyways, thanks for th' work out, Dani. Ah'm gonna get changed for th' big date t'night, and ah'm sure Sam here has to put on an ugly sweater and get ready ta' hang out with a mutant celebrity and pretend he ain't awkward around all that fancy stuff." She calls out teasingly.

"See yah'll tomorrow for dinner makin'!"

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