To Be Prepared
Roleplaying Log: To Be Prepared
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Dani searches out Tony to ask some questions and ask for a favor.

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Tony Stark has been working since he's gotten back. Well. To be fair the man never really stops working. It is one of his many, many, faults. He doesn't know how to turn off. Some people would be mad about it but Stark? He just embraces it.

Tonight? It's portal refinement. In his lab in Metropolis, after finalizing some few details, the techologist works his own form of magic. A little circle of metal and gleaming tech sits in one part of the lab, near what looks like a whiskey bottle. About fifteen feet away sits Stark, staring at a second ring shaped device. He spins tools in his hands, dressed down in his tank top and jeans, peering at the ring as he makes some few bits of adjustments.

"Ok. So technicly this should work." He says to himself.

"Of course, sir." JARVIS' voice comes back. "But I do not believe that you have explained just why you are trying to get this to work."

"Because," Stark replies as power systems spin up to cause the glowing veins of power on the pair of rings to brighten. "It's cool."

"Of course, sir." JARVIS is nothing but dry. "The most important reason."

Because it's cool.

The scariest words ever. Especially coming from someone who's integrated magic and science, and unlocked portals to other realms.

Not that Dani heard Tony Stark say those fateful words. No, instead, the woman spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out just *where* Tony ran off to. Lately it seems like everyone is avoiding her, but that doesn't stop Dani from doing what she does best.

Frowning!! and then hunting them down.

It's what has her here now in Metropolis. It's not a long flight, thanks to Brightwind, and when both pegasus and Valkyrie are down upon the ground, Moonstar makes quick work of finding her way into the nearby building.

It's probably a good bet that once she's inside Tony will know she's here, but that internal thought of hers doesn't seem to lighten her expression one bit. Even if it would best to come in with a more polite face.

"Ah, sir. It seems you have a guest. Miss Moonstar is here to see you." JARVIS replies even as Dani stalks though the halls of the 'half finished' building of Stark Unlimited. It doesn't /look/ half finished. At least not from the inside.

But Tony's had a busy few months.

"What Moonie? She's gonna yell at me I bet." Stark replies a he makes a few adjustments.

"Ah," JARVIS doesn't sound surprised. "I shall have some refreshments brought up."

So when Dani /does/ frown her way into the lab, she would find one Tony Stark with his hand shoved though one of those metal rings. Well. It looks like he's missing his arm from the elbow down.

…but that's ok, because its coming out of the ring on the other side of the room as he gropes for the bottle there.

"Moonie! To what do I owe the pleasure?" Stark calls, as if he's /not/ casually trying to bend the laws of nature to his whim.

With Tony Stark you definitely expect to see certain things, but his arm disappearing and then reappearing all the way over there? Not so much!

As such, when Dani steps into his lab, the Cheyenne woman pauses as she tries to make sense of what she's seeing.

It takes a few seconds, it really does, and then she does that slow sort of head-turn as she looks over to Tony. "Do I even want to know?" She asks, her voice holding the lightest of quips, but also a certain sort of un-easy tension. Afterall, they did just return from a very horrible-no-good-alternate-reality-trip. It left its mark.

And while she was prepared to have some big long speech his rather affable question takes some of the wind out of Dani's sails. So, while she steps further into the room it takes her a minute to really say why she's here. "I've a few questions from when we saved Warren and Ali. I figured instead of jumping to conclusion I'd come find you to get the answers."

"Like the fact you shot me -" Shot her!! "- with Demon Bear magic."

"Oh just a little experiment to see if I can direct short range portals in the same direction." Stark's reply comes with a smirk as he grasps the bottle and starts to slowly try to pull it back though the ring. "It's more tricky than it looks."

He's either focused on his work in order to try to ignore everything they've seen or he's found other equally bad coping mechanisms.

"And technically I shot you with /Jane/ magic. It just had a bit of the bear in it. You know. From when she wrote a virus that nearly killed us all and doomed the world." Stark just throws that off casually, like its not the first time this had happened. Sadly enough it really isn't.

"I re-wrote it is all but a bit of the Bear is still there I guess." He adds with a shrug. "I wasn't sure if that was going to work or not."

His explanation of what he's doing doesn't seem to make Dani feel any better. No, instead she just looks at those two portals and frowns more. "Well, it seems like you've successfully managed it."

Her tone couldn't be further away from congratulations, but after a minute the woman does add, "Though, I am glad you figured how to get to us when you did. If you hadn't."

Likely they wouldn't have made it, though she doesn't go so far as to say those words out-loud.

"I'm glad you did." She repeats again, "And if I didn't properly thank you before, let me say it again - thanks, Tony. For popping up as you always do. It saved us."

That explanation on just what he shot her with causes Moonstar to fall silent again; though there's been enough time that she doesn't necessarily freeze up completely with the mention of Jane's virus that nearly destroyed the world.

No, instead when Moonstar finds her voice she possibly asks something surprising, "Can you do it again? Re-write the magic to allow the magic of the Demon Bear to shine through?"

"You're right that it worked. It gave me a boost of strength when I needed it and I think we should have more on hand for when we need it."

"Well….kinda?" Stark replies slowly as he pulls the bottle out. "I keep having the problem with it transmuting things I pull though into other things." Which is when he attempts to yank the bottle though.

For a moment it looks like it worked, but the liquid inside is now clear. There is a frown. "Water again! Ok, now I think someone is just doing this to me on purpose!"

There is a sigh as he sets the bottle down before he glances at Dani a moment, there is a half-shrug. "I mean it's not like I could just strand everyone there after we all worked so hard to punch Pocky right in the face. Even if you used /magic/ to get there in the first place."

A pause.

"You know I guess thats pretty hypocritical of me. Ah well. Why start making sense now." The man asks with a shrug as he waves her towards a seat.

This is about as close as she'll get to a 'you're welcome' from Tony.

Mostly because feels make things awkward.

"Could I do it again? I'm Tony Stark of course I could do it again and better too because I'm not just working with more than thirty seconds." A quirk of an eyebrow. "The question is do you /want/ me to do it again? I mean you and the Bear don't really get along."

The fact that his alcohol is being changed into water isn't lost on Dani. In fact, she turns a speculative look over to the portals, "Are the portals full tech? Or an infusion of magic and tech? If there's magic in there sometimes it does what *it* thinks it should do, not what you *want* it to do."

Oh yes, Dani is totally talking like magic has some sort of awareness about it. Because *it does*. It just does.

The mention of them using magic to get there in the first place prompts a shrug from the Cheyenne woman, "Desperate times and desperate measures."

She could say more, but at the offer of a seat Moonstar takes it with a murmur of thanks.

His assurances of on whether he could replicate it again - and better too! - brings a quirk of a smile to the woman's lips. "I know it probably sounds crazy - especially coming from me - but I do want you to." She says, her tone turning tight, "We're going to hunt for the Apocalypse in our world and I'm worried when we find him we'll have another fight on our hands. We should be prepared for just about anything and if turning into a suped up version of the Demon Bear is what allows us to win, then that's what needs to be done."

"I mean, its a Jane thing. So she would just say its really advanced technology. But I mean I guess it could be magic. I mean I didn't /mean/ to use magic if I did use magic but once that stuff gets on something it never seems to get out. It's like the worst kind of grease." Stark mutters as he glowers at the quietly thrumming rings. A shrug of his shoulders then.

"I'll argue with it later." He finally decides as he spins just slightly to face her and where she sits.

"Huh, well I mean I can. Though that sounds like the worst of ideas to go hunt down Pocky and pre-emptively punch him in the face. Since it sounds like the worst, I'm of course one hundred percent behind it."

His right hand cocks back just slightly like its resting on a keyboard as a holographic screen pops into existence to one side of him. "I think I can make more of it, or at least something like it. Right now most of it only exists in…well…me." Stark replies with a smirk. "Its a sub-set of my Extremis system. No not the stuff I would use on anyone else, just mine." A pause. "But yeah sure, I can make you a booster shot."

Tony Stark aruging with magically infused technology, some part of Dani truly believes he'd somehow win all those arguments.

All. Of. Them.

She doesn't vocalize that thougth, however, because she's smart. Tony has a big enough ego as it is.

His backing of their very bad idea causes the woman to snort softly in somekind of dark humor. "I'm glad our worst idea meets your standards." She says with an echo of that dry amusement of hers, "Because we'll probably need your help."

When he calls forth the holographic screen Dani turns a curious look at the projection. The revelation that most of it only exists inside him causes Moonstar to return her attention to him. "Is that what allowed you to survive Pestilence's attacks?" She may not have been aware of everything during the battles, but now with their return she's had time to go over the various memories from that day.

"I also need to see how Atli's doing." Mostly that's meant for Dani versus the room at large, especially as she finally returns to the topic at hand. "I'd say go for several booster shots. Just to be safe. In case our Apocalypse has the ability to hold any sway over Ali or Warren. I would hope not, but I wouldn't put it past his abilities."

"Well its what let me live though a lot of things," Stark replies with a smirk. "I'm pretty sure most people wouldn't call me normal anymore." As disturbing as that is, its true. Not even Stark is quite sure everything that the Extremis virus can do with him, he's still exploring its limits. "But yeah, that's what messed with Pestilence's powers. It make me /so/ hungry, like near speedster hungry. But if I boost them I can at least give something like that pause for a limited time."

A shrug again.

"Came in useful when Quicksilver ripped my heart…" A tap at the ARC reactor. "…out."

"But anyway, I'll make em for you. They aren't going to have a warrenty information and I can't make them fast. But…you'll have them."

A pause again.

"Oh. Yeah. Atli. I should tell her I still have part of her spear."

"I'm pretty sure with the amount of … adventures we've all had none of us can ever be truly ever be called normal again." Moonstar offers ruefully, but then when he admits to having speedster levels of hunger, she adds, "Oh, so you admit that Bart wasn't the one who drank all the juice boxes when we returned, eh?"

That humor turns to something more serious as she looks at Tony, especially when he mentions his heart being torn out by Quicksilver.

"All of us were grateful you survived that attack. It's a miracle Quicksilver did."

"I appreciate you making them for me, Tony. I know you're busy enough and you're working on the cybernetic eye for me too. I know I've said thanks for it once, but I'll say it again. I think too it may help Ali. If she can't see the damage she did perhaps she'll be able to forgive herself. If I could pin her down I'd let her know it's ok, but -"

Truly everyone is hiding from Dani!

"You should tell Atli about her spear and I definitely want to tell her thank you, as well."

"I suppose you couldn't come up with an Apocalypse finding gadget for us to use? It'd be nice to have some point of reference to go searching around."

"I'll work on an anti-Pocky tech, one that doesn't involve magnets." Stark replies as he waves a hand towards her. "So Kitty won't have any more reasons to yell at me. But yeah, I'll tell Atli. And you all go find the most powerful mutant in existance so you can hurl insults at him."

A smirk.

"I'd say don't do anything I wouldn't do but that leaves it way too open."

A shrug again.

"And don't say thank you, it just makes it awkward."

"Magnets." Moonstar says wryly, "I'd like to ask the question of how Magneto of that world learned how to control the techno-organic virus, but I think that's a conversation best had while everyone is far from sober."

Meaning drunks as skunks.

His remark about not doing anything he wouldn't earns an amused look from Dani, "I promise we won't do anything you wouldn't."

The mention of not thanking him again causes Moonstar to shake her head, but it does stop her from saying those fated words. "How about I'll call you when we're ready to go hunting Apocalypse? I've a feeling we're going to find ourselves encountering some crazy things."

And while she speaks Dani rises from her seat, "And it's going to take all of us to figure out how to get through everything."

"I should get going. I've a shift at SHIELD tonight. Give a shout if you need anything."

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