Shadows at a bar
Roleplaying Log: Shadows at a bar
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Myrkr got lost and runs into Sam

Other Characters Referenced: Pryde
IC Date: December 29, 2019
IC Location: Harry's Hideaway
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Posted On: 29 Dec 2019 21:02
Rating & Warnings: PG (some violence
Scene Soundtrack: None
NPC & GM Credits: Myrkr:Two thugs
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It was a dark around Harry's tonight. Even the shadow's seemed to be closing in, the lights dimmer, some of the lights flickered outside, one sputtering before giving out. Even headlights were acting wonky with two particular thugish drunk men looking at their flickering head lights dumbfounded.
Most unusual though is that in between the flickering, a careful eye can see a pair of whispy purple lights in the dark, disappearing when the light flickers back on. Sometimes out of the corner of one's eyes, you might see the shadow's move, like some monster being birthed by the shadows themselves. But such thing quickly disappears when one takes a more careful look.
Said purple lights seem to be around the parking lot tonight, almost like they're watching.

Sam Guthrie has just walked a lady to her cab and watching it drive off. He has had a few customers talk a bit about an errie feeling out tonight. Sam does not seem to worried about it, walking along, but he does keep alert. He stops and looks over to where he thought he saw a flask of purple and calls out "Hello?"

There isn't really an answer, but the purple lights actually pop up, in the darkness a little ways from him, and simply stare at him. Its like they're not just looking at him, but judging him, his very existence in a way. The lights bob up and down for a moment before moving, disappearing and appearing closer to the drunken thugs and then popping back. Like its comparing between the two some how…or simply watching.

Sam Guthrie looks over to the thugish guys now, and will walk over towards them "You guys having some trouble?" He will ask. Folks hanging around outside of a bar can be an issue, and the tall blonde fellow does not seem bothered much by them as he walks over that way but does keep an eye on the eyes.

The two thugs seem to be leaning and cussing at the car, one of them with a beanie turns towards Sam "Yeeeaaaaa, our headlights are acting funny, but thirking about leaving anywaoy." the man says drunkenly as he leans heavily on to the car. The other thug with a baseball cap chuckles "Goosh thinvs the boss dosn't need us *hic*." replies as Mr. baseball cap opens the car door and falls inside, giggling to himself, to a careful eyes though, there seems to be some plastic bags with some kind of powder in them in the back.

The purple lights follow along, seeming to vanish and pop back up, eventually staying out of the the drunken men's sights, but seem to watch and flicker before a chattering comes from either the car engine…or from the dark.

Sam Guthrie frowns a bit but says "You know guys, if your car is having problems you might want to call a cab. Ah would hate to see you guys get stuck somewhere on your way home." He does get just outside of arms reach of the fellows. "Ah can call it for ya."

Beanie thug laughs "Naaaaaah, we'll be fine, ivsh not lish we're *hic* drunk." the man says before glaring at Sam "Whysh? You think wevere two stupid to drob?" he asks angrily as he staggers off the car. Mr. Baseball cap pushing himself out "Whos stupid?" Baseball cap says in a very drunk, but annoyed voice as he falls out of the car.

The lights watch intensely for a moment, and then, a clawed hand the size of a trash can lid seems to ooze out of the darkness and simply poke the back tire before slowly retreating into the darkness, or merge into it. A very slight whispy growling sound can be heard when the man gets angry towards Sam, but sounds much like the wind…perhaps its simply only that.

Sam Guthrie holds up his hand, and says "No, don't think your stupid at all, do think you may have been drinking a bit beyond what you should have. Don't want you getting hurt or hurting anyone else. Plus driving with a flat aint very good for your car." He nods to the back tire after the claw has hidden again.

Beanie man narrows his eyes before turning his head drunkenly towards his car "Awww nush, guess your righsh." he says with a hiccup "Wesh don'sh wanna bother ya no's more thoughs, we'll calls it in." the man says confidently as he smiles lopsidedly. Baseball cap helps himself up to fall back into the car, too drunk to care anymore, his butt hanging out in the wind.

The purple lights flare for a moment before bobbing happily, up and down like an excited puppy.

Sam Guthrie smiles a bit and will say "Well if you need help let me know, we have a few companies on speed dial for the bar." He will tell the man. He heads towards the eyes keeping an eye on the thugs.

The drunken man simply smiles with a nod as Beanie pulls his phone out to call in whatever as baseball cap climbs in further to shut the door.

The lights, on the other hand, seem to flicker out a little ways away into the darkness and watch him carefully, seeming to raise above him before slowly dropping to his eye level where they tilt left and right as he comes closer, much like a very curious animal.

Sam Guthrie looks over to the shadows and once the thugs aint looking he will say to it. "So, don't think we have met, but you seem to be looking out for the folks around here." He seems to expect the eyes have some intelligence

The lights stare curiously before a faint purple pulsing of runes outline the creature in full, currently squatting to look at the man, its white skull tilting left and right, staring face to face with him before it fades into darkness. "Kul zhul Ulzan." the thing says in a whispering voice before a high pitch whine like wind blowing sharping from a crack leaves its mouth. It's hand begins to glow before it seems to try and draw a stick figure with an angry look, holding a club of some kind, it seems to be over another stick figure that's crying and hunched over. It's claw easily cutting through the ground like butter before highlighting it with its glowing rune hand and pointing towards the drunken thugs.

Sam Guthrie 's brow raises a bit, and looks at the drawing, and the men "They were beating on someone? Where?" Sam may want to go beat them, but making sure the victim is ok must take the first attention. He is being a bit cautious as maybe a trap by the creature but he needs to check it out.

The creature whines before a scratching sound is heard before one of the eyes goes missing, like the creature holding its hand to its head as it quickly draws the words 'past, bad men, tonight: no beating, only drunk' poorly into the ground before the lights flicker and it looks at the words it just drew like brand new marvels, the lights pressing up close to the ground to stare at the worded marvels.

Meanwhile, drunk thugs are still drunk and waiting.

Sam Guthrie hmms and nods his head. a bit. He will frown a bit, and starts to talk back over towards the thugs. He looks them and the car over for signs of if the creature is telling him th etruth
The thugs are still there, the one still out seems to be talking to some guy on the phone "Whaa, Boss, yous said we had tommorows off? Oooooh, yous ments tonights." Beanie says with a couple of sagly nods "Rights, donts hits the-ohs, bars helber heres, gottas go." Beanie says like Sam can't hear him hang up quickly before Beanie fails to shove his phone in his pocket and it instead falls on to the ground, Beanie frowns before lop-sidedly grinning at Sam "Hellos! Stills here." Beanie says.

The eyes flicker in out and behind Sam before popping into place where they were last time. Its giant hand slowly snaking out the dark to open the car door, which slowly opens to reveal baseball cap snorting white powder from the plastic bags and looking confused on why the door opened. The hand quickly snaking back, way faster then to be expected from something that big.

Sam Guthrie sighs a bit and "Ok what exactly are you planning on hitting, not a fan of people messing things up around my work. Gonna give you a chance to come clean about what your doing here before I call the cops on ya."

Beanie guys stares blankly at Sam, like he's processing before he drunkenly goes to his waist "Lookie here kiv, I's got a guuuuuun, jush heas back insides, we be good." Beanie says as Baseball cap comes out, now high as a kite while wiping some white stuff from his nose and snorting before pulling out a switch blade "Y-Yeah kid, scrams." Baseball says with a couple of eye twitches, swaggering drunkenly over to Sam.

The eyes flare as they disappear, then reappear behind the two men, two giant hands slowly coming from the dark, hovering over both of them, getting closer slowly, and silently. If he was an animal fan, it might remind him of a cat hunting prey.

Sam Guthrie sighs and looks to the two men, and says "You got a gun, and Ah got a shadow cat, that seems rather pissed about some of the things you have done." He does not seem worried about the men. "So, you want to tell me what to let the cops know you have done or just let them run ya prints and the gun?"

The two guys slowly look at each other "Shadow kittvn, pfffft, lives that goon to save ya." Baseball says with a chuckle and takes a two steps forwards before an entire black hand covers his head, shoulders and upper part of his chest, pullin him back into the darkness like a fishing rod with a muffled scream. Beanie watches in horror, before opening his mouth multiple times "Uhhhhh yeah, ok, I admivs it, I mays has beats a man…or twos." Beanie says as his hands slowly go up in the air. There's a small whimpering scream with a thunk as base ball comes flying over the car to land face first on the ground. The lights in the back flaring to a dark purple.

Sam Guthrie nods, and will tell beanie "turn around and put your head against the car, and the cat won't make you it's next play toy. He does move to the car, and pulls out a knife and cuts the seat belt.

Mr. Beanie does exactly as told "Wes cool man." is all he says, base-ball cap is still on the ground, not moving. Shadow cat thing climbs up on top of the car, and the car surprisingly holds him without complaint as it squats and stares at Beanie "Holz Ulfhiem Du'halfen." it says towards Beanie, almost like he's sentencing the man.

Sam Guthrie will use the seat belt to tie up both men, checking them for weapins and pulls them out to set on the hood of the car. He makes sure to use a bandana so not to touch things leaving no finger prints. The goons may say he was there, but they will also say something about a shadow cat, and not even one named Pryde. So who will believe them

For some reason, the thugs are perfectly chill with just staying still, or unconcious like baseball cap. The thing seems to yawn, its skull opening up in a yawn before laying down in a ball on top of the car, watching Sam with its purple eyes which have now changed to a very light color of purple as he does the hard stuff, like handling small objects, and leaving no evidence. The monster does for some reason swat poke the knife with its claw multiple times, or the gun before having its hand dart back to top of the car, where there is now alot of scratches.

Sam Guthrie 's brow raises a bit at the cat and says "We gonna have to talk some more sometime soon cheshire." He will tell it not knowing the cats name. He will use the goons phone to call the cop

Myrkr eyes seem to narrow, which makes it seem more whispy as it gets off the car, stretching to full height, before squating like a caveman on the ground, still watching in interest, no comment from the monster just yet.
Sam Guthrie will head away from the car once the cops are called, leaving the phone behind as well. He will move to a place where he can watch where people will not see him. He finds himself a place to have a seat, and watch
Myrkr Watches lazily for a bit before heading towards said spot with Sam, but more in the dark, obviously trying to copy what he's doing.

Sam Guthrie looks over to the shadows now and again, and hmms softly "Ah wish Doug was about." He says to himself.

Myrkr tilts head, its head turning to some random point before stepping into the shadows until only its eyes are visible, its eyes disappear, the lights stop acting funny, and everything is normal once again.

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