Spare Change Attacks
Roleplaying Log: Spare Change Attacks
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Andrea is out shopping when she is attacked by a group of mutants who hate her.

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IC Date: December 29, 2019
IC Location: NYC
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Posted On: 29 Dec 2019 22:27
Rating & Warnings: PG-13 for cursing
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* OOC Time: Sun Dec 29 12:09:05 2019 *

* * *

The Big Christmas Holiday was over, and now shoppers were going about in the area doing returns, arguing with clerks over how much they were told the item was worth, and in general preparing for the long, coldish winter ahead of them.

And amid it all, a young woman with her long dark hair bound back, a stark undercut giving her a punk look as she sports an older, black leather jacket against the chill in the semi-open shopping center was playing violin. She was quite good, her eyes mostly closed as she watched the crowds meander by. There was an old coffee can set for tips, with a little sign that read:

"Family kidnapped by ninjas from space. Need money for towel + karate lessons"

Meanwhile, other members from the gang are flitting about. Pickpockets eyeballing marks, some dressed shabbily to steer the crowd, others dressed nicely, wearing long coats against the cold and knock-off designer bags and scarves. They all have small ear-buds in.

Even the violinist.

* * *

Heading through the crowd and making quite a buzz is Andrea Jackson. World Famous. Grammy Nominated. Mutant. Pop Star. All those words buzz about her from the people milling about as pictures are taken. Through it all, she appears oblivious to the attention, or at least she pays it no mind.

At her side walks her bodyguard in his suit with a pair of mirrored shades on. His head is on a swivel at all times with a hand on the back of her shoulder as they navigate. The popstarlet is wearing a pair of skinny jeans, a sweater and a parka with a pair of shopping bags in her hands. Being that it's the weekend after Christmas, there are sales galore that she wishes to take advantage of.

Her ears give a bit of a perk at the sound of the violin and her fuzzy Ugg boots carry her in that direction.

Pausing a few feet away as she taps along her phone with her thumbs, she tilts her head over to watch curiously to see where this song takes the crowd.

* * *

The music is, apparently, being pulled from lesser-known Disney pieces, familiar enough to be catching. A few people stop, trying to place "Out There" from Hunchback of Notre Dame, the song rising from the quiet observations of Quasimodo as he reflects on having just one day among the normal people, rising to glorious crescendo, the pitch of the violin calling out just to have One Day Out There.

She doesn't mind the soft words in her ear, directions from above.

* * *

As she listens, Andrea stops tapping away and slips the phone into her front pocket. Not the back. That's how you get it stolen in the city. She turns her attention upon the woman now, giving a glance at the sign, then back to the violin playing. She recognizes the piece of course, being a Disney princess herself from Hollywood.

She leans back in against James for a moment as she tilts her chin backwards to stare up at him, then back to the violinist. She gives some light applause here and there when the song hits a complicated part.

* * *

It is a little complicated, the clear notes of the lyrics dancing, the quieter fill-in pieces drawn from from the score, and as she finishes, a high note shivvering along the air like a tenderly held bird, before letting it go to fly, she lifts her bow from the strings. A few passers-by have tossed in crumpled dollars and spare change, and she dips the toe of a worn sneaker into the can to tilt it, balancing on one foot as she adjusts the tuning of her strings, and she glances up — and recognizes Andrea. How could she not?

Any time Mutants in Entertainment came up, her face was involved in the article somewhere. The young woman with the violin might give a slight blush, pausing in her playing a moment to sheepishly kick over the cardboard sign.

* * *

Offering a smile to the girl once their eyes meet, Andrea gives another round of light applause. The kicking of the sign is spotted and her brows lift upwards some. She makes her way forward to the woman, quietly clearing her throat. "That was beautiful. Hunchback of Notre Dame."

"What do you need more? A towel or the karate lessons?" The popstar asks curiously as she offers her an amused grin along her face. "What's your name by the way?"

* * *

The woman seems a bit hesitant to answer, and it's clear that she's attempting to cover a different accent with Non-Descript American Accent as she stumbles over a couple of words, rubbing the back of her neck a moment as she gives a huff.

"Alexis. An' thanks… Disney tends to be recognizable enough that I've only been served with one C&D before I got tips in." she gives a wry little smile and she gives a little nod to Andrea.

"You don't precisely need an introduction. Bit of shopping today, miss?"

* * *

"I can make a few calls and make sure you won't get any more of those." Andrea says with a slight tug at the corners of her lips. "Lawyers are like flies. Always looking for something to circle and irritate because they're bored."

"Yes, just a bit of shopping. I had an afternoon free and I wanted to have it to myself for a change. Is this where you normally play at?" She takes her wallet out of her purse and pulls out a pair of bills, folds them, then hands them out to her, as opposed to putting them in the can. Some bills you just don't do that with, and these are a pair of Benjamins.

* * *

Miller will be mildly pissed if she didn't accept it. Alexis can already hear voices in her ear, and she guiltly accepts the two folded bills, and slips them into her back pocket.

"I go all over the city. Don't like hanging around anyplace too long." she replies breezily. She looks up to the bodyguard, and then back to Andrea.

"Isn't it dangerous for you to just be crusing around with just the one guard, though? I mean, the whole thing with the registration. Some fols must be a bit miffed, yeah?" she asks as she retunes, and brings the bow accross the strings.

"Can't be too careful."

A couple of the less-well-dressed folks in the crowd are getting placed strategically.

* * *

"The moment you start living with your life with fear, means that you no longer have control of your life." Andrea says as she takes a casual glance about as she finds her picture taken here and there once more. Sure, someone may shout some choice words her way, but it doesn't phase her.

"I am a registered mutant, and I have nothing to hide. Besides, if someone was to attack me in plain daylight with all of these cameras around, it'd be on the Internet swiftly, clearly showing me in a state of self-defense. No one wants to be embarrassed on live television." There is a bit of confidence in her voice.

"You are really good. You have trained professionally before?"

* * *

"I'm not talking about the regular humans." the violinist replies quizically before she gives up that line of conversation. Wouldn't want to make Miller mad.

"Ah, went to school in some town way up north. Small town, had an orchestra teacher. I was just gifted with it, I guess." she replies modestly in a lie. "But I tend to find that the better you are, the better tip you make. I might even be able to pay rent this week." she jokes.

Some of the more well-dressed members of Spare Change are milling about now. One of them is sizing up the bodyguard.

Good opportunity to Make A Statement.

* * *

There is a light sniff of the air as Andrea squints her eyes. She tilts her head to one side, then back to her. "Then who are you talking about? The government? The Avengers? The radical religious types that call themselves the 'Friends of Humanity' and run about in their KKK robes trying to take a potshot at us?"

The shoulders of the young woman lift upwards into a careless shrug. There is another small sniff as her eyes seem to focus a bit more harder of her surroundings. The conversation made her curious now.

"Let me ask you a question, Alexis. Are you free?"

* * *

Alexis didn't want to be involved in this part. She seems nervous now as she takes a step back from Andrea, her dark eyes, sunken in with exhaustion and covered with just-slightly-the-wrong-shade of makeup and heavy punk eyeliner keep on Andrea as she draws the tip bucket backwards with her toe again.

".. are any of us really free?" she questions — and that's when someone attempts to take out the bodyguard first. An arm shoots out, tendons strengthened, muscles burning as one of the hobo-dressed guys on crowd control attempts to smash in the guard's lower back with a super-strength blow!

* * *

A slight smile tugs at Andrea's lips, then gives another sniff. Heightened senses are a blessing at times and she may be a few seconds ahead of James when it comes to the attack. When the hobo looks to attack from behind, she is already in motion as a rumble echoes in her throat.

Shoving James to the side, she blurs upwards into a tower of fur and muscle, her body shifting seamlessly into that of a monster. She grabs the man's punch in her large clawed paw, then smashes him the face with a rage infused strike to send him crumpling to the ground. She's eight feet tall, Black fur. Terrifying.

As people start bolting in all directions away from the scene, her jaws part widely, teeth gleaming as saliva drips down her jowls. « You let me out to play. » The voice tickles the back of her head.

James straightens up and pulls his revolver from his hip, holding it at the ready as his eyes narrow, then nudges the popstar to make a move. The large beast complies as she turns her gold eyes upon Alexis, flashing her a toothy grin.

* * *

"See, this is why we /read/ the files." Alexis mutters, and she withdraws backwards a bit, grasping her violin and bow as her eyes go wide, looking as Andrea's wolf form loom over her.

It's something from a horror movie. She feels her blood turn cold a moment before she grasps her hand into a loose fist and states: "I'm /not/ part of that plan." plainly, and tries to retreat towards a fire escape!

The super-strong guy narrows his eyes at the slavering monsterous form of Rage, and breathes out as he crackles his knockles.

Another shoddily-dressed person, this one a lady, crackles lightning along her arms as she brings herself forward from James's side, attempting to knock the revolver out of his hand.

"Fall back!" she calls out, "This one fuckin' Miller can deal with!" she snarls, "Where's the kid?"

* * *

With military training, James is now on full alert as he moves along with the large beast as people scream and run for their lives. When the crackle of electricity is heard in the air, he whips himself around, just to find the gun go flying. Beneath his suit is his kevlar vest, so if any punishment is dealt his way, he can handle it, mostly.

Andrea /snarls/ at the woman, lurching forward in a blur of speed as she snatches her up by the throat, dangling her in mid-air as she lets out a low, rumbling hiss. "Deal. With. ME." She snarls out in broken, chopped up English.

« I will suck the marrow clean from her bones! » That inner voice nags at the back of Andrea's skull as the paw tightens around the throat of the woman. There is a loud pop as she stares into her face, ears flattened back against her skull.

"Andrea!" James barks as he snags his weapon off the ground. He shouts something else at her in French before she finally caves and throws the woman to the ground with a heavy thump. It's going to hurt.

With that, the pair move quickly onwards as she will eventually shift back down so they can head into a store and contact the authorities.

* * *

"Yeah." cough. "Fuck that." the woman coughs as she withdraws, rolling backwards. People are screaming. There's angry shouts coming from all over as the group disappears among the crowd, shedding their face-disguising bandanas as they go.

Above the hullaballoo, Alexis was breathing hard, her hands shaking too badly to even case her violin, her head down to her knees. This wasn't right.

She brings her hands to her ear, and pulls out the bud.

The clerks inside a high-end purse shop are ducked beneath the counters as Andrea and James walk in. "PLEASE DON'T HURT US!" they cry out.

* * *

"No one is going to hurt you. We were attacked by obviously super powered and unregistered mutants. I am a law abiding citizen." Andrea says as she gives a loud 'sniff' now that she is in her human skin again, her clothing shredded to show a black yoga suit beneath it. An outfit designed to shift with her. She paid a lot of money for this technology.

"Oh! I /love/ that bag." She says as she plucks one up from a shelf, then heads to the counter and takes out her wallet. "My bodyguard has contacted the authorities and they will be here soon. They may ask you for some security video if you have any." She says as she holds out the credit card to her. "It's always an exciting day in New York City, hmm?"

* * *

The obviously frightened girl peeks out over her counter… and — It's ANDREA JACKSON.

She looks to her cohort, then clears her throat and steps up a moment, attempting to reclaim her professionalism.

"A-ah, we-we know you by reputation, Miss Jackson." she stammers a moment, and acepts the card over the counter. "Un… Un fortunately this is the most excitement we've seen? It's typically pretty quiet…" she replies, and looks a bit embarrassed. "Security typically keeps peopple who don't fit in out."

"Wait, you were attacked by unregistered mutants?" the other stands up. "What did they look like? There's a bounty on their arrests from one of the groups in the city!"

* * *

"I did not get a good look, but they were dressed up as homeless people, which is a shame, because the homeless here has enough struggles as it is and they do not need to receive any more negative press." Andrea says as she passes the card over, then goes about inspecting the bag that she just purchased, admiring it.

At the sound of sirens in the distance, she straightens up, then goes about tapping on her phone to send a few messages to her lawyer and agent. Time for crowd control when it comes to social media. Surely this will make the news. It's rare that she is ever attacked in public though.

"You can call me Andrea. Miss Jackson is my grandmother." She says with a coy expression in her voice. James continues to watch the entrance, his hand on his hip to cover his side arm as he talks on the phone with his security team. A car will be brought around the back.

* * *

The sounds of sirens cause others to scatter, but not as much as the next sound.

Just as the receipt prints out (a discount applied to Andrea's purchase of the fine, brilliant jeweltone purse), the fire alarm sounds, peircing through the air in warning to get others out.

"… is that a drill?" the bounty-hunting purse lady enquires.

"n-no, there's not one planned — ah, I'm afraid we're going to have to exit the store. Please, Andrea, right this way?" the first one motions to the front door, offering her receipt (along with coupons for all the trouble!).

* * *

"Fire is upstairs." Andrea says as she continues to sniff the air, giving a low rumble in her throat.

James keeps his hand on his revolver as he stares out the windows, sweeping his eyes along the streets. "I'll take the point, but this is an obvious trap." He glances to the pair of workers with a frown. "I'll make sure you get out safely, but whoever is out there is trying to hurt Andrea for whatever reason. The authorities are almost here."

"I'm not scared." Andrea says with a light huff in her throat as she gives a few more taps along her phone, heading for the door.

* * *

Andrea might not be scared, but there's a scent of fear in the air on the rooftop.

The violinist has her case strapped to her back, the hardcase protecting the delicate instrument inside as she faces off against a man built like a brick house, with a thick neck and small ears and a flat-top haircut. He's very blond, and very angry.

"You coulda taken her out!"

"You said /no mutant deaths/! That was our /agreement/!" Alexis gasps back. There was a fire behind her — a big tech box, the fire causing little surges through all the uninterrupted power back-ups, trying to illiminate the possible recordings of the encounter with Andrea!

"That's not what I meant. They register, they're *not* one of us!"

* * *

As she exits the building, Andrea focuses on the words that hit her sensitive ears. She tilts her head, then heads around the building quickly, placing her bags down in the alley behind a dumpster. She doesn't want them stolen. James looks a bit alarmed as he follows after her, squinting his eyes. "What is it?" He asks her.

"That girl Alexis. She's up there and someone is yelling at her." With that, Andrea starts to climb the fire escape upwards to the roof with the grace of a dancer. Pulling herself over, she pushes up to her feet and faces off with the pair, feeling the New York City wind whip through her dark hair.

"I don't know who you are, or what you want with me, but back off the girl. Now."

* * *

He's tall. He towers over Alexis by over a foot. He turns his gaze to Andrea, and looks her up and down before turning to face her.

"This doesn't concern you, Traitor. Go back to your penthouse." he snarls, but makes no move to get closer to either Alexis or Andrea. Alexis hurriedly pulls her bandana up, the coppery stains on it in case Andrea snaps any more pictures.

"It's okay. I'm okay. I've got this." she states to the wolf-girl, not wanting a repeat of down below. "We were just leaving."

* * *

"You went through all this trouble to take a poke at me. Don't bitch up now." Andrea says as she gives a furrow of her brow. "You didn't expect that, huh? For me to fight back? You think I got to where I'm at by shaking my ass and batting my eyes? Didn't you see down below. I'm a /bitch/."

Her voice rumbles out like growling thunder as she advances upon them, cracking her neck to one side. "You're calling me a traitor, huh? You have /any/ clue what I've done and sacrificed for our kind? Do you?! You think it's easy for me? For any of us? You wanna know who the real traitor is? You. You'd rather tear one of your sisters down out of jealousy, instead of making yourself better. Wanna know why they hate us? Cuz of assholes like you."

"Suck it up, snow flake. Here's a warning to you. You /ever/ attack me again, I will tear your guts out and use them like tinsel for my next Christmas Tree. Got it?" As her eyes track past him to Alexis, she stares at her. "And you're with them? By choice or by force?"

* * *

"Ne lui r?ponds pas, oiseau inutile." the man gruffly states as he looks over Andrea for a moment, and he stretches his fingers.

"THey hate us because we're different. That's all. I hate you because you sold us out. Could have taken a stand. Used your celebrity status. Influenced all those little kids who are in love with you. And now what? Now you turn into a dog and buy purses." he gives a smirk. "You get all sort of praise while we die in ditches, beaten down and bloodied, forward-thinking, peace-loving, Xavier's-Dream Bullshitters like you. /We/ are the next step in evolution. Every year more and more mutants are born. Better powered mutants. Stronger mutants. We Are /Homo superior/."

He gives a cruel smile, his hand raised and his finger poised to snap.

"Now, you take yourself off this rooftop, or my guys hidden in the crowd below will open fire on the police. We're not afraid to spit in the eye of God, but you might feel really guilty after I snap."

Alexis's dark eyes set on Andrea, and there's a shudder before she turns away. Not permitted to answer. This guy has the violinist under his thumb, and if she's with them, she must be some kinda mutant.

* * *

"I can speak fluent French by the way." Andrea says with an amused smirk upon her face. "You think I haven't taken a stand? I donate more money to mutant causes than any other celebrity. I run and manage a suicide prevention hotline catered to mutants and I've delivered personal support and help to many, /many/ young mutants and have been able to find them safe houses." She barks out a laugh. "If you're going to insult me, at least do your homework. It's literally a Google search."

Her head tilts over to the street, then looks back to him. "Go ahead. Snap your fingers. I'll make sure it's the last thing you ever do on this Earth. You're right. Every year more and more mutants are born. Strong mutants. I'm one of the strongest you'll ever meet." She says as her body gives a visible jolt, the bones cracking as she starts to bulk up.

"My inner bitch has been begging me to cut her loose and the medication and therapy does a good job of keeping her under wraps, but I think maybe this time, I'll let her have her way." With that, she bursts into black fur and muscle, the monster coming out she blurs across the roof in an unnatural speed.

And down below in the streets? They can hear the triumphant howl of a beast set free. Perhaps she'll have the element of surprise on her side. After all, who would expect a popstar to take the offense? Up on the roof, James pulls himself up, weapon drawn as he stares down the sightlines at Miller.

* * *

"Oh, I did my homework. I know just how to rile you up." Miller states, and he snaps his fingers as the bitch approaches.

The dark-haired girl behind him cloes her eyes and raises her hands, and suddenly between Miller and the charging wolf there was a WALL of fire, creeping from the electrical box to cordon off the bit of roof they were in. There's the roar and the sudden heat, which the girl uses to shield Miller from Andrea, and unintentionally from James.

Plenty of line-of-sight from James to hit Alexis, though!

The fire blasts outwards, the girl trying to force Rage back.

There are no gunshots from below. No additional screaming can be heard.

* * *

Sliding to a stop as the wall of fire rushes up between them, Andrea lets out a loud yelp as she takes a few steps backwards instinctively. The ears of the beast slick back tighter against her skull.

"Andrea! Let's go!" James hollers as the sirens grow closer now, warning them of the police's arrival. The monster looks on the fence, but finally backs down as she lets out a snarl of frustration. She turns her eyes upon Alexis once more, then takes off back to the ladder as she scoops her bodyguard up in her arms, then leaps off the side down to the alley where they can make their hasty retreat.

* * *

And by the time the fire falls, both Miller and Alexis are gone, leaving behind scorch marks on the roof and little else.

News crews were all over, people below were talking about how Andrea saved them. People are missing wallets and giftcards and cash and items.

And a few blocks down, Alexis and Miller materialize as another member of Spare Change collapses.

"I can't. Take. Two." he gasps out, "I can't do this any more, Miller. That was nuts. /Crazy/. YOU of all people should know she turns into a MONST-"

And outside the alley, the gunshot rings out, and the protests stop.

"Take care of that, will you?" he asks.

* * *

After shifting back down, Andrea looks visibly frustrated as she heads down the street with James to speak with the police. He pats her on the shoulder gently to give her some comfort. "You're just like your mother, you know that? Brave and foolish. You can't just do that."

"Whatever. I'm just getting tired of being called a sell-out." It appears to be a conversation she is all too used to by now from her guardian. Even at the age of twenty, she still feels like a child at times.

"Let's get tacos tonight." She finally huffs out before they fade away into the crowd once statements are done.

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