Speed of Dark
Roleplaying Log: Speed of Dark
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Monsters in Gotham? Distracted from his original intent, Impulse investigates.

Other Characters Referenced: Harley Quinn, Batman
IC Date: December 29, 2019
IC Location: Upper East Side, Gotham City
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Posted On: 31 Dec 2019 08:27
Rating & Warnings: G
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It was a weird night, apparently Gotham's light fixtures haven't been working to well. At odd times during day or night there seems to be a dimming, flickering or lights simply dying all over the place. This has been associated with some big monster thing showing up bashing in bad guys, chasing Harley, or attacking food trucks/stands before disappearing. Of course, those could be rumors, but the lights were certainly flickering tonight, the entire place seemed darker, like the shadows were closing in. Some lights simply flicker, burn out, and never come on again.

On one side street, where a bunch of food trucks are, the lighting seems particularly bad, a couple of people getting snacks and what not, but what really bothered people was from the corner of one's eyes, they kept seeing some purple whispy light, or the shadows bulging, moving out, but when they turn to get a better look its gone.

One would think that the idea of simply 'looking everywhere' for something or somewhere is just an impractical idea. For most, it would be. For Speedsters, or at least this one, searching everywhere possible is just his default option. Usually it works. When he's not distracted.

Harley tends to be a pretty elusive person when she wants to be, despite the big hubbub of her apparent crime spree this past week. In this case Bart's not terribly disappointed that he hasn't managed to find her yet, uncertain of what he'd do after wishing her a belated Merry Christmas. She's a criminal and all, but she's a friend too. The thought's something easily put out of his mind, especially when there are other things lurking in Gotham that aren't bat-shaped.

Most talk of monsters and whatnot would have people keeping their distance and being wary. Impulse's curiosity is thoroughly piqued at the rumors of strange sightings, so he keeps an eye out for odd happenings as he races virtually unseen through Gotham's streets. The flickering lights are an odd sort of trail to follow, not that he's realized it to be a trail until he notices that it's sure a lot of it going on, even for Gotham City.

Hm. Curiouser and curiouser.

Everything is fine until a burger food truck shakes a little, the confused man inside turns, screams, runs out of the truck as two customers, the only two customers at the truck peak in, scream as well, begin to make a run for it. This of course draws some attention as the light inside of the truck, spark and die, causing the truck to look pitch black with some pale scared-looking dudes screaming about some monster appearing in the truck.


As though the people there aren't already on edge, a young man in white and red with yellow goggles just seems to suddenly appear beside them. His amber eyes flick from them to the dark truck as they run past him, and he goes to poke his head in and have a look for himself.

"Hellooo..?" he calls out, squinting into the darkness.

There's a sound of ice breaking and rummaging, sometimes a sound of packages being torn open, with some sounds of something big eating something. The food truck moves sometimes with movements, there's a tearing of metal as well with the sound of more ice being crunched.

Maybe it didn't hear him. Because there's obviously something in the truck. Impulse hops on in, grabbing hold of the sides of the doorway as the truck shudders from whatever's moving about within.

"Uh, you sure this is a good idea, sir?" SIRIN chirps in his earpiece, the AI still sounding perky despite her hesitance.

"Probably not," Impulse admits. "Switch on nightvision, yeah?"

"Sure thing!"

The truck is in utter chaos, The freezer/fridge door on the food truck is literally torn to shreds, bits and pieces of torn steel on the floor all over the place. Some sort of shadow demon thing is hunched over a stack of frozen patties and is eating at them desperately, like its entire survival is dependent on that stack of frozen patties. Packaging for buns, ketchup, mustard, potatoes, etc are scattered on the ground all over the place, all empty. The thing is so busy eating that it doesn't notice him checking him out as he eats frozen patties. Its eyes are a really deep shade of purple, seeming to flick on and off, when off, it shows that the skull eye sockets are completely hollow.

Some people gather from a distance to try and see what's going on "Is everything going ok? Is it a monster? Do we need to call the cops?" the people ask, some with phones out to call or trying to record what's going on.

Impulse takes it all in, his mouth opening in a big o-shape as he sees the shadowy form. He could probably put away as much as the monster was attempting to at that moment, but he very much preferred his food cooked first. That's probably not what should be his first concern, he figures.

"Er…" he starts to speak up again, blinking at the voices coming from outside. The speedster casts a glance back, and then over towards the creature again. "Hey there- uh…monster guy?" he tries again, a little louder in attempt to be heard over the chewing.

The thing stops eating for a moment before getting up to guard the food like some sort of treasure, it lets out some rumbly whispy growl, the runes on its body seeming to smolder for a moment before it resumes eating the patties, eyes watching Impulse, even more creepy, the eyes seem to be staring in to him, almost like its judging him and his entirety. A crunch of ice as it begins to choke down broken burger pieces with a couple more warning growls.

Some of the people gasp "What was that?! Is it really a monster! Stop it, aren't you some sort of hero or something!" Shouts the crowd, some people begin taking photos, other people are on their phone, talks of 911 and 'Hello? police?' are heard from the crowd as well.

"Whoa…" Despite the creepy display, the young speedster doesn't look terribly concerned. A corner of his lips quirks as he watches wide-eyed as the thing turns towards him. "Cool."

He's absolutely guileless in motive, purely curious and genuinely intrigued as a child would be. And to be fair, that isn't too far off from the truth. "You sure that stuff's tasty? I thought it had to be cooked first…" he points out, head tilting at the remnants of food patties. The shouts from outside have him sigh, and he calls out over his shoulder at them. "Stop it from what? It's just hungry, it's not hurting anyone, right?"

After chocking those burgers down, it starts on the next set, but seems calmer as it actually takes a moment to look about at its surroundings, its eyes turning a lighter shade of purple as it turns towards Impulse and begins to observe him curiously, while munching on round two of frozen burger patty stack. Its Rune's pulse softly for a moment as it tilts its head this way and that.

Meanwhile, sirens are heard with police lights fast approaching, the guy that ran away shouting "He's eating my supplies! How am I supposed to make money off of that!" he shouts with some other angry protests "It could be violent! Think of the children! It could eat them! EEek!" people shout as another light goes out, further darkening the plaza as the squad car finally rolls in. No one stepping out just yet.

That's definitely better than it getting all hostile. Impulse can't say the same for those outside though. "Uh-oh," he mutters as SIRIN dutifully reports, "It's the fuzz!" in his ear. "Hey big guy, if you can understand me, I think you'd better put a pause on the chowing down," he suggests. It seems he's convinced he's dealing with something more animal than human.

The shouts outside have him turn around completely, thankful for his nightvision mode toggled on his goggles as things darken outside. "Um… everyone relax! Stay calm!" He's trying to work out how to deal with things now that the police have arrived- aside from not to get caught or spotted.

The police exit the car, or the police man "Al'ight Al'ight, break up people, what's going on." the cops says with some thick accent as the cops pushes through people who mutter worryingly about monsters and wanna-be heroes. When the police officer actually makes it through the crowd he coughs "Alright kid, you mind explaining what's up with all the hulla'ballo? I wanna see my wife and your kinda taking away from the experience if you know what I mean." the cop says before spitting and raising his belt to above his belly button, like he's putting on big boy pants.

The thing inside of the truck grabs the patties and takes a peak outside, letting a purple light eye peak out. It stops to stare at the now flickering police lights in fascination. Like its never seen bright pulsating blue and red lights before.

Well, so long as the police isn't going to make a fuss, Impulse heaves a sigh of relief before attempting an explanation. "I…'m not sure what you mean actually, but anyway, I was just passing through and saw the lights go off and people yelli— ack!"

He grabs the sides of the doorway again as he nearly loses his balance as the creature moves behind him to peer outside.

The police officer and the rest of the people blink for a moment before tilting their heads "Did you create that purple light there for a minute kid?" The officer asks as he moves up to take a peak "Well, let me take a peak and I can call it a night….pfffft..monsters." he says as the officer swaggers over, the citizens anxious for an answer.

The truck sways again for a moment, but if anyone were to look, the thing is gone, it's still a wreck, but the thing is simply gone. If one were to pay attention to the outside one can see a pair of light purple whispy lights peaking over a roof top, sometimes flickering off and reappearing on another roof top, but always to watch the scene and the people. Sometimes the lights sway or move, but its hard to see the actual creature where the lights are connected to, it's like it blends in perfectly with the dark.

"Huh?" The speedster blinks at the question, and then flails a bit when the officer moves to have a look. "Ah, no wait, uh—!"

He's looking before the police even takes a step closer, his enhanced perceptions catching the moment the shadow disappears, and by the time the officer is looking inside, Impulse is already casting a sweeping look over the area to locate the mysterious creature.

"Got him, sir," SIRIN reports, and Bart nods to himself before scrambling out of the truck. "Can you get info on the food truck, SIRIN?" he asks the AI quietly. "Maybe he'll feel better if he's reimbursed."

"Anonymous donor? Random interest from Stark Industries might give cause for suspicion."

"Mmm… Yeah, good point. Anyway, we'll work that out later." Impulse steps back from the truck, lifting his hands with a shrug. "Oh lookit the time, gotta go-bye!" he rattles off before zipping off to avoid getting anymore attention or unwanted questions.

The officer peaks in and his jaw drops "The he-" Then suddenly the speedster is gone with the police officer left to deal with confused, disgruntled and one very upset civilian.

The thing watches for a bit before almost hurting its-self as Impulse races off. The lights blink on and off all over the place in search of this new found, and interesting thing that suddenly disappeared, almost like a chase.

They might well run themselves in circles given that they're each trying to locate the other. It's a bit of stop and go, but Impulse at that moment comes to a halt on another rooftop a good several blocks away from where the whole foodtruck incident had occurred. "Where? Wait, the lights..!"

The AI catches on and starts monitoring for power fluctuations.

"Oh, where did it go? Sorry sir, I lost it- oh wait, there it is," SIRIN says, cheerily disappointed one moment, deadpan the next.

It is indeed spotted staring at a glass mirror of its-self…while eating the frozen patties, it seems almost enthralled at its image, the lights flickering on and off around it as its runes light up, almost florescent light in soft purple light, it does lift its nose and turn towards the speedster almost like it smelled him before looking at the mirror, then back at the speedster, almost like decided which one may be more interesting.

Impulse will solve that for the creature, no problem. It's not an eyeblink later that the shadow will find the speedster there beside it. He waves at the mirror images of them as the creature looks back at the reflection.

"Hi. How'd you do that?" he asks, vague as the question might be in light of things. It's very rare that he comes across anything that can move so fast, although he suspects it's less of moving fast than it is in shifting itself to somewhere else. The latter isn't a foreign concept to him, not with all the magic users in the Titans.

Myrkr flinches as the thing just suddenly shows up, swatting at him, missing him horribly where he should of been, almost out of instinct as it tilts its head curiously, squatting to get down to its level before looking at the mirror "Huzal Varsten Dul'hazvan." the thing says, the voice like a whisper as he looks closely for the first time around the boy. It fades into a shadow before appearing on the other side, its runes pulse softly for a moment in curiosity, a clawed finger reaching to poke him.

Vibrating out of reflex as he sees the thing swing at him, Myrkyr might've missed regardless as the speedster renders himself momentarily intangible. Speed Force be weird but useful. Impulse lifts his hands up in front of him.

"Whoa, take it easy big guy!" he assures, a crooked smile tugging at his face. He blinks in surprise as it fades before turning about as it reappears opposite him. Since it doesn't look like the thing's trying to attack him, he refrains from trying to avoid the poke. "Heh, hey, easy there."

Myrkr hand comes straight back, fast, just not super fast, almost like he thought Impulse might explode or something. As nothing happens it relaxes, the lights flaring briefly before turning an even lighter shade of purple, it makes interested animal sounds, mostly sounding like wind blowing as it continues to relax, the rune light now pretty constant with flecks of light coming from the runes like small light purple embers.

"Satisfied?" Impulse grins, letting his hands drop to his sides. "So um, you got a name? I know you can talk now, at least. …Sirin, what was that language? Spanish? Not Spanish…."

"Now attempting to find matches for the phrase spoken," SIRIN happily informs in his ear.

As the AI does that, the speedster continues conversationally with the shadow creature. "I'm Impulse." He holds out a hand.

Myrkr looks at the hand, then back as its own trash can lid sized hand reaches out "Valz'hoon, Myrkr, Uzal, Myrkr." it states as it goes to grab his hand…or arm in this case before looking at the sky then back at him curiously. Who knows what the strange thing will do next. The lights flicker for a moment, like its have mental thought before letting go, then looking at its own arm with a tilted head, like it was confused why it did the action that it did.

Okay, so shaking hands with something that has massive clawed hands that can probably grab your entire head is probably not the greatest idea in hindsight, not that Impulse ever thinks these things through. He blinks as his arm's grasped and laughs as he goes through with the gesture, pumping his arm up and down, as much as the big guy's hand will allow. "Valza wha… Muh…Merkir?" Is that the name or… Well it doesn't seem like SIRIN's got any translations forthcoming, so he looks at Myrkyr inquiringly for confirmation.

Myrkr looks back with a nod "Myrkr, Myrkr, Myrkr." it states, almost proudly as it thumps its chest before the eyes of the thing flicker again and it begins to write on the ground, in rather poor English "No harm, yes?" with its claw, the ground being the roof, which its claw cuts through easily before a hand goes to its head as its eyes flicker again and looks at the writing in amazement literally going prone to look at it, a claw slowly outlining the shapes as it whines, almost like it has a headache.

Progress! Impulse smiles, nodding back. "Myrkr. Cool. Nice to meet you," he says. As Myrkr tries to write on the surface beneath their feet, he watches. "Yeah- no. Er, I'm fine, that is," he replies, even as he watches in fascination at how easily that claw can mark the rooftop.

"Just think, that could've been your gut," SIRIN notes dryly.

"Oh yeah, huh…" Impulse glances down at himself, running a hand over his torso to check, but Myrkr's movement has him looking back. "Hm? What is it Myrkr? You okay there?"

Myrkr huffs as it seems to be fading into the shadows around him…to be replaced by some small wasted (as it, looks like he's wasting away) looking man wearing alot of baggy clothing, a backpack, facemask, and goggles, a small nose the only thing peeking out. The guy quickly looks around "I-I-Impulse r-r-right?" the guy asks nervously as he stands up, gulping before saying hastily "S-s-sorry for the trou-uble caused, d-didn't mean to a-attack the truck…I get hungry." he says softly, almost like he's to scared to speak louder before taking a deep breath "A-Anyway, I thought it would e-eaiser to talk l-like this…I'm M-myrkr." he says squeakily as he holds his hand out again, at a closer inspection, his entire arm is skinner that Impulses wrist, or it could be his clothing.

Once again Impulse finds himself staring. It's really weird, if interesting, watching transformations through high-speed perceptions. Already he's filed this guy under magical, because big shadow monster, glowing rune thingys? Totally magical. "Wow." The guy that's replaced the monster? Huh. That's different.

"Oh, yeah- that's me," he says, nodding before he takes up that hand for a proper handshake. "Um, no real harm done. I mean, you didn't hurt anyone back there, so that's a plus at least. …what are you anyway?" Okay, so he's not very tactful, but he doesn't sound like he means to be offensive with that question either.

Myrkr laughs awkwardly at the question "H-Human…kinda…its complicated." he says, obviously, despite only seeing his nose, that he's sweating bullets "What, uh, about you? A-are you uh….something?" he asks as he face palms in embarrassment with his free hand, the hand actually shaking is legit weak. Like shaking hands with a baby weak, except bony instead of fatty. He quickly draws his hand away after the shake "S-sorry, not the best at talking to people." he says in a semi-attempt to recover what dignity isn't already lost.

"Oh. It's cool. I know complicated." As the question's turned back at him, the speedster chuckles a little, shrugging. "Human for the most part. Or…metahuman, I guess is what they call us." Really, the only difference was the whole super-speed. And…being from the future, and… Okay, yeah. 'Complicated' pretty much covers it.

"Eh, don't worry about it. You're doing fine." Impulse doesn't have to go dashing off to the library for a speed-lesson in sign language, not that that incident hadn't been interesting.

"So…can you control when you do…that thing with the shadows?"

Myrkr makes a wavering motion with his hand "K-kinda, b-buts its like back s-seat driving, s-so you kinda know what's going on and kinda in charge…but also not." he explains with avid hand motions before scratching his chin "W-What about you? Y-You always fast?" he asks as he swallows and pulls on his puffy vest and adjusts his goggles, his nose moving like its sniffing for a moment.

Impulse tilts his head to the side as he takes this information in. "So it's got its own mind?" The talk of backseat driving in that shadowy state conjures up interesting mental images as can only be brought on by a kid raised in VR.

"Yep. Ever since I was born," he says, nodding.

Myrkr shakes head "No…its s-still me, j-just imagine y-your i-instincts are now the for front and you have to share with your lizard brain c-c-consciousness…its c-confusing really, I — " takes a breath to calm himself, " — still don't get it myself." he says with a shoulder shrug before whistling "T-that's a-actually really cool." he says impressed before standing there awkwardly "So…w-what brings you to G-gotham Mr. Impulse?" he asks curiously as he takes a seat on the edge of the building.

"Oh…" The typical response in just that certain tone that suggests the person really has no idea what you mean by your explanation but for the record Bart tries very hard to. He's pretty sure dinosaurs aren't actually a part of it but they've still worked their way into his imagination.

A hand is waved at the 'mister.' "Just Impulse is fine. You can't be that much older than me. Maybe." It's hard to tell when the guy's all bundled up. "I was just looking for a friend. I heard she was causing some trouble. Which, to be fair, I guess isn't really new but yeah. Don't suppose you've seen her? She sometimes has a pair of hyenas with her."

Myrkr nods "R-righty then Impulse, a f-friend? N-No, w-what d-does she look like?" he asks as he pulls his back off and sets it down in front of him where he pulls out some sandwiches, holding one out to Impulse as he pulls his face mask down to eat his "W-want one?" he asks as he takes a bite, pulling out a Gatorade bottle as well from the backpack.

Impulse pats himself down in search of his phone, pulling it out to tap in a quick search. "She has blonde hair- oh, but she's probably in costume if she's on a spree. Here we go."

He holds the phone out to show a shot of Harley that accompanies a recent news article about her rampage with Poison Ivy. The sandwich that Mrykr had offered seems to have disappeared not a heartbeat after it had been offered, the speedster wiping off his mouth as though beridding himself of incriminating evidence. "Oh hey, thanks."

Myrkr looks at his empty hand, then at him, then at his hand "Wicked…" he says before looking at the phone, staring at it for a minute "I-I've met her….s-she has so much f-fear….guilt….and she blew up a building." he says as he takes a swig of Gatorade and bite of sandwich, just not as fast as Impulse.

"S-She y-your friend right? Why i-is she causing chaos?" he asks with some concern and pulls out another sandwich, a wordless offer as he watches his hand carefully. Like he's going to try and see one of the fastest people alive take the sandwich.

The sandwich is gone so fast it may as well not have been there. Impulse licks off his fingers as he looks back at his phone. He sighs.

"It's…kind of weird I guess, but yeah. She's my friend. She used to be my brother's girlfriend." Half-brother, technically, but it was nice having any sort of sibling at all. The pensive expression on his face flickers briefly as he wonders where Owen had gone off to. It wouldn't be the first time the guy had pulled his vanishing act.

"You can sense stuff like that?" Impulse asks, glancing back at Myrkr. "Not sure why she's doing stuff like that, but she could just be upset at something."

Myrkr watches his hand, blinks and its gone, he sighs, failing at his already almost impossible task, giving up to eat his own snack, listening "C-Could be…I h-hear a-alot of people are l-looking for her." he says in between bites before nodding "A-are any of your friends looking for her?" he asks taking a drink before closing the bottle to listen, putting his mask back up after he's done with the bottle.

"I wouldn't be surprised if they were." Does Batman count as a friend? Well, he's a…friend or something of a friend. Harley wasn't trying to be secretive about her actions, so she definitely wanted attention. It'd be a sure thing that she'd get it one way or another. Impulse isn't sure of the reasons why, however.

"When did you last see her?" he asks.

Myrkr seems to think for a moment before pulling out a paper and handing it to him "The d-day the b-bombs went off at the punchline." he says, sounding kinda sad about it "C-couldn't catch her….n-nor stop the bombs." he says as he scratches his head in frustration.

She disappeared on a r-ripped up fire truck…d-don't remember m-much else." he says quietly as he coughs to increase his volume as he puts his food back into his backpack.

Tucking away his phone, the speedster takes the paper and looks it over, frowning thoughtfully. "Hmm. Well, it's okay. You didn't get hurt, did you?" He folds the newspaper back up and hands it back to Myrkr.

"If she's hanging around town still, I'll find her eventually." Of that, Impulse seems confident.

Myrkr looks at him "N-no, d-despite the looks, I can take a hit…used to be a-able to hit to." he says with a chuckle before nodding "S-She still is, I can smell her…but can't pin-point it." he says before looking over "S-so know a-any other s-super people? Y-your the first I-I really talked to." he says before looking at the mirror, then at the moon before looking back.

"Wow, really? Cool." Impulse stares at him, amber eyes wide, clearly impressed that the guy can smell one person in an entire city.

"Oh yeah, I know lots. I'm in a team full of 'em too." He seems a little surprised to hear that Myrkr's never spoken to any others like him, but he supposes between the registration laws and the vigilante one here in Gotham, those with superhuman abilities wouldn't be all that open about what all they could do if they can help it.

"You by yourself? I know New York and Gotham aren't making it easy for metas."

Myrkr sheepishly nods his head "I-i-i'm pretty new to the whole p-powers thing." he says with a sigh "D-don't need a b-big target on m-my back f-for registration e-either, b-besides, w-who's go-going to register a big shadow thing." he continues with a sigh before looking back towards him suddenly "Y-Y-Your on a t-team? W-which one?" he asks

The sensation of being stared at is now predominate as he's clearly trying to remember where he may have saw Impulse before…and is failing miserably, but he keeps trying to remember.

Impulse nods in agreement. "How long have you had your powers? A lot of us are still unconvinced that the whole registration thing is a great idea. None of us have registered." Or at least most of them. "I'm with the Titans. We used to be based in New York- we still are, really, but ever since the Reg. thing, we've kinda gone underground. We still fight the bad guys and stuff, but we try to be careful not to get caught."

Myrkr nods as he holds out three fingers "Three days…t-that's h-how long. I-I don't h-hear much a-about the Titans, s-sorry." he says before coughing "It m-must be h-hard as a g-group to n-not g-get c-caught? A-at least I got the advantage of people n-not knowing." he says as he leans in, almost like Impulse will drop some cool super heroic secrets or something.

Blink. Wow, okay, that isn't long at all. "Huh, you weren't kidding about being new to the whole thing," the speedster says, lips quirking in a lopsided smile.

"Well, if you heard about us lately then we'd be doing a lousy job of keeping attention away from us. We don't all go out at once. Unless something really big happens, but there hasn't been anything really crazy like demons attacking the city or something." Now that was really crazy.

Myrkr nods "S-So a-are the h-heroes working together to break the act up, o-or is it divided?" he asks curiously, you can see his eye brows shoot up at demons past his goggles before coming back down. "Are they're more g-groups t-then?" he asks, adjusting his seating.

His smile fades, frown returning as he looks back out from the roof and towards the streets, as though he can see the rest of the city from where they are. "It's…kind of all over the place right now. Some of us are trying to look into what's going on and then others are taking more of a direct approach in the worst way possible. Which…doesn't help people see that we're not a threat."

Impulse sighs again, folding his arms as he leans against the roof ledge that Myrkr sits on. "I wish it were easy as that, breaking the thing up. But it's not. Doing it by force just makes people feel there's all the more reason to have a registration law."

Things have been quiet at least, but it's hard to forget that there are still laws like that, concerns that keep them from operating so openly. It's annoying, really. "Oh, there are a lot of groups. Have you heard of Batman? I mean, you can't be in Gotham and not hear of Batman. He works around here but he's also with the Justice League that operates out of Metropolis. And then there are the X-Men…"

Myrkr listens intently as he pulls a note book out "I've hard of Batman." he says defensively before looking down "But w-whats X-men? a-and the J-justice L-league?" he asks with some shame as he records names on the tiny note book with a tiny pencil.

"The X-Men, they're a group of metahumans who fight against any threats. Same for the Justice League, although I think the League is more open about what they do, and Metropolis hasn't taken sides for registration so that's where a lot have relocated. The X-Men are based in New York somewhere."

It's a little late to wonder how secretive the group is, although Impulse is pretty sure they aren't hiding operations as much as the Titans have, and some of their members have registered. Maybe he should pay attention more.

"But yeah, you don't have to deal with this power stuff alone. There's a lot of people willing to help. There's even a school out in Westchester."

Myrkr nods "Westchester? A-alright." he says as he underlines/writes things. "W-well, its getting p-pretty late I-impulse, I-I s-should be heading back." he says as he looks at the moon while stuffing his note book into his backpack before offering his hand "N-Nice to meet you though, y-you seem a p-pretty cool d-dude, perhaps-s you c-can introduce me to some p-people." he says with a laugh, his hand also an offer to get him off the wall "I-is there a-a way offically to k-keep contact in-between s-supers?" he asks while stretching, stepping carefully into a shadow as he looks about, like for the perfect spot.

"Huh? Oh, yeah. Guess it is kinda late." He'd lost track of time, but that's nothing new. Why keep track of time when you could get somewhere under a minute? Impulse takes Myrkr's hand again, pulling himself back to his feet before resuming the handshake, grinning again.

"Same, Myrkr. And yeah, I'd be happy to. I can give you my phone number or something if you want. Or if you run into the Bat people you can ask them and they'd be able to get a message to me, I think." He figures the first suggestion is easier as he makes scribbling motions with a hand. Myrkr has a notebook, if he hands it over he'll get it right back with a number scrawled on the corner of a page.

Myrkr does indeed hand it over, he also rips a piece of paper off with his own number attached "I-I can't get there as q-quick as you can..but I-I can try if y-you give a call." he says before purple runes light his body up, his eyes and mouth beginning to glow purple as the shadows merge around him, while thats happening the ball of shadow/ purple light jumps at the mirror and sinks into it with a ripple, like water. The mirror settles down until it stops rippling like mirrors should be, non-ripply.

Pocketing the piece of paper, the speedster watches as Myrkr is swallowed in shadow before shortly plunging through the mirror. He pokes at the once again still surface, running his hand over the reflection with some disappointment, finally shrugging and stepping away.

"See ya around," Impulse says, smiling crookedly before he turns and takes a few dancing steps away to pull a disappearing trick of his own as he races back down and through Gotham's streets for one more sweep on his way back to Alabama.

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