Invitation of Fish
Roleplaying Log: Invitation of Fish
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Cannonball bribed Myrkr with fish

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IC Date: January 04, 2020
IC Location: New York: Mutant Town
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Posted On: 04 Jan 2020 23:52
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Sam Guthrie has asked Myrkr to meet him, in the alley. Sam then flew to the doc and got a crate of their older fish. not spoiled, but the cheaper ones. Once he has payed for it with most of his cash he will fly back, to the alley with a large crate of smelly fish and lands "You around here?" He will ask when he lands.

Myrkr 's purple eyes flick from the shadow and it steps out of the darkness, mouth open as it tilts its head left and right in fascination at the crate and at him. It then looks directly at the crate, walking closer to it, obviously smelling the fish.
Sam Guthrie will pull one of the larger fish from it, and toss it over for Myrkr to catch it, and says "Can you understand me normally?"

Myrkr eyes flicker from dark purple to light purple. It then seems like the light purple is winning and he starts to dissipate, like the creature begins to disappear and is replaced by some super skinny kid thats covered in clothing. The kid lowers his face mask and bites into the fish like his life depends on him. The kid nods while he eats as the light flickering stops and everything suddenly seems brighter.

Sam Guthrie looks to the kid as he turns into a person, "Would you like us to step back inside see if they could cook these for you. Sorry they maybe a bit old, made sure not spoiled, but was going more for volume than freshness

Myrkr takes another bite of the fish and nods, almost like he's ashamed of himself "O-only *sniff sniff* a couple are bad i-i-in there." he say before shaking his head "I-i won't d-deny free food…its h-hard e-enough to g-get enough a-as it is….thank you." he says with a tiny bow as he continues to eat the fish, in between bites he holds out a hand "I-I'm Myrkr, s-sorry we a-are m-meeting while I-I'm hungry…I s-s-s-s*takes a deep breath and another bite of fish before continuing* swear I'm not always like this." he says. His voice is soft and quite, and its hard to tell with his goggles if he's making eye contact or not.

Sam Guthrie has a seat on one of the boxes out here and says "Well Ah believe this is our second time meeting. Ah take it your a mutant also, and the other form takes alot out of you?

Myrkr takes a couple of bites "I-I don't really know w-what a m-mutant is r-really, s-so I c-can't s-say." he says before making a 'eh' hand motion "N-No…its just hard to maintain, a-a normal c-calorie d-diet would kill me from s-starvation, i-if I don't g-get enough food I…tend not to think a-about my actions w-when I c-come across it." he says honestly before making a motion "Yes, we have, didn't k-know you could fly." he says with another bite "H-hard to r-recongnize you though…smelled familiar, b-but e-everything looks d-different c-compared to…that." he says as he adjusts his goggles and starts to eat the bones of the fish, one by one as to not choke.

Sam Guthrie nods, a bit and says "So, if Ah may ask, this your original form, or the other form? Ah might be able to help ya out some, maybe make things a bit easier." He does study the man some.
Myrkr tilts his head as he swallows the last the last of the fishes rib cage "B-Both in a sense a-are m-my original forms." he says as he takes a seat, finally relaxing a-bit "I-its w-weird…only had t-this for a-about a w-w-week now." he says as he attempts to pull the spine out to munch on.

Its hard to tell with the clothing, but the clothing is way, way to baggy on him. Like he's either basiclly a skeleton underneath or he's wearing clothing made way to big for him…which dosn't make sense as it dosn't touch the ground. He also seems nervous/cautious, not particularly distrustful, just cautious, like he's scared of something. He also seems way weaker in this form, as he was having trouble with breaking fish ribs. The kid eventually gives up and starts eating the tail.

Sam Guthrie says, "Ah so you started off in the other form, but your able to take this form as well, but learned it recently?" He hmmms and says "Would you be willing to meet some people who maybe able to help you some."

Myrkr looks up as he noms on the fish tail "Ummm, y-yes a-and n-no…t-the o-other f-form was…unknown until recently, b-but w-was alwasy there in a sense…apologizes for poor explanation, it confuses me too." he says with a slight confused frown of a man barely understanding his own condition before looking down, then immediately back up "T-there's people that can help." he says, almost like its too good to be true. He seems to think for a moment "I-Is it safe?" he asks, like if he's still deciding if he's being conned before shaking his head "N-Never mind, w-who are these people?" he says in a sudden question change, almost like he made an immediate decision.

Sam Guthrie says, "Well there are a few I would suggest talking to, one of the first thing we would want to consider is if your changing is genetic, magic or something else. Ah work with some people who maybe able to help We could set up a place up near where we first met for you to meet them."

Myrkr listens "O-Oh…its magic, not sure about anything else." he says with confidence before seeming to think about it "O-or it c-certainly h-has s-some magic…maybe not entirely, but i-its magical…could it be genetic as well?" he says as he starts talking to himself before shaking his head and nodding "T-That w-would be nice…why a-are you c-choosing to help me?" he asks curiously looking up after a moment as he starts eating one of the fishes organs, his facial grimace shows that he dosn't enjoy it, but begins to eat it anyway despite the horrible look his mouth is casting.

Sam Guthrie says, "People have helped me, and Ah was always taught to try to help people." He offers a smile, and says "You were trying to be a good guy as well it seemed the other night.""

Myrkr dosn't say much about that "They…had alot of sin…fear, but not guilt." he says coldly wit ha shiver "N-Not good p-people." he says before looking towards him "I-I g-got some food that night, t-thought I would help out b-before w-worse things happened." he says before chuckling "W-wasn't aware t-that it w-was you thought t-that was there." he says with another chuckle.

Sam Guthrie nods his head and says "Well Ah try to be most of the time, but try a bit more to keep watch around where Ah work." He hmmms a bit and says "How much and how often do you need to eat?"

Myrkr finishes the organs with a nasty look on his face as he moves on munching on the spine "W-well, everyday o-obviously." he says with a grin like a he made a joke before letting out a nervous laugh "N-no, in all s-seriousness…imagine feeding a human b-being and a g-giant c-cat." he says as he finally breaks part of the spine off and begins to suck on the marrow before continuing "T-thats the r-range I use for r-refernece, b-but eating a n-normal d-diet dosn't d-do much f-for me…i-its like b-being fed e-enough to be b-barely k-kept alive." he admits.

Sam Guthrie hmms and says "Do you have legal id and such and how old are you?

Myrkr frowns as he stops eating "I-I'm not h-homeless i-if thats what your thinking…just poor." he states before muttering why people think he's homeless all the time and poor disguises. He coughs as he gets off his self rant "I-I do h-have an ID a-and I-I'm 18, j-just turned it w-when t-this started t-to happen." he says as he gets back to eating "W-what about y-your self?" he asks, obviously trying to get some questions off of him as well ,but seems way to hungry to care at the moment.

Sam Guthrie says, "I live up close to the bar I work at, and was not thinking you were homeless for sure, thought trying to keep yourself fed may have caused issues for you, that maybe even you were in the other form more than this, and if s what you needed for a home might be a bit different. Have you thought about working some places where you might be able to take part of your pay in sub par food?""

Myrkr seems to stare at him, or seems to with the goggles "I-I n-ormally use the cafeteria at c-college I go to, I-I just try n-not to abuse it…t-trying to finish up m-my program." he admits before shaking his head "Y-yes and no…mostly e-end up accidently raiding food trucks w-when traveling…and I d-do end up in that form a-abit more t-then I w-would like to admit." he admits as he moves on to the creatures head, stops, and gets another fish, apparently the head and eyes are the limit of what he's willing to eat.

Sam Guthrie nods his head a bit and says "Ah was thinking you might be able to get a gathering of food and perhaps eatting in the other form, would be easier on some of the more .. disturbing things. It is sorta like some mutants who cause of specific parts of their change, have to work with figuring out how to get around odd or enhanced appatites.
Myrkr nods "J-Just d-don't wanna spend to much time in that form…i-it can be scary, n-nor am I used to it." he says as he goes to take another bite, sniffs, the tosses the fish "Infected." he says simply and grabs another, sniffs, then begins to eat it.

Sam Guthrie 's brow raises a bit and says "Infected?"

Myrkr nods "When fish smell..more then normally, normally means somethings not right and that *points* is not a good smelling fish." he says as he takes another bite of fish.

Sam Guthrie says, "ahs and nods his head and says "So could just be past their best by date if you will. Sorry if knew you were going to be eatting as human form would have tried to find something tastier, but probably would not have been as much"

Myrkr shakes his head "I-Its fine…w-would o-of kept attacking a soup kitchen w-without it…and probably m-m-more filling then what was in there." he says before licking his lips and starting on the ribs, repeating his process "A-A-Are you a mutant then?" he asks curiously, head tilted.

Sam Guthrie nods, and says "Yea, flying is my power, sure you got a bit of a look at it, while I was coming in for a landing with the fish." He offers a smile "Hoping to be able to help people here some as much as I can."

Myrkr looks around abit "Those people…they're scared, this place holds criminals, in the sewers, on the streets…and so much guilt." he says dream like as he look about before he blinks and gets back to eating "This isn't a happy place…its too close to the shadows, too much pain." he says, his voice breaking etheral like for a moment as his goggles pulse purple for a moment before shaking his head and keeps on eating "G-G-Good goal though." he states back to normal.

Sam Guthrie 's brow raises a bit and looks at him "Can you feed off the guilt?"

Myrkr shakes head "No…i-its more of a s-sense." he says "W-wouldn't wanna feed off of it…n-not sure I-I-I could conside-e-er myself…a person." he says with a shiver in continuation "T-The people that you want me to meet…what are they like?" he asks curiously, an attempt to change conversation.

Sam Guthrie says, "Good people, but will warn you one of them may have alot of guilt and come off bad, but she tries her best to be good"

Myrkr tilts head in the other way "W-who said g-guilt was bad? But thank you," he says before looking up at the sky "I-I should go, got t-tests to s-study…do you mind if I take some fish home?" he asks, head towards the crate like its a golden box prize.

Sam Guthrie looks to the man and says "Take it all, I bought it for you." He will offer the man a smile "Got a phone number I can contact you at?

Myrkr looks to the crate open mouthed, like in shock as he lifts his face mask over his face and pulls out a small notebook and pencil, writing a number on it, ripping it off, and handing it to him "G-g-give this to a hot girl for me." he says with a laugh "B-but s-seriously, d-don't unless s-she's i-into s-super scrawny awkward guys…and if she is then I'm concerned and you probably shouldn't g-give it to her." he says in seriousness as he looks at the box, gives a wave and stares at him. He then begins to glow purple from the cracks in his clothing, runes forming on his nose as the shadows close in around him, the lights flicker as the shadow thing appears, looks at the fishes, shoving a couple whole in its mouth. Stops in confusion before picking up the crate, stepping into a shadow, then disappearing. The lights stop shortly flickering afterword.

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