Angry Therapist
Roleplaying Log: Angry Therapist
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The Juggernaut gives Myrkr advice on how to deal with things

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IC Date: January 02, 2020
IC Location: Central Park, New York
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Central Park isn't without its assortment of strange denizens, passer byers and park goers among the rest of the populace who frequent its sprawling acres.

Cain Marko certainly counts more for the former rather then the latter. As such, his presence draws some attention and carries with it an aura that unsettles most people who lay eyes upon him. He looms over a slightly panicked and visibly nervous hotdog vendor who trembles in the presence of the gargantuan man and waits for him to finish looking over a menu sporting various collections of junk food, soda and other assortments to buy alongside the comically small hot dog he holds in his massive hand. His shirt, a tee-shirt showing Godzilla peering between skyscrapers with a destructive grin on its features seems all to appropriate.

Did we mention he's huge? Because he is. A gargantuan wrecking ball of a man with a swelling physique that makes it appear as if he just downed the entire defensive line of the entire eastern football conference for lunch. A vast wrecking ball of a man with dark shades atop a bullish nose that hides his ice blue eyes as they peer over the food and then settle on a bag oc chips. These he plucks up with two tree branch thick fingers while the hot dog vendor continues to wait patiently and nervously in the brutes presence.

While cain is doing that, the lights begin to flicker slightly, a light far off flickering, smoking, then dying. In the darkness, one can spot a pair of whispy purple lights that seem to pop in and out around the park, eventually they settle behind the hot dog vendor in the dark. They seem to float there for a minute before a feeling of being watched takes place from the lights, a feeling of such when someone see's past you deep into you, and judges. The lights float there for a moment before slowly tilting left and right, like some curious animal is controlling them.

The flickering lights get the attention of the vendor who looks on nervously. Between Cain and that..he's quite ready to be somewhere else. When Cain turns, swiveling his neck like the movements of a tank turret and directing his gaze towards the extinguished lamppost..the vendor begins quickly packing up, "It's on the house!" he exclaims before pulling off and starting to get away from the behemoth of a man and the strange feeling that's entered the area.

"Wha..hey!" rumbles Cain, looking surprised but not reacting quickly enough to stop the man. At least he's got a hot dog.

Grumbling, he begins to stuff portions of the snack into his mouth while turning and lifting his heavy feet to begin to tread down the path..headed for the park exit. He likewise feels like he's being observed but aside from a flicker of his gaze from left to right…he makes no gesture of nervousness.

The lights watch curiously before they flicker out, and from the darkness comes some scrawny ass kid that looks to be one of those kids that might graffite someplace. The kid adjusts his googles before looking up then towards the hot-dog dealer as he walks away before looking back "Y-You got a-alot on your shoulders Mr." he says, with pity for the man, standing in front of the giant, hands stuffed in his puffy vests pockets and looking waaaay up at him. Despite the kid's scrawny size, he dosn't seem scared, at least not of him.

"..The hell?" Not the most friendly response but this abit abrupt, sudden …not to mention intrusive.

"What're you talking about, kid? And where's your parents? You wandering around these parts alone? Not exactly safe..especially taking to strangers.."

Cain finishes his hotdog, pushing the remnants into his mouth with a single finger the size of a tree branch. He then waves a huge hand dismissively at the scrawny boy while moving to continue on, "Get out of here. Beat it."
[OOC] Cain Marko says, "just the nature of the beast I suppose"
[OOC] Cain Marko says, "Maybe add a return carriage at the end if it helps?"
sighs "W-w-w…" he stops to take a breath before continuing as he goes to jog along with the man, as Cain's steps are worth 4 to 5 of his "I-I-I w-was wondering w-why y-y-you smell of battle…rage even." he says with some sniffing here and there before he looks towards the darkness in the park then back "O-oh there…not h-here any-ymore." the kid says sadly before shrugging "E-e-eh, if you really wanted to hurt s-somebody, you w-would of just s-start a fight…but you didn't, why?" the kid asks curiously as he continues along, not breathing heavy as he continues along side the giant, sometimes head turning to watch something in the darkness, the pale nose twitching as they move.

The red headed bruiser thuds to a stop at that. He pauses, curious now and then turns to eye Myrkr balefully from his towering height. It's a stern glance but as it's obvious this is no ordinary boy and that he's persistent enough to continue bugging him..the giant man just heaves a sigh and pinches his nose in annoyance.

"You some sort of mutant? Or meta or something? Times aint exactly nice for folk like that right now. Don't you think you shouldn't be prying into other folks business?"

Myrkr shrugs as he takes a couple of deep breaths "I-I'm not a mutant…j-just s-someone who d-didn't have a choice." the kid says sadly as he stops with the giant, not seeming to mind his annoyance "I-I-I didn't m-mean t-to pry…w-w-was c-curious a-about s-someone like me….a-and p-p-people l-l-like you need someone to talk to sometimes." he says with an awkward laugh as he adjusts his goggles as he looks up again at the man, flinching slightly at the gaze.

Cause, come on, some one that big glaring at you? That can be scary stuff. "W-W…excuse me *takes a deep breath again* is a mutant?" he asks tilting his head, almost exactly at the same angle as the purple lights took when the tilted.

" don't know?" Cain squints his eyes and leans over abit to peer at the kid. "What…are you not from around here or something, kid? Like -really- ont from around here? And who said I was looking for anyone to talk about anything? I got problems, everybody got problems. It's none of your business.."

The brute rubs his jaw slightly, scratching at his jaw and then asks, "Didn't have a choice? So what are you then?"

Myrkr looks at Cain before shrugging "I-I-I've been to N-New york…just don't know about mutants that much ok." he says as he crosses his arms in a defiant gesture…which isn't really intimidating nor defiant when it comes to his own size and the looming magical giant in front of him and looks away, or seems to, its hard to tell with those goggles on his face "Y-y-your r-right, I w-want a-answers though, you have so much guilt…fear…s-sin…how do you s-stop f-from breaking? F-From resisting w-what ever that *sniff sniff* rage, hatred…something w-wants?" he asks.

At the point where Cain ask what he is he throws his hands up in the air in frusteration "What am I! I don't know!I-I'm trying to ask you that! You got magical whats its hopefully longer then me." he says bitterly, angrily and lots of arm flailing with angry jumping up and down in frusterations as the goggles get a purple glow from where eyes should be from underneath for a moment as the kid calms down. Realizes that he jut want through a couple of sentences without stuttering except for once and hides his face as he pants slightly from his frusteration tantrum.

Cain rears back. Almost recoiling from the sudden outburst. He curls his lips in annoyance at first but then relaxes as he really seems at a loss for words. Finally he just rubs the back of his head, "Listen kid..uh…I now you're sensing magic but it's not like that. I'm no wizard or something. But..I hear there are folk that can help you..that do know those sort of things.."

That question again. It lingers in the air and Cain frowns, nostrils flaring like an annoyed bull. He finally just shakes his head and shrugs, "I deal with my problems by just..keeping going. I can't stop. I won't stop. So I just shove through it and push. You just gotta keep pushing kid. Don't stop for anybody or anyone. Find a goal and just charge right for it.."

Myrkr listens as he calms down before sitting down, almost like this giant is his psychiatrist "Pushing….is that why you haven't givin in?…Why wouldn't that not help me?" he talks to himself, the shadows seem to close in around him, almost like an embrace before he shakes his head, scrammbles away and stands up, breathing out like he avoided a close call before pulling on his puffy vest like its a fancy jacket "R-Right…have those people helped you?" he asks curiously, still obviously trying to calm down as he points to the right "There's a c-c-churro seller t-t-to the right, I-I'll p-pay if you want s-s-some." he says as his stomach growls angrily. His head nods, almost to himself, as he talks, like he is still going over the advice.

"Look kid, you need to find a shelter to hang out in alright? I'm not some baby sitter and I'm not your therapist. Get up." snaps Cain, "And don't follow me. I aint safe, alright? As to the rest..? I don't need any help! I'm not looking for 'help'." His temper flares but then calms down abit and he shakes his head, "Look.. some of this you're going to just have to work out for yourself, you understand?"

Myrkr tilts his head until noticing that he has, in fact, not stood up. Which he does stand up, cause if the big bad giant tells you to stand up, you stand up. He nervously chuckles "N-Not homeless….*in a very quite voice* just poor." he says with a cough before nodding "N-needed a-advice…g-good luck to y-you then, I-I-I…never mind." he says almost breathless, like talking is harder then being in his presence.

He waves good bye "Besides…this is home." he says as he runs into the darknees, a purple glow comes from him as the darkness seems to consume him. The light flickering stops, leaving Caine alone besides for some etheral like howl in the distance and some poor guy screaming monster.

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