Tumble in the Dark
Roleplaying Log: Tumble in the Dark
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Myrkr brawls with Starfire and Colin, Starfire offers Myrkr help

Other Characters Referenced: Raven
IC Date: January 09, 2020
IC Location: Hell's Kitchen, abandoned warehouse
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Posted On: 09 Jan 2020 21:27
Rating & Warnings: pg-13
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NPC & GM Credits: Myrkr:Evil ghosts, more ghosts, cops, robed dude, people in distress, gang people
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Normally, cops don't bother with going too deep into the kitchen, but even gangs are starting to complain or acted frightened at night, talking about some sort of purple light monster that comes. This particular night, there has been sounds of screaming and wails coming from an abandoned warehouse near the better side of the kitchen. Police were sent, but ran at the sight of whatever is in there.

Currently, police stand outside the ware house, some police men on the ground mixed with gang members as sounds of fighting, gun fire, and screaming come from inside. It seems to be quiting down as people run out, or are thrown out by something. The police currently seemed confused as sin at what to do exactly, as despite the people running out, noises still come from inside, with some witnesses saying that they saw ghosts and some other things in there, including purple lights.

A call has been put out for someone to come take care of this, its even in the news with a news truck outside promptly recording, yet no one has entered. Despite the chaos, lights aren't working either, everything seems darker, and if the lights are working they are flickering like crazy, or are are dimmed, like shadows closing in.

With their current legal status, no matter what the emergency, no-one in law enforcement is actually going to call the Titans out for help. Fortunate for them, the youthful team has little regard for being /invited/ to do hero things, yielding a general policy of monitoring police radio bands and going where needed regardless. How very rebellious. This incident, for all the chatter, doesn't quite sound like an 'all Titans bulletin,' but it does provoke a response. Various Flashes and teleporting magicians aside (nevermind that accounting for something like a quarter of their roster!), Starfire is one of the faster responders. More to the point, she has monitor room duty that night. So, off she goes!

The alien's approach is marked by a brief searing contrail as she flies in over the city, her wild mane of red hair trailing into a fiery tail at full speed. Coming in from above, she has no interest in asking the police about what is going on. Instead, she just swoops in over the building, and drops in through a skylight. Slowly descending into whatever unknown chaos, she is not carelessly reckless, but she is hardly timid, either. Her eyes glow brightly, pools of neon green light, and her hands with the same. This is both a practical consideration, as she enters the darkened building, but also a warning to whatever foes she might find.

"Whoever is in here, show yourselves. I do not wish to do you harm, but I will not tolerate violence against the people of this city." Her voice is firm, unwavering, and indeed, somewhat regal, that of a warrior and Princess both.


% A lone suit of power armour streaked across the clear night air, its matte grey paintwork glowing in the moonlight and a fierce purple-blue wake trailing behind its shrieking thrusters. Inside the armour, Colin's eyes flicked over his sensor readouts. He frowned for a moment, bringing up a larger semi transparent display in front of his eyeline showing an IRST readout.

There was a contrail.

Whatever it was, was hot, in fact it was hot enough to be just a blob on his screen yet the signature was unfamiliar. It didn't match with any known aircraft, or heck, even one of Stark's repulsor driven suits. He tracked in on it, the little FLIR ball on his "battlesuit" rotating and tracking in. Though the picture was not exactly great, after all, this was a "camera" designed to lock and track missiles rather than give any real high resolution image for a human to give out he could see the lights of Hell's kitchen in the distance flicker and shimmer, with that same contrail heading on a direct path for it.

"Initiate diagnostics and gimme a status readout."



"Ah what the hell." He said under his breath, banking hard to the left and following on himself, slowing his pace to just below transonic as he got within the US' national waters once more. Of course, approximately twelve nautical miles was not exactly a long distance to travel at such a pace, meaning the man in the suit was quickly on scene and hovering in front of the building the mysterious contrail spewing figure had apparently just walked into.

Inside the building was completely dark, in the corner was a young couple, the man holding the woman protectively, both with their head's down shaking in fright. All is dead silent as she enters as multiple voices begin to laugh and speak harshly "Little girl….leave…go away….leave us alone." they say with some things moving, like a bad wind is pushing them, sometimes feels like someone is breathing down her back yet nothing is there.

Besides for moonlight, the building has destroyed crates everywhere, tones of small bubble wrapped packages of drugs laying carelessly on the floor. IN one section where there used to be a door is busted in with a couple of robed guys laying on the ground amid broken furniture. The metal shelves that of course hold the boxes seemed tipped over, either through age or though what ever went through here. They are mostly together besides for a few where it looks like something big crashed through, bent in odd shapes

Eventually there is the sound of something being slammed into the floor. Toward the back of the building is this giant shadow creature, runes glowing a dark purple color, like on fire as small purple embers fall from them angrily. The things eyes are giant plate sized dark purple, so dark they're almost black lights that flicker consistantly. In a trash can sized can it hold some dude in a robe "Y *cough* You will be ours hound, you will serve as you were ment to…just as your family served as the sacrifice." the robed man laughs, his head covered in some dark shadow thing before the thing tosses him through a wall. A gang banger where a bunch of gold chains is backing up into a corner "L-l-look yo, w-w-was just selling drugs man, oh god, don't kill me man." the guy says as he's suddenly grabbed by blank oozing hands from the darkness and quickly drag him into a corner where he screams until he's consumed by the blackness.$r$r The thing turns around to look at Starfire, and despite his head being basically a skull, it opens its mouth and wails. It sounds like a whisper at first, like when you walk in the dark and you here thing sometimes, little whisper, but it picks up into a thousands of voices screaming in anguish and pain. Boxes move from polterghiests, they giggles "Yes….attack her….enemy…hunt her…kill, kill, KILL!" they scream.

"Little… girl?" One of Starfire's eyebrows raises, her expression exceptionally dubious. These haunting voices must be terribly one size fits all in their approach to intimidation, as she is one of the last people such a phrase might be expected to have the desired effect upon. What she fixates on instead, is the civillians she quickly spots in the far corner, descending toward them, and eventually hovering just above the ground, between them and the rest of the space. "Are you able to move? The two of you should evacuate quickly."

Waiting on confirmation, her attention shifts back toward the other side of the warehouse, gaze drifting over the various bits of debris. The robed figures cause her to cock her head slightly, wide glowing eyes yielding a curious expression despite their imminent threat. Then there is a crash, and her attention shifts again. The scene is grim, although not in a wholly unfamiliar way. Slowly floating nearer, she speaks aloud, although clearly not toward the occupants of the room. "This is Starfire, I am at the site of the last alarm. Signs of supernatural or cult activity. Engaging, but if Raven is there, please let her know." Space is her department, not creepy magic cults!

However, big monsters are kind of /everyone's/ deal and Koriand'r stands firm in the face of the thing that comes stepping out of the darkness, bizarre though it is. In response to the wail, and its slow approach, she raises a glowing hand. "Stand down."

"You might want to listen to what she has to say, tall dark and gruesome. Whoever she is." Came a British sounding voice crackling over a loudspeaker, a sound that was soon met by the roar of plasma jet engines as a bulky grey suit of power armour hovered down in front of a window…

Only to be met by one of the flying crates smashing through it.

The rotten box shattered against the battlesuit, the armoured figure barely flinching while his jet exhausts scorched some of the wooden fragments as they clattered to the floor.

"Rude." His tone didn't change, though a whole arsenal of weaponry folded out and locked into place and… well, it tried to acquire a target lock onto the blob-thing, but Colin's sensors refused to track. Still. Blobthing didn't know that, right? Instead it was staring down the barrel of not only Starfire's glowing hand but missiles that had locked into place upon the suit's shoulders, buzzing electromagnetic coilguns on the top of its wrists and something else that seemed to be glowing a soft red underneath them.
sounds of people getting into cars and "I'm not paid enough for this." come from outside as cops pull away in fear, some shouting and general chaos.

The thing looks at the new entry before it starts a run at them, a jump, and its gone, it just suddenly flickers out. In a couple of seconds, it would appear behind the new metal man. Trying to jump on to its back, sharp claws looking to tear it a new one. More boxes go flying with raging ghost things as the robed guy that gots slammed comes out coughing, does some mumbo jumbo and disappears into a shadow with a snear.

The couple in the corner nod shakily before standing up and making a run towards the exit, which they somehow make. It seems the ghosts or whatever are too distracted with the glowy princess and making things go bananas.

It seems like 'standing down' is not happening. Which means, super flashy hero fighting time, it is!

With her command to yield not heeded (let's be honest, it's NEVER heeded), Starfire makes it clear that her threats are not idle ones, releasing one of her starbolts in the direction of the creature. It only hits empty air as the beast blinks out of existence- or rather, it also hits the wall a ways further back, leaving a nice smoking hole. Indeed, the efficacy of the bolts in blowing holes in simple structures is not lost on her, and as soon as the cowering couple makes it clear they can move, she follows the first blast with a second, back into the wall behind her. She isn't about to make them run through danger, she just wanted to make sure they could run. So they get a 'bonus exit' that is a little closer (This is one of the reasons the police don't call the Titans: they do have a tendency to put human lives waaaay higher than property damage)

And then, with them out of danger and some jolly fellow in a suit having joined the fray, Starfire moves to engage full, flying higher and incinerating one piece of flying debris with another blast. "Hello!" she greets the suit. "Are you a friend of Mr. Tony?" It shouldn't be a surprise that Stark knows all the pretty aliens ladies. "Oh, behind you!"

"Gozer the Gozerian. Good evening. As a duly designated representative of the state, county and city of New York, I order you to cease any and all supernatural activity and return forthwith to your place of origin or to the nearest convenient parallel dime- Oh yeah. Vanish. Fun. You know, we could get this over with a lot quicker if you'd ju-"





Colin's suit took the claw slash pretty well, the heavy armour even on the rear only getting a rent cut into it, yet even so one of his shoulder mounted missile launchers hung limply off its mounting, rattling from a bent mounting bracket. Still, the man in the battlesuit had quite the quick response, firing off chaff, flares and maxxing out the throttle on his thrusters in an attempt to full on fry the creature as it jumped to its rear, spinning around with all his remaining weapons engaged to find… Nothing.

Still, even with that it didn't pay to be rude! Though of course, it didn't pay to not be cautious in a situation such as this. Without taking his eyes off his HUD's scanners or lowering his weapons from a ready position he replied back to the strange… alien person. "Yeah, Tony. He's uh, quite the character. Also nice warning."

The thing is indeed gone with a small shriek, its fast, but not that fast apparently. It appears on the ground its right arm smoking viscious black smoke from its upper arm as it tears through the bindings to release a beam on one of the fallen shelves. It quickly disappears before appearing from a shadow near star fire, which also happens to be right in front of her by a couple of feet "DOR HULHIEM!" it shouts in its etheral wailing voice, trying to pounce on her much like a cat.

Strangely after those words, the ghost activity seems to calm down…kinda, alot of boxes keep flying over the place, but some dark oozing hands are reaching from the darkness slowly towards Colin's suit.

"Strangely, we met under similar circumstances. Men with skulls for heads attacking a society gala. I wonder if it is a coincidence?" It is totally a coincidence. But maybe to aliens, all people with skulls for heads look alike. So racist.

In any event, Kori has to hold back from doing any aggressive blasting while the man in the suit is working on dislodging his passenger, because it would probably not be polite to blast the two of them together. Still, the suit seems to have some gadgets for just that occasion, as often seems to be the case. She hovers, ready to take another shot, but again, the blink-in, blink-out pattern of movement does seem to elude her. She fires off a couple more blasts, streaks of near-blinding green light with their accompanying SKREEEEE sound effect (who knows why light blasts have a sound effect, but they do) briefly illuminating the room and occasionally leaving scorch marks and holes in the structure around them, but no dice. "This is frustrating, such a cowardly f-"


Suddenly, the creature does its shadow-pounce again, this time leaping onto the woman. And because her efforts at blasting it have failed, she does not evade, but rather meets it as it lunges, spinning and grabbing for its paws or any other grip she can find, while her eyes glow with bright light. "I have wrestled wild dragett larger than you!" the woman declares, no doubt referencing some unknown alien species. She is immensely strong, and still maintains control of her flight as they grapple, first rising… and then plummeting toward the warehouse floor.

"Not sure if there'd be a connection between people who have power armour and fighting ghosts. Bill Murray didn't have this sort of thing." He too though held back, not wanting to fire on the thing grappling with the… other thing. Alien woman, whoever, not to mention that he at least had *some* respect for the whole property damage thing, despite the fact that nobody would probably notice if this building got a few more holes punched in it.

Then… there were the hands. Moving slowly towards him.

"Oh nooo, hands, whatever will I doooo?"

He slowly hovered backwards. If the expressionless faceless front plate of his helmet could look unimpressed, it would be looking unimpressed right now. He took the moment to try and bash his launcher back into place, planting his fist down on the flat top of it. It clicked, crunched, and folded back, his HUD still reading it as "offline". Still, small victories, it at least wasn't making any extra drag.

He waited for just a few moments more for the arms to stretch out, and then fired everything he had into what passed for its "wrists". He started with the "gauss rifle" coilguns, the weapons thudding as they spat out showers of bright white-orange sparks with every shot, and then, the lasers. Though these were not the typical "beam" lasers that one might see, instead they shot out with a crack and an invisible beam, leaving nothing but a flash from ignited air and a small detonation on target. He considered adding missiles from his remaining launchers to the mix too but perhaps firing such ordinance in a long-abandoned building was a bad idea?

No one would miss this place, right?

… yeah probably best to hold off.

The thing tries to fight against her, but seems to be struggling, like it didn't expect her to be fricken strong, it kicks at her as it tries to do its whole teleporting thing, but seems to be having some issues. Its skin feels smooth, and cold. It keeps struggling with its attempts to claw and kick her and wails as its wrists are hit with literal light. Soon as it gets close to the ground its gone, it appears where it cut the steel beam free.

It looks kinda destablized now, almost like its having trouble keeping its-self together, its wrists barely attached execept by inky threads and dark pungent smoke. It still somehow picks up the beam before throwing it, screaming in what must be pain at Starfire before going to the ground and holding its head, dazed for a moment as it's form ripples and arcane lettering appears near it that begins to crack. It seems what ever that robed guy did is wearing off.

The hands that move slowly suddenly pick up speed, slowly, every crack that appears on the floating lettering makes the hands pick up in speed. It seems if the lettering cracks, they still reach for the suited man. Thankfully, the thing looks almost down.

Starfire is tough, but not impervious; the lashing claws and kicks draw blood, red streaks on gold skin, or tears in her suit, though the space-age material is itself rather durable. But she is not deterred by small injuries, continuing her comet-like dive into the pavement. Unfortunately, she is left without a prize for the maneuver, and even a little dazed from the impact, and has to slowly pick herself back up from the rubble, brushing concrete dust off as she stands.

And it flings more debris at her.

Well, 'debris' in this case is a huge steel beam, but the alien nonetheless catches it and tosses it aside with a heavy clunk. A /lot/ stronger than she looks. "I grow tired of this," she murmurs, with quite obvious growing frustration, a tinge of anger in her voice. "It does not seem to enjoy the light. Metal man: assist if you are able."

Stalking forward slowly, her eyes and hands again glow brighter, brighter, and… do not stop, the luminence continuing to increase. It is a careful balance, as she effectively widens her attack while trying to keep it from going critical, something that could create a much larger blast. At full power under good sunlight, that would probably vaporize the building. The darkness has dimmed her power here, perhaps for the better, yet she still struggles to reach that threshold without going over, spreading green radiance to every corner of the room. "I will take away the shadows. Then disable him."


An alert popped up on Colin's HUD. The constant firing of all his weapons at the hand things had saturated the heatsinks and cooling system of his suit somewhat. Though that being said, just firing the lasers alone not only would likely allow the system to cool itself down, it seemed like it might just be the most effective option! He shot off another barrage of them, the weapon system crackling and flashing above the visible spectrum until he heard Starfire's voice.


Ohohoh, she wanted light? He could give her light. Flicking a switch in his eyetracking HUD he activated… the mother of all spotlights. Two of them in fact, along with strobes and navigation lights, ridiculously bright things designed for cutting through fog and allowing an "aircraft" such as this one to be seen at night.

Obnoxious? Maybe, but turning into a one man rave what with these and the lasers might *just* be the ticket!

The thing dosn't even have time to scream, it simply disintegrates into smoke, shatters the arcane symbols which also go into smoke, the ghosts scream until you can't even hear them, like they're banished. Leaving the place in silence. The only thing left is a small scrawny boy. His jacket burnt all the way to his shoulders, hand print bruises on both arms. His wrists are blistering from burns and he pulls down his face mask to cough blood. His arms riddled with thin surgery lines that pulse purple for a minute before fading. The kid pulls his googles off, trying to stand and failing, looking super sick, and beat up, there are countless small bruises besides for what damage the two did.

The Kid looks around confusingly as he covers his eyes, barely concious wincing at the light, making a feeble attempt at blocking it as he just lays there, having a look of the 'What's going on?" and the look of someone trying really hard to remember and/or if they may be screwed.

No sooner than the figure collapses does Starfire let go, the all-encompasing, nearly painful radiance blinking from existence without ceremony. That leaves the place dark, or rather, dark save for the powerful, focused beams of the armored man's spotlights, leaving whatever corners to return to shadow. "Keep them focused on him for the time being, if you would."

Kori's voice is just a touch less firm now, whether from lessened battle intensity now that the day seems won, or from the raw energy expended, or a bit of both. Mr. Armor Suit is not the only one who runs on batteries, at least in a manner of speaking. However, it does not seem the woman is so weakened that she is not confident to examine the young man left where the creature once was, stepping into the center of the spotlights (which, in their own small way, she feels warming and re-energizing her) and crouching down beside him.

"Are you alright?" she wonders, the warrior's fury replaced by surprising compassion. "It seems as if those men did something to you. I am not an expert in these things, but I can take you to someone who might be able to help you. Would that be alright? My name is Koriand'r." She leaves both the codenames and titles aside, for the moment.

Colin hovered back inside the building now that the grabby hands were no longer being grabby, but… was soon presented with two problems. The first was that the nav lights… were *not* shutting down. They were still blinking away in all their retina singing glory until the man went in through the settings on the HUD to literally blow the fuses for them. Yay inconvenience, and the second came a little after Colin landed and introduced himself, flipping up his helmet's visor. Or, more while trying to introduce himself…

"Oooh, so you're *not* a ghost. Well hey, now you're looking a whole lot less spooky… Hi, I'm Coli-"


There goes the god damn floor. Yeah half a tonne of mechanised armour and this rickety old building that'd been abandoned for god knows how long apparently didn't mix too well! Luckily he didn't take out the rest of the floor with him, just made a very neat roughly Colin sized hole through several floors until his was able to arrest the fall with his thrusters and hover back up.

Why doesn't this ever happen to the other guy?

Myrkr backs up using his hands and legs, wincing as his arms are quite damaged until he's against the wall, hands still up as the light makes Starfire seems way bigger then she actually is. His hand comes down when the light show ends. He looks confused as he looks at the two. After a moment a look of remembrance dawns on him and a look of absolute shame covers his face as he makes eye contact with both for a moment before looking away "Sorry…" is all he stampers out with very quick micro expressions of intense pain and sadness before replaced with a neutral, almost scared face as he looks at the two.

He opens his mouth to answer, but no words come out before simply nodding as he stands up shakily "I didn't mean…" he chokes out again as he looks at the destruction around him, micro expresisons of guilt covering his face as he looks away, closing his eyes in frusteration. His arms crossing in a defenseive, or perhaps comforting gesture as he looks back to view what destruction he caused "Alric…." he says after his mouth moves without sound, then a burst of sound when his name comes out.

Starfire is quite tall, no spooky lights required! But they probably don't help. What may help that, as alien invaders go, she is rather the nicer looking kind. Strange eyes and skintone aside, there's hardly any telling. And does she look an awful lot like a certain lady plastered across various billboards in her underwear? Um. Disregard that coincidence!

"It is alright. Obviously those hooded men did something." Kori is still not the magic expert, but she knows 'standard evil cultist in hooded robe' when she sees one! Maybe these guys shop the same place as Brother Blood. For a few moments, she watches him, her expression rather soft and open, hardly judgmental for all the resulting chaos. "It's nice to meet you Al-"


The woman turns her head as there's a sudden crash, the armor plummeting past them… and then re-appearing a few moments later. She tilts her head curiously. "Still working out, what is it that Bart calls them… the bugs?"

Yet she soon turns back. "The police may regain their nerve soon. I would be good to leave. I would like to take you to some friends - I am not sure of your situation, but I think they might be of some help." And with this, she offers the young man a hand.

Myrkr looks at the hand, a mix of emotions playing out of his face as he looks back up at her, then the hand, one of his burnt hands reaching out slowly. His skeletal thin hand eventually makes it to hers, he gulps, obviously trying to keep it together and not loss more of what dignity he's already lost and nods, as he's failing to get words out. Sweat beads dwon his face from either fear or pain, but the kids expression went form neutral to simply scared. Like the kind of scared when someone's in a rough situation and has nothing to turn to, much like an animal against the wall.

Well, with that, Colin was back to hovering outside the building… He looked to the hole in the floor, then back to the two. At least he could still speak to the two of them through the suit's loudspeaker so it was a *little* less awkward. Sort of.

"The bug was with the floor there, not the suit. Literally actually. I think this place has termites. I could play the biggest game of "the floor is lava" ever here, but, plasma jet exhaust inside a building doesn't sound healthy for anyone involved."

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