From Glow Up to Blow Up
Roleplaying Log: From Glow Up to Blow Up
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An appearance by Pop Sensation Andrea Jackson is interrupted by God's Perfect Idiot.

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IC Date: January 10, 2020
IC Location: Midtown - Manhattan
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Posted On: 10 Jan 2020 20:11
Rating & Warnings: PG-13 for Violence
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It's a chilly afternoon in New York City but that won't keep Andrea locked up at home. She had a five a.m. work out at the gym, followed by a power breakfast, followed by a conference call at seven, an interview with a local DJ at eight, a photoshoot at ten, followed by brunch at twelve. Now that it's just past one, she is in Times Square for a fan meet and greet at a famous record store that still sells vinyl and instruments.

Dressed in a pair of tight black leggings, a pair of short cropped shorts over it and a solid black tank top with a wolf howling at the moon, she is sitting in front of a large booth in which she chats with a number of young girls, signing autographs and taking selfies. Her security guard, James, is next to her with his eyes on the crowd of young zoomers who vie for her attention. If there are any visible mutant girls there, they get VIP treatment by the popstar as she will call them up first for a tight hug and a conversation.

Though she may be in the public eye, and that eye may not be very accepting of mutants, Andrea has always been a 'mutant first' type of celebrity. Unapologetic. If she is going to be registered and follow the law to the letter, then she will at least use her publicity to benefit /her/ kind. Tit for Tat.

"Do I have a code name?" She says with a laugh at one of the questions asked. "No, I'm not a superhero. Why don't you give me one?" She asks with a cheeky grin, brows lifting at some of the responses. Super Singer. Power-Pop. Awesome Andrea. Kids can be adorable.

* * *


The Despicable Deadpool is actually swinging onto the scene via a grapple line because he hasn't had an opportunity to steal a web-shooter from one of the Spider People in this city yet. But that is definitely part of the plan. One of his many plans at the moment.

Deadpool's arrival swings him past the line and allows him to unhook from the grapple line just long enough to flip down to the ground and raise his hands to the air. "TA-DAAAAAAAA!" Deadpool points dramatically at the person that would likely be going next. "You there! Stay back! Official X-Team business." Deadpool whips out a velcro wallet, rips it open obnoxiously and flashes the X-Men Fan Club Membership Card so fast that it should look like a badge. "Some part of the world somewhere is in danger. And only Andrea Jackson can save it!"

Deadpool also reaches for the other fan's merch. "And we need this too. Thanks citizen!"

RDeadpool then turns around to bounce with giggling glee while waiting for his shot to meet the mutant popstar, clutching his newly acquired merch in one hand and a unicorn in the other.

Deadpool: Just One Of The Fangirls.

* * *

As the world's greatest comical anti-hero and infamous assasin swings down into the store, the crowd of course has a reaction to it. Armed to the gills, they scatter, shriek and freak the hell out. A couple people who dart away pull their phones and start to record. One even yells: 'Worldstar!' There is always that 'one' guy.

James, quick as always, pulls his revolver from his hip like a trained officer, stepping in front of Andrea as she lets out a noise of surprise at the commotion. It seems that Deadpool is now officially in the front of the line.

"HANDS UP!" James barks at him as he aims down the sightlines at the costumed vigilante. He has an authoritative tone in his voice, military background and built like a Steelers linebacker.

".. That's Deadpool." She says to her security guard as she peeks around him. "I saw him in the news once. You'll probably need more than that."

"Just stay behind me, Miss Jackson. You know the exit strategy." His voice is unwavering. Brave. Unafraid. He once protected the President on a tour. He has seen some shit in his life.

* * *

"Hey uh… Andrea? I think this guy cut in line."

Deadpool's trying to look around the linebacker sized security to also make the pointing at security that much more obvious. He was, after all, waiting in line to get some photos and some autographs but now there's a dude with a gun in front of him. Unfair.

"Hey Mister! You're gonna' have to get to the back of the line! Some of us have been waiting the longest seconds of our lives for our turn to take a picture with great…" Deadpool looks down at the merch he stole moments before. "… Andrea Jackson!"

"You know, you really shouldn't have guns out around all these kids that are running for their lives. It's pretty rude. Oh! I know! Wait a second!" The lightbulb dings over Wade's as he goes into one of his many pouches and comes out with a grenade. "Hold this." He pulls the pin and tosses it to James.


* * *

James has seen a lot of shit in his life, but he hasn't seen someone pull a pin from a grenade and lob it at him from close range. He hesitates for a moment as his eyes widen, dropping his gun arm.

"James!" The grenade is caught in the air by Andrea instead as she blurs upwards into an eight foot war-form of a werewolf, hitting the ground to cover herself around it. ~RUN~ The strangled barely English rattles out of the monster's throat. The desk crashes over from her weight as if a small car just hit it.

The crowd? They run. Screaming. Terrified. Tripping over one another in a chaotic bullrush. A window is smashed as someone throws himself out it and on to the sidewalk, causing even more of a commotion.

As the explosion rips through, a loud yelp of pain is heard as the large four hundred pound body of a monster is thrown backwards and through the wall of the music store, blood splattering, the floor torn open in a gaping hole.

Deadpool most likely just made a VH1 special out of this moment, and an update to her wikipedia. Eitherway, this is going to make the news.

"WORLDSTAR!" That guy.

* * *

"Wow. What a hole."

Deadpool looks down through the hole that was just made by some rabid fan trying to attack the person he came to see. "I really hope they've got insurance." Deadpool shrugs and skips— no really, he's actually skipping —his way off in the direction of the Werewolf Sized Hole In The Wall so that he can get back to the business of why he came here in the first place. "Andrea? I think everyone else left but if you could just sign this poster…" Wade holds up the poster that has been singed and some of the bottom of which is gone thanks to grenade explosions, "… what's left of it, anyway, I'd really appreciate it. My daughter loves your music!."

Deadpool sticks his head through the hole first and then brings the poster and the Sharpie hand through so that he can maybe pull off the gift of the week.

* * *

Having got launched into the backroom of the store, the large werewolf is sprawled out amongst knocked over racks of CD's, instruments and a few filing cabinets. Blood is everywhere. Chunks of fur. There is a loud, pained wheezing from the monster as there is some movement from her. She is not invincible, not like The Hulk, or Superman.

The gold eyes of the wolf gleam from the darkness as they finally crack open, tearducts leaking as she stares at the hazy form of the assassin. Her heightened senses are blown out, ears screaming and her nose filled with the scent of blood. Her ribcage is showing along one side of her, the fur scorched.

There is a loud, blood sputtering cough from the muzzle of the monster, followed by a wailing noise of pain as she crumbles in a bit of a ball, clutching at her chest and stomach. She's scared. The scent of fear and urine is in the air as her body shakes from pain.

* * *

"… So this is a bad time, huh? Alright."

Deadpool hooks the Sharpie on the poster and crawls through the rubble to the inside. He makes his way over to the downed mutant and winces a bit. "Dammit, James!"

Uh, Wade? You don't know the security guard's name.

But we read it.

That doesn't count.

Ohhhhh. Right!

"Dammit, Cutter In Line Person!" Much better. "Here's what I'm gonna' do. I'm gonna' leave this here with you and when you're feeling better, go ahead and sign it. I put one of my business cards on there too so feel free to give me a call any time. I'll swing by and pick it up."

"WORLDST—" BLAM! … thud.

Deadpool holsters his pistol. "I should probably go. Let you get some rest. You're like… missing…" Deadpool kind of points at his own rib section. "Stuff. It's kind of gross."

Deadpool shrugs it off and sets the poster down on the floor next to the mutant that was so rudely attacked by crazed human fan that cut in line!


Time for Wade to make tracks. Those might be sirens in the distance.

* * *

Slowly, the wounds are starting to knit together, painfully, with loud crunches of bone resetting, the muscle pulling itself together. She doesn't have the regeneration of Logan, or Deadpool, or even Laura, but it's there, and it's annoyingly painful.

James is knocked unconscious off to the side, his body rag-dolled against a wall, but still alive. Everyone is alive. As he puts the poster down in front of her, along with the sharpie, she makes no move to register it as she continues to tremble and sputter in a feral, pained noise.

As the sirens grow closer and Deadpool takes his leave, there are screams of frightened people, especially when a body hits the ground as an amateur blogger is taken out mid yell of his favorite fighting website. Thud. Officers and paramedics begin to arrive on sight, cameras flashing, cell phones recording. This will be a media nightmare.

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