Harley Quinn's Christmachanukah Hullaballoo XII
Roleplaying Log: Harley Quinn's Christmachanukah Hullaballoo XII
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Harley Quinn does A-OK for the 12th Day of Christmas. Because her Puddin' gives her the BEST PRESENTS. Of course, the Bat and a shadow try to intervene. And she accidentally bombs Deadpool. OOPS.

Other Characters Referenced: Joker, Two-Face, Red Robin
IC Date: January 05, 2020
IC Location: Gotham, NJ
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Posted On: 12 Jan 2020 07:42
Rating & Warnings: G
Scene Soundtrack: The 12 Days of Christmas by The Mistletoe Disco Band
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Most of Gotham really doesn't buy into all 12 days of Christmas, so the decorations were taken down on January 2nd. Chanukah well past, all the menorahs are long since tucked from view. Greenery's come down.

The problem is - and, oh yes, it IS a problem - that SOMEONE is not quite finished. Because that SOMEONE and all of the people that she's had threatened into playing along is really dedicated once she commits to a theme.

And so it is that Harley Quinn has rained terror upon Gotham for 11 days. Sure, not all of them are maximum terror, but some of them were definitely up there! And many of them have included no shortage of explosions.

Which leads us to this particular moment.

Where the festivities, once the sun has set, begin with a quiet rumble. Naturally, it's only quiet because it's far away.

Then… music starts. From dozens of strategically placed PA speakers.

Christmas music. On January 5th.

The rumbling's getting louder.

And louder.

Because Harley Quinn has - SOMEHOW - gotten her hands on a $(&^!( TANK.

(Yeah, we all know that that SOMEHOW is a tall, lean gentleman with emerald tresses, right?)


Of course Harley managed to get a tank.

The streets are strangely quiet, the lights off, the stores closed. Somehow the streets the tank have rolled up into have been evacuated. While there haven't been casualties in Harley's 12 Days of Chaosmas, Batman is not one to take chances. He's not about to allow a chance shell or roll to kill someone.

As the tank noisily makes its way down the street, all of the sudden the street lights turn off. Without the Christmas lights and with people evacuated, the effect is actually rather creepy. It is silent other than Harley's shrill carol and now very dark.

There is a pop and suddenly smoke starts to pour up from the street right in front of the tank.

On the corner of the roof of one of the buildings, Batman crouches, watching everything unfold with a typical stoic brood. He waits to see Harley's next move, hand reaching toward his utility belt for his batarangs.

It's Deadpool. Wearing a Santa Hat.

The Despicable One is standing on the side of the road in his entire outfit but he's added a Santa Hat to the top of his masked head. He's just hanging out on the side of the road a piping hot mug of hot cocoa. Not hot chocolate, hot cocoa. There's a difference and Deadpool is the type to know the difference.

Or at the very least, steal the better drink from the better suburban household. It's a gift.

As the tank makes its way closer, Santa Pool dances around to the song that Harley is singing. Whenever Santa Pool tries to drink he just makes an even bigger miss because he's not exactly the type tp lift his mask. Because that's what mercenaries do.

"EVERYBODY!" And this is the part where Deadpool tries to get any random people to start singing along. At gun point.

Any lights still on begin to dim, most begin flickering frantically, some give a puff smoke and never turn on again. Its like the shadows are closing in. From a roof top, one might spot a pair of purple whispy lights, watching the scene before flickering and appearing somewhere else. They move closer to the tank before poofing again.

Inside the tank, in a corner, a pair of purple lights appear, then a trash can sized hand, followed by an arm. A creature begins to pull its-self from the shadows, using its other arm to bash at anyone in the tank before letting out an ethereal wail. The wail is like when walks in the night, and they hear, or at least think, they hear voices, but instead of one, there are thousands, and they are crying in anguish as the runes that adorn the creatures body light up in a violent purple color, like on fire.

The street lights go out? NO PROBLEM. Because the tank suddenly lights up, wrapped in strings of large colored bulbs. It doesn't seem to dawn on the driver that her lights are going out.

Inside the tank, everything is absolutely amplified on the outside PAs.

Harley Quinn and her two hyenas are the only one inside, and all of them are happily sporting army helmets. Which is likely for the best as that hand appears, and Bud and Lou are the first ones to jump in to defend their mistress… only to get knocked aside by a giant hand with angry yelps.

Then, Harley shrieks with rage as she pulls out a mallet to try to swing it in the tightly enclosed space to hit the thing trying to climb in. "YER ON MY NAUGHTY LIST."

Of course, this hits a lever that then sends one of the tank rounds flying.

The tank lights up with twinkle lights and Batman frowns. Or maybe he was already frowning before this. It's hard to tell with Batman.

With the flutter of a cape, the masked Bat jumps off the corner of the building as Harley's voice shrieks over her loud speaker. Deadpool in his Santa hat is given something of a glance and a batarang is tossed at the hand holding the gun as Batman drops. Threatening people in his city? Bad. Threatening them with guns? Worse.

As Batman lands on the edge of the tank, the smoke billowing about, he climbs up to look down and find out what exactly is going on.

Myrkr other hand still swats about as it pulls itself out of the corner, finally getting a leg and a half into the tank. Its hunched overform stabilizes itself with one hand pushing against the roof of the tank, the free hand still batting the three about, if he can reach it, claws trying to cut at the controls of the tank.

If that hand materializes enough to pull a control, it's going to find itself materialized enough for the game of whackamole that Harley is presently playing. "You get the hell away from my Babies, ya off-theme two-bit hack," she growls, unaware that the first round has been sent off and gone flying into Deadpool to send him crashing into a building on the far end of the street.

She is also unaware that Batman is on the tank as she goes flying into a bank of the controls that sends the gun and top portal swiveling 240 degrees. Good thing the Bat has good reflexes, right?

As the shell crashes into Deadpool and from there crashes into a building, Batman's glad he called to evacuate. This way he is not worrying about casualties as he launches himself over the gun and lands right by the hatch.

Pulling his legs up, so that he is only dealing with the pivots and not with the gun itself, he studies the hatch of the tank for a few minutes.

After a moment of debating how to lock pick it, or to blow it open, he instead attempts something else entirely: he knocks.

Shave and a hair cut….

He waits, seeing if Harley will respond in kind.

Myrkr hisses as he pulls his hand back shaking it, finally getting the rest of his body out of the shadow, he stabilizes himself, wailing again in frustration and slight pain, as face it, getting hit with a hammer sucks. Myrkr begins to use both arms, swinging much like a wild cat might at what ever is in front of him, taking a couple of steps forward before trying to pin Harley with a hand, hopefully to put a stop to this hammer menace.

With Bud and Lou, decked out in the most adorable 'Santa's in the Army Now' outfits you could ever hope to conceive, still laid out and the quarters very tight, one might think that Harley would be very easy to get ahold of.

Except that Harley Quinn is small, light, and infuriatingly agile.

He tries to several times to swipe at her and she answers by dropping her mallet, ducking low, hurling herself to the side, and then launching herself off a console to go flying for the wheel that locks down the top hatch. She grabs onto that wheel with all of the ease of an uneven bar, but uses her momentum to spin it.

Of course, to do that, it pins her in space just long enough that Myrkr can seize hold of her, yank her back, and slam her against one of the panels of levers. A feral growl gives way to a cry of pain, but then she's right to trying to wrench herself free.

Meanwhile, the tank shifts gears and begins to move faster. It also is starting to drift in the road, no longer travelling steadily along the center of it.

Hm. So. This is a thing.

Batman makes quick work of the hatch and drops down into it without care of who or what he may step on.

The cockpit of a Sherman tank is not really meant for three people and two hyenas in adorable costumes. His first concern is for the controls. He attempts to shift and toss whoever and whatever he needs in order to stop the tank in its tracks. The last thing Old Town needs is tank sized holes in their buildings.

"Harley," he growls. "What do you think you're doing."

The other man in the tank is given a glare, unsure of who or what he may be and how he is involved in this. He could be working with Harley, even despite the fight.

Myrkr picks her up as he turns to look at batman. The thing stops, head tilting left and right as it stares at batman, like he's not just looking at him, but also judging him. The jaw, somehow moving without muscle, clanks as it squeezes Harley tight, or at least tries to as it goes to slam her head into something hard, almost like a caveman slamming someone in the head to knock them unconscious. She is awfully wriggly though, so she may still escape. The entire time watching batman, head tilting left and right, like he's a shiny coin.

The upside of a tank's insides is that there are no shortage of hard places.

The upside of Harley Quinn is that her head is also one of those hard places, especially when in a helmet. As her ribs are compressed, however, there's a wheezing sound that by itself is entirely a comedic sound. It's hard to catch her breath. It's harder still when Batman shoves things aside, including her, which only helps Myrkr when he slams her up against the low ceiling. It doesn't put her out, but it does daze her a little and make her squirm less.

"Yanno me, Batsy," she wheezes some more, eyes rolling back just a little. The thing that holds her is not her friend. "Anythin' fer a good party. I brought the disco ball."

Once the controls are taken care of, Batman turns, watching Mykyr and Harley.

"I don't see a disco ball." Which is what worries him. Where is that disco ball and what does it have to do with this?

To Myrkyr he steps forward. "Put her down." It's not a request. Harley has been subdued, so as far as he is concerned, this part of the mission is over. There needs not to be any more violence. Instead, he looks for the disco ball. What does it contain?

the purple lights flicker, as he look from Harley to the man before dropping Harley like a broken toy "Dagroz." it says, the voice surprisingly soft for its appearance, like whispers. It moves over to batman, studying him curiously, a claw going to poke him slowly.

No disco ball. No other surprises. What a desperately unfortunate thing! All Harley brought was a tank.

Quinn collapses to the floor beside her babies, glowering all the while from beneath the brim of her army helmet.

Batman saves yet another Christmas and a few historic buildings.

Harley's hand disappears into a bag on the floor and while Myrkr and Batman perhaps distract each other, she pulls out something that looks kinda like a push-up pop. And when she hits it against the floor? It explodes!!! ….in a giant cloud of silver and pink glitter, that is, which will likely cover everything.

Quinn erupts immediately after that into a pile of hysterical laughter.

Because of course she does.

Batman's a disco ball.

The thing looks between batman and Harley as he simple pushes its-self back into the corner, and somehow, melts slowly into the shadows until only purple whispy lights are left. These quickly flicker out, leaving no trace of the beast that was once there.

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