Obi-Wan Is The Best
Roleplaying Log: Obi-Wan Is The Best
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Or how Dani came to the conclusion that Ghost Spider's reality is really the best reality.

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Xavier's Institute
Staff Wing

Carolus Sinclair has ceased proactively avoiding X-Men spaces, but only just. He's turned up at the Institute now and again, and broadly made himself somewhere adjacent to available. The chat with Warren, apparently, knocked some things a little looser than they were immediately before.

So when he's invited to come chat with Moonstar in the near future, he accepts without much qualification and messages Ghost Spider to let her to know to join them if she likes. Perhaps assuming that neither of them are particularly in need of walking in the door with some kind of support though, he doesn't particularly wait things out.

One of the conference rooms in the staff area of the mansion has been set aside for things, and Carolus is currently sitting on a chair at the far end of the table. His phone rests in front of him, its screen casting pale light up towards his face.

The lights are off, because he prefers it that way until somebody else needs to see in here.

For Danielle Moonstar the days (weeks) after returning have been filled with a variety of things.

Things to keep her busy, things to actually be busy with, and things that needed tending too. All the while ignoring things that she shouldn't have, but still did anyway.

Now the days are starting to return to something less frenzied, less overwhelming, and back to something more normal. As normal as being a mutant leader in a mutant school can be.

And being something of a leader here within Xavier's Institute is what causes her to reach out to Carolus and Ghost Spider and thankfully, they accepted.

Now comes the time to meet up with the duo and with that Dani steps into the darkened room. Automatically she reaches for the light switch, but before she flicks it up she catches sight of the pale glow from the screen of a phone. "Carolus." Dani says in greeting, "Mind the light coming on.", and with that warning given she flicks the switch up and the lights flicker on.
While she could immediately ask how he's doing she waits until she's around the table to better see him, "How're you doing?"

'''Bumbling''' in after Danielle gets settled - just in time for Danielle to turn the lights on and momentarily flash hotly into her eyes - is Ghost Spider. Even at her most uncoordinated, though, every step is sure and purposeful, cohesive in motion if not overall energy. It's a thoughtless grace and form, not one born out of deep training and self-discipline.

But she is a young adult with super duper spider-powers.

"Ach, gheez, Carolus do you really have to sit ominously at the head of the table?" Squints the spoder-girl. "It's like you're about to tell me 'Ghost-Spider, it's been decided by the council, you're an X-Man now. Also, we're tracking down more violent murdering racists, the X-Jet leaves in thirty minutes'."

She laughs, before glancing at Dani, a squint turning into light wobble in her tone. "That's… not what this is, right Moonstar?"

"Danielle." Carolus greets Moonstar, shading his eyes as the lights come on. He eases into the different light levels a moment later, lowering his hand.

"I am moderately disillusioned and otherwise acceptable. I would rate myself around a six or seven out of ten in terms of mood. There's room for improvement before the month is out." He assesses himself coolly, his lips curling into a thin smile.

"And you?" He asks.

Carolus turns his gaze to Ghost Spider a moment later. His antennae bob, as if in answer. He says, "If I am sitting on the sides my wings get in the way of other people unless the table is exceptionally spaced out. In summary, no, but it is a lot more comfortable unless you prefer me to make my own seating."

He leans forward, resting his cheek against his palm.

"Becoming an X-Man isn't decided by council, it's an infectious condition. You're an X-Man if stupid belt buckles start showing up spontaneously on all of your clothes." He adds, dully.

It only takes a moment for Dani to find a seat and once settled she turns her attention to Ghost Spider.

The Cheyenne woman smiles in greeting before that expression turns to amusement. In fact, that expression turns to a rueful snort at what both Carolus and Gwen say.

"I'll have you know." Begins Dani as she slides a look back to Carolus, "Those belt buckles are all the rage. And at least now we don't have to wear the original bumblebee outfits. Those to be honest some of my original costumes weren't much better."

"And let's not get started with codenames. Once upon a time I went by Psyche and Mirage."

That rueful tone stays in her voice up until she turns toward more serious matters. "I'm glad there's room for improvement." She says to Carolus, though her words are for both Moth and Spider, "I know the last few weeks haven't been the easiest. We've all had a lot to deal with and I wanted to touch base with both of you to see if there was anything I could do for either of you."

"And to also thank you for the Christmas chocolates. They were appreciated."

"You know, ok. This has been bugging me. Warren Worthington is Starkbucks rich. You're decently well off. You've got a whole school of psychics, geniuses, and winged people…"

Ghost Spider points at Carolus. "And you're in a conference room where only one chair works for you? That just seems dumb, you know? You should have…"

The spider-woman messes with her hands in a certain way, sticky webbing being drawn between nimble fingers until it resembles a thin-walled white dome. "A Bird's-Nest. A roost? Some sort of cool inclusive conference room for all the winged people. Throw some hammocks up there. I'm sure you've got some wall-walkers too. It'd be a cools space."

Words come and go about the day. "We've been hanging out as he catches me up on movies. For some dumb reason your universe doesn't have Dad Cop Six through Seventeen. I'm pretty sure Dad Cop 3 is Die Hard, and Dad Cop 4: Just In time is definitely Demolition Man. Dad Cop 2: Bad Cop, Carolus has argued, is just Judge Dredd. I don't see it. Dad Cop never says 'I am the law!' out of nowhere."

Gwen moves to a chair, spilling into it and righting herself after the fact. "Mirage is cool. So's Psyche. Why Moonstar?"

Shooting a look over the table that probably would have come with a raspberry if she didn't have a mask on, and comes with a snort instead, Gwen raises both arms up, before lacing them behind her head - webbing and all - to lean back. "Not a belt on me. Thanks, Spider-Immune System."

"The fashion world has stranger trends." Carolus grants, with a skeptical look. He supposes that the emblem might be popular in Mutant Town, but that place has its share of Brotherhood sympathizers too.

"Psyche makes sense but sounds awkward. Mirage… eh." He makes a wobbly gesture in the air with his free right hand.

Carolus issues an acknowledging, neutral noise at Danielle's statement on room for improvement. It's hard not to be cranky at what happened with Cameron Hodge, but there's not anything to be done about it at this point. It's just a great big pile of an awful lot of trouble.

"I… do not think so. Which is not to say that I am refusing arbitrarily, but I cannot think of what you might do that would accomplish any sort of change. There are things that need time to pass in order to mend, and some of what happened is among them. I think we need contingencies, but that's grim business I don't feel like addressing as of yet. I intend to direct further inquiries towards Doctor Strange on matters of personal interest, and…"

"His therapist recommendations are interesting."

Carolus smiles a little more sincerely at Moonstar's thanks, nodding. He says, "You're welcome. I hope you enjoy them."

His attention swings back to Gwen, to whom he replies, "There are a few reasons why this place isn't like you describe, although I think we will keep those ideas in mind for the next time it requires remodeling. The original building is old. It was home to the founder's family, I think? Most of them were not mutants. Up until 2015, we weren't 'out' about being mutants, either, so the designs weren't really keyed towards that, either."

"But those are good ideas."

He lapses into silence, antennae rising a bit when Gwen begins to talk about what they've really been up to. It's a departure from how he framed things, but he doesn't object or seem outwardly perturbed by it.

The only thing he offers here is, "There are two Judge Dredds, we've only gotten around to one of them…"

Gwen's mention of Warren brings a look over to the Spider and at roost and hammocks the Cheyenne woman automatically looks upward, "I suppose our conference rooms are stuck in the dark ages." Admits the black-haired mutant, "And much like Carolus said when they were built it wasn't necessarily geared for the likes of us." A half-lopsided grin is offered now, before the one-eyed mutant nods at the mention of Gwen's ideas being good. They definitely are and are really something that should be implemented.

But before that can happen, Moonstar moves back to Carolus' words. "Contigencies are always something we should have." She agrees, "And I would like all of us here to figure them out together. I agree with the time - I think most of us need time to settle ourselves and get used to the new order of things. To figure out ourselves again before we go into next steps. I just wanted to make sure you both knew we are all here for you, and for eachother and if either of you needed to talk -"

Well, her door is definitely open.

Looking over to Gwen, Moonstar adds, "And whether you have a belt or not, I personally consider you part of our group."

As to the question about her various codenames, Moonstar spares a crooked grin at Carolus' hand-wobble at MIrage, "What can I say, I was trying to be cute." And to Gwen's question regarding Moonstar, the woman continues with, "It's my name - Danielle Moonstar - I decided to forgo codenames a few years back and simply went with Moonstar."

The mention of Dr. Strange and therapists brings a quirk of a brow from Dani, as she flicks her gaze back to Carolus, "I'd be curious to know who he recommended.", and while there's also a curiousness as to what else the duo might be asking of Strange, Dani doesn't pry.

Instead she picks up the thread about movies, "I can't image a movie franchise going to seventeen movies, but I will say we used to have some epic movie watching marathons when we were all just students here. Back to back watching and with a ton of popcorn to boot. Tell me you at least had the original Star Wars trilogies, Spider?"

"That's…" Gwen begins, hearing the rich history of the Xavier School in microcosm. "Well, yeah, but you've got real dollars, so I thought inclusion would be the first goal. Like one of those French schools. Just… Inclusion, and electronic notepads for everyone.

Gwen sighs wistfully into her mask. Ahh, inner city New York schools. She went to a comedically affluent one thanks to her father, but even then, she knew what most public schools were like.

"Oh. You're like Carolus and Warren, then? Registered?"

There's a gentleness of the eyes reflected into lesnses as she leans forward, planting her head with gentle cant cant into her curl-fingered palm. "I guess I can live with being X-People. But any belts better be fresh."

"Oh there's way more than seventeen Dad Cops. It's the longest running and most popular movie franchies, basically ever."

It's not and it's been direct-to-TV schlock since Dad Cop 9.

"Kettle corn, definitely. And yeah, Star Wars: A New Hope, Star Wars 2: The Empire Strikes Back, and Star Wars 3: Return of the Jedi. The Ewan McGregor Obi-Wan movie was pretty great, too, great prequel."

"Incidentally— I already told Warren, but I've relocated in preparation to cease engaging with registration." Carolus says, drumming two sets of fingers against the table. He continues, "The damage is already done with me, but I can deny them future developments and current situations. Full relocation of my business is pending, I can't pull up stakes as easily as I can burn an overpriced apartment and disappear."

He seems to leave the topic of contingencies at that. There's only so far he wants to address the reality that somewhere out there, there's a dimensional superfortress with a slumbering superpowered lunatic just waiting to wake up and ruin everything.

To the offer of talking, he raises a hand to wave in Moonstar's direction, and replies, "I am familiar with my limits. There are probably things to discuss, but I'm fine for the moment. Truly, I am only considering Dr. Strange's therapist because he said that it would be conducted in dreams. Not needing to commit realtime to something is more than a little tempting for something so beneficial."

Once the topic settles on films in Gwen's reality, Carolus focuses on her /intensely/. The reason isn't entirely clear at first glance, because he doesn't talk /too/ much about how much better Gwen's world is than theirs.

When she answers he raises a hand previously drumming against the table and brings it down into a solid-but-not-alarming slap of the tabletop.

"Every time! Every time, your world comes out with specifically superior divergence patterns. I don't understand it." He exclaims, his complaints only /half/-joking.

"I am registered." Agrees the woman, "Though mostly due to SHIELD. They require it of their employees."

Though the question remains would she register if it were just herself? Possibly not, but it's done now and there's no turning back.

The mention of Carolus' relocation brings a faint frown to Moonstar's expression, but she can't really say much to that; instead she just nods silently.

At Carolus' confirmation that he's trulyokay, considering everything that has happened, Moonstar's expression loses some of the tension that lined around her good eye and her mouth. Her posture relaxes just enough that she actually sits back against the high-back of her chair.

As Gwen describes her particular world, especially the Obi-Wan movie, Moonstar can't help but grin. "I wouldn't mind seeing an Obi-Wan movie." Murmurs the Cheyenne woman, before she slides a glance over to Carolus, "And obviously our world didn't tick the correct boxes when it was created." Those words could go grim, but Dani strives for lightness, "Otherwise we too would have had more Ewan McGregor."

"Maybe it has to do with some specific people getting hit by cars and Tony Stark slinging coffee instead of guns. … Mostly. He still, you know…"

Gwen's fingers flare out. "… still sells guns, though. He is a Stark."

"I think we're both okay, though." Ghost Spider continues. "Warren and Alison are back, we got back through the dimensions only getting a little bit traumatized forever, and… Well, Cameron Hodge is probably dead. It sucks the way it happened, but overall, not a terrible scorecard. Win one for the good guys, woo-hoo."

Gwen's heart is absolutely not in it. "But if you know where we can get some popcorn and something resembling Dad Cop or Star Wars, you can show me the good parts of this universe and I'll try to tell you about the good parts of mine."

Carolus shrugs at Moonstar's subtle shift in expression. He doesn't explain himself further, the act itself explaining itself fairly thoroughly. The other reality spooked him enough that he's not willing to risk it further than he already has.

He pockets his phone and pushes back, rising from the stool he's using instead of a chair.

"I still need to visit Alison," he admits, "and perhaps I will push that a little soon. But I think we all needed some space for a little while, anyway. For now, though…"

Out comes the phone again, the screen lighting up briefly. He replaces it, "I'm approximately way too many calories short and we're on this side of town again. We're getting burgers. That is, /you're/ getting burgers and I'm getting a nauseating amount of milkshakes."

He circles 'round the table to the door, pushing it open.

Carolus glances back at Moonstar, "Unless you're not interested. But the legally sketchy conversation topics are quits, so…" He gestures out into the surrounding office.

For SOME REASON he seems to have zero expectation that Ghost Spider will decline free food.

"We have Star Wars, by the way. Disney owns it." He asides to Ghost Spider, before meandering on out through the door in the expectation that interested parties will follow to wind down the night elsewhere.

"What? I'm not paying! I will grab a cheesesteak though. Ooh, or gyros."

Gwen rubs her hands together, which stick with a squelch. "Agh, had this crud on my hands for too long it adhered, stupid…"

"Anyway, we can decide hwo pays after. Let's get some food. I'm starved."

"My treat." Moonstar says simply enough when the invitation is extended to her as well, "It's the least I can do."

And rising from her seat Moonie follows after the two, adding only, "Remind me to tell Tony he's a coffee man in your world, Spider. I'd love to see his reaction to that revelation."

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