Age is Only a Number
Roleplaying Log: Age is Only a Number
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Brightwind tries to goad Warren into a race, but thankfully Sam comes along and proves his superior speed.

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IC Date: January 17, 2020
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Sam Guthrie has come looking for Warren and Dani. he has been thinking about a few things of late, and figured it might be a good thing to talk to those who are more in charge of things. So Sam is walking into the room looking to see if his friends are there.

The winter weather is rather absent of late and with the uncommonly warm weather the rear grounds still sees quite a bit of traffic.

The traffic for this particular day seems to be further afield than just the 'backyward'. It's out near the stables and fenced in corral, where Danielle Moonstar and Warren Worthington stand. Within the corral is another being, an Asgardian pegasus, and while Brightwind stands behind that fence it's quite clear he could leave any time he wants.

For now, however, the winged horse seems to be focused upon Warren Worthington. In fact, Brightwind whickers at the winged man and his rider, Dani, just turns a *look* upon the winged-horse. "No." She says quite firmly, "Absolutely not. Don't even think about it."

Her words cause the winged stallion to turn those big bright blue eyes over to his rider and he just *stares* at her. *Stares*.

That stare manages to quell whatever reservations Dani has and with an absolutely long suffering sigh, the Cheyenne woman mutters, "Why do I even try -"

Now it's Dani's turn to look over at Warren, "That horse right over there -" Yes, she totally means Brightwind, "- thinks he can win in a race against you and is in fact challenging you to a race right now."

Said horse whickers in quite the affirmative and it's enough to cause Dani to roll her eye upward for a moment. "I just can't even with you."

Her back, for the moment, is turned towards the Mansion so she's quite unaware of the approaching Sam.

Brightwind is very focused on Warren Worthington. Warren Worthington, in turn, is very focused on Brightwind. He doesn't speak horse, but he knows trouble when he sees it.

His blue eyes turn to Dani as she confirms this by explaining what exactly the pegasus wants. Said eyes narrow, slightly.

"Does he," is Warren's reply, a most unsportsmanlike grinning crossing his features. "I'm warning you, horse, everything's different now, and if you think — "

Mercifully, he doesn't finish, because his eyes — sharp as an eagle's, to match his wings — catch sight of the movement which is Sam Guthrie crossing towards them both.

"Hey, Sam," he greets, beckoning the younger man over. "Come help me convince this horse he hasn't got a chance racing me."

Sam Guthrie looks over to them, and says "Oh a race between slowpokes." He grins obviously kidding and joking with them. Brightwing is pretty good for winged flight, actually not sure which one of you would win for sure." He will walk to stand over near them, and says "How have things been going for you guys?"

While Brightwind's obvious wing-feud with Warren causes Moonstar to feel some exaspiration, it's really the amused kind, and such a quirk of a grin lifts the corners of Dani's mouth upward.

It's only as Warren mentions Sam's name that Dani turns her attention away from the proverbial lines being drawn in the sand. She pivots around to watch the lanky young man approach and when he's near enough she raises a hand upward in an automatic greeting, "Hey Sam.", she begins to say, but when he opens with that immediate sass, Dani can't help but laugh out-loud. "Those are for sure fighting words, Sam."

In fact, while Brightwind isn't necessarily bird-like in instincts and movements, his wings mantle just enough to possibly give the impression of a very aggitated bird. Very aggitated.

That *PUFF* of his wings only grows worse when Sam doesn't immediately pick him as the obvious winner either.

This causes Moonstar to look even more amused, even as she answers that last question of Sam's, "I'd say they're going okay. How about yourself?"

Warren's feathers stand up in fake outrage, ruffling visibly, at the Betrayal Five from Sam. "So," he says. "I see I'm going to have to teach both of you a lesson at some point. If there's one good thing that came out of these new wings, it's that they fly a lot faster than the ones I had."

Still, at the least, Sam doesn't clearly pick Brightwind as the winner. Warren shoots the pegasus an arch smirk, the expression flashing across his fine features. "We'll settle this later, horse," Warren promises Brightwind, before his attention turns fully to Dani and Sam.

That last question still gives Warren pause — he's putting on a good show of being back to normal, but it's still been very hard for him after all Apocalypse put them through — but after a moment he shakes off whatever darker sentiments the thought of 'how he is' dredged up. "Better," he says, and that's at least an honest answer. "Slowly, I feel like I've been getting things back under control. Both here and at the company."

As Dani asks in turn how Sam's been doing, Warren drops into silence to hear the answer, absently preening at a few of his ruffled feathers without thinking.

Sam Guthrie says, "Doing pretty good, picked up a job at Harry's tending bar. Got a girl wanting to bring out for at least school, maybe X-men status. She is pyrokenetic." He will tell them and smiles for a moment, but then it fades "Wondering what am going to do about Deadpool. Andrea is ok, but pretty sure if Jay sees him, going to have a bloody mess on out hands."

Brightwind has *not* lost this argument, especially not when Warren promises to settle up later. That promise prompts a quick snort of agreement from the winged-horse.

Dani's laughter brings the horse's attention over to his rider and at that sound of mirth from her, Brightwind can't help but look pleased. As much as an equine face can. It's been too long since he's heard her laught like that. That alone earns Sam something of a grateful look from Brightwind, before the Asgardian pegasus high-steps away to allow the two-legged people to chat.

Warren's answer on just how he's doing brings a quick look from Dani, and while she doesn't verbally express her relief at his answer, it might be seen in her eye.

Then it's back to Sam as he answers as well, with an update about his life, and also with other tidbits of news. At the mention of a girl, Moonstar raises her eyebrows curiously, "I can't remember the last time we had a pyrokinetic.", murmurs the woman thoughtfully, "But, of course, all are welcome at the school. What's her name?"

That mention of Deadpool, however, causes Moonstar to immediately frown. "I'd suggest you tell them to leave Deadpool alone."

At Sam's mention of 'a girl,' Warren evinces both a smile — and sudden interest. At least his nosiness about his compatriots' lives in that regard hasn't changed. "She told you she'd want to join up?" Warren asks, curious. "Or do you just think she'd be qualified, if you were to make the offer?"

He nods, to Dani's conclusion. "Either way, she's welcome at the school, if you want to bring her to see it at some point."

The mention of Deadpool, however… Warren's eyes close briefly as he develops, in record time, what seems to be a mighty headache. "Ugh," he says. "Well, Deadpool is insane. There's no getting around that aspect of who he is. He's best avoided, like Dani says." He pauses, before he says slowly, "I can try to talk to him, but that's always yielded… uh, no results, really."

Another pause. "Don't let Jay do anything he'll regret. It's a dangerous time to be going off in public."

Sam Guthrie looks to the two and says "Well at lest Jay regenerates from most anything also. Deadpool blew up Jay's girl friend. I will see what I can do." He tells them. "The girl's name is Alexis, she was working with some homeless mutants sorta like the morlocks but then a thug took over, Paige and I took them down, sent those of the group who were ok folks to places for help including some to the morlocks. Alexis took a bit of talking but she seems interested in both. Speaking of homeless folks did give me an idea wanted to talk to you about also." He says to Warren.

Warren's assessment of Deadpool is pretty spot on and Moonstar can't help but nod in agreement with those particularly remarks about the merc's (in)sanity.

And when Sam offers up the fact that Jay can regenerate, almost from anything, Moonstar returns with, "Deadpool can also regenerate from most anything and combine that with his mental state -", does she really have to say more? Clearly, in her mind, Jay is the underdog in that particular fight.

Still, those words of caution have been given and so, Moonstar transitions to the topic of Alexis and the homeless mutants. "We can even be here to chat with her if you bring her around for a visit. We can answer any questions or concerns she might have. Is she good for control and knowledge of her powers? Or would she need help in that area?"

Sam's mention of an idea prompts a curious look from Dani, but she doesn't ask more, instead she waits for Sam to expand further upon whatever his idea might be.

Warren doesn't come right out and say it, but from the way he glances at Danielle, he clearly agrees with her assessment that 'Jay avoiding Deadpool is probably best for Jay's own health.' "Even when two people are evenly matched," he finally says, giving voice to some of his thoughts, "it's always the one who'll do absolutely anything — who has no rationality or boundaries or logic to what he'll pull out — who comes out ahead. I understand the — anger — " Doesn't he just, after what's happened to him lately, " — but I don't think it'll make the girl feel better if he goes and gets himself hurt or killed on her account."

He pauses, before he adds a bit grimly, "I regenerate too, and I can say from experience it's still an unpleasant thing that is best avoided having to do in the first place."

The topic shifts to Alexis. Moonstar asks about the girl herself; Warren seems curious about the other mutants, as well. "These other mutants," he says. "Did you keep contact? Might some need continuing help from us?"

Perhaps it'll all come together with Sam's last question. "What's on your mind?" he asks, as Sam proposes an idea he's had.

Sam Guthrie says, "Ah gave them my info to contact me and Ah believe Alexis has an eye on them as well, and aint saying Jay should face him, Ah have rather not have him fighting him too. " He will lean against the fence a moment, and says "With a lot of us getting a bit more age on us, and the school getting more students. Ah was thinking about talking to you and Berto, and seeing if we can get a bit more land beside the schools, and maybe set up a bit of a tiny house community in the forest. Gives the X-men a place to stay instead of the mansion, but close by, and if go with tiny house, can pack it up if someone goes on walk about for a while."

Warren garners a little bit of side-eye from Dani, primarily at the mention of anger, and regeneration, but that's all. She really can't blame that grim tone of his in regards to everything that's recently happened.

Sam's words, however, or rather his explanation prompts an amusedly wide-eyed look. She can't help but repreat a portion of his words back, "Age on us?", before she makes a show of sliding a look over to Warren. "Clearly he means you, Warren. Not me."

And much like Sam, Dani likewise leans against the face, though she's careful to keep the two men in her smaller field of vision.

Sam's idea, of a tiny house community, turns Moonstar's expression thoughtful. She even moves her gaze off the two men and looks toward the more forested areas nearby. "I would suggest we integrate them into the forest itself, versus cut trees down. Keep it camouflaged from the casual observer, whether from ground or air."

Then she looks over to Warren to see his particular take on Sam's idea.

"Good," Warren says, with a brief nod, when Sam mentions that the mutants have his and Alexis's contact info, and that he'll try to keep Jay from doing anything too rash.

Now, if Warren notices the way Dani's side-eyeing him, he makes no outward reaction to it. It's unlikely that he didn't notice — his eyes are too keen — so most probably, he's just ignoring her glance. Usually, he appreciates the concern — or tries to — sometimes, he feels like his skin will crawl off if people give him just one more worried look.

Instead, he scoffs audibly at her teasing him about his advanced age. "I'm only thirty. …Thirty-one. Whatever. And still absolutely beautiful, mind. You'll be where I am shortly enough, Danielle, and then we'll see if you're still laughing."

The lighter mood persists, with some more optimistic talk of building a housing community in the forests near the mansion. "It's not a bad idea," he says, "and it could be disguised as an expansion of our existing faculty housing. A separate building for our instructors to inhabit, away from the students. It could be used as housing for guests who need somewhere safe to stay, also. But as Dani said, we'd still want to keep it as low-key as possible. We moved the base upstate precisely to keep too much X-Men activity away from here."

He inclines his head. "I'd throw in the funds, though. Why don't you two go talk to Berto about it, also? He ought to pull some of his weight around here, too." The smirk suggests he's joking. Maybe.

Sam Guthrie says, "Thats why I figured you and he, Ah will be honest. Ah was thinking about where Ah wanted to live when it came to mind. Ah thought about getting an apartment in town, and wanted to be around here is needed, and thought about a camper, but thought that might look pretty bad, and make me the cousin Eddie of the X-men."

"I sure will." Agrees Dani to Warren's threat of her own advancing age, but then she comes around with her own zinger, "But then you'll also be even older, so."

And she's just going to leave it at that, especially as they turn to the topic of tiny houses and how feasible it truly might be.

The mention of it being low-key and why they moved the X-Base away from the mansion garners a nod from Dani. "Agreed. It'd be best if we didn't ping any official radars when it comes to what we're doing. There's enough focus on 'our kind' and all the things 'our kind' does wrong and if they saw us creating a community in the forest." She grimaces, imagining just what sort of headlines that could create.

As to that mention of Berto, that draws a soft snort of sarcastic amusement from Dani, "Yes, it's been too long since we've seen him. Best to make sure he's not getting himself in trouble by keeping him busy."

And then to Sam, Dani snorts again, though more humor than that ironic amusement seconds ago, "Cousin Eddie of the X-Men. I'm going to remember that for next time we have to go undercover. Let the people try and figure out just how we're 'cousins'.

"But yes, we can definitely roll Berto into this."

Dani's last zinger leaves Warren frowning. Perhaps Moonstar comes out the victor after all.

A little huffily, he turns back to business. "Hmm," he muses. "It is a bit of a jaunt from here to town," Warren admits. "An apartment there would be more low-key, but response time if something were to happen at the school — well, that wouldn't be a problem for you, Sam, but not everyone else travels so fast."

He pauses. "Though honestly, even if you were living on a camper on the grounds, you'd still be doing a bit better than Logan."

He nods, mostly to himself. "Anyway, it's not as if money is an issue, so it's purely logistics. I'm sure there's plenty we can do to keep it off radars, though." The smile that appears on Warren's face, regarding Dani and Sam, is faintly paternal. "Go have that talk with Roberto. Give him a job, it'll keep him out of trouble."

Sam Guthrie smirks a bit and says "See even he has to admit Ah am the fastest." He brings the conversation back around to where it all started, and says "Well, I need to go grab a shower, before I head into work. good seeing you guys, and we can figure out when we can get Berto in for the talk. Talk to you guys later.

That shade thrown at Logan isn't lost on Dani and it just prompts a grin and a headshake from the woman.

The part about keeping Berto out of trouble brings a murmur of, "I'm pretty sure that's an impossible task, but I'm game to try if Sam is."

Which clearly Sam is, and so Dani adds, "And definitely, Sam. I'll send out a group text between the three of us and we'll see when Berto respond. If we don't hear anything in a day or so we'll just track him down and show up on his doorstep. I'm sure he'd love that."

"Talk to you in a bit."

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