Anxiety and education
Roleplaying Log: Anxiety and education
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Andrea visits Xavier's to meet with Scott and talk about the attack. She sings as ong

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IC Date: January 16, 2020
IC Location: Xavier's School
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* * *

The world of TMZ is starting to trickle down since the explosion that rocked NYC in which multiple video feeds showed the masked vigilante known as Dead Pool swinging, yes, swinging, into a record store to seek out an autograph from the Grammy winning mutant popstar known as Andrea Jackson. He was screaming about line cutters, followed by the lobbing of a grenade. Video showed Andrea taking her werewolf form and diving on the grenade moments before the explosion which left several injured, but no fatalities.

Now that she has left the hospital with multiple injuries which has healed quicker than most due to her healing factor, Andrea is back in the swing of things, coordinating with the FBI, and doing her part as a citizen and registered mutant. At least the media has moved on to someone's wardrobe malfunction, and the vultures are no longer circling.

With multiple invitations to visit the school and to talk to the staff, she makes her way to the front doors after her bodyguard, James, parks her BMW. She has a noticeable limp in the way that she moves, her face swollen on one side with bruising, and half her head shaved with a line of stitches. This is a far cry from the glamerous image of a pop princess. Dressed in snug low riding jeans, a t-shirt and a warm jacket, she slips her shades off to reveal her dark eyes as she knocks on the door.

* * *

Scott has only recently returned from a sabbatical, part personal retreat and partly doing some research on his family's background by researching archives in Alaskan newspapers. The latter was not especially fruitful, and the former went as well as most of the attempts Scott has made at R&R in the past. Which is to say, it didn't go well. At all.

What formally brought an end to his sabbatical was a news story he came across regarding an incident at a autographing session. The details are still sketchy, and when it involves Deadpool they always will be. But the end result was one of the larger names in mutant advocacy suffering serious injuries. This was enough of an incident for Scott to feel called back home, and attempt through the proper channels touch base with Andrea directly.

* * *

As she arrives, Scott comes down the stairs into the main foyer just in time to hear the knock. He quickly descends and opens the door, offering a wide and gracious grin. If he has any reaction to her current appearance, it doesn't track on his face, though his wide aviator style sunglasses with ruby red lenses certainly makes his face harder to read than most. He simply extends a hand towards the popstar and offers a slight nod. "Ms. Jackson. An honor to have you here, please come in. I'm Scott Summers, I'm one of the instructors here."

* * *

As she reaches out to take his hand, Andrea gives it a firm shake, offering a smile to him. "Hello Mister Summers. You can call me Andrea. It's nice to finally see the place that the Guthries went to school to. Jay tells me all about his experiences here. It's a shame I was home schooled, among other complications that prevented me from coming here."

Tucking the glasses into her back pocket, she turns and waves to James who will wait at the car. He's a man in his upper 40's, nearing his 50's. He looks built like a linebacker, ex-military and in a black and white suit. "My security guard will wait out front. He worked with my mother in the Marines when they were on tour together." She explains as she steps inside to take a look about, eyes widening.

"Sam, Hisako and Laura told me that I should come by and speak with the staff here. I was hoping that one day I could do maybe a speaking session with the student body. I know I have a lot of young fans that are mutants and I am always looking for ways to connect and give back if I can.

Shrugging out of her jacket, she turns and puts it on a coat rack. Her arms are heavily bruised and there is stitches on her hip and stomach. She's black and blue in most places, but she looks good for someone who landed on a grenade. She should be dead. Most would be.

* * *

Scott turns his head to give a quick glance to the bodyguard and offers a quick wave, as if to communicate 'Thank you for your service, I got it for now'. He closes the door behind Andrea as she looks around the space; he takes note of the injury as he cross his arms and nods his head. "We try to have an open door policy to any mutants wherever possible, and especially for any who have made an effort to make such a public and positive impact within the community." He smiles a bit at the corners. "I will admit to not having listened to much of your music, Andrea. But I have been very aware of your philantropy. And for that, you have one more fan."

Finally the elephant in the room is addressed at the smile straightens out some. "How is your recent recovery been going? I read about the incident. Senseless, honestly, but we were all relieved that you survived."

* * *

"I don't know if you want my kind of mutant around though. Not with all the cameras and exposure that it comes with. Everything I do is stuck on the Internet for public consumption. One camera flash and next thing I know, you and I are dating and my boyfriend Jay is jealous and plotting your revenge and you can get allll the juicy details on TMZ's front page. Hashtag Mutie whore." Andrea says with a soft sigh in her throat. "The last thing I would want to be is a distraction to the students, or your way of life. But, I would have loved the chance to go to school with my own kind and have real friends. Hollywood is rough. It swallows you up and spits you out."

As she scratches at one of the scabs along her arm, she shrugs her shoulders upwards. "It's going. I can heal in my .. um.. other form, but I try not to use it a lot. I sorta lose my mind when I do and then people get hurt. So.. you know.. " She trails off. "I just do it in moderation. I don't want to let her out of the cage too much."

* * *

Scott curls his lips in thought at the first part before he shakes his head. "It is true that the school attempts to keep a low profile in most circumstances. But we also have ways of keeping ourselves out of the newspapers; we really guard an anonymity," he says, not exactly ominiously but certainly in a tone that suggests 'we have ways'. "And this school is definitely…special. I don't want to speak in hyperbole, but I am not sure I would be the man I am today without it. We can work out details later, but some sort of public speaking engagement I think could be arranged."

He nods at the second bit, instinctly touching his glasses, a nervous tic he has whenever the conversation inevitably turns to the subject of 'control' around these parts. "I absolutely understand that. As you might imagine, having a sense of ownership and control over how and when you use your abilities is a key part of our philosophy here in terms of healthy social-emotional growth for mutants. Recognition of what is and isn't appropriate usage is…important."

* * *

"I hear you on that. I'm on four pills of anti-psychotics to shut the voice up in my head. Always snarling and growling and huffing. Will blow your house down, all that good shit. Definitely wouldn't make for good publicity if pop-sensation Andrea Jackson wolfed out in Times Square and ate children. So, between therapy and my cocktail of three times a day, I'm a happy zombie." Andrea says as she hums lightly in her throat as she continues to look about with fascination. "This place is so huge. Wow."

"So, I gave Hisako and Laura the agent's name that was assigned to my case. I'm assuming they will pass it on to you guys in case you wanted to inquire. I was told that you guys are kinda involved in mutant affairs outside of um.. teaching kids." Rubbing the back of her neck, she gives a small sniff at the air instinctively, as if she was testing the air beyond what normal nostrils would catch.

"That guy is a whack job. He asked me for an autograph after he blew through a wall. I actually signed it in the hospital. Jay and Sam got so mad at me, but I figure if I didn't, he'd probably wanna know why and come back for seconds. Better to give him what he wants rather than take another grenade to the face."

* * *

Scott simply listens to the first part, brow furrowing slightly but for his part not commenting. He looks around at the space; the size of it kind of washes over him at this point, but he does nod. "The Professor is very generous with his home," he offers simply enough. "It is a special place to be sure."

He does lift an eyebrow when the topic of agents and the 'school' getting more involved in the case comes up. "You were told that were you?" he says, evenly, not giving anything away but certainly curious. "The Professor is an advocate for human rights, part of the reason the school exists in the first place. But investigating a case like that?" He offers a disarming smile. "Well, likely left to the professionals."

That grin fades at the mention of the attacker in question. He nods his head, his voice dropping a bit. "I have heard other reports…related to who I think caused the incident. Needless to say, he is extremel dangerous. And unfortunately, very unpredictable. I have to agree with Jay and Sam, staying away from him is likely the best choice."

* * *

"His name is Dead Pool. He's been in the news before. Spider-Man should sue him for ripping off his costume. He was acting like a giddy fourteen year old girl strapped with swords and AK's. He's lucky I didn't tear his head off and use it as a basketball." Andrea says simply as she picks at her fingernails. "There was a lot of kids there to see me and some of them got hurt, but better than being dead if there is a silver lining." As she speaks, there is a low rattle in her throat, one that gets swallowed down before she straightens up.

"But I have no intention of seeing him again. The agents involved can hand him over the autograph in jail when they catch him. I still have no clue what your school can do about it, but, I trust Sam. He's going to be my brother in law soon." Oh-ho-ho. "So if he says that you guys have friends in high places, I believe him. Like, you guys know the Avengers or something? I met Captain America once. He is super nice."

"Also, if there is anything that you think I could be doing to help out mutants more, I'd be open to hear it. I've been trying to advocate for more equal rights and change in litigation using my platform and influence, but it's a slow climb upwards."

* * *

Scott simply nods along, his lips tight. Deadpool in general is a giant headache, but now edging into the sphere that the X-Men have quite fimrly taken a stake too…will certainly get their attention. He simply offers, "There were a lot of lucky people there, thanks to your bravery. It honestly means to lot."

At the mention of Sam's comment in the past, Scott can't help but lift an eyebrow high in the air. He laughs at the comment about the Avengers, and shakes his head. "I am not sure what Sam or Jay have been telling you, but we really focus on the school here primarily. No real rubbing elbows with the Avengers, though that does sound cool." At the other comment, he simply nods his head. "Congratulations on the engagement, I assume? I hadn't heard anything about it, but I have been out of the loop for the past few months."

To the last point, Scott simply shakes his head. "You've done so much already Andrea, I really do admire that. Being a public face…it goes a long way. Like I said, we really treaure the privacy anonymity provides us, otherwise we would be far more front and center. But for the protection of the students here…" He trails off a bit before pointing towards you. "I say just keep climbing. I know it feels like you are moving by inches sometimes, but that is how some journeys go. We'll get there. I have faith."

* * *

"I wouldn't call it bravery. It happened so fast. I just .. reacted. I don't know." Andrea says as she rubs her neck. "My mother did three tours overseas in the Marines. She's a real hero. She's fought and put her life on the line for this country. She's always said that if there is a moment in your life where you can put yourself in front of a bullet to protect a citizen, you should do it. Country first. I just.. I don't know… there was kids there.." There is conflict in her voice, true emotion in her throat.

"Sam just said you guys have resources and that it wouldn't hurt to talk to the staff. Laura and Hisako were kinda hinting that.. uh… you guys may take a more .. hands on approach but.. I figured they were you know.. being mad.. and what not. I don't ask questions." She taps her skull. "The less I know, the less I slip up in public or during one of my government mandatory touch bases I have to do with them that's part of the whole registered thingy. My mother always said that if you're captured or interrogated by the enemy, the less you know, the less chance you have of betraying your country."

"Also, I'm not engaged .. yet. He'll ask me I'm sure! We've been together for a long time and we're stupidly in love. It's just a matter of time! I told him he doesn't need to do anything fancy when he's ready. No ring, or vacation or whatever." She is glowing as she speaks of Jay. Love sick. The anchor of normalcy in her complicated life.

"And it does feel like inches. I try to not cause too many ripples, but there are days I just want to get in front of the TV and tell everyone to shove it and that we're people, normal people, like anyone else and it's not fair.. I'm lucky.. but for someone like Jay who has to hide himself because of his wings. It just feels… selfish.. that I can be myself and I have to hide him." She says, sadly in her voice, frustrated. A low rumble echoing in her chest as she curls her fingers up tightly for a moment to dig her nails into her palms. "I want to take him to reward shows or to meet important people, and I'm afraid I will fuck up and expose him."

* * *

"Bravery is bravery, if you are wearing a soldier's uniform or a microphone; you have a hug platform that can change a lot of the dialogue, and you have wielded that very responsibly. For that, you are brave. The fact you didn't second guess yourself when it became your life or theirs?" Scott shrugs his shoulders. "That sounds brave to me; heroic even."

Scott simply goes back to that amused grin. "We have plenty of resources to put forth in lots of areas. We do try to keep up to date on what is going on in the mutant community, especially in New York City. No pun intended, but it can get a bit explosive, and we have to keep our ear to the ground." He takes a step forward before saying, "All you need to know is that if there is ever a question about a safe haven, for you or any other mutant? Keep the institute at the top of your list. We protect our own." His voice is grave in that sentiment; it's clearly something he takes very seriously.

Scott blushe slightly at his mistake, holding up his hands. "Ah, glad I said something then. Would hate to have congratulated Jay on something, and then made a fool of myself there. Luckily, I just made a fool of myself to you." He smirks and then nods his head. "It does seem like it takes forever to make any true movement. I am constantly reminded though of what MLK said: 'the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.' I believe that, mostly because if I didn't it would have the potential to eat me up." He doesn't mention that sometimes you have to take justice by the ears and dragging it forward. He frowns at the mentioning of taking Jay to public events. He simply nods his head, not sure how to respond right away. "I understand that must be…difficult. Love lifes is complicated enough, add the whole question of public relations and being the subject of tabloid explotation?" He shakes his head. "I don't have any easy answers for you, but know you have my empathy."

* * *

"I know. I signed up for this. I was just a kid when Disney found me on YouTube and threw a lot of money at me to be the face of a franchise for a few years. When my mutant power hit, it was like.. a weird crossroads. I could hide who I am, but then it'd be worse, right? It comes out later, people would freak out and call me a liar and then my brand would take a huge hit. All the hard work I've done to support my family would go away.. " Andrea shifts her jaw to the side thoughtfully. "When I was younger, I hated being a mutant. I wish I could have at least got a basic, bullshit power, like .. flying.. you know? Something that people wouldn't care about. I fly, whoopie fucking doo. But no, God had to turn me into a monster, an eight food, lose my mind, monster."

"Can you believe the shit I had to go through with my label and management team? How do you spin this into positive PR? Hey moms! Keep buying Andrea Jackson's music! Who cares if she's a horror film come to life and not the girl next door that the Mouse spoonfed you for years?" The shoulders of Andrea slumps. "I got lucky that my team spun it into a win. I was still America's darling. I registered! The government said that I'm not a dangerous scary mutant like Magneto. I'm an /honest/ citizen! I publicly had to disavow who I really was inside. Betrayed myself and how I was feeling. About myself. About my body. About my image."

Rambling now, it's obvious that she doesn't really get a chance to talk about her feelings. How can she? No one would understand. She's very expressive with her hands. "Lady Gaga said that 'There is nothing wrong with loving who you are, cause God made you perfect, baby! So hold your head up girl and you'll go far! I'm beautiful in my way, 'cause God makes no mistakes, I'm on the right track baby, I was born this way!'" She sings the lyrics out in her gorgeous voice, one filled with her world famous soul, though there is a hint of sadness in it. "But I think we all know it's really bullshit."

"It's not fair. What about the girl with scales or the girl who sets herself on fire when she's upset? How can you love yourself when everyone hates you?" Reaching up with a bruised hand, she brushes her knuckles under her swollen eye. "Or when they attack you in the street, or when you catch them whispering mean things about you to your back after smiling at you through an interview. I don't know if I should hate what I am, or hate them for hating me, or .. I don't know.." She rasps out. "I don't want to hate anyone, especially not myself, but they're making it real easy to."

* * *

Scott mostly just listens; sometimes that is all someone really needs. He does nod a few times, but for the most part allows her to get it all out before he is fairly certain that she is done. "I don't have answers for that. I'm not sure there are answers. It is all incredibly unfair and unpredictable and, suffice to say, I am very sorry you are dealing with…all of that." He takes a deep breathe before he says anything else. "Like I said, hope is often irrational. There is no reason to believe that things can get better. But I do believe it. Because other people believed it, and in me, when I was at the lowest bottom I've ever had. I lost both my parents, thought I had lost my brother. I had…nowhere to land." He gestures around him. "Then Professor Xavier found me, brought me in and then I found a home, a family, here. I don't know, longterm, what the future looks like for people like us, like Jay. But because someone else believed in me, when I had nothing to believe in? I am still standing here today."

He looks Andrea eye to eye, the best her can given his sunglasses. "So the only advice I can give is dig for that. Dig for someone who believes in you. Jay obviously does. Your fans obviously do, even if that is a fractured, incomplete version of yourself. And for what it's worth, I believe in you. I don't think you're a monster, no matter what you tell yourself. I believe you are what I said before: a brave hero who is handling an impossible scenario you never aksed for. You're very special, Andrea Jackson. And if nothing else, I hope you can believe that."

* * *

"I ate my neighbor's cat." Andrea hiccups out in a half-sob in her throat. "That poor fat orange tabby was so sweet to me and I ate him. He was delicious." She gives a loud sniff. "And that is so fucked up that I can't even use my powers because the more I do, the more wolf I become until there is nothing left of me inside. One day I'm going to wake up in the woods howling at the moon and chasing deer or something just to get shot by a hunter. Can you believe the news that will make? Andrea Jackson who gone missing ten years ago was found naked and shot to death by a hunter who confused her for a wolf! News at eleven."

It takes a few moments for her to settle before she sighs out. ".. Sorry for .. being super dramatic and dumping all of that on you. I know.. what you're saying is true. I'm just scared. Scared to lose Jay. Scared to lose myself. To fuck everything up I'm working hard for. I wish I had Xavier's when I was younger. You guys are so lucky that someone really cared about you here. That you had this Professor Xavier guy in your life."

* * *

"We really are," Scott says with a nod, considering all of that for a moment, absorbing it before her says anything else. "And you know that we aren't just here for students, right? If you need help with…anything. Trust me, your fears are specfic to you, but you are not alone. We have…a lot of very prominent members of our faculty and student roster who deal with similar fears, concerns. Loss of control, especially for powers dealing with animalistic urges. Some…" Visions of Logan flash through his head as he pauses. "Some have dealt with it for a long, long time. If there is anything you need, any supports…please don't be afraid to ask."

* * *

"I may one day. Maybe after college. I got a tour coming up, a new album release .. which is going to be uh.. very heavily .. pro mutant and my manager is sooooo mad at me." Andrea says with a sheepish grin. "Cuz' I think this may be my last album for ahwile if things go sideways. I have a lot on my plate without much downtime. So, two years maybe? Three?" She assures him as she pokes at her phone for a moment to look at her current schedule. Her calendar has so many colors it could give people a seizure.

"So, um.. can I get a tour?" She asks. "See what a real school looks like? Do you guys have sports here? And proms? Cheerleaders? I played one once. I wish I could have got to be a real one."

* * *

Scott sneaks a peak at the calendar from behind his sunglasses and can't help but have his eyebrows raise up a bit. Bust gal. He smiles and nods as he steps further into the Institute. "More than happy to show you around, though don't have visions of high school dramas running through your head. This campus actually focuses on our post-secondary students, while we have another campus out west that functions as our secondary campus. So think of this like a mutant community college, designed to meet those specific needs."

He starts to walk down one hallway, indicating some classrooms, some of which are actually in session at the moment. "We have traditional academic courses provided, but what sets out space apart is also having courses designed around mutant-centric issues. This is everything from X-gene ethics, to actual special consults on power control." He smiles a bit as he glances over his shoulder. "You mentioned earlier about flying? Much more dangerous than you might expect. A lottttta sprained ankles." He makes a bit of a faux-wince before going on. "As of now, our extracurricular activities are centered on intramural activity, so sadly no real call for a cheerleadering squad. We're constantly taking suggestions from students though regarding what sorts of activities they would like to develop."

* * *

As she passes by a few classes, a couple of students would immediately recognize her, causing a quick murmur of commotion as she passes. Is she going to join the school?! That's /Andrea/ Jackson! Didn't she get attacked? Think we can get an autograph? The voices pass by just as quick as they come as she heads down the hallway with Scott, though she does offer a smile and a wave when she gets a chance, though quiet so not to interrupt the tour or the teachers.

"I think having sports or clubs like that would make students feel more normal. You guys have a lot of focus on being awesome mutants, but I think the younger kids would benefit from feeling like being awesome people. Sports and school dances and the such are great for social bonding amongst peers. Builds a community as well. Also, helps with dating." She gives an amused smile at the corners of her lips. "I wish I had school dances when I was younger. Dating as a celebrity is weird. Either you date a co-star or you just stay single. I met Jay at a concert when his band was opening at a club. Soon as he opened his mouth and started singing, I thought my heart stopped and I died right there. I was so giddy that I didn't know how to even approach him. I sent James." She blurts out a laugh. "My bodyguard. To get his phone number."

* * *

Scott nods his head in agreement with all of that. "We definitely want to emphasize both. We have a lot of great students here, and one our other campus and we want to give them the best education we can. I believe they are developing a drama club as we speak, though we certainly have enough of that to go around on our own." Dad jokes, Scott's got 'em! "I only emphasize the mutant training stuff because, well, it's certainly the most unique aspect of our program."

"And dating certainly can be hard." There is some weight behind that statement, but Scott seems content to leave it at that.

* * *

The brows of Andrea lift up a bit. "Yeah? If you need some dating help, you can always introduce me to the girl you got an eye on. Nothing is more smooth than butter by name dropping your celebrity BFF. I'm a great wingman." She says with a wry grin on her face.

As they pause by the music room, Andrea stares at the walls of instruments and the sound proofed walls. She looks a bit antsy, then asks, "Is it cool if we go inside?"

* * *

Scott is shaken out of his thoughts and laughs at that, rubbing the back of his neck. "No, it's nothing like that; I just have…a lot of responsibilities. I am less concerned about convincing someone to date me, more concerned…no, more AWARE that I kind of stink as a romantic partner and…not sure why I am telling all of you this. Sorry." Scott scowls a bit at himself, having clearly gotten sidetracked from the tour.

He looks up, as if out of a stupor, the realize they have wandered by the music room. He grins at her clear excitement and simply nods. "We'd be honored, knock yourself out." He even leans over to open the door for her.

* * *

"Why would you suck as a romantic partner for? You're hot. Got a great athletic build about you. You seem to have a code of honor and an obvious aura of maturity and you rock the sweetest red shades. I think maybe you just need to loosen the tie a bit and let your hair down. It's okay to have responsibility, but you need to add a sprinkle of fun as well. It balances the soul." Andrea says as she steps into the music room, giving a quick clap of her hands with giddy energy.

Making her way to the piano, she lifts up the shelf to expose the beautiful ivory keys, then starts to plink at them with a happy sigh. "Oh, perfect tone." As she settles herself in at the instrument, she licks her lips and starts to play.

"On the surface, everything's just fine.
But nervous doesn't describe what's going on behind these eyes.
It's just too easy to fake a smile.
But you got my heartbeat on repeat.
Goin' about a hundred thousand miles."

"My mind's racing, but I could never outrun you.
You're two steps ahead, while I'm tripping over my shoes.

No matter how hard I try,
You will never leave ..
And all the stupid things you do.
I give in so easily ..
You get the best of me!"

As she sings, her voice soars upwards perfectly with crystal clear notes. She sings about pain. Anguish. Anxiety. She has always been vocal about mental health and her struggle with it. She battles an angry voice inside of her head that screams negativity and it drags her down, and this is her way of coping outside of pills and couch therapy.

By now, a few students start to linger by the door to watch, some holding up their phones to record the song. There is whispers, excited and nervous.

* * *

Scott laughs a bit, rubbing his neck again as a slight blush comes to his face. "Just trust me on this one," he grumbles, but before he can give a full response, she's gone. Doing her thing, and Scott would be lying if he didn't say it was impressive. He crosses his arms and glances towards the students starting to take in the impromptu concert. He does eye the few that are taking phone footage, mentally marking that he might need to remind folks to not post to social media outside the school's own intranet. Still, his attention is eventually pulled back into the music.

* * *

As she continues to sing, Andrea's fingers hit each key perfectly to play a slow, emotional piece. Perhaps she is giving her audience a sneak peek into her new album as this song isn't on any of her other records. It's a break away from her usual upbeat and pop energy tracks. This is personal.

"I wish I could just let you go,
But the truth is you are all that I know!
You're an infection, medicine just numbs my brain,
I'm doing anything and everything to feel normal again.. what's normal again?!"

She goes through the chorus again as her voice rises higher, cracking, pleading. Go away Anxiety. Leave me alone! The message is a cry for help in the lyrics. When there is a pause for a breath, she sucks it up and finishes the song strong.

"It's crazy, my thoughts start racing,
And my mind's erasing everything I knew,
It's just pills and therapy bills ..
Just to keep me away from you."

"And it works for a little while, bullshit smiles..
But I'm just walking through the motions,
Either that or losing track of my emotions..
Four a.m. panic attacks, taking red eyes back home,
I feel by myself, but with /you/.. I'm never alone.."

The last lyrics are whispered softly as her fingers final the final keystrokes of the piano, letting it hang in the air for a few moments in an echo.

There is another murmur from the crowd of students as some are hopping on toes to try and peer around taller kids. Cameras are held up. There is light applause, a few squeals.

* * *

The crowd is becoming more and more uncontainable. Scott turns towards the students and gestures for them to calm down, then as it becomes clear that the song is winding down, Scott turns to usher them away from the entrance; a meet and greet wasn't in the cards, and he reminds folks that their next period will be starting shortly. With that sorted, he steps back into the music room, offering his own applause. "Made quite an impression. I am going to have some work to do contain some leaks if that was new material, but I honestly think the body will respect our privacy." He stands near the piano and looks down from behind his glasses. "Are you okay?"

* * *

"I'm okay." Andrea says as she pokes at the notes of the piano again a few times, staring at them. "I'm fine with it leaking out. I'm not that nitpicky about my music. You can bring them in. I'd love to meet them. I'll sign autographs and take pictures if they want. I love kids. I want to meet more of /my/ people. Through my charity, I try to reach out to as many as them if I can if they're struggling and in need of help." As she pokes the keys again a few times, her hands are seen trembling before she shoves them into her pockets, followed by a bright, cheery smile. The show must go on.

* * *

Scott notices the trembling, the words. He smiles softly. "That's sweet that you don't mind it leaking," he muses before tapping his own chest. "However, questions would arise about where the videos were taken. To some degree, it isn't about you in this case." He winces, realizing that sounds harsher than it needs to. "And as far as meeting the other students…let's formalize that for another time. I would rather them not have their routine dirupted, and the ones who didn't happen to be around would kick themselves. But a more formal concert I am sure would be met enthusiastically.

* * *

"I suppose." Andrea says as she puts the piano lid back down carefully, then brushes her hand along the top of it before rising upwards. "I could do a private show here if you guys wanted. I always wished to play for an all mutant crowd and just cut loose and be myself. I always try and find mutants to give VIP seats to and back stage passes so I can hang out with them after a show away from the crowds and chaos." Cracking her neck, she wanders about the music room to take in all the sights. "This is so high end. It's like a real studio in here. So, what else you wanna show me?"

* * *

Scott nods his head. "We would again be honored," he is quick to say. "I saw your schedule, so I know squeezing us in won't exactly be easy. Perhaps at some point between tour stops?" He glances around the room and nods. "I honestly don't spend much time in here; more of a gearhead than musicially inclined, but…the Professor has never spared any expense. He wants this place to be…the best no matter who you are." He looks back towards Andrea and nods towards the door. "I can show you the rest of the common grounds if you'd like. PRobably skip the dormitory floor, as to respect privacy."

* * *

"When it comes to mutants, I will clear whatever off my schedule. Most of it is meetings with my staff, practice, choreography, studio, branding, work outs. How about next month? Pick a weekend and I will have it all set up. It's really not an issue for me. I'd be honored to play and have fun with the students and give them a good time." She bobs her head at the idea of common grounds and turns to follow suit. "That sounds cool. Jay told me you guys have an olympic sized pool also." Then, just to bring up an old topic, she grins. "So, what's the girl's name?"

* * *

Scott laughs and shakes his head as he starts to lead her out the room and towards the pool. "Nope, that topic is over," he is quick to deflect, folding his hands behind his back. He walks beside the pop star, leading her towards the pool. "I really do appreciate your support. It can get a little lonely out here. Necessary isolation, but still lonely."

* * *

There is a wolfish grin from Andrea as she gives him a raise of her brows. "You miss every shot on goal you don't take, Mister Summers." She says to him in the wise words of Wayne Gretzky. As they head through the school towards the pool area, she continues to look about with wide eyes and amazement. She sniffs the air at times in a subtle manner. "It can get really lonely out there also, even surrounded by dozens of staff or admirers. I never know who is really my friend." As they head out to the pool, she stares at it, then lets out a laugh. "This is awesome. You guys have everything."

* * *

The air itself has lots of interesting scents to it…including a surprising amount of sulfur for some reason. As they go Scott simply shakes his head. "Barking up the wrong tree, Ms. Jackson. This isn't a shot I didn't take. It's a shot I did take, and it ended in sudden death." He pauses. "Not sure if that metaphor works, never was much one for hockey." He walks around the edge of the pool and nods. "We try to have as much as we can. It doesn't make up for most of the hardships our students have faced. But I like to think it at least gives them an avenue for a second chance, if that's what they're looking for."

* * *

"If the game is in sudden death, then it means it's not over. You still got to take shots on goal until one team wins." Andrea says as she passes him a grin. "I'm a huge Sharks fan since I was born and raised in the Bay Area. I'd go to hockey games all the time with my dad. I got him a box seat with my first contract. Either way, just because you didn't win this game, doesn't mean you won't win the next. Don't give up on love, Mister Summers. It's worth it in the end. When I asked Jay out, I didn't know that he came to New York because his girlfriend killed herself after some mutant haters in her family tried to murder him. He was a mess and he rejected me flat out. I've never in my life been rejected from a guy, but when I found out why he did, I became his best friend instead, and I waited it out until he was ready and he was able to get through whatever was preventing him from healing. I could have walked away, sure. I'm hot, rich and popular. I could have dated a Jonas Brother if I wanted, but I knew he was the one. If this girl is /the one/, Mister Summers, then don't give up hope. If she's not the one, you will find her in time when she is ready to reveal herself."

As she makes her way to the edge of the pool, she leans down to dip her fingers into it, causing the surface to stir and ripple. "I howl by the way, I don't bark." She says with an amused grin as she watches her reflection, giggling. "I've been told I have pretty paws."

* * *

Scott listens to the love advice, half-grinning at it as he considers the space for the first time in a while; interesting how giving a thing a look with new eyes definitely changes your perspective. "Things to chew on, Ms. Jackson. Thank you for that," he says somberly as he considers the space. When she makes the comment about howling, not barking, he furrows his brow and then his brow arches high as if hiseyes are popping wide behind his glasses. "Oh. My. God. That…wow." He winces inwardly at that, shaking his head. "I…can't apologize enough. You know I didn't mean anything by it, but still…incredibly insensitive of me. I'm so sorry." He's clearl completely flustered and will continue to apologize for the next hour unless stopped.

* * *

There's a laugh from Andrea. "It's okay. I don't care. I get what you were saying. Wolf or dog comments do not bother me at all. Seriously." She looks to be all grins as she raises her brows upwards. "I do not get offended very easily unless the words are: Die Mutie, or Lose weight you fat bitch." She assures him. "I am not hyper sensitive or dramatic enough to get offended. Seriously. "But if you are interested in seeing what I can, I'll be happy to show you. I'll just need to make sure I have a dressing room nearby. I kinda gotta strip down to do it, or my clothing gets torn apart."

* * *
* * *

Scott's phone buzzes in his pocket, sweet relief from his own embarrasment as he fishes it out, reading the screen as Andrea offers a demonstration. "Perhaps another time," he says, his voice distant and distracted. "Sorry Ms. Jackson, but I have some things I need to attend to. If I could see you to the door?" Don't want to give her a chance to stumble into the wrong room if he allows her to wander. "It has been a pleasure and I hope to schedule that concert soon."

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