The Brimstone Social
Roleplaying Log: The Brimstone Social
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Lex Luthor throws a party at the Hellfire Club of New York—home to so many movers and shakers—to lay critical groundwork for a political bid.

Other Characters Referenced: Emma Frost, Sen. Robert Kelly
IC Date: January 18, 2020
IC Location: Hellfire Club, NYC, NY
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Posted On: 19 Jan 2020 07:28
Rating & Warnings: G
Scene Soundtrack: The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage (Panic! at the Disco)
NPC & GM Credits: Sebastian Shaw by Emma Frost
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The Brimstone Social. Leave it to Lex Luthor to name it something of this accord.

The Hellfire Club has been taken over by whatever people Lex Luthor has paid to work in conjunction with Hellfire Club staff in order to make tonight's social gathering event a spectacular success. The decorations are mostly black and white with some smatterings and splattering of varying shades of red to give everything a true… Hellfire and Brimstone feel to it. Invitations promoted a similar color palate as well as all announcements of this affair. Just so everyone can dress accordingly if they would like to.

There's a band playing softly in the corner just to give the place a bit more live sound and there are LexCorp and Hellfire Club associates alike parading around in unisexually objectifying attire for all genders to pass out drinks and expensively catered bites to eat. Everything is going as smoothly as possible.

… Which is why the grin on Lex Luthor's face as he makes his rounds through the turned out crowd to welcome and pose for pictures with (he even hired a photographer to capture all of these moments, of course he did) various members of the highest of societies, is unbreakable.

The Brimstone Social Event is, in a word: Lexcellent.

What is the Hellfire Club, save positively indulgent for the person who can pay the right price?

And Lex Luthor can certainly pay the price. He can send his fancy invitations and draw a crowd. In fact, one of that crowd makes his way into the room without having to check his way through the front doors. Or his coat.

Sebastian Shaw has been, since last evening, been here at the Club's townhouse, enjoying the privacy and singular delicacies that require such privacy. And when he comes downstairs, dressed for the occasion in a perhaps-surprisingly contemporary three piece suit, he pointedly avoids any cameras and draws himself instead to a free-standing bar where he can get his hand on a snifter of scotch.

Careful there Lex. Never say that smile is unbreakable.

Because of course. One of the people there at the party in Metropolis is its newest, richest, bestest man. At least in his own entirely not humble opinion.

Because of course Tony Stark would be at a place like this.

Fresh back from a 'business trip' that may or may not have involved breaking space-time. The inventor wonders the floor in his own sharp suit, sunglasses on at night because of /course/ he has them on at night, and entirely all smiles. Because why not. After entirely messing with a different reality, one has to learn to cut loose sometime.

…and Stark is an expert at that.

Hooray for objectifying attire for everyone! And while it might seem a little salacious, really, it's nothing that anyone hasn't seen before. Images of famed supermodel Kory Anders in pricey lingerie decorate billboards, buses, and the occasional screen in Times Square. She's just (and only -just-) a little smaller in person! And much like at the last one of these functions, she bears a tray of drinks, balanced neatly on one hand as she does an immitation of her best runway walk as she covers the event floor.

Eventually her circuit makes it to a familiar face: "Oh, Mr. Stark, it has been a long time!" Nevermind that the last time involved them carrying a large maybe-demon monster into the atmosphere together. "Welcome to the Brimstone Social. Would you like something to drink?"

Is… that weird? Is THIS weird? It's a little weird.

Making a show of elegance and style, plus a little independent streak, Lady Karin of the Glucksburgs brings herself to the club for the second time in as many months. Garbed in black gown with her atrophied left arm kept in a sling that compliments the gown by being midnight blue, her garment is decorated in a subtle fire pattern made out of widely-spaced tiny metal studs. Karin herself wears a mask of pleasantry, though she seems a little distant to those she does not recognize.

Lex Luthor spots one of the more major Hellfire Club players and almost immediately handshakes his way over into his direction. Maybe there's even a signal given to photographers to make sure that the cameras do that thing where they are always around so that those not wanting to be seen through those lenses have to put themselves out of their line of sight.

And right into the path of Lex Luthor.

Lex Luthor cuts his way through the crowd, making mental notes of the other familiar faces he sees during his walk through and comes to a bit of a stop near Shaw.

Nods are given if only to ensure these familiar faces (and even some he hasn't met yet) that he will be along to speak to them shortly but he has a stop to make first.

"Sebastian Shaw, as I live and breathe. It is both and honor and my pleasure to thank you for allowing me to host this little get together. It is an even greater honor that you've seen it fit to attend. Thank you." And Lex Luthor extends a hand towards Shaw for the first high profile handshake of his night.

"Call me, Tony." Stark replies out of habit with that smile of his turning towards a familiar voice who…then…asks him if he wants a drink. There is a surprised look as those bright eyes with flecks of gold worked into them turn towards Kory and he pauses. He blinks. "JARVIS," The under the breath murmur. "This is…"

"Yes, sir." Comes the almost imperceptible response in his ear. Or his head. It's hard to tell the difference anymore really.

Titans. They get everywhere.

"Well first off, I'm never going to say no to something to drink. Especially when I'm at least eighty percent sure it isn't poisoned." He adds with a flash of a grin. "And second yes it has, Kory right? I never forget a pretty…well…everything really." A pause again. "Though I am slightly worried just how this party will end, remembering the last one." A pause. "Anyone else we know here toniwaitare you /working/ here?"

They really do get everywhere!

As soon as Stark comes into view, Shaw takes a very long and deep drink from his cup, and Tony will probably feel the weight of it from across the room. But he bides his time, lingering near the decanter of whisky with his hand casually tucked in his pocket.

As Luthor comes near, he continues to look entirely disapproving and he chases off the photographer with a particularly potent glare. "Mister Luthor," he greets in a low rumble, extracting his hand long enough to meet Lex's own. "Good evening." His hand lifts up the snifter in his hand, indicating it only just before he then takes another long measure of it. "Thank you for the generous invitation, but I hope you don't mind that I didn't wait for the opening toast." The glass is lifted and wavered demonstratively. His hand pulls back afterwards, tucking back into his pocket. "I don't remember the last time you hosted here. Good open to the quarter?"

Tony assumes people just stare at him like that because he's amazing. It's fine. Everything is fine.

"Of course, Mr. Tony." It can… be hard to tell, when Kory so frequently puts her little twist on proper English, if this is an actual error or just her being cute, although a certain level of mischief in her expression might suggest the latter, at least in this rare case. She does briefly cock her head as the man seems confused about something, but it doesn't discourage her from remaining with the tray, waiting for him to sort out his thoughts and/or private AI conversations!

"I am fairly sure it is not, but if you wish for me to check…" What, the POISON? She takes her waitressing seriously!

"But I'm so glad you remembered. And I'm a probationary member," she explains, addressing one of his many questions and concerns. "So for big events, we have to help out. That's actually how I ended up getting invited in the first place, they'd hired some models for a party a while back and my agent suggested it. They're very interesting parties!"

She, at least, seems unconcerned of any sinister side to the whole place.

"And I suppose I just barely qualified as enough of celebrity to eventually get invited. Everyone is so rich!" She says, unironically, to Tony Stark of all people! "I don't think any of my… friends that you've met are here." Indeed, her prominent date from their prior meeting is prominently absent! "But I do know Ms. Frost a little, she's the one who sponsored me to join."

'Mr. Tony' careful he might like that one. Just to confuse people.

"Naw, no need. It'll give my tech something to do while entirely bored here tonight. Right?" Stark replies with a flash of his own mischief as he reaches for the glass on the tray to take it. There is a sip taken, even as he feels the weight of Shaw's gaze from across the room. The man seems entirely unconcerned with… well, just about anything at this point in time. He's Tony Stark. He can handle whatever is wrong and if he can't, he can build something that will.

"A probationary member? I…" And then Kory mentions her current patron and Tony just sighs, a slight play of a smile across his lips as he shakes his head. "Of course, it was Emma. Of course."

They are on a first name basis. Of course most of the people Tony knows seems to be on a first name basis.

"I'm pretty sure 'stupidly rich' is kind of one of the requirements to get into the Club." The others being of course lack of moral fiber and loose relationship to the law. "But I'm glad to see you here anyway. How are all your friends? Haven't been around that much to check on most of them."

At this point Stark has totally taken a second glass from said tray.

"It has been quite some time, yes. Don't you worry, though, I have big things planned for the Hellfire Club in the coming months. And I'd like to offer you the opportunity to get right down to brass tacks from the beginning. Before anyone else even knows."

Lex Luthor offers a big grin. "Surely, the Hellfire Club could be used even more. Especially by a potential future President of the United States." Lex doesn't make any sort of official statement but he's pretty sure Shaw understands. "And with the support of someone like you, imagine the possibilities for growth and expansion of the club. Just for starters."

"You're already bored? But it is a party," Kory points out, now looking around as if she's decided that another part of her job description is making sure people have a good time. "I am surprised you did not come with a date. Shall we go and do the mingling? As long as I have my tray, it will not be a dereliction of my duties."

People are definitely allowed to take as many glasses as they want, so there are no objections on her part as Tony helps himself to an extra! Excess sort of seems the norm, in fact. At the same time, she scopes out some of the rest of the crowd, bright green eyes eventually falling near the bar where the power players are mingling.

"Shall we head over there?"

Either way, she's happy to discuss her friends, sharing what she can about those she is able to publicly associate with - a lot of the same folks that were at that previous gala. "Things have actually been a bit off and on between Dick and myself, but Timothy and Zatanna are dating now. They make a sweet couple." Just what Tony wanted, teen dating gossip. "Most everyone is well…" But then there is a frown as she reaches one of the remaining people from that prior night out. "You also work with Barbara, yes? I believe she mentioned that once."

One bushy eyebrow lofts upwards. "I can imagine a lot," Shaw says after a beat. There's a sharp sniff, and then the besuited man frowns deeply. "And of the club membership's holdings, you mean? As the very last thing we need is a bunch of new upstarts coming in and making a mess of things. Not understanding the way of things."

He looks in Kory's direction as she chats away with Tony Stark. Case. In. Point.

His attention shifts back to Lex and he remains solidly disapproving. "I would imagine that said potential future President of the United States would have a platform to make him a solidly more interesting candidate that Senator Robert Kelly, who came in first and delivered a very compelling argument for support."

"I'm a very patient man, Mr. Shaw. I'm sure that you understand, as well as I do, that being first is not exactly always the best look. Especially, when there's so much that could be done by having a member of the Hellfire Club sitting inside the White House. The practical benefits alone should put the Senator's attempts at division among our ranks to rest. As a man of loyalty, I'd like to use my platform to open as many doors for you and this club as possible." Lex Luthor attempts to make it very clear what he wants from Shaw and what he's willing to give in return. "I wish to lay the world at your doorstep, Mr. Shaw." There. It doesn't get much clearer than that, does it? Lex takes a moment to glance back at the party to make sure more heavy hitters haven't vanished because he's going to need stack up some more support. Especially, if he can't lock in Shaw.

"Well, once you have parties where half the people are trying to kill you, and the other half are summoning some demon. Well. Anything else is just kinda there." Stark replies with a flash of a grin. "But yeah. I guess I could have come with a date. But…" A shrug. "…just wasn't in the mood." A beatpause. "Emma wasn't coming to this one, was she?"

There is no reason he asks this. Stop thinking about it.

"Anyway, sure! I see Lex and Shaw over there. I mean they kinda are the hosts. Should say hello and all that." He adds as he starts to stroll towards the pair at the bar. "And wait…Zee and /Tim/? Really?" A pause and a shake of his head. "Well as long as Zee is happy. And if she isn't she can turn him into a newt right?" A pause though as he finishes off most of his glass.

"Yeah, I do. I had her set up in tech at thee Metropolis division. I'm hoping that she stays on, I'm pretty sure she will but…"

And there is the third glass as he angles Kory towards the hosts of this little party.

"Not the best look," Shaw agrees, tone full of overbearing education. "But an important one sometimes." He slowly drinks again, considering. He's not afraid whatsoever of making the exchange awkward and uncomfortable. He won't be rushed. He won't be smooth-talked into rushing or gushing about possibilities.

He wants facts, not platitudes. "So, what world, precisely, Mister Luthor? There are many worlds, after all. Some are small. Some are trivial. Some are really only worth a swift and merciful death."

He shrugs. "I hear there are a few rainforests ripe for a good razing still, for instance."

"That sort of excitement is a normal part of my, erm, other job, so I do not mind a night off from it." It is rough when you take a break from your costumed adventuring to put on a fancy evening gown and then end up fighting demons anyway. That dress got /totaled/. Regarding Emma, Kory shakes her head, even while glancing around as if imagining her impeccable timing would result in a grand entrance at just that very moment. "I do not know if she planned to attend tonight. I have seen her at some club functions but I admit I do not know a great deal about her, personally."

And she seems disappointed by the fact!

"Oh yes. We even had a double date," she adds to the gossip column part of the conversation. "It was most adorable. I am sure he won't give her reason for any such… drastic measures."

Once they arrive near the hosts, she naturally breaks off just a touch from Tony to offer the tray around. "Drinks?" Moreso to Lex, since Shaw already has something from the bar. What's this about razing rainforests? Lalala.

"Ah, Mr. Stark. Welcome. I was about to head your way. Thank you for coming." Lex Luthor offers a hand of shaking towards Stark. "I see the potential for great things for the future of this impervious nation of ours. Minds of our ilk, working together, for a common goal could be the stuff of legend. Of legacy." Lex Luthor holds up a hand to decline the drink from Kory at the moment… even though the outfits he had his people design were not for someone of that ilk but nevermind it works. Whew. Focus, Lex. "As a man that understands how important the environment is, I do also understand that expansion is needed for progress. One doesn't happen without the other. Just as regimes do not fall all on their lonesome. It takes the right guidance to ensure victory at every turn. By supporting me in my endeavor to lead this great nation of ours, I will do everything in my power to ensure said victories for those that have given me their trust. And together, while we protect each other's interests, I will protect everyone's." See? He has a plan.

"Yeah well, with Emma… I'm pretty sure that is exactly how she likes it." Stark replies with a smirk towards Kory. Amusement in his eyes. "And I'm sure that you all were enough to give me cavities." Stark adds at the image of a double date. "But yeah. Emma is like that. She loves to keep people guessing. Doesn't like it when she gets surprised herself." A shrug of his shoulders. "Me. I love a good surprise. Keeps me on my toes. Sometimes literally."

"You know, razing the rainforests just seems counterproductive. I mean it kinda helps people breathe. Or so I heard." Stark's drawl is easy and amused as ever as they ease their way up to the bar now, letting Kory do her job without protest. Especially since now he's even closer to the bar and therefor even more booze.

Lex's intro though causes him to grin as he reaches forwards and takes the other inventor's hand. "Well with that kind of greeting all I can say is the question, just what do you want?" Stark's reply is tinged with laughter that doesn't quite bubble forth.

"But anyway, thats why SA was working on the whole clean energy thing." A pause as his gaze shifts between the two men there. "You'll protect everyone's. Thats a pretty tall order, Lex. Just saying, kinda saying from experience."

"Oh, Mister Luthor. Is that why you won't toast?" Shaw manages to keep a very straight face as he lifts up his cup and tilts it back. "You're not some sort of tee totaler, are you? You're here among friends."

…He is absolutely not among friends.

And then, as if on cue, Sebastian turns his dark eyes on Stark. He doesn't frown. He doesn't glower. He does something far worse. "Ah, Mister Stark. Thank you. I was just telling our colleague Mister Luthor that probably presenting an actual platform would be beneficial. Particularly when Mister Kelly was here just last month with a more concrete idea of what he could and could not deliver."

He doesn't even do much to acknowledge Kory's presence, save to trade his now empty glass for a full one. "Thank you, my dear," he tells her, tone altogether dismissive although he does take a glance at the pleasing shape of her — a glance that lingers a little long — before turning his attention back to the conversation at hand.

"Are you two close?" Kory wonders, at the tail of Tony's exposition on the Many Facets (pun intended?) of Emma Frost. It is after all an awful detailed description for a casual acquaintance, and she cannot keep herself from a touch of curiosity. Especially since they're gossiping about romances already! Fair game!

Of course, as the various sides of this three-way… we'll call it a wallet-waving contest to be polite? As the three men square up to exchange not just their polite greetings, but their ideological and political platforms, Kory is not in an easy position to intervene. She's here to serve drinks. And as Shaw goes for one, she is happy to oblige. The oggling doesn't provoke any sort of furious warrior response: it could be her day job or familiarity with these events, or even just her brazen alien lack of morals.

Or she's saving up fury for later!

"Fair enough, Shaw." The mister is no longer needed as Lex has ran into this brick wall enough times tonight. "You've made it clear that you prefer the Senator's proposal and I can respect that. I do hope the two of you find some other way to further your agenda when he's no longer a viable option." Who knows what Lex could mean by that.

"I fully intend to make protecting the people of this nation a top priority. That's my entire reason for running in the first place. With so many threats looming just over the horizon, someone needs to stand in front of everyone else to provide something that they can count on to keep them safe. To keep them alive. Not everyone has the protection…" Eyes Stark. "… or the resources." Eyes Shaw. "… to keep themselves out of harm's way. I'm going to make sure that mankind no longer needs to worry about that." Lex reaches for a drink, finally and raises it with a sarcastic lift of the glass. "Excuse me." And time for the Lex Luthor Got Better Things To Do Walk Away.

"Mmm. Lets just say I like to keep up to date on formidable women. We're business partners on occasion. Of which I usually get the worse end of the deal." Stark replies offhandedly towards Kory when the subject of Emma comes up. Oh, she'll glare at him for that, he knows. I mean, it isn't untrue, but she'll do it anyway.

Then Lex is making a statement and Stark's eyebrow quirks up slowly. "You know. That is totally not ominous what he just said." A pause. "That's sarcasm. If anyone was wondering. Because that was totally ominous. I mean, I respect the drive at least." A pause again before he shrugs slightly to himself.

Eyes turn back to Shaw.

"Kelly? Really? I thought you had taste." But the inventor shrugs again. "Ah well, each to their own thoughts, I guess."

And now he's wondering just what Shaw's are.

…he hates chess. Hates it so much.

A shake of his head though. "I should though keep mingling a bit. I mean. Wouldn't want to deprive anyone of my company would I?"


Mission accomplished, t'would seem, as Sebastian Shaw smirks into his new drink. He's all too pleased with himself, but at least he keeps it mostly subtle.

"Ah, well, it's not like I expect you to be the authority on taste," he fires back at Tony easily enough. It doesn't bother him, the accusation. No, there are other things that bother him more that are coming out of Stark's mouth. "No," he says, acting as though he is being eminently gracious as he offers Tony his freedom. "Please. Don't let me stop you. I was just going to see to a couple of things tonight myself." To that point, he sets a glass down on Kory's tray, half-finished. And then, walking past her, he pauses at her shoulder and murmurs near her ear, "A pleasure to see you again, my dear." Isn't it nice to be remembered? He doesn't wait after that, moving to take his leave of the party entirely.

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