Nightmare in Prospect Park
Roleplaying Log: Nightmare in Prospect Park
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Ryan has a nightmare

Other Characters Referenced: Skarp
IC Date: January 19, 2020
IC Location: Prospect Park
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Posted On: 19 Jan 2020 17:30
Rating & Warnings: M (For spookiness and violence)
Scene Soundtrack: [*\# Halloween music mix]
NPC & GM Credits: Myrkr: Gm'ing Spooky stuff, and Dhuzl Thoth, and grandpa ghost
Associated Plots

It was a quite night. Stores were beginning to close, couples walking close, cars leaving to go home or park into their apartment spots. Through all of that though, people were complaining of the lights being wonky in the famous, Prospect Park. They kept flickering, weren't bright as they normally were, or simply never turned on. For couples, goths, and mischievous teens, this was a big issues.

Besides for that, the park felt colder then usual, it was practiclly empty and quite, the only sounds were neon lights flickering, the background noise of the city, and your own two feet (plus breath!). To the observant, one might spot a pair of whispy purple lights, or bulging shadows that move deeper into the un-naturally quite park.

To the entrance of the park were people complaining about the lights, or how creepy it was to walk deeper in, or how their date/plan/gloominess was ruined.

As it was getting late, Ryan decides that its time to head back home after his day of wandering around and seeing the city, and of what information he might up about things going on. The fastest way for him though would be to cut through Prospect Park for a short cut.

As he arrives he hears about the complaining of flickering light and it felt colder than normal for winter. But for Ryan that did not matter for he has faced much worse things then darkness and cold, so Ryan proceeds into the park but he is definitely on alert and scanning the area with this telepathy for anything around. Though this does seem familiar to him though like he has felt this somewhere before.

It certainly is colder, the lights do flicker as the sound of human voice begins to fade until there is only the crunching of snow underfoot and breathing.

There is certainly something around, there are images of some guys in robes, 3 to be precise, that are doing some ritual. There is one in some-sort of ritual circle, the other two stand in the front and back of him, hands pressed together like a prayer. The one in the front suddenly rushes forward, plunging a dagger into the man in the circle. There is a gasp before complete quite happens, the lights beginning to dim. The images are briefly replaced with images of some sort of dark place, a cave perhaps? It seems to stretch on for a bit with human like figures and things hiding in the dark. Beside this image is one of the park and the images begin to merge together.

The park begins to get colder, the darkness thicker, the lights dimmer the deeper one goes, there is no longer the sound of cars, nor the city, but whispering, like the wind, but with words barely being heard. The whispers just quiet enough that one can't understand them, but constant enough to be heard.

As it gets colder, darker, and quit Ryan is definitely more on edge as he continues walking through the park, feeling like something bad is about to happen and is preparing for whatever it may be.

As the images begin to appear Ryan stops in his tracks as he watches what these 3 men in robes do and is about to take action right until the images change and his surroundings begin to blur together. It's at this moment that Ryan stops dead for he knows an image when he sees one and that something or someone is causing this.

Ryan closes his eyes and tries to block out the images from his mind while also stretches out with his telepathy to see if he can pick up what is causing this and prepare to stop it if it becomes necessary.

There are thousands, or what seems like thousands of different thoughts. Some are those griefing, some are those of hunger and eating corpses…yet the thought comes from a corpse? Others come from minds too alien to understand. Though one does pick up on one that had the images, what ever it is has his smell, and its excited! It seems to be moving quickly towards his location with semi worded thoughts "Not man! Not man here?! Not man here help? Rejoy!". Then there are images of him and skarp in an alleyway with some thugs.

The whispers grow harsher, and the sudden feeling of being watched is felt but in a bad way before a pair of purple eyes pop into being in the darkness and bob up and down happily.

As the images flood into Rayn's mind it begins to tax him a bit but he pushes through it as he needs to find out what this is. Then he picks up what seems to be causing all this and the fact it is rushing towards him very quickly and excitedly for some reason, regardless of that Ryan gets into his fighting stance to be ready to face this thing coming for him.

As Ryan senses this thing about to appear he ready an attack until he sees the image of himself and Skarp in an alleyway together, which sparks Ryan's memory about a third individual who was there and lowers his attack stance as it might be who he thinks it is, which is confirmed when the set of purple eyes appear bouncing up and down in happiness. "Oh it's you, I should have realized that a lot earlier. how have you been?"

The thing sends images of shadow monstrosities, literally things that look to be made of shadow that keep changing shape in certain spots around the park before sending an image of the guy who was stabbed standing somehow, still in the circle, in the exact same place "Come not man, Dhuzl Thoth, hunt Dhuzl Thoth, stop shadow, shadow no belong, shadow belong in shadow, not green." it thinks towards him before the eyes/lights flicker a little farther away "Follow not man, avoid Vhuzls, Vhuzls hard fight, Vhuzls crush you like souls, think Not man not fight." Myrkr thinks towards him again before flicker towards him again with a trash-can sized hand reaching out to grab him.

The whispering quite a bit with Myrkr here, they soften or quite down. Images of Myrk fighting the shadow things or corpses race through the what minds their, also images of Myrkr jaws bearing down on them before dragging them into the dark are mixed in.

Ryan is not sure exactly what Myrkr is describing to him both with his words and the images but one thing seems clear to him that Myrkr was fighting something and is needing some help. "You need help fighting with whatever this thing is. Yeah help you out, lead the way!" Ryan is exactly sure what he will be fighting or even how to help if eh even can but Myrkr helps him out with saving some mutant hostages now it's his turn to help him.

As the hand reaches out to grab him Ryan does not resist and lets Myrkr grab him and take him where ever he is about to go.

Myrkr picks him up like he's a toy before tossing him on his back and takes off on all 4's. Things reach out toward them before Myrkr growls, the hands retreat "Want you not man, sweet flesh, Not man not belong here, Not man belong in green, Not man may here when dead, not time." Myrkr thinks, images from a perspective of a human being frustrated at being unable to get food, and hungry, lots of hunger, like starvation level, also paranoid, always looking over the shoulder in fear. Myrkr stops in front of the garden entrance, crouching "Here, Dhuzl Thoth be, glad Not man bait." Myrkr thinks cheerfully.

As Myrkr throes him onto his back and takes off running its certainly an interesting ride for Ryan to say the least, I mean it's not every night you get to ride on shadow-like creatures back and all.

As they run and Myrkr explains these things to him he somewhat understands what he is getting at, these things are dead and one day he will be dead too but not right now. As they arrive at the gate where this Dhuzl is Ryan hops off Myrkr back, then the mention of him as bait and that Ryan was not expecting, Ryan then turns to Myrkr with a surprised and are you joking with me look on his face "You want to use me as BAIT!?" There is a pause before Ryan speaks "Ok you use me as bait, how do I do that? then what afterward?" Ryan is not too sure he can harm whatever this is physically but he might be able to help with his telepathy, for he has a few tricks up his sleeve in that department.

Looks at him as the head somehow moves up and down "Yes, not man bait, not man good bait, not man food here, Dhuzl hungry, Dhuzl try eat, then chomp Dhuzl down, won't struggle, shadow gone, green back, yes, good plan." Myrkr thinks proudly as he uses a claw to draw in the dirt, taps a stick man that dosn't look like Ryan with Myrkr which is basically a blob in the air above another stick man, this one has sharp teeth and angry eyebrows. Myrkr clacks its jaw before looking at Ryan "Yes yes, will hide, go bait, before Vhuzls smell you." Myrkr thinks towards him, with what seems to be a chuckle with images of Ryan as a kitten for some reason before Myrkr is gone in a blink.

The gate is partially open with 'Dhuzl' standing in the circle, some thing dripping from it. Soon as Myrkr is gone the whispers pick up again, and there's a rotten smell in the air.

Ryan listens and watches Myrkr draw out this plan. Ryan nods his head in understanding of what Myrkr has in mind. Then he gets the image from Myrkr with Ryan as a kitten and a chuckle and as Ryan is about to look at him and ask what that is supposed to mean Myrkr is gone, well from sight anyway.

As soon as Myrkr disappears Ryan lets out a big sigh and say's to himself "This is not a good plan, this is a bad plan, in fact, it's a terrible plan. You want me as bait for some shadow monster. Ugh." Then the smell hits him and the voices return and Ryan is feeling a bit nervous about this whole situation, I mean he has faced down a whole group of armed men before without breaking a sweat, that he can handle. But this, this is something on a whole nother level. still, Ryan steels his nerves as he was taught to and begins to walk towards the gate "Ok Dhuzl, let's see what you are really made of."

Nothing really seems to happen, but soon as Ryan (if he) enters. The voices stop, the rotten smell turns more pungent, and there's a sloppy dripping sound from the person in the circle. The head seems to lift slowly, the features of the person still there, but black gunk drops from the mouth and the stab wound. It smiles "Come closer child, don't be scared, its going to be ok, the nightmare is over now." the thing says, the voice a mix between human and something else. It holds its arms out wide, like waiting for him to run into its arms.

Meanwhile Myrkr eyes flicker behind the thing "Asked dead help, dead help you, stop images, before Dhuzl eat you." Myrkr thinks as a whisper of an older gentleman picks up in Ryans ears "Listen carefully to me young lad, I'm only talking to you so whatever that thing is can't fool you, and cause I don't want to be a slave myself thank you very much. So you'll have to put up with me for a minute, Humph, youth now days." the voice says bitterly before staring to sing…but it sounds like a cat meowing. The surrondings are wilted, plants are now dead and covered in black goo. The air floats with some sort of blueish mist. Its almost like a completely different world.

Ryan is definitely a bit freaked out inside, a dead body that sounds like it's possessed by a demon, then an old man voice in his ear telling he is helping, who wouldn't be fracking out, but manages not to show it thankfully.

Ryan will then try to telepathically talk to the old man's voice he hears "Thank you for the help sir. My name is Ryan, what do I call you and how do I take this thing out?" As Ryan is talking to this old man his surroundings change again into something as he has never seen before, and has no idea how to respond to it, except to just ready his fighting stance and prepare for what ever comes next.

The old man voice simply laughs, as there is nothing to reach out to "Take it out? You already have my dear lad, just look." the old voice says smugly. The corpse looks confused as it begins to walk forward towards Ryan "What is the manner? Oh, you must be scared of talking, no worries, I can talk for you…such a young body you have." the thing says, as it walks forward, one can see strings, like its a puppet. Connected to the strings, besides the corpse, is a monster made out of shadow, like a giant worm/troll thing. Its mouth is an oval and filled with teeth way to long for its mouth as it pokes through the skin. Its arms are so long that it uses them like a gorilla. Its legs thick and swollen, along with its gut that moves, on closer examination, one can see hand shapes pressing against it or banging against the gut, sometimes faces. Ryan might realize the voice is actually coming from the thing, not the corpse as it moves closer "Don't be scared child…its almost over." it says, the fingers of the troll/worm move like a puppet masters, causing the corpse to smile and move its lips into a gentle smile.

At this point Myrkr jumps from the shadows and attacks the thing, claws tearing into it as it bites down on its neck. The thing shrieks as the corpse it controls jerks around before falling to the ground like a puppet that suddenly lost its strings. "Quickly, the corpse, burn it or destroy it my boy, it's connection lies with the corpse, in the wound lad, IN THE WOUND!" the voice yells out as the troll thing grabs at its back, wailing in the voice of a little girl "You're hurting me!" the troll thing shouts in the voice of a little girl.

5r as Ryan watches the corps move forward towards him and as it speaks to him Ryan feels a cold shiver down his spine, Ryan has felt fear before but this is something else, something beyond the physical world. Ryan spots the strings connected to this corps and follows it back to its source only to find something truly horrifying, a monster the like of which he has never imagined, one could only describe it as a demonic troll worm.

As Ryan spots this demon troll thing Ryan is stunned looking at this thing and is terrified by what this thing is for he was not ready for that at all is stuck in fear

As Myrkr attack the thing the old mans voice yell at him to destroy the body which snaps Ryan out of his fear trance. he then reaches his hand out towards the corps and using hit telekinesis he closes his hand and with such force crushes the body, breaking all the bones and tearing all the tissue apart into itself like an implosion and if that was not enough he then open his hand and releases an explosion of force from the inside of the corps blowing it up into pieces, leaving nothing left of the corps. Ryan then turns to look at this demon he is calling it and it fully intended on destroying this evil however he can.

It is indeed not enough, as the fight between the Troll and Myrkr continue with the old man now yelling for him "No no no not lik-" before it explodes and fragments go everywhere. At that point the troll thing evaporates like it was never there. The entire area gets warmer, and brighter as the moon peaks out. With a blink, the corpse is gone, the plants are normal. At further anaylsis, one might notice that he's standing in the middle of a green house. Outside is the grass, the shadows that blocked sight aren't there anymore, but where the tree's are, being made by moonlight. The ground which was once grey dirt/sand is now a stone laid path surrounded by rich dirt. A light flickers on near Ryan, as other lights in the park turn back on…the entire place feels calm, and it's like nothing ever happened. There are no signs of the battle, nor is there even a gate, just a greenhouse door. Even Myrkr isn't there. Just him in a greenhouse, the sounds of the city, and crickets in the grass.

Ryan looks around his surroundings seeing everything is back to normal like nothing ever happened but something did happen, there is no way that was just a dream, or a nightmare in this case. Ryan then reaches out with his telepathy to try and reach Myrkr for he is worried he is still in trouble and worried if he screwed up how he destroyed the corps after the old man was yelling at him.

Absolutely nothing, besides for small animals. In the distance, the sound of people is heard as the lights are coming back on. But besides that, nothing.

"Dang it! Nothing!" Ryan says out loud. Ryan looks around the place looking for any signs of something off, opens up the greenhouse door to see real quick to see if anything happens. Ryan really has no idea what he is doing or what he is looking for, this is way out of his realm of knowledge. All he knows is that Myrkr is fighting that demonic monster alone and he ask for his help and somehow he is going to find a way back to help him.

Completely back in the real world it seems, the drawing from Myrkr from before is still there though from outside. As people come by and into the building, couples rushing off into the dark of the green house, goths and teens passing by. If Ryan is paying attention psychically and physically, he might see a kid with goggles, face mask, and puffy vest pass by him. Along all of the thoughts going on, he might see an image of the troll thing screaming before tossing Myrkr away, the image switching to "Thank you Ryan.". The kid however keeps on walking like nothing ever happened.

Ryan watches the kid for a moment as he seas the images of thank you Rayn appear from him until he is out of sight. Ryan lets out a sigh and then says aloud "You better be alright, where ever you are because you've got some explaining about all that and I still owe you s meal from when you helped me last."

Ryan seeing that there seems to be no way back and that maybe its all over now he starts to head back for home. But what he just went through is still fresh in his mind and it just keeps playing through over and over, hell definitely be talking with some of the X-Men about this to see if any of them can explain this. But for now, there's not much more he can do now and his answers will have to wait until next the meet, at least he got to return the favor to Myrkr for his help from last time.

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