The Invitation
Roleplaying Log: The Invitation
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Emma Frost offers Karin Gluckburg of the Paris chapter an opportunity to meet in private.

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IC Date: January 23, 2020
IC Location: Hellfire Club, NYC, NY
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Posted On: 23 Jan 2020 07:04
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A little over a month after the Yule party, Miss Glucksburg will find in her possession an invitation. It's for relatively early in the evening, considering that it's at the Hellfire Club: eight o'clock. And, should she choose to come and show off her invitation, it will grant her a personal escort to one of the smaller rooms in the back of the Fifth Avenue townhouse meant to accommodate members' private meetings and rendez-vous.

Of course, Emma Frost is already there, dressed in a brocade corset and an ankle-length satin skirt that's nearly split to the hip on one side, leaving very little to the imagination as she drinks brandy on a fainting couch upholstered in scarlet velvet.

And she waits.

The showing by Karin is not as elegant or elaborate as her gala display, merely sensible, well-fitting attire fit for a high-class encounter, favouring white with black here and there to give the eyes something to do when the mouth is idle and the ears are weary. None of her accessories are metallic.

She reads the club's guards' outward attitude toward her when she arrives, not expecting to come to harm but habits rooted in significant personal tragedy have shaped her view of the world to something much less accepting in general. It's when she finds herself in the presence of Ms Frost that she stops being in a heightened state of wariness, and simply resorts to being wary enough to be considered healthy.

"A pleasant surprise," Karin offers sincerely. "I trust I am not frustratingly late."

"Not at all," is Frost's easy reply as she fluidly unfolds herself from her place and moves towards the sideboard with her glass in her hand, floating somewhere near that slit's apex. She lifts that glass to her painted lips as she unstops the decanter of brandy with her other hand so as to sip while she pours another measure.

That means she's already halfway through a generous dispense of the liquor by the time she asks, "Is brandy alright? I just find that it really is the best thing sometimes when the evenings get cold."

Sure, she's entirely bypassing the polite 'would you like a drink', but this is the Hellfire Club. The willingness to indulge is assumed, isn't it?

Of course, all the while, Emma Frost knows how to multitask even more: stretching her awareness in the psychic realm and wrapping around her thoughts. "We just didn't have much opportunity to speak at the Christmas party, and I do like to see who's visiting from the other branches. Paris, wasn't it?"

"I am not a veteran of the social beverages," Karin admits. "My first encounter with brandy it shall be." Caution in the attitude, but not about Emma herself. She finds a suitable spot to place herself, favouring a show of grace without a hint of masking impatience.

"Many sought your attention," Karin recalls. "I felt sufficiently entertained." Her posture takes on a casual, relaxed form. "My father is a member of the Paris chapter, yes. He had not seen fit to show me when I was still living in Denmark. Nor mention it, but that's hardly surprising. I was too young for it to mean anything to me."

"Some did, I suppose," Emma offers dismissively. It's not modesty. Not really. But it's certainly not putting much weight on the attention, either.

She carries the snifter of brandy over to Karin, the crystal suspended from manicured fingertips as she offers it forward. "Small sips, dear."

She says this as though she were ten years older, not two.

But then she's back towards her couch so that she can melt back into place upon it, leaning against its rolled arm. "I have a branch in Paris. I confess that I haven't spent much time in the club chapter there."

Karin's hand closes around the crystal vessel with practiced grace, her head bobbing in a display of comprehension at Emma's advice, not immediately sampling the contents save for taking in its aroma to satisfy the first step of curiosity.

"A more direct and personal invitation I will admit was surprising," Karin informs. "I had either left such an impression by purely visual means, or something I said to someone else has caught your ear?" She sounds unsure, but unaware of other options.

"And what is so surprising about it?" Emma's sip, when she takes another, is not really small by any stretch of the imagination. But it is measured as she paces herself through the portion. "I mean, isn't that part of what one aspires to? Good meetings with people of like mind and resource? If not that, then what is this place really good for?"

The telepath pretends to consider before laughing. "I mean, besides the mind-boggling number of opportunities for flavorful sex, alcohol for the refined palate, whatever drug one could hope for, and the privacy to enjoy them all. But not it's quite worth the full price of admission, left to those four things alone." Her eyes are sharp as she considers the other woman. "Don't you think?"

"Much of myself is reclusive," Karin admits. "Far less experience with indulgence in the drive and thirst for delight without the pitfalls of exploring in the dregs." A small smile comes to her face. "The dregs I know, perhaps too well." She still seems comfortable, if reminiscing. Not a hint of superiority, nor inforiority about her tone. She even samples the brandy with a light sip, taking a moment to fully experience its presence before swallowing.

"A surprise, because for all of my upbringing, pedigree, I am a stranger here, and to the many wonders on offer. That will change, I do not doubt."

"The best way, really, to become a known commodity is to throw a party or two for yourself. Reclusivity really doesn't lend itself to climbing the proverbial ladder." Frost sips from her glass, considering the other woman with a half-lidded expression. "So. Leverage your pedigree a little. Make yourself a commodity. Most of the people here rarely travel outside the country and won't really know the difference anyway. You really should play the whole thing to your advantage."

"Through insight or experience, your words ring with certainty," Karin compliments, raising the snifter. "Is it a grand game you guide me toward, hoping to stir the waters, or would you expect me to shine until my star burns out?" She shows a smile, relaxed, unaccusing. "I have some personal interests that I hope will never sully the names of my peers or superiors. If not for those, I expect to have fully become quite the swimmer in this particular river."

"I expect for you to make of it whatever you will," Emma challenges, smiling with every quality that surely must have turned the lips of the serpent in the Garden of Eden. Her words are far sweeter than a hiss, however, as she continues. "I just know that sometimes, to realize one's own greatness, there needs to be a nudge. So, here I am. Nudging. Nudging and seeing what you will do with it."

Rising once more to her feet, Emma crosses the room towards Karin with a swaying step. Once she's near enough to speak in a murmur, she does so. "It never hurts to have the reminder, after all, that people are indeed watching." What a terrible thing to tell someone aspiring to be a recluse, but there it is, all the same, hanging upon the air.

"So, that's really all I wanted to say, and I've someone else I'm supposed to be meeting before I leave town tomorrow. Mingle after I leave, or go home. The choice is yours. But, do have a pleasant evening, hm?"

A read on Karin shows she is still relaxed, and while not feeling in control, not feeling that being in control is a necessity. Her head seems to lean just slightly back as she contemplates what she is presented in phrase. "I trust I have been an entertaining watch," she muses, her voice soothing. The hint of being in control comes then. She's good at masking it. She's even better at reveling in it.

"I truly appreciate your time and attention," Karin offers, raising snifter again. "Fare well."

"And you," Emma says with a lift of her glass over her shoulder as she starts to walk out of the room without looking back. "I look forward to our next meeting." And with that, she slips through the door and out of the room with the whisper of satin and click of her stiletto boots as her accompaniment. She rarely lingers long, and tonight seems to be no exception.

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