Hungry Shadows
Roleplaying Log: Hungry Shadows
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Myrkr appears upon the grounds of the Mansion and are found by Warren and Dani

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IC Date: January 24, 2020
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There is a rivalry within the X-Mansion. Between Brightwind - a winged Asgardian pegasus - and Warren Worthington the Third, aka Archangel.

The rivalry is simple; see who is the faster flier.

Danielle Moonstar has a good idea who's going to win, but for now all she can say to both horse and winged mutant is, "Good luck.", and only as she steps away from the two does she murmur pointedly to Warren, "Try not to gloat too *much*."

Because, again, Moonstar knows Brightwind and knows his speed, and has some idea of Warren's new speed.

Whether Brightwind hears his rider or not seems immaterial as he levels one blue eye upon the winged man. Then with a derisive snort from the horse and a toss of his head the pegasus launches himself upward into the sky.

The race itself is pretty straightforward. Get from point A to B and whoever gets there first is the obvious winner.

Seeing Brightwind ascend in such a flurry of feathers causes the Cheyenne woman to sigh in both amusement and exasperation, but what she can she do? Brightwind is determined to out-wing Warren and so, Moonstar raises a hand to shade her eye from the low-hanging sun to watch how this particular race plays out.

With that sun beginning it's descent in the sky it can't help but cast long shadows upon the ground. Those patches of blackness holds various shapes - long, short and tall trees, the stables themselves, and even Dani, as her silhouette stretches out from behind her.

Try not to gloat too much, Dani Moonstar told Warren Worthington.

Warren scoffed. "When do I ever do that?"

He flew away before she could answer.

That was a few minutes ago, and now that the race is on, Warren is in the air and — well, while he's not being a complete dick and flying circles around the winged horse, he is maybe being a little bit of a dick. He's staying just ahead enough of Brightwind to be annoying, flying exactly as fast as he needs to in order to maintain a hundred-foot lead.

Part of his restraint is, of course, that he doesn't want to push his capabilities too much more than he is. He's not anywhere near in Archangel mode at the moment, but he's still allowed his feathered white wings to transition just enough to drastically increase his speed.

Surely nothing's going to happen to Dani while she's waiting on the grass, right on Institute grounds.

On the grounds, behind Dani, a pair of whispy purple lights pop into being, they watch for a moment before the racers take off. The purple lights pop into being underneath the racers, bobbing up an down, like tiny little whisps before flickering off.

They appear again in a tree, Dani and Warren might feel the sensation of not just being watched, but of being judged, like its not just looking at them, but into them, even the horse might feel it.

The lights flicker again tilting left and right. Its hard to tell what they're doing besides for facing Dani and the racers.

They flicker from place to place, not staying to long in one place, from shadow to shadow.

When does he ever do that? That earns a familiarly pointed look from Dani, "Mmm."

But then the two are up in the sky and Moonstar has her attention focused upward.

Brightwind strives to fly as fast as he can and while he's fast, he's not as fast as Warren. That becomes quite evident as Warren pulls ahead and keeps the same distance between the two quite steady.

With Dani's vantage point she can see quite clearly what's happening and the emotions pouring off of Brightwind is enough to prompt a head-shake from the woman, "Great, guess I'll be - ", but she can't quite finish that sentence, not when something tickles at the edges of her senses. The oddity causes the black-haired woman to drop her hand away from her face and down to the grounds around herself. She searches the area around herself, and while she was just about to shrug it off, that feeling intensifies. Like she's being watched.

"Who's there?" She calls out, her tone now harsh and strident, and with that question the Cheyenne woman finally opens up her more mystical senses. Immedidately she feels the presence of souls and unlike the older ones that linger like ghosts upon the ground, there's two that are different than the others.

Different enough to cause Dani to track their presence to the trees where those orbs linger.

What she senses is enough to cause her to call out, both verbally and emotionally (and if Warren has his comlink on him that way too) "Company."

And while Brightwind and Archangel are high in the sky, that doesn't stop Brightwind from responding to his rider's warning. With a tuck of his wing Brightwind suddenly turns away from the race and Warren and then clicks both wings to drop like a rock to the ground.

As for Dani, while those purple orbs seem to dance away and reappear in different spots, her senses allow her to follow the two souls who dip in and out of those shadows.

She calls out to the lights, "You'd better come out *now*."

Perhaps she's over-reacting, but she can see enough to know that those orbs aren't just orbs and with all that's happened lately, she can't quite stop herself from jumping to fight versus flight.

Warren has felt a lot more 'unsettled in his own skin' ever since becoming Archangel, for obvious reasons, but there's a slight difference between that feeling and the odd feeling he is now experiencing of being… 'watched,' of which he slowly becomes aware. It brings him to look around perhaps a little more than he usually would when he's flying in a straight line.

And the instant something unexpected moves in his field of vision, he catches sight of it. He frowns slightly, twisting around to look back down at where Dani's standing. He doesn't need the comms to guess what she's saying.

Company, she says.

He flips in the air instantly and comes winging back, though he doesn't land quite yet, unlike Brightwind. He circles slowly over Dani instead, likely feeling more comfortable in the air than he would landing. Better vantage point, more maneuverability, and he's just… more comfortable airborne.

"You seeing something other than just the lights?" He's clearly asking about her death-senses. Now he's using the comms. "I'm… sensing something."

The eyes don't flicker, but stare curiously, the sound of bone on bone is heard from the shadows "Gru Hazl Gru Hazl." an ethereal voice responds from the shadows, soft, yet harsh like a blowing wind. The forest lights up suddenly with a purple pulse, showing the creature.

Its head somehow tilted without muscle resting on its shoulder, squatting and pointing a finger at Dani "Gru Hazl Gru Hazl." it says again, the purple whispy eyes revealed to be its eyes. As the purple color dies down the eyes flickering closer, but not moving out of the dark. It acts like a wary animal, the sound of pacing on soft leaves coming from the forest.

The lights bob up and down, tilt left to right, like its curious in a way.

Warren's question is answered in clip tones, "Definitely more than lights.", and when he reveals he too is sensing something? That causes Moonstar to momentarily shift her attention away from the woods and then upward to the winged man, before she returns her attention to the situation at hand.

With the situation being what it is, Moonstar finally opens her other senses, the kind that are left over from her time spent with the Demon Bear. It's those senses that allow her to see even more and what she sees isn't comforting in any sense of the word.

"It looks demon-ish, but there's something else there. It … almost reminds me of the Bear."

Sort of, and that's enough to cause Moonstar to call forth a psionic weapon to her hands. A spear of magenta coalesces in her left hand now.

Brightwind slams to the ground and as soon as his hooves touch the earth he mantles his wings outward, partially blocking his rider from view.

Those words that the creature says causes the woman to frown, "I have no idea what it's saying."

The sense of curiousness it gives off and the almost animalistic behavior causes Moonstar to add, "Let's try to approach and if it does turn out to be like the Bear we all know what to do."

Likely she means kill it, if possible.

Slowly now, Dani begins to approach, that psionic spear still gripped in one hand. "Who are you?"

It almost reminds me of the Bear.

That brings Warren to fall completely silent, all levity gone. He spills wind from his wings and dips lower, circling only twenty feet overhead now. His wings shift, no longer seeming so soft, the planes of each feather hardening and sharpening into blades that reflect the waning light.

"Too close to the school," he says, his voice tense. Just thinking about the Bear puts him on edge.

The thing starts to speak then — if what it is doing can be called speech. It's nothing Warren understands. Yet it does seem to be trying to communicate in some way, and its body language seems curious, or careful. Perhaps it's that which brings Warren's hard, suspicious gaze to moderate slightly. In his time, he's seen a lot of kids come to the school, confused, expressing frightening mutations which had prevented them from getting help anywhere else.

Warren finally alights, landing near Dani. His wings remain slightly open, the feathers rustling softly: spread and primed like the weapons they are. "We'll see soon enough," is his reply to Dani. "I've seen confused kids who looked worse. But…"

He steps forward, towards the odd shadow. The wing closer to Dani lifts in a defensive way when it points at her. "What do you want?"

The thing keeps still, its gaze redirected towards the horse, its tilting stopping to stare at it, also getting distracted by Warren as its wings change, the head bobbing up and down and tilting as they do.

The eyes flicker to a lighter purple color as Dani comes closer, the runes on its body beginning to glow a light florescent purple, small embers falling from the runes.

Its still squatting as it uses its hands and feet to move closer, head re-directed at the spear before using its trash can sized hand, pointing to the ground as the eyes flicker again.

The clawed hand begins to draw in the dirt, spelling in horrible writing "Sam, friend." before the eyes flicker again and it tilts its head at the writing like it didn't just write, bending low to look at it.

It looks from her to the writing as she gets closer, its form shifting slightly before it whines "Balanin…" it says, in a sad sort of way, a hand going to its stomach before looking at the horse, then her "Balanin…juzgur calthezin? Nez nez?" it says towards her.

Its form shifts again, almost like there's some sort of struggle going on that it dosn't seem to notice.

Too close to the school.

There's full agreement from Dani even if she doesn't voice those words aloud. Instead she continues on her slow approach and when Warren lands beside her, the Cheyenne woman can't help but flick a look towards him. A thankfulness there, even if she'd rather neither of them deal with anything that might be bear-like again.

The winged-man's words pull a shallow nod from Moonstar, as she murmurs, "True. Let's see if that's the case here."

Though she can't quite hide her doubt that this creature is harmless and just in need of their help.

The question of what the creature wants is answered in that unrecognizable language, but before Dani can follow up with another question, the creature points at the words it scratched into the ground. 'Sam, friend'.

"Sam? Sam Guthrie?" Moonstar asks as she looks at the creature and those words of its, before she shifts a quick look to Warren. "Looks like you might be right."

"Though I don't know if this is technically a mutation." Her eye narrows as she stretches all of her senses outward, "There's magic mixed up here." With that stretch of mystical senses the air around Dani begins to grow cold. "A binding of some kind between two souls and it's not a cohesive thing. They struggle against one another."

Warren has his doubts the creature is harmless and just in need of help. But he wants to be able to hope that it is.

He went through terrible things, did terrible things, over the past few months… but in a strange way, perhaps going through all that has made him even more mindful of the principles of openness, help, and mercy on which the school was founded. When you find yourself going down dark paths, it becomes even more important to try to remember the light… lest you lose yourself completely. When you've seen the absolute depths of human cynicism and found yourself killing against your will — against everything you were ever taught — sometimes you just want to be able to be optimistic about something turning out okay, again.

It's hard though. Especially when he hears the creature compared to the 'Demon Bear.' His feathers prickle at the very thought of the creature.

Landing beside Dani for all the world like an oversized bird coming to rest, Warren tilts his head in another distinctly birdlike gesture, studying the creature intently as it scratches out those two words. "Ah… you've met Sam?" He takes yet another step closer, and if he incidentally puts himself between Dani and the shadow-thing, well… he's the one with the techno-organic wings as hardened and tough as blast shields. "Did he tell you to try to talk to others? To us?"

His head turns slightly as Dani says it might not be a mutation — she feels too much magic in the air — but he doesn't take his eyes off the shadow-being. Two poorly-bound together souls, struggling against one another, Dani diagnoses. "I empathize," Warren says, his voice flat and dry.

His gaze follows the creature's gestures. "Did you come for help with that? Do you need food?"

At the sound of the word food, his focus is suddenly on Warren "Ulz! Ulz ulz ulz ulz ulz ulz ulz." it says as black viscious fluid begins to drip from its mouth. It dosn't even care what else is going on besides for look at letters "Belz-Unglz? Taz, Unglz, Taz Belz-Unglz." it says before it looks towards Warren, a hand reaching out to poke its wings before its eyes flicker for a moment before the thing begins to blow away into the wind, like dust, leaving a extremely scrawny kid behind on its butt.

The kid nods franticly "Y-Y-yes, f-f-food where." the kid says, litterally shaking like an addict might.

Dani doesn't quite miss the fact that Warren steps in front of her.

It brings a vague narrow to her eyes, but she doesn't voice any of her internal thoughts aloud.

Instead, when he speaks of empathy Dani nods, as she too can empathize (to some extent) with the creature and its plight. However, that doesn't stop her from keeping that spear in her hand manifested, nor does it stop her from edging around Warren.

The creatures reaction to the mention of food brings a wry tone to Moonstar's voice, "Looks like you said the magic word.", and while she was about to say more her words pause as the creature begins to whisp away and change.

Her pause extends perhaps a second longer than it should, as she now takes in the rather short young man before the two.

Slowly she slides a look to Warren, "I'd say that's unexpected, but …" It kind of isn't. Not when Dani saw the humanity within the creature itself.

Back to Myrkr, Dani says, "This way. The food is this way. So too is shelter."

It seems Warren's said the trigger word. His wings stiffen up a bit with surprise and wariness at the suddenness of the response, though once he realizes the shadow-thing means no actual harm, they relent again. Warren only moves significantly when the odd creature reaches to touch his wings; he withdraws them from reach, a little guiltily but firmly, the great pinions folding at his back again.

"They might hurt you," the winged mutant explains, his voice quiet.

A flicker of surprise appears again in his blue eyes when the shadow-form wisps away, and reveals a skinny little slip of a kid behind. A shaking, hungry little kid. Warren's expression immediately moderates into empathy. Perhaps he knows a thing or two about having an uncontrollable monstrous form. He glances at Dani, who echoes the thought in his mind — to let the kid into the mansion, if only to eat — though there's also another look in his eyes that she would recognize easily now, by dint of long experience working together:

Keep your psychic spear handy, just in case.

"Not a lot surprises me anymore. Hazards of the profession," he says to her, dryly. His attention turns back to Myrkr afterwards, more encouraging now. "Come on," he says, sweeping a wing in the direction of the mansion in the distance. "We'll get you some. And maybe you can tell us if anyone's looking after you."

Myrkr The kid, obviously barely holding himself back from running towards the mansion just nods, any sense of curiosity or caution out the window "T-t-there's going to be food right? Right?" the kid asks as he starts walking shakily, like hasn't had food in days towards the mansion, literally ignoring anything else "One more step…come on…one more step." the kid tells himself as he takes one, two, then falls over, then simply begins to crawl, a pathetic whining sound coming from him that sounds suspiciously like sobbing, though the face mask+goggles hides any thing that might damage what pride the guy has left.

The look Warren sends her way is definitely understood.

They've been at this game far too long to be naively trusting anymore.

Too much has happened in their respective lives for them to stay so.

However, while she does keep the spear ready, the cold that surrounded her dissipates and when Warren helpfully points the way to the mansion, Moonstar turns to follow.

"And your name too." The Cheyenne woman adds and while there was more to that sentence when Myrkr falls to the ground, Dani can't help but wince. "Well, let's get you food first. Introductions later."

And with those words of hers said, Moonstar moves over and pulls Myrkr to his feet. Once he's back on his feet, Moonstar just takes it a step further and helps him walk to the mansion.

It's a good thing he's short and rather light-weight, otherwise she may have had to call Brightwind over to carry the young man to the Mansion proper.

"Come on, in we go." Are the last words heard from Dani, as the trio heads inside to find suitable food for the young man to eat.

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