Card Sharks
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Or how Dani fleeced EVERYONE. Or really, how the team had a fun game of cards :)

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Things have been heavy around the Mansion lately.

Too many emotions that weigh upon those that live within these hallowed halls of Xavier's.

Perhaps that's why, for this night, Moonstar has decided to try and change some of that.

Text messages and e-mails went out from Dani, inviting people to the X-Base for an evening of fun.

And perhaps a little bit of shop talk as well, as Dani knows Sam needs to chatter with Roberto in particular.

Two birds, one stone, and all of that.

EITHER WAY, when people arrive they'll find a card table set up. Upon the table sits an undisturbed deck of cards, along side various piles of poker chips and already settled in a chair is one Danielle Moonstar. She has an opened bottle of beer already in hand and idly she watches the door, to see who cares to join.

Sam Guthrie walks in and looks at the cards and chuckles a bit "Figure if can't talk him into it, just win enough to do it anyways?" He jokes a bit with his old co leader. He will move to grab a drink, soda at least to start with. "How ya doing chief?"

Heading into the room is Paige, who is dressed casually for the evening. Her blonde hair is pulled up behind her in a loose pony tail, wearing jeans and a sweater. "Hey guys." She drawls out to them as she ruffles Sam's hair a bit with her hand, then lifts her brows upwards to the sight of cards.

DID YOU KNOW that sometimes being really, just, obscenely rich is actually kind of a pain in the ass?

Sure, yeah, you can buy basically anything you want, and go pretty much anywhere you want, and everyone wants to be your friend in the hopes that some of that filthy lucre will rub off on them, and yeah you get to be on the covers of magazines wearing very expensive suits and looking serious.

And yes, you get invited to all the best parties all over the world, and you get to know all sorts of famous and cool people you never would've gotten the chance to otherwise, and then you wind up moving up a few places on the 'most eligible billionaire bachelor' lists as assorted other rich guys take the proverbial bullet and marry models or actresses or maybe a princess but somehow despite an incredible new haircut AND a new workout regimen you're still behind BRUCE WAYNE on the list WHAT ARE YOUR SEXY SECRETS, WAYNE

But there's like, meetings. So many meetings. And you spend a lot of time talking with lawyers about just… Everything. Things you never want to talk to anyone about. And you have to sign a lot of documents! Think of the ink stains! Think of the pen cramp!

So of course, even Roberto da Costa needs to blow off a little steam now and then.

"The message specifically said an evening of fun," says the dark-skinned Brazilian as he arrives shortly after the siblings Guthrie; he's still wearing a suit, though that's probably not too surprising, the black coat and slacks tailored by some Italian guy whose name would be meaningless for anyone who's worth less than eight figures but sure to elicit an awed response from the turbo-rich. The crisp, white shirt is silk but in the interests of looking casual he's undone one too many buttons on it. Of course, he makes it work. "This isn't going to be like the time we got conned thinking we were going to play Mario Party and it was another Danger Room thing, is it?"

There is, of course, one more thing:

Like Dani, he is also wearing an eyepatch.

Sam's words cause the black-haired woman to look briefly amused, "Dammit, Sam, how'd you guess my master plan?"

She almost goes so far to snap her fingers, but instead takes a drink of beer. Only after she sets the bottle down does the Cheyenne woman answer that last question of his, "I'm okay. What about you?"

Paige's entrance causes Moonstar to momentarily switch her attention from brother to sister, "Evening, Paige. Care to join? Sam has this crazy notion he's going to win tonight."

And then in comes Roberto da Costa. It's his words she hears first and from those she automatically says, "I'm surprised you admit you fell for that con, Berto. You know the Danger Room isn't meant to be used like one massive video ga …"

Yeah, her words trail off as she finally turns her good eye over to Berto and spies that eyepatch.

Several emotions skitter across her face starting with surprise, then disbelief, and finally something that can only be described as WTF. It stays on WTF for a millisecond or more before finally morphing into it's final state.

"Nice eyepatch, Berto, but just so you know I pull off the sexy-pirate look far better than you."

Wry amusement has clearly won out for this particular evening, as the woman reaches for the deck. "There's cold beer in the kitchen if anyone is thirsty."

Sam Guthrie is tempted to make sure both eyes are there, and resists the urge to remind his friends thats not why they call him cyclops. He looks over to Paige, "And to think they think they have a chance." He does pick up the cards and starts shuffling them. "Berto, it is good to see you, you've been in meeting since Ah got back." He exagerates, but does show some concern looking at his friend.

"Sure, ah'll play. Can ah' be th' red cards?" Paige says as she bumps her shoulder up against Sam's in a playful manner, then casts her eyes over towards Berto and his approach. Her brows lift upwards, letting out a soft laugh. "Ah' dunno, Dani. Ah' think he's pulling it off pretty well." She pulls a chair out and slides down at the table, giving a stretch of her body. "What's this 'bout ya'll using th' DR as a video game? Do we gotta try and beat ah' high score or somethin'?"

"We totally could have," Roberto replies about the horrible misuse of the Danger Room and its incredibly advanced space alien technology. His tone is… Not quite actually sulky, but it's definitely in the neighbourhood. Sure, they probably would've gotten an incredible Xavier Lecture/Guilt Trip but it probably would've been worth it to use Shi'ar tech to make a big green pipe to have jump down into.

Alas, those days of shenanigans are far behind them all, since they're now all responsible adults. Now, those sorts of shenanigans are the realm of the students… Who are on the other side of the continent. California, he has to admit, sounds pretty good when you're stuck on the East Coast in the middle of winter. And are a solar powered Brazilian.

"Danielle Moonstar," he says, with a tone of mock affront at her claims of superior sexy piracy. "You just think that because I left the ruffled shirt at home." He grins, and sort of… Tilts his head, briefly? Oh no, he's made a terrible mistake.

He's wearing the patch over his winking eye!

"Don't worry, Sam," Bobby (you can tell he's rich by the way he hoards all these nicknames) replies to the taller, blonder young man; his accent draws the 'a' sound out. Saam. "I totally just signed whatever they put in front of me, so I'm done with meetings for a bit. Now we've got all the time in the world to watch Dani cheat at cards."

Somewhat late to the party, Kitty Pryde slips into the room. Unlike the others, hers is much more like a sneak attack as she comes through one of the walls.

As of recently, Kitty has been around the X-Base like a ghost. She has been here off and on for the past year or two dealing with split allegiances between the X-Men and the Guardians. The past few weeks, it may not even seem like anything has been different. However, the base has felt haunted. Cupboards left open, things left out, TVs left on.

With the invitation from Dani, though Kitty has made an effort. She enters the room late - but attending. Her hair is still damp, but braided into two buns at the back of her head like Princess Leia. Her outfit is relaxed, but more professional than the pajamas she's been wearing exclusively, recently. Wearing jeans, a sweater and a jacket, she looks ready to play poker.

Glancing about the room, she gives a few nods as greetings. "Hope I'm not too late?" She gives Paige and Sam a nod in greeting, not shy exactly, but certainly asking if it is okay to join their game.

When she notices Bobby and his attire, though, she reacts immediately. Moving forward, quickly and without warning, she reaches out to Bobby, giving a 'hand it over' gesture as she points at the eye patch. While before her tone was questioning, this time it she is very serious: "Give me that."

Paige's retort on who is the sexier pirate brings Moonstar's eye over to the blonde woman, "Traitor.", is all she says, before she waits for Sam to deal.

"What's the dealer's preference?" She idly asks, before her eye tracks back to Berto. Amusement flashes in that good eye of hers again, "Hm, you may have the advantage with the ruffled shirt, but I definitely have the leg advantage, thank you."

It's been a long enough time since the former New Mutants have been together and the ease which Dani falls back into banter is something of a relief.

The arrival of Kitty brings Moonstar's head around and the Cheyenne woman can't help the brief look of surprise that flashes across her face. She hadn't expected Kitty to join, but she's glad she did.

In fact, Dani was just about to greet her when Kitty went on the offensive. Over Roberto's eyepatch.

A corner of Moonstar's mouth hitches upward in a quirk of a half-grin, "I'd hand it over if I were you, Berto."

Sam Guthrie smirks a bit and says "5 card draw, and anyone who is a ninja, has to double ante." He jokes a bit, He shuffles a moment more before he deals the card, dealing berto and Kitty in as well. "Trust me, I have seen both of your legs, and while he has the soccer legs, yea I think Dani has it better in the thigh high boots and bootie shorts catagory.

A slight rustling of steely feathers portends the arrival of another contender. A contender who doesn't actually seem aware that people have decided to gather up and hang out in the base's common area. A contender who just came from the showers after another solo Danger Room session.

Blond hair slightly damp, dressed solely in sweatpants and a white towel strewn over the crook of one wing like he forgot it there, Warren appears briefly from one of the hallways leading into the common room. His feathers stand up slightly in alarm on seeing an entire gathering.

"Again…?" Warren complains. "Everyone really likes to hang out up here now."

He turns straight around with a flick of his white wings and heads off again. Hopefully to get dressed. More likely to go take a flight, just like that.

"Excuse me, my legs are spectacular," Roberto huffs. Because Sam is quite right about the positive effects of a lifelong commitment to the sport of real football. "And I could absolutely pull off the booty shorts if I wanted to. Probably like some denim cutoffs?" Maybe not the thigh high boots, but it's still too early and they're all too sober to know for sure.

But then, Kitty Pryde shows up, and barely pauses to greet the others before marching up to him and telling him to 'give her that'.

It's obvious what she means, even without Dani's obvious amusement at the exhange, so the Brazilian lets out an extremely put upon sigh before he takes off the eyepatch and hands it over. It's weird, like Kitty's gotten more experience with wrangling troublemaking and kind of thoughtless men somewhere recently. Very strange……..

"It was out of solidarity," he points out, turning to Dani and making a heart shape with his hands.

He's about to sit down when Warren makes his brief appearance; Bobby's dark eyes follow the deparing winged wonder with a faint narrowing.

How dare someone be more naked than him!!

"I guess he doesn't play poker," Roberto concludes, shrugging out of his suit jacket. Somebody should really stop him before he starts on his shirt.

Kitty takes the eyepatch and pockets it into her jeans. It's a quick thing and with an eyebrow raise toward Berto, she takes a breath and takes a seat at the table.

Pulling her legs up, she is practically perched on the chair rather than leaning back into it with comfort. Perhaps this is comfortable for her. As she adjusts herself, Warren enters from the showers. Kitty's leg misses as she attempts to cross it and she almost falls off the chair. "Warren! You gotta warn us about your shirt schedule!"

Settling herself back into a position, she squares her shoulders and gives Sam a bit of a look. "Hey, I'm the only ninja here, this is discrimination against the stealthy members of our team. I should require a double ante for anyone I've had to phase out of trouble, Sam."

Much like Dani, settling into a back and forth is almost easy for her. For a moment, she's amazed at herself before she's quickly picking up the cards to play. As for why Warren doesn't? "He does, but if he played without his shirt off, he'd know he was cheating." And the eyepatch? Kitty's very serious as she arranges her cards, her words soft, but forceful. "You weren't there."

Still amused, Moonstar swings her gaze over to Sam, "Be careful, Sam. This line of conversation will only end up bad in the end. For *us*."

Not Roberto, obviously. He'd enjoy those booty shorts far too much, she knows it.

Then it's back to the standoff between Kitty and Berto and the confiscation of that eyepatch.

While Moonstar was just about to add something, to all of that, Warren suddenly makes his appearance.



Slowly, the Cheyenne shakes her head and murmurs mostly to herself, or possibly to Sam, "You'd have thought he learned his lesson from the last time."

Then it's back to Kitty and Berto and especially Kitty at the remark about Warren, cheating and shirtlessness. "Agreed."

Dani reaches for the cards that Sam so expertly deals and picks them up and begins to rearrange. Only that rearrangement of her hand pauses at Kitty's quiet forceful words. It causes Moonstar to look over at her friend before she reaches over to try and lightly touch her arm.

"I'm okay." She says simply, "It'll be okay."

And while more could be said, Dani doesn't. Not with everyone in the room, so instead she nods to Berto, "Though clearly I need help in defending my honor against Berto and his malicious insinuations that I *cheat*."

Really it was only one time. Honest.

Sam Guthrie smirks a bit and says "Ah roomed with him, doubt Ah can see much Ah have not already seen." He will chuckles a bit and looks at his cards. He looks over to Kitty and says "Ah was not there either but ah can say we all have seen horrible horrible things, but if we let them change how we treat our friends and family, then we are letting them put worse scars on us than any physical ones. He looks over to Berto and says "We gotta get some wings, they all ohh and ahh over him and Jay both."

The serious turn Kitty's words take actually make Roberto even more glad that he doffed his jacket, because now he won't be tempted to get one of the spare eyepatches he'd left in the inside pocket.

Look, he figured he was going to end up losing it one way or the other… It's just now it would be too crass even for him to actually go for it.

"I didn't insinuate anything," the Brazilian says instead, and with the cards dealt he at least turns his attention t them and leaves his shirt on. "I said it straight out. That's okay though, it keeps things interesting." Now he's insinuating: Insinuating Dani couldn't beat him at cards without cheating! Truth be told, he's gotten a lot better at cards now that he's not quite as hotheaded as he was in younger days, but Danielle Moonstar remains an excellent opponent. An excellent opponent he won't hesitate to trash talk.

Because that's what family is for.

"Psh, wings. We don't need gimmicks to get oohed and aahed over, Sam. We've got great hair and strength of character. Although Kitty's right, we shouldn't discriminate against ninjas. They're people too, Samuel." He pauses, consideringly. "Maybe just one and a half ante for her."

Kitty bristles more, but Dani reaches out with a light touch on her am. That gesture slowly and effectively enacts a shut down command for her. While still perched on her chair, she takes a few moments and keeps her eyes on her cards.

"Lucky," Kitty smirks to Sam about seeing most of Warren that others have not seen. She can't help it, even if Warren isn't here to tease. And when Sam tells her that they have all seen some terrible things, that makes her narrow her eyes somewhat and look at her cards even the more astutely. She's been looking at them quite a bit, so it's not like she needs to see them any longer. "You're right," she agrees with Sam, the words exhaled, almost relieved?

Snorting at Berto, now that he's doffed his jacket and not bringing out more eyepatches, she shakes her head. "You'll be paying that half, Berto. The fact that I'm a ninja has helped you stay alive and rich, the least you can do is pay that part of my ante."

Dani watches Kitty a moment longer and only after she's certain the other woman is okay, does Dani return her gaze to the boys at the table.

A black brow raises upward, "Wings, is it? Well, I'll go tell Brightwind that you'll be around to ooh and ahh over him very soon. I'm sure he would love the attention."

She smirks then, before she glances at her cards, her expression mostly amused.

Quickly, the woman places her cards facedown as she intones, "And you should pay half her ante, Berto. Only right."

"And speaking of right, no poker game can be played without a bit of food and beer. I'll go grab some, just don't let them look at my cards, Kitty." When she rises from her seat she turns a look over to Berto and neatly points at her good eye and then over at him - clearly she's watching him - then she steps out of the room to go gather the various treats for the game.

Sam Guthrie will make a bid on the cards he has and says "Speaking of spending money Berto, Ah actually wanted to talk to you a moment about getting you to spend a nice chunk of funds with warren on an X project for near the mansion. Aint got details on exactly how much yet.

With no defense coming from Sam's direction, Roberto is soon outnumbered on the subject of covering Kitty's extra ninja ante. This draws an extremely put-upon look from the Brazilian billionaire, but unsurprisingly it's not at all a serious one. Though the occasionally nigh invulnerable Guthrie piggybacks off of that to bring up what will surely be a much larger amount than pocket change poker bets.

Especially if it's something he and Warren would be going halfsies on. You don't often need two obscenely rich guys!

"What kinda project?" he wonders, while yes adding to the pot for Kitty, as well. Maybe it's some kind of apology for his joke that wasn't as hilarious to everyone else as it was himself? Well… Probably not, given his typical behaviour. But, fair's fair.

Fair is fair, so Kitty just keeps looking at Berto until he pays her ante. Once he does, she grins and returns to her cards. Tossing in a few chips, she checks.
When Sam says he wants to talk about an X Project, she looks up, glancing between the two. Berto has already asked the question she was about to, she lets it stand. Instead, she glances at the pair while they discuss and she manages her own hand.

Sam Guthrie will deal the card to them as they need more, and says "Well will be honest come to mind for my own good to be honest. We all." He motions towards them all together "We are starting to get older, and more and more x-men and people with x creditials. Ah was looking at a place besides living in the mansion. I thought about an RV but as Ah told Dani and Warren, Ah don't wanna be the X-men's cousin Eddie." He will smile at them "We were talking about possibly setting up a tiny house community off in the woods but near the school. Would give room at the mansion for new people and such, but also give us who want to be around a place to be. also with tiny house if someone goes on walk about for a few months," He does not say logan by name "We can pack the house up and their stuff is secure. Warren and Kitty were thinking we add some stealth technology to the area as well.

We are starting to get older.

"Hey, speak for yourself, I'm ageless," the Brazilian retorts. Well, at the very least, being extremely rich seems to give him license to remain something of a manchild. And it's not like they're really old, like the original X-Men! Just imagine Cyclops getting grey hairs but he can't even tell because of the ruby quartz he views the world through. Or Warren's lower back pain. Still, Sam does raise some good points about not wanting to be living in a van down by the river, or perpetually crashing on a couch in the mansion.

A housing project. A gated community just for them, hidden away so it doesn't get blown up immediately by homicidal robots.
"Yeah, why not? It's not a bad idea," Roberto agrees, looking towards Kitty before he returns his attention directly to Sam. "You could still get an RV if you wanted, though, we could get you a little parking spot for it." No Bobby they are not making a mutant trailer park. "Oh! Or a houseboat. It worked for McGyver…"

Kitty puts two cards down and takes two from Sam's dealing. As he talks, she thinks. "But, if thwy raid the mansion, would they not raid whatever is in the forest? We'd have to make sure everything is in different holdings and, not only that, show that it has been like that for years. Otherwise they'd raid the houses in the forest." Putting her cards down, she looks at the pot and then the others. "They don't care, they have laws on their side with Registration."
She looks to Berto. "Can you help put something aside that can't be traced back to any of us so we can hide people there? I mean, an RV is a better idea, honestly. It's mobile, we could move people out of Registration. As soon as they hit outside the NY border, they are out of jurisdiction. They'll try to bring them back, but we can fight the law there."

Sam Guthrie smirks a bit and says "Thats why the stealth stuff so not easily found. It also lets those get to the mansion quicker. Personally I can just get a place near Harry's since Ah am working there, and be here quick, but tiny homes look abit less well trailer park if someone does spot them, could easily be explained as teacher housing. Also tiny houses can be set up to be mobile just have to be hooked up to a car or maybe the strong millionaire or the guy who can still beat him in a flight race." He jokes

It is, of course, always important to get alternative perspectives, too. It would be easy to get caught up in that first-look enthusiasm without considering any of the downsides, which Kitty astutely points out: 'Hidden' doesn't mean 'unfindable', unless maybe you're a wizard or something, and being able to pick up and move en masse might be even better if they do get raided by the government.

A faint frown, a rare thing from him, tugs at the corners of Roberto's mouth. Time was there were other people to deal with difficult choices like that. Time was they could be sure that the Professor knew what he was doing and had everything well in hand. But nowadays they're on their own. Like all children, sooner or later they were going to have to be the ones to make the grown-up decisions.
"All right, let's not get caught up on the specifics just yet, then. The general idea is sound, we'll just have to see what we can come up with as a good solution for having to drop everything and run." Better to get more heads in on it, right? "And yeah, Kitty, we can come up with something that can't be traced back. See, now we're all conspiring together on this," he says, more gleefully than before. "It'll be fun. Almost as much fun as beating you all at cards."

At least, once Dani comes back."

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