Suit Up
Roleplaying Log: Suit Up
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Jessica Jones confronts Trish Walker over her continued investigation of the Hellfire club.

Other Characters Referenced: Emma Frost, Tony Stark, Daredevil, Red Robin, Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, Captain America
IC Date: January 29, 2020
IC Location: Trish's Apartment, Manhattan, NYC
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Posted On: 30 Jan 2020 06:16
Rating & Warnings: PG, cause Jess
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Early evening at the Walker apartment finds Trish at her dining room table. Aside from her fluff pieces on the radio, which is her way of keeping her head down at work, and her meeting with a certain telepath, the radio personality has been surprisingly quiet of late. She's been rather conflicted. She wants to be the hero that she always wanted to see in the world, but she isn't sure she knows how to be. After pushing Jess into it for so long, she isn't so sure she's the right person for the job either. Is Hellcat destined to roam the streets? Or is she best suited to try to gain her voice in the media once more? Trish has a lot on her mind to think about.

Spread out on her table are a bunch of news piece ideas. All said fluff pieces. She's been doing nothing but stare at them as she slowly digs into a plate of spaghetti. Occasionally she nudges the papers around, as if rearranging them will have some affect on how she sees the stories. Maybe one of them will suddenly pop out and catch her interest? Who knows.

* * *

Jessica Jones doesn't knock.

Indeed, she just shows up on the balcony, and opens the glass door, and strides right in.

"You should be damned glad that Emma Frost both owed me one and has just enough decency to acknowledge that favor," is her opening line. "I can't frickin' believe you kept investigating that goddamn club after looking me dead in the face and telling me you were done with it. To say nothing of openly inviting a member of it to go poking Wilson Fisk in his big giant belly like he's the fucking evil Philsbury Doughboy!"

Hi, how are you? How's it going?

Well, Jess was never one for leading in with pleasantries anyway.

* * *

"Please. Come in. Join me for dinner, won't you? There's still plenty of spaghetti in the pot on the stove." It's all said in an exasperated tone before Trish even looks over at Jess. There aren't many people who would be entering from the balcony of all places, even fewer who have reason to be this upset with her. In fact, Jess is the only one with the unique combination of skills and justifiable anger to come through her balcony door.

Turning to face her, the blonde radio talk show host raises her eyebrows, shrugs and shakes her head. "What do you want me to say, Jess? That I'm sorry? Fine. I'm sorry. That I'll never do it again? Well, can't say I'm going to go back to Frost for assistance. Nor am I going to investigate the Club any more. So you should be happy about that." She leans back slightly.

"Look, I was pissed, okay? Pissed that…that this evil Pilsbury Doughboy, as you put it, could get out away with the bad he did. Especially after you and the other worked so hard to put him away! And…and! Have you heard my show lately? It's all 'quintuplets' this and 'hot dogs stands' that and 'conjoined twin wiener dogs' the other. All because Fisk owns the station now and decided that I wasn't suited for hard hitting journalism." Or more decided that the adopted sister of Jessica Jones, one of the people responsible for putting him in prison, shouldn't be doing shows that could harm his reputation. Not that she puts that on Jess. It's not her fault.

* * *

Jessica lets out an exasperated sound and scrubs her fingers through her hair. She stomps to the table, whirls a chair around, and plops down into it, leaning forward on it. Trish says she won't investigate anymore, and one black eyebrow ticks up as if to point out, with utter silent censure, that's what Trish said last time.

If anything, her ire bubbles back down. She still looks sour, but Jessica flares up and forgives just as fast. Even if the sarcasm and grouchiness will linger.

"It's 2020," she says. "You're loaded. Maybe you need to start your own podcast. Do whatever kind of journalism you want. Take the sponsors you want. You've got name recognition. Money for equipment. Money for advertising. Fisk wants to win by controlling the mainstream media? You win by going Indie."

* * *

"Indie." Trish practically snorts, chuckling softly. "Right. You make it sound like I'm going back into music. Look at me, I'm going indie! I'm joining Death Cab For Cutie or…or I'm touring with Modest Mouse." She rubs her temples and sighs. "I'm sorry…again. And you're right. Like usual. Just, don't get used to me saying that."

She collects all the papers into a pile, the top news piece talking about Spider-Man helping some old lady in Queens. "Maybe I should be putting my energy back into Hellcat." She ponders. "Become the friendly neighborhood Hellcat." She says while picking up the article about Spider-Man. "I promise, I won't take Hellcat to visit Fisk…not again, and not right away anyway." Putting the paper down, she looks back at Jess. "I could start doing a podcast following the exploits of Hellcat…and Jewel maybe?" She raises an eyebrow inquisitively, though she knows the answer immediately upon asking.

* * *

"Death Cab for Cutie did some great songs," Jessica argues. "Better than some songs I could name."

Jess then stares at Trish and adds, "You cannot start a podcast following yourself. That's a good way to blow your secret identity. Christ, half the mask community leaves a thousand tiny clues without realizing it as it is. It's scary to me how easy it is to figure them out sometime. And you can't cover Jewel because there is no goddamn Jewel. Anyway, there is no should in this gig. Nobody should costume up and beat up bad guys, okay, any more than someone should become a doctor. It's what you want to do."

* * *

"Death Cab for Cutie did some amazing songs! But…which songs are you talking about that they're better than? I just, I can't pin point a specific!" She smirks and shakes her head. "Have you had dinner? Honestly, I made way too much spaghetti. I could feed a small army with what I made."

She tilts her head. "What if I made a podcast following all the superheroes of the city? And then just sort of…you know…slipped in a thing or two about me? 'Did you hear about this new superhero? They're calling her Hellcat. She can sure throw one hell of a hissy fit when she wants to!'" There's a pause. "Wait, hissy fit doesn't sound good. But you know what I mean!"

* * *

"Yeah, I'll take some sphagetti," Jess says, and she pops up to help herself to the food. She has already forgotten being pissed off all the way, her sourness replaced with a comfortable sort of making herself at home. Then again from time to time she has basically lived here off and off for years, so why wouldn't she?

She does sit down and turn hers her gaze on Trish. "Why do you want to cover yourself anyway? Or is this just bullshitting for the sake of a joke? Capes do better when they don't draw attention to themselves, you know?"

* * *

"I don't know. I mean, some heroes just throw themselves into the spotlight. Would you tell Superman or Batman to cool it?" Trish raises a hand as if to say stop. "Don't answer. I know what you'd say." She digs back into her spaghetti. "Okay I won't say anything about myself. But people seem to respond to stories about those who put themselves in the way of danger. The heroes." She offers a shrug and shakes her head.

"Anyway, if I can't do stories about Jewel, I wouldn't wanna do stories about myself either." A telltale sign that she was joking around a little bit. "So, how's the new gig? They treating you well over there?" She can't help but be a little bit curious.

* * *

"They don't throw themselves into the spotlight. They have star power. Batman's all mysterious and always looks like he's taking a crap he can't get out of his system. Superman is like Cap. Too pretty and good to be believed, and all three of them have such a long track record that they're just news. Most heroes? Nobody gives a shit who they are or what they do. 99% of them out there. When's the last time you read a news story about, I dunno, Red Robin? Yet that dude works his ass off."

Asked about her new gig, Jessica turns self-conscious. "It's going pretty well. It's nice being able to have some authority. I haven't told half the people in my life yet. I'm afraid Daredevil's going to be mad about it. Like I abandoned the Defenders. Except I'm still a Defender. It's just…half of us seem to be in the wind. And without a mask, I need a badge."

* * *

"Red Robin? You're right…I haven't heard about Red Robin in a hot minute. Point Jess." Trish leans on the table and chews her inner cheek. "I guess I just have a lot to think about when it comes to the type of person Hellcat is. And what better way than throwing her into the deep end and having her beat up a few low level bad guys?"

She raises an eyebrow. "Want I should tell Daredevil? Afterall, both our hero names suggest we're from hell. What better than a hellish hero delivering news to another hellish hero?"

* * *

"No. Eventually I'll get around to it. Or something," Jessica says, rubbing the back of her neck. "He probably won't care. Every time I think he'll be upset about something he's really not. Anyway it's also the same bullshit like…same reason I had trouble saying 'hey I'm engaged to Luke, yay, let's do a wedding. It's just…I don't know. I feel weird saying stuff like that. Like oh look at me. Whatever. Nobody needs that bullshit, they've got their own stuff going on."

She shrugs and says, "Job's still the same."

* * *

"If you say so." Trish murmurs softly. "Look at you, though. Jessica Jones, the high up agent." She grins. "I'm glad that it's going well. One of us deserves to be in a good position with people and or bosses that appreciate us for who we are. You know," she pauses for a brief moment for affect. "Maybe you wanna suggest to those at your work that you all go after Fisk? You'd be doing me a huge favour." She grins.

"Honestly though, I'm proud of you, Jess. You're doing good. I'm glad you've found a place for yourself where your talents are appreciated. Not that they weren't before, but…you know what I mean."

* * *

Jess rolls her eyes at that and says, "Fisk is being gone after. Don't worry about it. And what the hell do you need bosses for? I hardly have a boss. I've got Tony. If I had a boss I'd be fucked. You know I don't do orders."

She leans forward and says, "Anyway, I'm proud of you too. So ditch WNEX. They haven't really appreciated your talents. Not ever. They've tried to push you into the lifestyle bullshit long before Fisk. Just step out. Be the star you are. You don't need them.

She shrugs and says, "There's a lot to be said for not having a boss at all. Seriously. Worked out for me, you know?"

* * *

"Alright, alright. You make some good points. We're both better off being our own bosses." Trish smiles. "That being said, between you and me? I wouldn't mind having Tony Stark as a boss." She finishes off her food and brushes a strand of hair out of her eyes. "You know what…I might just quit. I mean, seriously, who does stories on cotton candy being sold at city hall? Nobody wants to hear about that!"

A little smirk crosses her face. "You know, you always were a bit of an influence on me. For better or for worse."

* * *

"If you want a job from Tony, ask him for one. He collects people the way that 90s kids collected Beanie Babies," Jessica says dryly. "You're talented. He finds places to place talent. He'll basically buy you a radio studio of your own if you ask nicely enough. He'll just be like oh I just noticed I don't own any radio stations yet. However did I miss that? I guess I own one now. You manage it. I've got a thing with some people. Kiss kiss."

Jessica rolls her eyes about being an influence. "Definitely for worse," she says.

And then, more seriously: "I hope you're not bullshitting me about being done, especially since it's not necessary. Some of my other digging paid off. It's just a giant sex club. Rich people fucking each other's husbands and wives and then covering for each other to keep the scandal from sinking their stock prices. They're willing to kill over it, because they're stupid, but that's it. Isn't it fun risking your life for such boring shit? This is the job you think you want, right here."

* * *

"Don't tempt me, Jess. Don't you even think about tempting me with this talk about Tony. Because I might actually take you up on it. Who am I to say no to the likes of Tony Stark?" Trish laughs. "And I definitely wouldn't say no to managing a radio station for him. Especially if managing meant I got my still have my own show at least once a week." She sighs. "That would be the dream."

She reaches over and places a hand on Jess' shoulder. "I'm not bullshitting you. Besides, it's not all sex. It's also drugs and alcohol and the occasional schmoozing to get what you want in the real world." She leans back and draws an X in the air over her heart. "Cross my heart and hope to die, I won't go digging more into this. I've got my sights on more lofty goals now."

* * *

"Oh yeah? What are your more lofty goals?"

Jess tries to ask the question without seeming too worried about what that might be, because she's worried Trish has found someone else to go bop on the nose.

The problem is, it's awfully hard to lecture when Jessica's entire career has been about bopping people on the nose who by rights should have killed her about 40 times over.

Hard to miss the relief on her face that Trish is really, really letting the Hellfire thing drop.

* * *

"Why, being Hellcat by night and a badass boss by day, of course!" Trish is quick to respond. "Nothing more lofty than that in my life right now. I mean, unless you needed a partner. Jessica Jones and Hellcat, patrolling the world for bad guys!"

"Honestly, though. I'm going to try not to bite off more than I can chew. I've got a new career to think about along with joining the good fight down on the streets. My life is just starting to get exciting again. I think I needed to have a tiny bit of time to keep my head down and think…plus, it does good talking to you."

* * *

"I'll patrol with you any time," Jess says.

She considers for a moment, then gives a half smile and finishes off her plate of sphaghetti.

"Well. Go on. Suit up. I'll get the dishes."

And she starts collecting them, adding, "If, you know. You think you can hack it when you're all bloated up from pasta and shit."

* * *

"That's dangerous talk right there." Trish gives Jess a look to say, 'I will take you up on that offer.' But when the offer for future team ups turns into an offer for immediate patrolling? How can she say no to that? "Bloated?! Uh-uh. I think you'll find this kitty can still purr up a storm even when full of pasta. You just watch and be amazed."

She's quick to head off to her room. It isn't long before she's back and suited up. "Never fear, Hellcat's here. Now let's find the purrfect prey."

* * *

Jess gives her a withering look.


A beat.

"And then, clearly, we'll make them faint with corny puns."

Still, she opens the back door and waits for Trish to step out. Hellcat can't exactly go striding out of Trish Walker's apartment. She offers an arm around the waist. They'll get to the only place Jess feels is worth patrolling (Hell's Kitchen, of course) via her insane grasshopper act.

Because she's all about hiding those secret identities, you know.

* * *

"Like you've never made a bad pun or two." Trish responds coyly, following Jess out to the balcony. "Hellcat and Jewel…I mean Jessica Jones, together as a team!" Though she doesn't say it, this has definitely been a dream of hers for quite a while. Not only has she always wanted abilities and to be a hero, but part of her has always wanted to be a hero alongside Jessica. It's part of why she pushes Jess to be a hero in the first place.

"Let's get this party started." She makes sure they're both holding on to each other before Jess starts her hopping.

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