A Fight for Freedom
Roleplaying Log: A Fight for Freedom
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Crush meets Kori at an underground fight ring- where something is happening that both heroines find distasteful

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IC Date: January 31, 2020
IC Location: Underground Warehouse in NYC
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Posted On: 01 Feb 2020 07:30
Rating & Warnings: Violent.
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* * *

The setting is what one would imagine: an underground location, both figuratively and literally, in the basement of an industrial building in Gowanus, Brooklyn, not far from the canal. Evidently, the hipsters haven't gentrified /quite/ this far. The largely concrete space has been furnished for the entertainment of its guests, a crowd that mixes a variety of punk youth, some actual criminal and gang elements, and a few shady overseers conspicuous in their dark suits. In the center, a recessed pit with a metal cage top. There is space around it for people to watch, and behind them several bars, while speakers blast loud music and a few dark hallways lead to areas of unknown but presumably even more sinister purpose. The main event is simple: one of the dark-suited fellows announces the fighters, and they come in and pound on each other until someone can't move any more. Sometimes, the fighters are volunteers. Sometimes, the club showcases some of its own 'regulars.'

Kori has just arrived to investigate the place, a process not entirely comfortable to her. It was always Dick who did this kind of thing, or now Tim. But she has her own personal reasons to go this one solo, and for that, braves going 'undercover.' To the extent that she can, as she does sort of stand out. Still, she's managed some ridiculous punk look with stolen bits from one of her fashion shows, complete with a hairstyle that the 80's probably wants back and oversized sunglasses. For now, the disguise holds, and the only attention she gets are some unpleasant come-ons by the bar.

* * *

Crush, for her part in all of this, needs some quick cash. Places like this almost always pay big for 'new meat'… and a female fighter always brings a few more bets to the pit. She, too, is trying to keep a mostly low profile- she doesn't want to be recognized for what she is until it's too late.

Afterall. There are only a couple of Czarnians in the entire universe. Lobo made sure of that.

Dressed hoodie that's got the arms cut off so she can wear the hood high and a pair of sunglasses to hide her black-rimmed, red eyes she leans on the bar. Her pale skin is on display- the pink leather. She fits in, that's for sure.

Her nose twitches as she takes in the scents of the world- just watching and waiting for her turn to come up in the ring. She's got a bottle of beer that she's just nursing quietly as she looks over towards Kori- there aren't a lot of women here who aren't "working". In that sense, Kori stands out in particular to Crush.

"So… you a fan of Huey Lewis and the News?" she wonders over to Kori with a bit of a teasing grin.

* * *

They make a pair, both with their dark sunglasses indoors. Isn't that more 90s?

Kori, however, isn't likely to get the reference either way. She looks over, perhaps a little surprised herself at the sight of the pale young woman who approaches her, if only for the novelty factor after so many dudes of various percentages skeevy and gross. "Hmmm, no, I do not think I am familiar with them," she answers, immediately proving why she is not usually the person who does this kind of thing. Blending is basically the opposite of her deal! Nonetheless, she smiles at the younger woman, although briefly, as her attention drifts from her toward the ring at the center.

"Do you commonly frequent this place?" Yeah, she can't even nail 'come here often?' without sounding like a bit of a weirdo. "I have heard they put on some spectacular bouts here, far better than you can see anywhere else." And then, as her attention drifts back, she cocks her head slightly. Maybe there's something in Crush's carriage or manner, build, anything really, but something 'reads' easily: "I suppose you are here to participate."

And strangely, there's something slightly sad in how she says it.

* * *

"Yeah… I ain't never been here before." Crush replies simply, nodding to Kori's assumption, "I go from ring to ring. Fight here, fight there. Keeps money in the pockets, you know. Ain't the best place to be, but you gotta do what you gotta do." Crush replies, taking another long pull on her beer.

"Always skeevy though, places like this. "Ain't a big thing, though, just like.. what it is." Crush says as she watches the various peoples do their work- the fight in the pit getting bloody. Her nose flares. She can smell the blood.

Somehow, for some reason, the scent gives her a rush. A rush she tries to keep a handle on- despite the call of the blood. "I only fight the regulars, though. Them guys who want to be in there. I don't do this with people who ain't chosen to be there. Makes it a little better, at least."

Crush is still watching across the room- she's got her own reasons for being here beyond just getting some quick cash. She's watching as drug deals go down in the corner- eyes locked on the man there in the corner passing baggies for cash. "But yeah, if you want some easy money- bet on Crush." she offers with a toothy grin- canines pointed and sharp.

"What about you, though? Why you here. You don't exactly.. jive, you know? I mean, it's a style all yer own, for sure, but it ain't what you usually see around places like this."

* * *

Despite the fact that Kori is here, standing at the bar with all the other degenerates in search of entertainment, all while looking like some sort of time-traveling floozie… she frowns slightly as Crush explains her lifestyle. Judgmental much, 80s lady? Though at least, they can find some common ground in agreement on the general vibe of the place and its other… clientel. "Perhaps," she answers, a little enigmatically. And, in a slightly distant fashion: "Though perhaps it need not always be so."

She watches as the current fight plays out, with just the briefest, though slightly more curious glance sidelong at Crush's interesting reaction.

Then, at her boast, she smiles. "I have no doubt you would be a good wager. But I am not here for money, easy or otherwise." Which makes the younger woman's inquiry all the more relevant. "I am here because… I am fairly sure there are people fighting here who do not want to be, as you spoke of. Even…" And here, the emotion reads more easily on her face, poor as she really is at all this stealth or covering any of it up. "… some of those 'regulars.' I think some do not have a say in what they wish or do not wish."

At length, she gives a nod, as one challenger is being cleared away and another figure enters the main arena. He's large, and looks unafraid, though to the keen eye… his face is young, despite his bulky frame, and his eyes a little vacant. "Do you want to fight?" she wonders.

* * *

"Yeah. I do. I like fighting." Crush replies, answering the question posed to her first. "It feels good to be out there, fists flying. Blood pumping. I love fighting." she admits, "Don't care much to hurt people who don't deserve or ain't there because they wants to be, though." she admits. "Sorta takes the fun out of it if they ain't one of those." she remarks, with a bit of a snarl on her lips.

"So, you think they got peoples here who ain't part of the program, like, they bein' forced to fight? You got some proof?" Crush wonders next, "Kinda makes the fight dirty if they don't wanna be there."

* * *

"Mmm, proof can be difficult. There are some powerful people behind this, and a lot of money to be made. You have said as much already, yes, and that is just from the perspective of a fighter…" And here Kori gives a little upnod to point out where some assistants are going around collecting money on the bets, one of them eventually reporting back to one of the men in the suits, watching. "Imagine how much they are making. But that is still only the smallest part. This is a proving ground. For their best fighters, there are… other buyers."

Of course, all of this is a whole lot of… well it's a whole lot. Spoken by a stranger, and yet with a strange degree of openess. For all she is a truly shitty undercover agent, Kori has a good feel for people, and for this young woman. And somehow, that confidence shows through.

"If you would like proof, you will need to fight him. But… please be gentle." Obviously, 'gentle' is relative. Probably, she just means not to murder the poor kid/giant monster. "And then I can give you proof. But after that, /we/ may have to fight a little more. Is that alright?" The strangest thing is the smile on Kori's face as she says all of this.
5rBehind the ditzy getup and… well, everything else, there is something about her.

* * *

"I'm used to fighting." Crush says as she begins to walk forward, ready to start a fight. Crush is always ready to start a fight. Always.

She moves to the edge of the pit, where the doors slide down and the people enter in. "I'm next." she states firmly as she comes to the handler, "I want to kick that dude's ass." she says, pointing at the next fighter. The poor Kid/Giant Monster that was next in line.

This sort of thing likely wasn't THAT unusual- fighters can be like this sometimes. Anyways, the mixed gender matches always pulled eyes and money. It doesn't take much convincing for Crush to get into that pit and wait for her turn to beat the bejesus out of someone.

Once in the pit, she pulls back her hood, and tosses the cheapo sunglasses to the side. There's no doubt now, to those in the know, that a Czarnian is in that fighting pit.

* * *

Did Kori have suspicions? There are a lot of species that can smell blood. But there's no doubt at what she's looking at as the younger woman leaps down into the arena. For her part? Kori attempts acting!

Sauntering up closer to the cage where many of the observers are congregating, she really lays it on thick, hips swaying as she walks. "Oh my god, they're really going to let that little girl fight him? Hahahahhaha! Oh this is gonna be rich. You get her baby! Show her who's boss! Woo!" What? Is this some kind of double cross? Is Kori the giant doofus' girlfriend? She's also really tall! Yet as she makes such a big fush and show of this, she's sure to look down into the arena to catch Crush's gaze, lifting her own glasses just briefly to shoot her a wink.

A wink with featureless, pure-green eyes.

Also the good looks like he has no idea what's going on. With Kori or… well, with anything. He just glares at Crush.

Then there's a signal, and he lunges at Crush, zero-to-full aggro in no time flat. He's faster than he looks at his size, but there's no finesse whatsoever, just big haymaker swings.

* * *

Crush has been in fights- a lot of fights. Her red eyes angle up towards Kori- then towards the man who's raging and throwing down right in her face. She's quick to raise her fists and use her arms like a shield- getting a feel of this guy's strength.

Chances are, even super-powered, he's not quite on Crush's level. Most of the people on Crush's level aren't fighting for pittances in pits like this. She lets him make his huge, clumsy swings.

Before she steps in with her own. Not quite as clumsy, but a strike right towards the gut with a curled pale fist. She's not out to kill anyone, of course, but she's got no qualms about stopping a fight dead in it's tracks. No showmanship at all- no. She's here for the money, and the fight.

* * *

"Get her, baby! Yeah!" Ignore the fact that he is not, in any way 'getting her.' Kori still makes a big show of fussing and cheering as the large kid charges, walking up toward one of the suits while still doing her whole routine. "Is it too late to bet? C'mon, puh-leaze?" Yeah, it's a real show, and frankly, something she'll have to swear Crush to secrecy about when this is over, for the sake of her reputation.

In the pit, the fight goes predictably. The big kid is big, and yeah, strong, but definitely not on the SPACE scale. At first, it hardly even matters how strong he might be, as Crush gets in on his reach and pounds him in the gut although that… That doesn't quite bowl him over like it should. Instead, no, those big arms she's gotten inside of close around in a big friendly bear hug. It is… also probably not anything that can really permanently hurt a Czarnian.

But it is super awkward and personal space invade-y, y'know?

And it encourages a whole round of really crude remarks from the crowd, to add insult to… well, insult. See above re: injury.

* * *

Crush growls as she's grabbed into that bear-hug. Her mind is wholly on the fight now- it's got her blood going.

The thing about engaging a bear hug with someone who's so much shorter than you are is that all of a sudden your unmentionables become a hot target.

Luckily, fights like this are no-holds barred. If you don't defend it, it's fair game. And Crush fights to win- her shin coming to slam hard against big-boys 'boys'.

"AAAAAH!" Crush shouts, her blood boiling as the fight just takes over. It feels good. It's obvious on her face, too. She's loving this.

* * *

While it is a fairly gruesome way to achieve it, Crush's 'low blow' achieves what is necessary, and what Kori wanted. One second, Big Boy is growling and squeezing, shaking Crush around in the air to the hoots of the crowd, and the next second, he is on his knees, before falling over sideways. The grip is released in favor of, well, shielding his offended 'region.' The crowd, for all their previous lewdness, is no less amused by this, roaring with cheers for the victor. And now it's time to collect her winnings…

Or not.

As soon as the big guy goes down, part 2 of Kori's Cunning Plan (tm) goes into motion. The first part of this involves her suddenly clobbering the suited man she's standing beside. And not just average clobbering. The maneuver is what one might characterize as 'space kung fu,' aimed precisely at catching and disabling one of his arms in a particular sort of lock, before delivering a 'light' blow to his chest that seems to leave him standing there, stunned, incapable of breathing. The arm maneuver tranisitions slightly - it looks like she steals something from him? - and then she's moving again.

The fact that the suited man remains standing while incapacitated gives Starfire a second or two more before people start reacting. She uses this to walk toward the the cage and then casually rip a section of it open. "Oh my gawd you killed my baby!" she screeches, hopping down into the arena as if in search of vengeance.

Is this fooling anyone?

What is clear as she moves forward is a small device in her hand, and that she is heading for the downed young man rather than Crush. "They are probably about to start shooting, be careful of the weapons," she says at a low whisper. "I believe they have access to alien tech. Dominator maybe, hopefully not Apokoliptian."

* * *

Crush frowns, something crazy is happening and she doesn't understand any of it. "Oh goddamnit…" she growls, "Like I ain't been shot before." she says as she laces the fingers or both hands together and comes to smash that giant fist into the ground.

The earth quakes around them, sending a shockwave out from where Crush has struck. "And you owe me money for this, cuz they sure as hell ain't gunna pay me now!" she shouts, annoyance edging into her voice as she glares over at Kori. The shockwave should, at least, buy them a little more time. Most people would be sent straight to their asses by it- and the chaos caused by the whole building shifting around them.

* * *

As she reaches the big boy, Kori leans down and places the device against his skull, somewhere just behind his ear. She feels around a moment, and lights can be seen flickering on the item, green at first, and then as she seems to figure out what she is doing, cycling to red.

"Whahuh…" groans the poor young man. "Where- ohnnnnn, who stepped on my nards!"

Comical as his plight may be, it does reveal a very simple thing: he doesn't seem to remember what just happened, and he definitely seems a bit more animated and vocal than he was while fighting. "I am sure I can work out the financial details. For the moment, please pick him up, if you would?" There is something different in how she speaks now, confident and calm.

And then everything goes nuts: around them, some of the figures indeed are reaching for weapons.

Crush winds up for that slam.

Starfire lifts from the ground, casting aside her glasses.

Crush's fist touches the ground, and then arena shakes, most of the audience collapsing and many of the suited men- although a few only stumble. They lift weapons.

Kori's eyes alight, and she rakes the area around them with several simultaneous beams of green light, from her eyes and both hands, blazing over top of the fallen audiencemembers but striking several of the suited figures. But more are coming. And they do start shooting, not with pistols or whatever else, but definite sci-fi weirdness, lancing beams of blue-white.

* * *

Crush growls, eyes narrowing as she realizes this dude didn't want to fight her. "YOU BASTARDS!" she shouts, "I'M GOING TO BREAK EVERY BONE IN EVERY ONE OF YOUR BODIES!" she shouts, as she grabs the big guy and easily throws him over a shoulder. It's like he weighed nothing at all.

Freedom- that's something important to Crush. "Looks like we should get outta here, though- you got an escape plan, or do I need to punch our way outta here?" she asks, looking over to Kori with a bit of a scowl.

* * *

And that reaction? It earns another warm smile from Kori (yes, including the 'every bone in their body' parts). She shares a lot with this girl.

"My initial plan was… yes, mostly that. The punching. Well, or shooting." She puncuates the comment with another starbolt, while twisting in the air to avoid a blast from the goon responsible. And then, somewhat more awkwardly, a chunk of ceiling that nearly bonks her on the head, courtesy of earlier smashing and a roof that seems significantly less sound. "I believe you have given me another idea. Please do that," and she indicates the crater, "again? It is my understanding that Czarnians do not fly, but it is only one floor up."

Gives new meaning to bringing down the house.

* * *

"Yeah, not without a plane ticket I don't." Crush states simply as she rears back before another fist hits the ground again- just as hard as before. The whole building shudders. The whole block shudders- glass breaking in cars at street level as alarms go off. She's a weapon of blunt force, obviously.

"You gunna tell me what we're doin' next after I bring this place down? I mean, ain't like I wouldn't walk away from it- but most of these people ain't gunna." she notes, even though the room has undoubtedly cleared of many of the much more splatty human beings.

"And what am I supposed to do with this idiot?" Crush asks, nodding up towards the man she's got over one shoulder.

* * *

"It will not be necessary to destroy the entire structure, as you are correct about the collateral damage. The young man possesses some low grade healing, just keep his head covered, and be ready to jump."

Again, that slightly imperious tone, and unfaltering certainty. Yet Kori backs it with a smile, like somehow, she is sure everything will be OK. For instance, it is the ceiling just above them she seems concerned with, which is evidently a bit less sound than the full structure, in part perhaps due to the very placement of the arena. Did they remove a load-bearing strut?! The building code violations!

But also… after a few moments, the ceiling starts falling down.

As it does, Starfire lifts her hands, flying upward, and fires a much wider, albeit more dispersed kind of blast. It vaporizes some of the debris, if not all, and she sails through first, taking impacts from whatever she doesn't disintegrate. But there's a hole, and a moment, before that whole section of the basment gets filled with concrete chunks and dust.

* * *

And Crush jumps. Like another famous Alien on Earth she's able to leap tall buildings in a single bound! Or.. at least jump her ass out of a collapsing basement. That's just as impressive in some circles.

Up, Up, and Away! And then downward as Gravity reasserts it's grab on Crush's body- and she's falling back towards the collapsed building and hole, "Yo, I think there's a part of the plan we didn't think out!" Crush shouts towards Kori, "I'm goin' right back down again!"

It's not like that's a problem, persay- but Crush, somehow, had imagined she'd land on the street. Physics is not her strong suit.

* * *

If Starfire were better able to grasp human meme culture, this would be a prime location for a Picard facepalm. "You were supposed to-" Maybe go forward a little?

But no time for lectures mid-air! Starfire can hover, so she stops her upward journey just a small amount after clearing the basement. Subsequently, she gets to watch Crush sail past on her upward journey. And then, what goes up must come down and…

"I have got you." The subsequent mid-air catch means they're quickly turning into a totem pole of alien carrying alien carrying big doof meta boy. But the weight is no not a particular challenge.

"We will have to work on practicing that, I think." We? In any event, she immediately begins flying in a more horizontal direction, as to remove them from the premises before any surviving goonly sorts manage to start crawling out of the rubble.

* * *

Crush is not a highly educated young woman. Indeed, she was taught by some drug-addicts how to live. Loving, friendly, good people- but drug addicts all the same. "ACK!" she shouts as she's grabbed mid-air, "Careful of the jacket! You know how hard it is to get pink leather on a bomber's jacket?!"

She's still holding the guy as they come out over the pavement.

"What do you mean practice?" Crush asks, eyebrows knitting together. "We?" she goes on, as they float wherever it is that Kori is taking them.

* * *

"Oh. My apologies." Warned of its importance, Star does what she can to preserve the safety of the pink leather bomber jacket, fine regalia that it is. Then she flies far enough that they are not in immediate line of sight of anyone emerging from the building wreckage, finally setting down in some alley between similar but less collapsing structures a few blocks away.

"You may set him down now." Now that they are clear of the mess, Kori herself comes to settle on the ground again, feet touching down lightly. Her gaze is turned briefly in the direction of the other building, albeit out of sight. "We should be alright. This area is fairly well populated, and after the collapse, no doubt the authorities will soon arrive and whoever is left of those responsible will be more concerned with their own escape."

So, mission accomplished? Which just leaves those remaining, slightly glaring questions. "Well, to practice with your abilities, on combat skills, teamwork and so on." Oh sure. "You are fully aware of what you are, yes? I understand that they are convenient for making some quick currency in places like this, but surely, after what you have seen…"

"Does it not concern you?"

* * *

'Set him down' is perhaps generous for the shrug Crush gives that has the kid undoubtedly sprawled on the ground a few moments later. It's rather unceremonious, and without much care if the guy scrapes his leg or falls on his ass.

"Does it not concern me?" Crush asks, "No, it concerns me very much. People who wanna fight should be able to fight, but like.. it ain't right if they ain't got no choice or don't deserve the beatin'. Like, I can go knock skulls all day of people who been hurtin' people, but like.. I don't know. Makes me angry."

And that much is very clear- Crush is pacing as she thinks more about it, growing more animated, her fury about the state of her once "pure pit-fighting" going astray. "And that's all I can do for money, ain't like I'm gettin' another job anytime soon. Crush has got to be free, you understand?"

* * *

The unloaded lad is not given too much more immediate concern beyond a kindly look: Kori is satisfied that he will live. The rest will require efforts beyond the scope of this conversation, in helping him to recover, finding his people if such exist, everything that is required to begin the healing process. At the moment, she has the youthfully-spirited Czarnian to deal with.

"If it concerns you, then perhaps you would be interested in helping others like him? This is not an isolated incident." The woman lets that hang a moment, judging Crush's reaction. "It is something I do. And something my friends do, specifically or more generally. Helping people who do not have your power… or your freedom." That is a word she definitely seizes on.

"I sometimes struggle to understand Earth material culture," she admits, when it comes to the money and how it may relate to anything else. "But I did promise you would be renumerated. I do not carry much cash on hand, but I could certainly get you some. Is there anything you require now? Do you have a safe place to stay? You should not have to risk becominng involved in things like this, just to live."

* * *

Crush is still pacing, her scowl running deep now as she punches the side of whatever building is closest- leaving a crumbling bit of wall in it's place. The building shudders. It's not coming down, but it's clear that all of this is upsetting Crush. "Goddamnit!" she yells, grabbing a nearby dumpster and LAUNCHING it into the atmosphere. It's not coming back down. Ever. Only the trail of garbage it's left behind is any clue that it was ever there in the first place.

"You gotta come here and tell me people are…" Crush growls and balls both hands into fists as she now punches the opposite wall. Another shake to a building. She's holding back, at least when it comes to punching buildings.

"I'm fine. Fine! Just fine!" Crush almost snaps at Kori, "I'm paid up in rent in this shithole apartment in Gotham. It's fine. I've got cereal and milk and it'll all be fine! Just fine!"

* * *

"Oh. Wonderful. I have many friends who live in Gotham." This is the sum of Kori's reaction to the angry pacing, to the anger /in general/, just her constant radiating of gentle kindness and calm. "In fact, I know several of Mr. Wayne's young proteges." Which may explain the whole 'can get you money' thing?

In any event, there's a longer pause, as she lets the young woman vent and stew for a few moments without interruption.

"I have only told you what is true. Is it not better to be well-informed, rather than misled?" She asks as if genuinely uncertain. "It is no shame that you like to fight, I was raised as a warrior as well. But once, I was also taken as a slave." This is said very plainly, without hesistance nor shame. "So I understand what it is like for him," she nods to Big Boy. "And for the others. So would you not prefer to direct your anger at the people responsible?"

Leaving this hang, she changes tact, to one far simpler. "What's your name? I'm Kori." Even with the star blasting and all the rest, she doesn't seem concerned for code-names and that whole mess. "Short for Koriand'r. Do you know-" And here, she does finally pause. "What you are, where you are from?"

* * *

Crush blinks, looking at Starfire, "Who the hell is Mister Wayne? Why should I give a shit about him?" she wonders- not up on business news. Or caring much at all about that sort of thing. Or, perhaps she's just not connecting two and two. It's not like Wayne Industries isn't a household name.

"Yo. That's pretty shit." Crush slowing as Kori admits that once, she was a slave. "You like kicked the shit out of those dudes, though, right?" she asks, suddenly very interested in what sort of space-justice Kori gave them. "Uh. I'm Crush." she replies. "Yeah.. I'm from New Mexico. I fell to Earth as a baby and my parents found me. Pretty sure this dude named Lobo is my like..biological father. Guess that makes me at least part Czarnian or whatever it's called."

* * *

"Yes. I led a revolt on the ship they used, and we put them all to the death. The leaders' heads on pikes, the bulk simply jetisoned by the airlocks for convenience." Hard. Core. And again, Kori declares this without a tremendous degree of emotional inflection, at least away from the smiling, reassuring face she offers the younger woman. It is behind her. "I still have the ship. Well, the other former slaves, my crew, sail it in my absence."

Which returns notably to this recurring theme of space nonsense. Starfire has been forthright with it, speaking plainly of things that most would find bizarre, although until this point, Crush has not given her much reaction. But finally, there is some confirmation, that she's not wholly clueless to her past. That said, what she says about her parentage causes a rare flux in Kori's ever-happy visage. She blinks in surprise.

"You are… Lobo's daughter? I suppose that is not unlikely. It is my understanding that the Czarnians are mostly extinct." By his doing. Ahem. "I… am actually acquainted with your father. Vaguely." She doesn't make it sound like the /grandest/ thing, exactly.

* * *

"Yeah. Well, they deserved to die for what they done." Crush says, seeming to agree with Kori's actions more or less wholeheartedly. Not that she would ever admit it- but she doesn't want to kill anyone. She can talk the talk, at least.

"I don't know much about Lobo, except he's probably my father, yeah. And I mean, way I heard it he were the only one left. So.. guess I'm only like half-Czarnian or somethin'. Don't know who my biological mother is, though." she shrugs, "Don't matter. I had parents- good parents." she's quick to state that follow up, "They loved me and treated me right. They're the ones who matter. The ones who was there for me and raised me. Don't give a flip about Lobo, and I don't give a hot shit about whatever Mother abandoned me. Lisa and David Rojas found me, they named me, and raised me- they're my parents." She states simply.

Crush asks nothing more about Lobo, she just tries to act like she doesn't care at all.

* * *

If it isn't something Crush wants to talk about, Kori doesn't seem inclined to press. The answers to whatever unspoken are not likely to be going anywhere. Instead, she focuses what clearly seems the brighter spot in the young woman's history. "It is good that you had people who loved you. It has been a long time since I have seen my family, as I was taken from them during a great war against my people. But when I came here… I found a new family. Those are the people I was speaking of before."

A brief glance is spared the young man, who at this point is groaning lightly.

"I do not wish to push you into anything that is uncomfortable, Crush, but I think you might enjoy fighting alongside my friends and I. Why do we not… make it the rain check, yes?" Now the pure, bright, 100-watt smile has returned. "I will leave you with information so you may contact me, if you are interested in any of this. Or to receive your payment, if that is all you wish. Presently, I should take this young man to receive the care he requires."

* * *

"He'll be fine. I didn't hit him that hard." Crush states about the young man. "And sure. Fine. I'll take the information so I can get my money." she states, "But just so I can get my money!" she's sure to make that clear.

AFter all, Crush wouldn't want anyone to think she was considering such an offer.

* * *

"Perhaps. But there will be more than physical damage, after what has been done, and perhaps what he was made to do."

That said, Kori has both a normal human phone contact, as well as business cards, depending on Crush's technological preference. The latter, bizarrely, list an agency and suggest she works as some sort of fashion model. Strange people show up in fight clubs! In either case, the name is rendered as 'Kory Anders.'

As far as the nature of any further contact, Kori nods her understanding. "Of course. It would be most unjust to deprive you of what you won fairly in battle." Nevermind all the other stuff that makes the whole thing rather sketchy! Clearly, it's important to her, and the last thing Starfire would disparage is a fellow warrior's pride.

"I will look forward to hearing from you. Until then." And with that, she scoops the young fellow up and promptly takes off into the sky, her form quickly vanishing into little but the flaming red trail of her hair.

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