What a Shock!
Roleplaying Log: What a Shock!
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Electro attacks a power plant! Heroes intervene! We are all very surprised here.

Other Characters Referenced: Emma Frost
IC Date: February 01, 2020
IC Location: Queens, NYC
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Posted On: 02 Feb 2020 07:53
Rating & Warnings: G
Scene Soundtrack: Electric Feel by MGMT
NPC & GM Credits: Electro by Ursa
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The emergency call went out ten minutes ago from Astoria Energy in Queens, and anyone who arrives on the scene is going to quickly see why.

The security gate is hanging off of its hinges, residual sparks still flying off of it from when a man came through them and promptly fried the control panel with a wave of his hand. The man who was inside at the time is frantically trying to get out of the booth, but is terrified to touch anything as it all seems to spark and sizzle around him.

Which means, naturally, that the panic button was set off from inside the power station. That? Is undergoing a much more efficient evacuation. …Which is really groups of two or three, on an uncertain rhythm. And, as the sun starts to go down, this has left the entire area with an eerie shuddering of light from the flood lights trying to come on as something draws an ungodly amount of electricity down, robbing them of the energy they need.

And it's a flickering that's starting to radiate outwards. It won't be long at all until this is entirely problematic on a much grander scale.

To put it mildly.

Crush isn't on any special teams, nor would she be in any position to take an emergency call. Luck, though, would have it that Crush wasn't far off from Astoria Energy as she had been looking for various things to sell to pawn shops- people threw away things that could easily be turned around for a quick buck in her mind.

Still, an evacuation from a power station certainly brought Crush's attention to the fact something might be happening that she could help with. Crush puts down tonight's haul- a mostly in-tact recliner she'd been casually carrying on her shoulder- and approaches the station with a bit of caution- trying to get an idea of what's going on. The dimming lights, of course, not at all helping her feel that it's anything good.

Break ins at power stations are treated extremely seriously. They are targets for all sorts of terrorists and anarchists who'd love to inflict a great deal of chaos with relatively little effort. While the Police are likely dispatched immediately, with initial reports of potential metahuman involvement automatically escalates the alert to far mightier responders.
he NYPD calls SHIELD. Among those SHIELD dispatches?

The clouded dark skies are cut with a thin white line high above as Captain Marvel cleaves through the stratonimbus. The gleaming comet streaks towards the affected Astoria Energy campus, seeking to land upon the red roof lightly as she reports to her comms, "Captain Marvel on site. Assessing threat."

[INTERIOR — Penthouse Apartment — Midtown]

The brilliant glow of an LED television illuminates and otherwise black room. Three figures sit upon the expansive leather sofa their attention held by the images which move across the screen. Junk food is everywhere.

Kevin, Son of Whit, is sixteen years-old. It was the budding technomancer who first proposed the idea of gathering this night before the television to binge-watch the Witcher. There is a look of sheer mirth upon his face..

Gary, Son of J. Davis, is Kevin's best 'internet' friend. He has no Netflix subscription. He has read every book published by Andrzej Sapkowski. There is a wide hand covering his mouth and the hand belongs to..

Thor; Son of Odin. The heir to the immortal realm cannot take his eyes from the television. The trope-heavy medieval action-drama connects with the very essence of what he is. Indeed, this may be the only thing he's seen in Midgard which makes perfect sense to him. Thus, when for the seventh time, Kevin began to spoil plot elements with how 'things were in the book' he found a hand suddenly covering his mouth, "I say to thee, nay. Utter one more spoiler and I will banish thee from Peggy's apartment. Do—"

The Witcher suddenly freezes as if the bandwidth suddenly dropped. Buffering. Everyone holds their breath one, two, three … and then the lights flicker off and on. The TV begins to restart. Then its dark again.

Metal sings. When the lights come back on Thor is standing, "Kevin. Continue with thy cantrip of router restarting," he commands, "I will see survey the neighboring buildings to see if they are equally imperiled."

Gary speaks up, "It's probably just—"

Kevin shakes his head with big-eyes as if to say 'just let him go if restarting the router doesn't work we'll have our hands full'.

[EXTERIOR — Astoria Energy]

There is a sudden peel of rising thunder. A form falls from the clouds and into the roof with a quaking THUD.

Thor; God of Thunder. The flickering remains of electricity curl about his body and discharge harmlessly into the air about him. Dressed in his hauberk, tall boots, and cape. He gives Carol a broad wave as he idly spins Mjolnir. "Carol, did your internet also go out?"

A pause.
Captain Marvel slowly turns her head to look up to Thor.
She tilts her head slightly towards comms, "… Back up is here." In the driest tone humanly possible.

As Ryan was on his way to an undisclosed location in hops to pick up some leads in an investigation he is working on, he picks up on the distress of the people fleeing the power plant with his telepathy. As he sighs to himself, the information will have to wait as this is a more serious matter. Ryan then zips up his black hoodie, throws the hood over his head, and takes his scarf and wraps it over his face to hide his features and makes his way to the power plant.

As he arrives he will use his telekinesis to bolster his jump up onto one of the nearby buildings to get a better eye view of whats going on and reach out with his telepathy to try and gather information on what's going on.

Fun Queens Facts #1: It's not Manhattan!

Further Fun Queens Facts #7: Being Not Manhattan, Queens doesn't have many towering structures that makes Is Actually Manhattan the beloved concrete jungle it's renowned as!

Continuing Fun Queens Facts #3: Spider-Man webswings by using the momentum afforded to him by swinging from towering structures that Manhattan, which is not Queens, is known for!

So — how does Spider-Man fix a dilemma like this?


A man in sitting at a corner of Queens watches as a very red and blue Spider-Man chugs on past at full-speed. A sub hangs inches from his mouth.

"You run real weird, Spider-Man."


so yeah he's still working on that

The point is, Spider-Man -still- gets there in record time because he doesn't forget his cardio; he flips up dramatically onto the branch of a nearby tree, which is mostly entirely about getting a better vantage point and not at all to give the illusion that he absolutely 100% got here via some insane webslinging antics. White lenses narrow into little slits of thought as he watches the evacuation, and the ongoing flickering of lights. "Huh," he breathes beneath his mask. "Should probably start thinking of rolling blackout jokes. … … it'll come to me." Still. This isn't natural. And also electricity related. In New York City. Not great. Might be even more not greater if what he suspects is true.

"Well, better just bite the bullet and-"

And there's Thor! … And… Captain… Marvel.

"- get immediately punched into Big Government Superjail for Tender Vigilantes ah fiddlesticks that's not great." Spider-Man scratches the side of his head. This is a problem.

"Now how to get in there without getting sparklefisted…"

"you know, i knew what i was saying as i was saying it and yet"

From beneath Peter's tree comes a crunch. Someone's eating an apple crunch. It sounds like a super tasty apple too. Possibly one of those heirloom ones. Or is that only tomato that do that? Eh whatever, like Tony Stark pays attention to that sort of thing.

Because yes. Tony Stark is standing there, leaning one shoulder up against that tree as he has his little snack. Dressed in /not/ an actual super suit, at least not right now, the inventor looks fairly dressed down. Well I mean the suit he wears still likely costs upward of a cool million, especially with the nanotech upgrades he has hidden there.

"Ya know, kid." He just slowly drawls up towards the one in the tree. "She totally has superhearing."

Does she, Stark has no idea, but it just makes sense.

"What can you see up there anyway?" He is totally walking anyway, just apparently minorly curious. Somewhat distracted. He totally wasn't going to break into Emma's place again when everything went all sparky.

Totally wasn't.

As the heroes begin to coalesce onto the scene and the men in blue are forming up their perimeter, that scene is growing increasingly dark. The sun sets lower. The flood lights quickly fail completely and the entire plant goes dark. Eventually, someone comes to the security shed and tries to figure out the best way to get it open with all of it still sparking as it fails to find a sufficient place to discharge. And now something inside it is starting to burn, releasing toxic plumes of smoke.

Inside the plant, on the main floor, a man floats in between two of the enormous transformers and laughing as he pulls down energy. It's already started to set his skin to glowing, and power dances along his limbs in unpredictable arcs. He stares down at the large and cowering group of workers that he's managed to trap in between himself and the way out of the plant's heart.

It's possible that even from the roof, Captain Marvel will smell ozone in the air and feel the way that its charged dangerously high considering that the plant's turbines are fed by natural gas.

Crush watches as all those other heroes arrive, raising an eyebrow. STill- there's some dude in a shed who needs help. She jumps, and lands near the shed, looking for a way to NOT get shocked- but seeing as there is smoking coming from inside she goes for the ole' tried and true.

By punching her way into the shack itself. "Hey, get down!" she calls into the smoke as her fist comes smashing into whatever is in her way- trying to get the poor dude out of there as quickly as she can.

And if she gets shocked? She gets shocked.

Captain Danvers rises from her crouch as Thor makes his thunderous presence known. While the complete lack of subtlety does her a concern, in truth she's glad the Lightning God is here. The Thunderer's Registration status is something of a unique case.. Everyone knows his name on the western hemisphere and has for the last thousand years or more. Secret Identity, Odinson has not. The power of Mjolnir is well known across this realm along with eight others. The Captain is certain there is no problem with the paperwork. He lives with Peggy for Christ's sake! Surely she helped him fill out the form, right?
Right. Sure. Probably. Either way, she won't card him of all people.

Clearing her throat she adds, "Captain. Marvel." Correcting him to use her hero identity while on the job as she gives him the fast version, "We have a suspect at the station. Possible metahuman. No idea on numbers or backup. Lets keep the collateral to a minimum or Queens will have a lot more to worry about than Internet outage."
Thankfully for a certain Wallcrawling Menace, Captain Marvel's back is turned in the direction of the medium-distant building he's standing upon as she faces Thor, giving him an opportunity to sneak past without alerting the superpowered truancy officer.

For the record. She doesn't have super hearing. That would not be the first, nor the worst, thing Stark has made up about her. However she does not need super hearing to hear the artificial lightning arcing within the reactor. The scent of ozone is not nearly as obvious as five hundred and seventy five megawatts of electricity rumbling somewhere beneath Captain Marvel's feet.

She turns and stares downwards to the surface of the roof, "That.. isn't you?" She asks of Thor, whom usually is the one delivering this sort of calamitous fulmination.
"Crap.. Lets get in there!" She barks, running a few feet before vaulting into the air. She does not simply blast her way through the roof as she arcs towards the first window she sees and crashes in.

Thor gives her a knowing smile, "Right," he says smugly, "Captain Marvel." Wink.

The Thunderer nods along as she speaks his brow furrowing slightly as he works through what she is reporting to him. His attention breaks somewhere along the way and his gaze sort-of wanders the area as if maybe she wasn't looking hard enough and that's why she could not divine numbers or backup.

'That .. isn't you?'

His attention snaps back to her, "Nay." He begins but then she gives a call to action and leaps into the air before diving through a window. With a movement of his hand he spins-up Mjolnir the ancient artifact whirring loudly as he prepares to heave it .. into the side of the .. 'no collateral damage'.

"Carol! The window!" He calls out in warning long after she smashed through it.

Gauging the distance he takes a step backward and then runs to the edge of the building leaping off. The hammer seems to pull outward and he also goes through the window. Albeit taking most of the frame with him.

As Ryan is reaching out with his telepathy he picks up a few things at least, some workers being trapped by whoever this guy is and the way out, a man trapped in the security shed, and lots of hero's, two of them avengers and big-time avengers no less. Ryan may be an X-Men but he is small fry compared to the likes of Thor, Iron Man, and Captain Marvel, Ryan figures he better leaves the big hero's to deal with whoever is causing this and get people to safety first.

Ryan spots Crush looking like she is about to break down the door to the electrified security shed Ryan Jumps down from the building parkour style and uses his telekinesis to help land smoothly and runs for the shed while simultaneously reaching out to Crush telepathically <Hold on a sec Crush, I can make an opening for you without the risk of you getting shocked.> Once he is close enough he will use his telekinesis to pull out the door from the shed making a clear path for anyone to get out or for Crush to run in and grab the people who can't get out on their own. Ryan knows that Crush can handle the electricity with no problem, he has seen her fight but better to avoid unnecessary injury if it can be avoided.

"What? No. What? That's ridiculous. Really? She's not Superman! She's Captain Marvel! They call it superhearing, not marvelheaaaaAAAAAAAAAAA WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING HERE!"

This would be Spider-Man, brave and noble Spider-Man, letting out a (probably slightly exaggerated) shocked squeak as it finally catches up to him that, no, he's NOT conversing with his inner monologue that sounds strangely like Tony Stark (why does his inner monologue sound like Tony Stark? None of your business that's why) but instead talking with the actual factual Tony Stark who isn't even in his super suit what the heck. If he looks like he's about to take a tumble in surprise, he is not; that, too, is for dramatic effect. Spiders, much like cats, have perfect balance.

"Mister Stark! What the heck! Seriously though, what the heck?? Also she hasn't arrested me yet so you're totally wrong, but what the heck?!" Flood lights start to falter. Peter smells a pungent belch of toxic fumes releasing into the air. Behind his mask, the would-be webbed menace frowns.

"… It's not great. There's something going on there. Air's ionizing. It's like something's sucking on the plant like a leech on a vein or maybe a less gross mental image I'll leave to you to decide. I… think I might know who. Maybe. I hope it's not. God I hope it's not." A second passes. He looks to Tony. To the plant. To Tony.

"Uh. I'm gonna… go sneak in. Nice talk, Mister Stark. Shouldn't you like, suit up? Iron! Iron! Iron Man? I call thee forth, suit of Iron?"

Is he — is he trying to figure out some kind of activation code for Tony's suit?

"Iron Man powers activate! Form of — suit! Go go Gadget power suit!"

"Okay I'm gonna go MOON PRISM POWER MAKE UP yeah okay gone—"

And off Spider-Man hops, thwipping a discreet path towards one of the untended windows of the power plant to slip in, sneakily, even as others barge in heads-and-or-fists first.

Clark Kent had just left the Daily Planet and was intending to go home to write an editorial piece about the current happenings of politics before he pauses. He hears it. The sound of Avengers and X-Men alike gather to try and save the day. Nearby power station? Shouldn't be too big of a jaunt by any circumstances. So, he makes sure he's out of sight before he tears his suit open to reveal the emblem of the House of El on his chest.

Like a speeding bullet, he flies off into the sunset. Well, not quite, but to some passers-by thats exactly what it looks like. It takes him all of a few minutes to reach his destination, and just in the knick of time to see Thor and Captain Marvel leap through windows, the former being a bit more destructive apparently than the latter. Superman manages to notice a few other faces, such as Spider-Man and Tony Stark, before he also flies through a window (preferably one that was already smashed through. Collateral damage matters!) to join the situation proper.

"Sorry I'm late to the party, had a hard time getting an invitation." Superman strikes with lame sense of humor. It does 0 damage.

"What no Sword of Omens or Transformers try?" Stark replies as Peter attempts to get his suit working. "I mean I didn't think I was going to need the suit tonight. But…if you're saying that and I see Carol and Thor doing their thing…" Ryan and Crush are given a glance and a friendly enough wave.

But then he starts just strolling towards the problem. "Oh!" This to Peter as he flips out of sight. "If she gives ya too much trouble, I'll tell her I deputized you for a day or something. That'll confuse her enough to slip away."

The apple core gets tossed over his shoulder, only to be caught by a drone that seems to pop out of nowhere and stuffed into a little bag. Possibily for composting. Or who knows what. More drones seem to pop out of nowhere to set up lights as the power starts to fail.

Stark though keeps on strolling towards the broken window.

"You know," Comes the comment. "I should think up some snappy saying…" As he walks nanomites begin to flow out of cunningly concealed panels in his suit. Swarming over him as they build him a suit, layer by layer. That red and gold bright in the gleaming lights of his own making.


"Yes, sir?"

"Call Pepper and Bart. Tell em to have emergency services ready, get the emergency generators up and running. There seems to be a situation here. Emergency services on quick responce once this is handled."

When Carol goes smashing through the windows, it won't be terribly hard for her to follow the sound of the screaming that's coming down the narrow corridors from the direction of the floor. She'll be able to fly her way into the scene, and see as it unfolds. The longer the man floats between the transformers, the harder he laughs.

And then someone tries to run, and he takes it very, very, very badly. All he has to do is open a hand, and electricity surges from it and strikes down right in front of the worker. Even though it doesn't touch down directly through a human body, the proximity is terrifying as it grounds itself into the concrete instead. It cracks and blackens. "For shame, abandoning your post. I guess it's up to ELECTRO to recharge your courage!" The man green and yellow laughs at his own joke (because, really, who else would it be???) then growls. "Stay put. You're my do-gooder insurance."

As Crush punches the door or Ryan tears it open (they can arm wrestle for what actually does the job), the person trying to help stands back and just lets them do the work. After all, if metahumans are here for it and willing, why not?! Unfortunately, the booth is laid out as such that the man inside can't easily get out on account of the fact that the smoke has essentially blinded him and sent him into a heavy coughing fit.

Crush starts to cough herself as smoke comes pouring out of the shack, "Ugh! she says, looking over to Ryan. "Just stay back, I can take a lot more than most people can." she almost barks to him- although she's certainly not denying his help.

Crush goes in quickly, following the sound of coughing to it's source to grab at whatever gentleman has been trapped there and help him out of what is undoubtedly a bad situation.

"Maybe you can do something about this smoke?" she manages between coughs as she starts to reach through the haze to try and feel for the poor security guard who's trapped within. "Hey, come this way, the door is open!" she shouts into the smoke filled shack, "Come on!"

Thankfully for the small team of unregistered heroes outside, Captain Marvel remains currently obvious as one sixth of a sinister gang completely has her attention. Slowing to a hover within the cavern of the reactor room, she stares unflinchingly at Electro as an entire municipal district worth of electricity flows into the man. The spectacle would blind most who would dare to stare at him for long, but Captain Marvel seems to dim the brilliant flashing ever so slightly as her sparklefists glow with increasing stellar power.
Flanked by the Thunderer she yells, "Turn OFF the light show and surrender IMMEDIATELY Electro! You got ZERO chance of walking away from this! Drop the lightning and let the hostages go and the courts will go easy on you! You ain't gunna beat the God of Thunder at his own game, buddy!" Hyping up her impromptu teammate in hopes of intimidating the supervillain from doing anything rash.

Thor lands within the power facility not long after Carol does. Seemingly unaware or uncaring for the bits of glass, drywall, and mortar which adorn his form there is a sudden pause …

His countenance notably darkens at the sound of screams and he breaks into a sprint behind Carol. The god's ability to keep pace likely only due to the narrow conditions and the prohibition against collateral damage. When he arrives Captain Marvel is demanding surrender.

'Flanked' is perhaps not the best description for where Thor is in relation to Carol.

About the time she says '..the courts will go easy on you..' the errant shadows caused by the arcing voltage shift as a form seems to pass over her. A sudden breeze fills the room alongside a rhythmic WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP as the call of the hammer goes louder than the shrieking pops of electricity.

"You clueless fool! I am the GOD OF THUNDER!" Thor bellows above even the call of his hammer as he shifts forward bringing his momentum behind the swing of his hammer which he drives at Electro.

Ryan gives a nod to Crush at the request of getting rid of the smoke «Gotcha». Ryan using his telepathy to locate the guys' mental signature inside the shed and then will send that location to Crush so she knows exactly where he is and how to get to him. Then Ryan will stretch out his right hand and use his telekinesis to disperse the smoke from inside the shed and the area and keeping the smoke from refilling in the area, creating a path for Crush to get to the guy and back out.

With Ryan pushing his powers like this it starts to cause him some pain as he is not able to yet use his powers to the fullest as other telepaths or telekinetics can but Ryan does not care about the pain and pushes through it determined to help however he can.

Stark hears the bellow from a Asgardian and just shakes his head. "Oh yeah, the whole electricity control thing isn't going to go too well with him is it." He mutters as he lifts off the ground, thrusters taking him to the air and towards the window.

He keeps an eye on Crash and Ryan though to make sure they aren't doing anything /too/ life threatening. But really, they look fine.

"Hey! Thor! Carol!" He calls out as he crests the window. "Is it Electro? I bet its Electro. We have like…a giant rubber blanket? That usually works."

The smoke Crush is dealing with is thick and toxic, but once Ryan has given a location and helped move the smoke, she manages to see the guard inside long enough to seize hold of his uniform's shirt and drag him physically out the door.

As Thor arrives, Electro's smile reignites. "You brought a snack!" A hand reaches up, immediately going for the ceiling where he anticipates Thor's going to be passing under so he can crack it apart with a sudden discharge. It's still far enough away from the massive transformers that he doesn't seem to be concerned for them. And he's drinking in enough juice that he doesn't mind sparing some for a couple of meddlers. …A few meddlers. Another hand goes to take down the ceiling over one of the groups of cowering workers, because something's got to keep Superman and Captain Marvel busy.

Captain Marvel announces terms of surrender. He also doesn't really wait for her to finish before he floats up higher between the transformers and then extends both hands. One goes towards Carol, and the other goes towards the ceiling over Thor's head to crack it apart above him. Well, where he anticipates Thor will be. "Also, not walking anywhere, so congrats on your powers of observation, Captain Obvious."

The hubris helps him get through the dialogue without worrying too much about the flying hammer. Or the fact that Stark's talking about making him a spark burrito. There's time to come back to that.

With the security officer now safely out of danger, Crush looks over towards Ryan. "I'm going to take this dude to the hospital- he inhaled a lot of that smoke, and I'm pretty sure it weren't good for him. Anyways, they got Superman, Captain Marvel, Thor, and that Iron Dude in there- don't need me." she says with a grin, as she shoulders the man with smoke inhalation.

"You stay safe, Ryan." Is all Crush offers before she's off- jumping towards where she knows a hospital is… and away from what is sure to be a mess of a fight.

Carol hardly has time to finish her demands for Electro before a Norse Pain Train rockets over her head with enough passing air displacement to force her to pivot forwards in mid-air, nearly flipping her over completely. She squawks awkwardly before she rights herself, immediately realizing how little control she has over the Thunderer.

Not a fraction of a second goes by before she -darts- straight for the remaining workers. She doubts she could stop a ballistic Thor if she tried, her only other thought is the safety of those Electro immediately threatens. With a grunt she shoulder checks the burning, broken ceiling that the electrical evil doer unleashes to crush the workers. She tries to smash away the bulk of the mass, hoping that those beneath are only pelted with survivable chunks as she is left with a single cracked beam of concrete and rebar held aloft.

Which makes her a perfectly still target. She grimaces silently at the villain's mockery while he targets her with half the power of the energy station. Her outline briefly flashes in crackling, flickering bolt yet she does not fall from the air. She remains floating there, holding up the increasingly blackening and smoldering concrete as megawatts flow into her. Perhaps only Superman can hear her intensifying scream within the cacophony of lightning as the corona of her form seems to glow.. brighter?

'I am the /GOD OF THUNDER/!'

The ceiling cracks like an egg. Very much focused on vaporizing Electro with the impact of his hammer he fails to be aware of his environment or even to deduce that his foe might have more uses for electricity than futility trying to electrocute him.

When the upper floor of the structure comes raining down upon him he is in the air and his flight is unpowered. There is a CRASH of rubble as a cloud of dust fills the area unceremoniously burying Thor beneath a heap of rubble even as Carol reaches to shoulder most of the rest of it.

A moment of silence.

The rubble-pile shifts and slides. Metal sings. There is a spray of debris as Mjolnir pulls itself gloriously from the pile dragging Thor just behind it. He lands just before the rubble pile seemingly uninjured though his pale skin is now an ashen gray from all of the particulate. Determination upon his features.

Seemingly intent upon proving his earlier claim of godhood he simply thrusts Mjolnir outwards. The head of it glows as it begins to pull upon the electromagnetic spectrum. Calling the energy about the area to its head he directs it outwards near-to where the path of energy is coursing into Captain Marvel.

Pulling the electricity in the area into his hammer he locks eyes with Electro and takes a bold step forward. This time his feet are on the ground.

<Roger, Ill do my best.> As Crush jumps away with the guard Ryan turns to the power plant and thinks to himself what the heck can I do to help compared to the rest of these big named super hero's and all thee big superpowers? Ryan knows that there are still workers trapped inside, maybe he can get them out so that the big powerhouse superheroes can finish off this guy. yeah, that is probably all he can do at this point.

Ryan then takes in a deep breath and stretches out with his telepathy to find all the mental signatures inside the power plant and makes his way inside making sure to make a clear path for them to get out along the way when he reaches the workers.

Where, o where has my Spider-Man gone, o where, o where could he be??

As Electro turns on the intruders to his intruding, something approaches very quietly from the surface of the ceiling. So silent it might as well be a ghost, flattened against the ceiling so well it is utterly unobtrusive, the tiny (AVERAGE HEIGHT) silhouette is visible only in brief, crackling pulses of ionic plasma as it approaches Electro from above.

Spider Facts #920: Despite CONSTANT JOKES TO THE CONTRARY, Spider-Man, like all spiders, can be frighteningly silent when he wants to be!

Electro is draining the plant. Usually getting him to a state where he can be taken down is difficult at this point, because it requires distraction enough to break the man's concentration, or else Spidey gets zapped. However…

… currently, Electro is very distracted, by like, god, every Superman and god and Supercarol in existence, so like, maybe this is serendipity!

Either way, what this means is, Spider-Man has exactly one shot to ruin Electro's concentration. As the electric fiend starts to lift, Spider-Man hangs off the ceiling by his feet. He webs his hands until they are thickly padded in helpfully insulated, webbed gloves like a boxer out of some cartoon. He waits. And he waits.

And when Electro is up high enough?

He'll find Spider-Man, hanging upside-down from the ceiling, like, an inch from his face.


He'd wiggle his fingers in greeting here, you know, to be polite.

Instead, he settles for trying to give Electro one ungodly, web-padded wallop across the face with one mighty spider-fist.

"Max! We've been doing this for a while now, right, like, this whole, 'Electro tries to eat a power plant and I say something really funny and he never grows past uninspired jokes like Captain Obvious and then I laugh to try to make sure he doesn't feel awkward but the laugh is really awkward' deal?? And you keep coming back and honestly I'm a little concerned, I think you might have a problem — I think you might need an intervention—"

Dramatic paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaause —

"- because I think you might be addicted to tacky fashion sense. Like. I mean. Come on. Neon green and banana yellow? Who does that?? Come on. There's rehabilitation centers. Let's take you there. Let's make you better. I'm worried about you." …

"(Note to self: apologize to Vision later)"

"Oh huh, yeah. That looks bad." Stark mutters as he hovers there. Watching Electro blast the hell out of Carol and Thor getting smashed. "So! Elekid. Or Pikachu or whatever the kids are calling those things these days. Just why did you decide to start something tonight? I mean usually aren't you powering a TV for free or something? Maybe turning something on and then turning it off again?"

Stark never really stops talking, even as he raises both repulsors to…fire tiny little nanobots at the pair of generators. Nanobots that almost imeadeatly start to try to power the machines down.

To deny him his source of energy.

"So! You two ok? Also anyone have a line on a truck full of sand? Got an idea." He adds before there is a smirk behind the armor. "Also nice zing on the suit colors, kid." This towards Spidey of course. "I mean that seesm to be super on point."

It really is like it's everyone at once. Thank you, Spider-Man, for acknowledging the present tragedy that is Electro's incredible overwhelming. There are superheroes every which way is making it exceedingly difficult to keep it all straight. As the web-slinger tries to wallop him, he can only hope that he's got enough charge that the contact actually shocks the hell and sass out of his attacker.

Either way, Max of the offensive green and yellow costume, does indeed take most of the hit, knocking him closer to the ground. When he descends, though, he surges the field around him and the electricity spontaneously jumps off of him towards the ground around him and — more than once — towards his hostages and Carol. And then he brings down more of the ceiling on Thor before he can be robbed of all of his precious electricity.

As for the nanobots, their ability to start working on powering down the massive combustion and steam turbines isn't precisely what Dillon is used to. He doesn't even see them go by, and so all he does is continue to greedily draw ever more electricity in, not knowing that the transformers are about to get a very short life-span.

Captain Marvel's hovering jerks downwards a few feet when Electro is given the business by Spiderman. The continuous circuit is broken, if only for a few moments and Carol is given momentary relief.. While the corona of golden energy frames her like a small star. The destruction levied against her has not seemed to injure her but for as much power as she's absorbed she does not go on the offensive. As Thor grimly advances on the floor, Mjolnir disrupts the electrical flows to some.. She dives down to the floor herself to stay between Electro and the terrified, screaming workers. Holding her hands before her as she intercepts errand lightning strikes, forcing her aura brighter and brighter with every hit.

Beyond the glow she's vaguely aware others are dealing with the fulminating foe and for now she just focuses on keeping innocents safe with her energy-consuming power.

As Ryan finally arrives at the room where all the action is going on after making sure there was a clear and safe path for the workers to go through to get to safety. Ryan sees Captain Marvel trying to protect the workers by standing between them and the lightning, He needs to get these workers out of here so the other more experienced and powerful heroes can completely focus on this Electro dude.

At this point Ryan has taxed his powers quite a bit but pushes just a bit more. Ryan uses his Telepathy to talk to the workers «Run this way quickly, I've made a clear path for you to get out of here. You all need to get out of here so these heroes can completely focus on taking this guy down! don't worry I will protect you!> Ryan then pushes himself more and grabs pieces of fiber to form a somewhat makeshift wall between Captain Marvel and the workers all the way to the exit to cover the workers as they run. «NOW RUN» he sends to the workers and then reaches out to Captain Marvel telepathically «I'll protect the workers and get hem out of here so you and the others can take this guy down!»

Spider-Man learned a long time ago, insulation is the key to dealing with Electro, because he zaps. Mightily. And often. And sometimes his skin zaps too. And it's not great.

Spider-Man's also learned sometimes Max just eats a power grid and it really doesn't matter how much insulation you've webbed your fists with because —


— zappers gonna zap.


A flash. Spider-Man does flying backwards, convulsing like — well, like he just stuck a fork into an electrical socket, because that's basically just what's happened here. The webbing that had so thickly encased his fist has melded and burned down towards slush, his suit beneath frayed here and there to show blackened knuckles as he rebounds off the cement ground into an uneasy roll. Smoking, he resists the urge to gag. It's a familiar sensation. He really doesn't like it.

He remembers the involuntary spasms. And he remembers how hard it is to force his way through it.

He still tries, dragging himself up onto his knees, trying to get up before Electro can recover — focusing, to try to web the man's legs, his arms, his face — basically -anything- he can to lock the man down to the ground and keep him from getting so zap happy as the others do what they do best.

"D-d-d-don't g-g-g-get maaaa-ad be-cuhs — because iiiiiI care tuh-too muhch, Muh-muh-max—"

"You're doin' great, Carol!" Stark shouts as he hovers his way in though the window. His nanomachines multiply a dozen times in the space of a heartbeat. Taking over the machines. Dropping the power faster than any human could manage. Draining the energy into themselves without letting Electro getting to it.

His armor reconfigures itself just slightly before he smirks slightly. "Hey! Spidey! If I knock em up can ya wrap him up!" He calls out as the pair of repulsors spin up, a pair of focusing lenses detach from his shoulders as he aims and fires.



Mostly in order to knock Electro around. Or more importantly to knock him right into Spider-man's legs.

Hostages are fleeing, protected by Carol and Ryan's efforts. The system is powering down. Of course, Electro doesn't actually notice that the transformers are being cut off until it's too late. He's dispelling so much energy, and he doesn't stop because to stop is to release Captain Marvel to… do things. Things like clobber him.

As Spider-Man goes flying after coming into contact with him, Max Dillon laughs and a hand comes up in an amused shrug. "Sometimes the tried and true stand bys just feel better, right?" A beat, as he sinks lower to the ground and feels the first hit of that rapidly depleting energy. He pushes through it with a grunt. "Well, not for you, web-slinger. But definitely for m—NRGH."

And that? Would be the sound of focusing lenses doing their work and using not-electrical-energy to send Electro flying towards Spider-Man. He also, still assaulting Carol, then also discharges far more of his reserves than he intends. So he lands. Hard. Where the webbing is waiting.

And is webbed.


Damn it.

Captain Marvel follows Electro's abrupt movement as Ironman repulsors the villain directly into Spiderman's waiting trap. Keeping herself between him and the discharging lightning, even if erratically thrown during his involuntary pitch into webbing.

Once the fiend is caught, Captain Marvel catches the last of the errant power with a clap of her gloved hands. The features of her face are impossible to make out as her head glows like a star. Illuminating the entire reactor room with nearly as much incandescent fury as the captured lightning itself.
Briefly she holds her hands before her, the two fists furiously gleaming like a binary system. If she's speaking its unintelligible. She's captured an entire New York power grid's worth of energy and she knows she can't release it here.

Abandoning the location, Captain Marvel becomes a column of light streaking through the roof and the clouds above. The stratonimbus clouds spiral open in her wake like a stone cast into a pond revealing the starlight above which she joins.

A fraction of a second later comes the window shattering boom as she exits the atmosphere at many times the speed of sound.

As the last of the workers clear the room and are safe from getting hit by any of Electro's electricity, Ryan's limit has been reached. Ryan falls down to the ground on one knee along with all the debris he was holding up telekinetically to protect the workers as they escaped, his head is excruciating pain and blood purring out of his nose, holding by just sheer willpower not to go unconscious. which if he were to use any more of his power he most definitely would.

Ryan seeing that the culprit is captured and Captain Marvel leaving in quite a light show, Ryan takes a moment to try and get some strength back before he tries to leave and before the authorities come into the building, as it is just about taking everything he has to just not pass out at this point.

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