The Popstar and The Punk
Roleplaying Log: The Popstar and The Punk
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Crush meets Andrea in a Club

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IC Date: February 02, 2020
IC Location: A club in New York City
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* * *

It's late- nearing ten o'clock on a cold night in New York City. This particular club in Manhattan's Upper West Side is largely filled with the college crowd. The music is hard and driving, the kind with a heavy bass line and liberal use of guitars- dance music of the rock and roll variety.

Crush, for her part, is leaning against the bar and watching how people interact- staying far from the dance floor as she drinks from a bottle of beer- just watching.

She's tall, dressed in what could best be called 'punk-rock' attire with pink leather pants, a big black leather belt, a shirt for some band that covers only to just above her navel. Thick Doc-Marten style boots and a leather jacket.

* * *

Heading into the club is Andrea Jackson, who is here to make an appearance on behalf of the club, and, to cut loose and work off some steam on the dance floor. Her third album is coming out soon with a lot of hype behind it as rumor is she is moving away from pop to a more adult rock style.

Dressed in a stunning silver dress that hits at the knees with thin shoulder straps and knee high boots, she has enough makeup on to 'pop' off. After giving a quick 'touchbase' to her bodyguard, James, who is dressed in a powerfully looking suit and tie, she hands off her jacket and purse.

Aiming for the dance floor, she immediately swallows the attention of the club around her as she is easily recognizable on a global scale. There is a hushed murmur through the crowds, but she makes her way for the dance floor like a starving shark. Gossip and rumors can wait. Tonight? She is going to move.

* * *

Crush watches as another joins the fray on the dancefloor- someone with a bodyguard, apparently- someone who's probably important. She takes another long pull on her bottle of beer, finishing it and putting it on the bar for the staff to take care of.

"So, who are you, I wonder." Crush says- largely to herself as she decides to investigate- moving closer to the edge of the throng of dancing people. Just watching the other young woman as she goes to move. Red eyes from a white and black face. She doesn't look human, and most people are giving her a bit of distance- she's got an air of danger around her.

* * *

As she hits the floor, Andrea is already moving to the music's beat as she spins and twirls with her arms upwards. It isn't difficult for her to find a willing partner as at least one guy finds himself brave enough to slink his way to her. She gives him a quick glance over with her eyes, as if appraising his 'worth', then settles into the beat along with him.

From afar, James just watches, sipping on a water and at times checking the exits and surveying the people. Crush will get an eyeing as well as she stands out. Could be mutant. Could be weirdo.

Crush may catch whispers floating through the crowd. Mutant. Celebrity. And perhaps some unflattering comments from those who are not as accepting.

* * *

Crush is largely focused on Andrea- nose twitching a bit, before her eyes fall over on James. Her eyes, that red color, are far from human- or at least, far from baseline. She's taller than average, with that skin that's white as paper. Her lips are as black as her eyes, and one guesses that isn't makeup she's wearing.

Maybe it's nerves, or maybe it's something else- but Crush doesn't take the step onto the dancefloor just yet- seeming content to just watch Andrea dance. She hears the whispers, she sees how others seem to be fawning over the fact this woman is in the club. Her eyebrows winnow a moment as she connects the dots- Andrea is some kinda famous. Still not anyone Crush knows about- but one gets the idea she runs in circles where a place like this isn't usually on the list of attractions.

"Huh…" And Crush gives a look towards one standing near her who whispers something less flattering- something rude and mean. "Hey." Crush growls, "You got an issue with people who's different from you?" she asks of a college aged young man who stinks of more of Daddy and Mummy's money than sense.

"Yeah, maybe I don't think muties and people like you should be seen in public." he says to Crush- the liquor giving him a bit more courage. He pokes Crush on the chest. "Maybe you and her should go somewhere you belong. This is a place for Human Beings, not.. freaks."

This is likely a mistake on this young man's part. Crush is not, typically, kind and forgiving. "I'm going to tell you once." She growls, showing those pointed teeth- "Don't touch me, and keep your jaw shut before I break it."

It's not a threat- it's a promise.

* * *

As she dances, spins and twirls, Andrea shows off a formidable skill of dancing that most amateurs would not possess. She is a trained professional after all, and dancing is apart of her toolkit. As the crowd rumbles about her, her heightened senses pick out the commotion going on nearby, the words of anger, the rise of tension.

As she glances over towards the obvious sight of Crush who stands out like a mack truck in the middle of the club, she gives a wink to her partner for a moment before she makes her way over through the crowed. The people part for her like a warm knife through butter as she reaches out to slide her hand into Crush's, giving it a tug. "Hey." She says, her voice full of rasp and a hint of silk. "Been waiting for you all night to dance with me." She says as she levels a stare at the man, sizing him up. "Sorry if I'm late."

She interjects herself so easily, as if she has known Crush her entire life. She's an actress. She can act in any situation. "Us mutie girls gotta stick together. Right?" She hums as she leans in to bump her shoulder against hers, then gives a jerk of her head back to the dance floor.

* * *

Crush looks over as Andrea appears, "Uh.. me?" she asks, a little unsure of all that. "Oh. Um.. yeah, right, I guess." she says as she pushes past the young man- letting her shoulder do the talking. He'd grunt as a clearly stronger person pushes past him. She looks over at him, pointing at her own eyes then at him.

"Mutie?" Crush asks then, looking a bit confused, this is all happening quite quickly for her as she's guided onto the dancefloor.

The pair certainly stand out- Andrea a measure of grace and fashion and Crush being.. well.. Very much the opposite in so many ways. "You didn't have to help that jerk, you know? I ain't afraid of no stuck-up Ken-doll wannabe."

* * *

"I know you aren't, and I was helping you, more than him." Andrea says as she moves along with the music, though at a more subtle pace. "Guys like him will get louder and louder, then drag all his friends into it. From there it's like a chain reaction of stupid people doing stupid things. I came out here for a good time and to dance, not duck tables and bottles and get on the news again. Doesn't matter where I go, if something happens, my name gets attached."

She spins and bobs her body about as she gives her a wry grin. "Mutie. You know, mutant. Someone like me. You aren't a mutant? You kinda got that vibe about you." She says as she tips a wink at her.

"Either way, I like your style. Cool clothes. Kinda got a biker punk rock thing going on."

* * *

"Uh. No. I'm like half-alien or somethin'." Crush replies, still, far from human in her own way. "Naw, you was helping him more than me, even if he don't know it." she says with a toothy grin over to Andrea. "So… what's the big deal with you, huh?" she wonders then, "You got you a bodyguard and everyone is watchin' you. Why?" she wonders, perhaps a bit uncomfortable with the attention.

"Oh. Uh.. They're sort of my thing. I like leather." she says with another bit of a smile- "So, you's a mutant?" She asks, "What's that like? Probably pretty cool most of the time, except when Jerks are bein Jerks.

* * *

"I'm a popstar, model, and actress. Been on television for years. A lot of my music is on the radio." Andrea says as she dances with her, rocking her body side to side as she filters out the rest of the club. "Half alien, huh? What planet are you from?" She's not even phased at this point with everything she's seen in her life.

"And I am a mutant. I turn into a eight foot werewolf and I can toss cars around and grow big claws." She says with a wiggle of her fingers at her. "Being a mutant would be cool, you know .. if people didn't treat us like shit, or assume that we're all going to take over the world. Humans are just scared of anything new."

* * *

"People are just… I don't know. People are stupid sometimes." Crush says. "And I grew up here. On Earth." She answers that question second. "Huh.. so you're famous. That's pretty neat, I guess. I don't think I'd want my face on no album cover or nothin', though." she admits as they step further into the dance floor.

"Oh. I'm Crush." she offers- a name befitting her appearance. "And I'm half-Czarnian." she explains, "There.. ain't a lot of Czarnians around no more. 'Cept one, and he ain't very nice."

The dance floor is a throng of people and it makes Crush a *little* uncomfortable, "I don't usually dance, I'm more…like.. mosh-pits."

* * *

"I'm Andrea. But you can call me Rage." The mutant popstarlet says with a grin as her brows lift upwards. "And it's a job like any other. Just this one has a lot more attention. You quickly learn to tune it all out. It's just noise."

"I've been in moshpits before." Andrea giggles. "It has been awhile though. I like to move around a lot." That much is for certain as her body moves gracefully despite the heavy rumble of music.

"We can get something to drink if this ain't your thing." She says loudly over the rumble of music to her.

* * *

"YES!" Crush begins, before regaining her composure. "Uh.. I mean, yeah, shur…. Hard drinking is a LOT less… I don't know….it's more my speed than this." Crush gives a wave at their surroundings. With the dancing. And the people.

", what do you want to drink? I can buy ya a beer or something?" she wonders as she's almost immediately heading towards the bar, happy to get off the dance floor. "Something fruiter?"

* * *

As she follows her, Andrea pauses here and there to get her picture taken with a fan, giving bright smiles and peace signs. She even autographs someone's shirt at one point. When she finally gets to the bar, her purse is handed to her by James as she takes her wallet out. "Don't worry about paying. Get whatever you want."

Surprisingly? She orders a diet coke. Not a real drink. "I turn twenty-one on Valentine's Day. So.. I can't legally drink yet." She says sheepishly to the half alien.

* * *

"Yeah, that's never stopped me before."

* * *

"Yeah, that's never stopped me before." Crush says with a bit of a grin, "Get me a beer and get her.. uh.. a mixed drink, something fruity." she says, as she pulls money out of her jacket pocket. It's a good wad of cash by the looks of it. She puts down a couple of twenties and when the bartender starts to ask for ID- she grins. A sharp smile. "Naw, don't worry about that." she says, with a shake of her hand, "IDs are boring.." she leans forward, just resting her hand against the brass bar. When she removes her hand there's a decidedly hand-shaped indentation in it's place. She's strong.

Really strong.

"Anyways, you can keep the change!" Crush continues and the bartender just nods- a beer for Crush and some fruity blue drink soon placed down for Andrea. Crush grins, "See, easy as pie! You don't need no ID."

* * *

There's a laugh from Andrea. "Well.. Thanks! But.. I still can't drink it." She says with a grin on her face. "One of the downfalls of being a celebrity is the fact right now? Our picture is being taken by at least twenty people, video recorded by ten. It will all be online in some form of another and it's publicly known that I'm not twenty-one. Next thing you know, it's all over the Internet that I'm a drunk and probably need rehab."

Nudging the blue drink back towards Crush, she leans forward and says to her. "But later tonight, back at my place? I'll get totally plowed. No cameras. I can sit in my jammies and sip on as many Mai Thais as I want and not give a shit about these vultures."

* * *

Crush chuckles, "Yeah, but what's the fun in that?" she wonders, "Who gives a hot shit what anyone else says about you? I don't care." Crush says slowly as she drinks her beer. "And, I ain't gunna be there to watch you get drunk in your jammies." she notes next, with a little grin. Still, she's drinking right now. "So… peoples is takin' my picture?" Crush says suddenly a little a more pale. "Maybe we should go somewhere else? I… ain't really a spotlight sorta gal, you know…??" she asks with a little frown.

"I know a place near here that's a bit more…well. Let's just say ain't nobody takin' pictures there."

* * *

"Just ignore the others. They just care about getting me in a picture that's compromising." Andrea chuckles as she takes her Diet Coke and sips from a straw that she plunks into it. "If you wanna come over and watch me get drunk, I'd be cool with it. Just gotta let my boyfriend and my roommate know you're coming over. You'd get a kick out of them." Her head bobs to the music back and forth as she soaks it in. "So, Crush, whatcha do for fun? Besides beating people up I'm assuming."

* * *

Crush laughs loudly, "Yeah, and havin' your picture takin' with me ain't compromising?" she wonders next, shaking her head. "NAw, it ain't fun to watch someone get drunk. You gotta get drunk with them. At a party or somethin'."

"Fun? Well, you got most of it. Fightin' is most of my fun. Good money in fightin', too." she says, "But.. I'm thinkin' maybe I oughta find somethin' else to do. Can't be sure what that be, though." Crush says, with a shrug. "Eh. I'll figured it out sometime." She finishes off her beer.

"So, what's yer boyfriend and roomie like? They like you? Famous?"

* * *

"You look like the super strong alien time. Go into construction and build skyscrapers or something." Andrea winks. She takes a sip from her drink as she watches the people dance across the way. "You aren't all that compromising. You look like a mutant. People except me to hang out with my kind."

"My boyfriend's name is Jay. He's a singer also. Has a band. He's not famous. My roommate is Alexis. She's just .. normal. She plays the violin though and is really good at it."

* * *

"Ugh, no thanks. I ain't workin' for the man." Crush says, shaking her head. "That's not me. I'd just get angry and break the building. Probably punch the workers, too. I heard stories about construction workers and they wound like real…I dun know. Not like me." she shakes her head again, sipping her beer.

"And that whole nine to five bullshit, no thanks." She shakes her head again. "I gotta be free. I gotta be out there doin' me." Crush shrugs again. "Must be nice, though, to have all that nice life."

* * *

"It is nice." Andrea confirms "I don't get days off though. I work like a hundred hour weeks, always flying, traveling, smiling for the cameras." She says as she takes another sip. Slurrrrrp. "So when I do get home, I mostly just sprawl out naked and try not to move very much for the rest of the night. That or I sit in the bathtub for an hour and take a nap."

"Nine to five sounds nice to be honest. At least you know what your life is like ahead of time, can make plans, have the weekend to yourself. Relax." She sighs out wistfully. "Maybe one day for me, but I have a lot of work ahead of me right now with my music."

* * *

The punky half-alien shrugs, "I guess that's the price of fame or somethin'. I wouldn't know. I sleep when I wanna, drink when I wanna, do whatever I want when I wanna. That's how I want to live." Crush explains, "I ain't beholden to no fans or glory or anything like that." She says with a little smile, "Sounds like I got it better, to be perfectly honest. You got all this..pressure." She shakes her head quietly, before grabbing the fruity drink that Andrea refuses to drink and starts to throw it back. "Oh… This.."

"This is terrible."

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