Roleplaying Log: Partners
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Lex Luthor proposes a plan to Emma Frost and she tentatively accepts.

Other Characters Referenced: Sebastian Shaw
IC Date: January 26, 2020
IC Location: A Restaurant in NYC
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Posted On: 05 Feb 2020 18:08
Rating & Warnings: G
Scene Soundtrack: Only the Strongest Will Survive by Breaking Benjamin
NPC & GM Credits: Otis, Mercy, and Hope by Lex Luthor
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The invitation came with the car. Lex Luthor probably did his homework and made sure that Emma Frost would be available to come for dinner this night. Which places him at the restaurant that he knows she likes and waiting patiently. There's no reason to rush things as he's pretty sure Otis knows where to bring her. He better not screw this up, as Lex Luthor has big plans for this evening's dinner chatter.

The invitation is a blatant request that doesn't even try to hide what it's about. While the potential presidency isn't mentioned there is a statement about: business and dinner so Luthor is hoping that Emma will be curious enough to attend. He hasn't gotten a call from Otis saying otherwise. Yet. He shall see.

The careful balance of Emma’s agenda is left to the care of Tasha Beaumont. In recent months, this has not been a sure thing, as the CEO of Frost Industries falls back into older habits that make her harder to peg down and wrangle.

But part of Tasha’s longevity can certainly be attributed to her instinct for knowing when she can—and, conversely, when she can not—lean a little harder to be certain that her employer is both available and willing to do the wise thing. She speaks the arcane language of assistants, and helps Lex make his best case.

So that only leaves the issue that Emma Frost hates surprises. So when an invitation comes to her residential building, with a car and an expectation, she very nearly sends both away on sheer principle. She definitely makes them wait as she changes into an outfit far more suited to an evening out: a fitted knee length cocktail dress of white satin that drapes her arms and breastbone in white lace but leaves her shoulders bare; that has a vaguely corset look to it by virtue of the lacing in the back; and that hugs every curve of her. Her shoes have that same coquettish quality to them—stilettos that set her height easily at six feet. They dress her toes in white sateen, feature a glittery T-strap, and then wrap the rest of her foot in white mesh.

When she arrives at the restaurant, she’s wrapped in a thick fur coat appropriate for the cold weather. She checks it at the door, and then steps further into the restaurant with her diamond bracelet watch glittering at one wrist, and her crystal studded clutch in the other hand.

“Mister Luthor,” she greets as she approaches the table when she’s shown to it. She waits expectantly for someone—maitre’d or Luthor himself—to pull the chair for her. “I was surprised to receive a second invitation. I was so sorry to be unable to attend your party at the club.”

"As if you could do any wrong in my eyes, Ms. Frost."

Lex Luthor is, of course, right there to pull the chair out for the illustrious Emma Frost. There's even a look given to the restaurant's staff to begone. After all, when powerful people like Lex Luthor and Emma Frost are in the building, there is always something to be doing or preparing. Just one wrong word from either of them could cost this entire business to crumble around them.

Lex makes sure that Emma is nice and settled as comfortably as possible at the best table this fine restaurant has to offer. Perhaps if Lex were more of an impulsive cad, like Bruce Wayne, he would've just bought the entire restaurant out for the evening. However, Lex prefers to keep this meeting under the guise of business not pleasure. Even if it is a pleasure to be sitting across from someone like Emma Frost.

"And I even saved you a dance." It's a very specific attempt at humor with just the right amount of dig wrapped in a tease and sprinkled with amusement. "It's fine. Really. There were places I would've rather been myself, if I'm being perfectly honest." Lex wastes no time in immediately putting his fingertips together in that classic steeple shape that he has patented so well.

"So. Exactly how much do you hate Sebastian Shaw?"

Lex is swinging for the fences with this one. He has no idea if she's on Shaw's side or not. He's hoping that the two powerful personalities clash, thus the gamble.

Emma settles into her seat, all smiles and grace. She smooths perfectly manicured fingers over a dress that leaves few secrets, a careful balance struck between modest and immodest. But even the movement of her hand invites a certain gaze over the line of her, even as she pretends that’s not her intention at all.

He saved her a dance, he says, and she chuckles in response to the comment’s toothless bite. “How kind,” she bites back.

And then he admits that he would have rather not been at the Hellfire Club, and Emma feigns surprise with a loft of one flaxen eyebrow.

His question sends it even higher.

“Why, Mister Luthor,” she says after a beat, her eyes narrowing a slim degree. “They haven’t even poured the wine yet.” She leans back in her chair a little, her gaze altogether appraising. It’s a look that Luthor is likely to have seen many times, staring back at him from across the negotiation table. “I suppose that Mister Shaw said something that didn’t sit well with you?”

But even as she converses, the telepath is already setting herself to the hidden work that her mutancy makes possible.

Her consciousness expands exponentially, exploding outward with all the speed of a new star. She will know within moments how many in the restaurant - which Lex did not buy out - are here for his benefit. How many can hear them speak. How many are listening. And then she will set her talents upon Mister Luthor himself.

Hope & Mercy are always nearby. Not so much hidden as just at a different table. There's no need for them to stand all close and be intimidating when they can move with Amazonian strength and speed towards anyone that dares try to harm Lex Luthor… or maybe even Emma Frost. Depends on the signal. They are definitely listening. They are always listening. That's how they keep Lex Luthor alive.

There are others, because Lex Luthor always has back up plans but they are menial minds at best. Just here to keep visual tabs and make sure nothing untoward happens. They are not even armed but are likely there to help crowd control or prepare for spin doctoring through citizenship and word-of-mouth. It's the little things.

"You're a very busy woman. Pleasantries aside, I would hate to waste your time." Even as he says this, though, he motions for one of the staff (the restaurant's, not his) and here they come with wine. A selection of wine. To present a host of options for Emma to choose from. Lex Luthor wouldn't dare to presume to know what kind of wine Emma likes. At least, he wouldn't in front of her.

"Shaw and I," Yes, the Mister is no longer valid since he has become an enemy of the surface order. "Are simply not on the same page about something. I was, hoping things would be different with you."

That hope is pretty obvious on the tip of his mind. It's right there on the surface, really. All thoughts leading to a singular focus and goal of him being the President of the United States. It may be a little in and out, with a few dark spots, but there's honestly not a lot else on his mind right now. Tunnel Mental Vision.

And now, something Lex Luthor never says.

"I need your help."

Emma looks at the bottles before pointing to a boxed rioja and, as the server goes about uncorking it and going through all of the dramatic presentation of a costly selection, simply tilts her head a degree to one side.

Maybe it’s interest. Maybe it’s because the telepath just bumped up against a psychic security system that she wasn’t expecting. She takes her time on both fronts, ensuring that she isn’t going to trigger any sort of alarm before pushing too far past the mildly uncomfortable static she encounters.

But she’ll consume readily whatever sits on the surface, certainly.

“Well, you’ve certainly piqued my curiosity, Mister Luthor. I suppose you’ll just need to lay it out, and we’ll see if the sort of help you’re seeking is something that I’m in a position to provide.”

"I want to be the President of the United States."

Lex Luthor has no hesitation when he slots that response in. It flows from his lips just as readily as it was available at the front of his mind and even a little deeper. This is his sole objective right now and the only thing that he is focused on. There are layers to this, levels to achieve this goal and a stream of contingency plans labeled with alphanumerical but all results lead to the Inauguration of Lex Luthor as President of the United States.

"There are only two people in this entire world that I trust to get me to the White House."

Lex Luthor raises his own glass, which is decidedly not wine. It's Bourbon. Of course. Whether he's offering a toast to a partnership that she hasn't agreed to or he's just trying to lay it out for her a bit more with some flattery.

"And they are both sitting at this table."

Frost arches an eyebrow.

It’s not skepticism, per se, but rather a far murkier mix of sentiment.

“And Mister Shaw, I presume based upon your opening, denied you his support. And with Mister Shaw, several of his friends.” Round and round the wine glass goes in Emma Frost’s hand as she takes it up, rolling lazy circles with the stem.

“Even if I were so inclined, I am not a campaign manager and I rather dread politics. …The ones that have elections, at any rate.”

"I had intended to speak to you at the social but you were not there. So I was forced to speak to Shaw and others of his type. I dare say the conversations were… less than ideal. I would prefer to deal with someone that understands what I want to do. What needs to be done. And that this country needs some true leadership and direction. The kind that I can provide."

Lex Luthor would wave a hand dismissively at the political angle hatred but there's no need. His words will suffice. That is the plan, anyway.

"I only ask for your support. The campaign, the election… I am more than capable of taking care of the politics of the matter. I only ask that someone with your network and influence support me in my endeavor to save this country from itself. I will handle everything else."

Lex Luthor finally takes a sip of his bourbon.

"An endorsement from Emma Frost would not only give me the push I need to take this election but it would also give her an ally with limitless potential and power. There's also the added bonus of ruining Shaw's day."

“While I confess to the occasional act of spite,” she begins, as though the takeover of Takahashi Industries which expanded her operations into Metropolis were nothing more than a fit of pique rather than something she spent the better part of two years orchestrating, “that’s hardly the same thing as politics.

Emma Frost sips her wine as she muses over the suggestion.

“What will your platform be? It seems the topics this year will be the economy and foreign trade, perennial subjects to which we both know you can speak intelligently. But then Senator Kelly has shown every indication that he’s going to be a golden calf out of this registration business. So, with the knowledge that war is very nearly always good for business, what do you have to say about it?”

"Lex Luthor is a man of the people. Everyone knows and understands that I care about the people more than I care about anything else. It is the entire reason I run LexCorp the way I do. I employ millions of people across the globe to give them an opportunity to find themselves and better their situations. Better themselves. To pull themselves up and fight for the things they hold dear."

Lex Luthor always with the speeches.

"I intend to do the same about this Registration business. Since this foolishness began, I've been watching the two sides of this with interest. I do not feel that forcing individuals that have been gifted with these incredible abilities will do anyone, any good. It will only make the situation more volatile and create a world in which neither side will be safe. It could, ultimately, lead to mutually assured destruction."

Lex Luthor sets his glass down.

"However, I'm also of the mind that no one, special abilities or not, should wander around unchecked. I want to believe that there's a way to do that without hindering the basic rights that we all have as living beings on this Earth. No one wants to feel trapped or forced or hunted. I intend to alleviate those fears and set the entire nation at ease with the proposal of a compromise."

Lex Luthor hasn't actually thought this entirely through yet, that much will be obvious if she pokes around up there again. But he is, at the very least, speaking the truth of what's on his mind.

"I would like to start a committee, something more if possible, that will handle the relations between humans and those of extranormal abilities. It will have representatives from every side of this debate, from alleged gods to those possessing mutated or metagenes to even alien beings that have deemed Earth as their new home. Together, we will discuss every facet of this argument and allow the people that are directly affected by these issues speak their minds on how it should be handled. I will facilitate, of course, as I haven't a dog in this race and we will decide, together, what the best course of action shall be."

Lex Luthor leans on the table because he's very much trying to make sure Emma knows how passionate he is about this project.

"As profitable as war may be, Ms. Frost, I intend to rally the country around a concept that has been lost on us for generations." There's time for a dramatic pause here because that's what Luthors do. "Peace."

Lex may have well as proposed the Easter Bunny for the scoff that escapes Emma’s lips.

“Mister Luthor,” she says, her voice thick with amusement, “I can’t imagine that—even if you could achieve peace—that humans would even know what to do with it. I would think that you’d be very familiar with that.”

She drinks deeply of the wine she has, and then considers. “Still,” she continues, watching the glass intently as she tilts it this way and that. “Get the signatures you need to qualify and survive the first round of debates. If you can prove that you’ll get interest outside of Metropolis for a national election, I think I’d be willing to entertain the possibility of support.”

She looks up and smiles shrewdly, her pale blue eyes glittering with wolfish humor. “It will give you a little time to rally up a winning campaign slogan, strategy, and platform and go through all of the glorious testing iterations, and it will give me the opportunity to do my homework in Metropolis. See how you conduct your affairs. After all, a good girl always does her homework.”

She laughs, and then adds in dark, vague flirtation befitting a Club member, “And I’m always very good when I choose to be.”


He really does say 'Lexcellent' in his head. Emma may even get to hear that if she's still poking around up there. He amuses himself quite a bit.

"That's all I needed to know."

Lex Luthor finally allows himself to relax a bit now that the business part of the dinner has been taken care of. He's all about making sure the business has been handled before moving on to the pleasure and trying to just have a good night.

"An opportunity from Emma Frost has given me reason to go through with this." That's right, Lex Luthor was waiting for the possibility of having the support of Emma Frost before going through with his Presidential run. Or at least that's what he's thinking. Flattery.

"Come down to LexCorp Tower. I'll make sure you have access to everything you need. I'll even get you an office if you'd like."

Lex Luthor takes another sip of his drink.

"Now then. Shall we move on to more pleasurable topics while we eat?"

He offers her an office. Access to LexCorp. Frost neither openly accepts nor refuses either. She hums a little instead—a chuckle that never really finishes forming.

“Who am I to deny you a little pleasure, Mister Luthor? I have a whole bottle of wine that very much needs my attention and an entire evening that has no one’s name upon it but yours.”

Emma leans back, making a show of the way that she drapes herself along the lines of the chair and crosses her legs to settle in a little more. She lifts her cup in his direction.

“But first… to the hope of advancing our partnership,” she toasts.

Lex Luthor doesn't know where Emma Frost's intentions lie but that's neither here nor there. She's a very hard person to read even for someone like Lex Luthor. His skills of deduction and reading people are paramount but not when it comes to wading through the icy demeanor of Emma Frost.

Instead, Lex is attempting to play this the best way he knows how. With honesty. His hope for the future is entirely dependent on getting the support he needs from the people he needs so that he can become the most powerful person in the free world and set mankind on the course that they've been strayed from by the arrival of extranormal abilities and… aliens.

Lex raises his drink to match Emma's toasting and offers the most genuinely sinister but also honest smile that he can.


Lex Luthor does love it when a plan comes together.

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