Saving Grace
Roleplaying Log: Saving Grace
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Lex Luthor helps to put on a charity gala for a new hospital. This, of course, is not his launching of a presidential bid.

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IC Date: February 09, 2020
IC Location: Metropolis
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Posted On: 09 Feb 2020 17:43
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For those that have been here for this whole event, seated at their host-given tables, there has been speaker after speaker. Each talking about the importance of this hospital and how giving back to the people that give this nation so much is paramount. There have been speeches from military personnel, Delaware's congresspeople and even other deep pocketed donors from all over the state.

It has been a successful night for donations and the monetary tally continues to rise even as the social gathering part of the evening has been kicked into full swing. Complete with a Big Band that's playing ambience music. An impeccably dressed waitstaff are serving drinks and edible bites to keep everyone having a good time and to promote the donating of even more money.

If the initial totals are any indication, this hospital is going to be amazing.

As of right now, feel free to mingle, chat and donate obscene amounts to this cause through the Duncan Donates App that can be QR coded onto your mobile devices from any of the many QR codes posted on all of the decorations in this place. Yes, even the online fundraising company, Duncan Donates, is a sponsor for this event.

That's right you rich people. Go forth and be mingle-merry. Nothing bad could possibly happen when there's so much money in one room…

Lex Luthor stands at the forefront of this fundraising madness. There is a drink in his hand and a smile on his face as yet another one of his philanthropic plans have come to fruition. A caring individual that's here to watch over this event like a Guardian Angel. A man that clearly seeks allow his presence to give weight to the project that has been spoken about all night.

It is NOT a venue from which to speak about his latest announcement or anything like that. This night is not about him, it's about the Saving Grace Hospital. And… America.

Over the course of the past year, people have gotten very accustomed to seeing Warren Worthington and Alison Blaire out together as an inseparable item. The two made a striking pair, with their matched color scheme all in white and gold.

This makes it all the more unusual that tonight, Warren is present — in what may be his first public appearance since his "death" — but Alison Blaire is not. There is someone else at his side tonight.

Other than that notable difference, Warren has not behaved much differently, though the astute would notice his words are more measured and his silences more frequent. Certainly he has been as open-handed as he always has been, having already made arrangements for his contribution to this charitable event. He even arranged to sponsor a table at the gala, one near the stage; accompanying him there, other than his plus one, are a number of aides and PR people in attendance to do the gladhanding and connection-making Warren is not particularly in the mood to do at the moment. At the least he was attentive enough through the speeches, though in a way that suggests that it is more because he is cognizant of the cameras, than because his heart is in it so much as it used to be.

He's still a bit zoned out when the event's itinerary breaks for a bit of mingling, though once people begin rising and milling about, he rouses as if from a reverie. He slides a wry glance sidelong at his date. "Dreadful, isn't it?" he inquires. "How are you holding up? Just think of it as another battle, really."

With a straightening flick of his wings, he rises and offers Dani Moonstar a hand up. "You don't have to talk so much if you don't want to," he says. "I still remember how to do the public relations dance well enough."

Nothing but good things. Hope springs eternal.

Stark is of course here. Adding to the feeling of too much money in one room. A white tux of an ultra modern style, sunglasses in subtle (for him) shades of dark red and veins of gold. The glow of his Arc Reactor is muted under the fabric, but its still there.

It's always there.

Well. Until he gets bored and changes it. But he hasn't yet. Because really its like a badge of honor. A battle scar. A…

…where was I again.

Oh yeah. Party.

In one hand is a glass of something bubbly and alcoholic and in the other is a STARK phone. Because, of course, he has one.

"It's like riding a bike, isn't it?" He comments this towards Warren as he strolls up to the pair of the Wonder Bird and Witchy Woman. Glancing at the pair of them over the rims of his just slightly gaudy glasses. "I mean, its boring as hell and I hate it. But at least I remember you remember how to do it."

Of course, he doesn't say hi, or mention just where Alison might be. He's just suddenly there, as he raises a grinning glass towards Lex for a moment in polite enough salute over the heads over people.

No matter how many times Emma has come into Metropolis, it has always managed to feel like foreign terrain. Even with her own name now on a building, ruthlessly conquered. Perhaps that's why, after she confirmed that she would not only take a seat at the gala, but that she would host one of the tables, she promptly also made meetings at said Metropolis branch so as to terrorize her staff there.

As. One. Does.

And she also deigned to let a certain Mister Stark know that she would be in town, and to offer a chance to get drinks and catch up.

Also, as one does.

Which leads us to about now, where she's all gussied up in her new slinky find: a knit ivory gown that barely covers its plunging neckline with a crystal studded lace to the navel and similar inset that makes a sweep train in the back. The gown doesn't even pretend to be coy about the slit in the front that cuts all the way to Emma's thigh.

And she naturally has a cup in her hand, and is not near Worthington or Moonstar or even Stark, but rather hovering in the close vicinity of Luthor instead, waiting for her opportunity for a word.

To say this isn't the typical type of party Dani is used to is quite the understatement. That, however, doesn't stop her from attending this particular richy-rich gala in support of her friends.

Which, of course, also has Dani adding a little mental note to check in on Alison once all of this is said and done.

Either way, when the speeches end and Warren offers his hand to help her up, Dani gladly accepts. As she rises to her feet the agent of SHIELD automatically scans the room with an assessing look, before she returns her attention to Warren. His mention of not talking much causes the woman to quirk a corner of her mouth upward in some sort of amusement. "Afraid I might stick my foot somewhere I shouldn't?" She asks with an amused tease, before her gaze tracks to Tony's imminent arrival, "Here comes reinforcements."

As for the dress code tonight, Dani has forgone her typical slacks and jeans for something far more elevated. Her muted poppy-colored dress is a one-shouldered creation, with fitted bodie and a floor-length skirt. The skirt itself flares gently outward to allow for some ease of movement, and around her waist sits a small belt of tiny crystals.

"Evening, Tony." Moonstar greets, before she returns to Warren's previous question as she says dryly, "And while I wouldn't call it dreadful, I can see why mass quantities of champagne is needed."

Peggy doesn't exactly add to the zeroes of how much wealth is in the room. While she does have her own wealth, along with a SHIELD salary, if she left the room there would be no dip in the actual total. She has donated - not to the extent of the others in the room - but what is a substantial amount for her.

Why is she even here? Metropolis is not exactly her usual stomping ground. Neither are charity galas. However, the Agent of SHIELD has been seen in Metropolis far more often lately. The reason for that has not exactly been made clear to those that know her, but there must be a reason.

Tony and Warren and Dani may not even recognize her at first. She's wearing a dark blue floor length dress. While those that know her are used to her conservative, vintage style, this is modern and somewhat revealing. There is a slit in the dress that reaches her thigh, covered in a translucent blue gossamer - a satiny fabric in peach revealed underneath it. The neckline is to her throat, but that is also in that same blue gossamer, small solid blue stars scattered about to her neckline and in a plunging wavy V. The solid blue covers fabric covers her chest in two upward Vs. It's more revealing than most things she's ever worn in public.

Another, perhaps, departure from the norm is that she is not moving toward Tony or Warren or even Dani. Her attention is focused on Lex Luthor, also moving to be close by. Her gaze sizes up Emma Frost for a quick moment while also waits for a word. In her hand is a champagne glass and she gives the blonde woman a smile. "Miss Frost?" If the two are to wait together, why not make conversation?

Lex Luthor is in all white. His suit designed to just make him look as pure and as innocent as humanly possible. There is a small American flag pinned to the lapel of his jacket but otherwise he continues to look ever the part of an individual that is clearly here to not be anything more than a supporter of this great event… that he's throwing and paying for.

No one wears an all white suit to an event to take attention away from what the event is clearly about.

There is some handshaking and some thanking for support to a couple of rich nobodies before they whisk themselves away to continue their MingleFest 2020. It is then that Lex spots (for yet another time tonight) a Marvel-ous collection of individuals that he's sure he's going to have to spend some time talking to at some point tonight.

But first…

"Ms. Frost." Lex Luthor doesn't even look in her direction before he takes a step back to stand alongside her, his eyes still casing the joint for potential supporters (of the hospital idea, not anything else!) and offers a smile to passer-bys. "I want to thank you for all of your support. This hospital will do a great many things for a great many people." And Lex finally catches sight of Emma and her slinkiness. A mind-reader is not needed for the brief 'Wow' look on his face. No wait, all caps: WOW.

Lex sips his drink to calm his facial Lexpression back down and uses this moment to catch Peggy Carter out of the corner of his free eye. She gets a smiling invite to approach and speak to him as well!

Certainly how all this came about would be a bit of a red flag for Dani to want to check on Alison. Warren sort of just turned up one day at Dani's window and said that he needed a plus one for some nonsense gala, though he made it sound like a favor in order to keep things from being TOO weird. He even offered to help kit her out, which meant 'help her get a dress and get gussied up,' but he made it sound like an X-Men mission outfitting session.

To be honest, he may not think of the two situations all that differently.

He is quite aware these things aren't Dani's typical jam, which is perhaps why he's a little hasty to excuse her from any gladhanding duties. Warren blinks a little owlishly as she asks if he's demurring because he's afraid she'll stick her foot somewhere she shouldn't. "My dear," he says, "with you that might be a literal fear of mine. But of course, my suggestions are only suggestions. If you happen to feel inspired, or God forbid even enjoy yourself — by all means."

He leans a little closer. "Nice dress. You're wearing a holster, aren't you?" He might well be himself, under the bespoke black tux that forms a sharp contrast with his white wings.

"Like riding a bike," Warren agrees as Tony slides up. "And like riding a bike, doing too much of it chafes after a while. Thank God you're here, there will be someone else here to — " He pauses to take a glass of champagne from a passing server, though he holds it instead of drinking immediately, " — commiserate with me. Luthor seems to thrive on this stuff. I don't know how." He tips his own glass in Luthor's direction, to speak of the man.

Looking in that direction, of course, means Warren's sharp eyes catch sight of Emma. Emma, who is 'all the way over there.' His eyes track back and forth between her and Tony. "So," he starts. "She still trying to kill you? I w — "

Warren pauses and squints. "Is that Aunt Peggy?"

As Peggy draws near, Frost offers a surprised lift of her eyebrows. Whether it's the approach of the woman herself or the dress she wears that manages to elicit said surprise? Hard to tell. And in that way that she does, the telepath is already starting to stretch her thoughts around the darker haired woman. "Yes," she confirms. And then, more hesitantly, "Ms… Carter?" Of a trial's fame, most notably. "I don't think we've had the pleasure." A hand, dressed with a thin strand of diamonds at the wrist, stretches out cordially towards Peggy to grip the other woman's hand in the fleeting way of high society.

Their wait isn't long.

"Of course, Mister Luthor," Emma replies as Lex comes alongside her. She smiles as though she doesn't notice his notice, sipping lightly from her cup. "It's my pleasure to offer my assistance in an city where I expect to do good business. And I'm so grateful to you for reaching out to offer me the opportunity to help."

She looks between mogul and spy and smiles. "Have you two met before?"

"Thin blood or something I don't know. All I know is that it's not scotch, and I'm sad about it." Stark replies with a smirk towards the winged one and Dani. The smirk speaks volumes, even as a finger flies over the virtual keys to make some kind of donation. The thing is slipped away then as he takes aa sip again.

The other question though…

"Eh well. That's a difficult question." The one about Emma. "But no, I mean not that she could kill me. It was kinda adorable, really." Beat. "Don't tell her I said that." Then a shrug. "But I drove her here and…"

Then that other question, and Stark turns. Pauses. Squints.

"…er…yes?" A longer pause. "This feels so awkward."

A soft snort of amusement might be heard from Dani at Warren's initial words about gladhanding responsibilities, but that amusement settles back behind her typical professional face with his question about weaponry.

That brings an automatic and rather prompt response from Moonstar, "Of course."

Because a girl always has to protect herself, right? Yes, definitely.

And while Dani hasn't touched too much of the champagne that's being passed about she does finally reach for a glass when a tray nears.

To the question of whether Emma Frost still wants to kill Tony Stark, Dani can't quite stop a look that slides over to him, before she shifts her attention over to Emma Frost. Then her gaze shifts to Lex Luthor before she finally looks to Peggy Carter.

Really though, she might not have realized who that was without the casual Aunt Peggy from Warren and Tony's confirmation of the fact. That's enough to cause Moonstar to ask with a hint of question to her voice, "Aunt?"

As her attention is focused on Lex and Emma, Peggy seems to be completely ignorant of anyone recognizing her on the other side of the room. Instead, she keeps her focus on where she wishes it to be.

To Emma, Peggy's thoughts are very organized and rather surface at the moment. Calm, collected, seemingly at home mingling with the incredibly wealthy. There is no hesitation when she takes her hand to shake. Her own grip is a bit more firm than is general in these sorts of events, however it's not an intimidation, simply the way she shakes hands. "No, we have not met. Though, I do believe we have a mutual acquaintance." She smiles warmly, for once not correcting someone on her title. She's not here in an official capacity, therefore there is no need to toss around the agent moniker. "I must say I'm surprised to hear that you know my name."

Luthor is given greeting smile and a nod as she is brought into the circle. "No, we have not had the pleasure. Mr. Luthor, I hope you'll forgive the intrusion. I'm Peggy Carter, I simply wished to congratulate you on the event and all the money you've raised for the hospital." A hand is extended to shake.

"I do what I can." Lex's humility is on full display here in his response to Emma Frost as there are cameras everywhere. And ears. A lots of people with lots of money that want to give their money to make sure that this hospital gets built.

Could also be why Lex Luthor is making sure to not mention anything about anything political without someone else bringing it up first. He is not stealing the limelight from this event! No!

"Nonsense, Agent Carter. Your presence at any event of mine will forever be a welcomed addition. Never an intrusion." Lex keeps his smile going as he reaches to shake Peggy's hand as well, making sure that his own handshake is firmly relaxed in a state of billionaire bliss much like a combination of a Stark-Wayne Hybrid Handshake that is deciding to not have a hint of Worthington in it. How all that can come from a handshake is anybody's guess but Lex Luthor manages it.

"It is my hope that this hospital will be the first of many. Metropolis will make a good testing ground for what I see as the future of veteran aftercare." Poor Lex. He's unable to stop himself from talking about causes he's so passionate about. Y'know: Helping Others.

"I'm sure they would bring you scotch if you asked for it," Warren says sagely. "I'd be tempted, myself." The 'if not fors' go unspoken. Warren has not had much to do with strong drink ever since Archangel, for a reason that can perhaps be easily guessed.

The explanation — or non-explanation — on the matter of Emma Frost, though? Warren's brows lift, but he doesn't pry. Tony didn't pry about Alison, after all. "Wouldn't dream of telling her," he assures instead. "I enjoy you with your head ON your shoulders. I need it there." There is a certain weight to his voice that suggests exactly why Warren would need Tony's genius brain in good working order, though 'here and now' isn't the time to discuss it.

Moonstar's question on the Aunt Peggy matter brings Warren to glance sidelong at Tony, in a classic 'how do we explain this?' look. "It's complicated," he muses. "But the 'normal timeline' Peggy was Tony's auntie, so I suppose she became mine too. I'm not too sure we gave her a choice in the matter." He's about to explain why she was Tony's auntie — the Howard Stark connection and all — but knowing how much Tony likes talking about his father, he catches himself and says nothing at all.

He lets Tony explain further on the matter, if he likes. "We might need to go rescue her from the Luthor-Frost duo soon," he says, as Luthor starts to do the Big Political Body Language.

He pauses. "Don't tell her I said we should 'rescue' her from anything."

Another moment of silence. "Actually, it might be more amusing to watch her go head to head with them. I'm not sure."

Peggy confesses her surprise to be known, and Emma only smiles and shrugs for it, taking full advantage of the turn of the conversation that Luthor's approach ushers in.

"Philanthropy is a very good look for a presidential hopeful," Emma says, effortlessly providing the open door for Luthor to step through, should he so choose. "And I'm certain I'm not the only one who feels that way." Another smile follows, along with a meaningful lift of her glass.

Do with the opening as you will, it invites. And certainly there is tittering enough outside of the little ring they three form.

The orderliness of Carter's thoughts is not an alien thing at all; she knows someone else with much the same straightforwardness.

She catches the sight of Tony and Warren and Dani all together, and there is the very tiniest lift of the lower lid. That's not a surprising gathering, one might suppose, but it doesn't mean that anything good will necessarily come of it. She moves her attention onward, so as to not be overt in her notice, and drinks another deep sip from her wine glass.

"I'm glad someone does. Though for kicks one day I might try to figure out how I can function with it off my shoulders. Some kind of mental imprint blah blah blah science." Stark replies with an airy wave of his now free hand. There is a glance though towards where Frost and Luthor sit talking. A thoughtful look and a slight drawing of the brows for just long enough to be seen.

Then its gone again as Stark shakes his head.

"Anyway." He adds. "Basically Peggy was dad's old friend. So she was kinda my aunt. Then we didn't give her a choice on the aunt thing with Warren because reasons. Then a younger version of her from the past appeared and now we call her Aunt Peggy still. Mostly to see her frown at us."

A Stark explanation if there ever was one.

He sips his drink though and makes a slight face. "But yeah. I could do a whiskey. But I'm here in solidarity or something so almost-water-with-bubbles-it-is."

"And we totally should. Not that she needs us."

«You know.» This time just a directed thought over towards where that little gathering is. «Your dress really makes it hard to concentrate on a boring party. Just thought you should know.»


The fundraiser conversational back and forth is not so different from the SHIELD office. Anything can have a double meaning, can have be deftly sidestepped. Instead of clearance levels, however, this is how one deals with polite conversation. Peggy smiles at Emma as she sidesteps her implied question as to how the woman knows her name. Though this is not an interrogation, things can be gleaned from silence just as much as from the slip of the tongue.

Instead, she turns her attention back to Luthor as talk starts to turn toward the grand political stage: Presidential. First, however, the hospital. "That's a wonderful goal. I have found that too often people care more about military personnel before a conflict and less so afterward. May I ask what that vision may be? More hospitals are certainly a first step. What does the rest of the road look like?"

As she waits for an answer, Peggy takes a sip of champagne. Then, her eyes follow where Emma's go for a moment and at that moment take in Tony, Warren and Dani's own small circle. There's a surprised blink of her own to see them there. Immediately, she takes another, longer, drink of champagne. There is no wave nor other acknowledgement that she has seen their party other than possibly catching their eyes.

The explanations from both Warren and Tony brings a slight frown to Dani's face. She's surely trying to work out the logistics there, but after a moment she just shakes her head.

Dani has learned, thanks to her time with the X-ers, not to think too hard on certain things. It's just better in some ways.

That, however, doesn't stop her from saying to Tony and Warren, "Poor 'Aunt' Peggy.", and while there's a thread of amusement there, Dani is also quite serious.

Still, that doesn't stop Moonstar from noticing when Emma's gaze lands upon their little group, "Looks like we've been spotted."

And then again when Peggy's gaze lands upon their little group as well.

Finally, though, Moonstar adds her voice to whether the group should help Peggy or not. "I'm pretty sure Peggy can handle anything that might be thrown her way, but I'm sure she doesn't mind having back-up close by."

Because much like Warren mentioned earlier, this is totally like a battle scenario.

"I seem to be the only one who does, sometimes," Warren replies Tony easily. Evidence why he might be the only one who enjoys Tony having his head on his shoulders promptly comes when Tony starts to muse about ways he could probably operate WITHOUT his head on. Most people would be alarmed at casual talk of detaching one's head and scienceing it around separately from the body.

Warren, in contrast, doesn't bat an eye or flick a feather. He seems really used to the non sequiturs.

His blue eyes shade a little more thoughtful when Tony does explain further on the whole Aunt Peggy thing. "The 'reasons' being that I kept turning up at Tony's, and so we both became her problem," he explains further to Dani, with a sudden flicker of cheerfulness. "Now, this Peggy keeps telling us angrily she is not anyone's aunt, so of course we keep doing it."

He lifts his wings in a shrug. "Anyway, she certainly doesn't need us, or perhaps even want us, but let's go 'rescue' her anyway."

And with that, Warren invites himself right over to the knot of others. A switch seems to flip midway, as he turns on 'Warren Worthington at a party' mode. His feathers even fluff a little. "Ms. Frost, Agent Carter," he greets. "And of course, the man of the hour. Mister Luthor, you must be proud of tonight's success."

As if somehow psychically aware of previous metatextual rejections, he offers Luthor a handshake right in front of all the cameras.

His eyes turn to Peggy. "Agent, I'm surprised to see you at such a function."


« I knew. »

Emma Frost sends the thought back across the crowded room, without so much as a backwards glance. But, as Peggy moves into the gap to begin the conversation about that presidential course, Frost considers her work done and is content to sit back and watch the Lex fulfill his part of things with a pair of fingers lifting to distractedly toy with one of the curls that falls over her mostly-bare shoulder

Except that Warren Worthington is suddenly pushing his way into the trio, making it a quartet, and one might feel the temperature drop several degrees in the very metaphorical sense. She turns and sets herself in a new arrangement of curves and limbs, twisted just enough to seem as though she invites him in. Since he invited himself. "Mister Worthington," she greets cooly, drawing her wine glass closer as he intrudes on her tiny little machinations. "What a surprise to see you in Metropolis." She looks overtly now to Dani. "And you brought company. How lovely."

"The true success will be when Saving Grace hospital is up and running and our veterans can get the medical care they need."

Lex Luthor might as well be talking to the cameras that are around. The Handshake he gives Warren Worthington is one that speaks volumes of gratitude for contributions but lingers with a slight hint of distaste for keeping the company of Tony Stark. Handshake +10.

Lex turns his attention back to Agent Carter for the moment, "It is vision that is clouded by the current state of affairs…" A state that he hopes to change should he be elected to the greatest office in this country. "… but I do hope that these hospitals spark a greater conversation about how we treat our military personnel and we find more ways to protect and care for them before, during and after they put their lives on the line to protect us all." Lex smiles his way through that.

"If I can be even a small part in bringing about change to this nation, then I'll be able to sleep a bit better at night." That may be his only humble non-mention of his Presidential Candidacy.


It's not hard for Peggy to both see and feel the change in temperature from Emma Frost when the others approach the group. Peggy listens to Lex's response to her question as to what his future plans are to help the veterans. It's, also, not hard for her to hear the For Camera voice that Lex is using in his answers. She's dealt with enough politicians in both her day and this one to know that they never really change.

This is a charity event, so she will not push back on the non-answer answer she has been given. "I do hope you'll remember that answer for the reporters," she smiles at him and raises her glass. "It was a very well put." Rehearsed even, she might say. Her compliment, though, sounds incredibly sincere.

Warren's question is met with the opposite reaction than Emma's. Shifting to allow more space to welcome the newcomers to the party, she finishes her champagne. "Good evening, Mr. Worthington. Helping veterans is a cause that is quite close to my heart," she answers. "I have been spending more time in Metropolis and when I heard of the event, I knew I wished to attend to donate." To Tony and Dani, she greets with a nod of her head. "Miss Moonstar, Tony. It's good to see you."

Good good. Tony would be glad to see that his company adds +10 to any handshake. As it should.

There is a twinkle in his eyes though as that thought comes floating back to him. Just a touch of a smile as his brings his glass to his lips and smirks in the direction of the little gathering. He does wonder in the wake of Worthington though.

«That's the point of it. Isn't it? Just wanted you to know its working. You know credit where credit is due and all.»

But his gaze focuses on Warren and Lex. Waiting easily enough till that handshake is over before stepping up to the plate himself.

"Well you know how it is," Stark drawls. "I couldn't come to these things by myself. Had to get someone here to keep me honest." A pause. "Or am I here to keep him honest? I forget which. One of the two." This towards Emma with a flash of that smile of his before he cuts towards Lex with a grin.

"I mean besides the fact that its an amazing cause. I'm glad to be part of it."

There is a quirked eyebrow though as he listens to his 'Aunt'. A wolfish smile and a touch of mischief comes to his eyes. Just a touch. "More time in Metropolis? You'll have to come visit. You'll love the new place. Even if its taken me forever to get it finished." He adds as the mischief fades and he shakes his head.

Don't call her 'Aunt Peggy' she might judo throw you. Don't call her 'Aunt Peggy' she might judo throw you.

…its a mantra.

Dani can't quite stop the look she casts between Warren and Tony. Their friendly banter is enough to bring a faint smile to the Cheyenne woman's features.

And then, as the trio walks over to 'rescue' Peggy, Moonstar's expression smooths to something more polite. Especially when Emma Frost looks her way and utters those last words of hers, "It's always a pleasure to see you too, Ms. Frost."

The greetings don't stop there however, as Dani turns to Lex Luthor, "Mr. Luthor.", and then finally to Peggy, though Moonstar's tone is obviously much more friendly than just polite, or coldly polite, "Agent Carter, good to see you as well."

And while there are surely more things to talk about, Moonstar takes a moment to say, "Why don't I go grab a server to bring us a few more drinks."

Us meaning the group in whole, because Dani has a feeling they're going to need a lot of drinks for this. "Excuse me for a moment."

There's definitely going to be a question to the server about something more than just champagne to be brought over that's for certain.

« But where will I spend all of my credit? » Frost asks of Stark, even as she keeps her focus on the conversation at hand. And she smiles in her glass as Dani departs the present company.

One. Down.

But still, there's the matter of Worthington to chase off, and there's not a scarecrow large enough in the state of Delaware to so easily spook him. And so she abides.

And then there's talk of more Metropolis time. "Metropolis is lovely," she agrees. Verbally, anyway. Stark will know well enough that she'd rather be in Manhattan any day of the week. She didn't like the closeness of Worthington and Stark before. She certainly doesn't like it now. And she really doesn't like the thought of them spending even more time in close proximity to the things she's making her business.

"But it can only grow more lovely with everyone working to its benefit," she says, of Luthor. Of Stark. Her words drip with double meaning, and then she drains swiftly the last drop of her cup. "But I think the time has come for a refill and I really should check on my table's guests," she says with a subtle waggle of her cup, and she smiles apologetically all of them and moves to make her escape from what is feeling like an oppressive watch.

Her thoughts remain as she steps away and makes her way in very much the opposite direction of Moonstar's search for liquid sustenance.

Lex Luthor has no choice but to be as textbook and for the cameras as humanly possible. Especially when a crowd of people he kind of tolerates and maybe dislikes arrives to swarm his area. Which is fine because he's going to need as many votes as possible. Thus the shaking of hands that commences within the next few moments.

Everybody gets a quick and even keeled handshake from Lex Luthor. It almost feels like 'Vote for Me' when his hand pulls away. Weird!

Lex watches as Dani and Emma both head off in opposite directions and only makes a few mental notes. Filing away information for later use is written all over his face even as he works to remain focused on the remaining faces that are around him. "I firmly believe that, together, under the right guidance," His, of course, "That we'll all find a way to set aside our petty differences in favor of serving the greatest of goods." Lex looks into his glass to see that there is still some liquid courage left and proceeds to raise that glass for the others to follow suit. If they would like to.

"To the future!"

The temperature drop from Emma at his arrival brings Warren to flick a very arch smile in her direction. It widens and graduates into a full-on smirk, his feathers standing up a bit, when she picks out Dani as his company, emphasis on the word. No matter the lady he is with, he does not brook barbs tossed at them easily. "I would say it was also a surprise to see you in Metropolis, Ms. Frost," is his rejoinder. "But it's actually not. As I have heard, you've been making some inroads here."

It's very friendly conversation. Outwardly. But this bird certainly doesn't seem liable to scare easily for any kind of scarecrow. Emma is stuck with him.

…well, up until she leaves herself, after some very double-edged words. Touché, Emma. Warren watches her go, making a mental note to give Dani some credit for it later with the 'pleasure to see you too' rejoinder she pulled out.

He gives Tony a sidelong look after. The 'whoops, think I pissed in her cheerios' look.

As Peggy speaks of how personal an issue veteran affairs is to her, Warren inclines his golden head. "Of course, of course," he says, with that sort of polite revelatory expression of someone who has recognized the obvious. "Well, I am certain you are pleased at the turnout tonight, then. It was a cause to which I was very happy to contribute, myself. Those who have served our country are too often not cared for adequately when they return home. As Mister Luthor has pointed out."

So much gladhanding. Warren works his way through it with an aplomb that is undisturbed, even as Lex makes his impromptu speech about moving forward together — under the right guidance.

"I will drink to a setting aside of our differences in favor of the greater good," he says, smoothly specific, watching Lex from under lowered lashes as he lifts his glass. "I'm very interested to see the direction you'll take, Mister Luthor."

Because the alternative…? The alternative, right now, is Robert Kelly.

As first Dani peels off and then Emma herself slides away, Peggy looks between Lex, Tony and Warren. There is certainly history here. Some of which she has read about, others she can merely infer from demeanor and some guesswork on what happens when the extraordinarily wealthy all mingle with each other. Luckily, Peggy is generally used to picking up general histories on the fly.

There's a raised eyebrow given to Tony as he tells her she should come by his new place. "I'll be sure to stop by and see it." There's certainly curiosity there, though also wariness. "Is it anything like Stark Tower in Manhattan?" That's a place she is certainly familiar.

As for if she's pleased with the turnout, Peggy gives a nod. "I am. Mr. Luthor was just saying that he was hoping this is the first step in more focused care for veterans and so I can only hope this is first fundraiser of many others like it. So, there may be even more visits the Metropolis in the future."

Luthor's toast is met with a raised glass. However, as it is still empty, she does not drink from it. "Yes, the coming months will certainly be revealing."

"Oh no, nothing like Stark Tower. It's…" There is an airy wave from Stark. "Just a little thing. You'll love it. Really." A flash of a too amused smile from him means…well…everyone should know that means just exactly the opposite of what actually he means.

It's Stark. They should know by now.

A slight shrug to Warren though as he watches Emma go as if to reply 'Yeah. Well. You know Emma.'

There is much that can be said in a slight shrug.

There is a twitch of a smirk though at the quip about Metropolis from Emma. Covered with some of his drink. After all. He knows better. I mean most people know better. But this is all about the pageantry.

"Well. I suppose I can drink to the future." A twitch of a smile from Stark. "A brighter one. Full of light for all the people of the world. Right?"

Which is of course his technology.

I mean. That's just obvious.

"But. Right now. I'm on empty. And I think I should go fix that. So. Don't go anywhere."

He isn't worried about Emma going anywhere. He is her ride tonight after all.

Because he's a jerk like that.

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