Panic at the Fight Club
Roleplaying Log: Panic at the Fight Club
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Crush hits another Fight Club- and meets Sam and Moonstar at the same time

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IC Date: February 09, 2020
IC Location: New York City, A warehouse
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Posted On: 10 Feb 2020 23:31
Rating & Warnings: Violence
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* * *

It's another late night- this time in New York City. Crush has been running through every contact she could find- everyone she knew in the business of bloodsports. There were a lot- and a lot of them were on edge with the sudden influx of *someone* causing them serious problems.

As such, Crush's methods for getting information have had to change- before, she was welcomed due to her violent history, now, she's hunting people down like dogs and beating them until they give her the information. In her world, anyone who's keeping slaves is an enemy- and doubly so anyone who'd make those slaves fight in arenas.

She's rapidly made a name for herself among those people- her methods sloppy and unrefined. She's no Batman, that's for sure- the destruction she's left in her wake might remind someone of an unguided missile. Random. Chaotic. Violent.

No one has died, yet, at least- her aim doesn't seem to be to kill. No.. She's looking to cripple this dirty business.

Tonight is no different, of course, tonight she's hunting a man like a dog through New York City. She's got a bit of cloth that she's sniffing at- a torn bit of jacket. She puts it back in her pocket before sniffing at the air- catching the scent in question she begins to track through the streets- trying to find someone who's gone to ground.

* * *

While Dani hasn't been a prominent figure in SHIELD these last few weeks (or months) she's still an agent, and so she has a job and responsibility to the agency that can't be ignored.

As such, the one-eyed and eye-patch wearing Cheyenne woman finds herself with a new mission. Or, at the very least, taking up the thread of a previous mission that fell to the wayside. Investigating the underground fighting rings that have been kidnapping mutants and tossing them together to fight. And while some mutants initially refused to fight it became apparent quite quickly why they shouldn't say no to this particular bloodsport.

Either way, in the dregs of a warehouse district, Danielle Moonstar can be found waiting in line alongside Samuel Guthrie. While she shouldn't bring 'civilians' with her on SHIELD ops, that didn't stop her from extending an invite to Sam. While she's getting better at fighting with a limited field of vision, she still has a handicap that she hasn't quite mastered yet.

As for Sam, the only half-amused advice she had to give was pretty simple, "Try not to be your polite self, Sam. It'll blow our cover."

For the two the line itself moves pretty quickly. It'll only be a few more minutes until they're at the bouncer, to pay the cover charge, and inside.

Once inside the warehouse itself has been set-up much like any illegal pit-fight is. It's standing room only and the crowd stands around a chain-lined fenced off area, where two fighers enter, but typically only one leaves.

* * *

Sam Guthrie has taken to wearing a leather jacket and has his hair spiked a bit. He walks along besides Dani staying on her blind side. He is playing the bit of a body guard, and walks along with her. If someone gets a little to close, he will make sure to bump them out of the way as they are walking with the whole people need to get out of his way. If someone says something, he gives them his best Logan impression look.

* * *

Elsewhere, a man is running at full speed towards that same warehouse- towards where those people are fighting while being cheered for by those who care little for their actual wellbeing.

That man, the one Crush is hunting down through the city, manages to get to the warehouse Sam and Moonstar have entered, panting for breath as he explains to one of the 'bosses' just what's going on. "I'm tellin' you, she's after me, she wanted to know where this was goin' down today." he pants to someone who's dressed far too well to be frequenting such activities. "And you came back here? How do you know she didn't follow you, you idiot?" the well-dressed man spits out.

The well-dressed man stands up, whispering off to one of the 'guards' as he heads for the door. He's not about to be around when someone like Crush shows up. Everyone else is on their own, clearly.

And it's as that particularly well dressed scumbag drives off when Crush arrives at the door, looking up to the bouncer- a man taller than her by a few inches. "You best get running. I'mma bout to tear this whole building down." she says with a wicked grin. Giving the bouncer a moment to make a decision.

* * *

They must look quite the pair - Dani with her eyepatch and Sam with his leather jacket - nor is it missed by those around the two that Sam shoulder-checks those that get too close.

Moonstar, who occasionally looks over at her friend, holds whatever thoughts she might have until they're inside. Where the crush of people and their cheers, screams and boos, drown out anyone from overhearing their conversation.

Only then, does Dani lean towards Sam, "Nice jacket."

Sure, she could say more, but neither of them are the young idealistic teenagers they once were. They've all amassed other skillsets that may not always be the ones they learned speecifically at Xavier.

"Look." She says finally, as she nods towards the ring. "Looks like another fight is starting. Let's see if we can follow who's taking money from the various hands around here."

Because that's her mission - to figure out who's profitting off of this chaos, and while that's her main reason for being here that doesn't mean she's going to leave the caged mutants here. She's going to save them.

As for that Bouncer, he looks down at Crush and his eyes narrow, and while a smarter man would get out of town, this particular bouncer isn't smart. Instead he brings up his meaty fists, his decision clearly made, "Listen here little girl.", oh yeah, it's just going to go down hill from this point forward, right?

* * *

Sam Guthrie looks over to Dani, and smirks a bit "Well it was it, or the leather outfit." He tells her reminding her of the thing Lila had him wearing. He keeps his eyes open for odd going on. He will keep an extra eye out for any of the gladiators he met back in the day.

* * *

Maybe the people of New York are used to their particularly powerful heroes being the sort that hold back. The Supermans of the world certainly do.

Crush doesn't. She grabs that bouncer and just THROWS him up into the air towards the river. He lands in the Hudson maybe a mile away from where he started, mostly unharmed- but certainly not in a position to bother Crush again.

Crush knows that *sometimes* it's better to get in before causing trouble. She opens the door, steps in, and seals it behind herself- hand squeezing steel into steel, an impromptu lock that's likely missed by most. She doesn't want anyone getting away- not from what she plans to do.

Now, though, she's back to tracking a man in a room full of people- nose twitching as she follows it along towards the man who's been left behind by his boss- cowering as he *hopes* Crush doesn't find him.

* * *

Sam's mention of *the* leather outfit he once wore causes the Cheyenne woman to snort aloud with amusement. Thankfully, that humorous sound is easily covered up by the general noise that surrounds them.

The two mutants in the cage look relatively non-descript. They're both males and both perhaps in their twenties, whereas one has glowing yellow eyes, and the other looks pretty normal.

The bell that sits next to the cage isn't yet rung, not while money begins to exchange hands.

"Keep sharp." Dani says to Sam, as she spies the money beginning to move, "Let's see who collects and who they run it two."

Which shouldn't be too hard to spy, not when a young punk drifts over to Dani and Sam. He already has a stash of cash in his hand and when he's close enough, Moonstar offers a wad of cash. "All of it on the glow-eyed kid."

The punk lifts his head up and sneers, "You got it.", then he retrieves the money before he extends a bit of paper to the undercover agent of SHIELD.

"Good luck." He says with that same sneer, before she saunters off.

That receipt of hers is tucked into a pocket as she turns her good eye onto the back of the money-collector.

As for where all that money goes, it's not hard to follow it. It all funnels back towards an office that's raised above the general floor of the warehouse. Where the 'bosses' likely sit and where all the decisions are likely made.

* * *

Sam Guthrie will keep an eye on the kid watching where the money goes. He keeps his face at just the slightest frown. If there is a place, where they can get abit higher to "watch the fight" He will guide Dani that way and help her up first.

* * *

Only one man has left the 'office' this evening- likely someone who knows better than to stay around when 'she' is mentioned. Not after what she did in Gotham- how she brought an entire warehouse down on everyone inside, causing dozens of injuries. She's bad news- that much is clear.

Crush moves to the stairs that lead up to the office- lead by the scent of the man who's hiding upstairs. There are a lot of men up there- all of them armed with pistols, at the very least.

The stairs, of course, are guarded- but that doesn't stop Crush as she throws a punch here and a punch there- knockouts each time. She's walking up the stairs- and that's when panic starts to spread.

IT comes with the first sound of bullets being shot- pistol bullets flattening against Crush's skin as she menacingly walks up the stairs towards the door. "Where are you, Jackson?! I'm commin' you'll tell me everything I needs to know!" she shouts, not caring if the panic below spreads to the audience. The front door is crushed closed. They'll need to find a different way to get out.

Crush grabs one of the men who've taken up to protect the 'bosses and he's thrown across the entire warehouse without even a thought, with him falling into the crowd. People are getting hurt, that much is obvious- and more are likely to follow.

The people smash into the door- it's holding for now, but it's likely to be battered down in short order, not everyone is human in his crowd after all.

* * *

There's not a higher space, per se, for Sam and Dani to move to.

Except that office that sits above everyone.

Still, that doesn't stop Dani from following Sam's lead as they nudge and shoulder or hip check their way through the crowd as needed.

It probably brings them close enough to the stairs that lead upward to spy Crush as she goes upward, though Dani doesn't quite catch that movement. Her good eye is turned towards the people around them, as well as the cage that holds the two mutants within.

"If this goes bad -" Dani begins to say, before she stops as her death sense stirs, and the sound of muted gunfire reaches her ears. "Dammit." Mutters the Valkyrie, even as she turns back to Sam, "Guess it's not if, but when."

Already Dani's hand reaches for the hidden holders beneath her arm, "Let's get ready to -", but she doesn't get to finish that sentence either, not as a man's body comes crashing down into the crowd.

Cue the screams of alarm, of fear and panic, and then the stampede as people recoil from the obvious violence OUTSIDE of the caged mutants.

It's a ripple effect as the people surge against the entrance and when they find the door stuck a scream immediately goes up, "We're trapped! We're trapped in here!"

That only causes the stampede to worsen as people shove at both Dani and Sam, trampling over them if they don't move fast enough. It's a dog eat dog world right now.

* * *

Sam Guthrie seeing Crush Sam has a hint it maybe going bad without the death sense. He will move to put an arm around Dani, and with a quick jump, blast they will be up and out of the main people as he moves to land cose on the stairs towards the office "The white one is trying to help Ah think."

* * *

The bullets don't seem to bother Crush at all- even the point-blank gut shot of a man with a shotgun. It just doesn't even phase her. She punches her way up the stairs and into the office after the man she's after. At the shout from the crowd, she grins, "THAT'S RIGHT! ALL OF YOU IS GUILTY, AND I'MMA BEAT THE BEJESUS OUTTA YOU NEXT!" she cries to the crowd before she makes her way into the office.

Crush is quick and brutal- her fists flying as she brings people down with single hits. She's frighteningly powerful- and it shows as humans are flung aside like ragdolls. She comes to her quarry, though.

"Hey there…" Crush says with a wicked grin, cracking her knuckles as she looks down on Jackson. "Mister Jackson…" she says as she looks down at the cowering man. "You best tells me where to find your boss, because I'm about to cause you a great deal of pain if you don't." she says, ,exposing those sharp, fangish canines.

A fist falls- not as hard as Crush would be able to do- no.. this was a tenderizing style of strike. Something to help Jackson understand that his pain meant nothing to Crush.

* * *

While Sam's stunt definitely gives the two some breathing space, the crowd below them doesn't seem to appreciate it much, not as their screams escalate in pitch and volume.

They continue to bang against the stuck door and there's the vaguest creak of metal as they start to budge it open.

Who cares that already people are being trampled upon.

Sam's mention of Crush causes Moonstar to flick a look towards the woman who disappears within the office. "Really? Cause I have a feeling she's not in the mood to 'help' the people in that office."

Not that they really deserve help in Moonstar's opinion, but that's neither here nor there.

"Let's go lend a hand." She says simply enough, even as she stomps up the rest of the steps to that office. While she doesn't necessarily burst into the room, she does step in and immediately takes stock of the situation at hand.

She slides a quick look to Sam, unspoken communication there, as she snaps at the man Crush is so 'gently' tenderizing. "I'd suggest you tell the lady what she wants to know."

* * *

Jackson was clearly in pain as Crush punched, crushed, and crunched his less than required body parts. "AAHH! He calls himself Huron! L…Like the lake!" he cries out in pain, holding a clearly broken arm. His nose bleeding. He's shivering in pain. "Yeah? Huron? Where's he at? Where's he gone, he was here, wasn't he?!" she asks as she lifts her fist, Jackson cowering on the floor, curling into a ball.

"I don't know! He doesn't let anyone know where he lives or anything. Uh.. He..he's got a nice car. One of them.. from like the 30s or 40s, a Rolls Royce or somethin'.'s green! Like..dark green!"

Crush frowns, and shakes her head, "Guess that'll have to do- figure you'd tell me if you knew somethin' else… Still." A right cross and the man was knocked out.

Crush then turns towards Dani and Sam, "So. Who's your cute friend, Sam?" she asks with that same wicked grin.

* * *

Sam Guthrie looks over and says "A lady who might be able to help you find some things if you ask her nicely." He will tell Crush

* * *

A frown immediately mars Dani's features at the sight of the man. Sure, he's slime, but the rather gentle administrations of Crush are perhaps a touch excessive in Dani's eyes.

Or eye.

And while she commits to memory all the thug just divulged, that doesn't stop the Cheyenne woman as she turns her attention (and good eye) onto Crush. An eyebrow simply raises upward at Crush's words, however, it's Sam's words that gain a reaction from Dani.

Her dark eyebrows raise upward in surprise as Sam reveals he knows the woman, "You know her?", comes her quick question as she turns a very quick look over to Sam.

Then it's back to Crush, "And he's right, I could help. Probably. As long as I know who I'm helping."

The door finally gives way under the onslaught of people and with a screech of metal on metal the people push and shove to get out the door first.

* * *

"Shoulda made sure they couldn't break that.." Crush says, ,frowning as the crowd runs out- sure a few are trampled, but she doesn't really seem to care. Not that much.

"I'm Crush." she says, nodding to Sam. "Yeah, he won't serve beer to ladies without ID. That's how we met." she explains, as she starts to go through pockets of the thugs- taking cash as she goes. She's got to eat, after all, might as well take from the bad guys.

* * *

Sam Guthrie looks to her and says "Yea, but if you get car tags and such, you let them run you can track them to other places." He will tell her. "And still won't without ID." He grins a bit

* * *

"Crush." Dani says with only the slightest of tone, "Alright, I'm Dani and obviously you know Sam."

An amused look might be seen as Dani turns a look over to Sam, at the revelation that he won't serve drinks to people without ID, "Yeah, Sam's a good sort like that."

But soon enough it's back to the business at hand, "I'm going to assume you're trying to put a stop to all of this." She waves around the trio, "If so, I have a feeling we can likely help each other out, yes." Moonstar even goes so far to reach into her pocket to retrieve her wallet. From said wallet she pulls out a small business card and steps forward to offer it to Crush.

"Though I have a feeling our methods are going to be much different."

* * *

"These people understand violence." Crush states simply, "It's how they get business done." she continues as she stands straight, pocketing a few hundred dollar bills. She takes the card, too, sliding into the pocket of her leather pants without looking at it. She comes to the 'strong box' all the money had been stored in.

It's an old style safe- the kind that's not so easily broken. Except by someone with the kind of raw strength Crush has.

She just punches through the door and tears it from it's hinges. She then stuffs her pockets with a bit more money.

"I'm guessing you don't like to get dirty or somethin'. That's alright, you let Crush do the heavy lifting." she says, with a nod of her head. "And yeah- these bastards are makin' people fight, so.. I don't like that. They gotta *choose* to fight." she explains, "It ain't right if peoples are fightin' when they don't wanna. Ruins the sport, you know?"

"Anyways, I should get goin' on. I got my information- green Rolls Royce can't be so hard to find."

* * *

Sam Guthrie looks over to Dani, ad says "We staying for clean up or need to get out of here boss?"

* * *

All they understand is violence. That prompts a vague frown from Dani and that frown only turns deeper at the mention of whether she likes to get her hands dirty or not.

Slowly the Cheyenne woman shakes her head, but she doesn't disabuse Crush of that notion. "Call me when your leads run dry." Is about all she says, even as she turns a blind eye to Crush taking all that money from the safe.

It's better if she forgets how the money seemingly left the building, less SHIELD paperwork to fill out on her end.

Sam's words bring her good-eye back over to the man and with a nod, Dani says, "Yes, let's get going."

Though before they leave Dani will make sure to grab the two mutants still locked in that cage. The two of them can at least do that for the poor kidnapped souls.

* * *

Sam Guthrie says, "So you were saying we were not alone, you mean some I can't see or some you aint told me about yet?""

* * *

Crush is on her way out, already leaving by the time the two are with the locked up mutants. She looks back and then leaps into the air- leaving the pair to do whatever clean up they want. That leap is mighty, for sure, she doesn't seem to be coming down anywhere near here.

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