Aiding & Informing
Roleplaying Log: Aiding & Informing
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Ryan brings Zeph to the X-Mansion for medical aid and safety and informs Moonstar whit whats he has stumbled upon.
Takes place on the same night after Vernal Revelations

Other Characters Referenced: jessica-jones ombra
IC Date: December 17, 2019
IC Location: The Xavier Institute
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Ryan gets off the phone with Moonstar and call a taxi to pick him and Zeph up from the motel they are staying at to take them close by to the X-mansion after giving a brief explanation of what's going on and getting permission to bring Zeph to the X-mansion, with said promise to give a more detailed report of what s gong on once he has arrived Once the Taxi arrives Ryan wakes up Zeph from her sleep and helps her get to the taxi and start heading towards the X-mansion.

Once Ryan and Zeph are about a mile out Ryan will telepathically reach out to Moonstar to let them know how far out they are and that they will make the rest of the way there by foot once they are about a quarter-mile out. Also mentions that his passenger is hurt with possible fractured ribs and some brushing and may need some medical assistance along with the mention that she has an ability that she can't shut off that makes people begin to enter into a calm like state but atm is very week since she is hurt and does not want to affect others with her ability.

As they reach the quarter-mile mark Ryan Pays the driver with cash and helps Zeph out of the cab which then drives off. Ryan then picks Zeph and carries her the rest of the way, luckily Ryan is used to going long distances carrying good size loads though Zeph is extremely light by comparison. Ryan reaches out with his telepathy again to Moonstar <We reached the quarter-mile out from your location making the rest of the way on foot and out of sight. Should be there shortly.>


A call for help. It's not so unusual for the X-Mansion and the people within to receive one. As such, when Ryan reaches out and speaks with Moonstar, Dani's responses are pretty straight forward and to the point. Only after she hangs up the phone does the black-haired woman take action. She makes certain there's a free guest room available and then stops down to the infirmary to make sure generalized first-aid items are available if needed. Then she waits. Her wait isn't too long as she hears Ryan's message via telepathy. Her response is similar to how she sounded on the phone, straight forward and focused. « Sounds good. Be safe. »

When Ryan and Zeph arrive, they'll find Dani already outside, waiting. She's dressed mostly in dark clothing to blend in easier, and while she looks rather relaxed and calm, her gaze constantly shifts as she waits for the arrival of the pair.


She will not have to wait too long for Ryan a quarter-mile run is easy for him to do even with carrying extra weight. As Ryan is running while carrying Zeph he is being sure to stay in the shadows, out of sight. About ten minutes pass and Ryan is approaching the gate but does not slow down, instead, he jumps over the gate using his telekinesis to help bolster his jump to clear the gate easily and land smoothly and quietly then continues to make his way to the X-Mansion where Moonstar is waiting while still carrying Zeph in his arms.


While Dani doesn't quite have the more traditional telepathy like Ryan, or Jean Grey, or others, she is quite aware of things. It's a combination of all her experiences life has given her; from childhood to adulthood. Those experiences and her own skills cause the woman to frown slightly when she spies a flash of movement. Her good eye, the one not covered in an eyepatch, immediately turns to the gates. She spies Ryan and his 'cargo', and as soon as he's close enough Moonstar says, "How badly is she injured?" And then with a motion of her hand for him to follow, Dani turns back to the Mansion, "I've the infirmary already prepared." As for the infirmary, it's a short trip from the outside, through the foyer, and downstairs to said infirmary. While the Mansion no longer holds the X-Base within its hallowed walls, the infirmary is still well stocked for a variety of emergencies.


Ryan follows Moonstar to the infirmary, though he knows where it is as he has been there a few times before. "She has some bruising on her face, arm, and right rib cage area, good chance of some fractured ribs, but I don think there is any internal bleeding. She can breathe and move but it hurts her to do so. I treated her the best I could with over the counter pain medication to help with the pain and swelling and ice packs to help the bruising." As he arrives Ryan will gently set Zeph on to the infirmary bed and look back to Moonstar "What do you need me to do to help?"


Dani listens to the run-down of just how badly injured Zeph is and for a brief moment, there's a look of relief upon the Cheyenne woman's features. "That doesn't sound too bad." Murmurs Moonstar, and at Ryan's last question, she says, "If you could get some antiseptic and bandages, we'll get her cleaned up and settled." For Dani, she moves over to check the rather small and portable x-ray machine they have. "We can also check her ribs to validate whether they're cracked or not." Really to make sure there's no lung punctures, but Dani doesn't say that outloud. She'd rather not scare the young woman. Still, when Dani steps back over she gives Zeph a smile, "I'm Danielle Moonstar, most just call me Dani." With that introduction made, Dani then asks, "So, tell me who's chasing you two."


Ryan knows exactly where to get what she asked for since he has been down there a few times to patch up some of his own minor injuries. He quickly gets the bandages and antiseptic and brings it over to Moonstar and gets it all prepared for use. "Not entirely sure who it is exactly yet, but I and Ms. Jones are working on finding that out and what their motive is."


Dani is quick to wash her own hands before she accepts the bandages and antiseptic, "Thanks.", comes her automatic murmur. His next words, however, cause the black-haired woman to frown thoughtfully. "Run me through the events that brought you two here again?" And then to Zeph, she adds apologetically, "This is going to sting a little." Because antiseptic just stings. Thankfully, Dani is a quick and efficient 'doctor', when it comes to wound care. Likely because of all the practice she's had over the years, much like Ryan himself. "And while we don't have a motive per se, what's your best guess? Mutant related?"


As Moonstar takes over the medical care Ryan will just stands buy and wait for any other orders for things needed to help with the process.

"I don't have proof of this but my hunch is that this has something to do with Registration act and trying to cause fear in the people about mutants and meta's in an attempt to try and get this registration to become federal law, possibly a global one as well." Ryan pauses his words for a moment as he recollecst his thoughts about the past events from the robbery at the jewelry shop in New York City back on September 13, 2019, where it all started to now.

"Well, to give the sort version here this whole thing started with the robbery at the jewelry store a few months ago where I happened to near buy and help put a stop to the robbery along with Ms. Jones and others. Zeph here managed to get away with the help of bystanders with some telepathic powers. soon after I approached Ms. Jones at her office to offer to help find Zeph and by luck, well if you can call it that, I found Zeph in one of the underground fight rings. Well more like Zeph was wanting to get caught or killed by how she starred up the fighters, probably would have gotten killed too if the bouncer and myself stepping in. From there I took her to a nearby motel after getting some meds to help patch her up and me and Ms. Jones questioned her about what happened and why they came to New York for a robbery when they have never been to New York before, that when we learned that Zeph and her family were approached by some middlemen with a proposition from someone for them to go to New York City and cause a scene that made the news, and then meet up with them to get their cash and then disappear, obviously it did not go as planned for them. Now since Zeph told us what happened it is a possibility that whoever is behind this may try to clean house which puts a target on Zeph, and since she is now a witness to this and both myself and Ms. Jones promised we would protect her. I can give you more details of it all but this is the quick version."


Dani continues to clean Zeph's wounds, but there's a pause as Ryan starts the informational dump. Throughout various points of what he says Moonstar reflexively frowns, which may make her look like an angry pirate thanks to the eyepatch that covers her destroyed eye.

"Let me get this straight -" Begins the Cheyenne woman, "Someone hired Zeph to make a scene in New York City? As well as a robbery?" Her head cants to the side as she considers her next question, "What was to be stolen?" "And what sort of fight ring was this? SHIELD is aware of quite a few mutant based fight rings that we've been keeping an eye on. Was this a mutant based one or another?" Dani says SHIELD smoothly enough, but truly when she said SHIELD outloud it sounded odd to her ears. It's been far too long since she's actually been on the job with SHIELD, thanks to the various adventures the Mansionites have had lately.


As Moonstar mentions SHIELD there is a quick pause in Ryan as he still does not trust any form of law enforcement from his past experiences, but if an X-Men is working with them maybe they can't be completely bad, Maybe.

Ryan then snaps out if his pause and turns back to Moonstar " Her and her siblings, yeah, as to what was to be stolen nothing in particular, This person just wanted them to do any kind of high profile crim to make the news, they figured the best way to do that was to rob a jewelry store in broad daylight from what she told me., and sure enough they succeded in that part." Ryan then looks down at Zeph before he speaks again. "She and her siblings were played for fools and used like ponds in a game of chess and now her family is all behind bars and she is all alone, kinda how I was not t long ago." You can hear some sympathy in Ryan's voice from his last statement, for it was not long ago he was himself in her shoes until he was offered a place among the X-Men.


Whether Moonstar notices that quick pause on Ryan's behalf is hard to say; she simply continues to help bandage and clean Zeph up.

As she works she listens to everything Ryan has to say. Especially that last part, the young man's empathy obviously heard.

She looks up at Ryan and offers a small sympathetic smile at the comment about being all alone, "I think we can all relate to that in some form or another."

Then it's onward to the more troubling thoughts, "I know you mentioned not knowing 'who' specifically hired her, but do we have any information on them? Initials, what they look like, how they typically got in contact with Zeph and her family?"

Once all the bandaging is done Moonstar begins to tidy up, though she pauses as she turns a sharp eye to Ryan, obviously assessing him to see if she can spot any overt injuries, "Are you injured?"


Ryan shakes his head at Moonstar "No, I'm fine, I did not run into any trouble along the way thankfully."

Ryan takes a moment to recall all that he remembers before answering her questions. "Unfortunately there is not much, Zeph did not ever actually meet with them herself, it was her older brothers who met with them. She did say that there was more than one of them and that there were portals involved, that how they apparently got around and she gave us an address where they were dropped at just outside of the city. That's about it, unfortunately, But Ms. Jones is looking into that and since she is now an avenger she has access to more resources and people who are better to track down that lead then I do with my abilities. She would keep me updated on what she finds and vice versa.

Ryan Looks down at Zeph for a moment and then back to Moonstar. " I know it's not a lot to go on and I'm asking quite a bit to keep her here for safety, but I just-" Ryan cuts his words short as he is not sure how to finish his statement, he is usually not this sentimental but Zeph's situation just hit home with him and he just had to help her.


When he confirms he's okay Dani's expression relaxes slightly and the Cheyenne woman returns to cleaning up the supplies.

It doesn't take her long to make everything tidy, before pauses as the mention of portals. "Portals? What did they look at? Don't you find it odd they're using portals when clearly trying to sow discord on the mutant and meta front?"

It's an idle thought and one that's pushed aside at the mention of 'Ms. Jones', "Do you mind if I give Jessica a call? We go way back. I wouldn't mind helping her dig into who this might be. Between Avengers info and SHIELD I'm sure we can figure something out."

Which brings Dani back to Zeph and her situation. She turns her good eye back to the young woman and at Ryan's words, Moonstar nods, her tone taking on a gentle cast, "Of course we can help her. It's why we're here and why the school was created."


Ryan looks down at Zeph with Moonstar's the last statement and his feeling starts to surface little bit which he usually keeps buried and his voice softens a bit "Yeah I know that." Ryan then lets out a sigh. "I guess I'm still getting used to having a home and being part of a family again after being alone and on the run for so long. Thank you, Ms. Moonstar, sometimes I need a reminder of that"

Ryan then shakes his head a bit and gets himself back together before answering Moonstar's questions. "Yeah that no prob, I was planning on updating her on Zeph after she was safe, Ill let her know you will be calling her. Though I had no idea you knew each other. As for the portals, yeah I do find it strange that they would use them, but we don't know if its tech, magic, or power portals and something tells me once we figure out that piece of the puzzle tt will be a lot easier to figure out who and where they are."

Ryan takes a moment before asking his question. "forgive me for asking Ms. Moonstar but how are you affiliated with SHIELD?"


That Ms. Moonstar earns a twitch of a wry smile from the black-haired woman. "Dani, please."

"And we all need reminders at times of why we're here and that we're not alone."

Her gaze turns pensive for a heart beat, but with a slight shake of her head she dispells that particular emotion.

"I'd be interested to know which type of portal it is too. My gut says probably techonlogical or mutant. I suppose it could be magical, but we've enough magical types around that I think they'd tune into the fact that people are running around crazy with the magical types of portals."

As to that last question of his, that causes Dani to fall silent for a few seconds, as she considers how best to answer that. "I suppose I felt the need to step outside of our world." She gestures vaguely at the school, "So we could try to help students on both sides of the law and within the government itself."

"It's just been much harder than I expected to actually make a different there." Those words cause a small amount of bitterness to creep within her tone.


Ryan nods his head in acknowledgment of Dani statement. "It is unfortunate but understandable. People, in general, fear what they don't understand and will seak to control it or destroy it and then there is people in power in the Gov who see this fear as an opportunity to obtain more power by gaining control of us who have powers. That's why I'm more than sure that this whole thing is being caused by someone or someones in the government at some level."

Although Ryan does not trust shield he does get why Moonstar did what she did and there is some admiration in his voice "Still the fact that you made yourself known to SHIELD so you can try to help others on that side of the coin is quite brave and admirable of you Ms. Moo-. Ryan catches himself "Dani."

As for what type of portals my guess is tech-based as well. I can't see any mutant willingly helping with this unless they are manipulated in some form or fashion." Ryan looks back to Zeph and the thought of a mutant being tricked or forced to help whoever this is which his schemes makes his anger rise to the surface a bit and it shows.

Ryan then takes a deep breath to get control of his anger, it's not going to help any right now. Ryan then turns back Moonstar. "If I may ask of you Dani, would be willing to help with mastering my powers? I've been trying to myself but am having some difficulty with that and I really could use some guidance from someone who has more experience with this."


"I wouldn't be surprised if it were someone in the government." Agrees Dani with an edge to voice and while she could say more on that particular subject she doesn't.

She still holds some respect for portions of the government and with being an active agent - well, she's mindful of what she says about them.

She can't help but notice the anger Ryan exhibits or the breath he takes to try and manage those feelings brought on by their talk. Emotions she can understand when it comes to the enslavement of people.

"If they are holding mutants hostage or coercing them in any way we'll find them and free them." She states, a promise in her tone. "Then we'll bring everyone to justice who played a role in it."

The question of her helping him, however, causes her to consider the young man before her.

"Telepathic and telekinetic, correct?" She asks, and then, "While I can't say my powers are as similar as yours, I'm sure I can help you in some ways. For complete mastery you'll likely need to ask Jean to help you, or another more advanced telepath and telekinetic."

"What areas do you find yourself struggling with the most?"


"Yes that is correct and where I struggle the most is well burning out from using my powers in any large manner. For example, when I tried to link two minds with myself so we could communicate it took everything I had just to keep the connection, I passed after 3 minutes and was in a comatose state for days. Thankfully my friend Ombra took me to a safe place to recover."

Ryan thinks back to that moment and remembers the feeling of not being able to help more because of his weakness and frustration begins to show on his face and in his voice. "I want to get stronger so I can do more with my power to help and so I don't pass out in the middle of a fight in the future. Though my telekinetic usage is going alright its more of the telepathic power that I seek to get better within both offensive and defensive an any possible way and any knowledge you can give me would be greatly appreciated."


"Hmm." Moonstar murmurs quietly as she considers everything he just said and how best to help him obtain his goals.

"I can defintely help you with defensive and offensive training. We can also definitely find some exercises to help with increasing your endurance, which should help you maintain a telepathic link longer."

"Strength and power just comes along with practice. Powers are just like a muscle the more you use them and push them past their comfort zone the stronger you get. Similar to building muscle."

Well, in some ways.

"I'd suggest we start possibly next week? Once we have your friend here settled comfortably in the day to day life of the Mansion."

Her head cants to the side slightly, "Sound good?"


"Yes that sounds good" Ryan will bring his hands up and place his left hand over his right fist and do a small bow as a student would to his teacher in martial arts. "Thank you Dani!"

Ryen then looks at Zeph then back to Moonstar. "Speaking of day to day life, if she is ok to move can take her to a guest room for her to get some rest for the night. I'll be sure to update Ms. Jones about Zeph and to expect a call from you after I take her up. and ill be sure to keep you updated on this whole situation."


"You're welcome, Ryan. It's what we're all here for." Dani says with a quirk of a smile on her lips.

As for the question concerning Zeph, Moonstar automatically turns her attention back to the young woman, and with a nod she says to Ryan, "I think so. I had one of the guest rooms made up for her if you'd like to show her where it is. I'm pretty sure we can all use a good nights rest."

Her good eye re-focuses back on Ryan as she continues to speak, "And definitely keep me in the loop with what's going on. If I hear anything from Jess when I speak to her I'll let you know likewise. I'll also set some time up for power practice later in the week. Just keep an eye out for the schedule."

Once more she looks to Zeph, "Let us know if you need anything. We're here for you."


Ryan gives a nod to Moonstar "Thank you Id appreciate that and ill be sure to keep an eye on the schedule." Ryan then looks over at Zeph Hopefully this whole situation will be brought to light soon for all of us."

Ryan goes over to Zeph and slowly picks her up begins to take her out of the infirmary and to the guest room prepared for Zeph. As Ryan is about to leave Ryan stops and turns his head towards and in his voice there is gratefulness "Dani. Thank you again." There's a pause in Ryans' words "For everything!" He then leaves the infirmary and takes Zeph to the guest room and after making sure she is all settled in and then heads to his own room to retire for the night.

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